Only Women Bleed. One Another is Really Some Another.

Me tooAlice Cooper wrote a song decades ago, a ballad, which was rare for him, called "Only Women bleed." Today, there are movements meant to empower and protect women from all manner of abuse and disrespect. Most recently, "MeToo" took on the patriarchal use of sex in the entertainment and other industries. Women stood up to fight and protect one another. Or, I should say, "Some another." The movement that crafted a knitted cap in the design of female genitalia, has never embraced or supported the mothers who watched their children fall into autism in a "non-genetic" way. You know what I mean, through vaccine injury. We've been sounding alarms for some three decades that autism is a man made epidemic.

Today, thousands of women are reporting changes to their menstrual cycles coinciding with administration of a Covid vaccine and/or proximity to those who have received the vaccine. And guess what? WOMEN are calling them liars.  Yesterday, WTNH here in Connecticut ran a story about this titled: Can Covid 19 Vaccines Affect My Period?

And the first MeTooButNotYou comment from a female (who might just live in my town) came charging in, "These woman are NOT physicians."  Wow!

I commented as Kim Rossi:

There are FB groups w thousands of women whose cycles have been altered or “rebooted” post menopause. Women talking to women about changes to their bodies. It’s how we pass along knowledge to our doctors who can then follow up on what might be happening. Science begins with observations. A dear friend who is not C-vaxxed but who works w a vaxxed population got a period last month 2 years post menopause completion. mRNA is newer technology, and reports, anecdotal because we are in a global clinical trial, can be helpful. It’s troubling and maybe misogynistic that Facebook keeps shutting down the groups where women are seeking support to manage their adverse reactions. Remember - hysteria comes from the Greek word for Uterus. Women who ask questions are often dismissed or called hysterical. Stay well, everyone!

The cycle of abuse Alice Cooper wrote about continues today, but the "man" is not a husband (or ex) he's the CDC, Pharma, Public Health and all the men and women who refuse to open their ears, eyes and hearts to the damage.

Man got his woman to take his seed
He got the power, oh, she got the need
She spends her life through pleasing up her man
She feeds him dinner or anything she can
She cries alone at night too often
He smokes and drinks and don't come home at all

Only women bleed
Only women bleed
Only women bleed

Man makes your hair gray, he's your life's mistake
All you're really lookin' for is an even break
He lies right at you, you know you hate this game
He slaps you once in a while and you live and love in pain
She cries alone at night too often
He smokes and drinks and don't come home at all

Molecular Diagnostics Lab in Milford, Connecticut Announces SARS CoV-2 Detection Test Including Variants

This routine DNA sequence electropherogram covering the ACE2 receptor binding domain shows 7 vertical black bars from left to right, pointing to 7 key nucleotides identified as A, G, T, G, A, T and A in the S gene of SARS-CoV-2 in a nasopharyngeal swab specimen taken from a patient with acute respiratory infection. The nucleotide A pointed by the 5th bar is a mutated base, indicating an E484K amino acid mutation (G>A nucleotide mutation). All other 6 black bars point to wildtype bases, confirming the lack of K417N, K417T, L452R, S477N, E484Q, S494P and N501Y mutations in this virus isolate. All known newly emerging SARS-CoV-2 variants of concern are associated with at least one of the 8 amino acid mutations identified in this sequence. Specimens harboring any of these 8 amino acid mutations will be further sequenced for A67V, Δ69/70, T95I, Δ144Y, Y145del, H146del, W152C and V1176F mutations for B.1.1.7, B.1.351, B.1.427, B.1.429, B.1.525, B.1.526, B.1.617, B.1.168, P.1 and P.2 variant differentiation. Timely recognition of B.1.617 and B.1.168 is especially important in view of the recent rising number of these two variants reported in India, said Dr. Sin Hang Lee, director of Milford Molecular Diagnostics Laboratory. (Photo: Business Wire)

Warm congratulations to Dr. Sin Han Lee:

First of its kind SARS-CoV-2 detection by partial N gene sequencing now publicly available at CLIA Certified Milford Connecticut laboratory

Becomes the nation’s provider of Covid testing at highest level of accuracy

With reflex spike protein gene sequencing for K417N, K417T, L452R, S477N, E484K, E484Q, S494P and N501Y mutations

MILFORD, Conn.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Sin Hang Lee, MD, director of Milford Molecular Diagnostics Laboratory, announced today that his CLIA-certified laboratory has been granted a permit to perform diagnostic testing for SARS-CoV-2 by nested RT-PCR followed by DNA sequencing on nasopharyngeal swab samples and residues of RNA extracts previously tested by RT-qPCR assays. The CLIA certification was officially granted on April 29, 2021 through the State of Connecticut’s Department of Public Health. Milford Molecular Diagnostics Laboratory now becomes the sole CLIA certified laboratory in the nation to offer COVID-19 RNA testing at this level of accuracy to the general public.

“This test is for individuals who need definitive molecular diagnosis of SARS-CoV-2 infection and want to know if the infection is caused by one of the newly emerging virus variants of concern. While a few laboratories are selecting only samples with high viral loads for variant identification by sequencing, Milford Molecular Diagnostics Laboratory routinely sequences all positive samples by the Sanger method. The Sanger method not only can determine key mutations in samples with low viral load, but also can eliminate PCR false-positive results,” said Dr. Lee.

Acceptable test materials are nasopharyngeal swab specimens in virus transport media and RNA extract residues of previously tested samples. Patients and health care providers interested in submitting samples for testing may download a requisition form at Milford Molecular Diagnostics Laboratory’s website. Click on for further details.

Expected turnaround time for this test is three business days after receipt of samples, said Dr. Lee.

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Who Moved My Life? Sniff, Scurry, Hem and Haw.

Mouse shotMany years ago, back in 1998, when cell phones were still very dumb, there was a business book called "Who Moved My Cheese" that used a maze allegory to describe what  people do when confronted with change. I've been thinking about this book a lot as I watch folks around me make their choices during this the Covidian Era.  Most of my peers are going forward with life, smartly attentive, but mostly unafraid.  Some are moderately afraid. And others are hobbled with fear. 

There are four kinds of people: Early adopters, majority adopters, late adopters and laggards. I think most of us in the AofA family are early adopters.  We saw a need to make changes for our children after their autism diagnosis, and we boy we sure did. In the Covid world, we are surrounded by laggards who rely on the old ways, the ways that have  harmed us over and over, to "save them."  Read the summary and let me know what you think. Someone at Wiki took the time to create a Cliff Notes (boy does that age me!) version of the book:

Allegorically, Who Moved My Cheese? features four characters: two mice, "Sniff" and "Scurry," and two Littlepeople, human metaphor, "Hem" and "Haw." (The names of the Littlepeople are taken from the phrase "hem and haw," a term for indecisiveness.) They live in a maze, a representation of one's environment, and look for cheese, representative of happiness and success. Initially without cheese, each group, the mice and humans, paired off and traveled the lengthy corridors searching for cheese. One day both groups happen upon a cheese-filled corridor at "Cheese Station C." Content with their find, the humans establish routines around their daily intake of cheese, slowly becoming arrogant in the process.

One day Sniff and Scurry arrive at "Cheese Station C" to find no cheese left, but they are not surprised. Noticing the cheese supply dwindling, they have mentally prepared beforehand for the arduous but inevitable task of finding more cheese. Leaving "Cheese Station C" behind, they begin their hunt for new cheese together. Later that day, Hem and Haw arrive at Cheese Station C only to find the same thing, no cheese. Angered and annoyed, Hem demands, "Who moved my cheese?" The humans have counted on the cheese supply to be constant, and so are unprepared for this eventuality. After deciding that the cheese is indeed gone they get angry at the unfairness of the situation. Haw suggests a search for new cheese, but Hem is dead-set in his disappointment and dismisses the proposal.

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The Criminalization of Dissent

Self Defense AdAn important read, thanks to Laura Hayes for the heads up:  The Criminalization of Dissent by CJ Hopkins

One of the hallmarks of totalitarian systems is the criminalization of dissent. Not just the stigmatization of dissent or the demonization of dissent, but the formal criminalization of dissent, and any other type of opposition to the official ideology of the totalitarian system. Global capitalism has been inching its way toward this step for quite some time, and now, apparently, it is ready to take it.

Germany has been leading the way. For over a year now, anyone questioning or protesting the “Covid emergency measures” or the official Covid-19 narrative has been demonized by the government and the media, and, sadly, but not completely unexpectedly, the majority of the German public. And now such dissent is officially “extremism.”

