Juneteenth, CDC Whistleblower and Same Old Same Old

Google Juneteenth
Has Anyone Censored Autism & Vax Injury More than Google?

"I regret that......"

Ten years ago, Dr. William Thompson became a CDC whistleblower as he admitted that CDC had altered data regarding the rate of autism as it related to the timing of the MMR vaccine for African American males. Imagine how many boys he might have saved from autism, had he not been a slave to his job. Harsh words the day after Juneteenth, a Federal holiday that commemorates the end of slavery in Texas. The graphic is from Google yesterday. Children of color playing. But what of those playing with their lives? Including Google, which has actively suppressed information about vaccine injury. Vaccine Whistleblower Skyhorse Publishing

We ran several posts about Dr. Thompson, and Skyhorse Publishing published "Vaccine Whistleblower"authored by Kevin Barry, with foreword by Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.

Here's what our Founding Editor Dan Olmsted had to say about Thompson's statement and the statement itself is below.

Take Me To Your Protocol, by Dan Olmsted AofA Red Logo Ayumi Yamada
August, 2014 Age of Autism.

I am not a chi square guy. I'm an English major. I am in no position to evaluate the techniques used to calibrate the autism rate in black males, or anybody else, before or after the MMR shot. 

But I can read. And when I read William Thompson's statement about the CDC's study on this topic, I was struck by the way it was constructed: “I regret that my coauthors and I omitted statistically significant information in our 2004 article published in the journal Pediatrics. The omitted data suggested that African American males who received the MMR vaccine before age 36 months were at increased risk for autism. Decisions were made regarding what findings to report after the data were collected, and I believe that the final study protocol was not followed.”

It takes a while to parse this paragraph, which sounds kind of bland and bureaucratic. The passive voice – decisions were made, reminiscent of the classic "mistakes were made" – doesn't help. And the data weren't merely collected before the decisions were made; the data were analyzed. One result really stood out, Thompson is telling us, and not in a way that suited their institutional purposes. They changed the protocol and the "statistically significant information" was no more. They wiped it out.

I bet there are reporters who read right over that. He's talking about scientific fraud on the most important health issue affecting America's children, at the agency charged with protecting them, not a gentleman's disagreement over decisions on how to apply chi square. The media coverage, such as it is, has wandered aimlessly along side issues, but the point here seems pretty basic: There was a protocol directing them how to do the study. William Thompson says he and his CDC colleagues didn’t follow it. And he thinks that's a big problem. Big.

So what was the protocol and how was it not followed? Brian Hooker, who re-analyzed the data, talked about it in a video interview with Gary Franchi:

"I have the CDC's original protocol. The CDC's final agreed-upon protocol came out for this particular study on September 5, 2001, and in that particular protocol they said they would consider race among the entire population. They called race a co-variant, and that’s just a term that’s used in statistics for a secondary variable, but they said that race would be used within the entire population.

"So what they’ve done is they’ve deviated from their own protocol, and, according to the whistleblower, the reason why they deviated from that agreed-upon protocol [by adding in a requirement for Georgia birth certificates]  was they saw this astronomical risk in African-Americans, and when they saw that astronomical risk, they looked for any way they could bury that risk, and they reduced the sample size down to what’s called the birth certificate cohort, and that caused the association to no longer be statistically significant."

None of this, you’ll notice, has anything to do with Brian Hooker or Andy Wakefield or "anti-vaxxers" and their relentless and cunning war against humanity. Time Magazine’s question – “Did the CDC cover up the data, as Hooker claims?” – is ridiculous and shows just the kind of misreading of the story, and Thompson's own admissions, that I'm talking about. It should be, did the CDC cover up the data, as CDC Senior Scientist William Thompson, who co-authored the study, claims in a stunning break with his colleagues? In his taped comments, Thompson was much more passionate and personal, something the few news outlets who have covered it, like CNN, should have noted. Believe me, in other circumstances they wouldn't care less whether a public official who said something like this knew he was being taped.

But for now let's just take Thompson at his carefully calibrated word -- his own statement. That's quite enough.

Frank DeStefano, the study’s lead author, has defended the published paper’s approach in an interview with Sharyl Attkisson. Sharyl writes: “The CDC’s DeStefano acknowledges that he and his study co-authors changed their study analysis plan midstream, which resulted in reducing the statistical vaccine-autism link among black boys. But he says they did so for good scientific reason.

‘[Vaccine] exposure around [three years of age] is just not biologically plausible to have a causal association with autism,” DeStefano says. “I mean autism would’ve already started by then…it probably starts in the womb. So I think from a biological argument, it’s implausible this was a causal association.’” It was probably just caught earlier as those kids took part in government programs. He even said, "autism, as you probably are aware, is a condition that really probably has its start while the child is still in the womb." 


We are really probably not aware that autism has its start while the child is still in the womb. Here's a scientist doing a study on whether the timing of the MMR shot can be connected to autism; who works for an agency that says vaccines don't cause autism; who believes autism starts in the womb, and who finds a way to change the one result that suggests otherwise, because he simply doesn't believe it, contrary to his study's own protocol. 

Andy Wakefield told me: 

"It is unacceptable and entirely fraudulent to: 1. develop an agreed upon analysis plan, [a protocol] 2. analyze the data according to that plan and find an effect that strongly supports the age of exposure phenomenon, and then 3. alter the analysis plan after the fact at all and particularly when the  specific intention is to remove the vaccine effect. DeStefano's contention that they were justified in doing so (and leaving black boys at potentially high risk) because they believed that an age of exposure effect is 'not biologically plausible' and that autism starts in the womb, is laughable. The refusal of Pediatrics, thus far, to retract the paper makes the editorial board accessories to the fraud."

Yes, fraud. Lyn Redwood provided me with this: 

"The Office of Research Integrity defines Scientific misconduct as the violation of the standard codes of scholarly conduct and ethical behavior in professional scientific research and Falsification as the manipulation of research materials, equipment or processes, or changing or omitting data or results such that the research is not accurately represented in the research record. 

"A related issue concerns the deliberate suppression, failure to publish, or selective release of the findings of scientific studies. Such cases may not be strictly definable as scientific misconduct as the deliberate falsification of results is not present. However, in such cases the intent may nevertheless be to deliberately deceive. Studies may be suppressed or remain unpublished because the findings are perceived to undermine the commercial, political or other interests of the sponsoring agent or because they fail to support the ideological goals of the researcher."

All of this sounds familiar if you know the CDC's Verstraeten study, which  is the thimerosal version of this MMR study. As Lyn told me:

"This is not the first time they changed their study protocol after seeing associations between vaccines and autism.  They did the exact same thing with the thimerosal VSD study in 1999 when they added additional exclusion criteria that all children in the study must have received two polio vaccines, which took away their control group of unvax children. Only difference is that still didn't take away all the adverse neurological associations so they had to do even more data manipulations! Too bad Thompson wasn't working with Verstraeten and DeStefano back then."

I can’t help thinking of Protocol 007, the pet name Merck vaccine scientists gave to their massive effort to hide the failure of the mumps portion of -- wait for it -- the MMR, a fraud since exposed in an ongoing whistleblower lawsuit. These guys were a bunch of rubes compared to the CDC operation. They were stupid enough to pass around an internal one-page memo – basically, their protocol -- saying the goal was to show the vaccine was 95 percent effective, no matter what. By the time they were done they were using rabbit blood and weakened virus and manual cross-outs of data sheets and dumping big plastic leaf bags of evidence the day before the FDA arrived. And they were juvenile enough to name what they were doing after a secret agent with a license to kill. 

One line from Thompson’s statement being quoted by vaccine injury deniers is this: “Reasonable scientists can and do differ in their interpretation of information.” The English major in me notices that the “reasonable scientists” sentence is five paragraphs away from the "protocol was not followed" sentence. I don’t think he’s talking about that at all. It's just boilerplate along with the sanctity of vaccines as holy oil and cooperating with Congress and being given a nice award by the nice people from whom he still draws a nice paycheck just a few years off from a nice federal pension (but don’t mess with me, I’ve got a famous whistleblower law firm from Ohio and a Congressman from Florida who really doesn't like you, Coleen Boyle).

I'd love to see this protocol (it might be a good thing to release now), and I'd love to see reporters pick up on the powerful evidence already presented -- by Bill Thompson -- about what really happened here.


Dan Olmsted is Editor of Age of Autism.


AofA August 2014: Below is a snapshot of the statement issued by CDC Whistleblower William Thompson.   Download and read the statement HERE.

If you share on social media, please use hashtag #CDCWhistleblower. Thank you.

Thompson Statement

Welcome To The Land of the Lost

ChakaWill! LOOK OUT!!! Your 1970s Saturday morning friend just might be.... YOUR CHILD! Autism and Neanderthal genes. I think I prefer being a refrigerator Mom to a cave woman.

By Anne Dachel

Autism is now one of the most common developmental disorders affecting children worldwide, with ever-increasing rates no health official can reasonably explain, and it’s also the subject of endless research that leads nowhere.

Over the past 20 years there have been lots of worthless studies showing “associations” between autism and old moms, fat moms, drinking moms, Wilma Flintstonesmoking moms, moms who marry old dads, moms who don’t get the right vitamins, moms who have babies too close together, and moms who live too close to freeways. There are more, but this is a good sample.

The message: Autism is a puzzle that we just have to keep investigating.

I like to call all this “autism busywork.” Now the latest “groundbreaking study” is from Loyola University in New Orleans.

We’re told the researchers have found “a primary cause of autism,” and it’s GENETIC. This time it’s a genetic variant linked to our Neanderthal ancestors.

June 7, 2024, Groundbreaking Study Unveils Role of Neanderthal Genes in Autism

Loyola University New Orleans and Clemson University researchers uncover a primary cause of autism

A landmark study recently published in the prestigious science journal Nature: Molecular Psychiatry has unveiled a new discovery in autism research. The research is the first to show that certain genetic traits inherited from Neanderthals play a significant role in autism. Dr. Emily Casanova, assistant professor of neuroscience at Loyola University New Orleans, co-authored this pioneering work alongside her esteemed colleagues at Clemson University.

Continue reading "Welcome To The Land of the Lost" »

Get Off Our Lawn!

Scream nowBy Kim Rossi

The heatwave hasn't hit New England yet, but clearly I am already hot under the collar. I saw two X's (that sounds so stupid, Tweets) yesterday that instantly bothered me. We have written about autism reality for 18 years.  That includes the good ( our loved ones themselves) the bad, the worse, the worst and ugly and the ugliest. Take a look at the screen shots below.  Both NAA and ARI (Defeat Autism Now!) were our original sponsors. We launched in 2007 at the NAA conference in Atlanta.  NAA continues to fight for  life saving awareness, and communication supports.  They work hard to effect change. No one does more for autism safety. We are simpatico. We love their work.  ARI has changed considerably, but we still see their value. This post is not about spanking either org, it's about the raw, ugly truths that we must share in this, the age of autism.

Did you know we had a murder suicide in our close community last year? A Mom shot her daughter in the head, and then tuned the gun on herself. I used to see the daughter who reminded me so much of my Bella walking with her Dad at an autism conference year after year. The news knocked me over, I did not (and still do not) have the heart to write about it. It's just too f'ing close to home and disrespectful to a grieving father whom I know to have adored his daughter. THIS is autism reality and I think it's going to grow much worse.  Parents are begging for help. Only to hear, "You got this, Mama!" It happened to me when Bella aged out. She had no program. Her frustration was through the roof. I had no break - not a moment  - for months - this after the nightmare COVID lockdown. I reached out to many people, "WE NEED HELP!"  Nothing. No one is coming to save us. We'll have to build our wings as we plummet to Earth. Dr. Bernard Rimland's ARI has changed considerably since his death.  "But report..." My daughters can't report jack diddly squat, so what autistics did they ask? Jerry Seinfeld? Amy Poehler's husband? IMG_3019


Vax Unvax Book CoverVax-Unvax: Let the Science Speak (Children’s Health Defense) Hardcover – August 29, 2023

by Robert F. Kennedy Jr. (Author), Brian Hooker PhD


The Studies the CDC Refuses to Do
This book is based on over one hundred studies in the peer-reviewed literature that consider vaccinated versus unvaccinated populations. Each study is analyzed, and health differences among infants, children, and adults who have been vaccinated and those who have not are presented and put in context. Readers will find information on:

  • The infant/child vaccination schedule
  • Thimerosal in vaccines
  • Live virus vaccines
  • The human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine
  • Vaccination and Gulf War illness
  • Influenza (flu) vaccines
  • Hepatitis B vaccination
  • The COVID-19 vaccine
  • Vaccines during pregnancy

Given the massive push to vaccinate the entire global population, this book is timely and necessary for individuals to make informed choices for themselves and their families.

New Study by CHD’s Brian Hooker and Jacob Puliyel, M.D. Raises Safety Concerns Over Infant Rotavirus Vaccine in India

RotaVac IndiaNew Study by CHD’s Brian Hooker and Jacob Puliyel, M.D. Raises Safety Concerns Over Infant Rotavirus Vaccine in India

Washington, D.C. – A study published yesterday in the peer-reviewed journal The International Journal of Risk and Safety in Medicine found that Rotavac, the rotavirus vaccine used in India, increases the risk of intussusception in infants. Intussusception is a condition where the intestine telescopes into itself and can lead to gangrene of the bowel or death if not treated immediately. The paper was co-authored by Jacob Puliyel, MD of the International Institute of Health Management Research, India and Children’s Health Defense Chief Scientific Officer Brian Hooker, Ph.D.

A 2020 New England Journal of Medicine analysis found there was no risk of intussusception from Rotavac, a live attenuated rotavirus vaccine manufactured by Hyderabad-based Bharat Biotech. A statistical method called self-controlled case series (SCCS) determined that the risk of intussusception in the high-risk window (21 days after any dose of the vaccine) was comparable to the background risk.

Using the same raw surveillance data, Puliyel and Hooker used an alternate method called self-controlled risk interval (SCRI) to ascertain if the 2020 conclusion could be substantiated. They found that there was a 1.6-fold increase in the risk of intussusception in the vaccinated, which was missed in the earlier SCCS analysis. Additionally, the mean age of developing intussusception was lower in the vaccinated babies, putting them at risk of serious harm, including death. 

The authors also performed a novel analysis of time-to-intussusception from the last vaccination. The number of babies developing intussusceptions was highest within a month after vaccination, with risks tapering off over time. They found 93 cases of intussusception in the first 30 days compared to 63 in the next 30 days. “This was statistically very significant and suggested vaccine risk very much like the SCRI analysis,” according to the paper.

“The first symptom of intussusception is typically the passage of blood and mucus in the stools,” said Dr. Hooker. “Parents can easily mistake this for infectious dysentery, which is more common. Intussusception often requires surgery to prevent death, so parents need to be informed and vigilant.”

The SCCS method is useful when the overall age of onset of intussusception is not altered by vaccination. The authors found that the rotavirus vaccine lowers the age of intussusception, rendering the standard SCCS analysis ineffective in detecting the risk of this serious adverse effect. “The original SCCS analysis had missed the risk and all previous SCCS studies may need to be re-evaluated,” the authors conclude. 

