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20 Problems with Vaccine Science As Exemptions Are Ripped from Parents

HPC Meme No Double Blind Placebo StudyNote: Parents are losing their right to say "no" to even partial vaccination of their children. Exemption laws are being ripped apart and thrown away from coast to coast. Most recently in Connecticut. Politicians' knowledge of vaccine science, safety, testing, efficacy and side effects is spoon fed to them by the loving hand of the lobbyists hired by the pharmaceutical companies who make billions off the CDC mandated schedule. Below are 20 facts from an MD who is not held captive by the religion of vaccination. Dowload the list in .pdf form here


Alvin H. Moss, MD, FACP, FAAHPM* 

*Dr. Moss has more than 40 years of medical practice, research, and teaching experience. His interest in vaccine safety and vaccine injury was first prompted by ethical concerns regarding conflicts of interest in vaccine research and in public policy. The opinions expressed here are his own and do not represent those of his employer.

1) No inert placebo-controlled studies with saline injection
2) Short duration of follow-up (as little as days to weeks)
3) No human or animal studies involving SC or IM injections of aluminum to establish the safety of injecting infants & children with aluminum hydroxide, aluminum phosphate or amorphous aluminum hydroxyphosphate sulfate
4) One-size-fits-all. Newborns have 20% of the kidney function of a 2 year old (excretion of aluminum through the kidneys is the main route to remove systemic aluminum) yet both receive the same dose of aluminum-containing vaccines; the one-size-fits-all approach is in stark contrast to precision medicine, an emerging approach for disease treatment and prevention that takes into account individual variability in genes, environment, and lifestyle for each person.

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Lepers Treated Better than Children Not CDC-Vaxxed

6D9043C3-9040-4B67-9955-D2C443F9274EBy Kim Rossi

"Gosh! You'd think they were lepers!" Well you can kiss that statement goodbye, and not because they world has become so politically correct that you can't swing a dead cat without getting into trouble. Damn, here comes PETA on me.  Yesterday, Connecticut became the most recent state to push one step closer to robbing Americans of their rights and remove the religious vaccination exemption. The enforcement is scheduled for next October, 2020 if the bill is final approved.   Ah, if only foresight were 20/20.  Here is what I wrote as a comment in Rep Josh Elliott's FB page after he announced the pending passage. (Elliott was integral in the Yale debate with Robert Kennedy that was nixed at the 11th hour when Yale bailed.)

New York - 26000 healthy children banned from school. CA - 55,000 face expulsion. When this happen - 1 parent has to quit work. Income Taxes to the state drop. Spending by families will drop. The economic fallout will be severe. Vaccination is now a rigid, Orthodox religion. Adhere or face punishment. Healthy children of tax paying citizens will be cast out of school. Like lepers. Except Children with Leprosy, Hepatitis and HIV are not discriminated against by God or the public school system. Healthy children without disease but who do not have the CDC vax list are called a threat and danger, vilified and shunned. Thou shalt not kill. Thou shalt not lie Put no other gods before me. Honor thy father and mother. They mean nothing now. Only Thou Shall Vaccinate stands as a commandment. Vaccines are the new god.... help us. New England was founded on freedom from govt tyranny. No longer.

I got to wondering. ARE people with leprosy  allowed in school?  Yes, the CDC says it's perfectly fine to allow people with leprosy into school and to go to work, because it's not very contagious and 95% of people are unlikely to catch it.  In fact, CDC wants YOU, to work hard to erase the stigma of leprosy, now called Hansen's disease.  "Depict a positive image..." Apologies to anyone named Hansen.  At the same time, Tetanus is NOT CONTAGIOUS but if your child doesn't have the full vaccination, he can't attend school. Why? Because the vaccine is part of the three disease shot.

HEALTHY children without any disease at all whose parents have opted to not fully vaccinate them are banned from school and vilified as unclean in the media, by politicians. It's a mistake of Biblical proportions.



When Autism Gene Research Hurts

Brain colorsBy Teresa Conrick

I wrote about SPARK a few years back , and this is the description from their site -- the “Simons Foundation Powering Autism Research for Knowledge,’ and the mission is simple: we want to speed up research and advance our understanding of autism to help improve lives.”   How and why is gene-hunting research STILL a “thing” in autism? We went from Dr. Leo Kanner, in 1943,  bashing parents as “frosty,”---- to cold, unfeeling, “Refrigerator Mothers,” in 1967, with the fraud, Bettleheim,----- and then autism made its debut in the DSM of 1980, a horrible move as it is NOT psychiatric,---- and then the popularity of gene-hunting for autism in the 1990’s …..and it has been stuck there for too long!  It is so frustrating to read obsolete research from scientists that is just plain irrelevant and then confusing parents, thinking that it is new, or helpful.  It is neither. But they may not know any better so let’s help them out. I think it is important to look at patterns, as that can help us find solutions.

There is rapid, and I mean lighting speed research coming out, that is showing that the hot spot of autism is not in a gene hunt, and thus not GENETIC.  What study after study IS showing is that we are living in a world now that is producing very impaired microbiomes and seeing increases in these regressive disorders like Autism, Parkinson’s, ALS, Altzheimer’s, Schizophrenia, Neuropsychiatric Disorders, Cancer, and ever- increasing numbers of autoimmune diseases.  There are different avenues to succumb to these diseases, but the common denominator is that the gut microbiome is impacting the brain, the immune system and genes.  The issue with genes seems to be that these gut microbes are actually causing GENE EXPRESSION to happen.  This is a good example:

Alterations in gut microbiome composition have an emerging role in health and disease including brain function and behavior. Short chain fatty acids (SCFA) like propionic (PPA), and butyric acid (BA), which are present in diet and are fermentation products of many gastrointestinal bacteria, are showing increasing importance in host health, but also may be environmental contributors in neurodevelopmental disorders including autism spectrum disorders (ASD)....PPA and BA induced broad alterations in gene expression including neurotransmitter systems, neuronal cell adhesion molecules, inflammation, oxidative stress, lipid metabolism and mitochondrial function, all of which have been implicated in ASD. In conclusion, our data are consistent with a molecular mechanism through which gut related environmental signals such as increased levels of SCFA's can epigenetically modulate cell function further supporting their role as environmental contributors to ASD.

And this:

….mice colonized with human ASD microbiota also showed altered gene expression in their brains and differences in the types of metabolites present (metabolites are the molecules produced as byproducts of digestion and microbial metabolism). Two metabolites in particular were found in lower amounts in these mice: 5-aminovaleric acid (5AV) and taurine.

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Study Links Popular OTC Painkiller During Pregnancy to Serious Risks to Infant

AnadinNote: I had to check the date on this article from the UK to make sure it wasn't a decade old. It's not. Hmm. The comment thread is, as always, interesting. And our old friend, "Correlation does not equal correlation" makes an appearance.   Paracetemol is the same as acetaminophin, branded as Tylenol in the USA by Johnson and Johnson decades ago. 

From DailyMailUK.

Pregnant women who take paracetamol risk giving birth to a child with behavioural problems, study claims

Women who take paracetamol while pregnant risk having children with behaviour problems, a study suggests.

Scientists found a link between expectant mothers using the painkiller and their youngsters being hyperactive and having emotional issues.

Paracetamol is the world's most popular painkiller and is the only one deemed safe to take during pregnancy. But a growing body of research suggests it could damage the development of children in the womb, with studies linking it with asthma, infertility and autism...

Governor Lamont Agrees With Removal of Religious Exemption for Connecticut Children

CT MapHi. Kim here.  This is happening in my state, Connecticut.  Connecticut politicians are gunning for school age children whose families use the religious exemption.

HARTFORD (WFSB) - Religious reasons may no longer be an excuse not to get your children vaccinated.

Multiple sources are told Eyewitness News Friday the governor and the Department of Public Health are ready to take sides in the very controversial vaccination debate.

The numbers of non-vaccinated students grow each year and some lawmakers say the anti-vax families have been abusing the religious exemption and they’re looking to close the loophole. Read more here.

"Close the loophole." 
A religious exemption is not a "loophole."  A closely held belief is not a loophole.  Calling those who use the exemption "anti-vax" and "abusers" is telling. Here we go, just like in New York and Califpharma.  Demonize the families. Makes them outlaws.  Color them in black hats. One of the politicians pushing to remove the exemption owns a health food store in my town. It's a lovely store, horribly overpriced, I'll say that. But with few choices and Whole Foods a good 20 minute ride away, folks shop there. Not I. Not many of my friends. I'd eat drive through Mickey D's for a month before I'd spend a nickel in his store.

Thou Shall Not Kill.

From CDC: What are the risks from DTaP vaccine?

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What’s Required

By Cathy Jameson

It is not enough that we do our best, sometime we have to do what is required. 

- Winston Churchill 

I saw that quote last week and immediately thought of parents in both New York and California.  Coming together to express concerns over their state’s proposed legislation, parents in both New York and California organized their efforts as soon as they learned what their legislators were doing.  As has happened before, the legislation would limit a parent’s right versus protect it.  Brave doesn’t fully describe those people who were willing to stand up against it.  Nor does passionate or determined.  In fact, with everything these moms and dads have already done, I can’t think of a word that would do them justice. 

Parents in both states were doing more than just standing up to illogical lawmakers.  They were doing more than just letting their voices be heard.  They were representing more than just their opinions and desires.  Facing their fears, standing up to elected politician, and making quite an impressive statement while at it, is not what they may have envisioned themselves having to do; but they did all of that and more.  That’s because if these parents didn’t stand up for themselves and for their children, legislators could quickly take parental and educational rights away. 

These parents did their best to protect their rights.  They did their best to protect their child’s right to an education, too.  But legislators in both NY and CA were successful with their plan – which took both of those rights away.  This time, with CA’s SB276, s doctor’s right to practice was also jeopardized.  Where they were once able to determine and write a medical exemption for a patient, that decision will now be up to the State. 

Those parents in NY and CA may not have thought that fighting legislation and close-minded politicians would be part of parenting, but they are doing that now because that’s what is required.  What’s required? 

-traveling long hours to the state capitals

-standing in long lines while waiting to gain entry into public hearings

-facing the opposition, many of whom were less than polite

-dealing with uneducated representatives and their staff

-being misrepresented by the media

It also meant mustering the strength to continue to show up even though those who should be listening and helping were doing the opposite, and quite possibly, had planned to do that all along.