Yes, that’s right, in “New Normal” Germany, if you dissent from the official state ideology, you are now officially a dangerous “extremist.” The German Intelligence agency (the “BfV”) has even invented a new category of “extremists” in order to allow themselves to legally monitor anyone suspected of being “anti-democratic and/or delegitimizing the state in a way that endangers security,” like … you know, non-violently protesting, or speaking out against, or criticizing, or satirizing, the so-called “New Normal.”

Naturally, I’m a little worried, as I have engaged in most of these “extremist” activities. My thoughtcrimes are just sitting there on the Internet waiting to be scrutinized by the BfV. They’re probably Google-translating this column right now, compiling a list of all the people reading it, and their Facebook friends and Twitter followers, and professional associates, and family members, and anyone any of the aforementioned people have potentially met with, or casually mentioned, who might have engaged in similar thoughtcrimes.

You probably think I’m joking, don’t you? I’m not joking. Not even slightly.  Read more here. While you can.

My Vax Is Better Than Your Vax! Mine is Better Than Yours!!!

Putin gun
Check out my guns, ladies and gentlemen, aaaalllll of them.

(Thank you to PJ for the heads up!)

My stars and garters, could we be on someone's radar?  Little old us? Pshaw... 

Is Russia’s Covid vaccine anything more than a political weapon? Observers say the Sputnik V jab is aimed more at sowing political division than fighting coronavirus

It seems The Guardian UK may have picked up on our observation that the Sputnik V from Russia has a Twitter account that is basically used for political bragging rights. Russia's Sputnik V On Twitter: I Must Break You

How this surprises anyone, that Vladimir Putin's nation would puff out its chest and declare superiority, is beyond us.

Hitting back via its official Sputnik V Twitter account, Russia has denied the vaccine is a political tool, or that safety or production capacity are potential issues. “Politicisation of vaccines is unethical and costing lives,” read a typical recent tweet. “Sputnik is undoubtedly one of the best vaccines in the world,” said another.

Meanwhile, "back at the ranch," Americans are being "deplatformed" (a ridiculous new word brought to you by Google, Facebook and others) for speaking out on vaccination and medical rights and safety while this punk of a Vaccine is tripping about the Internet without a care.

I was instantly reminded of an old advertising jingle for Ken-L-Ration canned dog food. My dog's better 'cuz he eats Ken0L-Ration.

Johns Hopkins on Self-Spreading, Self-Propagating, Transmissible Vaccines

Self spreading Ginger Taylor

In 2018, The Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, Center for Health Security, published Technologies to Address Global Catastrophic Biological Risks.

Among the technologies discussed in the paper, are "Self-Spreading Vaccines."  Vaccines that only need be given to a portion of the population, and are then become communicable between individuals, like a virus.

The number of questions, concerns, and issues that become relevant with the revelation that this technology exists, and is being used on animals, is more vast than I can enumerate here.  So I will simply share with you Page 47 of the document.


Self-spreading vaccines—also known as transmissible or self-propagating vaccines—are genetically engineered to move through populations in the same way as communicable diseases, but rather than causing disease, they confer protection. The vision is that a small number of individuals in the target population could be vaccinated, and the vaccine strain would then circulate in the population much like a pathogenic virus. These vaccines could dramatically increase vaccine coverage in human or animal populations without requiring each individual to be inoculated. This technology is currently aimed primarily at animal populations. Because most infectious diseases are zoonotic, controlling disease in animal populations would also reduce the risk to humans.

There are 2 main types of self-spreading vaccines: recombinant vector vaccines and live viral vaccines. Recombinant vector vaccines combine the elements of a pathogenic virus that induce immunity (removing the portion that causes disease) with a transmissible viral vector. Cyto-megalovirus is one candidate vector for recombinant vaccines, because it is highly species-specific and moderately transmissible. Live viral vaccines are attenuated, meaning that the vaccine viruses are much less pathogenic than wild-type and would be similar to the oral polio vaccine or the live attenuated influenza vaccine (LAIV) in that those vaccines can sometimes transmit from person to person.

Although there are substantial technical challenges in genetically engineering viruses, synthetic biology tools such as CRISPR/Cas9 are likely to aid researchers in overcoming these hurdles in the coming years. Self-spreading vaccines have already been used to protect wild rabbits from myxomatosis and to control Sin Nombre virus in rodent populations.

Additional work is targeting Ebola virus in apes and bats, Lassa virus in rats, and bovine tuberculosis in badgers.


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And Another Reason

Blue loveBy Cathy Jameson

As I turned the calendar page to May, I thought of this old post that I’d shared with family and friends a few years ago.  I wrote it in response to people wanting to celebrate autism during the month of April.  I was stunned.  Celebrate it?  Really? 


No lights. 
No blue. 
No celebrating. 
Well, for a few reasons, including reason #3011.


The other reasons?

The seizures. 

The behaviors.  

The wandering.  

The loss of speech.  

The loss of gained skills.  The cognitive challenges.  And, if I may be so bold, the loss of future potential.  Why would anyone ever ask us to celebrate any of that?  We can't.  And we won't.  We will, however, celebrate Ronan and the joy he brings to our lives.  And let me tell you, there is so much joy that that little guy brings to our family! 

We love to share the joy he brings and will continue to share it.

But the diagnosis itself?

It is not a gift.  It's a life-long, challenging disability that keeps a grip on Ronan and our family.  Do you celebrate cancer?  Diabetes?  Alzheimer's?  Probably not.  So, don't fall for the autism blue washing and autism celebrating that's going to flood the airwaves this month.  

What can you do instead?

Help a child. 

Help their family

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April Never Ends


April never ends for us. It begins with Fool's Day, ends with a May Day that we will holler until the day we die.  You won't hear about autism in the news any longer. You won't hear about autism in many places these days. The clarion call for vaccination choice and safety that we set forth decades ago still exists though.  Many of us are here  because we helped light that torch, hoping to shed insight into the dark stories of how our kids were harmed. We had gumption. We sacrificed reputations. Careers. We took slings and arrows for years and years. Some of our children are adults now. Still needing our love, our care, our blood, sweat and oh yes our tears.

We are still in The Age of Autism. Please don't forget that.

Donate here.





Hearts Ripped Too


Shower and hair brushing and one ripped shirt. This too is autism. The autism that was ignored this year exists every day. They autism no one talks about exists every day. The autism every President of the United States has glossed over or at best paid lip service to while a candidate. Autism is day old bread. Yesterday's news. Who ever thought we'd actually miss the days of neurodiversity feel good stories? On Wednesday night, President Biden finally spoke to Americans and especially children facing difficult circumstances....  but it wasn't us.


Goodbye "Autism Awareness Month."  Hello, T-shirt shopping.

Jiu Jitsu's Craig Jones Taps Out After Covid Jab

Craig jonesHow many hundreds of thousands of productivity and  work hours and dollars of income have been lost because of adverse reactions? Who is measuring this great loss to GDP around the world? 

Few athletes are tougher than martial artists. And yet, Jones has been sidelined.  We wish him a full recovery.


Jiu Jitsu black belt Craig Jones, 29, announced on Instagram that he is unable to fight Tye Ruotolo after suffering a bad reaction to the COVID-19 vaccine causing his stomach to build up with fluid.

Jones was set to fight Ruotolo at the Who’s Number One event on April 30 in Austin, Texas before he announced on Instagram that COVID-19 vaccine-related health issues would be preventing him from training and competing.

“I’m out guys. One of the unlucky ones that had an adverse reaction to the Covid Vaccine. I won’t bore you with all my symptoms but ended up carrying a bunch of fluid around my stomach and can’t train let alone compete,” said Jones. The post contained images and video of Jones’ bloated stomach so viewers could see the vaccine reaction for themselves.

Read more:

Simple And True


Thank you the National Autism Association for a simple, powerful message. As the nation takes a hard look at both policing and policy, we must never forget that people on the spectrum, particularly adults males, are at risk of danger because of their diagnosis.   Please copy and share.  Thank you.

Florida Academy Bucks the Education Trend

And now forIn Connecticut, home to Age of Autism, legislators just removed the Religious Exemption. Our local school district was jabbed with the J&J brand a few weeks ago, and you'd have thought that the staffers were about to drink from the fountain of youth, such was the giddy joy. With precious little thought to side effects or long term effects. One private school in Florida has really bucked the trend of educators' complete obeisance to any and all vaccination for the students and the staff. Of course, they are being pilloried in the media.  Schools that have put caution ahead of common sense with masks, distance, in person learning, have taken the vaccines as if mother's milk. Which might be tainted post vax.