The paper underscores the need for awareness of this risk from the Rotavac vaccine and the symptoms of intussusception among parents and caregivers. 

“This is especially crucial when the vaccine is administered in remote rural areas to the infants of poor, illiterate parents as part of the national immunization programme,” said Dr. Puliyel. “Every parent must know the symptoms of intussusception so that the children impacted can receive emergency medical intervention.”

Dr. Puliyel emphasized that post-marketing surveillance can indicate if there is an increased risk, but without data from unvaccinated controls, the magnitude of the risk is difficult to estimate. He hopes that data from the original randomized control trial (RCT) in each of the three study centers in India will now be published.


Children’s Health Defense® is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Our mission is ending childhood health epidemics by eliminating toxic exposure. We will restore and protect the health of children by eliminating environmental exposures, holding responsible parties accountable, and establishing safeguards to prevent future harm of children's health. Protecting Children. Exposing Harms. Seeking Justice. 

For more information or to donate to CHD and our ongoing lawsuits, visit  ChildrensHealthDefense.org

The article can be accessed here


DOI: 10.3233/JRS-23


Vax Unvax Book CoverVax-Unvax: Let the Science Speak (Children’s Health Defense) Hardcover – August 29, 2023

by Robert F. Kennedy Jr. (Author), Brian Hooker PhD


The Studies the CDC Refuses to Do
This book is based on over one hundred studies in the peer-reviewed literature that consider vaccinated versus unvaccinated populations. Each study is analyzed, and health differences among infants, children, and adults who have been vaccinated and those who have not are presented and put in context. Readers will find information on:

  • The infant/child vaccination schedule
  • Thimerosal in vaccines
  • Live virus vaccines
  • The human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine
  • Vaccination and Gulf War illness
  • Influenza (flu) vaccines
  • Hepatitis B vaccination
  • The COVID-19 vaccine
  • Vaccines during pregnancy

Given the massive push to vaccinate the entire global population, this book is timely and necessary for individuals to make informed choices for themselves and their families.

Father’s Day 2024

Happy Father's Day TypewriterBy Cathy Jameson

My husband, my Dad and my husband’s stepdad.  When I think of Father’s Day, these are the men who immediately come to my mind.  Always giving, they have been so supportive. Other close family members have been incredible to us as well, including the uncles. My kids know to reach out to them should their dad not be available. Thankfully, their dad is available even though his travel schedule takes him away periodically from our home.  

Because that travel schedule can be intense and unpredictable sometimes, there are other men folk who have been incredibly generous with their time. We haven’t had too many emergencies that we needed to call in those very close friends, but I cannot express how grateful I am for their and their family’s presence in our lives.  Just to have them on speed dial is comforting. 

Beyond the immediate family and that circle of friends, we also have spiritual support from others, to include our parish priests.One of the priests at our parish will ask me how Ronan is doing and is genuinely interested in listening to whatever is going on with my son. He’s been to the house a few times, for a meal, to bless the house, to celebrate a graduation. One night, one of my favorite nights, was when we played a few rounds of UNO. We Jamesons are cutthroat, competitive sort of people, so there was no holding back of the Draw Two cards, the Skips and the Draw Four cards. We laughed so hard at night, Father included.

On this Father’s Day, my husband is not going to get much of a break or get the day all to himself. He will do what he does best and that’s take care of me and the kids. I am resting, recovering, convalescing from a very recent shoulder surgery. I’ll be leaning greatly upon my husband and my kids, and later this week on those local friends who were aware of the surgery. Those very close friends had sent offers of dinners and to help take care of things that I certainly will not be able to for the time being. I’ve shared before, I really love being the helper, not to helpee.  

I promise not to overdo it and will lean on the strongest person I know. 

To my husband, to the Dads, the Papas, the Grandpas, the stepdads and the uncles, and to your closest friends who have stepped in and who love your child unconditionally, may they be blessed. May others see their good and strive to be like themalso. 

Cathy Jameson is a Contributing Editor for Age of Autism. 


Summer: Staycation or "Break?"

Summer dreamsEach Summer, we ask readers to chime in on their children's Extended School Year services, or now that many of us have adult children with autism, their Summer as an adult.

Summer for many of us growing up meant a well earned break from school, a day or sleep over camp, perhaps a vacation (fancy or not) with family, picnics, a Summer job. Good stuff. Fun stuff.

The seasons can become a blur when you're caring for a loved one with autism. Tot, to teen to adult. Take the opportunity to tell us what you have, wish you had, need. 

Two years ago, I wrote about my youngest daughter, who was at the end of her school career. Her road post-age 22 was terribly rocky. She aged out in September of 2022 after the hell of Covid closing her school, and wasn't accepted into a day program until mid-November. They kicked her out in EIGHT DAYS because their 1:1 program couldn't handle her behavior.  And I can promise you, compared to many of the men in day programs, my daughter was a peach.  They just didn't want to BOTHER to get to know her or work with her.  They really wanted wheelchair bound individuals who were compliant or whom they could literally push around. Revolting.  She's in a program at the same organization her sisters attend and she is thriving there.  She enjoys her time, is surrounded by darn good people and my spies, I mean some people who might go there, tell me she is in a good place.

What is your loved one with autism doing for the Summer, the three month version, or the rest of their life version?


Get to know The Real Anthony Fauci in this #1 best seller from Skyhorse Publishing.

The real anthony fauciReal Anthony Fauci: Bill Gates, Big Pharma, and the Global War on Democracy and Public Health

Anthony Fauci seems to have not considered that his unprecedented quarantine of the healthy would kill far more people than COVID, obliterate the global economy, plunge millions into poverty and bankruptcy, and grievously wound constitutional democracy globally.

Unyielding: Marathons Against Illegal Mandates

UnyieldingThis thoughtful comment from Laura Hayes deserves top billing. Covid mandates opened many eyes. But we will continue to remind anyone and everyone that the autism community is the OG for vaccine warnings. Thanks, Laura.

Is the author saying that the mandates for the many other vaccines required by and forced on the members of our military, meaning all except those for anthrax and “Covid”, are acceptable and Constitutional? The title of the book implies that the mandates for the other vaccines, for the “approved” vaccines, are legal…and that may, very tragically, be the case. But even if so, it can not, and should not, be argued that they are acceptable or Constitutional.

It cannot be stated often enough, medical mandates, including those for vaccines, violate our God-given, Constitutionally-guaranteed right to bodily sovereignty. Additionally, you cannot have vaccine mandates in a free and ethical society, nor can there be informed consent, the foundation of ethical medicine, in the presence of mandates.

If you don’t have the right to determine what you permit, or don’t permit, into your own body, and that of your child, what meaningful rights do you have? What a sad, sad irony that those who “fight for freedom” are denied the freedom to exercise and enjoy this most basic of human rights for themselves.

Another sad, sad irony is that the very vaccines that have left many of the service men and women’s siblings unable to serve, and unable to bear children, and unable to live independently, and unable to work, and dead in their cribs are the very same ones that are “legal” to mandate for their service in the military. “Legal vaccine mandates”…talk about an oxymoron in a country that calls itself “the land of the free”.

I find the title of this book very off-putting, as it implies that the mandates for vaccines other than anthrax and “Covid” are legal…and worse, acceptable, as the title also implies they are not fought against. If anyone has read this book, and can further elaborate on the contents, please do.

From Children's Health Defense:

The 2021 experimental COVID vaccine mandates gave us all a taste of the mistreatment previously reserved for our nation’s warriors.

CHD’s compelling new book, “Unyielding: Marathons Against Illegal Mandates,” written by retired U.S. Air Force fighter pilot Colonel Thomas “Buzz” Rempfer, retraces the history of the military’s illegal mandate of an unapproved anthrax vaccine and then, later, the unapproved COVID vaccines.

Buzz Rempfer’s impeccable credentials and multiple decades of professional dissent provide a valuable example of how persistent engagement against such abuses of power can make a difference. Rempfer took on the brass time and again, ultimately winning federal rulings used to reverse countless dishonorable discharges and punitive actions on the part of military leaders.

Controversial illegal medical mandates have impacted the military for decades, but it was not until the COVID era that the American people experienced similar overreach and abuse. While anthrax vaccine disputes impacted a tiny slice of our citizenry, the lessons we didn’t learn from that experience enabled illegal COVID mandates to wreak havoc on a large segment of Americans.

Buzz’s analysis stands as a unique treatise on the failures of national leaders to heed the ethical, operational, psychological and risk assessment factors at the core of these enduring clashes.

Future generations will be left to sort out the aftermath, but in the meantime, Col. Rempfer’s “Unyielding” attempts to ensure the lessons are not lost.

“Unyielding” is available now — get your copy today!

In truth,

The Children’s Health Defense Team
Order your copy here today.

ALWAYS Search Near Water







This beautiful 3 year old boy, Ali Mohamed, wandered and drowned in Minnesota. The A-L-W-A-Y-S is a way to remind folks that they need to search near water first. And rather than shout out the person's IMG_2946name, blare SONGS that they love. Cocomelon, Paw Patrol, Bubble Guppies (Line Up, Everybody!) Bananaphone, Barney, Blippi, Sunny Day Sweeping The Clouds Away, Thomas... any song they will recognize, as a way to get their attention and make them MOVE toward the sound and away from danger.

Please, never forget the very real dangers that follow an autistic person like the grim reaper. We won’t.

You can order a FREE Big Red Safety Box from NAA right now.  Click HERE.

Missing boy found dead in Minnehaha Creek

On Monday, officials said they think the incident was an accident but plan to investigate what happened.

HOPKINS, Minn. — At a Monday afternoon press conference, officials announced a missing 4-year-old boy with autism was found dead in Minnehaha Creek. 

During the search on Monday morning, KARE 11's Lou Raguse was near Minnehaha Creek, just off the 7800 block of Powell Road, when he witnessed law enforcement and search crews pouring into the area. Officers put up police tape to keep the public away, and the mood of the first responders was described as grim. 

Hopkins Police Department Captain Craig Krieling told those gathered at the press conference that Minnehaha Creek is running fast due to recent rains. Krieling said officials believe at this point that the boy drowned after leaving his apartment on his own. 

"Get to know your neighbors, get to know the people within your communities. Possibly, if there could have been somebody that might have seen him at a particular moment," said Krieling, when asked what the public can do to prevent an incident like this from happening again. 

"We ask for those people to step up, take some action, call the police is something is out of the ordinary. Let people know." 

On Sunday, police said Waeys Ali Mohamed wandered away from the Chorus Apartments on the 1200 block of Lake Street around 7:30 a.m. wearing only blue pajama pants. Family members say Waeys had autism, could not speak and was easily startled or scared by loud noises. 

KARE 11's Audrey Russo reported that more than two dozen volunteers were on hand as the search for the missing child kicked off Monday morning. Many of them are parents or grandparents of children who are Waeys' age, or have connections to the Twin Cities autism community. 

Kreiling said Hopkins law enforcement personnel first began searching for Waeys shortly after he was reported missing and were soon joined by firefighters, search and rescue teams, drone pilots and State Patrol aircraft, and multiple K-9 units from departments across the metro. Searchers worked the area all day Sunday but did not locate the boy. 

Like many children with autism, Kreiling said Waeys was drawn to water, and Minnehaha Creek runs near his family's apartment. Firefighters got in the water Sunday with their safety suits, and various types of watercraft were also utilized in the search. 


DenialDan Olmsted and Mark Blaxill wrote this book several years ago. It's more important than ever. The whitewashing of autism costs lives.

Denial: How Refusing to Face the Facts about Our Autism Epidemic Hurts Children, Families, and Our FutureDenial: How Refusing to Face the Facts about Our Autism Epidemic Hurts Children, Families, and Our Future

Health Freedom Defense Fund Wins Appeal to Sue LA Unified School District for Mandatory Covid Vaccination Policy

Winner-illustration1Health Freedom Defense Fund (HFDF), California Educators for Medical Freedom, and individual plaintiffs have won their appeal in the Ninth Circuit on  LAUSD’s Employee Covid Vaccination Mandate.

Health Freedom Defense Fund et. al, led by the exceptional legal team of John Howard and Scott Street at JW Howard Attorneys, have won a significant victory in the Ninth Circuit, which reversed dismissal of their lawsuit challenging the Los Angeles Unified School District’s (“LAUSD”) mandatory vaccination policy for all employees.

Reversing the decision of the Central District of California in Los Angeles, the Ninth Circuit majority held that, first, the case was not mooted by LAUSD’s rescission of the mandate after oral argument last September, 2023. The majority called out LAUSD’s gamesmanship for what it was – a bald-faced attempt at avoiding an adverse ruling by trying to create an issue of mootness.

Unfortunately for LAUSD, they had already done this once in the trial court. Applying the voluntary cessation doctrine, the majority doubted LAUSD’s sincerity in rescinding the mandate immediately after an unfavorable oral argument in September of last year.

On the merits, the majority ruled that the district court had misapplied the Supreme Court’s 1905 decision in Jacobson v. Massachusetts when it dismissed LAUSD’s lawsuit on grounds that the mandate was rationally related to a legitimate state interest. In Jacobson, the Supreme Court upheld the constitutionality of a smallpox vaccination mandate because it related to “preventing the spread” of smallpox.

Continue reading "Health Freedom Defense Fund Wins Appeal to Sue LA Unified School District for Mandatory Covid Vaccination Policy" »

That First Step

One foot in frontBy Cathy Jameson

Last week was a roller coaster of a week.  Lots of good things happened, but a lot of other things were overwhelming, time consuming and also challenging.  I was feeling the weight of the world on my achy shoulder both at home and at work.  I can be myself at home anytime I want, including feeling completely overwhelmed. 

Other places, I remain professional.   

That had me taking necessary steps to push through some iffy moments.  Emotions certainly creep in when I’m out of the house, but I stay as focused as possible when I’m with other people, especially those with whom I work.  Behind closed doors, though?  Well, that’s another story. 

Emotions run high. 

Tears are shed. 

And words like defeated and frustrated are said. 

Not one to wallow for too long, I get through the defeat, the frustration, and dry the tears.  I pick up the pieces, and I face the challenge, whatever it may be.  Once I do that, I can focus on other projects.  I had two to work on for two families that I’d had to put aside.  Those were on my To-Do list for weeks, but other things kept popping up – things I absolutely could not put on hold. 

On Friday afternoon, I finally got to dedicate two hours to these two families.  These families were not taking their first steps to helping their children.  Those steps were taken several months ago and when they faced what many of us have had to face – reality that some “thing” was starting to hold their children back. 

I’m incredibly proud of these families for knowing that they made that call that got them those appointments that made them so nervous but got them those services that began their journey to early childhood intervention.  It was ‘total flashback’ for me hearing them share those first steps.  Some of what they’ve done mimics what I had to do for my son almost 20 years ago.  Some of it is still not easy, including handling the emotions that come with admitting an issue does exist.  With similar stories, I could step in and encourage their efforts.  I applauded them for listening to their instinct.  And I shared a promise to remain right there next to them when things get tough.  I spoke not just as an educator to these parents but as a fellow parent of a child with special needs.  I don’t always say that right away, but when the timing is right, I will tell a tearful mom and a worried dad that I know exactly what they are going through—because I, too, have walked a similar path. 

