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Heart that givesUPDATE: I tried to create a Giving Tuesday donor event on Facebook. Mr. Zuckerberg has REMOVED AofA from the list of 501 c3 charities eligible for programs. I tried to tag off an old donor event - and FB rejected my efforts.

Hello. I'll keep this short and hope you'll make it sweet. WE HAVE AN AMAZING PERSON WHO WILL MATCH $5,000 (!!) raised by December 10th. You know her as Laura Hayes, AofA contributor, commenter extraordinaire and loyal supporter.

Donating is easy and a tax deduction! Use our Bank of America secure merchant system or send a good old fashioned paper check to Autism Age PO Box 110546 Trumbull, CT 06611.

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Do You Trust A Pharm Tech to Administer the Most Complex Vaccine In Human History

CVS Pharma Tech Covid
CVS is hiring THOUSANDS of pharmacy technicians and pharmacists to administer the Covid vaccine.

Pharmacy interns and techs who meet HHS requirements can administer childhood, COVID-19 vaccines

I am not belittling the career choice of pharma tech. But you should know that a person with a high school diploma or GED who makes $21,000 will be injecting you with this brand new vaccine. A Pharmacy Intern is a pharmacy school student. The vaccine needs to be stored, thawed, mixed, spoken to in a soft voice and told that it is the prettiest vaccine ever according to documentation. 

Salary for a Pharm Teach ranges from high $20Ks to low $30Ks. Source Zip recruiter

From the CVS hiring site:

High School diploma or equivalent (preferred).

UK Pfizer Covid Doc - Read it

The rushed vaccine is gasoline. Add human error? 



Cards for Inhumanity

Covid Vaccine CardNote: The fear and worry we have faced and fought to protect our already vaccine injured family members will now spread faster and further than Covid itself. After two plus decades of being treated like Chicken Little, it seems the chickens are coming home to roost as Americans face, most for the first time, the medical tyranny we know all too well.  Lord help us all.


As both Covid-19 vaccines waiting to be approved in the US require two doses, Americans will be given a ‘vaccine card’ to keep track of them, nonprofits working with the government on the program told reporters.

“Everyone will be issued a written card that they can put in their wallet that will tell them what they had and when their next dose is due,” Dr. Kelly Moore, associate director of the Immunization Action Coalition, told CNN on Thursday. 

Read more at ‘Everyone’s going to get that’: Americans to be issued Covid-19 ‘VACCINE CARDS’ to track doses

Facebook To Ban False Covid Claims: Define False

Green or pinkRemember the Van's sneaker photo that swept the world a couple of years ago? Is the sneaker green or pink?  Some folks absolutely saw a green sneaker. Others definitely saw a pink sneaker. Because we are all different. We don't see everything exactly the same way.  So what's FALSE information about a Covid vaccine and who makes that designation?

By the way, I tried to set up a fundraiser on Facebook for Giving Tuesday - with a match from Facebook.  Age of Autism, an IRS designated non-profit, was removed from Facebooks list of chooseable charities.

Facebook BANS false claims about Covid vaccines ‘debunked by public health experts’ – all such posts to be REMOVED

Phear Not! Phor Pfizer Brings the UK Tidings of Great Joy!

Fear not! For PfizAngel's Tears Florenceer brings you tiding of great joy!  Wonderful news to wake up to’: U.K. greenlights Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine

How many AofA readers are watching the vaccine fervor with a sense of dread for those poor folks who partake willingly or under pressure. I know I take no joy knowing how many may be harmed. I feel sad that our efforts will have failed so many. Not because we haven't given our hearts and souls and careers to fighting for vaccination rights.


Jonestown kook aid
I'm so thirsty! I can't stand it any longer. My throat is parched. I'm weak. I can't function. I need a drink. Hey, what's that? Oh! cold, quenching Kool Aid? And I can choose the phlavor? Grape! Lemonade! Strawberry! Thank you! Thank you! Tha.....

The United Kingdom’s Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) announced today it has granted emergency authorization for the COVID-19 vaccine developed by Pfizer and BioNTech. So far, only vaccines developed in Russia and China have been approved for use, and none of them in Western countries.

“It is only 12 months since the first recorded case of COVID-19,” Arne Akbar, president of the British Society for Immunology, said in a public statement this morning. “To achieve this within this timescale is remarkable and the researchers should be applauded.”


  ‘Wonderful news to wake up to’: U.K. greenlights Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine

Ah Yes, Believers in Covidicut

For decades, we have been telling the world that vaccine injury is real. We've been pilloried, censored, demeaned, ridiculed and marginalized. Our message has been rebuffed.

Below is a comment on this WaPo article (that I won't even bother linking)  from a local town FB page here in Covidicut, I mean Connecticut.   "Unfortunately, sometimes this is what it takes for some people to list to reason."  Allow me to run that through the Age of Autism Schadenfreude Translator:

"Good, he got what he deserves. Maybe now he'll fall into line."

Suddenly, Covid is taking credit for turning foolish skeptics into “believers” with a nasty schadenfreude you can feel a mile away. Never have we wished vax injury, let alone autism, on another child at AofA. We don’t “Nyah nyah” or “I told you so” with thinly veiled superiority or glee.  Concurrently, citizens around the globe are about to be forced into taking Covid vaccines that are so new, so untested, so poorly trialed, so grossly overrated that we may see an unprecedented level of vaccine injury. And that - you can believe.




The COVID Vaccine: Yes or No?

Yes or noNote: Thanks to Dr. Richard Moskowitz, Harvard and NYU trained MD and author of Vaccines A Reappraisal, for his opinion piece on CoVax.   Dr. Moskowitz is a friend of AofA, I've had the pleasure of meeting him.  His article below puts in basic terms you can share the situation with CoVaxes. Sadly, I agree with him, many people outside our knowledge base will take these vaccines thinking they will streamline their lives. Instead, many will be sidelined.

By Dr. Richard Moskowitz

First of all, I doubt that any of the vaccines will work very well.  Since the SARS in 2002, there have been many attempts to make a vaccine against coronaviruses, and they've all failed, for many of the same reason that the flu vaccine has failed, because the viruses are so mutable that, by the time you make the vaccine, the virus is already different.  So Vaccines Richard Moskowitzthey do a new flu vaccine every year, and they're probably going to do that here, too, but they often don't fit that well.

Second, they are using a new technology that's never been used on humans before, because they can produce a vaccine much faster, without having to culture the virus, by just splicing viral RNA into the genetic material of the cell, so it will respond without having to introduce the virus from the outside, so to speak.  They claim it's only the messenger RNA of the mitochondria, not the DNA of the nucleus, so it won't find its way into the gene pool, and turn you and your descendants into GMO's; but I'm less sure of that, and I seriously doubt they have any clear idea of the long-term consequences of monkeying around like that, or even that they're interested or concerned about it.

And third, if the end result is the same, if they accomplish basically what the old vaccines did, that would be reason enough to avoid them, because of their propensity to bring about chronic, autoimmune phenomena and eventually, in many people, overt autoimmune diseases, at the very least making worse the ones that are already there, which most of us have some form or trace of.

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We're Gonna Need a Bigger Boat

53D7BB83-08C0-439D-A6CD-D2D0F605C5FFBelow is a recent Tweet from a Verified account. I blocked out the name.  Don’t you love the “I’m not an anti-vaxxer...” opening disclaimer used by so many? Reminds me of Thanksgiving conversations with drunk relatives that start with: “Look, I’m not a racist but....”’ You know what kind of conversation usually follows. E7A26923-E4D7-46E1-93D7-22AA6C4B249C

Allow Age of Autism to remind you that no matter WHAT vaccine you refuse for yourself or your family & children, YOU ARE AN ANTI-VAXXER by the definition foisted upon us by the VIDS (Vaccine Injury Deniers). Thought and refusal are your secret handshake.  Every citizen should be to say “no” to any medical procedure including a vaccine. Without economic, employment or social retribution or shunning.  

And hey! Some of our best friends are anti-vaxxers!  ;)





The Emergency Use Authorization for Covid-19 vaccines: Ignorance is Bliss

image from upload.wikimedia.orgBy Meryl Nass MD

If you are an FDA official charged with approving a Covid-19 vaccine, ignorance is bliss.  FDA is being asked to approve vaccines that will be injected into many millions of people, all using new methods of vaccination that have never before been approved for human use.  That puts them at great risk of making the wrong decision.