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Food Allergy Kills Teen in UK

296036-EpiPenNote: What a terrible tragedy for any family to face. Their handsome son gone - from a sandwich. Think about it. A sandwich  marinated in buttermilk. He was allergic to dairy.  He forgot his epipen that day. Was the restaurant to blame for not listing buttermilk as an ingredient in the marinade?  The article says 8% of children (not citizens, children) have food allergies. WHY? Our condolences to Own Carey's family. What a frightening way for him to die and the worst phone call a parent can ever imagine.  What has happened to our children?   Thanks to Judy R for always send us these relevant stories.


The family of a teenager who died of an allergic reaction to an unlisted ingredient in a burger have called for a new law on allergen labelling in restaurants.

Owen Carey suffered anaphylactic shock after eating grilled chicken marinaded in buttermilk at the Byron restaurant at the O2 Arena in Greenwich, despite telling staff that he was allergic to dairy products.

A coroner ruled on Friday that the restaurant’s menu misled Carey into thinking the burger was safe for him to eat by failing to highlight that the dish contained buttermilk.

Assistant coroner Briony Ballard, sitting at Southwark coroners court, called Carey’s death a tragedy.

“The deceased made serving staff aware of his allergies. The menu was reassuring in that it made no reference to any marinade or potential allergenic ingredient in the food selected,” she said.

“The deceased was not informed that there were allergens in the order. The food served to and consumed by the deceased contained dairy which caused the deceased to suffer a severe anaphylactic reaction from which he died.”

In a statement outside the court, Carey’s family called for new rules on allergen labelling. “We want restaurants to have to display clear allergen information on each individual dish on their menus,” they said. “The food industry should put the safety of their customers first.   read more here.

Dr. Meryl Nass, MD Why are legislatures imposing vaccine mandates now?

Red white blue vaccineWe invite you to read the full blog entry: Why are legislatures imposing vaccine mandates now? My testimony to the New Brunswick, Canada legislature on August 27, 2019

By Dr. Meryl Nass, MD

... I am a veteran of the vaccine war in the US, and today I feel compelled to speak about what I saw in that war.  Legislators were forced to change their votes to revoke vaccine exemptions and rescind the historic right to consent to medical procedures. The vaccine war is a dirty war, in which platitudes about protecting the most vulnerable are invoked by the same pharmaceutical companies that paid $2.7 billion in criminal penalties in the US between 2012 and 2015. The vaccine industry generates enormous profits (estimated 10-40%), benefits from a government-guaranteed market, and receives almost total liability protection.  No other industry can rival these benefits.  And this industry's rapacious desire to grow and guarantee its Canadian market is the reason we are here today.

Let me add context to this discussion by noting that in 2014, the NY Times said it cost $2200 to fully vaccinate one child.  At that price, it cost $163 billion dollars to fully vaccinate every US child.

May I apologize at the outset for using mostly US data?  I provide Canadian and New Brunswick information when available.

  1. Pharma's Pilgrimage to New Brunswick

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9/11, California, New York and Maine, Terrorism eighteen years on.

Thank you typeTHANK YOU, to John Gilmore, whose Autism Action Network fights deep in the trenches every day for our rights.  Below is his editorial from his site (please consider a donation to his work) that says what so many of us are thinking. AAN, like AoA and so many of the "A" orgs relies on donations from concerned citizens, readers, friends, family. Our work may look grand (we hope!) but we are Davids among Goliaths.  Thank you.  KIM


9/11, California, New York and Maine, Terrorism eighteen years on.

This following is an editorial by John Gilmore, Executive Director of the Autism Action Network.

Eighteen-years ago today hijackers transformed two airliners into cruise missiles and crashed them into the World Trade Center. As we all know, thousands died. Anyone who is old enough to remember that day will never forget it. That morning I heard a report on the radio that a “light plane” had crashed into one of the towers. Even from a distance of 18 miles, the World Trade Center was normally clearly visible from our kitchen window, and as I looked toward lower Manhattan on that crystal blue day, I thought it strange that there was a weird cloud obscuring the towers. Then I realized it was billowing smoke.

Later, that awful day, my wife and I received the devastating confirmation that our fears about our younger son Luke were correct, and that he had autism. We didn’t know it at the time but our experience with Luke was a common one. Following a fever after getting a group of shots, Luke lost his few words, began to appear deaf, lost any sense of pain, and began odd repetitive behaviors. That news turned our personal lives upside down, on 9/11 the entire world seemed upside down.

That horrible day generated thousands of questions. One key question was, “Why?” A week or so later President George W. Bush offered an answer in a joint session of Congress. He said, “They hate our freedoms — our freedom of religion, our freedom of speech, our freedom to vote and assemble and disagree with each other.”

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Governor Newsom Just Created a Market for Back Alley Exemptions via his Prohibition Bills

Black squareOn this day, almost two decades ago, Americans faced a trauma unrivaled since World War II. During World War II, the Greatest Generation responded with a swift and effective attack, the nation banded together in sacrifice, and then in the decades that followed, the nation prospered and we became the beacon of freedom for the world.  After 9/11, America responded with swift words, more than one war that has no end and American citizens willingly gave up freedom after freedom, out of fear.


On September 9, California took away the right for its citizens to secure a medical exemption from their doctor. They criminalized the doctor patient relationship. They threaten both the doctors and the patients. Out of a fear of measles.  A manufactured war on measles.


When Americans face prohibition, they do not stop engaging in the activity.


Ask the brave man named Robert who is helping lead the charge against these bills how his own grandfather made his fortune.


California SB 276 Passes - Citizens Arrested for Protesting

Governor Newsom signed SB276 and SB714 yesterday in Sacramento. Medical exemptions allowed across the nation to protect children are now verboten in the Golden State.  Doctors are no longer able to practice preventive medicine, they must practice pharma medicine or face punishment.  We are so sorry. Your children's health no longer belongs to you and your doctor.  Our nation was founded on protests. Some peaceful. Some not so peaceful. LA is no stranger to riots. There were arrests. Please, if you are in California, chime in in our comments.  To California pediatricians and family doctors, WHERE ARE YOU? How could you let this happen to your peers? Your patients?


 KCRA: Sacramento, CA: Entrances were blocked and proceedings were delayed at the California Capitol on Monday as people protested legislation that would limit medical exemptions for vaccines.

Gov. Gavin Newsom signed the bills -- Senate Bill 276 and Senate Bill 714 -- into law Monday evening.

The protests took place Monday morning and then later in the day during state Senate proceedings.

At a time when lawmakers and staff members were typically arriving at the Capitol, the protesters moved in. Hundreds of demonstrators, some of whom traveled from cities outside Sacramento, converged to urge Gov. Gavin Newsom to not sign SB 276 and the companion measure, SB 714.

The bills are meant to clamp down on school vaccine exemptions. SB 276 would allow public health officials to investigate doctors who grant more than five medical exemptions in a year and schools with vaccination rates of less than 95%. SB 714 addresses some concerns raised by Newsom's office, including a phase-out period for medical exemptions similar to one allowed when California eliminated personal belief vaccine exemptions in 2015.  Read more here from KCRA3.

The LA Times reported:

California will enact sweeping new restrictions on medical exemptions for vaccines under bills signed by Gov. Gavin Newsom on Monday, despite near-constant protests in the state Capitol that resulted in arrests after opponents blocked entrances to the statehouse and temporarily shut down legislative sessions.

Opinion Piece in Seattle Times "Parents, Vaccinations are not a choice," Comments Say Otherwise

Parental RightsThank you to Judy R for sending us this link. The author's bio reads: Victoria Brase has been a medical assistant for 17 years and currently works at a family practice/obstetrics provider in Seattle. She recently graduated from the University of Florida with a master's in public health.

Ah yes, public health. In which children are pitted against one other to determine whose health matters more.  Should birth control be a choice or mandated? If your son gets my daughter pregnant, shouldn't I be able to stop that? If my daughter becomes pregnant by your son, shouldn't you be able to prevent that? Certainly unintended pregnancy affects not only the couple, but the entire family.  What about abortion rights? Do the men have any say in what happens to a woman's body, even when it contains their fetus? Sticky wickets, aren't they? And so is vaccination. There is no reason a healthy unvaccinated child should be feared. While children with serious diseases are allowed to attend school, sports, etc. And yet, here we are, in the SB277 world, shunning healthy kids. And so does Ms. Brase, public health school graduate.

Check out the comment thread on the editorial. There is quite a good give and take and it is mostly civil. Now, there may be a self-selecting group of those who have experienced vaccine injury, but one might assume the troll brigade would also be out in full denial regalia, combatting the eye witness accounts with Press Release responses. Instead, there is actual debate. However, one comment caught my eye:

You sound pretty pro vaccination to me.  Antivaxxers are parents who refuse vaccinations not based on reality.|

I see an opening here. A tiny thread of common thinking. Could it be that Americans know vaccines can harm, but have categorized a subset of "us" as anti-vaxxer because they think we are making up our stories? Are our children the equivalent of "crisis actors" at a mass shooting to them?  Yesterday, I Tweeted that those who refuse to believe in vaccine injury are no different from climate change deniers, flat earthers and moon landing hoaxers. And yet we are called anti-science.

You sound pretty pro vaccination to me.  Antivaxxers are parents who refuse vaccinations not based on reality.

“It’s my choice to not vaccinate my kids.”

It shouldn’t be.

Everyone talks about the right to choose. The right to choose about your reproductive care, the right to choose about your end of life care, and the right to choose about your child’s vaccines. The problem with the last one is you’re making a choice for someone else, which is, of course, the whole premise of parenting. But this choice is not only putting your child at risk, but other children at risk. So, now, you are again making a choice for someone else, but not under the guise of parenting, and you are doing it against their will.

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Transplanting Human Autism Microbiome In Mice Causes Autism

Microbiome7By Teresa Conrick

In late Spring, this study came out, Human Gut Microbiota from Autism Spectrum Disorder Promote Behavioral Symptoms in Mice The importance of the results should jolt even the most skeptic:

“We transplanted gut microbiota from human donors with ASD or TD controls into germ-free mice and reveal that colonization with ASD microbiota is sufficient to induce hallmark autistic behaviors.”