With summer days upon us, I gathered items late on Friday afternoon that will prayerfully help these First stepyoung children.  In their individual care packages are activities that support literacy, manipulatives that promote number sense, sensory-friendly material, and games that encourage turn taking and fine-motor skill building.  The kids will think they are just playing with toys, but to mom and dad, these items represent hope. 

Hope that their child will retain what they’ve learned. 

Hope that their child will not slip through the cracks before returning to an educational setting. 

Hope that they can carry out goals their child’s teacher and team had.

I’m excited and also humbled to be the one who can step in and give ideas and provide care packages and share resources.  I do that so as to encourage a young family to be able to take the next step forward.  Even if it’s only a tiny step.  That’s all it takes to keep some hope alive. 

Cathy Jameson is a Contributing Editor for Age of Autism.

Ordering More Ambulances

Abadnonned schoolBy Anne Dachel

We are clearly at a point in the autism epidemic where no one questions anything.

No longer do the numbers bother anyone. The current average rate of one in 36 U.S. children will, no  doubt, be increased to one in 29 (the rate now in British Columbia), or one in 25 (the rate in Australia), or one in 23 (the rate in Scotland), or one in 22 (the rate in California), or one in 21 (the rate in Ireland), or maybe one in 20 (the rate in Northern Ireland). It doesn’t matter because health officials never acknowledge that there’s ever been a real increase in autism.

And we aren’t really talking about the cause of all this autism anymore. After 25 years of always increasing statistics, everyone seems happy to leave things be. We’ve long been told that no one really knows why a child has autism. It’s probably genetic with maybe bad choices by parents. We’ve had two decades of studies showing a connection to fat moms, moms on antidepressants, drinking moms, old moms, moms who marry old dads, moms who don’t get the right vitamins, moms who have babies too close together, and moms who live too close to freeways.

It’s all just part of the puzzle that is autism.

This serious developmental disorder with no known cause, prevention or cure is here to stay. If it’s your child, learn the signs and get that all important early intervention. There’s nothing else you can do.

Nothing demonstrates where we’re at better than two recent stories on Fox 2 in St. Louis.

I was struck by the fact that Fox 2 put the stories out one day apart.

The coverage was about autism therapy providers offering Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) services.

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Love Your Neighbor, even if he's Dr. Fauci


A "Love Your Neighbor" meme is circulating as a way to promote acceptance. So we added just one more line at the very bottom, to make it more.... inclusive. What do you think?  Taste the rainbow.... (Skittles ABA therapy autism joke there.) 

Dr. Fauci has been in the hot seat, answering questions about his creation and handling of the Covid nightmare. He had the audacity to call vaccination choice, "ideological bullshit.":

Get to know The Real Anthony Fauci in this #1 best seller from Skyhorse Publishing.

The real anthony fauciReal Anthony Fauci: Bill Gates, Big Pharma, and the Global War on Democracy and Public Health

Anthony Fauci seems to have not considered that his unprecedented quarantine of the healthy would kill far more people than COVID, obliterate the global economy, plunge millions into poverty and bankruptcy, and grievously wound constitutional democracy globally.

Anti-Vaccine Yes or No?

WhyNote: What do you think of the "anti-vaccine" moniker? Is it a slur? A badge of honor? Do you describe yourself differently, pro or con? What do you think of the common intro, "I'm not anti-vaccine... but....?" Today, we dive into real talk so important to our community. Thanks to Laura Hayes, AofA contributor and benefactress for this lively post.

You can read Laura Hayes's body of work in our AofA Exclusives here. Including:
Why is this legal? A presentation on vaccines

By Laura Hayes

Recently, AoA’s media editor, Anne Dachel, wrote a 2-part article regarding Kennedy on her substack, link for part 1 is below. I posted a comment, which I will reprint here, in hopes that it will be of interest and add to the conversation.

CNN's Hit Job On Robert F Kennedy, Jr.

My comment:

“Kennedy: Here’s what I would say. First of all, I’m not anti-vaccine.”

Therein lies the problem. I gave an 80-minute presentation asking the question “Vaccines: What Is There to Be ‘Pro’ About?” (full December 2016 post reprint below). The title was in response to those who were well versed on the myriad dangers of vaccines, including permanent, catastrophic disability, lifelong chronic illness, infertility, SADS, rampant learning and behavior issues, GI issues galore, and reduced longevity, the regular and widespread failure of vaccines to do what they claimed to do, and the vast corruption underlying them from manufacture to mandate and beyond…yet, they would not stop publicly stating that they were not anti-vaccine. That defies comprehension or explanation.

I then went on to give a second 80-minute presentation titled “Why Is This Legal?” (link below), to expose why there is not one vaccine currently in use that should be on the market, as not one vaccine has ever been tested or approved properly or ethically, either individually, or in the myriad, haphazard combinations in which they are routinely administered. People argue for choice, and we should always have the right to decline or refuse any medical treatment or procedure for ourselves and our children, with nothing other than a simple “no thank you”, minus any government interference, coercion, cost, or penalty…yet, in reality, vaccines should not even be on the menu of choices.

Humans don’t need scores of vials filled with toxins, poisons, and heinous ingredients injected into them from gestation until death. What utter nonsense. And those of us in the know need to boldly state that fact at every opportunity, without reservation or hesitation.

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An Enemy of the People

Ibsen RFK forewordNote: If the headline looks familiar, it's the title of a famous play by Henrik Ibsen. There are many versions of the book on Amazon, including one with a foreword by Robert Kennedy, Jr. Of course, in this presidential election year in the USA, the title could pertain to each of the three candidates. There is so much anger and disrespect poisoning the airwaves, online, even among neighbors. Such is 2024. Robert Kennedy, Jr. and former President Donald Trump have both actively engaged the autism community during their campaigns. Kennedy, for the past dozen or so years. Trump in 2016. But the proof was not in his Presidential pudding. President Biden has ignored us altogether, probably a blessing. Anyway, that's a long intro to an article by a college student named Elsa Hjalmarsson Lyons, daughter of Skyhorse Publishing publisher Tony Lyons, and herself, an autism sibling. Her correlation of the play and our political stage today is well worth a read. I reiterate - we will not endorse a candidate. Our readers are red, white, blue and purple. We are Swiss, per Dan Olmsted's earliest edict. Thank you.

Published from The Kennedy Beacon Substack. Visit and subscribe here.

By Elsa Hjalmarsson Lyons, Special to The Kennedy Beacon

Kennedy is a Friend of the People, Whatever the Media Says

Inching through midtown Manhattan in a taxicab last week, I noticed a poster for the new Broadway revival of Norwegian playwright Henrik Ibsen’s An Enemy of the People. Its four-month run, directed and adapted by Amy Herzog, closes on June 16, just a little over a week before the first 2024 presidential debate on CNN – which currently excludes Robert F. Kennedy Jr. from the stage.

When I saw the poster, I had just finished reading the 2021 Skyhorse Publishing edition of the play, which features an incisive introduction written by Kennedy. I can’t vouch for the adaptation, but anyone who wants to understand how the media, Big Tech, and the political establishment have been trying to discredit Kennedy should read the play with his foreword. 

In An Enemy of the People, Ibsen exposes an early version of the playbook from which recent multi-pronged attacks on Kennedy have borrowed. If we can recognize that playbook, maybe we can tune out the mob of naysayers and listen to Kennedy with real curiosity. And these days, curiosity is a form of dissent. These days, curiosity requires courage.

An Enemy of the People tells the story of Thomas Stockmann, a vigorously earnest doctor who discovers a grave threat to public health in his Norwegian village. Stockmann finds that the town’s beloved and lucrative public baths are contaminated with runoff from a local tannery and are making people sick. It’s an inconvenient truth, and the town’s political leadership conspires with what Stockmann previously saw as the “liberal-minded” media to silence the concerned doctor. When he refuses to be silenced, they resort to character assassination, questioning his mental health and branding him an “enemy of the people.” Stockmann slowly realizes that the baths are not the only problem – the political consciousness of the whole town is also polluted. Does any of that sound familiar?

Surely today’s “liberal-minded” media doesn’t see itself as treating dissent like blasphemy or crucifying whistleblowers. But that’s exactly what it has been doing to Bobby Kennedy since 2005, when he first became involved in the vaccine safety movement. 

At that time, Kennedy was primarily an environmental lawyer working with the Riverkeeper Alliance to hold big corporations accountable for ravaging the environment in the name of expediency. As highlighted in the recently released (and heavily censored) short film, “Who is Bobby Kennedy?” the media celebrated Kennedy’s work fighting mercury pollution in the Hudson River. He was a hero of the planet. But when he began paying attention to mercury pollution in children’s bodies, he became a villain. This time, the polluters were big pharmaceutical companies – and apparently, those polluters were untouchable. 

Kennedy is our Thomas Stockmann, demonized for speaking a truth that threatens a sacrosanct industry. The baths are the vaccines; the vaccines are the baths.

Kennedy has been subjected to all the same silencing techniques that are used against Stockmann in An Enemy of the People. The first step is censorship. In the play, Stockmann’s brother – who also happens to be the mayor – advocates against allowing “the Medical Officer [Thomas Stockmann] either to read or to comment on his proposed lecture.” Nearly everyone in the room supports this motion, including the two hypocritical editors of the town’s liberal newspaper, “The People’s Messenger.” The man who agreed to host the meeting in the first place, Horster, is lambasted for “[lending his] house to enemies of the people.” Like Stockmann, he is harshly deplatformed, kicked off the ship he was previously slated to captain.

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Hope Helps

Hope and futureBy Cathy Jameson

I dropped the ball.  I hate it when that happens.  After successfully helping one family, another was looking forward to my suggestions and assistance.  We’d set a date to meet, but I forgot.  When the day arrived, I had nothing but an apology to give them.

“I’m so sorry.  Life got busy…I’ll have time again next week.”  Life did get really busy, both at home and at my job.  Time is precious.  At certain points in life, time can feel like its slipping through your fingers.  It especially feels like that when your child is not hitting milestones as quickly as other children are.  I was disappointed in myself for not keeping better track of things.  The family who was expecting my input must’ve been disappointed as well. 

“I’ll call you.  I promise,” I said.

“That would be great,” the mom replied.

I had big plans to put some amazing resources together for her.  I’d already been in communication about some summer camps, ones that offer hands-on experiences for kids who are experiencing delays.  I’d sent links with other helpful information, which she and her husband appreciated.  When a family who is struggling reaches out, and who then listens to your advice, you want to continue to help them navigate the unknown.  I thankfully get another chance to do that.  Next week.  When life slows down quite a bit.  When I can dedicate two entire days to giving them hope.

Hope helps.

It helps people grow in faith, in trust, and in confidence.

Young parents need all three to get through some stages, including the ones their child is struggling through at the moment. 

Being an advocate for others has been a gift to me, and I promise not to mess things up again for this couple.  Thankfully, I get a second chance to help and to offer them some hope.  If that isn’t inspiring enough, in the process of this family reaching out, two more are waiting to talk to me as well.  Hope’s gotten me through tons of situations, and I’d like for these families to be able to walk the next part of their journeys with some hopeful direction, too.  As busy and tiring as the last two weeks have been, I’m really looking forward to next week.  That’s when I get to dedicate my energy some deserving children.   


Cathy Jameson is a Contributing Editor for Age of Autism.

Get Trump Alan DershowitzIn light of last week's legal case, we thought we'd share this book from Skyhorse Publishing. It's not an endorsement nor is it a a giddy cheer. It's just a book you might want to read.   In Get Trump: The Threat to Civil Liberties, Due Process, and Our Constitutional Rule of Law, Alan Dershowitz—#1 New York Times bestselling author and one of America’s most respected legal scholars—analyses the unremitting efforts by political opponents of Donald Trump to “get” him—to stop him from running in 2024—at any cost.
Alan Dershowitz has been called “one of the most prominent and consistent defenders of civil liberties in America” by Politico and “the nation’s most peripatetic civil liberties lawyer and one of its most distinguished defenders of individual rights” by Newsweek.
Get Trump makes clear that unconstitutional efforts to stop Trump from retaking the presidency challenge the very foundations of our liberty: due process, right to counsel, and free speech. Those who justify these dangerous departures from the rule of law argue that the threat posed by a second Trump presidency is “different” and “immediate,” while the departures from constitutional norms are longer term and more abstract.
Dershowitz explains that defenders of Trump’s constitutional rights—even those like him who oppose Trump politically—are sought to be silenced; their free speech rights attacked, their integrity questioned, and their careers threatened. Much of the media substitutes advocacy against Trump for objective reporting, while many in academia petition and propagandize against rights they previously valued—all in the interest of getting Trump.
The essence of justice is that it must be equally applicable to all, Dershowitz notes. No one is above the law but digging to find crimes in order to influence an election does not constitute the equal application of the law. In order to assure equal application in comparable situations, he proposes two criteria for indicting a likely candidate of the opposing party: the Richard Nixon standard and the Hillary Clinton standard—and most recently, the Joe Biden standard.
Get Trump warns that regardless of whether this anti-democratic effort to stop Trump from running succeeds or fails, it is likely to create dangerous precedents that will lie around like loaded weapons ready to be deployed against other controversial candidates, officials, or citizens about whom it can be argued that the danger they pose “is different.”

An Old Friend of Ours Speaks Out

Flip flopThis week, actor/autism Dad Robert De Niro spoke out on behalf of President Joe Biden in a campaign event that took place in front the the New York City courthouse where former President Donald Trump is standing trial. That's democracy and freedom of speech.  Eight+ years ago, De Niro included VAXXED in his prestigious Tribeca Film Festival. Until, some Godphather made him an offer he couldn't refuse, and he pulled the movie, so much for freedom.  See the letter Lou Conte wrote to De Niro below:

We've written several posts about De Niro over the years, when he was actively involved in World Mercury Project and a friend to Robert Kennedy, Jr. While married to Grace Hightower, the mother of his severely autistic son, De Niro was vocal about his son's plight. Hightower joined Mary Holland, Kevin Barry, Jim Carrey and many of us at the UN to a discussion pediatric health. They divorced in 2018. And De Niro recently became a father again, at age 79. Golly gee whillikers, those late nights of crying and feeding must be taking a toll. De Niro is now campaigning for President Biden (as is his right) who is running against Trump for certain, and Kennedy too, at least in the polls for now. As they say, "The plot thickens."

An Open Letter to Bob De Niro, Age of Autism March 29, 2016

Robert De Niro, March 26, 2016

By Louis Conte

Grace and I have a child with autism and we believe it is critical that all of the issues surrounding the causes of autism be openly discussed and examined. In the 15 years since the Tribeca Film Festival was founded, I have never asked for a film to be screened or gotten involved in the programming. However this is very personal to me and my family and I want there to be a discussion, which is why we will be screening VAXXED. I am not personally endorsing the film, nor am I anti-vaccination; I am only providing the opportunity for a conversation around the issue.”

