When Treatment Is Shunned

Dr nassCure has been a dirty word in autism for decades. We've been carefully taught that there is no cure for autism. Treatments are only therapeutic and rarely medical. And to want a cure is to hate your child. We've seen a similar conflict during the Covid years. If you're an old timer in the biomedical autism world, you'll remember that Lupron was suggested as a treatment for high mercury to lower aggression and some of the worst autism symptoms.  In 2010, Disability Scoop called it a "Chemical castration drug,"and said What’s more they are highlighting the risks that Lupron can bring patients including heart problems, stunted growth and impotence..."  Meanwhile, and unbeknownst to most of us, The Kaiser Family Foundation gushed over the use of  Lupron as a godsend for the mental health of transgender adolescents: ...in 2008 that the Endocrine Society approved puberty suppressors as a treatment for transgender adolescents as young as 12 years old. The Society..declared that the intervention appears to be safe and effective. In 2011 the World Professional Association for Transgender Health (WPATH), also issued Standards of Care for the treatment of patients with gender dysphoria, which include puberty suppression. There are few reported side effects to this off-label use of sex hormone suppressors.

Now look at this parallel with Covid and Dr. Meryl Nass - who was sanctioned for treating patients.

How a false hydroxychloroquine narrative was created, and much more

By Dr. Meryl Nass

It is remarkable that a large series of events taking place over the past months produced a unified message about hydroxychloroquine (HCQ), and produced similar policies about the drug in the US, Canada, Australia, NZ and western Europe. The message is that generic, inexpensive hydroxychloroquine (costing only $1.00 to produce a full course) is dangerous and should not be used to treat a potentially fatal disease, Covid-19, for which there are no (other) reliable treatments.

Hydroxychloroquine has been used safely for 65 years in many millions of patients. And so the message was crafted that the drug is safe for its other uses, but dangerous when used for Covid-19. It doesn't make sense, but it seems to have worked. Read the full article here.

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Best of "Smart Power": Reasons for Disaffection in Italy, and the Destruction of the Post-War Liberal Order

Georgia maloniUpdate: Meloni has claimed victory. In 2018, measles were part of the global health campaign. in 2021, The Green Pass divided Italians. In summer 2021, Fratelli d'Italia party leader Georgia Meloni spoke out against the Green Pass. Yesterday, Italy voted, Meloni was on the ballot. John's 2018 post follows the CNN quote below. John Stone wrote "Smart Power": Reasons for Disaffection in Italy, and the Destruction of the Post-War Liberal Order.

Italians were voting Sunday in national elections in which the far-right Brothers of Italy party -- led by Giorgia Meloni -- appears poised to make big gains after the collapse of two governments since the last election. Source: CNN Italy expected to look right as voters head to polls in national election.

image from upload.wikimedia.org
by John Stone

The term "smart power" was new to me when I encountered it recently in a British Medical Journal blog as part of the new-speak vocabulary of J Stephen Morrison 'senior vice president at the Center for Strategic and International Studies and director of its Global Health Policy Center".  Morrison's article is interesting both because it discloses explicitly how 9/11 was made an opportunity  to draw health into the global security agenda of the United States while failing to understand how such a move might result in the shattering of "consensus" and the post war "Western post-war liberal order": "smart power" even if it is smart is not "liberal" and will not lead to consensus. But it also spells out that the global vaccine program has become a covert instrument of US power. If Morrison by any chance laments the passing of the centre-left government in Italy, then perhaps the White House putting Italy and its health minister, Beatrice Lorenzin, in charge of global vaccine strategy was an error

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Suggested Reading

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Thousands of Opportunities

Opportunityknocks1-287x300By Cathy Jameson

This weekend, Ronan's younger brother toured a college with my husband.  A fun guys' weekend away, the campus they were checking out has almost everything on the checklist—the major he's interested in, internship possibilities, (somewhat) affordable tuition, ideal location, and just a bit of a drive away while also being kind of close to home.  One thing would be missing though...Ronan.  

As Willem was packing his overnight bag, I asked, "Got everything?"  

He quickly said, "No, I need Ronan.  I want him to be able to come with us and also to stay with me when I live there."  

Cue the tears. 

Ronan's big sister, Fiona, has shared with us that she’s missed Ronan quite a bit since she's been away at college.  We hardly got to see her when covid restrictions were in full swing on her campus her first year away.  Thankfully, she was able to come home for every break, plus some bonus long weekends, during last school year.  Every single time she came home, she jumped right back in to help her brother. 

That, in turn, always helped me.  

With how giving of her time she was long before going away to school, I encouraged Fiona to apply for a scholarship that crossed my newsfeed.  She and I had worked hard to secure others successfully, so I was excited that she wanted to submit an essay for this one.  It would be a much, much tougher topic than some of the ones she'd written about before, but I knew she'd be up for the challenge.  

The topic?  Autism

The essay?  That second prompt:  

  • Tell us about a time that you have had to overcome an obstacle as a person with autism that other people would not have had to face.
  • Explain how your loved one’s autism has affected you and how you have adapted to help them.
  • Answer this question: What do you feel is the biggest obstacle holding back people with autism today?

Could she do it?  Yes! 

After she sat down to write it, I got a text asking for me to read it over. 

Cj opportunity 1

We sent a few messages back and forth over the next few hours as she edited.

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Reading is Still Fundamental

The more you readBooks are old friends, new friends, guides, comfort, sustenance. Some are easier to read than others. We're sharing books from experts whose work is sometimes shrouded in controversy and recently, censored. Once published, a book lives as long as it sits on a shelf, ready for the next reader. Click through the covers to read more & choose your format . Your purchase helps support our mission.  Thank you.


Special Needs Trusts or Able Accounts?

Hope and futureFinancial planning for a lifetime of care is a burden few understand outside our community. We don't get a roadmap of how to help and support our loved ones.  Rich, poor or in between, we'll have to make decisions. CTFSN is a Connecticut-based special needs organization. The seminar is from a Northwestern Mutual special needs financial planner, and the info will be applicable across the country. There are so many questions and pitfalls regarding finances before and after our children turn 18.  Kim


Special Needs Trusts or Able Accounts?
Financial Planning Workshop
Hosted by CTFSN
October 12th, 2022 | 12 :30 PM
Via Zoom
Financial Planning for the future of your child. Stephen Ehrens, CPA and Wealth Advisor from Northwestern Mutual will discuss, Estate planning considerations, Special Needs Trusts, Wills, Benefits, i.e. SSI and Medicaid, Insurance and Investments. Also, how an “ABLE Account”, will provide a tax-sheltered vehicle for your child.

Featured Speaker:
Stephen Ehrens CPA, Wealth Management Advisor for Northwestern Mutual. Specializes in financial planning for
families with children with special needs and disabilities.  To learn more about Stephen, please visit:

Please email Eric.Goldsmith@nm.com for the Zoom Link and for materials after the webinar.

Empowering Ability Presents a Life Plan Online Workshop

Lifeplan workshopTo do list:  Buy fresh fruit and toilet paper. Schedule oil change. Plan the next 60 years of life for Mia, Gianna and Isabella.

No sweat.

I saw this online workshop from Empowering Ability on Facebook, and thought it's worth sharing. As ever, I think that the autism community will find some (maybe a good deal) of planning for special needs will not work for us. Rather than be a complete Debbie Downer, I'm trying to look forward with hope and confidence that my adult daughters will have a fulfilling life.


Click Hear to Learn More from Empowering Ability

What you’ll discover in this (free) 'Life Plan Workshop':

1) Understand the REAL reasons why you're feeling stuck so that... you can move past the fears that are stopping your loved one from living their own adult life.

2) Discover "Awesome Ordinary" life possibilities so that... your loved one can have more opportunities to build more relationships, contribute in the community, gain employment, and create a home of their own.

3) Learn the 7-step proven planning pathway so that... you have clarity on the exact steps to take to support your loved one to get off the "Special Needs" path and live an "Awesome Ordinary" adult life!

**You will get this live training, plus bonus tools and resources! You'll also get access to the live training replays.

Is The Covid Pandemic Over?

ReallyChildren's Health Defense was deplatformed from Facebook and Instagram, a blow to their ability to communicate with readers around the globe. Please sign up for The Defender daily email so that you keep abreast of their work.  President Biden declared that the Pandemic is over on 60 Minutes this week. He also declared a long winter of sickness and death for the unvaccinated last year, in a grim prediction that fizzled.  CHD covers the story:


Biden Declares ‘Pandemic Is Over,’ Prompting Calls for End to ‘Absurd’ Vaccine Mandates, Federal Health Emergency

President Joe Biden’s Sept. 18 statement that the COVID-19 pandemic is “over” prompted questions about why his administration hasn’t ended the federal public health emergency and how the government or employers can continue to mandate Emergency Use Authorized vaccines.

In an interview aired Sept. 18 on “60 Minutes,” President Joe Biden declared the COVID-19 “pandemic is over,” in the first such statement by a prominent political figure in the U.S.

Biden made the comment from the North American International Auto Show in Detroit, which is being held for the first time since 2019... Read more at The Defender.

In his remarks, Biden, using the auto show as a point of reference, stated:

“We still have a problem with COVID. We’re still doing a lotta work on it … but the pandemic is over.

“If you notice, no one’s wearing masks. Everybody seems to be in pretty good shape. And so I think it’s changing. And I think this is a perfect example of it.”

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Wuhan Cover Up Book Cover
The Wuhan Cover-Up: How US Health Officials Conspired with the Chinese Military to Hide the Origins of COVID-19 (Children’s Health Defense) Available for pre-order now. 