Some were not happy with that conclusion.  It may be that as we find more concrete evidence that it is the microbiome and NOT genes as the epicenter of autism, ---money, causation, and reputations--- may be challenged.  Because my daughter has been so affected, my perseveration of the microbiome for these many years has indeed, been the right path.  Searching for answers to improve the health and well-being of increasing numbers of children on the spectrum, is a huge motivator for many of us.  Let’s take a look at what this all means.

The Study

The impressive list of researchers is outstanding  .  Many have researched autism and all of them seem to be well acquainted with the microbiome.  Their expertise in Biology, Biological Engineering, Microbiology, Environmental Biotechnology, Neurology, Biomedical Science, Genome Sciences, Neurobehavioral Genetics, and Microbiome Innovation shows the encompassing knowledge that powered this research.  What is more astounding is that this study can now be added into the increasing list diagnoses. If you transplant gut microbiota from human donors with or TD controls into germ-free mice that colonization with microbiota is sufficient to induce.  That list thus far:

  • Schizophrenia  - “The most intriguing evidence came when the researchers gave germ-free mice fecal transplants from the schizophrenic patients. They found that “the mice behaved in a way that is reminiscent of the behavior of people with schizophrenia,”  
  • Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) and anxiety - “mice colonized with bacteria from IBS patients with anxiety symptoms showed similar symptoms in both behavioral tests. Those mice colonized with gut bacteria from IBS patients also displayed signs of immune activation associated with low-grade inflammation compared to mice colonized with bacteria from healthy individuals…”
  • Parkinson’s Disease - “microbiota transplant from PD patients to αSyn-overexpressing mice and observed an enhancement of physical impairments compared to microbiota transplants from healthy human donors. The findings reveal that gut bacteria regulate movement disorders in mice and suggest that alterations in the human microbiome represent a risk factor for PD4. “ 
  • Multiple Sclerosis - “microbiota transplants from MS patients into germ-free mice resulted in more severe symptoms of experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis and reduced proportions of IL-10+ Tregs compared with mice “humanized” with microbiota from healthy controls.” 
  • Depression - “Fecal microbiota transplantation of GF mice with ‘depression microbiota’ derived from MDD patients resulted in depression-like behaviors compared with colonization with ‘healthy microbiota’ derived from healthy control individuals.”  

The Controversy

All of those studies you see above, have families and researchers hopeful and motivated to continue more studies, with the ultimate goal of treatments, medications and cures, to help so many ill people.  Yet, AUTISM, the youngest hit group affected by microbiome dysfunction, with all of its subsequent medical and behavioral issues, constantly has to deal with controversy.  Now, it’s about this study above, and Spectrum, a site funded by the Simons Foundation Autism Research Initiative (SFARI) , where it appears that the focus is solely on genetics , had this to say: Study of microbiome’s importance in autism triggers swift backlash:

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There's Gold in Them Thar Kids!

Goodbye CACalifornia say goodbye
Families want to move and cry
You're obscene, with vaccines, and denying rights
To patients and doctors, but do not think we will not fight
A worried Mom will never quit
To makes these rules you are not fit
For children you don't care a bit
California say goodbye

California politicians have rewritten what is and is not a medical injury from vaccination. We know that in America lobbyists write bills for industry, present them to willing politicians to put them forth, without a care for consumers, and then the politicians wrap them in rhetoric that get the laws passed.  Witness California's SB276.  Vaccine reactions that were considered a reason to cease or delay a vaccine series, as of the passing of SB276, are no longer considered worthy of a medical exemption. Poof! Post reaction, you will have to hold your child in your lap at the doctor's office and submit to the next series in order to send your child to school.  Your doctor will not be able to write an exemption based on his or her training and expertise without facing severe scrutiny and disdain, thus jeopardizing his or her livelihood.  Profits over patients. Politics over patients. Our patience is worn thin.  Below is a video about the backlash and an investigation.

Autism’s Irony

42323200-2B73-4EB0-A7EB-B494E1B647BFBy  Cathy Jameson

Last week I wrote about how filling out forms for myn medically fragile son of can sometimes do a number on me.  As much as I’d like to, I can’t escape them.  They are part of life with a complicated kiddo.  I thought I’d get a little bit of a break from having to fill out forms, but a new one showed up in my mailbox after that piece was posted.  

Oh, the irony.  

Since it was a renewal form, most of the information being requested was on file and was actually filled in on several of the pages already.  If all looked correct, I’d just need to verify what was there and return the paperwork to the agency.  If anything needed to be updated, though, I could cross out the old info and add the new.  The document was lengthy.  9 pages.  Double-sided.  Font size 8.  They were asking a lot.  Because of how detailed it was, and because of how someone royally screwed up a similar document a few years ago, I didn’t want to take any chances on the renewal form.  So I made time on a quiet morning last week to go over every question with a fine-toothed comb.  Then I called the office that mailed me the form.  Asking for verification about one section, I was grateful when a representative offered to update the information with me over the phone.  Supplying the answers over the phone would satisfy the renewal process, so I agreed to do that with the rep.

I thought filling out these kinds of forms on my own was hard to do.  

Talking through each question proved to be just as difficult.  

I couldn’t use my upbeat Not Yet replies like I was able to last week.  The answers for these questions and prompts needed to be specific.  They had to be factual.  Scrubbed of any hope, I wasn’t able to say cheerfully that Ronan was so close to finally being toilet trained after all these years! I could only say, “No, he is not independent on the toilet.”  In fact, Not Yet couldn’t be used for any of the questions on any of those 9 double-sided pages.  

Can he make his own meals?  “No, he cannot make a meal on his own.”  

Can he bathe or shower on his own?  “No, he cannot bathe or shower on his own.”  

When I initiated the phone call, I really did think getting this form completed would be easier.  I thought it would be faster, too. I thought I’d save myself some of the heartache that comes with parenting a medically fragile child. I was so wrong.  I had no opportunities to be positive.  No chances to share that progress is being made, even if only one tiny baby step at a time.  Every question, even if answered with a Yes, really meant No.  

Yes, my child is disabled.

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Facebook Sending Chickens to the Fox House

Looking for vaccine info CDCThe censorship of vaccine safety information escalates.   From TechSpot:

Facebook’s battle against anti-vaccination content is continuing. The social network is now rolling out a feature that will see pop-ups direct people searching for information on vaccines to web pages from authoritative health organizations.

The “educational” messages will appear for people who access vaccine-related Facebook and Instagram Pages and Groups. Searching for the topic or using related hashtags will also show the pop-up.

Those in the US will be directed to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's (CDC) website, which offers an extensive amount of information on vaccinations. People outside of America will see a link to the World Health Organization’s site.

Vaccination is the one topic in America that consumers who are mandated to take the product are disallowed from actively researching all sides of the science, practical usage and health outcomes. The "Anti-vaxxer" term has come home to roost my little chickadees.  CDC and WHO will set you straight.

Here are a few of the comments from TechSpot.  Some are rather hopeful.

Now this is next level censoring. Im not an antivaxx, but I think this is going way too far lol
Anti-vaxxers really need to be shipped off to their own island where they can suffer numerous diseases on their own.

Anti vaxers... Flat Earthers... It's like a cavalcade of minstrels.

When your kid or someone else's kid is dying because you didn't vax are you going to search the net or go to a doctor? Well what would that doctor say about vax?

Cdc is to big pharma as fcc is to big telecom. They fund campaigns and advertising funded web sites. Not saying they always wrong, but definitely not always looking out for your best interest.

Anatomy of a Case of Measles Propaganda : Dr. Mark Goedecker Lies to the Public

by Ginger Taylor, MS

Screenshot (2314)We have been through this countless times. A vaccine targeted illness case or cases arise, the vaccine industry machine uses it to blame vaccine rejectionism for the return of diseases they claim were "wiped out", and we all sit on the sidelines complaining loudly because we know what is being professed is less than factual - but we can't prove it.

Privacy designed to protect patients, protects the medical establishment from having to tell the truth about what is really happening.

Dr. Mark Goedecker, the Regional Medical Director of WellSpan Stony Brook Health Center in York, Pennsylvania did just such a hit job this week, as he announced that there was a confirmed measles case at York Hospital

Dr. Goedecker reported that:

“All of what we’re seeing right now with the measles outbreak across the country, these could’ve been prevented if we vaccinated."

The internet took his words to heart, as it always does, excoriating the unnamed family for not vaccinating, after making the reasonable assumption that would naturally follow from Dr. Goedecker's statement. That the patient was a child whose parents chose not to vaccinate him.

Except that the patient was not an unvaccinated child, but a vaccinated adult. The case arose not because of a failure to vaccinate, but because of vaccine failure.

And that case of vaccine failure was not disclosed to the public, so that the public could understand that Merck's MMR II is not living up to its efficacy claims, it was kept private and used as a tool to sell the vaccine, claiming if the patient had gotten the shot, they would not have measles.

While the kind of dishonesty from the medical establishment on vaccines is every day fare, it is not every day that it is publicly exposed by the patent.

But that is what Mr. And Mrs. Kirby did this week.

Sean Kirby took to facebook to tell the public that Dr. Goedecker had lied about his wife Allison's measles case.

"This past weekend a press release was made about a measles case in York. I read comments that people were making. They were hurtful and very presumptive. That patient was my wife. She was fully vaccinated and healthy. Everyone assumed it was a child of an antivaxxer and started calling the person irresponsible, they should be charged with assault, they should move to a desert island and die. These were all comments my wife read about herself. ...she was upset and crying about the comments people were making about her. These are people who had no idea about what was going on. These are people who did not care about the patient, only their own agenda. These are people who only wanted to make themselves feel better about themselves at the expense of another persons well being. I guess I should expect that from internet trolls. But what really got to me was a Dr. Mark Goedecker spreading false information. He is quoted as saying "the spread is due to a lack of vaccinations. " This was a doctor at the hospital where we were "treated". He never spoke to or visited my wife. I met a lot of doctors while were there and never was his name mentioned. In fact, when my wife was discharged she walked right past him while doing his press conference about the measles."

Mr. Kirby goes on to give a detailed account of the course of his wife's case and her treatment, which ends with him revealing that although he was vaccinated, his titers were tested and he does not have the requisite response to assume that he is immune to measles.