Robert De Niro, March 25, 2016

“My intent in screening this film was to provide an opportunity for conversation around an issue that is deeply personal to me and my family. But after reviewing it over the past few days with the Tribeca Film Festival team and others from the scientific community, we do not believe it contributes to or furthers the discussion I had hoped for.

The Festival doesn't seek to avoid or shy away from controversy. However, we have concerns with certain things in this film that we feel prevent us from presenting it in the Festival program. We have decided to remove it from our schedule.”

Dear Mr. De Niro:

It occurred to me that I should write you a note about your decision to not screen Andrew Wakefield’s documentary Vaxxed: From Cover-Up to Catastrophe, at the Tribeca Film Festival on April 24th.

The media feeding frenzy you endured was typical for anyone with a certain degree of fame who ventures into questioning – or in your case – providing a venue for discussion of vaccine safety. What you experienced in the two days leading up to your decision to accept the censorship of Vaxxed is something that we in the autism community have seen and experienced for years.

Censorship and suppression of our rights to speak out about what happened to our children has been going on for a while now.

As the father of two sons with autism, I want you to know that I’ve never accepted it because I want my sons, who struggle with language, to know that you have to speak out even when finding the words isn’t easy.

Even when the words bring you criticism.

That those who oppose our views exerted enormous pressure on you and the Tribeca Film Festival team to pull Vaxxed from your line up is not shocking. That you brought in “others from the scientific community” to help you accept censorship is profoundly disturbing.  Read more here.


DenialAD: This week, we will continue to share Dan Olmsted and Mark Blaxill's book, Denial: How Refusing to Face the Facts about Our Autism Epidemic Hurts Children, Families, and Our FutureDenial: How Refusing to Face the Facts about Our Autism Epidemic Hurts Children, Families, and Our Future

ADHD Diagnoses Rising

ADHD-ritalin-children-diagnosedBy Anne Dachel - visit Anne's Substack here.

The big news about kids and developmental health is more ADHD, lots more. Of course no one is in a panic, and, you guessed it, it’s due to GREATER AWARENESS, the effects of COVID, modern living, etc.

The increase, unlike autism, is described as real. More kids really do have ADHD, but like autism, this is acceptable.

Officials describe the rise in ADHD as an “ongoing and expanding public health concern,” which sounds similar to their reference to autism as “a serious public health concern” many times in the past. The message is, of course, nothing here is a crisis.

May 24th, Scripps News: CDC reports sharp rise in ADHD diagnoses among children during the pandemic; 1 in 9 children ages 3-17 were diagnosed with ADHD as of 2022, study finds.

Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder cases have risen considerably in the U.S., according to a new study by researchers with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention..

The study released on Wednesday said 1 in 9 children ages 3-17 had been diagnosed with the disorder at some point in their life as of 2022.

Roughly 5.4 million kids actively had ADHD in 2016, but just six years later, the number had increased to over 6.5 million. The jump in diagnoses may be good as kids are getting screened more.


The study notes, however, that the pandemic might have had a role in the higher number of children diagnosed with ADHD.

"Children experiencing symptoms of stress, depression, and anxiety during the pandemic may also exhibit symptoms of inattention and impulsivity, potentially leading to a diagnosis of ADHD when other diagnoses may be more appropriate," the study says.

AD: This week, we will continue to share Dan Olmsted and Mark Blaxill's book, Denial: How Refusing to Face the Facts about Our Autism Epidemic Hurts Children, Families, and Our FutureDenial: How Refusing to Face the Facts about Our Autism Epidemic Hurts Children, Families, and Our Future


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Remembering the Forgotten Fallen:The Casualties in the War Against Infectious Disease

DenialNote: John Gilmore published this post yesterday in The Autism Action Network email list. Please click through to subscribe.

Memorial Day is a remembrance of those servicemen and women who gave their lives to protect the United States of America. But there are many wars raging at all times. And the war on infectious disease has taken a steep toll on individuals, while making billions for captured industry. Some of us have earned the dreaded Gold star, like the Tembenis family. Others of us, silver, bronze. 

This week, we will continue to share Dan Olmsted and Mark Blaxill's book, Denial: How Refusing to Face the Facts about Our Autism Epidemic Hurts Children, Families, and Our FutureDenial: How Refusing to Face the Facts about Our Autism Epidemic Hurts Children, Families, and Our Future



By John Gilmore

We set aside Memorial Day to remember and honor those who lost their lives in service to the United States, especially those who fell or were wounded in the many wars and battles in our relatively short history. There have been many battles: Lexington, New Orleans, Chickimauga, Belleau Wood, Tarawa, Midway, The Bulge, the Korean DMZ, Khe Sahn, Afghanistan, and so many more. 

We exist as a nation and a people because of the sacrifices hundreds of thousands of mostly young men made at those places and countless others. Not much good seems to be said about the United States these days. We are a mightily flawed nation without question, but a quote from Winston Churchill describing “democracy” applies equally well, in my opinion, to the “United States.” “The United States is the worst possible country, except for the other ones.“

It is right and fitting that we remember and honor those who fell for our good. On Memorial Day we should also remember the many casualties, both dead and wounded, resulting from our ongoing “war” against infectious disease. My son Luke and millions like him are the unacknowledged walking wounded, the never-to-be-mentioned collateral damage, in the never-ending “war” against infections, some serious, many trivial, that comprises the majority of what we call “public health” and “pediatrics” in the United States today.  

Luke was drafted into fighting that war shortly after birth. He was injured by one, some, or all, of the four injections he received at 60 days old. Unlike most newborns, Luke never received the birth hepatitis b dose because he was born in the window around 2000 when the hepatitis b shot was quietly withdrawn after an internal secret study by the CDC found more than 7 times as much autism in children who received the birth hepatis b containing mercury as those who did not. (Search “Simpsonwood”). Birth hep b shots were quietly returned when some vaccines, but not all, that did not contain mercury became available.

Luke marched today in a local Memorial Day parade with a group of friends, many of them walking wounded like Luke. The parade ended at a city park with memorials to the locals who served and died. The World War II memorial had the names of the 57 Baldwin, New York, residents who died fighting and the thousands who served. How many names would there be on a monument for those who died or were injured in the war to prevent hepatitis b, COVID, chicken pox, etc.?

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Best of Olmsted on Autism: How to Completely Miss the Story

Swing and miss Note: Dan Olmsted published this piece 15 years ago, May 27, 2009. Read it, and tell us what has changed....    This also happens to be the anniversary of the publication of Dan and Mark Blaxill's book Denial: How Refusing to Face the Facts about Our Autism Epidemic Hurts Children, Families, and Our FutureDenial: How Refusing to Face the Facts about Our Autism Epidemic Hurts Children, Families, and Our Future. This book is more important than ever. And as unheeded as the red flags of Watergate, in Dan's article below, not to mention our raison d'etre.  Dan is gone. Dr. Mayer Eisenstein is gone. Two respected and beloved advocates and scientifically curious men. Today, we remember them too.

By Dan Olmsted - May 27, 2009

The New York Times published a piece over the Memorial Day weekend that must have been painful to write – they now realize they had the Watergate scandal handed to them on a silver platter four decades ago and just plain missed it. “The Watergate break-in eventually forced a presidential resignation and turned two Washington Post reporters into pop-culture heroes. But almost 37 years after the break-in, two former New York Times journalists have stepped forward to say that The Times had the scandal nearly in its grasp before The Post did — and let it slip.”

“Robert M. Smith, a former Times reporter, says that two months after the burglary, over lunch at a Washington restaurant, the acting director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, L. Patrick Gray, disclosed explosive aspects of the case, including the culpability of the former attorney general, John Mitchell, and hinted at White House involvement.”
Exactly how this big fish got up off its silver lunch platter and swam away is worth reading (HERE).
But the bottom line is this: If the account is correct, “The Times missed a chance to get the jump on the greatest story in a generation.”
You can watch the same thing happen every day now with the greatest story of this generation, and I Denialmean “this generation” very literally – the catastrophic rise of developmental and chronic diseases in this generation of children, the leading edge of which is starting to age into young adulthood. Start anywhere you want – 1 in 10 with asthma, a forty-fold increase in bipolar diagnoses, record levels of juvenile diabetes and, of course, our focus – the rise of autism and ADD and ADHD and sensory integration problems and etc., the neurodevelopmental kitchen sink that is disabling our future.

Denial: How Refusing to Face the Facts about Our Autism Epidemic Hurts Children, Families, and Our FutureDenial: How Refusing to Face the Facts about Our Autism Epidemic Hurts Children, Families, and Our Future

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Graduation Season

Graduation-caps-congrats-5047671We ran this post post last year, when Cathy's daughter graduated from college. Each year, we celebrate the Spring/Summer milestones of graduations, First Communions, Proms, College acceptances, weddings - so many rites of passage. Some of us are..."left behind."  It's OK to feel sad and a sense of mourning and loss while others celebrate. You can be happy for every blessed event, and still acknowledge that pang of longing. XOX

By Cathy Jameson, May 2023

With all five kids home after my daughter’s college graduation, we enjoyed some extra family time.  Sitting in the living room together one evening, my youngest asked, “Mommy, when would Ronan be graduating college?”  I looked at her but didn’t answer right away.  Ronan’s not been in a classroom setting for quite some time now.  Even though she doesn’t remember some of the struggles Ronan faced while he was enrolled in school, she knows we took him out of the special education system for several reasons, to include seeing seizure activity increase. 

Every now and then I wonder if taking him out, and keeping him out, was the right decision.  I don’t dwell on that thought for too long because we provided many meaningful opportunities for him while he was out of the classroom.  But questions like the one Ronan’s youngest sister asked brought up things I’d long forgotten. 

Do I miss the IEP meetings?

Do I miss the worry I sometimes felt after dropping him off?

Do I miss the phone calls from the school nurse telling me of another seizure?

No.  I don’t miss any of that. 

I do miss some of the hope that some of Ronan’s teaching staff shared with us.  I do miss the thought of a someday graduation for him, even if it wasn’t going to be the same kind of diploma his siblings would receive.  But I don’t miss the stress that school was causing my son.  I didn’t need to share all of that or any of that in my reply to my daughter, so I focused simply on what she’d asked.  She just wanted a date, even if random, that Ronan would be graduating.

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Protocol 7 Movie Bring Things That Go MUMPS In The Night To The Theatre

Protocol 7 poster"Merck has not essentially denied committing (mumps vaccine) fraud."

So excited to share a new FEATURE length movie from Andy Wakefield. Protocol 7 is a plucked from real life thriller about a whistleblower who exposes problems with the mumps component of the Merck MMR vaccine. The truth is still unfolding in a Pennsylvania court.

Vaccine injury and pharma malfeasance are no longer rated "X" as a topic for public interest. Audiences are aware of the grip pharma has on our government, public health and medical community, because of the Covid lockdown and vaccine mandates that touched everyone.  Moviegoers are READY for Protocol 7. Click HOST A PROTOCOL 7 SCREENING to learn how you can get involved and help promote the movie too. Anne Dachel sat down with the director, one Andrew J. Wakefield, to talk about this film, so many years in the making.


By Anne Dachel

I recently had the opportunity to interview Dr. Andrew Wakefield about his latest project, the full length movie, Protocol 7.

Protocol 7 reveals more of the nefarious history of the vaccine industry in America, this time involving the mumps component in Merck’s MMR vaccine.

Here is how Dr. Wakefield explained it.


The movie itself, Protocol 7, this is my first venture into a full length narrative feature film, unlike documentaries in the past. So it’s a whistleblower story in the genre Erin Brockovich or the Insider.

It’s very exciting. People love an insider story.

It tells the story based on truths of a whistleblower, two whistleblowers in a vaccine lab with reports that they were asked to participate in a fraud, what they considered to be a fraud.

It centered around the efficacy, the protective ability of the mumps vaccine which has been failing for many years. They knew this as early as the late 90s. They still persisted. They had an option either to scrap it, do a recall and make a safer vaccine, BUT potentially lose the American market, lose the market worldwide OR to fake the data. That’s what the whistleblowers reported to me.

So it’s been there for a long time. The story’s been there for a long time. It’s in federal court in Pennsylvania at the moment on appeal.

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Protocol 7 Director Andy Wakefield On The Autism Epidemic

Andy wakefield supportAnne Dachel interviewed Dr. Andy Wakefield about his new feature film Protocol 7 - a story of a vaccine whistleblower starring Rachel Whittle, Matthew Marsden and Eric Roberts (I haven't looked yet, but I'm guessing he plays "the bad guy!")  You can learn more and even sign up to host a screening here. We'll be sharing Anne's interview in the coming days. 

But who could talk to Dr. Wakefield and not ask him about the huge increase Protocol 7 posterin autism and its impact on families? We have an AofA category with posts we've written about Dr. Wakefield's journey from boy wonder British pediatric gastroenterologist to worldwide whipping boy for the protection of vaccine programs, governments and the pharmaceutical industry. Few men could have withstood the lashing in the court of public opinion and the British GMC (see photo) and yet stood by our children. We will always be grateful of his support and in awe of his continued work.  Note, the videos are on Rumble. I'm hoping they embed properly. Here are the two links with this interview, in case. Part 1 Anne Dachel Interviews Andy Wakefield About Autism in 2024 and Part 2 Anne Dachel Interviews Andy Wakefield About Autism in 2024  KIM


Dr. Wakefield on the ever-increasing rates of autism around the world

Click HERE if the Rumble video does not embed.

During our talk, I asked Dr. Wakefield about the current situation with autism and the universal acceptance of these disabled children as simply part of human neurodiversity. Those in charge preach that autism has always existed, with no recognition that the stunning rates are real increases. 

Am I surprised that the rates of autism that are now being reported, for example, Scotland, Northern Ireland, England and indeed in the U.S.?

The answer is, sadly, no. 

I mean the graph, if one looks at the trend in autism numbers, incidence and prevalence; you see that they’re a dramatic and sustained increase. 

It’s been predicted to reach one in two by 2032. Whether that holds up or not, I don’t know. Whatever, there is a huge epidemic of these neurodevelopmental disorders. 

The notion that this is due to better diagnosis is utter nonsense. 

This has been shown in the New Jersey numbers. We have the same people using the same diagnostic criteria over time. So using the same diagnostic instrument showing that there is a dramatic increase and saying this is nothing to do with better diagnosis.

That may account for a tiny percentage of it, but we’re having to meet the market demand, the sheer volume of these children coming through.  

So originally, it was a reasonable hypothesis to say among the things that may account for this rise is better diagnosis. But it’s a testable hypothesis. It’s been tested, and it’s been found wanting. It does not explain what’s going on. 

When I was first confronted with autism at the Royal Free Hospital in 1995, I didn’t even know what autism was. We weren’t taught about it as medical students because it was so rare. 

Now the other thing, and this is something that’s rarely pointed out, is that medicine now does not encourage in the same way that medicine did historically, the diagnostic skills that are necessary to be a doctor.  

We’ve got tests, we’ve got scans, blood tests, this, that and the other. 

Back in the day, the best diagnostician, those who were the best observers and describers of human disease, they weren’t of this century, they weren’t even of the last century. They were of the century before. 