However, the lawyers who wrote the Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) legislation understood the FDA bureaucracy and its risk aversion. They probably also worked for, or consulted with, the pandemic vaccine industry.

And so they came up with a standard that practically mandates the most minimal collection of information from clinical trials of vaccines for which emergency use authorization will be sought.  Instead of requiring specific information, the standard simply says that in order to receive an EUA, a product's known and potential benefits should outweigh its known and potential risks. So, the more its sponsor knows about adverse effects, the more trouble the vaccine is likely to have getting approved.  Accordingly, it is better for the adverse effects to be as unknown as possible.

This standard also explains what might be considered oddities in trial design:  for example, why the vaccine sponsors/developers did not collect data on whether the vaccines prevented transmission of disease. Nor were vaccine sponsors required to show statistically significant data on whether hospitalizations (severe illness) and deaths were prevented.

Basically, the FDA was given the statutory green light to approve anything it wanted to approve, with minimal actual data.  That is how Operation Warp Speed could even be conceived.

Most important, from the standpoint of FDA, it gave the agency cover.  FDA is not being asked to act as a regulator. All it needs to be able to say is that the potential for benefit exceeds the potential risks, and as long as little is actually known about the vaccines, they can say their approval was based on the best evidence available at the time. This is of course another reason for speed:  the vaccines need to be approved before meaningful safety and efficacy data accrue that could hurt them.

FDA Commissioner Stephen Hahn and CBER director Peter Marks have tiptoed around and obfuscated this.

"Look at the process that we're following," Dr. Peter Marks said. "We're going to have a very open process."

But the FDA only said it would publicly disclose reviews of the scientific data used to authorize drugs and vaccines after being criticized for hiding information. The Government Accountability Office noted that the FDA had not been sufficiently transparent in disclosing the data used to grant or revoke authorizations involving coronavirus treatments.

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The Ugly Truth Autism Families Are Enduring

Autism RealityNote: Below is a post I read on Facebook (and got permission to share) that sums up the experience of  thousands of autism families here and around the world. Our children, from early intervention to adulthood, are suffering, and therefore, so is the entire family.   We will always write from the perspective INSIDE the autism epidemic. Even when it's painful. Especially. 

Feel free to share your story in our comments.

Posted with permission from the author:


As this pandemic/shut down continues indefinitely, my family’s overall well being continues to worsen in almost every way. I’m pretty sure most people can not understand what it’s like having two severely autistic young men (18 & 19 yrs old) to raise, keep safe, and live harmoniously with.

They simply can not function without in person therapy, education, and support. They are spiraling into a deep depression and confusion while years of progress  are dwindling daily. Crying, biting themselves, and coming after their father and I everyday all day.

Our lives and existence were difficult without the pandemic but this is absolutely excruciating to witness and live with. I understand the reasons why most schools are closed though I absolutely do not agree with a solely special education school completely shutting down. The hybrid program they eventually tried to do, that lasted a few weeks, was only two days per week, with only three students per class. That has since shut down completely.

The fact that these schools do not see themselves as essential workers is beyond cruel and selfish. That’s right, selfish and cruel. They are supposed to be the people that understand this population. There has to be some exceptions and this should surely be one of them.

My sons can’t stay home alone while my husband and I go to work. That means, we simply can’t go to work. My kids need constant supervision. My kids receptive language skills are not high enough to explain why they are trapped at home and not aloud to go anywhere. Staying in this state of affairs is only magnifying the problem.

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"There is a race to get the public vaccinated, so we are willing to take more risks"

No thanksThe article below buried the lede, if you'll pardon the grim phrase.  In this article from The Jerusalem Post about the Modern mRNA vaccine that includes its risks, you find out Professor Michal Linial of Hebrew University of Jerusalem is in no hurry to try the vaccine herself. But when asked if she would take the vaccine right away, she responded: “I won’t be taking it immediately – probably not for at least the coming year,” she told the Post. “We have to wait and see whether it really works.” 


Could mRNA COVID-19 vaccines be dangerous in the long-term?

"Israelis celebrated on Friday when Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced that the country had signed a deal with Pfizer Inc. to buy its novel coronavirus vaccine. But the fact remains that if Pfizer succeeds – or Moderna, with whom Israel also has a contract – these will be the first-ever messenger RNA (mRNA) vaccines brought to market for human patients.

In order to receive Food and Drug Administration approval, the companies will have to prove there are no immediate or short-term negative health effects from taking the vaccines. But when the world begins inoculating itself with these completely new and revolutionary vaccines, it will know virtually nothing about their long-term effects.

“There is a race to get the public vaccinated, so we are willing to take more risks,” Tal Brosh, head of the Infectious Disease Unit at Samson Assuta Ashdod Hospital, told The Jerusalem Post.... Could mRNA COVID-19 vaccines be dangerous in the long-term?


Gratitude from Year to Year

Grateful TypeNote:  It's not often we run a "Best of" from Cathy.  She has the weekend off with her beautiful family. Who better to share her thoughts on gratitude, than she? This post is from just last year. But the way I see it, none of us has a functioning memory this far into 2020, so let's go back to 2019, when we were blissfully unaware of what the New Year would bring.


By Cathy Jameson

A friend of mine shared a slew of positive messages on one of her social media accounts. It took me a few days to realize she was posting one per day during the month of October, but that was because I took a short social media break. Jumping offline is always good for the mind. It can be very good for the soul also.

Once I logged back in and saw the upbeat messages again, I looked forward to seeing the daily suggestions she shared. Topics like keeping hopeful, setting practical goals, and finding joy every day were peppered on her page. I wasn’t always in a good mood when I jumped online, but after seeing those short, inspiring messages, I would take a few minutes to think about something positive. Be it something my kids did that made me smile, or thinking about a big step Ronan finally made, I was grateful for the reminder to stop, reflect, and be thankful. As the Thanksgiving holiday approaches this week, I thought it would be a perfect time to share just a few things that I am thankful for, too.

While I’m certainly not grateful for my son’s vaccine injury, I am thankful that I am more educated because of it. I fully admit that I didn’t know enough when my children were younger. A lot of precious time and more was lost during those early years, but I am thankful for what I’ve come to realize. With every realization, I now know better what to do and what not to do.

With everything I’ve experienced – both the good and the bad - I am thankful that I learned how to advocate for my son. The knowledge I’ve gained in the last decade is incredible. It’s more than I ever could have imaged I would have to learn. What I’ve learned has helped not just Ronan but all of my children. While my typical children don’t need the same type of assistance their brother needs, they’ve gained a unique perspective watching me and my husband take care of their brother. Because of what they’ve witnessed and continue to witness as Ronan’s siblings, it’s encouraging to hear my kids become more vocal in class and within their circle of friends about certain topics, like vaccines and the need for exemptions. I’m thankful that they know the truth and are talking about it. They’re advocating for themselves much sooner than I expected them to have to.

I am incredibly grateful for other advocates, too. To those who paved the way before I came on the scene, like Barbara, Kim, Anne, JB, and Ginger, thank you. From the bottom of my weary heart, I would not have known which direction to go had it not been for the brave moms and dads who started the conversation. Thanks to all who keep that convo going. From our old Yahoo! Group days to the several private FB groups that are still going strong, you will have my respect and admiration.

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Sexy Dr. Mike BUSTed on SS Covid Party Boat

Dr Mike BoatInternet phenom "Dr. Mike" was caught "partying hearty" (Sorry, I'm from Boston, mid 80s,  it sounds better if you say paahtee haahtee) sans masks with a  boatload (no really, a boat load) of beautiful women in Miami.  The media is reporting his great, hypocritical shame.  Yes, it's hypocritical.  Hypocrisy is everywhere right now. And shaming. And as usual, the biggest shamers are often the ones flouting the rules behind closed doors (ask a whole lot of politicians or televangelists who came out of the closets or went to prison for bilking their flock.) Remember when Dr. Nancy Snyderman (hey, where is she? Too old for TV?) broke the EBOLA quarantine to get a bowl of soup? 

But I have another thought for you to consider.

I don't think Dr. Mike would jeopardize his million dollar medi-tainment career by endangering first, himself, and second (maybe third) the party-goers around him.  A healthy 31 year old man celebrated his birthday surrounded by friends. Maybe he didn't feel like he was putting anyone in jeopardy  because of his medical knowledge?  Doesn't matter if they are A students or DD Cups. 