From Anne Dachel

Apr 27, 2021, Local 10 News, Miami, FL: Miami private school warns staff about taking COVID-19 vaccine, threatening to fire anyone who does

A South Florida private school is making headlines for its vaccine policy, advising teachers not to get their shots.

There has been a firestorm of controversy over an email that went out to faculty and staff at the exclusive Miami private school Centner Academy, warning staff against taking any of the COVID-19 vaccines, saying the school will no longer employ anyone who has received a shot.

Centner Academy has campuses in the Design District and Edgewater.

It’s very pricey, with tuition starting at nearly $25,000 a year for Pre-K and elementary school students.

Co-founder Leila Centner sent an email to parents on Monday, laying out the school’s policy on vaccines, alleging, without citing any scientific evidence, that vaccinated persons may be transmitting something from their bodies that could harm others, impacting fertility and the reproductive systems of women and also the development of children.

FIU Infectious Disease Expert Dr. Aileen Marty called the school’s moves reckless.

“This is completely irresponsible,” she said. “It is spreading rumors about something that is completely unfounded. There is absolutely no basis in fact in any of the allegations that are made against the vaccine there.

“It’s just frightening that such a high level of misinformation is going out from someone who runs a school. It’s terrible.”

Police Abuse of Teen With Autism Caught On Camera

WeepCandid camera is the way of the world now, and you'd think people would think before they act like barbarians. Especially police officers in this day and age. Our adults males with autism face grave danger with every police interaction. Non-compliance is not always disrepect or a harbinger of dangerous behavior. Often it is AUTISM.

From CBS News:

Doorbell video captures police officer punching and throwing teen with autism to the ground

By Li Cohen

April 25, 2021 / 7:38 AM / CBS News

A Ring doorbell captured footage of a police officer in Vacaville, California, throwing a 17-year-old to the ground and punching him in the face on Wednesday, according to the teen's father. The teen's father posted the now viral video of the incident on Facebook, saying that his son, Preston, has autism and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and that "he looks and acts younger than he is."

The incident occurred Wednesday afternoon, Adam Wolf wrote on Facebook, when Preston was "aggressively approached" by a Vacaville police officer.

The video shows Preston standing with his scooter on a sidewalk in a suburban neighborhood when a police officer exits his vehicle and approaches him while aggressively yelling at him to sit down. Preston complies and sits down with his legs crossed. The officer then appears to yell at the teenager to put his legs out, and when he does not immediately do so, the officer picks up his scooter and throws several feet away.

Russia's Sputnik V On Twitter: I Must Break You

73EA6701-48FE-4007-9C82-27A1A8B8E626Russia's Covid vaccine called Sputnik V has its own Twitter page. Verified, no less. And it's trash talking the competition like Drago to Rocky, calling itself the safest and pointing out the injuries with other vaccines. I guess it's OK for Twitter, an American company, to allow a Russian vaccine to call out the American pharma products, but not Americans themselves. We're now following Sputnik V on Twitter, and had to respond to its Tweet claiming safety superiority. It's like the Pepsi Challenge meets Russian Roulette.

Meanwhile, today, in the HQ state of Age of Autism, Connecticut, 8000+ children face expulsion from school as the Religious Exemption is likely to be removed, despite a rally today with.... many of the folks who've been booted from the likes of Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.  Please send good thoughts to everyone speaking, rallying and telling legislators that our children, our healthy, beautiful kids, have every right to attend school.

Rally 4 27

Photos From India Covid Deaths Match Footage from 2020 Gas Catastrophe

India Covid death purple

Recycling is an important way to save the planet.  Gaslight casts such a warm glow even middle aged women feel youthful.

Advocate with the initial EI noticed yesterday that the photos of the COVID deaths in the New York Post in India NY Post COVID Swallowing India  seemed to match the footage from the gas explosion in India a year ago. Take a look. 

India gas leak purple

Same clothing on the victims. An innocent mis-usage of video in the never ending hurry to get a story to "press?" Or gaslighting in the extreme to fuel fear and compliance. The extreme right often claims that our US mass shootings use "crisis actors" to play the victims.  Here we might have a real crisis victims being used as actors. 

Sky news May 2020 Gas leak -


5 Year Old with Autism Wanders & Drowns in Jacksonville, Florida

M NourMany years ago, Ginger Taylor started a Blogger blog called "Lives Lost To Autism." I was an admin with posting privileges. We posted news story after news story of drownings and other terrible, untimely, far too early deaths among those with autism. Mostly children. Autism has lost its blue sheen, replaced by gender issues, and of course Covid. But never, ever forget, AUTISM was causing breathing related deaths long before COVID showed up. National Autism Association has done more than any other organization to boost awareness of wandering. Such a simple word. "Wander." In autism, we know it by many names: bolting, elopement, abandonment, forgotten, distraction, and of course, a preternatural attraction to water.

God rest this beautiful boy's soul. And our condolences to his family. Most of know that it is indeed impossible to be on perfect alert 24 hours a day 7 days a week.  Mohamad Nour. Inna lillahi wa inna ilayhi raji'un.

JSO: 5-year-old boy with autism found dead in Jacksonville pond after being reported missing

April 25, 2021 at 1:03 pm EDT

By Aurielle Eady, Action News Jax

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — A young boy with autism was found dead in a pond Sunday morning just hours after he was reported missing, the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office said.

The parents of Mohamad Nour, 5, called police just before 9 a.m. after they noticed he was gone.

Prior to him being reported missing, JSO said he was last seen at 6 a.m. by his family.

According to JSO, it is believed the boy unlatched the lock of the front door of his home and left.

Urgent Rally Info! CT Braced to Lose Religious Exemption

Rally 4 27


It's helpful to plan your parking ahead of time and have a back-up option. It is common to have to drive around the city to find parking, especially if you're looking for the closest on-street parking.

    Find and reserve your parking space

        SpotHero is completely booked, but there are other options like LAZ Parking, Parkopedia, Best Parking, Park Whiz

    Consider using a ride share into Hartford

    Public transit options: bus stops and train station nearby

    Street parking  – Don’t forget to pay the meter

        Capitol Avenue, Trinity Street, Elm Street, Trumbull Street

    Parking Lots (Paid)

        Train Station, One Union Place, Hartford - 9 minute walk

        Jewell Street Artspace Hartford – 70 spaces, 9 minute walk

        West Street Lot – 155 spaces, 11 minute walk

        Hilton Lot – 292 spaces, 12 minute walk

        Goodwin Square Garage – 319 spaces, 12 minute walk

        Spruce Street Lot – 210 spaces, 13 minute walk

        more parking can be found here

    Parking Garages outside of the city:

        Crossroads Plaza and Blue Back Square, West Hartford


    Donation items

    Educational demonstration signs

    Homemade signs with messaging such as:

        Parents Call The Shots

        Coercion is Not Consent

        Grandfathering Is Segregation

        Educate. Don’t Discriminate.

        Exemptions Aren't the Problem

    Food, snacks, drinks, money for food trucks


    Bring noise makers

    Ear protection for the kiddos.

    Extra layers - It's CT. Weather currently says warm during the day and cool at night

    Blankets or chairs

    Bring activities for your children - bubbles, chalk for the sidewalk

    Bring a portable charger for your phone.

    Comfortable shoes! There will be a lot of walking and standing.

    (and don't forget to bring a good attitude!)


Donate money here

Volunteer to bring water, snack and more here

Don't forget to sign the Petition to Governor Ned Lamont:

5 Reasons to Veto HB-6423 here

Hey, Autism Awareness. Where’d Ya Go?

Broken blue light bulbBy Cathy Jameson

Around this time last year, I noticed that autism had all but dropped off the news cycle.  It appears to have taken a back seat again this year.  No big fan of how the month of April has been blue-washed for well over a decade, I’m okay with fewer autism awareness campaigns. 

Always a strong proponent for autism action, I’m not even seeing that in this month’s news stories.  Like the flu, and like the measles, COVID19 has replaced illnesses, diseases, and other health conditions the world over. 