They were people like Jean-Martin Charcot from the Salpêtrièrein, Paris.

People like Babinski who worked with him.  

People like Freud who attended his lectures. 

People like Gilles de la Tourette who described Tourette syndrome. 

These physicians were outstanding at eliciting physical signs and symptoms, describing human disease, many of them they couldn’t do anything about.

They didn’t have antibiotics or other things at the time, but they were outstanding at describing diseases. 

So if autism, if something as fascinating, dare I say it and idiosyncratic as autism had existed, it would have been described by these people.  

It did not exist in anything like, anything like the numbers it does now.

If they had seen a case, they would have jumped, and they would have described it meticulously. 

It didn’t happen. Why? Because it wasn’t there.

These are new. These are new kids on the block, terrifying in their frequency and their severity and the consequences for society as a whole, let alone the poor families who have to deal with it.  

Dr. Wakefield had this to say about the future.

RUMBLE VIDEO link in case embed fails

What does the future hold in terms of developmental disorders, autism?

It’s fairly dark at the moment, isn’t it?

It’s going to go on increasing until people more broadly in government, in the regulatory authorities, academia acknowledge that vaccines are a major part, a major part of causing this problem.

They cannot bring themselves to terms with that possibility at the moment. They can’t do it. It’s beyond their wildest imagination to admit that there is something that they believed in so firmly, so wholeheartedly for so long, that actually, they’re wrong.

Some people have invested their entire careers in being wrong. They just have yet to realize it. 

And so we have a while to go. 

However, there are two things in my experience, my recent experience as well, that have changed the dynamic, changed the perception of the public, and this is where, I think, the biggest change will come, is coming. 

That is film. Film has had a profound effect.

Films like VAXXED and Plandemic and others have really woken a lot of people up, and the other is COVID itself.

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Auti$m $ociety of America Receive$ Multi-Million Dollar Grant from U$Aging for Vaccine Program

Scream nowEt tu, Auti$m Society of America? Thi$ $lipped pa$t u$ la$t year, but a "friend of our$" thought it would be worth $haring. Have you EVER known a product with LE$$ NEED for promotion than vaccine$? It'$ almo$t laughable. Remember, for every action (our work), there i$ an equal and oppo$ite reaction (thi$ big, fat grant.)  If you think multi-million$ is equal to the work we and others have been doing for pennie$ for decade$.  People with auti$m ARE under$erved in a hundred different way$. Vaccination availability ain't one of them.  You want to talk about "health equity? Try finding a DENTIST or a Gyn who will see an adult with autism.


ROCKVILLE, MD, March 3, 2023 –
The Autism Society of America announced today that it has received a multi-million dollar grant from the USAging’s Aging and Disability Vaccination Collaborative (ADVC). The ADVC is an initiative funded by the U.S. Administration for Community Living to provide outreach, technical assistance, and support to promote vaccination uptake.  

“This grant will allow the Autism Society to expand our very successful and highly acclaimed Vaccine Education Initiative (VEI), a public health model that promotes vaccine confidence, education, and access to increase vaccination rates for underserved populations,” shares Christopher Banks, President and CEO of the Autism Society of America.

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Theres-nothing-to-see-here-move-along-com-16250233By Anne Dachel

It's always better diagnosing/greater awareness when it comes to autism

On May 17th USA Today published the story, No link between National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act, rise in autism rates | Fact check

It was written by Chris Mueller who was cited as their “Fact Check Reporter.”  

The claim: National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act linked to increase in autism rates

A May 11 Instagram post shows a graph that depicts a decades-long rise in the rate of autism. The graph's title claims the rate of the condition has increased "277–fold" since 1970.

The graph includes a red arrow labeled "1986 National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act," which points to an area on the graph that precedes a sharp rise.

"When something increases over 200-fold, it is not accidental," reads the post. "Such significant changes in a short span are intentional."

Mueller’s strategy here was to downplay autism and any increase in the disorder.

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Say It Ain't So

PA Fair Share 3Today, Cathy shares a moment we will recognize. Maybe someone approached US when our kids were young? 

By Cathy Jameson

What do you do when you see a child and all the red flags are waving around them?  If it’s a stranger’s child, do you start a conversation?  If you know the person, do you take them aside and say, “Hey, I need to talk to you.  I don’t know if you are aware, but some of the things your child does isn’t… typical.  I can share more if you’d like.”  

Do you take on that role, or do you hope that mom or dad know and have already set up an appointment with their provider? 

I’ve run into that situation several times over the years.  Depending on where I am, or who I’m with, I will say something. I don’t say anything rude but will weave some of our experience into our conversations.  “Yeah, we had no idea what caused my son to begin having delays.  He was typical until he wasn’t But then, I started to really look at things…what we were eating, drinking…what was in our older house that we’d started to renovate… and even what medicines we were giving him.”  

I don’t blurt out “Hey, it was the vaccines!”  

But I do my best to create a natural conversation with back-and-forth sharing.  If it’s the right time to share information, I drop hints, I mention names, I plant a seed.  Most of the time I walk away from the conversation from a young mom or dad thanking me for sharing what I know.  

They all have a similar response, “Wow, and thanks.”  

Every now and then, what I share makes no impact.  It’s not an off-the-cuff response I get after being completely honest about my child’s health timeline with that stoic person.  But it sometimes feels like a “sucks to be you” kind of response, and they go on their merry way.  It’s happened only once or twice that I get a completely different response from a young parent – none at all.  The sad part is that their child truly is displaying tell-tale signs of a delay.  It’s never my place to diagnose, and I can’t say that it is an autism specific-delay I’m witnessing.  

But something appears off.  

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Best of: Kitty Genovese and The Bystander Effect

Kitty G
Note: Yesterday, we had a guest post about the Bystander Effect and AUTISM - dispelling the myth that autistic people do not have empathy or want to help others.  Breaking Barriers: How Autism Challenges the Bystander Effect. To the contrary. As soon as I saw Vladimir Kogan's headline, I knew we had to bring back this amazing 2011 (!) 2 part post from Adriana Gamondes.  We have lost track of Adriana, who moved to South America many years ago. If you have had any contact, please let us know in private and tell her we miss her brilliant contributions. 

For those of you unfamiliar with the Kitty Genovese story, she was a young woman who was stabbed, left for dead, her screams unanswered, her attacker returned, she was raped and finally stabbed to death in Queens, New York in 1964. Bystanders who heard her screams did nothing.  Did. Nothing. Sound familiar? Her death coined the phrase, "the bystander effect," whereby good people.... do nothing. To read more about her legacy click here.  We bring the post back today because of the current climate of sociopolitics. At Age of Autism and elsewhere, we live the Bystander Effect every single day. Our cries for our children fall on indifferent ears. Part 2 will run tomorrow. Thank you to Adriana for her brilliant essay.

April 4, 2011
By Adriana Gamondes

The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil but because of the people who don’t do anything about it. ~Albert Einstein

“’I’ll be judge, I’ll be jury,’ said cunning old Fury: ‘I’ll try the whole cause and condemn you to death.’ ~Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland

Exactly a year ago in March I heard on National Public Radio that the Center for Disease Control had given a million dollar grant to the University of New Hampshire to start a program called “Bringing in the Bystanders”. The program was intended to combat sexual assault on campus by eliciting the intervention of witnesses to potentially high risk situations.  If the CDC threw a campaign like that for autism and a host of other childhood disorders which have hit epidemic proportions in the past two decades, the agency would have to bring itself in. 

That “good people do nothing” is a documented component of many categories of traumatic experience, whether the trauma is wartime atrocity, political captivity, torture, etc. According to many trauma experts, the very depth of psychic injury in trauma often hinges on the existence of inactive or negative bystanders. In his 1986 memoir, Survival in Auschwitz, Holocaust survivor Primo Levi described a common, recurring nightmare he experienced along with fellow death camp survivors. In the dream, the survivor had somehow escaped the camp and had gotten home to his or her family. They would find themselves surrounded by loved ones and would begin to tell of their ordeal, only to endure crushing grief as the others turned away as if deaf or indifferent to the horror. Survivors of other atrocities describe very similar dreams.

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Breaking Barriers: How Autism Challenges the Bystander Effect

Bystander_effectThe bystander effect occurs when the presence of others discourages an individual from intervening in an emergency situation, against a bully, or during an assault or other crime. The greater the number of bystanders, the less likely it is for any one of them to provide help to a person in distress.

By Vladimir Kogan

Have you ever been someplace where someone was being aggressively harassed or attacked, yet the surrounding friends or witnesses did nothing to intervene or diffuse the situation? The bystander effect, a well-documented phenomenon in social psychology, highlights how individual responsibility tends to diminish when people are in groups. This effect suggests that in emergency situations, the presence of a larger number of people can lower the likelihood of any single individual feeling compelled to intervene or help. This effect emerges from the elusive structures of human behavior, where responsibility diffuses into invisibility among a crowd.

Recent groundbreaking research from York University suggests individuals on the autism spectrum may be remarkably resistant to the bystander effect. The mechanisms explored in the study, such as diffusion of responsibility and social evaluation apprehension, reveal that autistic individuals, due to their unique social processing mechanisms, are potentially less swayed by group influence. Unlike neurotypical people who tend to hold back from intervening when others are present, those with autism showed no decrease in helpfulness even in the presence of a crowd. This drifting of a deeply ingrained behavior suggests that what we take as an artifact of human nature might simply be an unwritten cultural script.

The research suggests that autistic individuals may be less susceptible to the bystander effect,  often responding out of a strong sense of duty to correct perceived wrongs rather than being deterred by the presence of others or the fear of social backlash. Their unique approach to processing social influences and decision-making, possibly rooted in different neural patterns, allows them to bypass the passivity typical in group situations.

Unlike their non-autistic peers, who might see societal norms as flexible, autistic individuals often view them as concrete guidelines, leading them to act based on a distinct, principled sense of moral obligation. This perspective enables them to intervene more freely, guided by their ethical judgments and perceived necessities, regardless of potential personal repercussions or group dynamics.

In childhood, strict observance of rules might lead to misunderstandings with peers who perceive some rules as flexible. By adolescence, this commitment to rules often positions them as advocates for justice, though it may also isolate them socially. In professional environments, such as college or the workplace, strong adherence to rules and straightforward communication can benefit roles prioritizing safety and compliance. However, these traits can create challenges in adapting to less structured or socially demanding settings, where flexibility and complex interpersonal skills can be required. 'Masking,' an adaptive method that autistic people can utilize to blend in with neurotypical norms, is presented as a double-edged sword that can improve performance at work but also suppress autism identity.

Autism stereotypes have long endorsed a narrative of disengagement and disconnection, which not only misrepresents the actual capabilities and diverse experiences of autistic individuals but reinforces social barriers. However, recent research on the bystander effect phenomenon challenges these assumptions and sheds fresh light on autistic people's abilities to make quick decisions in high-pressure situations.

Where neurotypical people frequently succumb to paralysis and diffusion of responsibility in emergencies, the studies reveal that many on the autism spectrum, with their attuned focus on rules and moral codes, autistic individuals were found more likely to intervene rather than unconsciously conform to collective indecision.

How do these revelations reshape our understanding of genuine social engagement? The breadth of community involvement has been overly defined by our reliance on limited neurotypical models of social interaction. Autistic people's bravery and independence in this body of research should force us to rethink that outdated criterion. To drive toward a community ethos that actively engages and includes all members, it becomes apparent that these unconventional social behaviors should truly be valued. The human condition is diverse and complex, and this is a call to prioritize authentic participation above forced conformity.

Autistic perspectives fundamentally challenge the notion of a monolithic human experience, pushing society to recognize a broader spectrum of what is considered normal. Their unique ways of being and interacting with the world prompt a re-examination of societal norms and question structures built on perceived universal human responses. This question raises the possibility of a more significant social movement for redefining social engagement in a culture that subtly values inaction over responsiveness.

Legal frameworks and policies must evolve to accommodate and protect distinct autistic perspectives authentically. Too often, what we celebrate in theory gets stifled by antiquated bureaucratic and judicial systems that impede true inclusivity. The shift in mindset from viewing neurodivergence as a barrier to recognizing it as a vital source of innovation is a marker of actual progressive change. Insights from bystander effect studies are simply early chapters in a larger narrative that reveals the potential for neurodiverse individuals to expand and enrich our world.

The revelations emerging from our understanding of neurodiversity should challenge society to reevaluate how we support individuals with different cognitive profiles. This necessitates a thoughtful recalibration of societal norms and practices, ensuring that the unique abilities of neurodiverse individuals are recognized and harnessed, not stifled by expectations to conform.

Communities can create supportive environments that acknowledge and enrich the diverse strengths of all members. This enables all individuals, regardless of their backgrounds or abilities, to contribute meaningfully, reinforcing the values of inclusion and respect. By nurturing these inclusive spaces, we can construct a foundation for sustained societal growth and innovation where diversity is celebrated.

Vladimir Kogan is the founder of Illinois Autism Center. You can reach out to him at Illinois Autism Center, 1660 N La Salle Dr. Unit C007, Chicago, IL 60614, 312-248-1801, https://www.ilautism.com/

AUTISM CENSORSHIP: What You're Not Allowed to Ask

Abadnonned schoolBy Anne Dachel

A chilling story came out of Ireland on May 10th.  It was all about the unspeakable aspect of autism:


This legitimate question was raised by Mattie McGrath, a member of the Irish parliament, the Dail, and the questioner immediately came under fire.

May 10, 2024, The Journal:  Senator tells TD: "You did not see children with difference in school because they were not allowed to attend"

During a debate on progressing special education provision in the Dáil yesterday, McGrath said there “must be a need for understanding the explosion of autism” and questioned why the number of diagnoses had increased. 

McGrath said that his brother had worked in Africa as a paediatrician in the 1990s and when he returned to Ireland, it was the first time McGrath had heard the words autism, dyspraxia and dyslexia. 

He said his brother was “very concerned” that “something was causing” autism “Because when I was going to school … we did not see these issues. There was some issues, but nothing like the amount there are now,” McGrath said. 

Because of these comments, McGrath was attacked.

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We Are Not Machines

IMG_2664Yesterday was Mother’s Day in the USA. Society likes to claim that motherhood is sacred. And autism motherhood gets elevated to the point of beatification. Sainthood. We are not machines who can endure anything and everything that life PLUS autism launches at us. This well-intentioned compliment, “Strongest women I know,” sets us up for isolated, sadness, guilt-ridden moments. And sometimes much worse. 

Most of us ARE incredibly strong and dedicated to our children, long after the nest should have been emptied. We never get a real break. We worry at every turn. We run at varying speeds on a treadmill with no emergency cut off button. We cope. Please let’s keep in mind that some small number do not cope. If you know an autism Mom who is struggling, maybe hiding her diminished arsenal of defenses, try to help her.  We must acknowledge that this journey gets tougher and scarier as we grow older along with our children, most of whom will need some level of loving care long after we are gone. 

Some days we crush life, other days we feel crushed. For most of us, and I can assure you that for me, the good days far outnumber the bad. But our normal would blow other folks’ minds. 