(PS) I'm old, has duck face been replaced with slack jawed tongue thrust?

'Sexiest doctor alive' is called out for partying maskless on a boat while surrounded by bikini-clad women in Miami, despite stressing to his millions of Instagram followers to think before traveling, wear a mask and social distance

‘Hot Doctor’ Mikhail Varshavski has come under withering fire from his millions of followers after pictures of him ignoring his own advice by partying maskless on his birthday emerged.

Varshavski — who has found Internet fame as Dr. Mike — has been in the vanguard of stressing the importance of wearing a mask to stop the spread of Covid-19.

But he appeared to break all his own rules when it came to his 31st birthday party, for which he flew from New York to Miami on November 12 to celebrate.


Moderna Vaccine Designed in..... 2 Days

Impossible things 2Imagine dining in a restaurant that served your turkey dinner at 120 degrees Fahrenheit (180 degrees is safe), charged you $500 a plate, and then had no liability when you ended up passed out on the bathroom tile from food poisoning. And then it got a 5 star review. reports that the Moderna vaccine was designed in 2 days.

Moderna's coronavirus vaccine candidate was found to be 94.5% effective in preventing COVID-19 in clinical trials, the company announced last week.

The vaccine's development process was unprecedentedly fast — only the team of Pfizer and BioNTech beat the biotech newcomer in announcing results from a late-stage clinical trial.

The experimental vaccine was also far more effective than expected: The Food and Drug Administration had said it would likely approve a vaccine that showed at least 50% efficacy, and Dr. Anthony Fauci had said he hoped for 70%. (AstraZeneca found its coronavirus vaccine candidate to be 70% effective on average, while Pfizer-BioNTech reported their shot is 95% effective.)

But perhaps more remarkable is that Moderna designed its vaccine in just two days in January, before some people had even heard of the coronavirus....

Covid Brings Childhood Contest Game to Reality


This screen shot from Fox brought back a childhood memory. In the early 1970s, we had a contest game called "Chinese school." I suppose it could have been Italian school, Irish school, American school. Maybe the cold war was the reason it was Chinese school, thinking Chinese children had to behave and be stern and studious.  The game was like a staring contest. Once recited, the first person to laugh or smile lost. And if you lost, you got a twisted sister arm burn. Good times.  It went like this:

Chinese school has just begun. No more laughing. No more fun. If you show your teeth or tongue, you will pay a penalty.

Looks like Covid is instituting a new version of our crummy game for the holidays. No singing! No shouting! Limit alcohol! Except the alcohol you slather on your hands via sanitizer.  Every channel looks like The Onion. Our CT Governor just instituted a $10,000 fine for businesses who break the rolled-back rules. And we aren't having fun, or smiling.

Happy Day after Thanksgiving, friends.  Kim

AstraZeneca Math: 62% is 90%

Dunce girlIf I told my parents I got a 90 on my test, and the paper said 62, I'd have been sent to my room without any supper.  Not at all surprised by the lies, pharma has staked its very existence on the CoVax. It's the biggest cash grab since Bernie Madoff.

AstraZeneca Covid vaccine study results clouded by manufacturing error

“You’ve taken two studies for which different doses were used and come up with a composite that doesn’t represent either of the doses," an expert said.

LONDON — AstraZeneca and Oxford University on Wednesday acknowledged a manufacturing error that has raised questions about their Covid-19 vaccine after revealing earlier this week it was “highly effective” against the disease.

On Monday, researchers said AstraZeneca vaccine had an efficacy of up to 90 percent when half a dose was administered followed by a full dose. That efficacy rate is on par with other vaccine candidates announced by Pfizer and Moderna earlier this month. In the group that got two full doses, the vaccine appeared to be 62 percent effective. Combined, the drugmakers said the vaccine appeared to be 70 percent effective.

The 2020 Thanksgiving Cornu-HOPE-ia

Thanks Age of AutismHappy Thanksgiving.

I have a "4oth" anniversary New Yorker cartoon book.  The dates of the cartoons are 1955 - 1965.  I was paging through it the other day and came across this Thanksgiving cartoon below. The cornucopia translates to "horn of plenty." In this cartoon, you can see that the horn is full of past due bills and troubles. This is our 2020 Thanksgiving in an acorn shell, wouldn't you say? The lock downs and sanctions and rules and rule changes have decimated businesses around the world.  Businesses are families. Men. Women. Moms. Dads. We're all feeling a pinch, to some degree.

On this Thanksgiving 2020, I am grateful for food on our table, health, friends, family and all of our AofA readers. We quietly celebrated our 13th year this month. Lucky 13 indeed! What a year! Onward, we will honor Dan's mission as long as we can. XOX  Thank you.  Kim Make a tax free DONATION here.

Good old fashioned paper check? Autism Age PO Box 110546, Trumbull CT 06611 EIN 14-1831987





iPAK Presents Vax Unvaxxed Study with Zero ADHD

Science post imageLyons-Weiler, J.; Thomas, P. Relative Incidence of Office Visits and Cumulative Rates of Billed Diagnoses Along the Axis of Vaccination. Int. J. Environ. Res. Public Health 202017, 8674. 

Open Access (No Firewall)

HTML Version:
PDF Version:

Link to this page:

We are now moving on to Phase 2 of our study, in which they will focus on the comparison of health outcomes associated with live vs. non-live vaccines, aluminum-containing vaccines vs. non-aluminum containing vaccines, as well as studying the impact of individual vaccines on specific health outcome risks.  Become an IPAK Science Hero and make the world a safer place for our children through objective science.

In this study of over 3300 patients, we found ZERO ADHD in the unvaccinated group (N=561). We found that using billed office visits was a more powerful test than the weaker odds ratio of incidence. Even after blocking for healthcare exposure/age, family history of autoimmunity, and gender, the associations of many bad health outcomes were robust. Anemia was especially prominent in the vaccinated. Here is our announcement.

The IPAK team and Dr. Paul Thomas have published the first results from the Vaxxed vs. Unvaxxed study in the study "Relative Incidence of Office Visits and Cumulative Rates of Billed Diagnoses Along the Axis of Vaccination".

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We Are The World We Are The Vaccinated

No thanksRemember when feeding our fellow Earthlings was of paramount importance? Now we're looking at vaccinating our fellow Earthlings and The CommonPass.


Global Vaccine Passport Will Be Required for Travel

Forced vaccination is part and parcel of the plan to “reset” the global economic system, forever altering life as we know it. Now, global vaccine passports are being introduced, and it’s only a matter of time before vaccination status will be a prerequisite for travel.

CommonPass is a digital “health passport” framework initiated by The Commons Project, the World Economic Forum and The Rockefeller Foundation.

When you get your test result or vaccine, that data is uploaded to an app on your cellphone. The app generates a barcode that is then scanned at the airport, at hotel check-in and wherever else vaccine status verification is deemed necessary.

The CommonPass digital clearance system is currently being tested by United Airlines on flights between London and Newark, and Cathay Pacific on flights between Hong Kong and Singapore.

In an April 2020 white paper, The Rockefeller Foundation laid out a strategic framework clearly intended to become part of a permanent surveillance and social control structure that severely limits personal liberty and freedom of choice

Around the world, there’s considerable resistance against mandatory COVID-19 vaccination, but even if the vaccine ends up being “voluntary,” refusing to take it will have severe implications for people who enjoy their freedom.

For months, the writing has been on the wall: Forced vaccination is part and parcel of the plan to “reset” the global economic system, forever altering life as we know it along the way. Now, global vaccine passports are in fact being introduced, and it’s only a matter of time before vaccination status will be a prerequisite for travel.... READ MORE HERE.

Mainstream media silent on Denmark’s “Nine day pots and pans protest”

Pots and pan protest
By Anne Dachel


This is a good example of the power of the people and also the power of the media because I haven’t heard anything about this, not through the unusual news channels or even the alternative news channels. 

At this moment there is literally nothing about what’s just happened in Denmark:

The government in Denmark had proposed a new epidemic law which was not going to be temporary.

Just to give a brief summary, this new law, it included:

ONE, people infected can be forcibly given medical examination, hospitalized, treated and placed on isolation.  

TWO, government would be able to define groups of people who must be vaccinated. 

THREE, people who refused the above can be coerced through physical detainment. 