InstaPlease? AutismAges

Hope and futureWe're on Insta, for now.  Please follow us. We're there with the Autism Ages name and a different profile pic. You can surmise why. Our Twitter has over 30,000 followers, but we've been placed in "sensitive content" mode, so our Tweets come with a warning label. We'll be promoting new books, old books we love and more on Insta. As well as excerpting and linking over to this, the flagship AofA. Social media, mobile devices have changed how and where we read. Add a bolus dose of censorship and it's a challenge to find and keep friends and readers near.  Thanks.  Kim


American Speech Language Hearing Association Denies Spelling Efficacy

Jb and jamisonWe're used to being told that autism has no treatments or cures. We've taken beatings for decades regarding therapies and medical interventions, and guess what? Despite these beatings, our morale ALWAYS improves, because we never give up and rarely listen to so called "experts" like the nudniks at the American Speech Language and Hearing Association (ASHA.)   Experts in the case of "evidence based" science are often folks who have hit the jackpot known as Insurance Reimbursements for offering the therapies that universities have been paid to study and rubber stamp by industry. My daughters had school based speech therapy from age 3 through 22. Their therapists were lovely women ( we did not have a single male speech therapist in 57 cumulative school years.)  They meant well. They imparted what they were taught. They were kind. They tried. They made ZERO headway. I mean zero. Nothing the school SLPs did boosted my girls' ability to communicate or to make their needs known. Not even the exalted iPad - with the $300 apps one friend described as dropping 100 flashcards on the floor and expecting a sentence. Even worse with school based Occupational Therapy. Or as I call it, "The Pencil Holding Guild."  Not until we had a private therapist using reflex integration did we see benefits from OT.  Work she could NOT do in a school Underestimatedbased setting.

JB Handley will tell you more about how the ASHA which is the organization that is supposed to champion communication, shuts it down.  His book, cowritten with his son Jamie, is our AofA Book Club book of the day. We're featuring books on our Instagram, and in our sidebar, which nobody sees any longer because we all read on mobile devices.


Excerpted from JB's blog, click to read the full post with video and much more ASHA tells 50 million nonspeakers, “you aren’t capable.”

September 17, 2022

PORTLAND, Oregon—We’re finishing up the filming for our new documentary, SPELLERS, a movie inspired by the book my son Jamie and I wrote in 2021 titled Underestimated: an Autism Miracle. Briefly, it's the story of the miraculous discovery my family made that our 17-year-old son Jamie was cognitively brilliant but “trapped” inside his own body. What freed him from this self-described “silent prison”? A communication method known as Spelling 2 Communicate, heretofore referred to as “S2C.” Here’s a great video primer on S2C:

Today, the miracle with Jamie continues unabated. Jamie no longer needs anyone to hold the keyboard for him. As you can see in the picture at the top of this post, Jamie is able to spell his thoughts and feelings independently, even with two cameramen filming his every move (well, you can’t actually see it yet, but trust me you will soon, that scene is in the movie!). At home, without the Hollywood klieg lights on, it gets even better: Jamie is now typing with two hands on a flat keyboard, communicating the way most of us do.

I’m guessing half the people reading this article don’t know what the ASHA acronym stands for (thanks for sticking with me!) so here you go: American Speech Language Hearing Association. Basically, it’s a trade group that represents more than 200,000 speech language pathologists, is based in Rockville, MD, and is run by a woman named Vicki Deal-Williams.

For those of you not in the autism world, Speech Language Pathologists (we call them “SLPs”) are a big deal. They work with our kids. They try to help them talk. Some of them are great, amazing people. And, those who call themselves SLPs only do so for one reason: they have received the accreditation of ASHA. These credentials allow them to refer to themselves as SLPs, and these hard-earned credentials are everything to them. Therefore, what ASHA says carries huge weight with them, and they sure don’t want their credential pulled by not marching to their tune.

And, in 2018, ASHA did something with their weight that has had a giant impact on the roughly 50 million nonspeakers in the world: they issued a proclamation stating that what my son was doing on a keyboard was a magic trick, was not coming from him, and that SLPs should run, not walk, away from ever using a letterboard and should actively discourage parents from trying S2C, too.... Read more here.

Across the Arena

ColosseumBy Cathy Jameson

I had the radio on as I drove into town by myself the other day.  Catching up on some morning news, I was quite pleased to hear the radio announcer share that, “Most Americans have turned the page on the COVID pandemic...”  I wanted to high five someone after hearing that.  Another tidbit from the poll was also encouraging. “The public’s perception of personal risk also is a low point, and people are starting to pick and choose more where they deem it necessary to take precautions like masking.” 

Good for them, I thought.

People, lots of people, dropped the masks many months ago.  I know a few who still, maybe out of an abundance of caution, have kept theirs on.  Last week, when an issue popped up that needed medical attention, I made an appointment with our doctor’s office and was sternly reminded to, ‘Bring your mask!!  It’s required to wear one!’  I had bought several washable, fabric-styled ones during the lockdown but could not honestly remember where I’d put them.  I put them away so long ago.  The only time we’ve been asked to wear one lately has been at a doctor’s office. 

Thankfully, we haven’t had the need to go to the doctor too many times. 

The radio announcer continued to another segment after reporting on the Axios.  The weather forecast would be next.  Once on the air, the meteorologist bellowed, “Across the arena, we’ll see some clear skies and lower temperatures!” 

Across the arena. 

Arena?  I’d never heard that term used to describe where I live.  But with that recent poll, and with the ever-constant news of the ever-available boosters, it did feel like I was in some sort of game.  It’s not like the Game of Life I was in, but more like The Hunger Games

CJ 9 18 hunger Cj 9 18 hunger 2

I love the Game of Life and always look forward to when the kids want to play it.  I don’t love The Hunger Games so much.  When the series came out, I shied away from it.  My fifth child was born the year the first book was released.  I was too busy to read it or get caught up in the hype.  Years later, when the movies came out, I decided to watch them.  I had limited knowledge of the storyline still but knew that it was a sort of survival story. 

Wow, it was more than that.

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Twitter Video Stirs Anger

6BD26E9E-2568-4DDA-AEA7-7762DF761C2EA video circulated on Twitter this week, said to be the home of a 12 year old boy, destroyed in an outburst, purportedly because his mother took away his phone. One would surmise that taking away the phone was a consequence of some other action. When I read the comments, I was heartsick. Most blamed MOM for not having control of her son. The leap to blaming Mom made me Tweet a show of empathy for her.  Additional comments refute the story, and a screen shot shows the Mom saying her son is 15, mentally ill, and off his medications,  6' tall and 200 lbs. The pre-pubescent Hulk. Holy cow. No matter the final facts, as Anne Dachel catalogs in her site Loss of Brain Trust, the American boy is is real trouble.

Children today are noticeably different from previous generations, and the proof is in the news coverage we see every day. This site shows you what’s happening in schools around the world. Children are increasingly disabled and chronically ill, and the education system has to accommodate them. Things we've long associated with autism, like sensory issues, repetitive behaviors, anxiety and lack of social skills, are now problems affecting mainstream students. Blame is predictably placed on bad parenting (otherwise known as trauma from home).  Anne Dachel Loss of Brain Trust.com

Addressing mental health needs is as overtaking academics for modern educators. This is an unrecognized disaster. The stories on Loss of Brain Trust are about children who can’t learn or behave like children have always been expected to. What childhood has become is a chilling portent for the future of mankind.

Raging children are a daily occurrence for many in the autism community. My daughters do not rage and destroy large swaths of the house. For this, I am grateful. I have many friends whose homes had holes in the walls, bedrooms with nothing but a mattress on the floor, and broken windows. We need training to protect ourselves from our own kids, and that's a rotten thing to have to say, but the truth.

How can "the village" short circuit this youngster's rage so that he does not worsen as he enters manhood? My main thought was that this is a school shooter developing. That's how we have to think in the USA these days. "

I hope the boy gets real help, not just medication. I wish Mom a clear path forward and gentle hands to guide her. She must be well and truly exhausted. From this we know.

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Wuhan Cover Up Book Cover
The Wuhan Cover-Up: How US Health Officials Conspired with the Chinese Military to Hide the Origins of COVID-19 (Children’s Health Defense) Available for pre-order now. 

Action Alert: Ban the Use of Electro-shock Devices in the FDA-user Free Package

Electro shockNote: Everyone in the disabilities community needs to ask friends, family, teachers, providers to send an urgent message to STOP USING ELECTRIC SHOCK on humans, often children with autism.  We've written about The Rotenberg Center many times over the years. Talk about a small world, my father played golf with Judge Ernie in Attleboro, Massachusetts. Word on the course was that he, like Judge Smails from Caddyshack, favored "the foot wedge."  (Golf talk for cheated.) Kids and adults with severe autism should never have to suffer this old, barbaric "treatment."

From The ARC:

Legislation is moving through Congress RIGHT NOW that could stop the abuse and torture of people with disabilities through electro-shock devices. This bill must pass by September 30—and your messages to Congress can help end this barbaric and inhumane practice.


Alongside experts and other disability rights organizations, The Arc has advocated to prevent people with disabilities from being tortured by shock devices at the Judge Rotenberg Center (JRC), an institution in Massachusetts for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

JRC is the only place in the country where staff members administer shocks to people with disabilities for perceived misbehavior, despite a well-established body of evidence proving that there are alternative methods for behavioral supports that do not include excessive force, pain, and fear.

This practice is painful and traumatizing to residents, and The Arc has been fighting for decades to stop it.

Take action now to help end this abuse once and for all, because people with disabilities deserve to live free from torture and fear!

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Wuhan Cover Up Book Cover
The Wuhan Cover-Up: How US Health Officials Conspired with the Chinese Military to Hide the Origins of COVID-19 (Children’s Health Defense) Available for pre-order now. 

Piles of Paperwork

A3821156-59F3-4D72-BB7A-82549C4990F0 Paper! Paper! Paper! Files! Reports! Forms! Applications! Re-applications! Lost Paper! More Paper! Many years ago, someone I used to know said I was lazy and not contributing because I didn't have a real job. AofA is certainly real. And the paperwork required and generated by my three daughters with autism could choke a herd of hungry goats. It's bad during the school years as IEPs and interim meetings and reports pile to the ceiling. If you think it ends upon graduation, I hate to give you a paper cut, but nope, it just changes. If your child receives state or Federal programming, the paperwork accelerates. Mountains of medical records, Supplemental Security Income (SSI), the Medicaid Waiver, Day program paperwork, Guardianship reports, Able account management, employment assistance, every aspect of life makes paper! And emails.

Miss a deadline? Not good. Your loved one can be dropped from an important program without your even knowing it. And no one tells you how to navigate the system. NO ONE. I know families who have every IEP in neat binders through the schools years. Scanning digital files has made record keeping a bit easier. Just don't let your hard drive crash.  Do you have a system? 