He is now under quarantine for 21 days.

He too was vaccinated, and may yet be vulnerable to a measles infection.

Again... this was Dr. Goedecker's patently false statement, “All of what we’re seeing right now with the measles outbreak across the country, these could’ve been prevented if we vaccinated." [emphasis added]

Goedecker and WellSpan knew full well that he was dealing with at least one case of measles that was not prevented by vaccination, and possibly two.

The public continues to be shamed for not believing physicians on their vaccine safety and efficacy claims, while those same individuals watch doctors lie to the camera about vaccine safety and efficacy. Vaccine failure cases continue to be used to promote vaccine uptake. Thus public trust continues to fail.

Requests for comment have been submitted to Dr. Goedecker and WellSpan.

Sean Kirby's full account:

Sean Kirby
September 3 at 3:59 PM"This post I have been struggling with whether I should post it or not. It is very personal, but in the end I believe can help people. It is not meant to be political or have a bias. It is just my own experience. So here we go:

This past weekend a press release was made about a measles case in York. I read comments that people were making. They were hurtful and very presumptive. That patient was my wife. She was fully vaccinated and healthy. Everyone assumed it was a child of an antivaxxer and started calling the person irresponsible, they should be charged with assault, they should move to a desert island and die. These were all comments my wife read about herself. I left the hospital to take food home to my kids before the press release was released. And on the way back my wife text me about the comments. When I got back to the hospital she was upset and crying about the comments people were making about her. These are people who had no idea about what was going on. These are people who did not care about the patient, only their own agenda. These are people who only wanted to make themselves feel better about themselves at the expense of another persons well being. I guess I should expect that from internet trolls. But what really got to me was a Dr. Mark Goedecker spreading false information. He is quoted as saying "the spread is due to a lack of vaccinations. " This was a doctor at the hospital where we were "treated". He never spoke to or visited my wife. I met a lot of doctors while were there and never was his name mentioned. In fact, when my wife was discharged she walked right past him while doing his press conference about the measles. So here is the reason for me writing this. So that if someone else gets measles they can be "treated" better than we were. By both the medical community, hospital staffs and people in general.
Here are the facts and what happened to us.
My wife had a fever on Friday, we thought it was just a cold. But over the weekend the fever persisted. On Monday she went to the doctor office to get checked. At this time she still had the fever, she started to show signs of a rash and she also had a pain in her side. They told her the rash was a heat rash due to her persistent fever. Because of the pain in her side the doctor sent her to York Hospital to get blood work and a CT Scan, thinking it may be appendicitis. The CT Scan was normal but blood work came back a little off. We then went to the emergency room because of her blood work. We were there for a long time. They drew more blood to verify the tests. These tests came back the same if not a little worse. However, they said since all the other tests came back fine she should just go home. So we did.

Tuesday she still had the fever, but we were told nothing was wrong. By Tuesday the rash was a little worse. And she was very tired.

Wednesday we went back to the doctor, fever was still there. We were told maybe it is EBV(Epstein Barr Virus). They prescribed a steroid and ordered more blood work. They also said she should go to the hospital if she cannot drink 70oz-80oz of fluid. Because of the experience prior we wanted to avoid going back to the hospital and made sure to drink enough fluids.

Thursday, after taking 1 dose of the steroids the day before, the rash was way worse. Fever still there, we went back to the doctor again, this time a different doctor saw us. This time we were armed with an article that a dance mom had found totally be chance, she didn't even know Allison was sick. The article was about a measles case in Arizona where we just had been. The doctor looked at Allison again and said it could be the measles, but not sure. Sent us for more blood work then asked us to go to the hospital. She told us she called over and they would have a room ready for us. 
When we got to the hospital the people checking us into the Emergency Department said they did not know we were coming. But got us into a room pretty quickly after I told them it could be measles. They put us in a "room", but were told this might not be the best kind of room for us. So they then moved us to a negative air flow room in the Emergency Department. Guess what they did there.....more blood work, please keep in mind each time she got more blood work they had to stick her again. Her arms were both black and blue at this point. A medical team came in and visited her, this would become her medical team later. They asked a million questions, which is fine. They took pictures of her rash on their iphones and then left. Another doctor came in asking if she could see the rash, saying she has never seen a rash like this before. At this point they did not seem to know the proper protocol. They were not sure how it was spread, air born or by contact. What we were or were not allowed to do. Or where we should or should not go. They put her on Doxycycline, an antibiotic to treat for tick born diseases and then we spoke tot he infectious disease control doctor/consultant. He did nothing to put our mind at ease. At this point I felt like I was on an episode of house. Allison was resting so I went home to check on the kids real quick and make sure they were fed. Also this whole time my sister-in-law was texting me and always seemed to be a step or 2 in front of the doctors. She would ask me questions then a little while later the doctor would ask the same question. When I got back to the hospital they put her in an isolation room. So I would only see her through a window. So Thursday was a busy day.

Friday I got back to the hospital along with a friend of Allison, who was also there on Thursday. They ran more blood tests and kept her on IV fluids. We were not allowed to see here except through the window. We met with her medical team a couple more times, each time they were trying to eliminate something else. Somehow they did the wrong swab test twice, but correctly the 3rd time. I was told I should hear back about whether it is measles or not by 4pm, I didn't. But at 10:30pm they finally told us the case was confirmed to be measles. So Friday was all about keeping her hydrated and getting a confirmation. Friday her sister also arrived. She was instrumental in getting Allison a few things the doctor over looked. I can't pronounce them so I won't even try. We were told the Infectious Disease Control team would be in to talk to us Saturday morning around 8:00am.

Saturday morning came and went. Never hearing from anyone about what was going on. I was getting frustrated at this point about the total lack of communication. I called a friend who called someone else and in 20 minutes we were talking to a room full of doctors and administrators. I felt this was a very positive moment in the case. I just wish it didn't take so long. They kept her hydrated and we set out a timeline to figure out her contagious period and where she was. I was also asked to get tested to make sure I was immune since I had been in contact with her. She was starting to look better and be awake for more than 10 minutes at a time. In fact I think she was bored of sleeping. However, 1 shower and she was exhausted. Still a long road to recovery.

Sunday when I got to the hospital she was happy and smiling. They were sending her home. Only issue was I had thrown away all of our bed linens and had not had a chance to buy new ones. Oops. So her friend stayed with her while I went shopping for linens. So she got home on Sunday. On the way out of the hospital one of the directors of the hospital stopped and asked if I had my results back. I told him no. He said they would open the labs today(Sunday) to specifically run my labs. I said ok. Sunday she arrived home thanks to her friend for bringing her home and stalling till I got the linens purchased and bed made. We were making arrangements for her parents to come out for the week to help her while I was at work. That was until I got a call from the lab. My results came back negative for my immunity. Meaning that I am also not immune to measles and was in close contact with someone who had them(twice my wife and AZ). So now I am quarantined to the house for 21 days. Fun Fun Fun. So call her parents back to tell them they are not allowed to come to the house.

Monday the PA Department of Health sent someone to my house to have me sign a quarantine paper. I guess they are serious, seeing how Monday was a holiday and all.

So that is our experience. This was not meant to bash the hospital or doctors. I am hoping people use our not so good experience as a learning tool to how to better spot and treat people with measles. Better communication is the key, a lot of the time we were left in the dark or given conflicting information from different doctors. Also next time you hear something find out the facts before calling people names, or maybe just treat people like humans. Not everything in the world happens to help you push your agenda. Also if you were vaccinated between 1970 and 1989 you may want to get you vaccinations checked. The CDC says the vaccine is effective in 93% of people with one shot and 97% effective in people with 2 shots. So you tell me the odds of 2 people both vaccinated living in the same house, but neither of our vaccines are effective. Either their math is off or I am going to go play the lottery. Again I am not against vaccinations, I am all for them, I am just not sure they are as effective as their numbers state. Sorry for the long post!"

Vaccine IQ Test

Teachable-momentsBy Laura Hayes

Below is a "Vaccine IQ" test which I am calling a "Vac-Q" test. My hope is that people will print it out and use it as a resource to take to legislators' town hall meetings, school board meetings, doctor appointments, and anywhere else it might be used to give people a quick quiz.

After taking this test, the hope is that people's eyes will be opened to important facts about vaccines, and that their horror will be awakened knowing that these toxin-and-poison-containing invasive medical procedures are being injected into pregnant women, newborns, infants, toddlers, young children, teens, and people of all ages every single day here in the U.S. and across the globe on an ever-increasing basis.

Should you print out and use this "Vac-Q" test, please be sure to post a comment in the Comments section below to let us know the results!

Vac-Q Test for Legislators, Doctors, Nurses, School Board Members, and Parents
Vac-Q Test in .pdf format.