Yes, this was the new law that they were proposing to bring in, but Denmark had been protesting for the last nine days because of this law. 

And after nine days of the protest, this law has now been abandoned. Apparently Denmark had been protesting en masse with pots and pans outside their parliament. 

Now this is not mentioned anywhere. 

I found just two clips from all of this to show you, and it doesn’t surprise me that the media are trying to block this out because it just doesn’t follow their narrative.

It shows that if you collectively say no, then you can get them to change their minds, to get them to step back. 

And there being absolutely no mention of this anywhere in the mainstream media in any country as far as I can see, nothing about the nine day pots and pans protest and nothing on the back down . 

For anyone who still thinks there is nothing strange going on, don’t you think this deafening silence is unusual? …

Gript News: Forced Vaccination Law in Denmark Reportedly Dropped After Widespread Protests   (SEE VIDEOS)

Nov 19, 2020, Epoch Times: Denmark Citizens Refuse Law Mandating Forced COVID-19 Vaccine

With a COVID-19 vaccine possibly rolling out to the public by December or early next year, some governments are pushing for a mandatory vaccine program, as in Denmark where it was met with protests.

The national government in Denmark had to abandon a new law that would require a mandatory COVID-19 vaccine after Danish citizens took to the streets to protest by banging on pots and pans against an updated Epidemic Act (pdf) that gave the government an unprecedented amount of power to implement rules and extreme measures to fight against the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) virus pandemic.

The new Epidemic Act would replace the temporary amended law (pdf) that was unanimously and quickly passed back on March 12 in response to the pandemic. At that time, one of the major revisions made involved transferring all the authority from the five regional Epidemic Commissions around the country to the Danish Minister of Health to allow for a quicker response to COVID-19.

But this gave a lot of power to the minister of health who is able to “access a person’s home with the police assistance without prior court order,” and “use police assistance to isolate, examine or treat a person who is infected or believed to be infected with one of the communicable diseases listed in the appendix to the Act,” according to a blog by Janne Rothmar Herrmann a professor of the University of Copenhagen.

The minister of health through a Ministerial Order was also able to limit the gathering of more than 10 people at indoor or outdoor public spaces except for “political meetings/protests, supermarkets, and places of work, etc.”

The new Act would continue keeping the centralized powers with the Danish Minister of Health that was passed in March, with the addition of allowing forced COVID-19 vaccinations as the Danish Health Authority can define “who must be vaccinated to contain and eliminate a dangerous disease.” Compliance with these orders can be achieved with police assistance.

Both the Danish Medical Association and the Danish College of General Practitioners spoke out against the new law saying “mandatory vaccination should be an ‘absolute last resort’” and that it gave too much power to the government, particularly the minister of health, over people’s healthcare, according to The Local.

The nine consecutive days of protest to the new law—broke away from the high level of trust Nordic countries are known to have with their government—resulted in the Danish government scrapping the law.

As the protest was just beginning in Denmark, the New York State Bar Association (NYSBA) approved a resolution (pdf) on Nov. 7, asking the state to consider making a COVID-19 vaccine mandatory for all New Yorkers except those medically exempted “once a scientific consensus emerges that it is safe, effective, and necessary,” but only after voluntary vaccinations failed to illicit a sufficient level of herd immunity to keep the public safe….

In Israel, the Health Minister is considering a mandatory COVID-19 vaccine law to address a percentage of Israelis unwilling to vaccinate, although the country has one of the highest immunization rates, according to The Jerusalem Post….

With claims of their trials being over 90 percent effective against the CCP virus by Moderna and Pfizer, and after an emergency authorization usage is granted by the U.S. Food and Drug Association’s (FDA) for the public, it will be a matter of time before more states and businesses may mandate Americans to get a vaccine.

“With polls showing that about half of Americans either do not want to get a new COVID-19 vaccine or have reservations about getting vaccinated, there will be those who want societal sanctions to be levied against those who refuse to take it,” Barbara Loe Fisher, Co-Founder and President of the National Vaccine Information Center, told The Epoch Times in an email.

Fisher is one of the original group of parents who worked with Congress on the 1986 National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act, which has been amended so much that it no longer serves its original purpose: to allow parents of vaccine-injured children to easily file a claim for compensation as an alternative to the civil courts.

Instead, the vaccine injury act now mainly protects manufacturers of mandated vaccines from lawsuits, especially after the Supreme Court declared that vaccines were “unavoidably unsafe” in a 2011 decision (pdf).

Fisher says the “public-private business partnerships” between the governments and pharmaceuticals for more than 35 years has been a “powerful lobby for forced vaccination” in the United States and around the world.

“That lobby has been putting pressure on U.S. lawmakers to mandate all federally recommended vaccines and eliminate informed consent protections in public health laws,” Fisher says.

Every state has a mandatory vaccine schedule for students to attend school, with around 50 vaccine doses given from birth to 18 years old according to Kids Health. People working in the healthcare industry are also mandated to take flu vaccines annually.

“The draconian COVID-19 vaccination law enacted in Denmark last spring that threatened to imprison people for refusing to comply is a warning of what could happen here. Americans must rise up and resist this kind of tyranny in great numbers like the people of Denmark have done this week,” Fisher says.

I Hate Qantas. Do Not Fly List For "Viral Terrorists"

No Fly ListAre you ready to be placed on a DO NOT FLY list as a viral terrorist? Qantas airlines has announced that they will require proof of a Co Va cks to fly their airline.  Good day and Goodbye, Mates!

The head of Australia’s Qantas Airways has said his airline plans to require all international travelers to be vaccinated against Covid-19 before boarding their flights, and predicted similar policies would be adopted worldwide.

In a television interview with Australian news program A Current Affair, Alan Joyce explained that a coronavirus jab may not be necessary for domestic air travel, but that it would be a “necessity” for international flights entering and leaving Australia.   Qantas CEO says airline will make Covid-19 vaccination COMPULSORY for international travel

In the 70s, there was an iconic ad campaign featuring a Koala who was grumpily annoyed that Qantas was bringing tourists to his home. I think his grandbears are about to get a big break.... And someone needs to tell them they forgot the U in their name. That always bothered me. Whatever the reason.

Covid 19 Vaccine Injuries Deserve Litigation in the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program

Right On Point Screen
Why injuries suffered from the COVID-19 vaccines need to be litigated in the NVICP

By Wayne Rohde

There is a lot of speculation on where any injuries or death suffered by the American public will be adjudicated once COVID-19 vaccines are approved and distributed. There are two specific and distinctive federal programs that compensate for vaccine injury or death.

The first, the more commonly known of the two, the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (NVICP) and the second, a more secretive program called the CounterMeasures Injury Compensation Program (CICP).

The NVICP provides compensation for the approved vaccines for children and adults that are recommended for normal vaccination. The CDC via the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) will approve a vaccine for administration for children or adults or both. The Secretary of HHS must announce the intent to add the vaccine to the schedule and allow public comment on the addition. Congress weighs in to add a $0.75 if it is a new class of vaccines.

The Federal Court of Claims will adjudicate the petition for any injury or death. The petitioner can appeal to a higher court, all the way up to the Supreme Court if able.

The CICP is entirely different and very problematic. 

In the aftermath of the Sept. 11, 2001 terrorist attacks, Congress created the CounterMeasures program to speed compensation to people injured from drugs, vaccines, and devices developed in response to pandemics and national security events. Those included biological warfare and radiation poisoning. A few of the vaccines in that category are for anthrax, ebola, and zika.

The CICP is designed to handle pandemic or other health emergency countermeasures as declared by the Secretary of HHS. And will be the likely landing spot initially for any injuries or deaths alleged as a result of receiving a COVID-19 vaccine. 

The CICP is considered the black hole. And for good reason. I will give you several.

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Bookmarking the Truth

TruthBy Cathy Jameson

A few years ago when a blizzard kept us home for days on end, I had lots of extra time to clean out the closets.  From that cleaning spree, I had 2 very large bags and 1 big box of items to donate.  The items may not have been brand new, but they were in good condition and could hopefully serve a purpose for someone else.  

My daughters were not sad to see their things go.  I wasn't either.  The things I was donating to the giveaway pile were a few t-shirts I no longer wore and a pile of books that I knew that I'd never read cover-to-cover.  Only a few of the chapters and topics in the books interested me anyway.  