Grief in Those with Intellectual Disability

WeepJust in case you didn't have enough to worry about, this report shared by Safeminds.org hammers home our fears. Fears that are very much founded in reality. We half joke that we can never die. If only we could find a miraculous way to live just one day longer than our children in their golden years. Maybe holograms will be affordable.

Grief Symptoms Are Often Prolonged and Onset of Symptoms Delayed in Those with ID

Losing a loved one is one of the most painful and distressing experiences that people encounter. Most individuals experience a typical bereavement period where they face feelings of sorrow, numbness, and anger. Gradually, these emotions fade. However, for some individuals, these feelings of loss are debilitating, long-lasting, and do not improve over time. This agonizing condition is known as complicated grief (CG). A new systematic literature review has investigated how this phenomenon affects individuals with intellectual disabilities (ID). The review’s key finding indicates that CG is prevalent in people with ID and is even more frequent in these individuals compared to the general population (33% vs. 9.8%). The review’s authors highlight that CG is a clinically significant condition within the ID population and suggest that doctors should be aware of the diagnosis. The study also discovered that grief symptoms for those with ID are often prolonged, and the onset of symptoms can be delayed. Consequently, due to these factors, CG is likely to be missed or misdiagnosed. Additionally, the review discovered that people with ID experience both traumatic grief and separation distress symptoms. However, separation distress symptoms are more frequent, highlighting possible vulnerabilities to attachment difficulties. Ultimately, the review calls for the development of valid and reliable CG assessment/screening tools for people with ID. These tools will allow for the accurate identification of CG cases and are crucial for developing appropriate treatment in this particular population. 

Aging and Autism A Treacherous Path: CA State Agency Failing People with All Disabilities

Locked doorAnne Dachel transcribed a chilling report from California on the perils adults with disabilities and their families face. Competing interests are everywhere. Control of budgets, often well into 6 figures, comes into play. If you have applied for Guardianship or Conservatorship, you know the agony of the process. This story delves into how wrong the process can go.

California state agency failing people with disabilities | abc10.com


ABC 10 Sacramento

Andie Judson Deborah Findley Tom Coleman

Aug 31, 2022,

Deborah Findley’s son, Andrew, grew up with serious health problems, including autism, Lyme disease, and other conditions. Now 21, he is severely disabled and requires 24-hour care.

When he turned 18, his mother was advised to seek a conservatorship for him. That’s a way for someone to assume legal guardianship over an adult incapable of caring for themselves. Being his conservator would allow her to make medical decisions on his behalf, along with other choices regarding his care.

But when she and her husband petitioned the court to become Andrew’s conservators, they got a nasty surprise.

California’s Department of Developmental Services filed a competing petition. The department said that DDS should be Andrew’s conservator because of alleged abuse by his parents. The judge followed the agency’s recommendation and Andrew’s parents were shut out of his care.

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Read The Wuhan Cover Up by Robert Kennedy, Jr.

Wuhan Cover Up Book CoverThose who never get to learn history are doomed to re-live it. Robert Kennedy's bold, new book takes the reader to Wuhan. You can pre-order it. We'll update you regularly between now and the December publication date.

The Wuhan Cover-Up: How US Health Officials Conspired with the Chinese Military to Hide the Origins of COVID-19 (Children’s Health Defense)

Happy Day Service Providers Week!

D6C4BFEC-9050-43A8-8E8E-D74C02735901In my daughters’ Day Service Program, this is DSP Appreciation Week. A DSP is a Day Service Provider, akin to a paraprofessional at school. They are the 1:1 staff who are with our adult children at their programs. Those who have a program. Their work is hard. Their pay is low.  Here in expensive Fairfield County Connecticut, the rate is $17.53 an hour.  Hiring is extremely difficult. as you can imagine. Many programs are turning down the severely behavioral individuals because they are A) difficult to staff and B) not profitable. They are autistic. Once a student ages out of school at age 22, there is NO LEGAL MANDATE to provide any services or supports.  No IDEA. No FAPE.  I'm bringing breakfast for the staff on Thursday. I wish I could do more. I need every one of them. Today, tomorrow and long after I'm gone.

Below is my comment on Facebook in response to the post by their post.  I hope I made my point to “everyone” who reads it. Looks up at corner office…


Racing to the kitchen to start baking treats! I wish I could hide $100 in every cupcake - a good DSP is worth his or her weight in gold. We send our adult children with hope and a prayer they will be meaningfully and age appropriately engaged, cared for with tender hands, provided opportunities for growth and laughter and most of all, respected as adults. Day program is NOT residential, it’s not babysitting. I like to say the program is my daughters' JOB. It requires planning, structure, routine, and engaging days. WE KNOW how difficult it can be to work with our family members. Often frustrating. Painful even. Most of us bear the battle scars to show for our love. The DSP offers Mom a brief respite so we can WORK, have a cup of coffee in an open mug (LOL) and...function. DSPs deserve a higher pay rate than the state and agencies provide. I'll take fewer VPs and more DSPs to run a smooth program. For now, I can send cupcakes. XOX

What Is the Countermeasures Injury Compensation Program?


Product liabilityDr. Tom Frieden urged Americans to get their bivalent Covid vaccine and booster yesterday on Twitter. I kindly let him and his followers know about Wayne Rohde's 15 week class starting this week through IPAK-EDU on the Countermeasures Injury Compensation Program.  This is the program that absolves corporations whose products harm Americans during a Pandemic. You can take the course both live and in a recorded version.

 IPAK-EDU on the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program and the Countermeasures Injury Compensation Program used for emergency authorized biologics.

In this course, students will learn the structure, function and defects of the programs in the US created by Congress to award compensation to adults and children potentially and actually harmed or killed by vaccines. We will review a variety of important topics, review case histories. This course is for parents and lawyers new to US vaccine injury compensation programs.

Read the course description and register here.

Taught by Wayne Rohde, author of Vaccine Court, this class is available through The Online private University, IPAK-EDU.  Many of us KNOW what these programs are - but we don't know the details of their inception and execution.  The knowledge can boost your conversations with, trolls, BOTS, family and friends - just THINK of the Thanksgiving table arguments you can start! You might just get the whole pumpkin pie to yourself. XOX


Read More and Register HERE.

The National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program & Countermeasures Injury Compensation Program

15-week, 1 hour course, both live and on demand

  • reading list will be provided 2 weeks prior to each week’s topic of discussion.
  • Q&A will be reserved for the last 15 minutes of each class
  • Weekly topics can be changed, added or removed by class suggestion.

Email: wrohde@comcast.net

Course Objectives

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Everything Changed

School budgetBy Cathy Jameson

I’d just had a short conversation with a young girl who’s in grade school.  A typically happy child, I was sad to see that her usual smile had been replaced.  She’d shared that she’d been disappointed about something and then looked up at me. 

“Mrs. Jameson?” she quietly paused.  “Everything changed.  Why did it have to change?”

Compared to last year, things had changed.  I thought for the better.  In her young mind, though, there’d been too many changes and in a short amount of time.  It was too much for her.  It confused her, it saddened her, and I could see a physical change in her because of it. 

For many districts last year, when the 2021 school year began, students were social distancing, sneeze guards were being used in classrooms, and masks were required by all.  Students and faculty tippy toed into that school year, trying not to breathe too big a sigh of relief.   But for many, it was progress just being in the building.  And full-time, too!  Some teachers were still limited in what materials they could use to teach lessons (i.e., math manipulatives, science lab equipment, shared art supplies), but they, being naturally creative, made things work.   

Other places were not so fortunate. 

Some schools remain closed.  Or were only open part-time.  Or were only open for small groups of students at a time.  Or had kept the intense restrictions that other localities had long removed.  Children, including the ones not affected by those latter protocols, were understandably confused.  The adults were making decisions that didn’t make sense.  My own children have expressed how awful that time was for them. 

“One week we did things a new way, the next week we had to do something else.  They’d tell us to hang on, only one more month, maybe, and then we’d be back to normal.  But that month would go by, and we’d still be waiting for things to go back to normal…or at least to get better. 

It never felt like it would ever get better.”

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Communication Means Freedom to Shine

Charles Mury NVN
Source www.nine.com.au/

"All people with autism are smart and deserve respect even if they cannot communicate." Charles Mury

Many individuals with autism are using a letterboard to communicate with heart swelling success. This story from Australia profiles the meteoric success of using a keyboard for a young man who was "assumed" to have the intellect of a Kindergartener.   The professionals in Speech, Occupation Therapy and Behavior could be doing so much more - work that would change the course of a life.  We MUST press schools to presume competence.  Charles is quoted: All people with autism are smart and deserve respect even if they cannot communicate".  Parents can not do everything.  We are only human.  But we never give up. Congratulations to Charles Mury and his diligent Mom.


A New South Wales student who was once unable to communicate has earned a prestigious education award.

Charles Mury was among an elite group of 40 selected to receive a minister's award for excellence, open to students across the state's public education system.

Education Minister Sarah Mitchell said Charles was the first ever recipient on the autism spectrum.

He was diagnosed with autism before he turned three and years of therapy followed.

At 16, Charles he was regarded as having the academic ability of a kindergarten student.

"The level of communication was highly limited, only some gestures of what he wanted and what he needed," father Chris Mury said.

Charles' mother, Melanie, said process had been "glacial" before her son had a breakthrough 18 months ago, which experts said was triggered by the emotion of his grandmother's funeral.

"We had a very long meltdown and in desperation I said to him 'help us help you'," Melanie said.

"(I gave him) pen, paper, and we had our very first conversation."

From that point on, Charles' words and ideas have flowed and flourished, with the help of his teachers at Metford's Hunter River Community School.

Now at the age of 18, Charles has finally found his voice with the help of a computer.

"Communication has changed my life for the best. It has saved my life," he told NBN News.

"All people with autism are smart and deserve respect even if they cannot communicate."

  Read the full news report & watch the video here.