Autism awareness may have disappeared from the media, but the autism epidemic still exists.  Some will argue that autism, a spectrum disorder, is not an epidemic.  While it’s not a disease or illness, autism, a condition that can significantly impact physical and mental health, does fit the CDC’s definition of epidemic. From their website:

epidemic the occurrence of more cases of disease, injury, or other health condition than expected in a given area or among a specific group of persons during a particular period. Usually, the cases are presumed to have a common cause or to be related to one another in some way

Last updated in 2020, the current rate, which has risen steadily for decades, is 1 in 54 reported cases.  Even though the numbers are not a true representation, if that trend continues more will be added at the next reporting period.  Based on data from years ago, and from only a handful children in only a handful of states, a more accurate rate is likely much higher.  With that, I’d say that one can absolutely use the word epidemic to describe what’s happening!  

Taca prevalence


Regardless of how high the statistics are, autism news is scant these days. 

When I looked for an autism-specific news story last Tuesday, a few half-hearted reports of groups “lighting it up blue” could be found.  But they certainly didn’t come with the pomp and circumstance previous April autism stories have had.  I did notice, however, that some are pushing for autism acceptance this year, not awareness. Acceptance?  I’d rather not.

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How Do You Mend A Broken Heart

Mia Heart FrontAs we approach the final days of what used to be an actively covered media month, it seems autism has been displaced. Not just by COVID, which has overtaken every conversation like the drunk Uncle at Thanksgiving. An internationally known adult on the spectrum lamented that for the first time, there wasn't a single speaking engagement during the month. I've seen the same thing. I used to speak once or twice a year as keynote and write for many publications. Often these were good paying gigs. Poof!  Autism is no longer on the radar. I think it's been replaced with kids' transgender issues. And so it goes.

At AofA, we try to tie current events directly to our lives within the world of autism. Sometimes, the lyrics write themselves. The Bee Gee's niece passed away in Las Vegas at age 56. Her Mother says she was healthy. She had a heart attack, and Mom asks if the Pfizer vaccine caused her death. She's asking the question so many of us have uttered for a very long time: How do you mend a broken heart?

Niece of Bee Gees singer Barry Gibb is found dead of a suspected heart attack days after receiving her second Pfizer vaccine

Bernice Gibb Rhoades, 56, died of a suspected heart attack last Thursday
Her husband Chino found her unconscious in bed at her home in Las Vegas
It is the latest tragedy to his the Bee Gees, who had a string of number one hits
Beri's mother Lesley Evans, 76, paid tribute to her 'beloved girl' today Mia Heart Back

By Claudia Joseph for MailOnline

The Niece of Bee Gees singer Barry Gibb has been found dead with her dog by her side as her family pay tribute to their 'beloved girl' and worry they will not be able to give her a fitting send off because of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

Bernice Gibb Rhoades, 56, known to friends and family as Beri, was found unconscious in bed at her home in Las Vegas by her husband Chino on Thursday, April 15.

Beri's family have paid tribute after she died of a suspected heart attack days after receiving her second dose of the Pfizer coronavirus vaccine

I can think of younger days when living for my life
Was everything a man could want to do
I could never see tomorrow
But I was never told about the sorrows

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Weasel Words for Parents To Be

Weasel wordsI  looked up " covid vaccine safe for pregnant women" and found this statement as the top hit.

If you are pregnant, you may choose to be vaccinated when it’s available to you. There is currently no evidence that antibodies formed from COVID-19 vaccination cause any problem with pregnancy, including the development of the placenta.

Read it carefully, as if you have more than a second grade education. Smell the Swiss cheese and tell us what hidey holes for reality you see. We in the autism biomed community have seen this sort of "answer" over and over, about treatments like the gluten free diet and yes, vaccine injury. I've always been fond of analogies to make a point crystal clear. When Europeans could not see over the horizon, they knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that the world was flat. No one had every studied otherwise, and therefore no one could say it was not. Therefore, it was indeed as flat as a pancake. Until someone circumnavigated the globe.  David Kirby wrote Evidence of Harm because Lyn Redwood did something no researcher, CDC professional or pharma scientist bothered to do. She added up the individual bolus doses of mercury in the pediatric schedule and the rest is history. No one had bothered to look. But the harm was there.  I have two daughters about to come home from a day program for the intellectually disabled. The harm was there.

Here's an even simpler analogy. How many times has someone in your family hollered to you, "Maaaa!  We're out of ketchup," while standing there staring at one spot on one door shelf?"  The unopened ketchup is in the pantry.

And this from WebMD: More Signs COVID Shots Are Safe for Pregnant Women

April 20, 2021 -- As the U.S. races to vaccinate millions of people against the coronavirus, pregnant women face the extra challenge of not knowing whether the vaccines are safe for them or their unborn babies.

None of the recent COVID-19 vaccine trials, including those for Pfizer, Moderna, and Johnson & Johnson, enrolled pregnant or breastfeeding women because they consider them a high-risk group.

That was despite the Society for Maternal-Fetal Medicine and the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists asking that pregnant and breastfeeding women be included in trials. The FDA even included pregnant women in the COVID-19 vaccine emergency use authorization (EUA) due to their higher risk of having a more severe disease.

Despite that lack of clinical trial data, more and more smaller studies are suggesting that the vaccines are safe for both mother and child.

"Suggesting" safety. Is that enough for you?  It shouldn't be enough for anyone bringing a child into the world.

Look for the weasel words in everything you read.


The Aluminium Content of Infant Vaccines Is Akin To A Lottery

The Lottery cover
Shirley Jackson's story exposed the willingness of townfolk to harm others to protect themselves as if a ritual.

Below is a link to Professor Chris Exley et al research. Exley is a Professor in Bioinorganic Chemistry in the Aluminium and Silicon Research Group at The Birchall Centre, Lennard-Jones Laboratories, at the UKs'sKeele University and a preeminent expert in aluminum toxicity.

While the world revolves around COVID as if it is the sun, moon and stars, there is a universe of danger that honorable scientists are still studying. Thank God. Professor Exley, of course, has been censored and punished for his work. 

Vaccine manufacturers are not held to any gold standard. You can have more faith in the number of crisps in a bag than the toxic metals in vaccines mandated for children.


The measurement and full statistical analysis including Bayesian methods of the aluminium content of infant vaccines



Aluminium salts are the most common adjuvants in infant vaccines. The aluminium content of a vaccine is provided by the manufacturer and is indicated on the patient information leaflet. There is no independent verification, for example by the European Medicines Agency, of the aluminium content of infant vaccines.


We have measured the aluminium content of thirteen infant vaccines using microwave-assisted acid and peroxide digestion followed by transversely heated graphite furnace atomic absorption spectrometry. Our data are compared with manufacturer’s data using full statistical analyses including Bayesian methods.


We found that only three vaccines contained the amount of aluminium indicated by the manufacturer. Six vaccines contained a statistically significant (P < 0.05) greater quantity while four vaccines contained a statistically significant (P < 0.05) lower quantity. The range of content for any single vaccine varied considerably, for example, from 0.172 to 0.602 mg/vaccine for Havrix.


The data have raised specific questions about the significance of the aluminium content of vaccines and identified areas of extremely limited information. Since aluminium is a known toxin in humans and specifically a neurotoxin, its content in vaccines should be accurate and independently monitored to ensure both efficacy and safety.

In Memoriam: Katie Weisman

WeepA sad announcement from John Gilmore of Autism Action Network on Facebook last night:


RIP Katie Weisman. We have lost a wonderful friend, a great spirit and a ferocious warrior.

It is with a very heavy heart I let you all know that our Katie passed just before midnight last night. Katie fought her illness fearlessly, as she did with every obstacle that stood in her way. She did it with grace but with passion. She suffered tremendously yet never complained. This is the only way Katie knew how to live her life.

Katie was blessed with her wonderful husband, Doug, her amazing mom, dad, brother, brother-in-law and sister-in-law. But, despite only being given 5 years, Katie's heart kept beating a few years longer for the three incredible loves of her life, her beautiful sons, Nick, Alex and Don.

Katie meant so much to all of us, touching each of us in her own unique way. She was nothing short of exceptional when it came to advocating for not only her sons, but endless children and young adults on the autism spectrum. She single-handedly changed the lives of families all over in the most profound way. Katie was the embodiment of someone making lemonade out of lemons and allowed families to look at autism as a different and wonderful way to approach life, not as something tragic.

Katie was passionate about her work with the incredible Children's Health Defense and fought endlessly for vaccine safety and the vaccine injured. She was an active member of our community, especially within the Bedford Central School District, Special Education Parent Teacher Association (SEPTO) and Bedford Autism Spectrum Support (BASS). She loved her Mount Kisco and took great pride in being a part of the Beautification Committee.