I'd bought the books one or two at a time at thrift stores over the years hoping to use them for a research project.  Instead of finishing the project, the books sat and sat and sat on one of our bookshelves.  I spied them on that snowy weekend and decided that it was time for them to go back to the thrift store.  I wanted to add a page of my own to each book before they were donated though. 

I’d considered it a missing appendix or sorts.  These books, all of which are meant to educate women during pregnancy or during the first few years of parenting, were missing something:  the whole truth.

- In sections regarding autism, there was no hope that autism could be prevented (and treated). 

- In sections describing vaccines, I found no warning that all liability-free vaccines come with risk and that they had side effects (or what to do about those side effects post-vaccination).

- In other sections of these books, when listing the vaccine schedule, information about vaccine exemptions was missing (including that all 50 states offer at least 1 exemption).  

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As if Vaccine Safety Was Ever a Priority picked up a NYT story from last month accusing President Trump of decreasing vaccine safety. Where to begin on that one? Maybe 13 years ago to our inception? Maybe to 1986? Wouldn't it be something if the Trump cum COVID era brought "everyone" into the "anti-vax" fold? If I could figure out how to run this post inside out and backwards, I would. That's how everything feels right now.


The Trump administration shut a vaccine safety office last year. What's the plan now?

Tracking outcomes in COVID-19 vaccine recipients to ensure the product is not causing harms after coming to market is an enormous undertaking, one that could be challenged further considering changes last year to the National Vaccine Program Office.

Tracking outcomes in COVID-19 vaccine recipients to ensure the product is not causing harms after coming to market is an enormous undertaking, one that could be challenged further considering changes last year to the National Vaccine Program Office. After its purported closure, experts complain the task now falls to a patchwork of federal agencies—including FDA and CDC—with no central leadership behind the effort. A spokesperson with HHS, however, denies that the vaccine office was shuttered. "The office was not 'closed,' but was merged with the Office of Infectious Disease and HIV/AIDS Policy and was strengthened," the spokesperson noted in a statement. "All the functions continue in this new organizational structure." Technicalities aside, critics remain concerned about a lack of coordinated direction that would normally have come from the vaccine office, as well as the absence of a plan to communicate findings to the public. FDA responds that it will post updates via its website, while CDC will hold public meetings. The agencies will retrieve data from various monitoring systems, including smartphone apps, a database of electronic health records and insurance claims, and CMS data on people aged 65 years and older.

When Pediatricians Made House Calls Not CPS Calls

Garrett Price 1896 - 1979

I have a 40th Anniversary New Yorker Cartoon book. From 1965! In it is a rich treasure trove of cartoons that speak to the era of 1955 - 1965. And while some seem to be relics, others brought me a sharp sadness or bark of laughter. This cartoon caught my eye. Every day on Facebook, I see Moms seeking a new pediatrician to act as a partner in care. Not just CEV Chief Executive Vaccinator. Why? Because their current pediatric office fired them for not being vaccine compliant. Pediatricians used to make house calls and.... care. Seems like a "reach" today, doesn't it?  Funny, tidbit, the artist was from Kansas, but died in Norwalk, Connecticut, not far from the Age of Autism Headquarters.  ;)

Divorce and COVID Vaccination

Divorce meme every year
My favorite meme! LOL!

Divorce Magazine has a great article on how divorce  may affect a parent's right to say "yes" or "no" to the Covid vaccine for their minor children. Often, the conversation about vaccines is in the clouds. We talk about adjuvants, and manufacturing processes, and science, and history, and legislation. At Age of Autism, I never want to forget that we were born 13 years ago this very month to discuss the man-made epidemic. And how it affects families. Divorce Magazine did a GREAT job with this even handed post that simply addresses what might happen and how to proceed if Mom and Dad do not agree. They did not take sides, or stress getting the vaccine versus not. I wonder if the the author might be..... one of us.  No, it's not me!   Kim XOX


By Alexis Garcia

As companies race to manufacture a COVID-19 vaccine, some people have expressed their hesitation to get vaccinated once it is ready for a variety of reasons. Such reasons include concerns regarding its potential side effects, effectiveness, and the fast pace in which the vaccination is being developed. With indications that a COVID-19 vaccine may be ready in the near future, parents will soon likely be faced with the question of whether or not to vaccinate their child, which begs the question: What happens if you and your former spouse are unable to see eye to eye concerning your child’s COVID-19 vaccination?   READ MORE HERE.

Google Proudly Touts Carbon Neutral Status But What About Their News?

Google news neutral

This is the Google home screen as of yesterday. I thought my cursor was going wonky. It was that little pickle (Lord I'm sorry Cathy J!) zipping across the screen to draw my eye down to the proud announcement that Google has been carbon neutral since 2007.  Age of Autism has been in publication since 2007!  Oh my Gawd we're like twinzies!!!! Except Google dropped us from news indexing years ago and has actively suppressed our work for years.  Carbon neutral, not news neutral. 

The Problem With the COVID Vaccine Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Explains to Theo Von

Theo Von
"The Moderna vaccine was completely developed by Tony Fauci, he hands it to a private group, they put 2 billion dollars of federal money into allowing them to develop it, and then Tony Fauci’s agency keeps half the profits from the vaccine. I’ve sued EPA many times for being a captured agency, but what would it be like if EPA made half of its profits selling coal?"

By Anne Dachel

The Problem With the COVID Vaccine | Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Explains to Theo Von

Robert Kennedy, Jr.:

The problem with the COVID vaccine, here’s the problem. They have all these vaccines, and they recognize that it’s going to be really hard to get a vaccine that does what people think it’s going to do. They have been reducing the standards to make it so they can pass a vaccine no matter what. Theo Von: And what they think it’s going to do is make it so they don’t have to worry about COVID at all. Kennedy: Right. If you get a shot, you’re protected, and you’re not going to transmit it. Particularly we want to make sure that the people who are vulnerable, so people with co morbidities and fragile elderly, that it’s going to keep them from dying. What they did is—the testing protocols that they’re using do not require them to show any of those things. I’ll tell you how it works. They take 22,000 people and they give them the Pfizer vaccine. And they take 22,000 people and give them a placebo. Then they wait. It’s double blind, so the way it’s supposed to work is neither the patients, the test subjects, the volunteers or the researchers know who got what. Then you wait till a hundred people get sick from COVID. That takes a while because you had 40,000 people and it’s kind of hard nowadays to get sick from COVID. You’re not going to have the majority of those people exposed, so after a 100 people get sick, they stop the study and look at it. Then they say, how many of those people got the vaccine and how many got the placebo? And if 50 percent of them got the vaccine and 50 percent got the placebo means there’s zero efficacy, and the vaccine doesn’t work. In this case with Pfizer everybody’s excited because they stopped the study when 95 people got sick. Apparently 85 of those people were in the placebo group, which means the vaccine appears to be 90 percent effective. Here’s the problem: The way they measure whether you have COVID is you have one positive PCR test and you have one symptom. That could be a cough, it could be a fever, it could be a chill, it could be a headache. Then you have COVID. So what they’re testing the vaccine for IS NOT what we want to know: DOES IT PREVENT YOU FROM DYING? Does it prevent you from being hospitalized? We will never know because they have geared back the studies—Peter Doshi who’s the editor of the British Medical Journal, he said this in a New York Times editorial, he said, “These studies were designed to succeed. You cannot fail.” No matter how bad the vaccine is, it’s going to pass.

Von: Because we want a vaccine, right? Kennedy: Everybody wants a vaccine so we can restart the economy. The big problem with this vaccine—there’s two problems. ONE is it does not prevent transmission. That means I can get the vaccine, and then I get exposed to COVID, I still give COVID to you and everybody on the airplane.

Von: You just don’t experience it.

Kennedy: I don’t experience it, but it makes it even more dangerous—

Von: No one even knows you have it.

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Massachusetts Health Choice 4 Action's Allison Chapman on Flu Shot Mandate

Allison Chapman Fox Flu

As State Flu Shot Deadline Approaches, Local Families Fight Back

By: Heather Hegedus, Boston 25 News
Updated: November 17, 2020 - 9:33 AM

ANDOVER, Mass. — Time is running out for students to get flu shots under the state’s new mandate, before the Dec. 31 deadline. But some families are asking for exemptions.

The state mandate applies to children 6 months and older in childcare and pre-school, straight through college.