We are not machines. We are flesh and blood mothers. And none of us is Mother Teresa.



Vax Unvax Book CoverYou can buy Vax-Unvax Let the Science Speak By Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. and Brian Hooker, PhD for just $1.99 Kindle edition. The Kindle app works on your tablet or smart phone and is free!  Hardcover also available and can never be deleted.  NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER!

The Studies the CDC Refuses to Do

This book is based on over one hundred studies in the peer-reviewed literature that consider vaccinated versus unvaccinated populations. Each study is analyzed, and health differences among infants, children, and adults who have been vaccinated and those who have not are presented and put in context.

Given the massive push to vaccinate the entire global population, this book is timely and necessary for individuals to make informed choices for themselves and their families.

Wuhan bioweapons coverThe Wuhan Cover-Up: And the Terrifying Bioweapons Arms Race (Children’s Health Defense)
By Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.

“Whenever I read, listen to, or debate Bobby, I learn something new and change my mind on at least one or two issues, while vehemently disagreeing with many others. Both the agreements and disagreements stimulate my thinking and emotions, even when they make me angry or concerned. Read him and make up your own minds." —Alan Dershowitz

“The Wuhan Cover-Up will blow out of the water the international disinformation campaign by US and Chinese government officials and their bribed scientists that COVID-19 somehow magically jumped out of the Wuhan wet market. Kennedy’s book will provide the ammunition needed for us lawyers to hold them all legally accountable for this Nuremberg Crime against Humanity.” —Professor Francis A. Boyle, author of the Biological Weapons Anti-Terrorism Act of 1989



By Cathy Jameson

“It is more blessed to give than to receive.”

This weekend, that saying will be true for lots of people. Across the US, scores of children will be blessing their moms the cutest hand-made crafts.  (Kim's daughter Gianna  made the fridge art you see.) Father’s will give fresh flowers to the mother of their children.  Grandmother’s will be given the gift of time with family either via a phone call or a visit from their precious grandchildren.  This weekend, I, too, will be blessed to be givengifts from my family.  I don’t need anything fancy or expensive, and the kids know that.  They’re givers, though.  

I’m finding that as I age, I need less stuff.  Not that the kids’ gifts are stuff.  The older they get, the more thoughtful their gifts have become. I’ve gotten records of my favorite 80s bands. I was given a beautiful bowl from my favorite New England town.  I am given time to step away from my responsibilities when they offer to watch their brother.  I try not to make a big fuss about the national holidays, like Mother’s Day, but I’ll never turn away their thoughtful gestures on those days. They’ve given more than other kids may have had to. 

We had a long week last week with lots of changes.  Ronan’s brother came back from college as my husband geared up for a lengthy trip.  In the midst of that, our schedules have turned upside down with end-of-the school year events, to include preparing for an upcoming graduation. Ronan’s gotten caught up in the middle of the hustle and bustle and is resisting some of his typical routines.  Where he’s usually the kid that’s happily settled in the living room or in the den most of the day, he’s now retreating to his room or is looking for a quiet corner to listen to his music.  It hasn’t been the easiest week for any of us, despite knowing that this particular week and this entire month wasgoing to be jam packed.  By Friday, we all needed a little bit of a break – from the busy and from some increased stress.  That’s not a bad thing, especially because we recognized the stress.  We knew one way to handle it was to take a break, which is what the kids did on Friday night.  

After taking on the responsibility of watching their brother for much of my workweek, they all ended up out of the house for part of Friday night.  I offered to buy take out.  They offered to pick it up.  While they were out, I cleaned up the house.  While I cleaned up, they got to hang out with some friends before dinner was ready.  Sending me texts and photos of the shenanigans made me smile.  Be kids!  Be silly!  Have fun!  Take your time!  I wanted them to enjoy the few minutes away because next week, they’ll be ‘on the clock’ with their brother again.  

They give.  They give so much to Ronan, to me, and to my husband.  But I want them to also be good to themselves, to enjoy their teenage years, and to make some good memories together.  To do what we’ve asked, and for them to continue to offer to help their brother, isn’t easy.  I don’t ask for anything in return, just that they remember to pace themselves.  If it gets too much to keep an eagle eye on Ronan, give that job back to me.  If it’s too hard to still be taking him to the bathroom, give that responsibility back to me.  If the stress of doing everything for him that he cannot do for himself, take a break, and give that to me.  I remind them frequently that they are appreciated, they are incredible, and that they are doing more than we ever expected them to do.  

What a blessing to see my children be so brave, so kind, and so protective of their brother with special needs.  I don’t need flowers or chocolates or a special dinner from my children today.  I’ll never ask them to do anything more for me on Mother’s Day because every day that they help me help Ronan is a gift.  

Cathy Jameson is a Contributing Editor for Age of Autism. 

Midnight Deadline to Tell FDA NO COVID VACCINE On Pediatric Schedule

Action alertWe don't often post in the evening, but we just saw this alert from CHD and it's important with a MIDNIGHT DEADLINE! Plus an interesting exchange on Twitter/X below the call to action.


Take action by midnight ET tonight (May 8): Click here to submit your comment.

CHD Says Take Action by Midnight Tonight — Tell the FDA to Take COVID Shots Off the Childhood Schedule!

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has scheduled a Vaccines and Related Biological Products Advisory Committee (VRBPAC) meeting on May 16 to discuss and make recommendations on the selection of strain(s) to be included in the 2024-2025 formula for COVID-19 vaccines.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has scheduled a Vaccines and Related Biological Products Advisory Committee (VRBPAC) meeting on May 16 to discuss and make recommendations on the selection of strain(s) to be included in the 2024-2025 formula for COVID-19 vaccines.

Let’s flood the committee’s docket with demands to get COVID-19 vaccines off the childhood schedule — and off the market altogether!

Take action by midnight ET tonight (May 8): Click here to submit your comment.

Here's one response we got on Twitter/X from a new follower Dr. Jessica Giddens DNP (she/they/xe)(nurse) @DrJGiddensRNJESSICA WHELAN BA, APRN, PMHNP-BC, RN-BC Scientific Director, Public Speaker, Neurodiversity, DEI, AI, System Change, Genomics, Biotech, Advocate:

I would most certainly not do this.

And my response:

And we respect your right to choice. Once on the pediatric schedule - all manner of loopholes apply - in order to get any relief from injury. And if the vaccine becomes necessary to attend school, many families who choose some/most even all currently mandated vaccines for their kids would be out of compliance if they said NO to only this vaccine. Their kids expelled. That's hardly a way to encourage vaccination, if that is your goal. The Covid vaccine has made more Americans "Anti-vaxxers" (a word we dislike, pro choice is not anti) than any previous vaccine since the catastrophic Swine flu vaccine in the 70s. Thanks for the civil chat. KIM

Interview with Martin Kulldorff on Wayne Rohde's Vaccine Court Substack

Martin KulldorffThanks to Wayne Rohde for sharing his interview with Martin Kulldorff (pictured) which ran on the Vaccine Court Substack.

By Wayne Rohde

Vaccine Court Substack Interview with Martin Kulldorff

This past week I talked with Martin Kulldorff, infectious disease epidemiologist and biostatistician regarding the recent National Academies of Science, Engineering and Mathematics (NASEM) report that was released recently regarding COVID-19 vaccines and associated injuries.

Martin Kulldorff, previously employed by Harvard Medical School was terminated earlier this year.

My purpose for talking with Martin was for a different concern. But first read and listen to what others who talked to him.

You can read his blog and associated news articles about his termination.

You can listen to a few online interviews herehere

Martin Kulldorff was one of the three chief authors of the Great Barrington Declaration along with Dr. Sunetra Gupta of Oxford University and Dr. Jay Bhattacharya from Stanford University. All three are very brave scholars and researchers. They paid a heavy price for being right and standing up against Pharma and Public Health officials.

My interests were different. I wanted to know about the process of reviewing existing research and studies then compiling into a report much like the Institute of Medicine (IOM) has done for so many years.

National Academies of Science, Engineering and Mathematics (NASEM), the new branded IOM, published a report April 2024 to examine any disease or medical condition associated with all the EUA licensed COVID-19 vaccines administered in the US.

NASEM / IOM has a long history of researching challenging questions of vaccine “safety” beginning with an assessment of the oral polio vaccine in 1977.

When Congress passed the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act of 1986 (NCVIA) which created the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (NVICP aka The Vaccine Court), the Advisory Commission on Childhood Vaccines (ACCV) and National Vaccine Advisory Committee (NVAC) federal committees, the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) system, it also charged the IOM with reviewing existing literature regarding adverse events associated with the vaccines covered in the NVICP.

Martin Kulldorff has contributed to a previous IOM report from 2013. That report, “The Childhood Immunization Schedule and Safety: Stakeholder Concerns, Scientific Evidence, and Future Studies.”

The IOM invited Martin Kulldorff to write a paper on the study designs for the current childhood schedule. He did. It was a 40-paper published with the IOM report as Appendix D.

Many of us have been confused about his work prior to COVID. Just mentioning anyone’s name associated with an IOM report could bring some negative thoughts.

His paper did not conclude about the safety of the schedule but rather, suggesting several methods to study the schedule effectively.

In the introduction segment of his paper, he writes the following: “Very few post marketing studies have evaluated whether the risk of adverse events depends on the scheduling of the vaccines.”

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Immunity from X's Community Notes

IMG_2594Since Elon Musk took over Twitter, now X, we have had much more freedom to speak our minds, our opinions and our truths. (You can find us at @AgeofAutism.) Not just about autism, which itself has unbelievably become controversial thanks to the barrage of nerd-odiversity posts from people appropriating autism to fill some need we can't fathom. But about the obvious elephant in the room - vaccines. Musk created something called, "Community Notes," which I think we'll be seeing more frequently, and we should be using. I think of it as Wikipedia for X. Anyone can become a "Contributor" and comment on any post they want adding context and links. I'm sure pharma has hired a phalanx of nimble fingers to seek out posts about vaccines and vaccines and autism, to add "community" notes. Just check out that photo from an account called @FiveTimesAugust. The Community Note looks familiar. The goods news, is anyone can EDIT the notes. Interesting approach. Now, where's our phalanx?

From X:

Community Notes aim to create a better informed world by empowering people on X to collaboratively add context to potentially misleading posts. Contributors can leave notes on any post and if enough contributors from different points of view rate that note as helpful, the note will be publicly shown on a post. Sign up to become a contributor.

Community Notes are now publicly visible to everyone in the US. For more information, we have included responses to frequently asked questions below, but you can learn more through the Community Notes Guide as well.

This is an open and transparent process, that’s why we’ve made the Community Notes algorithm open source and publicly available on GitHub, along with the data that powers it so anyone can audit, analyze or suggest improvements.

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Will RFK, Jr. Drain The Swamp?

PharmaAnne Dachel ran this post on her new Substack - you can subscribe here. We've waited too many election cycles for help to clear our way through the power and influence of the pharmaceutical industry. Its tentacles have wrapped around Americans' health in many ways including obesity, depression, heart disease, and the topic we know best, autism. It's hard not to feel jaded, like Charlie Brown looking at Lucy holding the football. Donald Trump was vociferous in his promise to drain the swamp, and specifically to take a hard look at autism. Joe Biden has not made strong promises, so there were fewer to break. Small comfort. Robert Kennedy is steadfastly moving ahead in the polls. Does he draw from Trump voters? Biden voters? The two party system has delivered precious little to us. If Trump or Biden can't win on their own, that doesn't make a third party candidate a "spoiler."  Instead, it tells us that Americans want more choice.  Ah, yes... choice. As ever, we will not endorse a candidate. Feel free to tell us your thoughts in the comments.


In this interview, Robert Kennedy, Jr. outlined what he will do to destroy the control the pharmaceutical industry has over the media in America.

We have the sickest generation of children in our history, and Kennedy wants to reverse this.

I personally see his description of the drug industry’s power over politicians and the news as the message everyone needs to hear. I wrote a book about it in 2014, The Big Autism Cover-Up: How and Why the Media Is Lying to the American Public.

Today, 10 years later, nothing has changed, except that the autism has gone from one in 68 children to now one in every 36. The news industry continues to lie to about every aspect of autism.

Even though autism wasn’t specifically talked about during this interview, it’s clearly one aspect of the culture of corruption, collusion and cover-up rampant in the “kleptocracy” Robert Kennedy described here.

May 3, 2024, Interviewer Joe Polish, founder of Genius Network, talks to Robert Kennedy, Jr.

From The Military Industrial Complex & Big Pharma

Joe Polish:

Why do you think the legacy, untrustable, government co-opted media is so scared of you?

Robert Kennedy, Jr.:

. . . They should be scared of me because I’m going to hurt their revenue streams a lot.

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GratitudeBy Cathy Jameson

God moments.  Those happen quite a lot for me/to me.  Those are moments when I was supposed to be somewhere else but find myself with people I didn’t expect to run into.  I find myself in places I hadn’t planned to be, like when I wasn’t supposed to turn right but did.  Like when I wasn’t supposed to be at that store at that time, and I was. 

Friday, I wasn’t supposed to be home, but our caregiver was unavailable to help watch Ronan. 

So, I worked from home that morning. 

Had I been at work like I was scheduled to be, I would not have been able to quickly attend to the very big problem we were facing….

My phone was sent to silent and sitting on the table during a meeting with my boss last Wednesday.  When a call came through, I could see a phone number of the caller flash across the screen.  I recognized the area code – it’s where my son’s specialists are.  Ronan has a pretty big appointment next month.  They’re probably starting the pre-op paperwork, I thought to myself.  I’ll make sure to call them back when I won’t be interrupted.  As quickly as the phone number was on the screen, it disappeared, and I returned my focus to the meeting.

When my phone lit up two seconds later, I realized that that phone number wasn’t one of the clinic lines.  It was the specialty pharmacy that supplies the name brand seizure medications Ronan takes.  My boss saw my facial expression.  She didn’t know who it was but could tell it was important.  “Take the call,” she said. “We can wait.  Family comes first.”

I ran out of her office and found a quiet place to take the call.  “Hi, hello, hello?”  It’s hard to not sound panicky when you’re quickly feeling very panicky. 

“I’m calling about Ronan’s order.  Can you verify his birthday?  We discovered a problem and want to get it taken care of…the medication is out of stock.  We have a few options, but…”

“What?!” I immediately had a flashback, a terrible one, of a similar medication situation in December 2022.

I had just called the pharmacy the day before to ask them to refill the prescription.  Yes, we have the med in stock.  It’ll be ready tomorrow, I’m sure they told me.  “What happened between yesterday and today?” I asked.

“That was the other medication, and that order is ready,” the pharmacist replied.  Fumbling for words, I blurted, “What can I do?  Who do you need me to call?”

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The Financial Incentives to Vaccinate Explained

Dr paul thomas booksThank you to our Anne Dachel for transcribing Polly Tommey's interview with Dr. Paul Thomas. She also ran this on her new Substack. Subscribe to Anne’s Substack.