Monarchy: Pressures and Discretion

5F800212-F5CC-4E55-B9A8-2CF47402590EBy John Stone

“Prayers for Elizabeth and her family and all concerned. Lets pray for wisdom and divine intelligence in the transition underway.” (Catherine Austin Fitts)

This is from a letter I wrote to BMJ on-line concerning informed  consent in October 2020:

…I have viewed with concern the idea floated in The Times by Heidi Larson of the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine that the Queen could be called on to boost trust in coronavirus vaccine … Would such a promotional exercise really be an appropriate place to start in accepting any of the new products, either for her or for us?

Surely it is imperative that any individual choices are made on the basis of fully informed consent and not collective or political pressure, and this tolerance of individual autonomy is recognised for all vaccines. The recent Cumberlege review has recognised in principle where such pressures could lead… and it is hard to see why vaccines should be exempt. Nor should anyone be labelled an “anti-vaxxer”, least of all by the Prime Minister, because they do not jump into line…

Sadly, less than two years later with both the Queen and her consort - who were generally held to be devotees of homeopathy - are no longer with us, we can safely say we have witnessed one of the ugliest, most inappropriate and manipulative episodes in the history of humanity. In fact, nobody could ever have given informed consent because not only had the products not been adequately trialled, no one really knew what was in them.

Much concern must now focus on her successor King Charles: the United Kingdom is supposed to be a constitutional monarchy and the monarch above politics yet Charles has been a proponent of World Economic Forum policy and prominently helped launch the so-called Great Reset. This engages with policies which have never been democratically discussed or openly spoken about -  which pose a threat to the life, liberty and wealth of ordinary people -  and even if they had been they ought to lie outside a constitutional monarch’s remit. Notably, it involves the transference of wealth from ordinary people to a super-class encapsulated in the statement “You’ll own nothing and be happy”. Much of this transference has already happened with Covid lockdowns.

When neither mainstream politicians or media will talk about these matters it is time for the public at large to ask questions.

The Elephant In The Classroom

Sickest-generation-ebookAnne Dachel has covered the skyrocketing rates of students in special education for more than a decade. On her site Loss of Brain Trust she's catalogs thousands of articles from around the world.  Age of Autism was founded by Dan Olmsted and Mark Blaxill as a blog to explore the autism epidemic in a then new way, as a man-made epidemic. Fifteen years later, the numbers have not abated. Children are chronically ill and the normal milestones of childhood development have been left behind.  Pediatrics has presided over a new normal of sickness and delayed (if ever accomplished) development. Perhaps you see this change in your work, among your friends children, and of course, many of us see it in our own homes.

Children's Health Defense has launched a publishing arm that will print and e-publish books mainstream publishers have shunned  for more than twenty years. We invite you to download and share The Sickest Generation: The Facts Behind the Children’s Health Crisis and Why It Needs to End

Children are the key to a successful future and a prosperous nation, yet American children have never been sicker with a vast array of chronic illnesses. Elephant-in-the-Classroom

In 2011 54% of children had at least one of 20 chronic health conditions;

Life expectancy is falling and infant mortality is rising. U.S. children are 76% more likely to die before their first birthday than infants in other wealthy countries;

A study conducted from 2001-2004 found that half of U.S. youth (ages 13-18) had been diagnosed with at least one mental, emotional, and/or behavioral disorder;

Top military leaders report seven in ten young Americans aged 17-24 are unfit to serve in the U.S. military because of obesity, asthma, hearing and eyesight problems and mental illness.

Evidence Based Means MONEY

Goose-and-golden-egg-017This is a heck of an article at Safeminds. How many of us begged, borrowed and bankrupted ourselves to get the EVIDENCE BASED ABA therapy that Pediatricians recommended. 20 hours a week. 30 hours a week. School services. It should come as no surprise that the GOLD standard is actually made of gold. Disgusting as ever. Jaded? You betcha.


Some Claim the Pressure of Billing Hours is Degrading the Quality of ABA Services

The role of private equity companies is to invest money for wealthy individuals, university endowments, and pension funds. These firms intend to make more money for their clients through private investments than what could be made by investing in the stock market. In 2015, private investments in behavioral health totaled $120 million. According to industry analysis, five years later, that amount had grown to $1.2 billion.

Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) has long been considered the gold standard for autism treatment. The therapy is considered such a staple that every state mandates its coverage. In the past decade, there has been a rapid increase in private equity firms investing in ABA providers. With 1 in 44 children on the spectrum and the promise of state-mandated insurance reimbursement, ABA therapy has become a lucrative market for these investors.

However, many question whether this infusion of private equity funds is good for ABA. Since big business has become involved with ABA, families and clinicians are starting to be disillusioned with the therapy and the industry supporting it. Both parties point to financial investors’ fixation on profit and say it has degraded the quality of services that many children receive. Parents complain that ABA, which should be tailored to each child, has become “cookie cutter.” This one-size-fits-all approach allows bigger providers to save money on time-intensive assessments by using treatment plans that were simply copied from other clients. But that reuse goes against the highly individualized treatment plans that ABA is supposed to deliver. One clinician said that time-saving practices made her feel like a “billing machine, trying to make as much money for private equity as possible.” A former ABA provider employee shed more light on this practice and said that private-equity-owned companies would set billing quotas, reward top billers with bonuses, and question any holes in their schedules.

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We are Looking At A Winter of Severe Prices and Struggle

901BE83A-185C-4BD3-8D44-0EB51B4350E2About 9 months ago, the President of the United States issued a stark, morose message to Americans, casting us into two groups. Not Democrat and Republican, as one might expect. But vaccinated and unvaccinated.

“For unvaccinated, we are looking at a winter of severe illness and death… for themselves, their families and the hospitals they’ll soon overwhelm,” Biden continued. “But there’s good news. If you’re vaccinated, and you have your booster shot, you’re protected from severe illness and death, period.”

In the Age of Autism Community, we believe in medical freedom and choice for readers and for your children. We have readers who were compelled to take the Covid vaccine, and readers who will never take one. All welcome. We know that President Biden's words did not come true, neither the praise nor the punishment.

Today, in the colder climates, we are looking at a Winter of severe prices and struggle.  Autism families are not exempt from the vagaries of the economy, in fact, I think we are hit harder than most. Autistic adults who rely on Supplemental Security Income live below the poverty line unless someone (raise your hand with me) subsidizes them. Inflation is catastrophic for the autistic.

 AofA is "Headquartered" (yes, you may chortle) in Connecticut. We're in the region called New England, and our weather has cold, snowy and icy winters. We're also one of the oldest regions in the country; our homes are ancient by standards in most other areas of the country and converting to natural gas is often expensive and impossible. According to Massachusetts statistics, 48% of residents heat their homes with fuel oil, electricity, propane and wood, with fuel oil having the largest share behind natural gas. I decided to look at the price of fuel oil in my area. The last time we saw such high prices was in 2014. A fuel oil tank holds 275 gallons. A full tank fill this week will cost $1262.25. Usage averages 10 gallons a DAY in the dead of winter. That's less than a month of fuel. One thousand two hundred and sixty two dollars a month. The average Social Security benefit for the elderly is just over $1500. The highest SSI benefit is just over $800. 

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IPAK-EDU Course on the Countermeasures Injury Compensation Program

Product liabilityWe need you to know about this 15 week University level course beginning on September 13 from IPAK-EDU on the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program and the Countermeasures Injury Compensation Program used for emergency authorized biologics.

In this course, students will learn the structure, function and defects of the programs in the US created by Congress to award compensation to adults and children potentially and actually harmed or killed by vaccines. We will review a variety of important topics, review case histories. This course is for parents and lawyers new to US vaccine injury compensation programs.

Read the course description and register here.

Taught by Wayne Rohde, author of Vaccine Court, this class is available through The Online private University, IPAK-EDU.  Many of us KNOW what these programs are - but we don't know the details of their inception and execution.  The knowledge can boost your conversations with, trolls, BOTS, family and friends - just THINK of the Thanksgiving table arguments you can start! You might just get the whole pumpkin pie to yourself. XOX


Read More and Register HERE.

The National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program & Countermeasures Injury Compensation Program

15-week, 1 hour course, both live and on demand

  • reading list will be provided 2 weeks prior to each week’s topic of discussion.
  • Q&A will be reserved for the last 15 minutes of each class
  • Weekly topics can be changed, added or removed by class suggestion.

Email: wrohde@comcast.net

Course Objectives

  • Understanding of Terms and Acronyms within Program.
  • Basic understanding of legal recourse of injury prior to NVICP.
  • Why did Congress pass NCVIA of 1986 and components of the Act?
  • Early years of the NVICP and amendments to the Act.
  • 1995 & 1997 – radical changes to the Program.
  • Understanding of Congressional hearings.
  • US Supreme Court rulings including Bruesewitz, Cloer and Whitecotton
  • Courts use of Omnibus proceedings. Not just Autism.
  • Mechanisms to add vaccines to the Program.
  • What is the Advisory Commission for Childhood Vaccines (ACCV).
  • Special Masters, DOJ attorneys, HHS, HRSA and the Federal Courts.
  • The Vaccine Injury Trust Fund.
  • Understanding of Table Injuries vs non-Table Injuries.
  • How to prove causation.
  • When did adult vaccines become part of the Program?
  • How to access court decisions, appeals and opinions.
  • Petitioner attorneys, fees and medical experts
  • Compensation
  • Data from court decisions
  • The CounterMeasures Injury Compensation Program & COVID
  • Basic review of The PREP Act and Public Health Emergency declarations

Week 1 – General Overview of the NVICP, the purpose and what did the Act establish. Brief review of why Congress passed the NCVIA.

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Millions Against Medical Mandates Asks Why Pediatric Health Has Plunged

We are not alone in the autismn community. Millions of fellow citizens are wide awake to the grossly diminished stage called childhood. These folks are our friends, even if most are not directly involved with autism. Please join Millions Against Medical Mandates for a plethora of information and support.

Dear MAMM Community, 

Why has the physical and mental health of our children continued to worsen? Why, for instance, were only 12% of our kids experiencing chronic illnesses in the 1980s and now well over half of them are suffering from one or more of these conditions including asthma, obesity, cancer, heart disease, autism, type 2 diabetes, and autoimmune illnesses?  The idea that this is the “new normal” is a total “cop out” and blaming it on genetics is way too simplistic. 