But Andover mom Allison Chapman says her family won’t be getting a flu shot this year -- or any year -- despite the state mandate.

She says as babies, all of her children had adverse reactions from vaccines, including her son who developed seizures. She also says her 72-year-old mother was severely impacted by the flu shot.

“She’s had the flu shot three times and all three times ended up in the hospital," Chapman says. "Last year, she had it and she was in the hospital for three months with Metabolic Encephalopathy. I’d ask her questions, so I’d ask her what she wanted for lunch, and she would read the exit sign.”

As Legislative Director for Health Choice 4 Action Massachusetts, Chapman has been busy fighting several bills at the state level that are trying to eliminate or restrict religious and medical exemptions.

Chapman says she’s hearing from families who say their schools and pediatrician’s offices denied their attempts to use exemptions.

She says in some cases pediatrician’s offices are kicking families out of their practices who refuse the flu shot, leaving them without medical care.

“I know somebody who has used the religious exemption for many, many, many years. This was the first time they’ve ever been denied. So this mandate is really creating an aggressive back and forth.

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Compulsory CoVax via Epidemic Law

Gps failExcerpted from The Spectator on compulsory vaccination.   COVID is making measles look like a piker.  Mandatory vaccinations for school age children or expulsion doesn't hold a candle to vaccinating absolutely everyone or removal from all manner of commerce, travel, society. Viruses are the new nukes. The new terrorists. 

It seems that someone changed the headline post publishing from Denmark's flirtation to Denmark is creating a roadmap.  You can tell by the URL, which once published, is not changeable without deleting and starting from scratch.  Flirtation sounds cutesy and fun! Roadmaps lead you to where someone wants you to go.  See photo above.

Denmark is creating a roadmap for mandatory vaccination


By Kate Andrews Denmark is creating a roadmap for mandatory vaccination Denmark now, as the country looks to replace its emergency laws brought in this spring with a new ‘epidemic law’. The proposed legislation – which would become a permanent, rather than a temporary measure – could mandate certain people to receive a vaccine, and would allow the police to use force if necessary to administer it.

According to The Local Denmark, the most controversial elements of the law include: forcing people who test positive for ‘dangerous diseases’ to be 'medically examined, hospitalised, treated and placed in isolation'; granting the Danish Health Authority the power ‘to define groups of people who must be vaccinated in order to contain and eliminate a dangerous disease’; and coercing people who refuse to have the vaccine in certain circumstances ‘through physical detainment, with police allowed to assist’.

These clauses pose serious questions about the trade-off between individual liberty, health, privacy and the role of the state. But they are also open to wide interpretation by officials – especially when it comes to defining what is a ‘dangerous disease’ and which groups will be forced to take a vaccine.

An open consultation for the ‘epidemic law’ closed several days ago. It has faced major pushback in its current form: business groups are arguing that the legislation goes too far and there have been public protests about the threat it poses to individual rights. The law may be updated to remove some of its more controversial clauses. But the debate being carried out in Denmark is a reminder for other countries that the vaccine may be rolled-out before we find the answer to these ethical and moral quandaries.

Gps failExcerpted from The Spectator on compulsory vaccination.   COVID is making measles look like a piker.  Mandatory vaccinations for school age children or expulsion doesn't hold a candle to vaccinating absolutely everyone or removal from all manner of commerce, travel, society. Viruses are the new nukes. The new terrorists. 

It seems that someone changed the headline from Denmark's flirtation to Denmark is creating a roadmap.  You can tell by the URL, which once published, is not changeable without deleting and starting from scratch.  Flirtation sounds cutesy and fun! Roadmaps lead you to where someone wants you to go.  See photo above.

Denmark is creating a roadmap for mandatory vaccination


By Kate Andrews Denmark is creating a roadmap for mandatory vaccination Denmark now, as the country looks to replace its emergency laws brought in this spring with a new ‘epidemic law’. The proposed legislation – which would become a permanent, rather than a temporary measure – could mandate certain people to receive a vaccine, and would allow the police to use force if necessary to administer it.

According to The Local Denmark, the most controversial elements of the law include: forcing people who test positive for ‘dangerous diseases’ to be 'medically examined, hospitalised, treated and placed in isolation'; granting the Danish Health Authority the power ‘to define groups of people who must be vaccinated in order to contain and eliminate a dangerous disease’; and coercing people who refuse to have the vaccine in certain circumstances ‘through physical detainment, with police allowed to assist’.

These clauses pose serious questions about the trade-off between individual liberty, health, privacy and the role of the state. But they are also open to wide interpretation by officials – especially when it comes to defining what is a ‘dangerous disease’ and which groups will be forced to take a vaccine.

An open consultation for the ‘epidemic law’ closed several days ago. It has faced major pushback in its current form: business groups are arguing that the legislation goes too far and there have been public protests about the threat it poses to individual rights. The law may be updated to remove some of its more controversial clauses. But the debate being carried out in Denmark is a reminder for other countries that the vaccine may be rolled-out before we find the answer to these ethical and moral quandaries.

Citizen Petition and a Petition for a Stay of Action

B5EB5444-CA7D-4AFD-A9B2-9AB26C6E26D7On November 6, 2020, ICAN filed a Citizen Petition and a Petition for a Stay of Action demanding that the FDA require valid endpoints for determining efficacy in the COVID-19 vaccine trials currently being run by Pfizer, Moderna, AstraZeneca, and Johnson & Johnson.  ICAN’s demands include that the vaccine be shown to prevent serious cases of COVID-19 (not just mild cases) and that it can stop transmission of COVID-19.

As explained in our previous legal updates, ICAN’s legal team has been hammering away at the safety requirements for the clinical trials of COVID-19 vaccines, including demanding they be placebo-controlled, long-term, and have other safeguards.  Many of those demands were subsequently met and we are not done fighting on that front.  But there is now another battle we are fighting. 

ICAN’s legal team, led by Aaron Siri, has now also focused its efforts on the basis the FDA will rely upon to determine whether any of the COVID-19 vaccine frontrunners are effective.  Many Americans have been led to believe that the vaccines currently in trials are the answer to all pandemic-related problems.  Many believe this is because a vaccine, when available, will prevent individuals from having a serious case of COVID-19 and will stop people from spreading it to others.  However, the clinical trials for Pfizer, Moderna, AstraZeneca, and Johnson & Johnson’s products are not designed to determine either of these! 

Instead, each of the four trials’ primary goals for determining whether the vaccine is effective merely requires determination of whether it can reduce symptoms of mild cases of COVID-19.   The trials will also not demonstrate whether or not a vaccine recipient can still transmit COVID-19 to others.  This means that, under the current rules, a COVID-19 vaccine can be licensed without demonstrating it can prevent severe COVID-19, hospitalization, or deaths, nor stop the spread of COVID-19.

Also concerning is that “cases” of COVID-19 for trial purposes are being demonstrated by positive PCR tests.  The scientific literature has shown that such PCR tests can be highly unreliable, frequently giving false positives.  Consistent with this literature, we demanded that only positive PCR results meeting certain criteria be relied upon.  ICAN also demanded that all participants be tested before and after vaccination for T-cell immunity to SARS-CoV-2, which is not currently part of the protocols.  If a person has pre-existing immunity to SARS-CoV-2 (either from being exposed to COVID-19 or otherwise) their presence in the study could affect the result by showing fewer people getting sick than would actually occur in the “wild.”

These alarming deficiencies in the studies were what led ICAN to direct its attorneys to file a petition demanding that all four Phase III COVID-19 vaccine trials amend their efficacy endpoints.  ICAN demanded, among other things, that the trials test and determine (1) whether these vaccines will prevent severe cases of COVID-19; and (2) whether they will stop the spread of the virus.  ICAN further demanded improvements in the PCR testing protocol and T-cell testing pre-and-post vaccination.

Recognizing the critical importance that these changes be made in a timely manner, on November 11, 2020, ICAN’s attorneys filed a Petition for a Stay of Action with the FDA which asks that the agency stay, or pause, any action related to the trials until the requested actions in the efficacy petition are implemented.