From CHD-TV: "Pediatricians have more than a basic monetary incentive to vaccinate their patients — they are also motivated by the knowledge that they could lose their job if they don’t. In this special CHD.TV interview with Dr. Paul Thomas, viewers hear important insights on corruption in medicine, pandemic protocols, vaccine science, sudden deaths, natural immunity and more."


In this 26 minute interview, Dr. Thomas explains the truth about vaccines as the moneymaking focus of pediatric medicine.  Watch at CHD-TV.

 Paul Thomas, MD explains the financial incentives for doctors to vaccinate.


. . . At one point . . .we had. . .  15,000 active patients and 33 staff. Overhead, we were running through about $3 million in gross billings. That’s a big operation with a lot of overhead.

What wasn’t known to me actually until I really looked into it is that the income from vaccines was substantial. I got clued into it because I started getting more and more patients who didn’t want to vaccinate.

The only thing that was sacred in my practice was honoring informed consent. You couldn’t work for Integrative Pediatrics, which was my practice, unless you were willing to honor parents’ desires, whatever they were.

If they wanted to follow the CDC schedule, if they wanted to do some vaccines, if they wanted to do no vaccines, it was their choice.

Well, as other practices started kicking people out of their practices if they weren’t following the CDC schedule, I was getting more and more families who didn’t want to do any vaccines, which was fine with me.

I’d been doing enough research to understand there was definitely some benefits to not vaccinating—not financially though.

We took an entire month of every single billing sheet, and on every visit, on the back of that, our providers would mark off what vaccines we recommend according to the CDC schedule.

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May Day


Happy May Day. Did you dance around a May pole as a child? The children in that retro photo surely never heard of autism. Perhaps you attended Catholic school as I did, and placed a crown of flowers on the statue of Mary that was in front of your school? Spring means new life and is about family. Mothers especially. And our babies and children.

April, now called Autism Acceptance Month by many, is taxing. I resent the implication that we do not accept our children. I reject the idea that the world will ever fully accept our children, especially as adults, as much as I wish it were so.

May-day, the international distress signal, is also appropriate today. I looked up the meaning. It is a phonetic version of the French "m'aidez" which means "help me" coined in 1923.

Help all of us.

The Final Day The Final Insult

Trump on RFK
By Kim Rossi
Managing Editor, Age of Autism

"His (Robert Kennedy Jr.'s) views on vaccines are FAKE, as is everything else about his candidacy."

Donald Trump on his Truth Social site on April 26, 2024, when polls began to show that RFK, Jr. was siphoning off votes from Trump, as well as President Biden.

Today is the final day of Autism Whatever Month. We're about six months away from the 2024 election. As early as 2009, Donald Trump said publicly that he realized autism was a skyrocketing problem, and that the CDC vaccine schedule was a likely culprit.

AgeofAutism.com: Trump Speaks: December 28, 2009

In an interview, Donald Trump said he thinks the rising prevalence of autism is related to vaccinations of babies and toddlers. ”’When I was growing up, autism wasn't really a factor," he said. ‘And now all of a sudden, it's an epidemic. Everybody has their theory, and my theory is the shots. They're getting these massive injections at one time. I think it's the vaccinations.’”

He took heat for it, as does anyone who speaks out against CDC, pharma and vaccination. He stood tall. Or so we thought. What did he have to lose?

Nine years ago, during the 2016 election, then candidate Trump promised he would actively investigate pediatric vaccine safety. JB Handley wrote a piece for Age of Autism:

It’s really not that hard: there is a guy running for President who has a viable chance at the Republican nomination who is telling the truth about what happened to my son and several million other children around the world. He is telling this truth despite the unbelievable influence and pressure of the pharmaceutical industry.

We reacted like having a cold glass of water after a long crawl across the desert. And whom was he going to appoint to head up a fearsome investigative vaccine safety commission if he won the 2016 election? Robert Kennedy, Jr., who was actively involved in what was then called The World Mercury Project, the pre-cursor to Children's Health Defense.

BuzzFeed Interviewed Dan Olmsted and JB Handley about Trump's vaccine safety commission with RFK Jr.  

January 2017  - Trump’s potential appointment was strongly welcomed on Wednesday by many in the activist community who believe that excessive vaccination is spurring an “epidemic” of autism and other chronic diseases among children. US autism rates have been rising since the late 1990s, and now 1 in 45 children are diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder, though the CDC has attributed this to changes in diagnoses and surveys. Thimerosal was discontinued as a preservative in children’s vaccines in 1999, though it is now widely considered safe by the medical community. Many activists feel that Kennedy could spearhead a sea change in how decisions about vaccines are made in the US.

The vaccine commission never happened. Whether Trump ignored his campaign promise, was steamrolled by pharma and CDC or some combination of the two is irrelevant today. The man who claims to be all powerful was weak. He sold out children. Our children. We won't even get into the Covid vaccine's Operation Warp Speed, for which Trump takes great pride and credit. 

Kennedy put his hard fought reputation on the line and has taken a drubbing like no other, because as a life long environmental lawyer/activist AND a Kennedy, he was smart enough to realize that a child's body IS its environment.

And now he is running against Donald Trump in 2024.

When Trump ran in 2016, many prominent autism vaccine injury community men and women threw their hat in Trump's ring.  Some made quite a show of it. We certainly wrote about it. Today? The landscape is far more than pharma and pediatric vaccines. Covid turned our rights upside down, as did the Supreme Court Roe v. Wade decision. Americans are now divided on two healthcare bodily rights fronts. It's really quite something, considering killer inflation, war in Ukraine, war in Gaza, social unrest that rivals the Summer of 1968 and the woeful state of mental and physical health in every American from infants to elderly.

President Biden has ignored autism  (all praise to God) but his soft mandates for the Covid vaccine (remember the winter of sickness and death he predicted with such grim chastising?) and the subsequent barrage of sudden death and heart problems came down hard on the nation, opening millions of eyes among those who had never once questioned vaccines.

Now, in 2024, Donald Trump is back to claim the office he believes has been his for the last four years. But he's not just competing against the 2020 victor, whom he despises. He has a second juggernaut adversary who is nipping at both his and Biden's heels.   Trump's preferred method of dealing with enemies is to launch into a narcissistic rage of tirades, shaming, disrespect, ridicule and even outright lies.

So when that Truth Social message above hit social media on Friday, ears perked up. Way up. Trump is worried. Trump says whatever he thinks voters want to hear. That's not new. It's politics. Candidates break promises six days a week and twice on Sundays. But Trump has elevated it to an art form and another eight years of time has been lost where kids could have been protected better.

We're in for a hell of a campaign season. Trump fears RFK, Jr. Biden fears RFK, Jr. The mainstream media is trying it's darnedest to squelch and vilify the campaign's efforts. Kennedy's reaction?  I  quote poet Maya Angelou, "Still I rise."

So we will watch closely as the months tick away to election day in November.  And we will remind candidates, both Elephants and Donkeys alike, we will never forget your promises to our children.

And whether you honored them or turned your back.

(PS) We aren't endorsing any of the candidates. Our readers come from all walks of life and all shades of political colors, red, blue and purple. Thank you.

Kim Rossi has been Managing Editor for Age of Autism since its launch in 2007. She is a single Mom to three beautiful adult daughters with autism.


Vax Unvax Book CoverYou can buy Vax-Unvax Let the Science Speak By Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. and Brian Hooker, PhD for just $1.99 Kindle edition. The Kindle app works on your tablet or smart phone and is free!  Hardcover also available and can never be deleted.  NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER!

The Studies the CDC Refuses to Do

This book is based on over one hundred studies in the peer-reviewed literature that consider vaccinated versus unvaccinated populations. Each study is analyzed, and health differences among infants, children, and adults who have been vaccinated and those who have not are presented and put in context.

Given the massive push to vaccinate the entire global population, this book is timely and necessary for individuals to make informed choices for themselves and their families.

Wuhan bioweapons coverThe Wuhan Cover-Up: And the Terrifying Bioweapons Arms Race (Children’s Health Defense)
By Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.

“Whenever I read, listen to, or debate Bobby, I learn something new and change my mind on at least one or two issues, while vehemently disagreeing with many others. Both the agreements and disagreements stimulate my thinking and emotions, even when they make me angry or concerned. Read him and make up your own minds." —Alan Dershowitz

“The Wuhan Cover-Up will blow out of the water the international disinformation campaign by US and Chinese government officials and their bribed scientists that COVID-19 somehow magically jumped out of the Wuhan wet market. Kennedy’s book will provide the ammunition needed for us lawyers to hold them all legally accountable for this Nuremberg Crime against Humanity.” —Professor Francis A. Boyle, author of the Biological Weapons Anti-Terrorism Act of 1989

Disabled Students In Australia

Abadnonned schoolWe're at the end of autism whatever you want month. Perhaps in May we can extoll cancer for its weight loss properties, unless it would tick of Ozempic. This week, we'll be taking a look at Donald Trump's latest scattershot attack on the very topic that launched Age of Autism. Not from a political POV. That’s outside our pay grade. 

By Anne Dachel

The beginning of the end for Australia. This simply can’t continue.

Two articles, purporting to be the result of investigative journalism, were published by the Guardian on April 28th. They were about the impact disabled students are having on schools in Australia.

Reporter Sarah Martin wrote about the ongoing crisis in special  education in Australia, but something critical was missing  in both stories as you will see.

Things are pretty dire

Her main piece had the dramatic headline:

How the rise of autism and ADHD fractured Australia’s schools


25 percent of students have special needs

Almost a million Australian schoolchildren now have a disability – that’s one in four enrolments. Parents, teachers and advocates say education is at crisis point

It was a rather lengthy article, all about how schools in Australia continue to fail special needs children, most notably, those with autism and ADHD.

One in 25 students have autism

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Cat’s Annual Play List 2024 - Shouldering the Pain

Female atlasBy Cathy Jameson

Years ago, I would share a really awesome April Action Playlist.  This year, like last year, I picked just one song.  It isn’t a favorite, it’s part of an on-going theme, which this year has been shouldering the pain…

I’ve had an issue with my shoulder since last year.  First, I babied it, then I ignored it, then I babied it some more.  That’s not the best way to take care of chronic pain, but it’s what I did until the pain became unbearable. At that point, I knew I needed to take myself to the doctor because the day that it hurt the most made me cry.  I’d only walked to my mailbox at the end of my driveway.  Walking and getting the mail hurt.  The day before, I had gone for a walk down the street to get some fresh air and to do some exercise.  It was no more than a mile – my legs were fine, the rest of me was fine, so why did my shoulder hurt so dang much from walking?  It was the natural swinging of my arm that became excruciating.  I need my arm!  

But I was now dealing with not just the chronic pain I ignored; I also had a frozen shoulder. 

The weekend that the pain stopped me in my tracks, my children picked up – literally, everything for me.  They made my meals, they did the laundry, they surrounded Ronan with love and attention so I could sit quietly away from everyone and everything and do absolutely nothing.  I really did nothing that weekend, too.  I sat in my favorite chair in my favorite comfy pants with my favorite blanket and watched documentaries. I ate meals I didn’t have to make, I watched shows that had no relevance in my life, and I rested.  

I knew I could only do that for only so long, so I reveled in the extra care and attention I received. 

When Monday morning arrived, and when my husband and kids were back at work and school, I needed to rally and get through the pain.  It was hard, and with some assistance from some PT exercises that actually worked, I managed.  But the pain would linger every few days, and still does all these months later.  The doctor had asked me if I had ever damaged my shoulder before.  Nope.  Never.  Not recently at least.  Wait.  I’ve not had the best exercise program but wanted to get back into working out last summer.  I did try to do some planks last year, I told him.  I tried doing some pushups, too, but those were so hard.  Not because I’m getting older, but because I just couldn’t manage to carry through the motion needed to push myself up off the floor.  It really hurt.  

Was trying to get healthy actually hurting me?  


What an awful thought.  

The doctor said maybe, but he asked again if I had any other older injuries.  Yeah, actually, there was that one time I got hit by a car while riding my bike when I was in my mid20s.  I fell off the bike and landed hard on my right hand and jarred my shoulder.  I didn’t need surgery, but I wore a sling for weeks.  Could that old injury be causing the new pain my older body is dealing with now?

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Isabella Sends Her Regrets

3E22451E-8A89-4230-A9E3-534251D86E4D"Hi, Isabella, let's make a plan to get the Hep vaccine," says CVS in a text to my 23 year old daughter with autism.  No rationale as to if or why she needs a Hep B vaccine. Not even, "Stop in to talk to a pharmacist about your habit of injecting heroin and having wild sex with several men, women and possibly farm animals on a regular basis." I wonder why?

Let's see what "experts" say about Hep B, shall we?

Hepatitis B infection is caused by the hepatitis B virus (HBV). The virus is passed from person to person through blood, semen or othe21438ADB-84F9-4033-B125-ED34F6C6EEEAr body fluids.Common ways that HBV can spread are: Sexual contact. You may get hepatitis B if you have unprotected sex with someone who is infected. The virus can pass to you if the person's blood, saliva, semen or vaginal secretions enter your body. Sharing of needles. HBV easily spreads through needles and syringes contaminated with infected blood.

Alas, Isabella was unable to respond to CVS as she was attending a rally at the Capitol in Hartford to ask legislators for more fund for non-profits who serve the disabled.

David Foster Exposes the CDC Measles Blame Game

Measles 2024We're pleased to excerpt an important article from David Foster that clarifies the CDC blame game regarding a cyclical measles resurgence. You can subscribe to David's Substack for free to enjoy his content.

By David Foster

Is Vaccine Hesitancy Causing Measles Outbreaks?

According to the CDC, and as repeated by most media outlets, there is an increased frequency of measles outbreaks this year which is caused by lowered vaccination rates due to "vaccine hesitancy". But contrary to this narrative is the simple fact that uptake of MMR vaccine has remained remarkably consistent over the years, fluctuating between 92% to 95% and this year it is about 93%, so it seems bordering on absurd to claim that a 2% decrease since 2019 is causing measles outbreaks.

Remember the infamous 2014-15 Disneyland measles outbreak, and how it was used to justify SB277 which took away the philosophical exemption from vaccination in California? Were you aware that that 38% of the measles cases tested in the US that year were found to be caused by the vaccine itself?

"During the measles outbreak in California in 2015, a large number of suspected cases occurred in recent vaccinees. Of the 194 measles virus sequences obtained in the United States in 2015, 73 (38%) were identified as vaccine sequences."

This graphic from the CDC, which I have seen referenced in numerous articles, sure makes it look like measles is terrible this year:

But just scroll down on the same CDC page and you will see that while the number of projected measles cases in 2024 will be somewhat higher than an average year, it does not even come close to years we consider to be problematic, like 2014 and 2019:

Keep in mind we have just been through the annual “flu season”, so it highly unlikely that we will see similar numbers of measles cases continue through the spring and summer months.

The CDC states that vaccination coverage among U.S. kindergartners has decreased from 95.2% during the 2019–2020 school year to 93.1% in the 2022–2023 school year, leaving approximately 250,000 kindergartners at risk each year over the last three years.”

