Autism: Back Up the Brinks Truck
I Couldn’t Participate



Those nine pompous judges were wrong, sitting all high and mighty on their thrones in their ivory tower, spewing lies and throwing Americans to the wolves in the pharmaceutical industry, just like they did with my child.

I'm very grateful for my approved religious exemption for it allows my son and I to live. His situation is not good but I choose not share too much about it, sorry.

Love to watch Dr. Mercola and Rand Paul.

Also very grateful I don't live in Australia, they have it worse than us. The Australian Open needs to be renamed the Australian Closed. Maybe they can get rid of S Morrison somehow.

Bob Saget didn't have a chance, who was his doctor again ? A board certified (fill in blank).

How many people have "MS" in America, how many with Autism, good grief, how long is this going to go on ?

I fear it will outlive me, however, it's a cause greater than myself so I find comfort that it will continue long after I'm gone. Flying to Washington to protest is something I'd like to do, but simply can't swing it, sorry for that too.

Benedetta Stilwell

There are really two towers on the mountain beside my home. One is a pole type and the other is a tri leg thing.
I watched men crawled around on them four or five years back. To see those tiny men on it, is to understand the proportion size is amazing. They looked like ants.
There use to be a fire tower on the mountain when I was growing up. It is owned by the federal forest Department.
God has never played with me like that.

My cousin that is in prison for drugs; over and over again - he just could not win against them ; told his mother that drugs (I was never sure what he used?) but they gave him the best feeling of all time. That when he was on them, he felt he could do anything, accomplish anything.

My daughter was over prescribed Prozac and she was happy and high. I suppose she had bipolar and that combo put her over into a mania. I could have lived my entire life with out that episode in our lives.

The man who built my pole barn lost his son. HIs son was high on something. HE thought he could climb the electric lines and cut the wire and get the copper to sell for more drugs.

How many times have I heard of that happening in those electric sub stations.

All of this stuff is taking place at the hypothalamus.

In the video that Dr. Mercola gave in his article of the neuro ethics man giving a lecture; he also mentioned that there existed nanoparticles that if breathed in would cause strokes. Did any of you all know such things existed?

In the last link that Dr. Mercola shared - was a gem and made me laugh.
It was an old black and white film of some white men in Africa trying to convince the natives to use DDT. One man sprayed some DDT on some porridge and the other white man ate it to show how safe it was. If nothing else that was worth a view.


Jeannetta is right; we did not get to really see what Kavanaugh believed on a lot of issues. Kavanaugh aome commenters on TV say that they broke him. That he now has some form of beholdings to the people that tortured him during his confirmation.

Which is my opening for me to share rather long article about mind control came out on Dr. Mercola's site yesterday.

Over at Mercola's website- his article yesterday catches us up on neuroscience and mind control.
He opens with some professor of ethics, saying: that if something makes the population more moral and do the right thing that to get it done, it should be done with out our knowledge. He was talking about a couple of drugs, a hormone that makes mammal mother's fall in love with their babies, and something from mushrooms.

The two drugs were not mentioned in Mercola's article; but rather in the links that Mercola gave, of what this professor suggested to help people comply during this corona virus epidemic.

There was also a very long video with in the article; of some expert talking about ethics of controlling our minds. He included in his lecture about fear of contagion (virus) will set off the hypochondriacs among us, and there is a lot of control there. He discussed soft mind control like financial - (losing one's job for not vaccinating is not that soft in my book) But then he started talking about hard mind control. The ethic's expert started talking about nanoparticles, neuro toxins, - chemicals - and left me far behind.

So I went back to the written text of Mercola's article, and his links.
Mercola shared the latest research on scientist's putting laser fibers in brains of mice, and could then instantly stimulate certain parts of the brains as they shocked their little mice feet and gave them false memories. False memory had some thing to do ; about making them think the safe box that they did not get shocked in was now the box they got shocked in.

Well fibers in our brains attached to a laser - we would know, so no worries. .

But the other research that Mercola brought to the attention of the reader was a lot more scary.

They have attached a molecule that is all in our bodies - that is sensitive to pressure and stretching - to ferritin (that is a protein that contains iron) . They then delivered this to the brains of mice by way of DNA (by way of a virus) What part of the brain I wondered? Cause I thought maybe they stuck a needle right in the brain parts they wanted to effect. We would notice that.

The part of the brain that was affected was the hypothalamus.

Same part that effects your mood, emotions, eating, sleeping, beating of your heart, hormone production.

Then they turned on some powerful magnets, but they tell us that certain radio waves could be used as well. The electromagnetic spectrum is a very broad spectrum .

They were able to control the behavior of the mice.