ICAN’s attorneys separately sent a letter to Dr. Peter Marks, the Director of the Center for Biologics Evaluation and Research at the FDA, bringing these very concerns to his attention.  You can read that letter hereDr. Marks has referred to himself as “the FDA point person on COVID-19 vaccines” and has assured Americans that the FDA “will make sure they’re safe and effective.”  ICAN will closely review any response from Dr. Marks given his promise that he and the FDA “uphold globally respected standards for product quality, safety, and efficacy” and his statement that he would resign if “something that was unsafe or ineffective [] was being put through.”

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Covax a WIN in President’s Eyes


A win? Is that what CoVax is for President Trump? A notation in the “win” column? For you?  The swamp is overflowing. Read the Tweet below. He says that President-elect Biden would have made us wait. Dan Olmsted, gone almost 4 years, always wanted us to be politically Switzerland- neutral but factual & honest. Even if it ticked off readers on one side or another.  Right now, it seems we are Through the Looking Glass and into The Twilight Zone. President Trump is using the vaccine as a reason to fight the election outcome. 


Fox Business Refused to Listen to RFK Jr On Operation Warp Speed

Refuse to listen
And media....

By Anne Dachel

This is what’s coming. Fox Business aired an interview with Robert Kennedy, Jr. and U.S. Rep. Buddy Carter (GA) regarding the development of the COVID vaccine in an obvious attempt to promote the vaccine and downplay worries about side effects.

Fox anchor, fast- talking, Lisa Kennedy Montgomery refused to let Kennedy explain that the pharmaceutical industry has no liability for damage from the much-touted COVID vaccine and therefore little incentive to produce a truly safe one. She wasn’t about to allow him to raise any concerns about the vaccine. She adamantly claimed that the vaccine makers do have liability for injuries.

Montgomery’s performance clearly demonstrated that she had done absolutely no background research before this interview. She knew nothing about how the vaccine industry operates.

Rep. Carter, who’s also a pharmacist, also neatly ignored the reality that Kennedy pointed out, namely that no one is responsible for any damage or death resulting from this vaccine.

Instead Carter assured viewers that the drug industry and the FDA only produce and approve safe and effective products. (It seems he missed the damage from Vioxx, conservatively 60,000 deaths.)

Carter didn’t response to Kennedy’s charge that no one has any idea what the long term side effects of this vaccine may be.

NOTHING Kennedy brought up was addressed. He talked about the expectations of the COVID vaccine. Officials have publicly admitted that the vaccine won’t have the potential to prevent transmissibility, hospitalizations, or deaths from coronavirus.

In Kennedy’s own words: WHAT’S THE POINT?

It was appropriate that Fox Business aired this interview. The real purpose of producing millions of vaccines with little to no health benefit is BUSINESS, BIG BUSINESS, and that’s what it’s all about really.

Nov 13, 2020, Children’s Health Defense

Take Action: Tell FOX Business to Correct False Statements on Vaccine Liability Laws

In a recent FOX interview featuring RFK, Jr., host Lisa Kennedy Montgomery insisted erroneously that vaccine makers are held accountable for vaccine injuries.


Montgomery:  Pharmaceutical giant Pfizer now says it is ready and waiting on FDA approval to begin distributing  its new coronavirus vaccine. It is one of 150 vaccines simultaneously in development around the globe.

There are some major challenges. The vaccine has to be kept at 94 degrees below zero…

There’s also a lot of resistance from folks who say they are very suspicious of this and other vaccines, but is there solid reason to worry?

Joining me now to discuss, we have Children’s Health Defense president, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. and Georgia Republican Congressman Buddy Carter who received the Pfizer trial vaccine.

Welcome gentlemen.

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Go Talk Help - CopyCathy asks: If you’ve got any advice for parents of teens turning into young adults, what would you share?  A beneficial bathrooming tip?  A sound shopping suggestion?  A clever communication cue? Share something you’ve experienced in the comments below.  Want to just vent instead?  Share that in a comment also.  I love that on the good days we can learn from each other.  I also love that on the bad days we can just be an ear to listen. 

By Cathy Jameson

This was a first: I had to ask a security guard to watch a door for me today.  Ronan and I were about to head home from an appointment, but I needed to use the bathroom.  It would be an almost 2-hour trip for us.  With two cups of coffee in me, there was no way could I make it home without having to stop.  Easily, I could pull over into one of the stores along our route home, but sometimes Ronan doesn’t like to go in stores.  It would be better for both of us if I used the bathroom at the older clinic.  I couldn’t find a family bathroom in the building we were in though.  The only women’s bathroom I knew of had 4 stalls in it.  Usually, I just take Ronan in with me, but this time, I worried.  While short for his age, Ronan’s a teenager now.  He’s not a little boy anymore.  Bringing him into a women’s bathroom in a public place could get us more angry stares than looks of compassion.  

Standing in the hallway needing to make a decision, I saw a young security guard and asked where I might find a family bathroom.  “Oh, you won’t find one in this building yet.”  I said, “That’s going to be a problem – he (pointing to Ronan) needs to come in with me.  I can’t leave him unattended.”  Without hesitating or judging, or wasting any time, the guard said, “Ma’am, there’s a bathroom over here to the left.  Check if anyone is in there.  If it’s empty, go.  I’ll stand at the door make sure no one goes in until you both are out.”  

Speechless, I took Ronan’s hand and walked into the ladies’ room.  I didn’t have to, but I’ve never peed faster than I did that day!  

Washing up, I said to Ronan, "Okay, buddy.  Your turn.  Then we can get on the road.”  As I pushed the bathroom door open, the security guard was standing right outside in the hallway as he said he would.  I smiled and said, “Thank you.  Thank you so much for your help.”  He said I shouldn’t think anything of it.  But I did.  Our kids are growing up.  Many of us moms won’t be able to take our teenage sons into ladies’ bathrooms without being given the stink eye, being questioned, or worse – being stopped from entering.

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Dr. James Lyons-Weilder COVID19 Tests - How Accurate Are They?

WessonalityAs of yesterday, my Connecticut town is considered in the Red Zone for "Positivity." That word always reminds me of Carol Brady, aka Florence Henderson, singing Wessonality! to sell cooking oil decades ago.  I understand Negativity, I'm surrounded by it 24/7/365 outside of  my home and online.  Postivity has come into vogue during Covid.  It reminds me of "let's dialog on that," euphemistically over important. Our school district went to all virtual learning through Thanksgiving, and most parents think we won't re-open until 2021, and then only for a few weeks before the Inaugurshutdown. (I made that one up myself.)   Below, Dr. James Lyons Weiler discusses the science of Covid testing.  Pleae share.

Will We Have An InaugurShutdown?

ClosedToday, our local school district went full virtual through Thanksgiving.  We feel a noose tightening around our necks. No one I know wants to spread disease or cause sickness. And everywhere I go, I see congenial compliance with mask wearing and courteous social distancing, like it or not. I used the noose analogy for a reason. Last week on Facebook, a member of the autism community shared including photos that would tear out your heart that her teen daughter hung herself, and survived. She was begging for prayers that brain activity would resume. As of a Thursday update, there was little hope left, but still, many of us tried to reach out to her in support.

As we approach the change of administrations, assuming there is a change, I don't care to get into a voter fraud conversation, we need to remember the steep toll Covid sanctions, precautions, whatever you care to call them, are taking on Americans. And citizens globally.  I read time and time again that families with even moderately autistic children of all ages are seeing regression, loss of skills across the board and often chilling violent behaviors.  Businesses teetering on the brink of insolvency here in Connecticut face new rollbacks of the right to conduct business as of November 6.  As we enter the normally boom weeks of the holiday season when many venues made their yearly profit, how many will shutter their doors permanently? Businesses are owned by people. Folks like you and me. Just trying to make it through the day, week, month, year.

If Joe Biden takes office on January 20th, can we expect and InaugurShutdown shortly thereafter? 

Ct Health I Team: There were 11 new COVID-19 deaths reported since yesterday, bringing the death toll to 4,737.  Hospitalizations increased by 42 to total 659, the Department of Public Health (DPH) reported.

Residents testing positive for the virus total 88,645 an increase of 2,746 since yesterday’s report. The state reported 2,700,876 tests completed, up 43,087. The state’s daily positivity rate is 6.37%.

Connecticut’s caseload was the highest reported in a single day.

On Friday (Nov. 13), New Haven County had the highest number of hospitalizations with 261, followed by Fairfield County with 176 and Hartford County with 155.

For a county-by-county breakdown of cases, go here and click on “Daily Data Report.”