The list of Katie's achievements are endless.

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Spike Protein 101: A Primer from Dr. Larry Palevsky

SARS-CoV-2_spikesThank you to Laura Hayes for transcribing a 12 minute primer on spike protein production and Covid vaccination by Dr. Larry Palevsky.  Dr. Palevsky brings up what can only be called horrifying questions, all unanswered because the powers that be have never asked. By design.  It's "easy" to say that what you have not looked for doesn't exist. Informally called, the blind eye.

By Laura Hayes

I have been wondering if those injected with the new "vaccines" are shedding that which might harm others with whom they come in contact, with the suspicion that they likely are. 
The video below addresses that, and I can't recommend strongly enough that everyone listen to it (only 12 minutes long).
Many of you know who Dr. Larry Palevsky is, and for those who don't, he is a NY pediatrician who has spoken out about the dangers of vaccines since the late 1990s, when a mother in his practice showed him that there was mercury in the vaccines he was administering to the children in his practice. That moment changed his life, and he began to do further research into vaccines. 
This clip that was sent to me today is a portion of an interview with him. I cannot find the full interview, but found this portion so compelling after listening to it 3 times that I decided to transcribe it. I hope you will first listen to it, then use the attached transcript to read any part you would like to reference again. Click on the second video at the link below (first is of a female, second is Dr. Palevsky). It is 12-minutes long, and worth listening to every minute of it.
For those of us who have children who have been harmed and/or killed by "routine" childhood vaccinations, Dr. Palevsky is a trusted and deeply appreciated rare gem among doctors. He speaks out often, and you can do a search of his name to listen to some of his public speeches, including his powerful testimony before the CT legislature in February, 2020:
I hope you will share this information with those you know, as the future fertility, health, longevity, and survival of humans may be hanging in the balance.

Transcript of Dr. Larry Palevsky:

When studies are done on injections that are thought to be vaccines, we sometimes need 7, 10, or even 15 years, to understand what the injection does to the body, and what it does to those around us.

And so, there’s automatically this assumption that when the authorities say these injections are safe, that we actually have adequate data and adequate observational data to understand whether or not these injections are safe. The bottom line is we don’t have enough data to understand their safety.

The other thing is that we are made to believe in the public eye that this is a vaccine against a viral infection. So, the entire world is thinking that this is a vaccine to protect us against SARS-COV2 infection. And when you have a vaccine that is supposed to be effective as a vaccine, you are supposed to have antibody immunity against the SARS-COV2 virus. And that has never been evaluated with these injections as to whether or not we have antibody immunity to a SARS-COV2 virus. Instead, what we have is the genetic information of what is believed to be a piece of the SARS-COV2 virus, and that piece is called the spike protein. And the technology that is being used is a technology to make this injection that has never been used in vaccine science or methodology before with any kind of success.

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CT One Giant Step Closer to Losing Religious Exemption

Health choice 4 action CT
CT HB6423 is moving to the Senate for a vote. Health Choice 4 CT has created this easy to understand analysis of next steps for families. This is a nightmare scenario where children will be "un-enrolled" which is a euphemism for expelled. Healthy children will not be allowed to attend school, like pariahs. America. 2021. A time when race relations and equity are top line news. And here, children of all races, creeds and colors will face discrimination and recrimination not because of the color of their skin, but because of the content (or lack) of their vaccines. No matter what CDC adds to the pediatric list, including COVID, it will be an all or nothing situation. The Nutmeg state has gone nuts.
  1. The bill that passed through the House yesterday on 4/19/2021 includes grandfathering from k-12. Your child must be enrolled in school at PASSAGE. Passage means when the governor signs this into law. If your child is eligible to enroll in kindergarten for September 2021, You need to have a religious exemption on file and enroll them RIGHT NOW before this bill gets signed into law by the governor. You must re-enroll your home schooled kids right now, in order for them to be grandfathered for the duration of their education. The exemption will follow them throughout districts in the state if you change schools or towns.

  2. If your child is in daycare or preschool, you will have until September 2022 To make sure your child is completely caught up on ALL of their immunizations, or submit a catch up letter from your doctor that you are in process of getting that done. There will be no options of private school, private daycare, or private pre-k after September 2022.

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In Memoriam: F. Edward Yazbak, MD

FouJohn Stone wrote a tribute to Age of Autism contributor F. Edward Yazbak, following his death on Cape Cod in Massachusetts at age 89. In addition to sharing his writing for the blog, Dr. Yazbak used to drop us an email from time to time, and I remember feeling the old fashioned compassion we used to expect from pediatricians.  Now, long gone. A sad time, when the doctors who truly put our kids' best interests first are leaving us. Our condolences to his family. John's tribute follows the published obituary which read:

Dr. Fouad Edward Yazbak, 89, of West Falmouth, MA, passed away peacefully on April 8th, 2021, joining his cherished wife of 61 years, Maureen (Moynahan) Yazbak who passed way 17 months earlier.

Born in Damanhour, Egypt, he was the son of Dr. Edouard and Eugenie (Farazli) Yazbak and brother to Yvonne and Margaret and brother-in-law to Lawrence (all who predeceased him).

Dr. Yazbak arrived in America in 1957 with his medical degree, $62 and four family photos to join the staff of St. Clare’s Hospital in New York City as an intern. Two weeks later he met Maureen who was completing her nursing education at St. Claire’s. It was love at first sight and they married 6 months later. In 1959, he joined the faculty of Brown University’s Institute of Health Sciences as Pediatric Director of the Child Development Study and Assistant Clinical Director for infectious diseases at Charles V. Chapin Hospital in Providence RI. Dr. and Mrs. Yazbak subsequently began a pediatric practice in Cumberland RI in 1963 from which he retired in 1997. Dr. Yazbak was a Fellow of the American Academy of Pediatrics and past president of the staff of Woonsocket Hospital. He was a school physician in Northern Rhode Island for 34 years in service to his community. A proud and grateful naturalized American, he helped several doctors immigrate to America.

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Food is Love. Except When It's Poison. Baum Hedlund’s Tainted Baby Food Lawsuit.

Mia before regression
Mia feeding her pal Elmo before Regression

Mangia! It's one of the first words every Italian American baby hears from Mamma or Nonna. Mangia figlia mia! Eat up, my daughter! In my case, I was speaking to my daughter Mia - figlia mia, Mia Noel. And then Gianna and then baby sister Isabella. I only bought Earth's Best organic baby food, beginning with Mia's first spoonful of solids in 1995. It's bad enough I and countless other Moms did not know that vaccines contained bolus doses of mercury and other heavy metals at the time. But our babies’ FOOD? I was so careful. I went without so that I could buy the "safest, healthiest" food for my babies. To what avail? 

Lyn Redwood wrote about the travesty of tainted baby food for Children's Health Defense: The Science Is Clear: Heavy Metals in Baby Food Are Bad for Baby’s Brain A 2019 report by Healthy Babies Bright Futures noted that in addition to heavy metals, baby foods are riddled with other neurotoxic chemicals — including perchlorate, phthalates and glyphosate — all of which can add up to significant health impacts.

A lawsuit underway from the firm Baum Hedlund takes on the companies that not only pulled the wool over consumers' eyes, but companies that have actual LIABILITY for their products.

In Italian, we would say, BASTA! Enough.

Please click HERE to learn more about this lawsuit, and if you might be able to participate.


Heavy Metals Baby Food Lawsuit | Autism and ADHD

A government report on toxic heavy metals in baby food found that several brands—including some organic—contain arsenic, cadmium, mercury, and lead at high levels that pose significant dangers to the neurodevelopment of children. Indeed, all of these toxic heavy metals have been associated with autism, autism spectrum disorder (ASD), attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), and attention deficit disorder in children.

Parents throughout the country are outraged to learn that baby food products from Happy Family Organics, Happy Baby, Gerber, Earth’s Best Organic, Beech-Nut, Plum Organics, Parent’s Choice, and Sprout Organic Food contain “dangerously high levels” of toxic heavy metals. Worse, the major baby food companies behind these brands knowingly sold tainted baby food to unsuspecting parents, according to the report.

Numerous studies have linked toxic heavy metal exposure to behavior impairments. The link is especially pronounced among babies and young children, whose brains are still developing. Even at low levels, exposure to heavy metals can cause serious and irreversible damage to neurological development.