In our feature article written by MAMM's Collaborative Communication Committee, Nate Doromal, he explores some areas steeped in science and common sense to find real answers to this critical question. 

We know that pHARMa (at best) only provides band-aid approaches to health problems.  Manufacturers of toxic chemicals could not care less about the damage they are causing to us and our children by permeating our air, food, and water with their poisons, and, unfortunately (as we saw with the COVID response), our public health system lacks depth of understanding and commitment to getting to the root cause and finding common sense solutions to address health issues.  The truth is, we (all of us) must face the task at hand.  Our children’s health and their future are up to us!

Speaking of solutions, make sure to watch The Toxic Truth About Food and What You can Do About It as well as Dr. Northrup's epic new video interview.

MAMM is dedicated to educating, equipping and empowering MILLIONS so together we can create a saner, freer and healthier future!  

Best of: A Shawshank Moment of Confusion

Hope is a good thingCathy has the long weekend off with her family.

By Cathy Jameson

My jaw dropped as I listened to a phone message that came in over a week ago.  It was from a woman who works at an agency that helps us secure services for Ronan. 

“Hi, Mrs. Jameson.  I’m So-and-So from the agency.  In reviewing Ronan’s renewal paperwork, I think I see an error.  I really need you to call me back as soon as you are able so I can go over it with you.  On the form, it looks like you indicated that Ronan was not living full-time in your home.  Instead, it looks like you indicated that he is living in prison.  We cannot continue services if he really is in prison…so, you really need to call me right away because we need to terminate services if his residency has changed.”

Stunned, I hung up the phone. 

Prison?  Are you kidding me?!  Here’s right here next to me!  What the heck did I check off on that form?? 

I’ve made mistakes before, but not one as bad as this one.  Looking at the clock, I realized it was too late to return the call and speak to Ms. So-and-So.  The office was already closed for the day.  I would be able to leave a message, though, and quickly did that. 

Hi, this is Cathy Jameson.  I just heard your message and can assure you that Ronan lives at home.  He has never been in nor has he ever lived in prison.  He lives full-time in our house and is right here next to me.  I’m not sure which box was checked off indicating otherwise, so please, please call me back as soon as you are able.  If I do not answer the home phone, please, please, please try my mobile phone…thank you.

After hanging up, I racked my brain trying to remember when it was that I filled out that paperwork.  It would’ve been months ago.  Think.  Think.  Think!  After a few minutes, I remembered.  I’d received a packet from their office back in the spring and recalled that it was pages and pages long.  I try to keep a copy of every form that we’re required to fill out, so went to my office to hunt down that copy.  Looking through the files, I thought, Wait a minute…I didn’t fill out that paperwork.  I called that information in! 

I had the option to either fill it out and mail it in or call the agency with the information.  Opting to call it in, I waited until all the kids were out of the house.  That way, I wouldn’t be interrupted while I was on the phone.  I remembered that I spoke to a young representative who went section by section with me – together, we updated Ronan’s stats, to include that he lived full-time at home with his family!  If someone on their end messed up my son’s benefits, I would be more livid than I already was.  I could do nothing more about it until I got a call back, so I tried to focus on what I needed to do next – pack for an end-of-the-summer quick trip to the beach. 

Friday morning while driving to Surfers' Healing (which is always one of the best weekends ever for our little family!) we had lots of time to talk in the car.  I told the kids about the phone call and how shocked I was to hear that they thought Ronan was a jailbird.  Can you imagine… Ronan behind bars!  We had a good laugh, but then things got a little bit serious. 

“Will he really lose his benefits, Mom?” one of the kids asked. 

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Tomorrow's Child Today

Tomorrows childI have been a Ray Bradbury devotee since I read my first short story in high school. Bradbury was the prolific science fiction author whose work captured the soul of humanity in every story. You might know him as the author of Something Wicked This Way Comes and Farenheit 451 (the temperature at which books burn) and other famous novels. In today's divisive political climate, both "sides" are claiming to be the Guy Montag, the rescuer of content.  Fahrenheit 451 is a 1953 dystopian novel by American writer Ray Bradbury. ...the novel presents a future American society where books are outlawed and "firemen" burn any that are found. The lead character, Guy Montag, is a fireman who becomes disillusioned with his role of censoring literature and destroying knowledge, eventually quitting his job and committing himself to the preservation of literary and cultural writings.  (Source, Wiki)

Tomorrow's Child is about a couple who use the newest science available to birth their baby. A machine that takes the atoms of the baby in utero, scrambles them out, and reassembles them without mother having to go through the hardship of labor and delivery. Except.....  the machine, the trusted science of Dr. OBGYN, goes badly wrong, and Peter and Polly's baby is born as if in another dimension. Their son is a bright blue pyramid with squiggly tentacles.  The doctor explains the mishap in sterile, quiet tones. SCIENCE is God today, but whose science? And what has technology done for and to our children? 

The story was brought to life in Ray Bradbury Theatre in a rather stilted, odd version of Bradbury's beautifully written prose.  I recall reading the short story when I was about 20 years old.  I suppose I thought it was fanciful and dreadful, imagine having a blue pryamid instead of a flesh and blood human baby! Life has a sense of humor. My own daughters, beautiful humans, are like blue pyramids.  Round pegs in a world of square holes.

Order a Big Red Safety Teacher Toolkit from National Autism Association

Teacher-toolkit-image-lrNo one looks out for our kids' (young and old) safety like NAA>

The National Autism Association’s Big Red Safety Teacher Toolkit® is a free-of-charge safety toolkit for educators in need of wandering-prevention tools.

Please review all of the information below before submitting your application.

To apply for an NAA Big Red Safety Teacher Toolkit®, you must:

  • Be a school administrator, teacher or aide working with individuals with an autism diagnosis.
  • Be employed at a school within the U.S. and provide the school address for shipping. (Homeschool programs are not eligible for this toolkit, please apply for a Big Red Safety Box.)
  • Agree to the terms and conditions stated in the application.
  • Apply only once. Multiple requests cannot be processed, limit one toolkit per school.

1st Day Blues

EA7A2714-E180-40FB-90A6-7DA08B8DCC31The 1st days of school photos are taking over Facebook. For autism families, this is a tough time of seeing the differences. We do not think our kids are less. Still, it stings to watch the preschool gap grow into a chasm year after year. And we are allowed to admit our truth. I see you, autism family. All of you.


How to Avoid Twitticism

494B273A-5B96-4DF5-8EC7-9391A4C1B438Twitter asks with such earnest intent, "Do YOU know how to spot misinformation?" They want to help enable free expression and dialogue. That's why EVERY Tweet we send out from this site has a SENSITIVE CONTENT brown paper envelope warning on it.  We can tweet a photo of puppies cavorting in a field of daisies while pink clouds rain M&MS down to the cotton candy grass - SENSITIVE CONTENT!  We only remove content if it's harmful...   And that's the problem. Information about autism from A to Z is important to our readers. That includes information about vaccination choice, we're one of the LAST autism organizations that still actively discusses the topics on social media. And the organizations that want to discuss vaccine injury often avoid talking about autism. We're a liability. Makes me hanker for a plate of worms....  Nobody loves us... It's also a risk to me personally. AofA is my passion and my small living.

So what is "harmful" info?  Back in the 1980s, we had the best answer you'll ever find: "...Potter Stewart, Associate justice of the Supreme Court from 1958 to 1981, is frequently remembered for his famous nondefinition of obscenity: “I know it when I see it.” 

We know what's harmful. We know it because we LIVE it.   Follow us on Twitter - ReTweet us  Share us. Thanks.

15 Week Course on How Pharmaceutical Vaccine Liability Falls to the Consumer Courtesy of Uncle Sam

Product liabilityWe need you to know about this 15 week University level course beginning on September 13 from IPAK-EDU on the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program and the Countermeasures Injury Compensation Program used for emergency authorized biologics.

In this course, students will learn the structure, function and defects of the programs in the US created by Congress to award compensation to adults and children potentially and actually harmed or killed by vaccines. We will review a variety of important topics, review case histories. This course is for parents and lawyers new to US vaccine injury compensation programs.

Read the course description and register here.

Taught by Wayne Rohde, author of Vaccine Court, this class is available through The Online private University, IPAK-EDU.  Many of us KNOW what these programs are - but we don't know the details of their inception and execution.  The knowledge can boost your conversations with, trolls, BOTS, family and friends - just THINK of the Thanksgiving table arguments you can start! You might just get the whole pumpkin pie to yourself. XOX


Read More and Register HERE.

The National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program & Countermeasures Injury Compensation Program

15-week, 1 hour course, both live and on demand

  • reading list will be provided 2 weeks prior to each week’s topic of discussion.
  • Q&A will be reserved for the last 15 minutes of each class
  • Weekly topics can be changed, added or removed by class suggestion.

Email: wrohde@comcast.net

Course Objectives

  • Understanding of Terms and Acronyms within Program.
  • Basic understanding of legal recourse of injury prior to NVICP.
  • Why did Congress pass NCVIA of 1986 and components of the Act?
  • Early years of the NVICP and amendments to the Act.
  • 1995 & 1997 – radical changes to the Program.
  • Understanding of Congressional hearings.
  • US Supreme Court rulings including Bruesewitz, Cloer and Whitecotton
  • Courts use of Omnibus proceedings. Not just Autism.
  • Mechanisms to add vaccines to the Program.
  • What is the Advisory Commission for Childhood Vaccines (ACCV).
  • Special Masters, DOJ attorneys, HHS, HRSA and the Federal Courts.
  • The Vaccine Injury Trust Fund.
  • Understanding of Table Injuries vs non-Table Injuries.
  • How to prove causation.
  • When did adult vaccines become part of the Program?
  • How to access court decisions, appeals and opinions.
  • Petitioner attorneys, fees and medical experts
  • Compensation
  • Data from court decisions
  • The CounterMeasures Injury Compensation Program & COVID
  • Basic review of The PREP Act and Public Health Emergency declarations

Week 1 – General Overview of the NVICP, the purpose and what did the Act establish. Brief review of why Congress passed the NCVIA.

