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Breaking Barriers: How Autism Challenges the Bystander Effect

AUTISM CENSORSHIP: What You're Not Allowed to Ask

Abadnonned schoolBy Anne Dachel

A chilling story came out of Ireland on May 10th.  It was all about the unspeakable aspect of autism:


This legitimate question was raised by Mattie McGrath, a member of the Irish parliament, the Dail, and the questioner immediately came under fire.

May 10, 2024, The Journal:  Senator tells TD: "You did not see children with difference in school because they were not allowed to attend"

During a debate on progressing special education provision in the Dáil yesterday, McGrath said there “must be a need for understanding the explosion of autism” and questioned why the number of diagnoses had increased. 

McGrath said that his brother had worked in Africa as a paediatrician in the 1990s and when he returned to Ireland, it was the first time McGrath had heard the words autism, dyspraxia and dyslexia. 

He said his brother was “very concerned” that “something was causing” autism “Because when I was going to school … we did not see these issues. There was some issues, but nothing like the amount there are now,” McGrath said. 

Because of these comments, McGrath was attacked.

CEO OF AUTISM charity AsIAm Adam Harris and a Fine Gael senator have hit out at Independent TD Mattie McGrath for spreading “dangerous misinformation” in the Dáil. 

Hitting back at McGrath’s comments today, Adam Harris, the brother of Taoiseach Simon Harris, said in a post on X: “Is it any wonder the stigma that autistic people suffer when such dangerous misinformation is spouted in the Dáil?”

Harris said that it was akin to suggesting that something had happened to ’cause’ an increase in autism. 

“Never mind explaining the right language or facts but dog whistling to conspiracy theorists at autistic people’s expense is below the belt.” 

Harris, the CEO of As I Am, the leading Irish charity, slammed McGrath for daring to suggest there is something causing the exponential increase in autism, now at one in every 21 children in Ireland, one in every 13 boys, as of December, 2022.

Harris is someone with Aspergers Syndrome. His organization has revenue of $3.5 million annually. 

I wrote about As I Am back in September, 2023.

In truth, As I Am is nothing more than the Irish version of Autism Speaks here in the U.S. They have a lot of fund raisers, but they actually have no impact on what the autism epidemic is doing to children in that country.

On their website they state:

While autistic people are born autistic, it is not something that parents learn when their child is born. As a child grows up, they may begin to communicate differently to other people, find day-to-day situations stressful or overwhelming and rely on structure and routine in order to manage. This in turn may lead to a person receiving an autism diagnosis.

It is also important to remember that autism is genetic

[I]t’s been widely disproven that vaccines cause autism in young children’s brains. The Royal College of Physicians in Ireland have conducted an in-depth study on the possible risks of vaccination and found this to be a myth with no medical basis.

The truth about autism in Ireland can be seen in the countless stories about thousands of children on waitlists for a diagnosis and the pathetic support that is available.

One examples is a story I also wrote in September, 2023, entitled, AUTISM IN IRELAND: 'WE ARE BROKEN'There is absolutely NO ONE who cares why this is happening.

But, according to Harris, we somehow have to believe that autism has always been here, hidden and unrecognized. It wasn’t until the 21st century that doctors finally noticed just how many autistic CHILDREN, specifically eight year olds, there actually were.

A third of them are nonverbal, a third of them start out normal but regress. Somehow until recently this all went undetected.

The frightening truth about the attack on Mattie McGrath is that censorship is rampant when it comes to autism. The only response allowed, no matter what the next uptick in the autism rate, is awareness, acceptance and support. No matter what the numbers, it’s all better diagnosing, greater awareness.

Another attack

This was in the U.K., in Warwickshire. At a county council meeting in February, 2024, councilors were questioning the rising cost of special education due to the increase in children eligible for support.

Three council members were forced to apologize for discussing why more children are unable to learn normally.

(Keep in mind that in England “over half” of special needs students have autism as a disability, and among primary school students, it’s 65 percent.)