Then the media runs with this narrative with headlines like:

US has already had more measles cases in 2024 than all of 2023

U.S. measles cases rise to at least 64 so far in 2024 — more than all of 2023

US sees surge in measles cases as health experts plead for more vaccinations

See how this works?

Now go back and re-read the previous quote from the CDC about “vaccination coverage”…does anything stand out to you? What was the vaccination rate for measles back in 2019? It was 95.2%, and has dropped to 93.1% in 2022-2023 and this decrease is being blamed for the increased outbreaks in 2024.

Look again at the graph of measles cases per year…2019 was the year with the most measles cases since 2000 (and actually since 1992).

Again, what was the vaccination rate for measles in 2019?  Read the full article with graphics at David Foster's Substack.

David Foster is an IT engineer with BS degrees in Math and Psychology, both with emphasis on statistical methods and experimental design. He has followed vaccine safety issues for over 25 years, first as an obsessive hobby and then as a parent.

The Defender: ‘The Level of Foolishness Here is Unprecedented’: Researchers Pitch ‘One-and-Done’ COVID-Flu Vaccine for Babies

Guinea pig doctorParents have no idea that doctors are using their precious babies and children as guinea pigs. It comes as no surprise. Parents who won't let their children answer the front door, give them an iPhone with information from the four filthiest corners of the globe. Parents who won't let their child taste a sip of wine at the dinner table willingly put them on black box medicines at an early age. So why should they question exalted vaccines? From Children's Health Defense:

‘The Level of Foolishness Here is Unprecedented’: Researchers Pitch ‘One-and-Done’ COVID-Flu Vaccine for Babies

Researchers at the University of California, Riverside, proposed a new RNA-based vaccine they said could provide durable protection for infants against COVID-19 and flu with just one dose. Experts warn the untested technology could lead to breakthrough infections, higher mortality rates and potential brain toxicity in babies.


John-Michael Dumais

Researchers are pitching a new vaccine that, according to Forbes, could give infants long-lasting protection from COVID-19 and flu with a single “one-and-done” shot — perhaps even leading to a “universal vaccine.”

The research article, published on April 17 in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS) by scientists at the University of California, Riverside (UCR), described how a single dose of a vaccine using “small interfering RNA” (siRNA) molecules demonstrated a “rapid and long-lasting protective immunity” against a lethal virus challenge in immune-deficient mice.

The researchers proposed that an siRNA-based flu vaccine could protect infants without relying on maternal antibodies, according to a UCR press release.

They are considering a nasal spray delivery method instead of the typical intramuscular shot, as “respiratory infections move through the nose, so a spray might be an easier delivery system.”

Experts who spoke with The Defender raised concerns about the lack of human trials and the novel technology’s safety and long-term effects on vulnerable populations.

“The level of foolishness here is unprecedented,” said Brian Hooker, Ph.D., chief scientific officer at Children’s Health Defense. “The immune systems of infants ​​simply cannot tolerate this type of infective agent,” he said. “It will lead to breakthrough infections and higher levels of mortality.” Read the rest of the article at THE DEFENDER from Children's Health Defense,


Vax Unvax Book CoverYou can buy Vax-Unvax Let the Science Speak By Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. and Brian Hooker, PhD for just $1.99 Kindle edition. The Kindle app works on your tablet or smart phone and is free!  Hardcover also available and can never be deleted.  NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER!

The Studies the CDC Refuses to Do

This book is based on over one hundred studies in the peer-reviewed literature that consider vaccinated versus unvaccinated populations. Each study is analyzed, and health differences among infants, children, and adults who have been vaccinated and those who have not are presented and put in context.

Given the massive push to vaccinate the entire global population, this book is timely and necessary for individuals to make informed choices for themselves and their families.

Wuhan bioweapons coverThe Wuhan Cover-Up: And the Terrifying Bioweapons Arms Race (Children’s Health Defense)
By Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.

“Whenever I read, listen to, or debate Bobby, I learn something new and change my mind on at least one or two issues, while vehemently disagreeing with many others. Both the agreements and disagreements stimulate my thinking and emotions, even when they make me angry or concerned. Read him and make up your own minds." —Alan Dershowitz

“The Wuhan Cover-Up will blow out of the water the international disinformation campaign by US and Chinese government officials and their bribed scientists that COVID-19 somehow magically jumped out of the Wuhan wet market. Kennedy’s book will provide the ammunition needed for us lawyers to hold them all legally accountable for this Nuremberg Crime against Humanity.” —Professor Francis A. Boyle, author of the Biological Weapons Anti-Terrorism Act of 1989

The Autism Detective An Interview with Anne Dachel

Patricia Lemer interviewed Anne Dachel for her The Autism Detective program. You can find it on Spotify at The Autism Detective hosted by Patricia  Lemer 

Patricia is the author of Outsmarting Autism: Build Healthy Foundations for Communication, Socialization, and Behavior at All Ages. She is a licensed Professional Counselor, with over 50 years experience, and the author of the best seller, Outsmarting Autism, interviews Moms, Dads, therapists, educators, and other professionals. They share clues they follow to help individuals of all ages, on the autism spectrum become the best version of themselves. Learn how biomedical, sensory, motor, visual, auditory, perceptual, homeopathic, detoxification, language, behavioral, social-emotional, energy, vagus nerve, and other therapies can heal our kids.

Patricia introduced the show and asked me about my experience being an autism advocate. She asked me about my son, John, who has high functioning autism.

AnneWhen he was diagnosed, I was told this was a very rare condition. In my little town of 14,000, there probably wasn’t another child with autism. Now every school in this city has autistic kids.

Patricia asked about Age of Autism.

It has been a leading advocate for autism, to inform parents, and to get recognition about what’s really happening. We live in a world that’s trying to normalize this condition, to pretend that this is just part of neurodiversity.

All we need is inclusion. If we just fund enough services, everything will be fine. Numbers don’t matter.

The message is clear: autism is a natural part of childhood. We need acceptance; we need to become autism friendly. 

All these cities are becoming Certified Autism Centers.

It’s just bizarre. No one is worried about autism. We don’t care where it’s coming from.

We ignore things like regressive autism, and one out of every three children with autism actually regresses. They lose learned skills at some point and become autistic. No one cares why that’s happening.

There’s so much that’s just ignored by everyone.

Patricia said that I refer to this as the “autism cover-up.”

Anne: We’ve had IDEA, Individuals with Disabilities Education Act, for almost 50 years. If we’ve had to educate disabled children, even if we didn’t know it was autism, we would be ready to accommodate these kids.

Everywhere, especially in the U.K., they’re going broke having to educate these children who really never were here before.

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We See You

We see youNote: You must share this poignant slice of all of our lives with others. That's your homework today. And grab a tissue. You'll need it. XOX

By Cathy Jameson

We had a busy weekend last weekend with the kids in different directions.  We couldn’t all be at a friend’s celebration on Saturday afternoon but would finally meet up later around dinner time.  Having spent most of the day out of the house, I was tired and didn’t want to go home and make dinner.  I had Ronan with me, and he didn’t want to go home yet either.  He knew we’d be driving by one of his favorite restaurants, so I called my husband and asked if he and the girls could meet us. They could. 

We had to wait about 20 minutes to be seated, so we spent that time browsing in the restaurant’s store.  Always a treat to see the ‘old timey’ games and candies, Ronan was so patient as we reminisced.  I was getting hungrier by the minute, and I imagined he was also.  Just as I thought I might need to grab a snack from his bag, the host called us to a table.  We are usually seated by one of the large windows toward the middle of the restaurant when we eat there.  This time the place was busy and got seated at the very first table customers have to walk by as they enter the dining room.  It wouldn’t bother any of us because we were so hungry and would not care that we were next to a busy area. 

I was glad we got the table when we did.  While the kids started to look at the menu, I noticed that other parties were soon standing at the host’s station asking how long it would be to get seated.  

Our server was quick to help and clued in that Ronan was not going to order for himself.  She watched us sign to him and watched him respond with signs back to us.  Ready to help, she got his drink order right away.  While we waited some more, because the restaurant was still very busy, we chatted, we looked at pictures, and we made sure Ronan was happy.  He was.  I gave my attention back to the girls, but out of the corner of my eye, I saw that someone else was watching them, too. 

The few minutes before, my daughters were taking pictures of Ronan and posting them in our family chat.  Laughing at the edits they made and carrying on like the best of friends, we were getting a little silly in our little corner.  Maybe that’s what caught this older fellow’s attention.  I glanced toward his general direction, not staring directly at him yet.  Ready to pounce, if needed, I slowly turned and faced him. The girls with their backs turned, were oblivious.  My husband, though, who was seated next to me at our round table also realized that we had an audience.  Then we noticed that this guy was not alone.  

Another man was with him. 

I wasn’t nervous.  Other places in that area would’ve had me scoop up my kids and run.  But we were in a safe place with tons of people, mostly families, enjoying an evening out.  The older man didn’t look out of place.  Neither did the younger man behind him.  Looking past the older man at the younger man now, I saw something familiar.  His stance, his low tone, his expression…

It all looked a little like Ronan.  

Trying to not make it obvious, my gaze immediately moved back to the older man.  He was much older, more like a grandfather.  He was tall but his back was hunched, almost like he was carrying a large weight.  The young man, who had telltale signs of developmental delays the more I observed him,was thin and much, much younger.  If I had to guess, I would’ve said he was in his teens.  

He was actually in his late 20s.

I know that because the older fellow approached us.  I could tell that he wanted to say something almost as soon as I saw him staring at us.  It was a few long minutes of silent watching, and never a creepy kind of watching.  He looked at Ronan, I mean really looked at him.  Then he looked at Ronan’s sisters.  He turned his head and looked at both me and my husband, then back to Ronan.  

During that, the girls were engaging in their own conversation for the most part, but they would try to get Ronan to respond.  It’s typical behavior that they always do, but I think it took the man by surprise. It took him by surprise, but it also made him smile.  That’s when he came over to our table.  

Hunched over, with arthritic fingers, and a slow gait, it was just a few steps he had to take, but it made a huge impact.  

He thanked us, and he encouraged us to please continue to treat Ronan like we had been doing.  Walking to Ronan, he put his hand on his shoulder, patted it gently and with so much compassion.  “He’s 27,” the fellow said as he pointed to the young man behind him.  “He’s 27…his name is Max*, he’s non-verbal, but he’s more like a 7-year-old.”  *name changed

I choked up.  Ronan’s sister, Izzy choked up, too.  Wiping tears from our eyes, we were filled with emotions we didn’t expect. He and my husband spoke for a minute, but I remained speechless. I thought we were going to get breakfast for dinner and then scurry home.  

We got so much more than that.  

As the older man had started to stare at my family, I had begun to stare at the young man.  Assuming it was a grandson, I thought how amazing that he took him out to eat.  Going out takes a lot of work.  It takes guts, too, for some people.  Sometimes it’s easier to just stay home. But for us, we always want to try to do things together as a family.  Even though this was one of Ronan’s favorite places, anything could set him off.  Thankfully, nothing did.  If anything, this night out set something else in motion.  

We were seen and made an immediate connection.  Very quickly, Ronan’s little sister wanted to do something about it.  The older man motioned for the younger to follow him as their table was called. As they walked away, Izzy wiped her eyes and asked, “Can we pay for their meal?” Trying really hard now not to burst into tears as I answered her, I said, “Oh, honey. That’s exactly what I was thinking we should do!”

So, we did.  

Izzy excused herself from our table, scooted back to the store and purchased a gift card.  Once we were finished eating, she took the gift card and walked over to the men who befriended us.  “I know how hard it is to take of someone like Max, so we wanted to show our kindness and give you one less thing to worry about.  It’s not much, but we wanted to give you this for your dinner.”  

The older fellow balked, “It was nothing, no, no, you don’t need to…”

But Izzy insisted.  

Normally I would never let my teenage daughter cut off an adult, but this time, she managed to do that while being incredibly respectful, compassionate, and kind. Trying not to tear up again, she said, “We know you can pay for it, but please, we really appreciate you.  We want you two to enjoy your dinner here like we got to.” She gave him the gift card and caught up with us as we were heading to the door.  

“I’m really proud of you.  I’m glad you got to represent us in that moment, too,” I said to her.  We hugged, and then like usual, we split up and went in different directions—the girls off to see friends and the rest of us back to the house.  

Heading home, I was thankful for how well Ronan did.  It was a really long day for him, and he handled all of it very well. I was also thankful for a good dinner out with my silly family. I was thankful for connections we made and for compassion shared.  Special needs families aren’t always treated with respect.  Tonight, we were, and my children quickly offered that to another family.  I know they’ll be stronger because of all they witnessed that night. 

Cathy Jameson is a Contributing Editor for Age of Autism. 


Rest in peace, Mandisa.  May your music continue to inspire those who, every now and then, feel down and out. 

Supreme Court Observations

Supreme courtBy Katie Wright

After listening to the Supreme Court Opening arguments for Murthy vs. Missouri, government censorship of Americans via social media, I started thinking about the 2022 vaccine mandate case. In 2022 the Supreme Court heard a case about the legality of Biden demanding a national workplace vaccine mandate. I was reminded of numerous emotionally driven, histrionic and just flat out really wrong arguments made by a number of Supreme Court Justices. I was shocked to hear the very same justices make similar emotionally, not factually, driven arguments in 2024. Their outsized sense righteous fear was still on display. Let’s revisit 2022!!  

Thankfully, the majority of the court decided such a law was not within the President’s powers. 

A sampling of specious but stridently delivered covid claims by Justices Breyer, Kagan and Sotomayor.

Justice Breyer: “There were 750,000 million new covid cases yesterday! Hospitals are full to the max as they have never been before! 60%, 70%, 80% of those with covid in the hospital are unvaccinated! It is in the public interest to mandate covid vaccine.”

Justice Kagan: “People are dying every day! More people will die tomorrow! This is the biggest health crisis this country has ever faced! Mandates necessary to lessen the risk!

Experts have decided this is best. OSHU has expert. The regulators constantly think of the risk benefit to this vaccine (if only!!), Clearly one risk (being unvaccinated) vastly outweighs the other (being vaccinated!)”

Justice Sotomayor: “Deaths are at an unexpected amount! 100,000 American children are very sick, on respirators in hospitals!”

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Autism Wandering and Safety Risk AWARENESS Leads to Life Saving ACTION

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Missing autistic boy found, pulled from Lancaster Creek by first responder

by: Ryan Nadeau

LANCASTER COUNTY, Va. (WRIC) — A missing autistic child was found and rescued from a creek in Lancaster County on Wednesday.

According to Lancaster County Emergency Services (LCES), at about 4:40 p.m. on Wednesday, April 3, multiple local emergency crews responded to the area of Shore Drive for report of a missing boy with autism. Upon arrival, they quickly began to search the area for the child.

“Through training, it was recognized that persons with autism are typically drawn to water,” the Facebook post made about this incident reads.

Lancaster Creek was identified as the closest body of water. Crews reportedly found the boy in the creek, about ten feet from the shore.

According to LCES, one of the EMS providers at the scene, Alex Symons, went into the creek and pulled the child from the water. He was looked over by EMS for any possible injuries before being reunited with his family.