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Blame Blame Bo Bame: Tucker Carlson on Trump's Jab

Operation warp speedNote: Operation Warp speed was President Trump's pride and joy. All that was missing was a Superzero cape that had Pfizer, Moderna and J&J on the back. The President-elect who was going to appoint Bobby Kennedy to a Vaccine Safety Committee and drain the swamp, flooded the swamp for pharma. President Biden happily took the baton and has kept the program going and going and going and..... Everything is politicized today. You can't flip a coin without one side complaining about the other. Anne Dachel shares the transcript from Tucker Carlson's program. Blame blame bo bame banana fana fo fame fee fi mo mame blame.

Aug 25, 2022, Fox  News: 

TUCKER CARLSON: Democrats are trying to shift blame about the COVID-19 vaccine to Trump

Tucker Carlson exposes the side effects of the COVID-19 vaccine - and how Democrats are now blaming Trump

Well, they finally got Big Orange. You were starting to think it could never happen. How could it happen? Once you accused a man of racism, fascism, sexism, embezzlement, perjury, sex crimes, mental illness, treason (The last of which, by the way, is a death penalty offense, let us remind you) and then you impeach him twice on related grounds and after that, you send the FBI to his home to seize a handwritten welcome letter from Barack Obama, which turns out to be a state secret possession of which is a serious felony. 

After you do all of that and they have, you wouldn't think there'd be a lot left to accuse the guy of. You'd think they'd have run out of sins, but no, it turns out there's one left and it's the big one.

The crime of all crimes, an offense so diabolical, so morally repugnant, so contrary to the laws of God and nature that once revealed to the public, Donald Trump is done forever. He will never again darken the door of American democracy. He will slink back in shame to his lair off the fifth tee to prepare for his well-deserved punishment. We won't see him again until sentencing. That's how bad this is. What, ladies and gentlemen, did Donald Trump do? We can now tell you. Donald Trump created the COVID vaccine. He did that himself and on purpose, with malice aforethought.

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Don’t Fall for It

BarnumBy Cathy Jameson

In the beginning, Pfizer advertised that Science Will Win.  Back in 2020, it sounded like all of Science would work together to overcome the pandemic.  Fast forward to last week. 

It looks like Science doesn’t want to play in the same sandbox anymore. 

Moderna is going after Pfizer, suing them for vaccine patent infringement.  When I heard that news, I immediately thought of two bullies on a playground.  Bullies think they can do whatever they want.  Sometimes they get what they want by force.  Sometimes others assist them in their goal.  Moderna and Pfizer, with the help from the US government, gained billions in a short amount of time.  Countless mandates, encouraged by the government, helped those two companies stay ‘leader of the pack’ even today. 

Pfizer’s Comirnaty brought in more than $36 billion in sales globally last year, and analysts expect it to bring in nearly $33 billion this year, according to FactSet.


Moderna Inc. booked $17.6 billion in revenue from its vaccine last year. Analysts project more than $21 billion in 2022.

Using similar tactics as last year, the government predicted “a pretty sizeable wave of infections” again this fall and winter.  It would not be surprising if both of those pharmaceutical companies’ profits increased.  That’ll happen when updated covid booster get approved. 

The U.S. has a contract to buy 105 million of the Pfizer doses and 66 million Moderna ones, assuming FDA gives the green light.

Even though other manufacturers joined the warpseed-race to create and sell their own liability-free products, like the less popular Jansen and the now-available Novavax the now-at-odds pharma giants garnered all the attention. 

The Pfizer and Moderna vaccines deliver genetic instructions for the body to make copies of the spike protein. The lesser-used Johnson & Johnson option uses a cold virus to deliver those instructions.

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I Was Profiled! Call the PClice!

305DA754-4FB8-4228-AD05-76B3B98CC461From the "Like we NEED any reminders that WE and our kids are growing older" files."

I was profiled yesterday at the dollarish store called 5 Below. I bought tickets to Sesame Street live last Spring and Meta (Mark Ickerberg et al) must know that we are a Sesame Street family because of it. I refer, of course, to CLASSIC and VINTAGE Sesame Street, back when they taught ABCs, 123s, kindness, sharing, respect for all people and that it was perfectly OK to eat nothing but cookies. We call that the good old days.  Anyhoo.....  5 Below kept showing me ads for a terrific Have a Happy Day T  on my Insta feed. Today, I stopped into a brick and mortar store (look it up kids!) to buy the shirt for my daughter's birthday in a couple of weeks. Here comes the triggered moment!  Grab a hankie. Lock and load your outrage. Start melting, oldflakes!

I found a row of T-shirts (not Sesame Street) and picked one up to take a peek at the graphic. A clerk who was unloading boxes next to me hopped up and said, "Those Are Cropped Shirts!"  Really, Missy?  Are you saying that I am too old for cropped T-shirts??  (Narrator: She IS too old for crop tops.) I smiled and said, "I'm looking for my young, thin daughter."  I laughed out loud as I shopped. Miss B ages out at 22 on her birthday. That's the biggest reminder out there that the years are flying by and that my life is indeed growing cropped.



The Last First

1D53EACB-8529-44EF-922B-2677B6B308F5These are my girls’ school photos the year Age of Autism was launched. We debuted in November of 2007, and announced AofA at the National Autism Association conference in Atlanta, Georgia. Dan Olmsted won an award for his work on behalf of the vaccine injury community.

Yesterday was my youngest’s last first day of school. She turns 22 next month. I don’t agree that time flies. It seems to have gone on and on and on forever in a blur of work, struggle, conquest, tears, laughter, work, struggle, laughter, tears, hopes, dreams, disappointments, change and more change all topped off with a never ending dollop of worry. I rather agree with my older daughters' facial expression assessment during their photo shoot. "Hmmm, not too sure about this."

I had conversation last week with a friend whose son turns 18 on the same day that B turns 22. She is struggling with yet another milestone that is so different for many of our kids, compared to their typical peers. From this we know. I hope I was able to tell her that it's OK to grieve and mourn what we thought our kids' paths would be, all while still adoring and accepting them exactly where they are today. And that every milestone can be painful, from diagnosis, to leaving for Early Intervention, to Kindergarten, Middle School, High School, Transition and then into adult services. It's tough. It hurts like hell. And that's OK. That's our journey. We travel together, here at Age of Autism.

Health Freedom Defense Fund Helps Disney Worker Sue For Mandate Discrimination

Disney tvThank you to Leslie Manookian for her work on behalf of medical freedom.

Health Freedom Defense Fund Helps Disney Worker To Sue Company For Discrimination, Harassment & Hostile Work Environment Over Vaccine Mandate

Health Freedom Defense Fund (HFDF) is supporting a Disney television employee in suing the company, detailing severe discrimination and harassment tied to her decision not to get the COVID-19 vaccine as required by a company mandate.  The lawsuit details an intolerable workplace environment, including anti-religious and political bias, tied solely to the worker’s declination of the vaccine. 

Pamela Petroff, an employee at 20th Television Animation, a unit of Disney Television Studios in Burbank, CA, alleges in her suit that her conscience-based decision to decline the COVID-19 vaccine triggered a series of illegal and discriminatory actions.  The suit also details the publicly stated bias of her supervisor, Disney producer Kara Vallow, against Christians, Republicans, and those who choose not to be vaccinated against COVID.

“Disney has never required that individuals get a shot to work for it,” Scott Street, an attorney for Ms. Petroff, stated. “It never even required such medical information before the COVID pandemic, recognizing that California law prohibits employers from conditioning employment on medical conformity.”

Among other things, Disney has threatened Ms. Petroff with termination and denied her work opportunities, including remote work, that it makes available to others. She was also subject to escalating personal harassment and ordered to remove the American flag from a flyer because “the flag could offend people.”

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Autism After 22 The Secret


I saw this cartoon and had to share it with readers. As the epidemic that began in the early 1990s ages into adulthood, the trajectory of media coverage has yet to catch up. Indeed, it was thwarted by the rise of the form of neurodiversity that whitewashes away the negative aspects of autism. Has your child aged out into adulthood and what's the current life and future like? It's a mountain of work - again - for most of us. And what about adults with autism? For the severely affected, there's a bleak outlook. For those who differently affected, including those who can work - there's challenge after challenge. There is no "easy" version, just different flavors of worry. Where to begin?

Vera Sharav “Unless All of Us Resist, Never Again is Now” Nuremberg, August 20, 2022

Vera Speaking 2
Thank you, Vera. And God bless.


I came to Nuremberg to provide historical context to the current global threat confronting our civilization. These past 2 1⁄2 years have been especially stressful— as painful memories were rekindled.

In 1941, I was 31⁄2 when my family was forced from our home in Romania & deported to Ukraine.

We were herded into a concentration camp – essentially left to starve. Death was ever-present. My father died of typhus when I was five.

In 1944, as the Final Solution was being aggressively implemented, Romania retreated from its alliance with Nazi Germany. The government permitted several hundred Jewish orphans under the age of 12 to return to Romania. I was not an orphan; my mother lied to save my life.

I boarded a cattle car train – the same train that continued to transport Jews to the death camps – even as Germany was losing the war.

Four years elapsed before I was reunited with my mother.


The Holocaust serves as the archetypal symbol of unmitigated evil

– Moral norms & human values were systematically obliterated.
– The Nazi system destroyed the social conscience.
– Millions of people were worked to death as Slave laborers.
– Others were abused
as experimental human guinea pigs.

The Holocaust did not begin in the gas chambers of Auschwitz and Treblinka.
The Holocaust was preceded by 9 years of incremental restrictions on personal freedom, & the suspension of legal rights and civil rights.

The stage was set by fear-mongering & hate-mongering propaganda.

A series of humiliating discriminatory government edicts demonized Jews as “spreaders of disease.” We were compared to lice.


The real viral disease that infected Nazi Germany is Eugenics— Eugenics is the elitist ideology at the root of all genocides.

– Eugenics is cloaked in a mantle of pseudo- science.
– It was embraced by the academic & medical establishment as well as the judiciary — in Germany and the United States.
– Eugenicists justify social & economic inequality.
They legitimize discrimination, apartheid, sterilization, euthanasia, and genocide. The Nazis called it “ethnic cleansing” — for the protection of the gene pool.