  1. In the most-widely used flu vaccines, including those given to the vast majority of infants and toddlers, the amount of mercury contained in one dose is how many times greater than the EPA maximum-allowed limit for drinking water? Answer: 25,000 times greater if thimerosal is listed as an ingredient; up to 1,000 times greater if labeled “thimerosal-free”.
  2. Was the original relative risk data found by Thomas Verstraeten in 1999 for the mercury in thimerosal-containing vaccines being a causal factor in the development of autism higher than the legally-required relative risk rate of 2.0? Answer: Yes, it was 11.35, which is exponentially higher than the 2.0 level typically required in a court of law to prove a causal link.
  3. At an infant’s 2-month “well-baby” appointment, the amount of aluminum injected via the 8 recommended vaccines is how many times greater than the FDA maximum-allowed limit for IV feedings of an infant? Answer: 49 times greater.
  4. Do children have any need for mercury or aluminum? Answer: No.
  5. Are there ingredients in vaccines that are classified as hazardous materials/poisons, with accompanying Material Safety Data Sheets? Answer: Yes, including, but not limited to: formaldehyde, phenol, thimerosal, deoxycholate, polysorbate 80, and sodium borate.
  6. Do children have any need for these hazardous materials/poisons? Answer: No.
  7. Are there ingredients in vaccines that are known or suspected to be cancer-causing? Answer: Yes, including, but not limited to: glyphosate, MSG, polysorbate 80, phenol, formaldehyde, deoxycholate, and Triton X-100.
  8. Do children have any need for these cancer-causing substances? Answer: No.
  9. Are there ingredients in vaccines that are known or suspected to damage reproductive organs and impair fertility/cause sterility? Answer: Yes, including, but not limited to: aluminum, polysorbate 80, phenol, and sodium borate.
  10. Do children have any need for these fertility-damaging substances? Answer: No.
  11. Are there ingredients in vaccines that are known or suspected to alter and damage the recipient’s genes? Answer: Yes, including, but not limited to: thimerosal, formaldehyde, phenol, and Triton X-100.
  12. Do children have any need for these gene-damaging substances? Answer: No.
  13. Should children be repeatedly injected with numerous substances that have Material Safety Data Sheets which include stringent and dire warnings about how to best protect oneself from harm if handling or in the presence of these substances? Answer: No.
  14. Are there antibiotics in vaccines? Answer: Yes, including, but not limited to: neomycin, gentamycin, polymyxin B, kanamycin, streptomycin, chlortetracycline, and amphotericin B.
  15. Do children have any need for these antibiotics if not seriously ill? Answer: No.
  16. California’s Senator Richard Pan, who is also a practicing pediatrician, and who was called a “hero” by TIME magazine, said in a public address at UC Berkeley’s School of Public Health on Nov. 5th, 2015: “You know what’s the most dangerous substance in the vaccine? Water!”. According to the information above, was Senator Pan telling the truth? Answer: No.
  17. At this same 2015 public address, Senator Pan stated: “Thimerosal is not in childhood vaccines.” In the 2015-2016 flu season alone, based on a reported 70% coverage rate for those aged 6-35 months, 11.2 million doses of Sanofi-Pasteur’s “preservative-free” flu vaccine (the only flu vaccine produced that year without any thimerosal) would have been needed to ensure that no infant or toddler in the U.S. received a flu vaccine containing thimerosal. However, Sanofi-Pasteur delivered only around 200,000 preservative-free flu vaccines that year, meaning that 11 million American infants and toddlers received thimerosal-containing flu vaccines. Given that fact, was Senator Pan telling the truth? Answer: No.
  18. Are vaccine safety tests conducted using double-blind, placebo-controlled studies? Answer: No. Inert placebos are not used as controls in vaccine safety studies, nor is there always a control group, and study length is as short as 4 days.
  19. Knowing that the scientific gold standard is not used for vaccine safety studies, can any valid claims about vaccine safety or efficacy be made? Answer: No.
  20. How many vaccines are currently recommended by the CDC from gestation to age 18? Answer: 74 vaccines.
  21. If the word “vaccines” was replaced with the words “drugs”, would the recommending of 74 drugs be of concern to you? Answer: Hopefully, yes.
  22. According to a 2011 HHS survey, what percent of American children suffer from one or more chronic health conditions? Answer: 54%.
  23. According to the latest CDC statistics, what is the current rate of autism in American children? Answer: 1 in 36 American children has a diagnosis of Autism.
  24. Do the above 2 statistics denote that American children are healthy and developing typically? Answer: No.
  25. The U.S. helped to author, and also signed, the Nuremberg Code, which states: “The voluntary consent of the human subject is absolutely essential.” Given that defining hallmark of the practice of ethical medicine, are vaccine mandates compliant with the Nuremberg Code? Answer: No.
  26. The U.S. Constitution guarantees parents the right to direct the care, education, and upbringing of their children as they see fit. Does that include making healthcare and medical decisions for one's children, without government interference, coercion, cost, or penalty? Answer: Yes.
  27. Can medical mandates, including vaccine mandates, exist in a free and ethical society? Answer: No.
  28. Legislators, are you willing to immediately initiate legislation to ban vaccine mandates? If not, please explain why not.
  29. Doctors and Nurses, are you willing to immediately stop purchasing and administering vaccines? If not, please explain why not.
  30. School Board Members, are you willing to refuse to implement vaccine mandate laws in your state? If not, please explain why not.

Parents, are you ready to stop permitting vaccines to be injected into your child? If not, please ask yourself why not.


CA Senator Brian Jones on his "NO" Vote for SB276

California5-731530Note: SB276 passed yesterday.


“I wanted you to know that earlier today I voted against Senate Bill 276 (authored by Richard Pan, D-Sacramento) regarding vaccine exemption limitations and issued the following statement:

“‘I opposed SB 276 each time it came before me because it tramples the doctor-parent-child relationship which is the best place to decide what’s best for a child’s health and safety.”

“SB 276 was approved on a 28-11 vote on the Senate Floor. The measure now goes to the Governor for him to sign or veto. You can visit my website at the link below to see the full statement.

“For my constituents wishing to convey your position on SB 276 to Governor Gavin Newsom, you may do so at the following link - and please send me a copy to

“And finally, If you want to learn more about SB 276 and the impacts it will have on California families, you may read this news article at the following link -…/capitol-alert/article234700697.html

“Thank you very much!” ~Senator Brian Jones

The Sixth Extinction: Vaccine Immunity and Measles Mutants in a Virgin Soil

Giant redwoodNote: How fitting that one day after California Democrats defiled the doctor patient relationship through SB276, that we should have this paper from the doctor whose scientific question about measles vaccine launched an industry against rational vaccination discussion. While others have retreated into the shadows rather than face the fallout of standing up for children, Andy has stood taller and stronger than a California giant redwood tree.


By Andrew J. Wakefield in Journal of American Physicians and Surgeons, Volume Number 24, Number 3, Fall 2019

Read the full paper in pdf form here.

For more than 25 years, I have been, as a gastroenterologist, interested in inflammatory bowel disease—Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis—and the gut-brain connection, particularly in childhood autism. In addition, I am concerned with the environmental factors that are driving the current epidemics of both autism and inflammatory bowel disease. The issue is contentious, and one’s view depends greatly on perspective. This article provides one perspective on the delicate and often misunderstood ecological balance between man and microbe, a misunderstanding fraught with assumptions and wishful thinking.

I start with an historical perspective from a time when mortality and serious morbidity from infectious disease were commonplace. In 1878 Louis Pasteur stated: “If it is a terrifying thought that life is at the mercy of the multiplication of these minute bodies, it is a consoling hope that Science will not always remain powerless before such enemies." In his perception, mankind was at war with microbes. Bacteria, viruses, and fungi were enemies.

Our current perspective is somewhat different. We now live in the era of the microbiome. We realize that we would not be here on this planet were it not for a healthy microbiome. We have to look after our gut bacteria in particular because they are exquisitely important, not only to the development of our gut and our immune system, but beyond this to our mood, our behavior, and perhaps even our brain development in the womb.

Between Pasteur and the microbiome came the antibiotic era. Sir Alexander Fleming, returning from his vacation on Sept 3, 1928, to his laboratory at St. Mary’s Hospital in Paddington, London, discovered a mold growing in some of the Petri dishes containing cultures of Staphylococcus aureus. Pasteur said, “In the fields of observation chance favors only the prepared mind,” and it was the prepared mind of Sir Alexander Fleming that made an observation that led to the antibiotic era. His “mold juice,” he found, was capable of killing a wide range of harmful bacteria. Some years later Howard Florey and Ernst Boris Chain, working at Oxford University, turned this laboratory curiosity into a life-saving drug—penicillin. The era of antibiotics began in the 1940s, and it was a turning point in what was perceived to be the war on infectious disease—a “medical miracle.” And there is no doubt that the outcome from diseases like syphilis, battlefield gangrene, and scarlet fever was completely rewritten by this discovery. However, in less than a century, that dream was to turn to nightmare, the miracle to apocalypse, with the development of bacterial resistance...

The Really Big Lie About Autism

Abadnonned schoolNote: You'll need an extra large coffee if you sit down to read all of these stories about autism. 

By Anne Dachel

The same people who gave us Vioxx and the opioid crisis continue to face allegations of a link between the mandated, ever-increasing vaccine schedule and the ever-increasing autism rate among children worldwide.

Vaccine makers, U.S. health officials and their faithful drudges in the media have steadfastly defended vaccines as safe for every child. They’ve fabricated years of science showing no connection between vaccines and autism.

Most critical to the vaccine promoters is idea of autism as a genetic condition that’s always been around, unrecognized as a specific developmental disorder.  Every time the autism rate takes another lunge forward, there is without exception some public health officials to be quoted saying that they are not sure if THIS rate represents a true increase in autism (from the previous increase). The crafty spin from the media is invariably the same: THERE HAS NEVER BEEN AN INCREASE IN THE AUTISM RATE. 


And it’s never going to go away because it can’t.

This is the scenario that has played out for years. The public has been told endlessly that there will never be an increase that we’ll have to worry about. Having more kids with autism is simply an expanded definition, better diagnosing and greater awareness.

 The problem with this mindset is that we’re talking about disabled children who qualify for special help in school, and if the school can’t provide these services, they have to be bused to a school that can at a huge cost to the child’s home district. Growing numbers of children with severe autism have led to whole new schools being built to address their needs because mainstream education can’t accommodate them.

It’s a little hard to understand how these kids could have always been here, unrecognized, underserved and marginalized somewhere.

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Here Is What I Don’t Understand

Question markBy Laura Hayes

Parents who carefully choose aluminum-free deodorants for themselves, but who permit their children to be injected with aluminum.

Parents who carefully keep mercury-containing thermometers and light bulbs out of their children’s reach, and who would never permit mercury-containing amalgam fillings to be placed in their children’s mouths, but who permit their children to be injected with mercury.

Parents who carefully avoid toys made in China, older homes, and drinking water that hasn’t been tested, all due to lead concerns, but who permit their children to be injected with lead.

Parents who carefully avoid foods and products with Polysorbate 80 (aka “tween 80”), but who permit this synthetic chemical to be injected into their children.

Parents who carefully avoid dangerous pesticides and herbicides, including those with the carcinogen glyphosate, but who permit glyphosate to be injected into their children.

Parents who keep poisons out of reach, sometimes locked up, but who permit their children to be injected with ingredients that are classified as highly-dangerous poisons.

Parents who carefully protect their children’s brains and bodies via outlet plugs, staircase gates, carseats, helmets, and many other means, but who permit injections on a frequent basis that are known and admitted to cause cognitive impairment, paralysis, seizures, hearing loss/deafness, vision loss/blindness, language delays/no speech, tics, severe brain damage, chronic illness, lifelong disability, infertility/permanent sterility, and death.