In Mercola's article the mice preferred the box with the magnetism to other places.
The articles he linked his reader to; suggested it was much more than that. It said they were able to control the appetites of the mice.

So we have vaccine mandates, that is a bit strange that they are pushing so very hard to give us all considering the high death and injury rate; and on top of that people are still coming down with a virus.

In Kennedy's book = Kennedy thinks it is because they are trying to hide the deaths and injuries by not having a control group. That kind of falls short for me. Does it for you all?

We have reports that magnets are sticking to some people's arms that have been vaccinated.

We will soon have 5 G.

I live close to one of those big towers. It is east of my house on the mountain. My garden is right in line with the next tower some miles away.

I have lived long enough to know that logic and emotions are not always in line with each other. That God promises us free will,

That after everyone mentioned chem trails; there were tons of checkered skies with water vapor of planes. I had no idea there was that much traffic in the skies. That was back some years ago. All of that has long stopped though. I have not seen anymore for years now.

Yes, I am crazy and should not even voice this on here.
Just like I should not have voiced a a spiritual gift from God back in 2016 while in my garden. The gift was different though from what I have experienced in the past. I found myself facing east, which was right in line to the tower. But maybe it was a spiritual gift and joy because some scientists down at the CDC wrote a letter about ethics?

In 2030, "You will own nothing, but you will be happy"

I've read too much science fiction.

Jeannette Bishop

I just feel a tiny urge to share that during the Kavanaugh hearings when the U.S. was embroiled in a major theatrical event that effectively stirs deep emotions (yes, emotions rooted in actual crimes, but events possibly made up or transferred in this case--afterall we had no public discussion of Kavanaugh's support of torure for "enhanced interrogation" and whether that indicated he was not fit to sit on the "highest" court of the land, so I think we can reasonably suspect the whole process, especially when you have an inkling of the idea of mind control research done by our government...and that much of that involved memory compromising sexual abuse and that ironic or indicative?), the financial regulations of FASAB 56 were being fast-tracked through Congress and signed by the President. Essentially, an accounting policy was adopted without any public notice, nor debate, that allows a secret group of people to keep secret financial books whilst publishing false "public" records (this is my attempt to convey a probably flawed understanding of what is presented at

What could such a policy finance secretly with the fed digital money printing press? How much gain of function, missions to deploy viral and chemical weapons, favorite tactics of the CIA's global coup efforts, this time in behalf of global technocrats and banksters? Bribery money? Covert and private militants? High tech weaponory to keep the politicians in line? A whole plandemic to get the whole global operating with total financial enslavemnt with digital passports???


Hera; I am grateful for that part of it.
I will have to see that episode of Inghram.


I know this decision was not perfect; but for the people where my husband works, for people all over the country, it means they don't have to hope for acceptance of a religious or medical exemption or otherwise face being fired. For us, a win. With the state of the nation right now, we weren't sure how it would go down at all.
His company does not want to force vaccines, so that is the end of it for them.
I am sorry for the healthcare workers, but with the increasing stupidity of the "safety" rules ( Covid positive people in hospitals can come back to work while still having symptoms ???) hopefully they will get a win soon too. And until then, at least for travel nurses, there are still lucrative possible options for the unvaccinated. A friend who works at a nursing home also said that one place she knows of is accepting all religious exemptions because they are desperate for staff..
In another win that I never expected to see, Fox news with Laura Inghram had an MIT professor talking about the risk of developing parkinsons from the mRNA vaccines for children. To have a professor on mainstream media talk about the potential for long term neurological damage with facts and data; and to know it is something that millions will have watched, that is also a win for medical freedom of information and choice.

Benedetta Stilwell

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis knocked Supreme Court Justices John Roberts and Brett Kavanaugh for lacking a "backbone" in their decision on the Biden administration's vaccine mandate for certain health care workers.

Benedetta Stilwell

Tucker called Kavanaugh a sniveling liberal when discussing the vaccine mandates for health care workers.

So all that big show in trying to get him into a judge for life = and he was a woke guy all along.

Roberts never surprises me either.

I don't know why Mitch MeConnell holds out for a Republican President - nominee for a Supreme Court Judge.

Maurine Meleck

Unfortunately the ruling says nothing about a person's own body autonomy. For now, it merely sets limits on what Congress and the Federal government can do. It could change anytime if Congress takes more action.

interesting read.
he submitted amicus brief with others to the court.


While infected health care workers can still clock in. The injection trumps the infection. Yey science!

Benedetta Stilwell

Facilities that take medicare.
That would be this little hospital up here in our little town.
Mandate a darn vaccine that does not even work and makes them sick.

We have lost today guys.
A slippage and lose .
Those nine judges were wrong.

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