Medicine was perverted from its healing mission & was weaponized.

First, it was to control reproduction through forced sterilization; then it was to eliminate those deemed to be “sub-human” —Untermenschen. The first victims of medical murder were 1,000

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Revised Version: The British Government, the World Health Organization and the Global Coup of 2020

Boris J Stay HomeEarly "Monday" publication for UK.  As ever, thank you to John Stone.

By John Stone

In March 2020 the British Government decided to impose lockdown on the determination of the WHO against the advice of its own medical experts including Sir Chris Whitty - the experts then followed the policy, subordinating their judgment to the outside agency. These events anticipated the WHO’s recent and continuing attempts to formalise global supremacy in health, and demonstrates the arbitrariness and chaos which will inevitably follow 

I am trying to understand the events of March 2020 in the light of an answer to a recent Freedom of Information Request. Why and how was it that four days before lockdown was imposed on March 23 the four Chief Medical Officers of the United Kingdom posted a notice on-line announcing that COVID-19 had been downgraded from the status of High Consequence Infectious Disease (HCID).

This peculiar event has not gone entirely un-noticed but has never really been explained. Before this point the disease named in the document  as COVID-19 (rather than  identified as virus SARS-CoV-2) - was a “high consequence infectious disease”, while almost at the very instant our lives, and everyone’s,  were to be irrevocably pitched into turmoil with the denial of civil liberties and most basic human rights, untold economic destruction and chaos, it was no longer so designated.

If the disease was no longer “high consequence” there could be absolutely no reason for this high level and prolonged disruption, and yet it was at this precise moment that the inevitability of lockdown started to be promoted, only to be confirmed four days later. But according to the CMOs’ reckoning at no point in the past two and a quarter years, whatever actions they took to restrict our lives or coerce us to accept injections of novel products, has the disease been “high consequence”. 

This anomaly cannot I believe be stressed enough: my FOI request produced no new documents but the Department of Health and Social Care drew my attention to a Parliamentary answer by Jo Churchill on November 6,  2020 to Conservative MP John Redwood (submitted fully 5 and a half weeks before on September 28):

The four nations public health high consequence infectious disease (HCID) group made an interim recommendation in January 2020 to classify COVID-19 as an HCID, based on the information that was available during the very early stages of the outbreak.

Once more was known about COVID-19, United Kingdom public health bodies reviewed the available information against the HCID criteria and noted certain changes. These changes included the increase in information available about mortality rates, which are low overall amongst the general population; greater clinical awareness; and the availability of a specific and sensitive laboratory test for the virus.

COVID-19 has not been considered a HCID in the UK since 19 March 2020, but this reclassification has not affected the Government’s response to COVID-19, which remains a comprehensive national effort.

So, the junior minister, Jo Churchill, confirmed that decision was made with due consideration and not because of some expedience: this remained the case on November 6, 2020, and remains the case today because whatever the CMOs have said subsequently to the public, notably government Chief Medical Officer Sir Chris Whitty they have not updated this statement.

With this in mind let us go back and look at what was said in the statement of March 19, 2020 :it may be one of those occasions when British government documents are more revealing than most.

As of 19 March 2020, COVID-19 is no longer considered to be a high consequence infectious disease (HCID) in the UK. There are many diseases which can cause serious illness which are not classified as HCIDs.

The 4 nations public health HCID group made an interim recommendation in January 2020 to classify COVID-19 as an HCID. This was based on consideration of the UK HCID criteria about the virus and the disease with information available during the early stages of the outbreak. Now that more is known about COVID-19, the public health bodies in the UK have reviewed the most up to date information about COVID-19 against the UK HCID criteria. They have determined that several features have now changed; in particular, more information is available about mortality rates (low overall), and there is now greater clinical awareness and a specific and sensitive laboratory test, the availability of which continues to increase.

The Advisory Committee on Dangerous Pathogens (ACDP) is also of the opinion that COVID-19 should no longer be classified as an HCID.

The ACDP were quite clear and in their letter of 13 March emphasised in capital letters that it was not high consequence.

John Stone addition

They have recorded their expert view for all time this is an infection without implications for health and government policy (it doesn’t have “high consequence”). So, I think it is the next bit we need to look at to explain what happened:

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Three Gluten-Free Dinner Meal Ideas

CJ cook dinnerNote: Dinner. Dinner. Dinner. Dinner ad infinitem.  And when we have special diets - fuggedabouit! Cathy has shared a fun post today with 3 GF recipes.  Mangia!


By Cathy Jameson

It’s that time of year when things are starting to get really busy – school schedules, sports schedules, after-school activity schedules – those will be full again soon.  As we gear up for those new routines, I thought back to what helped our nights run better and remembered this post I’d shared with friends and family.  I’ve added a few things to the post, including some links to brands we now use. 

During past school years, when my kids were in grade school, I could get away with last-minute meal prep for my family.  Those times, I would get so busy (or distracted) when 5:30 rolled around, and I'd find myself panicking.  It would be around the same time that my kids' tummies would begin to rumble.  That's also when my typical son, who could happily eat 24 hours a day would yell out, "Hey, Mom!  What's for dinner?"


He can't be serious, I'd think.  The kid just ate snack...  

I'd slowly glance at the clock and realize...TWO hours ago.  

Oh, no!  Dinner!

Dang it.  

I did it again, I’d mutter to myself.

You'd think that I'd have this making dinner thing down.  I'd been making and serving dinner for our family of seven for a long time at that point.  But, I'd get caught up in something else or lose track of time.  Those nights, it would be a race against the clock to thaw some meat, to figure out what to do with it, and to begin the prep work for whatever sides I thought could go with the meal. 

Happily, none of the food I'd end up throwing together last minute tasted terrible.  Quite the opposite!  They were some of the best dinners I'd ever made and garnered lots of compliments--even from my pickiest eater!  But who wants the pressure of racing against the clock to get a meal on the table with five hungry, hungry hippos underfoot? 

Not this mama. 

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Flunky Sox Politics

8C7030D9-333B-40E5-86E3-56F9454C258CSeen this week on my iPhone news thingy. Check out the category. Not health, politics. Maybe CNN HAS been paying attention? I think Americans will upchuck before they uptake. I saw our old friend the flu shot featured on a billboard on Rt. 95 in New Haven, CT. It was wiping dust off its syringe and trying hard not to look like second banana to the Covid shot.


Children’s Health Defense has been deplatformed by Meta: that’s Facebook & Instagram.  An online killing is what it is.  The information CHD shares is fact checked, accurate and necessary - and yet, the United States Government allows, nay, encourages, nay nay, dictates removal by Meta, and other media. And Meta gleefully complies.

CHD was removed just as the media is talking up a stockpile of Monkey Pox shots that Americans will also snub in droves. They will refuse them in large part due to the education they got from the diligent work of Children's Health Defense, whose reporting on the Covid Vaccination program and its impact on American children and adults alike helped open millions of eyes previously closed to even the mention of vaccine injury.  I know many people who willingly got their first shot, and many who took the second, who will NEVER take another Cavid vaccine again and who are openly curious about the safety of the pediatric schedule.

Without CHD,  whom will the CDCedia blame? Looks over shoulder.....
Press Release from CHD:

Actions came on the heels of CHD’s-Meta/Facebook censorship lawsuit appeal.

Washington, DC — Yesterday, August 17, without warning, Facebook deplatformed (unpublished) the Children’s Health Defense (CHD) account. Simultaneously, CHD’s Instagram account was deplatformed (suspended). Each of these platforms had hundreds of thousands of followers. CHD received the following notifications from both platforms:

Facebook and Instagram deplatforming dovetails with CHD’s ongoing censorship lawsuit. CHD filed the lawsuit against Meta, which owns Facebook and Instagram, in August 2020. Recently, in its Ninth Circuit Court appeal filed on July 29, CHD provided the court with Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) produced documents the agency shared with Facebook. These documents, provided to Facebook on a regular basis, contained what the CDC considered misinformation. Titled “COVID Vaccine Misinformation: Hot Topics,” the documents asked tech giants to “be on the lookout” (BOLO) for various topics the CDC considers to be misinformation including: COVID-19 vaccine shedding, VAERS reports, spike protein data and more. The CHD case is currently pending in a Ninth Circuit decision.

Deplatforming by the tech giants came days after the CDC issued new guidance loosening COVID-19 policies — rules which CHD has criticized since the beginning of the pandemic. Within hours of the CHD deplatforming, CDC Director Dr. Rochelle Walensky shared her plans for overhauling how the agency works while admitting to a flawed response to COVID-19 and pandemic missteps.

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. said, “Facebook is acting here as a surrogate for the Federal government’s crusade to silence all criticism of draconian government policies. Our constitutional framers recognized this peril of government censorship. We don’t need the First Amendment to protect popular or government approved speech. They incorporated the First Amendment specifically to protect free expression of dissenting opinions. They understood that a government that can silence its critics has license for every atrocity.”

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Thanks, Dr Mercola For Covering Autism and Including Age of Autism

Dr mercola take controlOur AofAngel Laura Hayes sent me an email yesterday am telling me I was quoted on Dr. Mercola's site. Aw shucks!  Mercola asked a simple question IGNORED by our current and every former Administration: What’s Behind the Sudden Surge in Autism?  Due to censorship, Dr. Mercola's articles are like the cassette from Mission Impossible, they self destruct shortly after publication to subvert the censors.  I encourage you to subscribe to his newsletter. Dr. Mercola generously allows non-profits to share his work in full. I have linked the body copy of the full autism article below the jump, it will disappear from his site later today, Thursday, August 18.  Thanks.  Kim

What's Behind The Sudden Surge In Autism?

Rates of autism continue to increase in the U.S., with the latest estimates showing that 1 in 30, or 3.49%, of children ages 3 to 17 were diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) in 2020.1The data, gathered in 2019 and 2020, came from the U.S. National Health Interview Survey (NHIS), and revealed that out of 12,554 children surveyed in 2019 and 2020, 410 were diagnosed with autism.2

The overall prevalence of autism in 2019 was 2.79%, increasing to 3.49% in 2020, which represents a 53% increase since 2017.3The study also revealed that autism prevalence increased from 2014 to 2016, decreased from 2016 to 2017, and then increased from 2017 to 2020.4 The stark rise in autism rates in the U.S. is difficult to ignore, but what’s driving the increase remains a mystery.