The whole thing is a cover-up

Thanks to the total failure by heath officials in the U.S. to address autism as the epidemic it clearly is, anyone who calls for answers is guilty of stigmatizing autism. They’re seen as insensitive and uncaring.

No one at the Centers for Disease Control has ever acknowledged a true increase in autism—ever! That is always the great unknown, unknowable element in the mystery of autism.

In truth, the REALLY BIG LIE ABOUT AUTISM is the claim that autism has always been around like it is today, and the only thing parents can do is get early diagnosing and intervention. During April each year, we celebrate autism as the great discovery of modern medicine. 

The spoiler here is the CDC’s own autism scientist, Dr. Walter Zahorodny,  the top expert at Rutgers University in New Jersey. He has stated numerous times that AUTISM IS INCREASING DUE TO SOMETHING IN THE ENVIRONMENT.

I’ve covered his interviews for several years, and he’s never backtracked on that.

In an interview with Wayne Rohde in 2022 Zahorodny stated that the autism increases are real, they will continue to increase and the cause is environmental. Society is going to have to learn to accommodate a larger and larger percentage of disabled people.

We have already in Newark and in Toms River eight to 12 percent of boys in the public education system [that] have a lifelong disability or most likely a lifelong disability.

 In Ocean County in 2016, while the overall New Jersey estimate was 3.2 percent, we found that the prevalence of autism was already over five percent in Ocean County. 

I’m not an economist, but do you choose to project five percent or 10 percent as a realistic metric for how many people will need significant, maybe lifetime support?. . .

When we say that five percent of the children in our region have autism, I think that’s a fair metric for anticipating the future scope or perimeters of care for adults, adolescents and adults.  …

You’re planning for at least five percent of the population to be disabled. . . .

I guess if I were to do one thing, it would be to identify the environment trigger that can be changed.

And in February, 2024, Zahorodny revealed that autism is still UNDER-DIAGNOSED.

The fourth object of my attention is that autism, in spite of better awareness, better recognition, is still widely UNDER DIAGNOSED.

And now we also understand that even in spite of better awareness, the true prevalence of autism is not merely the diagnosed cases. We still lag in our identification of autism prevalence. . . .

Autism prevalence for 2022—that is for the next surveillance cycle—will be higher than found previously. This is inevitable because autism prevalence has not peaked. Even in the most recent surveillance and still higher estimates are likely as we acquire better ability to identify minority and low SES individuals. . . .

Health officials refuse to acknowledge Zahordny’s conclusions, and the corrupt and incompetent members of the media dutifully report only what the CDC tells them.

We can only hope that people like Mattie McGrath in Ireland and the council members across England funding ever-increasing numbers of special needs children will get to hear the words of Walter Zahorodny.

His simple truth: There is MORE AUTISM to come because no one will address what’s really causing it.

Anne Dachel is Media Editor for Age of Autism.


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Angus Files

Well done Anon I hope your children have everything good come their way which Im sure they will.Gates and his ilk going straight to the very hot place and denial of God wont help them.

Pharma For Prison



Wow, just wow.
Years ago when he was in front of Congress, rocking back and forth like a lunatic; Congress had mercy.
Mercy, only after punishment.
But just wow on what you told us.


Sometimes, I feel guilty posting here, as the warnings from other parents convinced me not to vaccinate and my children are the healthiest I have ever seen (despite having all had measles, chicken pox, rubella, covid, and most viruses-all temporary inconveniences easily overcome.). My siblings, cousins, and friends were not so fortunate and I see how autism and chronic illness weighs on, limits, and pains. But I have not personally endured what they have and know I can never fully comprehend how they make it through day to day.

That said, I try to stay engaged with autism news because it is the story of our society's future. A cousin was told that her and her husband had faulty genes that caused one child to develop seizures and brain damage resulting in severe autism, despite them previously having had a perfectly healthy child and their second together having been born in perfect health. No faulty genes could be located, and for other reasons a sibling, his wife, and myself have had our genetic codes combed through by piles of experts. My brother and sister-in-law, and their children's genetics were examined for months by a team at NIH, over a different medical issue. In the end no specific gene could be found faulty and a ruling of environmental exposure was made. In the case of autism, my cousin realized her daughter's health failed right after a shot and the epidemic of autism was unknown when we were children. Dramatic gene changes take thousands of years; they don't happen in a generation.