Tainted Baby Food Lawsuit – Justice for Parents of Children with Autism and ADHD

Food is Love. Except When It's Poison. Baum Hedlund’s Tainted Baby Food Lawsuit.

Mia before regression
Mia feeding her pal Elmo before Regression

Mangia! It's one of the first words every Italian American baby hears from Mamma or Nonna. Mangia figlia mia! Eat up, my daughter! In my case, I was speaking to my daughter Mia - figlia mia, Mia Noel. And then Gianna and then baby sister Isabella. I only bought Earth's Best organic baby food, beginning with Mia's first spoonful of solids in 1995. It's bad enough I and countless other Moms did not know that vaccines contained bolus doses of mercury and other heavy metals at the time. But our babies’ FOOD? I was so careful. I went without so that I could buy the "safest, healthiest" food for my babies. To what avail? 

Lyn Redwood wrote about the travesty of tainted baby food for Children's Health Defense: The Science Is Clear: Heavy Metals in Baby Food Are Bad for Baby’s Brain A 2019 report by Healthy Babies Bright Futures noted that in addition to heavy metals, baby foods are riddled with other neurotoxic chemicals — including perchlorate, phthalates and glyphosate — all of which can add up to significant health impacts.

A lawsuit underway from the firm Baum Hedlund takes on the companies that not only pulled the wool over consumers' eyes, but companies that have actual LIABILITY for their products.

In Italian, we would say, BASTA! Enough.

Please click HERE to learn more about this lawsuit, and if you might be able to participate.


Heavy Metals Baby Food Lawsuit | Autism and ADHD

A government report on toxic heavy metals in baby food found that several brands—including some organic—contain arsenic, cadmium, mercury, and lead at high levels that pose significant dangers to the neurodevelopment of children. Indeed, all of these toxic heavy metals have been associated with autism, autism spectrum disorder (ASD), attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), and attention deficit disorder in children.

Parents throughout the country are outraged to learn that baby food products from Happy Family Organics, Happy Baby, Gerber, Earth’s Best Organic, Beech-Nut, Plum Organics, Parent’s Choice, and Sprout Organic Food contain “dangerously high levels” of toxic heavy metals. Worse, the major baby food companies behind these brands knowingly sold tainted baby food to unsuspecting parents, according to the report.

Numerous studies have linked toxic heavy metal exposure to behavior impairments. The link is especially pronounced among babies and young children, whose brains are still developing. Even at low levels, exposure to heavy metals can cause serious and irreversible damage to neurological development.

Tainted Baby Food Lawsuit – Justice for Parents of Children with Autism and ADHD

Healthy Connecticut Kids Face Expulsion With No Plan To Educate

7AC2A63D-A63A-4B64-B641-9525B808D38DHarsh. Cruel. Jarring. And true. Don’t forget leprosy. Also allowed. This includes students with autism. 

You'd think after a solid year of watching what happens to children forced out of school, and their families, the mere thought of any reason to keep kids home artificially would be wholly repugnant. But no, here in Connecticut legislators have  been voting with salivating glee to cast the dirty, not-fully-vaccinated, dangerous, non-compliant children out of education.  Soon. And then what?

Wisconsin Priest Cautions Parish

Fr AltmanAnne Dachel transcribed this Homily. A Homily is the sermon presented by the priest during the Catholic Mass.

By Anne Dachel

Age of Autism: Covid Vaccines Are Medical Devices

Lifesite News: US bishop: Choir members, Communion ministers must be ‘fully vaccinated’ While Arkansas rescinded its mask mandate, Bishop Anthony B. Taylor of Little Rock declared masks ‘obligatory’ and vaccines required as churches have their ‘own dynamics.’

Fr. James Altman, St. James Catholic Church, LaCrosse, WI

Father Altman Homily 04.11.2021 - Divine Mercy Sunday

Fr. Altman:

17:21 So let us talk about one particularly blind Pharisee. LifesiteNews reports, and I think people send me this stuff just to get me riled up.

LifeSite News reports that the first bishop of the United States to cancel all public Masses a year ago was Bishop Anthony B. Taylor of Little Rock, Arkansas.

As reported on LifeSite News, Bishop Taylor issued letters in 2020 cancelling Masses and nonessential gatherings, including Confirmations.


Lifesite also reports that in his latest directive, Bishop Taylor wrote, “Choirs can be permitted only when all members have been vaccinated and preferably wearing masks.”

What kind of illogic—God gave him a brain. What kind of brain isn’t he using?

If this injection worked, no need for a mask.

Dear family, it is not a vaccine. It is an injection.

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Best Of: Vaccination and Segregation

Sneetch unvaxedNote: This is a BEST OF Cathy wrote back in 2016, and relevant in a more shocking way in 2021.

By Cathy Jameson

It isn’t often that I can’t come up with a topic to write about for a Sunday’s post, but this week, after days of brainstorming, nothing satisfied me.  Not wanting to waste any precious time, on Friday morning I cruised through Google news to see if anything there grabbed my attention.  Something did.  But it wasn’t the pro-vaccine article that grabbed my eye and got my wheels spinning.  It was someone’s comment that piqued my interest. 

Paraphrased, an obviously very pro-vaccine individual told another commenter, who happened to have a vaccine-injured child, that Parents like you who choose to not vaccinate should not be allowed to mingle with the public. 

As terrible as that comment sounded, I wasn’t shocked.  I kept reading. 

Other pro-vaccine commenters began to leave similar messages.  They were in agreement and clarified that The Unvaccinated should be barred from public schools, from stores, and from society in general.    

They continued: 

The Unvaccinated should be corralled into their own society. 

With the hopes that child protective services would soon pay a visit. 

And maybe the sheriff, too. 

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Your Match Might Want You Vaxxed More than Waxed

Actual Tweet, Name Removed

I guess vax status will be a new dating profile criteria. Like political affiliation or which side of the pillow you prefer (the cool side, thank you very much.) The Tweeter was female, and she was turned down by a male BECAUSE she was vaccinated. I know the headline is irreverent, but it was my first thought when I read this Tweet. And Summer is coming.

Reports of Covid Jab Interrupting and Worsening Menstrual Cycles

StopThe article below is horrifying. Women like my three daughters will never have children, because of their severe autism. But they still have fully functional reproductive systems, and I'm not inclined to give them a potential lifetime of problems.  They have enough on their plates. Piled high. I'm sure the New York Times, Washington Post and other US daily rags (pun fully intended) will follow up to protect American women.


Women say they are having heavier and more painful PERIODS since getting their COVID-19 vaccines - as several claim it has also messed up their monthly cycle

  • Dr. Kate Clancy, a University of Illinois associate professor, said that she'd heard people had experienced changes in their menstruation since getting vaccinated
  • Her tweet prompted other women to share changes to their own periods
  • Several reported that they were bleeding more heavily and for longer than they had before getting the vaccine 
  • A few said they began menstruating in the middle of their cycles, days or weeks before they were supposed to
  • Experts aren't sure why some women might see changes to their periods, and so far there is not enough data to know whether it is connected to the vaccine
  • A small study this year found that some participants saw changes to their menstruation after contracting the virus 

By Carly Stern For

Several women say they have experienced heavier and more painful periods since getting the COVID-19 vaccine, with several also revealing that they have had breakthrough bleeding in the middle of a cycle after getting the shot.

Dr. Kate Clancy, an associate professor at the University of Illinois, tweeted in February that she'd been hearing talk of people who had experienced changes in their menstruation since getting one or two vaccine shots.

Her Twitter thread has prompted more women to share their menstrual concerns on Twitter, revealing their heavy flow, worsened cramps, and irregular timing — with one saying she spent 16 days bleeding after getting the Johnson & Johnson shot.  Read more including the COMMENTS here.

And When I Die

Give me my freedom for as long as I be

All I ask of living is to have no chains on me
All I ask of living is to have no chains on me

I used to love  this very old song by.... Blood, Sweat and Tears. How’s that for a summation of our lives?  We all fear for that day when we leave our loved one(s) behind. What’s your plan for immortality? 

I'm not scared of dying
And I don't really care
If it's peace you find in dying
Well, then let the time be near

If it's peace you find in dying
And if dying time is near, just bundle up my coffin
'Cause it's cold way down there
I hear that it's cold way down there
Yeah, crazy cold way down there

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All Smoke No Roast


They spelled “All smoke no roast” wrong. That’s an Italian version of “All show. No go.” 100% risk for recipient for 0 guarantee of safety or efficacy. And it might last 6 months Before you need another. Clinical Trials are just that. Trials... and error. CNN Link HERE.