Parents who carefully select what their children will and won’t ingest, but who permit their children to be injected with ingredients they would never permit them to eat or drink.

Parents who are afraid of illnesses contracted in a natural way, but who are accepting of illnesses injected in an unnatural way, under the skin, and deep into the muscle tissues.

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Minnesota Police Shoot, Kill 21-year-old Man with Autism During Domestic Disturbance Call

WeepNote: We fear far more incidents like this in the future, as adult males (and females) with autism in the prime of their life and strength exhibit behaviors toward aging parents, grandparents and others.  Death by police will be added to drowning and seizures. Kobe Heisler is described as "kind and nonviolent." A relative says, "...something must have triggered him."  My God. If you are local in Minnesota, please assist with details.


Brooklyn Center police shot and killed a 21-year-old autistic man Saturday afternoon while responding to a domestic disturbance call.

Officers were called to a home in the 5900 block of N. Halifax Avenue shortly after 4:20 p.m. on a report of a young man wielding a hammer and a knife who was fighting with his grandparents.

Soon after their arrival, officers reported “shots fired” inside the house.

“One down; we need paramedics here immediately,” an officer relayed to dispatchers, according to emergency audio. One officer suffered minor injuries during the struggle, authorities said.

Friends and relatives identified the man who was killed as Kobe Heisler. They say Heisler, who lived with his grandparents, was on the autism spectrum. He died at the scene.

Neighbors reported hearing an argument inside the home before police arrived. One nearby resident, who was painting at the time, said he could make out Heisler’s grandmother shouting, “Stop it.”  READ MORE HERE at

An Open Letter to Nick Paumgarten, Author of “The Message of Measles”

CHD logoEditorial By Alison Fujito, Children’s Health Defense Contributing Writer

Mr. Paumgarten, it’s long past time to address the misinformation in articles like yours, The Message of Measles, which paints such an intensely biased, extremist picture of those who delay or even refuse vaccines, that by my definition, it does not qualify as journalism.

In the first place, please stop calling us “anti-vaxxers.”  WE VACCINATED OUR CHILDREN.  Our sons and daughters had medically-documented, serious adverse reactions to vaccines. Not redness, swelling, or a little fever, but autoimmune reactions, neurological reactions like seizure, encephalopathy, or loss of consciousness, and a host of others with long-term sequelae. Yet our children’s injuries are dismissed and ignored, while we are inexplicably —and unethically— told we must continue to vaccinate to protect others.

Why wouldn’t we protest?

This isn’t about your conspiracy theories of “the anti-vaccination movement,” Andrew Wakefield, social media phenomena, “die-heard refuseniks,” and this most certainly is not about “immunological amnesia.”

This is about what happened to our children, and why. We haven’t forgotten what happened to our own children, Mr. Paumgarten.  We never will.  Some of us will regret that we vaccinated until the day we die.

Some of us are not even opposed to vaccines, only to compulsory vaccination.  Others have, understandably, lost trust in the entire medical system. We are, however, united in our opposition to fraudulent product licensure, fraudulent product marketing, and corruption of government entities meant to oversee industry, but staffed by it instead.

People seem to have no trouble understanding the fraud and corruption that led to the opioid debacle.  And the Vioxx debacle. And the DES, thalidomide, and countless other debacles caused by pharmaceutical dishonesty.  There is clear evidence of  fraud and corruption involving many vaccines. Why is that so hard to accept?

Note that Merck has been in federal court since 2010 on fraud charges brought by their own virologists, who disclosed that they were actually forced to falsify efficacy data for the MMR vaccine.

This is especially significant because Merck, like other vaccine manufacturers, is already exempt from the gold standard requirement of randomized, double-blind, inert-placebo-controlled safety trials on vaccines because they are classified as “biologics” rather than “drugs.” Yet, astoundingly, in the US, they cannot be sued for adverse reactions, not even if they are proven negligent...   Read more at Children's Health Defense.

Autism’s Not Yet


By Cathy Jameson

Every few months, I’m asked to fill out some sort of questionnaire for Ronan.  Each form has several categories.  Each category asks multiple questions.  Each question builds upon the previous question.  To be scored as accurately as possible, I know that I need to answer every question as honestlyas I can.  Scoring is important as it can determine an updated treatment plan or therapy goal.  Even so, long before I’m given them, I dread filling out those forms.  It takes a lot of energy for me to start answering them.  It takes even more for me to return them.  I should be happy to finally be done with the task and give the sheets back to whomever has asked me to fill them out--a doctor, an educator, a therapist--but I find that it takes me days to return them.  The dread of getting the results or standardized score can be just as unnerving as was answering each question.  

At this point with how many assessments I’ve filled out, I should be used to this process.  

But I’m not.  

That’s because some answers are hard to swallow.  

Does your child… 

-toilet on his own

-make his own meals

-know how to budget for a shopping trip

As with many assessments, questions and sections become more complex.  On the first few pages, I can usually check off that Ronan can Always or can Usually perform whatever it is that’s asked:

My child will…

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Missing Teen, Happy Ending

Look For The Helpers
Note: There are days (weeks, months...) where the news just seems ao grim,  we forget that GOOD people surround us. We just don't hear about them often. Here is a story with a happy ending. A dozen years ago, my daughter wandered away at a huge resort in Orlando.  Who found her, recognized that a pretty, 12 year old girl counting numbers in a glass elevator had autism, and brought her safely to the front desk? A GrandMom of a boy with autism, a travel agent from the mid-west named Carol. I will never forget her. I'm sure this family will never forget Derrick Brown.

Good Samaritan helps find missing Maryland teen with autism

Nix SB276

Del and Robert with Otto
Del Bigtree & Robert Kennedy Jr carry Otto Coleman, paralyzed by pediatric vaccination at a peaceful protest against California's SB276, which puts a bureaucrat between doctor and patient.

The bill passed appropriations yesterday. 

”Tin" soldiers and Pan is comin'. We're ARE NOT on our own.  This summer I hear the drummin', kids injured this we know. When it gets down to it, doctors are mowing us down. Happening since long ago. What did you do when you found her seizing on the ground. How could you run, when you know?


Governor Newsom, Do You Condone Slurs from Maral Farsi About Your Constituents

Farsi Tweet
Look at the disgusting Tweet from Maral Farsi of California.  Who is she?  Here's her Twitter description: California policy nerd. 1st gen Iranian. Healthcare, outdoors, beaches, cartoons, scooters, and politics. All tweets are my own.  Iran? My God, you think a woman whose family's home country treats women like 8th class citizens without control of what they wear, their bodies, where they can be seen, what they can do, might just maybe, might have a scintilla of compassion for the thousands of "anti-vaxxer" women in California? She is no better than the harshest regime in Iran.

Deputy Director of Legislative and Inter-Governmental Affairs

Governor's Office of Business and Economic Development

Maral Farsi is the Deputy Director of Legislative and Inter-governmental Affairs at the Governor’s Office of Business and Economic Development (GO-Biz). Prior to that, Ms. Farsi worked in government affairs and policy roles in the private sector, including for two Fortune 10 companies. Ms. Farsi earned a Master of Science degree in law from the University of the Pacific, McGeorge School of Law and a Master of Public Health degree from the UCLA School of Public Health. She received her Bachelor of Science from California State University, Northridge. Ms. Farsi is a native of Los Angeles but now calls Sacramento her home.

Noun. oxygen thief (plural oxygen thieves) (informal, derogatory) a useless person. "Oxygen thieves," connotes that someone is better off dead, because they steal the very AIR others should breathe. This is the kind of vocabulary that sets off MASS SHOOTERS.  It's the conversation of a zealot who could be scribbling a manifesto on how to protect the world from those who do not fully vaccinate.  It's DANGEROUS. 

Think about the fact that she Tweeted this KNOWING she would get support is frightening. She is no better than a KKK grand wizard spouting vicious racist rants. THERE IS NO DIFFERENCE and I'll say it over and over - Anti-vaxxer is the new N word.

Let's rewrite her Tweet as if it were a Mad (pissed off) Libs booklet.  Replace "anti-vaxxer" which I will tell you again is NOT A BADGE OF HONOR but a full on slur with other nouns, shall we? I refuse to call myself an antivaxxer.   She has dehumanized every single person who believes in vaccination choice and refusal. She has demonized us. She has made us a scornful enemy in this Tweet.  Which I hear she has removed.

Warning! The Antivaxxers are back today at 8:00am! Take your masks and antibacterial sprays!

Warning! The W*tb*acks are back today at 8:00am! Take your masks and antibacterial sprays!

Warning! The N-words are back today at 8:00am! Take your masks and antibacterial sprays!

Warning! The Sp*cs are back today at 8:00am! Take your masks and antibacterial sprays!

Warning! The F*gs are back today at 8:00am! Take your masks and antibacterial sprays!

Warning! The Qu**rs are back today at 8:00am! Take your masks and antibacterial sprays!

Disgusting in the extreme. And this promotes the very violence some in California as crying about.  BASTA! Says this second generation ITALIAN. E-nough.



UmbrageBy Wayne Rohde

I have been searching for a word or phrase to describe the diabolical work of Dorit Reiss this past couple of weeks. She has published several articles attacking parents who have lost children after vaccination.

The word that I have been searching for is Schadenfreude. A word in the German language. It is described as the following:

The emotion of pleasure in others' misfortune is generally regarded as morally evil. It is often considered to be less acceptable than envy, which is regarded as a deadly sin. It would appear to be morally more perverse to be pleased with another person's misfortune than to be displeased with another person's good fortune. Indeed Arthur Schopenhauer argues that to feel envy is human, but to enjoy other people's misfortune is diabolical. For Schopenhauer, pleasure in others' misfortune is the worst trait in human nature, since it is closely related to cruelty.[i]

Dorit is a Professor of Law at University of California-Hastings College of Law and pro-vaccine advocate. Generally, she sticks to her legal analysis of vaccine compensation cases within the NVICP.  She pushes for legal policy and social change by promoting her desire to allow the state to issue fines or other civil penalties against parents who do not comply with vaccination mandates. She favors the state removal of parental rights for exemptions.