Are Higher Vaccination Rates Involved?

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention puts out an estimated autism rate every four years, but the data looks primarily at higher-income families, which could lead to underestimates of the true autism rate. The NHIS data is more accurate, because it included data from lower-income families, revealing that the rate of autism in lower-income families is higher than in higher-income families...

...Many, like Dr. Marc Siegel at the New York University Grossman School of Medicine, continue to blame the rise in autism diagnoses on parents being more aware of autism signs in their children, but even he acknowledged, “there’s also probably something that women are exposed to in the womb that we don’t yet know about that could be causing it.”25  But as noted by Kim Rossi, managing editor of Age of Autism:26

“Autism numbers continue to rise unabated. But no one is really concerned … Notice how Siegel alludes to ‘something women are exposed to in the womb’ which is ‘probably’ also a factor. After thirty years of exploding autism statistics, we’re still totally uninterested in what that ‘something’ might be.”

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A Peek Under the Shell of Turtles All The Way Down Vaccine Science and Myth

Turtles All The Way DownThank you to an astute reader for providing a .pdf of the first chapter of Turtles All The Way Down Vaccine Science and Myth. Available on Amazon

Read the chapter then please support the authors by purchasing the book:


“We have found the book to be well written, serious, scientific and important... We sincerely recommend it as a scientific, medical, and public ‘must read’. This book should be central to a scientific, rational, logical, skeptical, and critical discussion on routine vaccination. The authors should be congratulated on their vast scientific in-depth endeavor as well as on their courage to think outside the ‘establishment box’.”

—Nati Ronel, Professor of Criminology, and Eti Elisha, Senior
Criminologist, in Harefuah Medical Journal, Sep. 2019

Turtles All The Way Down: Vaccine Science and Myth

Turtles All The Way DownWhat does "Turtles All The Way Down" mean?  See the reference at the bottom of this post.

From Children's Health Defense:

In 2019, a remarkable book, “Turtles All The Way Down: Vaccine Science and Myth,” was published in Israel. The book, originally written in Hebrew, is a comprehensive examination of the evidence behind the assertion that vaccines are safe and effective.

Though it might easily have been lost to obscurity, the book gained initial acclaim when the leading medical journal in Israel, Harefuah (“Medicine”), gave it a positive review.

Writing in the September 2019 issue of Harefuah, two senior academic criminologists, Nati Ronel and Eti Elisha, “found the book to be well-written, serious, scientific and important” offering “a comprehensive view of the issue.”

Turtles All The Way Down: Vaccine Science and Myth” became the first book critical of vaccines to have ever received a positive review from a mainstream medical journal.

Criticism of Ronel and Elisha came quickly from the medical establishment, but as Mary Holland, editor of the book and Children’s Health Defense president and general counsel states in the book’s foreword:

“Their appraisal of the book still stands today, unscathed: in the three years since its (Hebrew) publication, no medical or medical science professional has succeeded in refuting the book’s claims.”

The reason the information offered in the book has yet to be refuted is simple. The book’s 1,200+ citations reference only mainstream scientific journals and health agencies like the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the World Health Organization.

An attack on the book is ultimately an attack on the medical establishment itself.  Read MORE at Children's Health Defense.


According to Professor of Philosophy Joel Richeimer, the phrase “turtles all the way down” stems from a story about the British philosopher Bertrand Russell. After giving a lecture on astronomy, Russell was refuted by a woman in the audience, who claimed that the earth was situated not in space, but on the back of a large turtle. When Russell asked what the turtle was standing on, the woman replied that it was “turtles all the way down.”

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The Catastrophic Costs of Complying Continued

AofA Op EdNote: We first ran this post on August 14, 2020. Now, 2 years and 1 day later, it's still complycated (sic).  The CDC just equalized those they had so badly demonized. The long dark Winter of death, dread, doom, dingbats and destruction is now the Summer of "we're not dead yet!" for the control group.  Thanks as ever to Laura Hayes - her continued support of AofA is a big reason we're also "not dead yet." XOX

By Laura Hayes

I went grocery shopping this past Saturday, first time in 30 days. I find seeing my fellow humans masked, including young children, to be soul-stripping, and I come home angry and depressed. For some reason, I thought I would not be the only unmasked person at this stage of the insanity, but I was wrong. The store was more crowded than I had seen it to date, and yet, I saw no other shopper, or employee, not wearing a mask…nearly 6 months into this global machination.

In the event you haven’t noticed, things are getting worse, not better. And I am not talking about “Covid-19”, whatever that is or isn’t (no way for us to know, as we have been lied to from the get-go). I am talking about the state of our God-given rights, many of which our U.S. Constitution was created to protect, rights that include: the right to breathe freely, minus dangerous impediments; the right to communicate and socialize with others, minus facial covering and physical distancing requirements; the right to move about freely, including frequenting businesses of our choosing, minus finding businesses forcibly closed, and minus absurd shopping and walking around town rules; the right to conduct business, minus being deemed non-essential, minus being restricted in scope and ability to conduct business, and minus being coerced to enforce dangerous and absurd requirements of employees and customers; the right to assemble, minus ridiculous and arbitrary physical distancing and maximum number restrictions, and minus the forced covering of the majority of one’s face; the right to seek medical, dental, and eye care, minus temperature checks, facial masking, and in some cases, Covid-19 testing requirements (with the nasal swab testing causing harm and damage to some of those being tested that way); the right to practice one’s religion, and to congregate and fellowship with others, minus rules and requirements which prevent one from doing so; and the right to pursue life, liberty, and happiness, minus unwarranted, unconstitutional, and unacceptable government interference.

Americans should find it shocking, frightening, and intolerable that acting on our God-given fundamental rights as human beings has now been deemed illegal behavior and can result in being charged with a crime in a growing number of situations and locations. Stop and think about that for a few minutes. That which prior to 2020 were considered basic human rights, including the rights to breathe, smile at others, communicate, entertain, move about, congregate, shop, conduct business, seek care and services, and go to church, have instantaneously been labeled dangerous behaviors if done in a free, unregulated, and unimpeded manner, deemed worthy of fines, ostracization, shaming, social isolation, forced quarantine, closures, lockdowns, lawsuits, and no doubt very soon, prison time and “re-education camps”. Perhaps this is why nearly half of U.S. states have released thousands of prisoners before their sentences were completed, including those who have committed violent crimes…to make room for those who will refuse to comply with rights-stripping, unconstitutional, life-destroying edicts made and enforced by those abusing their positions of power.

In short order, we have been put under mask requirements, physical distancing requirements, quarantining of healthy people, business closures, lockdowns, required testing (or lose your job, or be denied services), contact tracing (how long will it take for literally every American to be put on someone’s list…I predict that could be accomplished in less than 2 weeks), and soon dissenters will be victims of knocks on their doors, removal to quarantine centers and/or re-education camps, forced vaccinations while being held down, and prison time, followed by “suicides” and unexplained deaths.

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In an Emergency

Emergency alert stickerBy Cathy Jameson 

Kim shared something last week that reminded me of an incident that happened at our house back in March…  

Tuesday night, 9:15pma

I wasn’t going to go to sleep yet, but I just needed to be done with the day.  My husband had been out of town for a while, and I was exhausted from trying to do all the things for all the people.  After family prayers, and as soon as Ronan was tucked in his bed, I told the kids I needed to go to bed, too.  All I wanted to do was get off my feet and watch some mindless television. 

So I did.  


Pajama time.  

I had just gotten under the covers.  I had just opened my laptop.  I had just started to watch a silly show when Ronan’s younger sister knocked loudly on my bedroom door.  

“MOM, MOM, MOM!”  She was frantic. 

I had just said goodnight to her, so I was not expecting her to come barreling in my room as loudly or as nervously as she did.  


“Whoa, what’s up, honey?  I asked.  

“MOM, the police are at the door.  The police.  They’re at our door!” she blurted out quickly. 

I shot up from under the covers.  When I stood up, I heard the doorbell.  What on earth??  I had heard a faint doorbell chime a minute earlier but thought it was part of a show I was watching - some of the people in the show were sitting in the living room of an apartment.  They were talking about friends coming over, so I thought the doorbell I’d heard were those friends.

Nope, it wasn’t in the show - it was coming from my house!

I bolted out of my bedroom so quickly.  After running past Izzy, I grabbed a sweatshirt, threw it on, and ran to the front door.  The last time we’d needed the police’s assistance at home was years ago - when Ronan wandered one very cold, winter night.  With my heart pounding through my chest, I peeked through the front door window and was startled.  Staring back at me was a very young woman.  I thought I knew everyone on our neighborhood police force–who were all men.  I could see her bullet proof vest, with POLICE blazoned across it, but couldn’t make out much else.  

Who is at my door?! 

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Autism One Returns August 18 - 21

AO Back to the basics
Autism One was a more than a conference in its hey day, it was yearly retreat where autism parents could meet, greet, learn, eat, drink (mmm hmmm) and be merry in good company.  Most of us knew each other from Yahoo groups. The conference returns next week.  As you may recall, Ed Arranga passed away earlier this year, a huge loss for the community. We met Robert Kennedy, Jr. for the first time at Autism One, astounded that he understood our topics and was willing to stick his neck out for our kids. We watched film debuts. We met celebrities. We dodged neurodiverse spies and spiteful journalists. Ah... good times.  We old timers can forget that parents are STILL getting the gut punch diagnosis, at an ever quickening pace. Let's share what we know with them in the hopes they will strive to do more than the basics.

Learn more about the conference HERE.

AutismOne is a nonprofit organization dedicated to all that is autism.

AutismOne is here to support a parent when you are searching questions about autism, medicine, nutrition, schooling, social skills, recreation, and more. AutismOne has access to a variety of resources to connect you with, whether they are doctors, specialists, or parents, who have successfully experienced improvements. Or AutismOne can simply listen. We are all in this together. AutismOne knows you love your loved one whether young or old.