School Bus Debacle

Under_The_Bus_Sign-300Last week, I helped my 20 year old with pre-verbal autism into her school transport van.  There was a substitute driver (again) but I recognized him from more than a year ago. We said, "hello," I closed the door and off went my beautiful daughter. 

30 minutes later, I got a call from the head of transportation that my daughter had not arrived at her school. She had been driven to her OLD SCHOOL 13 miles away down Route 95. The school that CLOSED its doors for good when COVID hit.

Let that sink in for a moment. She expected a normal day. Quick trip. No problem. Instead, she found herself taking a completely different route onto the highway with NO WAY TO SAY "WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING??" So I'm yelling for her.

This is autism. The worry. The never ending source of agita and angst and outright terror. For her. For me. For all of us.

National Autism Association 2021 Virtual Conference


If you've been wondering about Letterboard Communication, as chronicled in JB and Jamie Handley's book Understimated: An Autism Miracle,  Spell2Communicate's Elizabeth Voseller, MA will be a featured speaker.


The 2021 National Autism Conference will consist of 2 concurrent tracks.

You can view the Tracks HERE.

You must register for BOTH TRACKS via Zoom and will receive 2 unique Zoom links, one for each of the tracks. Use your 2 registration links to choose which track/presentation to watch live. Switch between tracks at any time. Your links are passcode protected and cannot be shared, as you can view from only one device at a time.

All presentations on both tracks will be recorded and made available to you soon after the conference, so you will have a chance to view anything you may have missed. Please note that NAA is not responsible for technical issues out of our control, for instance, corrupt video recordings, or internet connection issues. We will do our absolute best to make sure that all of our attendees have access to the conference content in its entirety.


Johnson & Johnson Halted in US

6D520DE2-002D-4215-AC18-0767651832BEBreaking news. Johnson & Johnson lives up to its reputation. And civil litigation specialists from coast to coast are weeping over the lost billions in potential lawsuit fees. The experimental Covid vaccines are exempt from lawsuits thanks to the US Federal Government’s PREP act. Operation Warped speed is a boondoggle. Haste makes waste. Period. From ABC News:

US calls for temporary halt on Johnson & Johnson vaccination over blood clot fears

Opinion Letter: Doubts about the vaccine shouldn’t be disparaged

Look before you leapThanks to loyal AofA reader, contributor and donor (xox) Josh Mazer for sharing his most recent opinion letter from Maryland's Capital Gazette.

By Capital Gazette letters
Capital Gazette |
Apr 09, 2021 at 3:00 PM
Vaccine doubts

Letters: Doubts about the vaccine shouldn’t be disparaged

Iris Krasnow’s disparaging, vaccine-hesitant column about frontline health care at Anne Arundel Medical Center will not help increase vaccine uptake (The Capital, April 4). Addressing their concerns might. Ironically, the “first, do no harm’ standard Krasnow demands shows the refusers may be on firm scientific and medical grounds.

Reported links to blood clotting disorders have caused numerous European nations, Canada and Australia, to suspend or restrict the use of the AstraZeneca shot. A Journal of the American Medical Association research letter on March 8 found allergic reactions occurred in 2.10% of 64,900 employees who got the vaccine at Mass General Bingham hospital, and “severe reactions consistent with anaphylaxis occurred at a rate of 2.47 per 10,000 vaccinations.”

Some school districts across the country have temporarily closed due to mass absenteeism after school personnel was vaccinated.

Dr. Gregory Michael died from acute immune thrombocytopenia 16 days after receiving a vaccine. Dr. Jerry L. Spivak, an expert on blood disorders at Johns Hopkins University, said, “I think it is a medical certainty that the vaccine was related” but also called it likely a very rare occurrence.

In Maryland, the federal Vaccine Adverse Effects Reporting System shows 28 deaths reported after COVID shots. Correlation does not prove causation, yet the data is concerning nonetheless.

FDA clinical studies show vaccinated people still acquire and may spread the virus. Hundreds of “breakthrough” cases are now reported in vaccinated people across the nation, something that can happen with any vaccines used on a mass scale.

I personally am grateful for the COVID vaccination. I support everyone’s choice. Divisive rhetoric targeting health care workers is counterproductive. These people are risking their lives for us. Listening with an open mind to their concerns will bring us together as a community, and help make us all safer.

Josh Mazer

Autism Socks


These are socks I bought my daughters for St. Patrick's Day.  Most people see cute Snooppy socks.  But autism parents? We see something else. At least I did.  Behavior. Meltdowns. Reports from school of a very bad day. Maybe a call for early pick up. Or worse, maybe a restraint or hold. Do you see it? Click the jump.

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Abandoned in Bridgeport

WeepAutism? Something else? Well, according to ABC News, the boy was unable to answer any other identifying information. 


5-year-old found abandoned on the street in Connecticut on a rainy day, woman charged

Police said it appeared the child was left there by a Black female driving a white Infinity Q50 or Q40 sedan. The boy answered to the name "Prince," but was unable to provide any other identifying information.

— A Connecticut mother is facing charges after police say she abandoned her child in the pouring rain.

Investigators say 41-year-old Sharon Williams stopped at the corner of Burroughs Street and East Main in Bridgeport and left the 5-year-old boy, who has a disability, alone in the streets.

Human Sacrifice to a Volcano for the god Covaxus

VolcanoFeeling Mayan? Aztec? St. Vincentian? Sick to your stomach?

This weekend, Celebrity Cruise lines announced a rescue effort in the Carribbean.  Only the vaccinated will be allowed to board and escape harm.  Is this edict from Celebrity Cruise lines or the PM of St. Vincent? No matter, it's clearly discriminatory and the fact that there's no eruption of horror in the media says the unvaccinated are lower than steerage.  And here we are. 


Read the full article at Cruise Radio

In a tweet sent out this morning, Celebrity Cruise CEO Lisa Lutoff-Perlo stated: “Sent Celebrity Reflection to St. Vincent to help with volcano evacuation efforts. Taking all precautions and so grateful we can help the island’s residents!”
Only Vaccinated People Will Be Able To Board The Rescue Ships

Prime Minister Ralph Gonsalves said in a press conference that only vaccinated people from the island would be eligible to board the cruise ships to take temporary refuge on another island.

St. Lucia, Grenada, Barbados, and Antigua have all volunteered to accept evacuees, also on the condition that they be fully vaccinated against COVID-19.

Cat’s 2021 Autism Action Month Playlist

Playlistby Cathy Jameson

I never know which songs I’ll share for this fun Sunday post until I hear them.  That’s why I keep a little notepad in my car and write down titles and lyrics of songs that I like.  Some of them remind me of someone I know.  Others bring up a memory of something I’ve had to do for my children.  Some songs just evoke the perfect emotion – happy, sad, and even righteous anger. 

I’ve loved being able to share just a few of my favorites previous years.  Here’s my current playlist for 2021, a year that just doesn’t make sense.  

White Town – Your Woman

Oh, hee hee hee! Ha ha ha!  I heard this one after listening to the news one day last year.  Big Pharma, Big Brother, Big Government and Tony Fauci were spouting all sorts of doom and gloom on the news talk station.  Doom!  Gloom!  But, wait! Help was on the way!  But first…more masks, more quarantines, and ah, yes, more restrictions.  Then talk of a magical vaccine that could end all of this filled the airwaves.  If only people would comply.  Tired Tony just couldn’t wait to talk about that.  I couldn’t take the drivel anymore, so I changed the station.  Then I laughed. 

Boy, you can't play me that way

Well, I guess what you say is true

I could never be the right kind of girl for you

Dear dear Tony, I could never be your woman.  Ever. ;)

Alarm – Rescue Me

Lock downs.  Neighbors ratting on neighbors.  Virtual signally.  Vaccine passports.  If I didn’t live and breathe it, I would’ve thought the last year and a half was a story from a bad novel.  But here we are over a year later living some absolutely crazy times.  Some days, it makes me want to run far, far away.  Anyone wanna go in on a deserted island with me?  Please?

Rescue me
I'm on the run like a refugee
Rescue me
Oh come on rescue me

Do hang in there, friends!  I know the fight is hard, but I do believe some good will come. 


I hope. 