Her usual MO is to use misdirection, some legal theory and fear mongering to distract people and point them in her desired direction and away from the actual facts of the case.

She writes articles blaming the parents of vaccine injured children from shutting down her bully pulpit, lectern or microphone. Cute. She distorts the facts and claims to be the victim. Dorit, you are not a victim. Not even close.



In recent weeks, Dorit has begun a new campaign of hate and preying on parents who have lost children to vaccination. Some to SIDS and some to vaccinations such as Gardasil for teen age children.

Dorit, your public posts of the death of Christopher Bunch are filled with so many false statements. I don’t know if you were purposely lying to your readers by stating Christopher’s doctors did not see or connect his Gardasil vaccination with his medical condition of ADEM which lead to his death. Read here.

Christopher’s father challenged your vile and blatantly false statement.

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24! Out of College! What is she doing?

C227AF73-D795-4CA1-8232-A926D5D3DCFA"It's the most wonderful time, of the year!" to resurrect a funny, old ad campaign for Back to School from Staples. Happy Dad pushing the cart like a dance partner while the kids trudged behind him choosing school supplies. This week, I'm trudging too.

My youngest had a dental appointment. The efficient and pleasant hygienist asked me if she has siblings. "Yes, two sisters." "How old are they?"  "The oldest is 24..."  "Oh, 24! Out of college! What is she doing?"

Insert sigh and long pause. 

See the photo? That's what she's doing. Kindle Fires loaded with YouTube and papers full of taped on tiny screen shots from Sesame Street, Blues Clues, Finger Family, Jay Jay the Jet Plane, Spot the Dog and more. These are her memories from when she was a toddler. It's as if this is where her brain wants to remain. A PBS Kid at 24.  She loves her photos. She smiles and clearly is happy. She attends a day program. And that is how I answered the kindly hygienist.

Me? I devise new ways to print smaller and smaller photos for her. After all, ink is expensive. And I don't really want to drive to Staples. Even if it is the most wonderful time of the year.


What is autism? How the term became too broad to have meaning any more Tom Clements

Mia Desk Grover
My Daughter's Desk at 18

Standing ovation. Throw flowers on the stage. Cheer. Jump up and down screaming "THIS THIS THIS!!!!!"  Thank you to Tom Clements. He is 100% correct. We invite you to read Mark Blaxill and Dan Olmsted's book "DENIAL" about exactly this topic, how Neurodiversity has harmed those on the spectrum intentionally and with an agenda to steamroll help, services, supports, funding, treatment and God forbid, cure.


By Tom Clements

What is autism? How the term became too broad to have meaning any more
The Guardian UK

The word autism means a lot of different things to different people. To some, it conjures an image of the socially awkward eccentric who, besotted by a narrow set of interests, eschews small-talk and large gatherings in favour of solitude. To others, it’s a profoundly life-limiting disorder that consumes every waking hour of a family’s life, a medical disability that entails unpredictable bouts of aggression resulting in torn upholstery, cracked skulls and savage bites. Severely autistic people have a life expectancy of 36 in the United States and 39.5 in Europe, while their parents and care-givers often experience PTSD and stress similar to that of combat veterans. Mildly autistic people, on the other hand, though far more prone to depression and suicide, can go on to lead productive and fulfilling lives, often blending imperceptibly into the wider population despite their idiosyncracies and social difficulties.

Yet a report this week claimed that the difference between people diagnosed with autism and the rest of the population is shrinking. The autism spectrum is so all-encompassing that experts are now finally starting to question the validity of the term itself. After studying the meta-analyses of autism data, Dr Laurent Mottron, a professor at Université de Montréal, concluded that: “The objective difference between people with autism and the general population will disappear in less than 10 years. The definition of autism may get too vague to be meaningful.”  Read more here.

A Bold Voice for Vaccination Choice: Sourced, Vetted Video

HPC Meme 100s of Bills to Prevent choice
From  New York to California, vaccination choice is under siege. Healthy children are being banned from school as exemptions are being removed. Students in special education are being denied FAPE.  Students with autism included. Maybe yours. Today. Tomorrow.

We have screen grabs from the video you can use to share on Twitter, Insta, and elsewhere. The link goes to the GreenMedInfo FB page where the video “redides.” Thank you.

Download Your children Your Choice Screengrab photos here

Flint Children "Lucky" It was Water

Drink upBefore you drown me with "I can't believe what that headline said”,  hear me out. The article below discusses in a rational fashion the damage to Flint, Michigan's young student population because of the toxic levels of lead in their drinking water. Thank the good Lord. Those kids will get help and services. They drank water. Safe water, right? No. Their water was tainted with lead. Lead is a known neurotoxin removed from gasoline and paint decades ago. And supposedly in "safe" levels in our drinking water.

Special education rates have been increasing for decades. Our own Anne Dachel runs a website that only publishes article about the burden of growing special education on districts across America and even worldwide. She has thousands of articles. Take a look at Loss of Brain Trust. You'll be shocked to see how local media is on top of the changes in their schools.

The article below tracks children exactly five years after the exposure of high lead levels in the water. 20% of 5 year olds are eligible for special education. TWENTY PERCENT.  But what was the number 6 years ago? This is also the flu vaccine birth cohort. And the most heavily vaccinated pediatric group in the history of medicine. We can talk about water.  We can point the finger at water. We can (and should) demand safe water. No one owns a patent on  water. No company spends millions protecting & promoting water. Politicians don't get donations from clouds. As Senator Dick Pan said in 2015, 

"You know what's the most dangerous substance in vaccines?"


"More children die of water toxicity, than anything else that's in the vaccine!"

Indeed.  No one will be called "anti-water."

source: Laura Hayes

From EdWeek: In Flint, Schools Overwhelmed by Special Ed. Needs in Aftermath of Lead Crisis

Flint, Mich.

Years after reports surfaced of alarmingly high lead levels in the water system, the toll of the crisis is becoming clear: At least 1 in 5 students in Flint's public schools are eligible for special education—and the school system is buckling under the weight of federal requirements and costs for providing programs and services.

The percentage of special education students has increased by 56 percent, rising from 13.1 percent in 2012-13, the school year before the water crisis began, to 20.5 percent last school year.

Schools are understaffed. Teachers are overwhelmed. Parents are frustrated.

"It's been a fight," said Maxine Onstott, a leader of a citywide special education parent-advocate group. Her autistic 6-year-old son, Maximilliano, began kindergarten this month. "There [are] a lot of children right now that are not getting the services they need and that are not getting the support they deserve to get from the schools."

The fallout in Flint could foreshadow problems in other districts. Schools across the country have found elevated lead levels in drinking water.

New York Attorney Sussman to File Appeal in Denial of Stay to Repeal of Religious Exemptions

Kent legalThank you to John Gilmore of Autism Action Network for this update to the dire situation in New York state.

NY: Sussman to file appeal in denial of a stay on enforcing the repeal of religious exemptions

Michael Sussman, the lead attorney in F.F. v. State of New York, a case challenging the repeal of the religious exemption from vaccine mandates to attend school in New York, released the following statement this morning.

"We have decided to file an appeal with the Third Department in Albany from Judge Hartman's decision denying a stay of the enforcement of the religious repeal. As you know, we believe the repeal violates several constitutional rights. I expect to be in Albany on Tuesday or Wednesday this week presenting our legal papers. I will keep those interested apprised of the status and share our legal papers on Facebook as I have done before. Best week possible to all."

SB 276 Will Violate the Doctor-Patient Relationship by Eliminating Medical Exemptions

Richard Pan
CA Senator Richard Pan MD

SB 276 Will Violate the Doctor-Patient Relationship by Eliminating Medical Exemptions

If the government wants to mandate vaccinations, it must ensure that they are safe for all children

Of the fraudulent exemptions cases that the Medical Board of California has investigated to date, there have been no fraudulent medical exemptions found.

Special to California Globe by Mary Holland, Esq.*

California has one of the strictest compulsory vaccination laws for schoolchildren in the nation, but Senate Bill 276 by Senator Richard Pan (D-Sacramento) would eliminate almost all vaccine medical exemptions, allegedly to crack down on fraud. Under this bill, State bureaucrats — not physicians –would be in charge of deciding whether children may receive medical exemptions and thus whether they can attend school.

UC Berkeley Law Dean Erwin Chemerinsky recently weighed in on this in his OpEd, “Vaccines Protect Us. But does the U.S. Constitution protect anti-vaccine parents?,” published in the SacBee on May 6, 2019. Re-litigating SB 277, Chemerinsky got it wrong. While it is true that under SB 277 there are no lawful rights for parents to refuse vaccination other than medical ones, what Chemerinsky didn’t articulate is that this new bill is about physicians, not parents. After SB 277, it is solely within a physician’s discretion to grant a medical exemption, based on past adverse reactions and family history. SB 276 now seeks to remove a doctors’ ability to grant medical exemptions for the extremely small percentage that need them and, instead, to vest that authority in government bureaucrats.

SB 276 is a clear example of government overreach, resulting in the unnecessary and inefficient use of taxpayer dollars. Since SB 277 eliminated both personal belief and religious exemptions (47 other states allow either or both), vaccination rates increased from 92.9 to 94.8 percent. Currently, less than 1 percent of California kindergartners have a permanent medical exemption. In addition, 96.6 percent of kindergartners have had the MMR to protect against the measles infection.  Read the full article from Mary Holland at California Globe.

New York Decision Weaponizes and Demonizes Healthy Children

New York Storm "...unvaccinated children pose a threat to others who cannot get vaccinations. the court viewed this threat as very significant in her decision." Attorney Michael Sussman posted this follow up to the stay he had sought on his Facebook page in a public post:

Yesterday, Judge Denise Hartman issued a decision denying the preliminary injunction or stay I had sought on behalf of 26000 children and their families. The Judge composed a 34 page opinion which [in summary] made the following critical points:

1. we did establish that absent an injunction, there would be irreparable harm to the children and families involved. The judge stated that she had read and found quite compelling the nearly 400 affidavits we submitted and she acknowledge that her decision would cause families and students substantial hardship.

2. the court did not feel the balance of equities tipped our way [a second factor to consider in deciding whether to grant a preliminary injunction] because, Her Honor reasoned, unvaccinated children pose a threat to others who cannot get vaccinations. the court viewed this threat as very significant in her decision.