My husband and I are somewhat familiar with Bill Gates and his ilk, Gates once having personally berated my husband when they were in a conference room together, Gates using his usual compulsive, megalomaniac, unhinged, bully interpersonal style. This I can tell you: The three Gates children did not receive a single vaccine between them. It is Gates belief that he should be able to direct who live or dies, who procreates or not with human unique IDs in a database and a few criteria for him to put in a sproc and determine which shots everyone receives. He believes that if you are smart enough, you will avoid his schemes and produce children of superior intelligence. If you fall victim, he believes that is proof that you deserve what he does to you.

Like many of my Washington State family members, including those currently operating the three "quarantine" concentration camps in operation there, the Gates' are professed enthusiasts for population control, eugenics, Marxism, and central planning. In the right circles in Washington State, these are not fringe beliefs, this is what everyone believes in. I can tell you personally that I have been berated by a relative named Marx (after the famous one) who's mother worked in the justice system there because I dare profess a belief in God. These people are proudly godless, if you are at the dining table with them sharing a bottle of wine.


You saw it with your own eyes then didn't you Angus, they knew, but did not care.

Iorim; Good point. It was already looking like they meant to damage children on purpose, Remdesivir pretty much left all doubt.

Visitor , Good point, A good quote right out of the book 1984,

W John Martin

Dear Anne, There is an abundance of online information relating to stealth adapted viruses causing brain illnesses, including autism. Yet, I know of no one in the anti-vaccine or Health Freedom movements who has made an effort to pursue this topic. This omission also unfortunately applies to those leaders with affected children. Working on establishing financially successful organizations, overdramatizing relatively minor issues, and blaming the Government and Big Pharma, are poor substitutes for seriously considering published data. I hope this posting will encourage your readers to learn more about stealth adapted viruses and the alternative cellular energy (ACE) pathway. Kind regards,


Another reason I think it is by design is because of the FDA EUA of Remdesivir, a drug that helped "a" person with that virus going around but it had caused multi-organ failure in an Ebola study so was discontinued. And the FDA gives emergency authorization for the experimental strike protein injections causing clots and heart attacks. And the FDA in 2015 makes GCMAF not allowed to be used in America after it was helping people with autism and cancer. And the FDA tries to not allow doctors to prescribe drugs that help people with covid. If it were just ignorance, they'd be doing better than that. Same for the CDC.


I didn't hear the word autism until my twenties. My major was communicative disorders and I saw through a mirror a little girl doing speech therapy. Then two boy clients other classmates worked with had autism. It is enough to make you cry in exasperation at the needless suffering of severely autistic children and their families. Doctors don't want to be "Wakefielded". There used to be "Dr." Richard Pan in the California Congress and Senate who timed out but my theory is that he was a communist Chinese operative because his obsession with taking away all exemptions from toxic injections for children was unrelenting and terrible. So I think it is by design, sadly. But others in the medical field just didn't know or didn't want to know.

Angus Files

Benedetta,I remember going to Jim Mather my Member Of The Scottish Parliament(MSP) who sincerely directed me to the Health Secretary at the time Nicola Sturgeon,soon to become First Minister of Scotland.Jim shortly after was retired from politics at a young age and Surgeon never did anything apart from bat the ball back and forward.Copious sterling information was given by the best Hayley,Wakefield,Dan,John et-al but as Jenny Horne Roberts coined it hear the silence.

Pharma For Prison


Visitor IH

"ignorance is strength"


It is a cover up.

I am curious when most of the readers here on Age of Autism figure out that; yes they did know, but was continuing to vaccinate and harming children? What made you first realize that it was not that they ignorant of what we parents had witnessed?

Then I would like to know what information came your way that made you think it was not they had messed up and was covering up, hoping that they retire before the majority of the public knew; but they were reducing the population? How many think that, or do not think that?

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