I Don’t Know How But They Found Me – Leave Me Alone

This one is such a funky song.  The lyrics are all over the place, but when I hear this line…

Now I want you to leave me alone

…I crank it. 


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Rapper DMX: How Long Before The Levee Breaks

89EFD83F-1029-4086-B1D2-CD41E92FD1F2Rapper DMX, Earl Simmons passed away yesterday.   This makes another report of a prominent African American suffering an injury post Covid jab. Simmons was in the hospital fighting for his life after a "catastrophic" heart attack. He was 50 years young.  Yes, he had a difficult past and suffered from addiction, and surely that takes a toll on the heart. He was also a son, a friend, a musical icon and a Dad. There are questions building like a stack of sandbags. 

An autopsy will be conducted to determine DMX's cause of death. The rapper had struggled with drug addiction since his teenage years, first becoming addicted to crack cocaine when he was just 14. Richman would not confirm previous reports that an overdose may have contributed to his heart attack. Premature rumors about the rapper's death swirled on social media since his hospitalization. As recently as Thursday night, DMX's manager denied those rumors and asked people to stop spreading them out of respect for the rapper's family. Source: NBC News

DMX. Midwin Charles Esq. Hammerin' Hank Aaron. Marvelous Marvin Hagler. All prominent African Americans who received a COVID vaccine and died sudden, unexplained deaths. Marvin Hagler and now DMX had family or friends saying they had gotten the C jab, and then radio silence and back pedaling damage control.

NPR (national pharma radio) says

DMX is in the hospital on life support after suffering a heart attack. The rapper's lawyer, Murray Richman, told The Associated Press on Saturday evening that DMX was admitted to New York's White Plains Hospital and that "he's quite ill."

Murray did not confirm reports that the 50-year-old rapper and actor had overdosed on drugs. He did not say what caused the heart attack.

"Murray did not confirm reports of a drug overdose."  File that with "When did you stop beating your wife, Mr. Jones?" Who was reporting a drug overdose? Read what the family said to The Washington News Post:

In a contrary report, DMX Received Covid Vaccine Days Before Heart Attack – Family Says NO DRUGS! (EXCLUSIVE)

In an EXCLUSIVE interview, MTO News spoke with DMX’ family member who told us that the rapper received the COVID vaccine about a week before he suffered from the heart attack.

DMX’s family member told MTO News, “[DMX] got the vaccine when they opened it up to people over 50. He got it so that he could go travel and perform, stuff like that.”

The Cult Mindset that Injury is Honorable

Tinky Stinky. Dropsy. Wah Wah. Poo.

C vax injury is the new autism - hide it, deny it, make it seem normal, forget the real pain & suffering, tell folks to go about their biz, go back to the well of harm over & over. 

Read the screen shot below. Take note of grieving family members saying despite death, it's still important to take the C jab. "We trust the science” They did. They trusted the rushed experimental product that they were told was the solution. That is cult thinking.  It has been carefully cult-ivated for decades. We know this firsthand in the autism v injury community. It’s human nature to want to avoid buyers remorse at all costs. But when is enough too much?  People who’ve been jabbed and experienced  severe reactions saying they'd do it again, and some taking the second dose like martyrs and sacrificial lambs.

And there's no Noo Noo to tidy up. We're all on our own. Our true condolences to the family. 


Dr. Meryl Nass: Latest vaccine flip-flop gives the vaccine game away


The following is excerpted from Dr. Meryl Nass' blog with permission.

The Astra-Zeneca "cheap and easy to store" "workhorse" vaccine causes blood clots in general, and in particular clots in the venous sinuses of the brain, which have killed or wounded a number of people, especially women under 55.  

From StatNews:

Disorders caused by blood clots, including heart attacks, vein thromboses, and strokes, are common. But the types of clots that may be linked to the AstraZeneca vaccine are exceedingly rare. They have been marked by low levels of platelets — the blood cell fragments that normally cause clotting. 

The types of clots seen include cerebral venous sinus thrombosis, or CVST, a type of blood clot that occurs in the veins that drain blood from the brain, and a similar condition in the abdomen, known as splanchic vein thrombosis. The clots sometimes occur in combination with bleeding.

From the Washington Post:

The European Medicines Agency, the European Union’s regulator, said it is investigating at least 44 cases of the rare brain clots and at least 14 deaths among about 9.2 million vaccinations in 30 European countries...

As of March 29, Germany’s regulator has reported 31 cases of the unusual blood clots in 2.7 million people vaccinated with the AstraZeneca vaccine, nine of whom have died.

The J and J vaccine was also associated with blood clots in the clinical trial data presented to FDA.  Both vaccines use an adenovirus vector to deliver DS DNA that codes for spike protein, and human cellular machinery produces this protein, for an uncertain period of time in uncertain quantities. So blood clotting may be due to the adenovirus vector, or to the spike protein, or to something entirely different.

The mRNA vaccines use mRNA to code for the spike, also using cellular machinery to produce the spike protein.  The end result of all 4 vaccines is similar, and again, we do not know for how long the body makes this protein.

If the spike itself induces clotting, which is a reasonable hypothesis scientists have put forth, but is unproven, then all 4 vaccines would be thrombogenic (induce clotting). Dr. Patrick Whelan tried to warn the FDA about this possibility, but was ignored.  He wrote:

Meinhardt et al. (Nature Neuroscience 2020, in press) show that the spike protein in brain endothelial cells is associated with formation of microthrombi (clots), and like Magro et al. do not find viral RNA in brain endothelium. In other words, viral proteins appear to cause tissue damage without actively replicating virus.

Is it possible the spike protein itself causes the tissue damage associated with Covid-19? Nuovo et al (in press) have shown that in 13/13 brains from patients with fatal COVID-19, pseudovirions (spike, envelope, and membrane proteins) without viral RNA are present in the endothelia of cerebral microvessels.

This is frightening information, providing a strong hint of the spike protein's potential toxicity.  Read more HERE.

Midwin Charles Dies at 47

3BE85D20-771C-490E-A685-5DB2C1C12023Beautiful attorney Midwin Charles’ family reports her untimely death, cause undisclosed at age 47. She Tweeted she was vaxxed on 3/1. Is there a connection? Is there greater risk for POC??? Like Hank Aaron & Marvin Hagler. Older men, yes. But also said to be in good health at time of their sudden death. We must ask hard questions, or we are NOT a nation seeking health, a way out of Covid, justice or equality!



Love Notes

3F36A1AC-AEA1-46F0-979E-7F93B1ECEED9Another love note!!! Sigh.... in yesterday’s  email. I respond with kindness. Always. How can we teach or support across the spectrum? Maybe we can’t. Would this e-mailer ever support our more severely affected loved ones? Does (s)she even acknowledge they exist? This is April, Autism Action Month. I feel sad when we get emails or comments like this. I think of a quite possibly lonely guy or gal who feels genuine mistrust and is often alienated because of his or her words. This is someone’s “child” too.  I answered with Dan Olmsted's signature response: "Thank you for emailing us. We always enjoy hearing from our readers."  


As someone on the autism spectrum I just wanted to tell you that your website is one of the most offensive ill-informed pieces of garbage I have ever had the displeasure of coming across. For one, calling autism an ‘epidemic’ is pretty offensive to most of us that have it and are happy with who we are. Also, vaccines don’t cause autism, I cannot believe I’m actually having to say that in 2021 but I suppose ignorance knows no timeline. If you have a conscience, you’ll stop spewing your pseudoscientific garbage and go back to tweeting nasty comments at Bill Gates and the rest of the “globalists”.

Sinovac Report

SinovacExcerpted from Epoch Times. Doesn't sound too different from what happens here in the USA. At least Europe and Canada have exercised an abundance of caution.  We hand out donuts and shame.

The Strange Sinovac Vaccine Phenomenon: Countries Report Increased Cases After Using Vaccine

By Eva Zhao

April 3, 2021 Updated: April 4, 2021

The Hong Kong government recently rolled out a large-scale vaccination plan against the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) virus, commonly known as COVID-19, but it’s been mired by frequent reports of serious adverse reactions. In just one month, 13 people died in Hong Kong after being inoculated, 11 of whom had been injected with the Sinovac vaccine, a Chinese domestically made vaccine.

The CCP has not reported a single case of serious side effects or death after it announced the administering of 100 million doses of the Sinovac vaccine in China on March 28.

But there are four strange phenomena of the Chinese Sinovac vaccine, analyzed as follows.

No Deaths Reported in China

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