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A Sample of a Real Vaccine Conversation

Share secretNote: In many areas of life, there are two realms, what the media wants you to think, and what is really happening at the ground level. Below is a recap of a conversation about vaccination safety and rights. Thanks to the Mom/reader/good friend who allowed us to reprint. We've changed names to protect her privacy. Remember privacy?


John & I went to Costco today and stocked up on wild Sockeye, organic vegetables, avocados, some paleo stuff, you know- all of our regular shopping.

As I was grabbing a sample from one of the vendors , I was checking ingredients for John and said “darn John- it's got dairy!” The sample lady, Lynn, said “oh geez, is your son allergic to dairy?”.

I told her “YES, and it could happen to you too, so be careful!” She asked what I meant, and I explained that there are food proteins in v@ccines that also contain aluminum adjuvants, and when injected together, they can & do cause food allergies. There’s plenty of published research on that, but THEY ( doctors) never tell you that because they never research - they just regurgitate what the CDC provides them.

She asked which v@ccine that was that caused my son’s dairy allergy, and I explained the DTaP v@x is the one with bovine/cow dairy. My son became severely allergic to dairy right after his 2 month infant shots. I couldn’t even consume dairy when I was nursing him or he would develop gut migraines that made him scream in agony for hours & hours.

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Three Things

All threeBy Cathy Jameson

I was able to get some quiet time with Ronan’s younger sister late last week.  She’d longed for a mommy date for a few weeks.  I knew we’d soon run out of time to do a “just us” outing with a new school year quickly approaching.  My schedule was tight, but I was able to squeeze in about 2 hours with Izzy on Friday morning.  She and I got some errands done and were able to have some neat conversations.  The first one was my favorite. 

As we left the driveway, I started out with Three Things.  She was to answer giving only one-word replies to the following prompts:  Tell me three things that make you happy.  Tell me three things that make you smile.  Tell me three people you look up to.  Tell me three things you want to know more about.  Tell me three people you pray for… Izzy couldn’t stick to the one-word reply though with what makes her smile.  She’d answered ‘Ronan’s laugh.’  I told her that that sound was in my top three things that makes me smile, too. 

Izzy’s answers to the other queries were ones I expected her to say.  Names of her best friends, of her favorite family members and of fun events she’d enjoyed with those people peppered several of her answers.  The one where I asked her what 3 things she wanted to know more about didn’t surprise me either.  She replied:  ASL (American Sign Language), vaccines, and the human body.  Each of the topics have been part of hundreds of past conversations she’s heard here in the house.  Where Ronan’s big sister has had more chances to be vocal about those topics, both at home and with peers, Izzy’s been mostly quiet.  In our next conversation, I learned that she’s almost ready to talk about those three things. 

I said to Iz, “Those are interesting.  Can you tell me why you picked them?”

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Your Children. Your Choice. Watch. Share. Teach. Learn.

HPC Meme No one accountable for safety
Your back to school assignment is to help share this video on Facebook. Why? Because from New York to California, vaccination choice is under siege. Healthy children are being banned from school as exemptions are being removed. Students in special education are being denied FAPE. 

You can watch the video below, but we ask you to please click this link on Facebook to drive views. Feel free to copy and share the link that goes directly to the GreenMedInfo landing site for the video.

We have screen grabs from the video you can use to share on Twitter, Insta, and elsewhere. The link goes to the GreenMedInfo FB page where the video “redides.” Thank you.

Download Your children Your Choice Screengrab photos here


This is America Too

No act of kindnessNote: Kindness. Compassion. Lend a helping hand. As taught by an 8 year old. This is America, despite what we see on "social" media and cable news.

WICHITA, Kan. (KAKE) -Read more here.

A first day of school picture is going viral, in a really good way.

Two elementary school boys began the new school year with a lesson in kindness.  

"I saw him on the ground with Connor as Connor was crying in the corner and he was consoling him. He grabs his hand and walks him to the front door. We waited until the bell rang and he walked him inside of the school. The rest is history. They have an inseparable bond," says Courtney Moore.

What Christian didn't know that that Connor is autistic. He was overwhelmed with everything going on around him.

 "I fear everyday that someone is going to laugh at him because he doesn't speak correctly, or laugh at him because he doesn't sit still or because he jumps up and down and flaps his hands," says April Crites.

It was a moment in time, caught... now capturing the hearts of strangers all over. 
But to the boys, it was simple.

"He was kind to me.  I was in the 1st day of school and I started crying then he helped me and I was happy," says Connor Crites.

Back To School Worries Then and Now

Parental RightsNote: Anne Dachel wrote this post back in 2008, more than a decade ago! What has changed? Nothing and everything. Back in 2008, "anti-vaccine" was being used to brand us all as kooks and paranoid conspiracy theorists.  Same today.  But it's worse in 2019, as laws are being passed that prevent healthy kids from attending school by the removal of vaccination exemptions.  This Fall, thousands of children in New York and California will be staying home from school for lack of.... a flu shot???

There's a video circulating on Facebook as of yesterday that seeks to clarify why so many of us speak out against vaccine damage, push for safety, push for medical freedom - the right to say "NO." Here's the Facebook link - Your Children. Your Choice. Please watch the video - share it on Facebook.

By Anne Dachel - August 22, 2008

Earlier this month Fox News published the piece, 7 Reasons to Worry as Your Kids Head Back to School by Marrecca Fiore

The number one concern, according to Fox News, should be 'the anti-vaccination movement.'  Fox warned the public about the dangers we all face because of non-vaccinating parents who have been misled to believe that there's a link between vaccines and autism.  Fox featured medical consultant Dr. Marc Siegel who announced, 'The anti-vaccination movement is based on irrational fears and is absolutely destructive.'  Siegel can't understand parents who claim vaccines cause autism.  He told us that after all, 'Vaccines are pretty well regulated.' 

'Pretty well regulated'?

That will hardly end parents' anxiety over the lineup of shots at the next well-baby visit.

No, Dr Siegel, you're wrong.  The loudest voices out there aren't from 'the anti-vaccination movement.'  They're the parents who did vaccinate.  They never missed the checkups for those scheduled vaccines. 

They're also the people who saw their children lose learned skills like making eye contact, talking, and being potty trained. 

And they watched in disbelief as these same kids exhibited the signs of autism -- rocking, staring at bright lights, and knocking holes in walls.

These parents are the voices out there asking that health officials clean up vaccines by getting rid of the countless toxins currently and routinely injected into children.  The one thing that Jon and Terry Poling, Katie Wright, and Jenny McCarthy have in common is that they all vaccinated.

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Vaccine Safety Paramount... for Pigs and Profit

Starving piggy bankNote: Thanks to Nancy Hokkanen for sharing this article about problem of a serious virus that is attacking pigs in china.  She took note of a particular line, on which we have expanded below.

Urgency for vaccine grows as virus ravages China's pigs

But before a vaccine becomes available, it needs to be tested in large numbers of pigs in secure facilities with isolation pens, waste and carcass incinerators and decontamination showers for staff, said Linda Dixon, a biologist at London's Pirbright Institute, which studies viral diseases in livestock. The process takes two to five years, she said.

The extensive testing is necessary to ensure vaccines made by weakened viruses don't have unintended side effects.

In the 1960s, for instance, Spain and Portugal tested such a vaccine after outbreaks of African swine fever. The treated pigs seemed fine at first, but then lesions broke out on their skin, arthritis locked up their joints and the animals failed to fatten up, said Jose Manuel Sanchez-Vizcaino Rodriguez, who leads a lab focused on African swine fever at the University in Madrid.

One of the "...unintended side effects" that warranted extensive testing was that the pigs did not fatten up. Ah ha. Skinny pigs are not profitable. So safety is extra important.  What about unintended side effects for vaccines given to humans?

HPV Vaccination and Risk of Miscarriage: An Assessment

RouletteNote: Last week, we featured an article that says study summaries, like the one below, often sugar coat the results so that the reader thinks there is a better outcome than was actually reported in the full study.  The abstract below reports that more study is needed, in case the vaccine does indeed cause miscarriage. Will the study team be pilloried, driven out of their careers and country fro suggesting more study is needed? That has been known to happen when critiquing a vaccine. We've heard.



To assess whether the peri-conceptional or pregnancy exposure of human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccination would increase the risk of spontaneous abortion. 


We searched PubMed, Embase, and Cochrane Central Register of Controlled Trials for clinical trials and observational studies that investigated the association between exposure of HPV vaccines (2vHPV, 4vHPV or 9vHPV) during peri-conceptional period or pregnancy and spontaneous abortion before 28 gestational weeks. We pooled data from 2vHPV, 4vHPV and 9vHPV separately. Subgroup analyses were conducted according to data sources, and raw data or adjusted data.

Seven observational studies were eligible and all studies were low risk of bias. Meta-analyses suggested that 2vHPV vaccination did not increase the risk of spontaneous abortion regardless of exposure period during 90 days before last menstrual period (LMP) or pregnancy: risk ratio, 95% confidence intervals (RR, 95% CI), 1.15 (0.95–1.39), and 45 days before LMP or pregnancy: 1.28 (0.96–1.70). However, 2vHPV vaccination during Pre-45 days to LMP seemed to increase the risk of spontaneous abortion: 1.59 (1.04–2.45). The current evidence did not support the association between 4vHPV vaccination and spontaneous abortion regardless of exposure period during 45 days before LMP or pregnancy: 0.88 (0.73–1.06); and 45 days before LMP: 1.00 (0.80–1.24). Additionally, 9vHPV during within 30 days of conception also seemed to increase the risk: 2.04 (1.28–3.24).

The association between peri-conceptional or pregnancy exposure of HPV vaccine and spontaneous abortion is still uncertain, and additional research is warranted to assess the impact of exposure of HPV vaccination on spontaneous abortion.

Read more at Peri-conceptional or pregnancy exposure of HPV vaccination and the risk of spontaneous abortion: a systematic review and meta-analysis Jing Tan, Yi-quan Xiong, Qiao He, Yan-mei Liu, Wen Wang, Meng Chen, Kang Zou, Xing-hui Liu & Xin Sun BMC Pregnancy and Childbirthvolume 19, Article number: 302 (2019)