As of Nov. 6, the state rolled back some restrictions to contain the spread of COVID, including limiting outdoor and indoor private gatherings to 10 people.

Under these new restrictions:

• Restaurants are limited to 50% capacity indoors; maximum of 6 people per table and must close by 10 p.m.  (Earlier in the week, the governor had said restaurants could stay open until 9:30 p.m.)

• Event venues are limited to 25 indoors, 50 outdoors.

• Performing arts and movie theaters maximum capacity 100 people.

• Personal services, such as hairdressers and barber shops, remain at 75% capacity.

• Religious gatherings must adhere to a 50% capacity, or a maximum of 100 people. Virtual services are encouraged.

DPH issued a statewide public health advisory urging residents to limit any non-essential trips outside the home between the hours of 10 p.m. to 5 a.m. in order to reduce the risk of the transmissions of the virus. Essential workers are exempt from the advisory.

Right on Point Podcast Does SCOTUS Have Authority to Mandate A Vaccine

Right on Point

Listen HERE

Updated link! Apologies.

Wayne Rohde for Episode 1 - Mary Holland and Wayne Rohde discuss the 1905 US Supreme Court decision on whether or not the state has the authority to mandate a vaccine and how this relates to current day debate of a COVID vaccine mandate.

Right on Point podcast hosted by Wayne Rohde examines legal rights and issues surrounding the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program aka (The Vaccine Court), the PREP Act, the CounterMeasures Injury Compensation Program, and legalities of possible mandates of a potential COVID vaccine.

Mary Holland, Children’s Health Defense’s vice chair and general counsel, discusses the 1905 US Supreme Court decision Jacobson v State of Mass. Mary breaks down the decision and how it is applied today by courts and state & federal government. Mary and Wayne discuss the issue of whether the federal government mandate a COVID vaccine.

Ticket Master Announces Poison Will Open EVERY Concert Going Forward!

18222E98-6896-41D1-924A-2E6A73013975Psst, hey dude, you got an extra ticket and a bootleg vax pass?  First concert I ever saw was YES at the Boston Garden. Today, the thought of attending a concert ever again sparks a resounding "NO."  Funny how this news was 5F7E2143-5CD9-4B70-81BA-3D5830E346A9withheld until after the election and tagged onto the Pfizer announcement of "success." To borrow from Freddy Mercury, "...We will we will SHOT YOU!"


From Billboard: Monday's news that
pharmaceutical company Pfizer's early results on a new COVID-19 vaccine showed a 90% efficacy rate on an initial clinical trial have given concert professionals hope that the business can start mounting a return in 2021. As part of that preparation, Ticketmaster has been working on a framework for post-pandemic fan safety that uses smart phones to verify fans' vaccination status or whether they've tested negative for the coronavirus within a 24 to 72 hour window.

Many details of the plan, which is still in development phase, will rely on three separate components -- the Ticketmaster digital ticket app, third party health information companies like CLEAR Health Pass or IBM's Digital Health Pass and testing and vaccine distribution providers like Labcorp and the CVS Minute Clinic

Education Down Under is Going Under... 50% Rise in Students with Disabilities Predicted

Kangaroos hugBy Anne Dachel

If you think anyone anywhere is ever going to address the decline in the physical and mental health of children, THE ANSWER IS: NEVER!

We’ve calmly and unquestioningly watched as autism became a normal and acceptable part of childhood over the last twenty plus years. Everywhere in the world the response has been the same.

Everyone also knows it’s not just autism plaguing more and more of our children as there is now an endless litany of disorder labels regularly assigned to kids. Add this crisis to the fact that more than half of our children are chronically ill and it’s clear we’re on an accelerating and unstoppable downward spiral.

No increase in the rate of anything has ever caused alarm or even real concern from doctors, health officials, legislators or educators. No one demands we find out what’s going on and reverse the rates. It sounds insane, but we’re routinely told that none of this is really a problem AND we can expect it to get worse.

Recently I come across an article published in Australia that proves my point: THE NUMBERS WILL BURY US AND WE WILL DO NOTHING TO STOP IT.

On  September 2, 2020 the Sydney Morning Herald published the story, Schools must prepare for 50 per cent rise in students with disabilities: report

Speaking about schools in Australia the opening warned of what’s coming.

The number of students with disabilities in the public education system is predicted to grow by 50 per cent in the decade to 2027, and they will need twice as many specialist teachers and thousands more support classrooms.

Autism diagnoses are a big factor.

The 2018 report found the overall number of students with a disability could increase from between 110,000 and 130,000 in 2017 to between 160,000 and 200,000 by 2027 if policy settings stayed the same and diagnoses — particularly of autism — continued at the same rate. General enrolments would increase by 17 per cent.

The number of students with autism in NSW state schools has been growing by almost 15 per cent per year.

Any thinking person would want to know WHY. What’s happening to our children? Why is it going to get worse? What can we do to stop it?

Incredibly reporter Jordan Baker didn’t discuss any of these questions in her story. Ms Baker wasn’t worried. She only talked about the need for more special schools, more training for teachers—all of which means lots more spending.

Six new special needs schools will also have to be built every year if diagnosis and enrolment rates continue and policy settings do not change, modelling by Boston Consulting Group (BCG) for the NSW Department of Education found.

The confidential report, obtained under freedom of information laws, prompted mental health experts to call for a major investment in disability support staff, training and resources for schools, saying teachers are not equipped to respond….

Baker sounded an alarm about the need for huge increases in services.

Under a status quo scenario, the specialist teaching workforce would need to increase from 12,000 to between 19,000 and 23,000 in 2027, the BCG report said. However, such teachers were in short supply; only 56 per cent of learning and support roles in mainstream schools were filled permanently.

Unless more students were taught in mainstream classrooms, the number of support classrooms would need to increase from 2050 to up to 5400 over the decade, while the number of classrooms in Schools for Special Purposes (SSPs) would need to grow from 870 to between 1400 and 1600….

The president of the federation, Angelo Gavrielatos, said the number of students with a disability had already increased by 500 per cent since 2002.

Teachers simply aren’t prepared for what’s coming.

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Would You Take a Nasal Spray To Prevent Covid?

Rudolph-the-red-nosed-reindeer-ss2Here's an interesting Covid twist. There are reports of successful COVID prevention in ferrets via a nasal spray that blocks absorption of the virus. It is a form of a cholesterol called a lipopeptide. Lipo means fat. Like all of us are getting during Covid.   To date, and according to reports, the product appears to be inexpensive to manufacture,  does not require refrigeration like the vaccines, and has proven successful.  In ferrets. With further study and knowledge, could the demonized cholesterol lead us out of COVID? Would you take it?


Inexpensive Nasal Spray Prevents COVID-19 Infection in Ferrets, Shows Promise for Human Trials

A multi-institutional research team has developed a nasal spray that effectively blocks absorption of the SARS-CoV-2 virus in ferrets with direct contact to infected animals, indicating the product could potentially protect against coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) infection. While promising, the researchers say the nasal spray still needs to be tested in humans.

The intranasal spray consists of a lipopeptide, or a cholesterol particle that is linked to a chain of amino acids. This lipopeptide matches the stretch of amino acids in the spike protein of SARS-CoV-2 exactly. The pathogen uses the spike protein to attach to a human airway or lung cell, fusing into the cell wall and injecting its RNA. The lipopeptide in the spray intervenes in this process by attaching itself onto one of the spike’s amino acid chains, thereby preventing viral attachment.

Testing of the intranasal fusion inhibitor lipopeptide spray was conducted by researchers from the Columbia University Medical Center in New York, Erasmus Medical Center in the Netherlands and Cornell University in Ithaca, N.Y.

UK Report on Children Losing Skills During Covid

No child Left BehindWhat would the results look like if the Department of Education in the United States took a look at how students with IEP's are faring under the strains of virtual and/or hybrid school?  If typical children are regressing and faltering, what is the steep toll on those who are already behind by virtue of their diagnosis. Is the collapse of skills less important for children like my own three daughters, for whom basic life skills can mean the difference between personal safety and personal trauma?  I don't think so. If we go back into a deeper lock down, the slippery slide downward will hasten us toward - what?  At what cost? And we continue to ask, WHO BENEFITS?


A report from the education watchdog warns some young children have forgotten how to use a knife and fork or have regressed back to nappies.

Older children have lost their "stamina" for reading, say inspectors.

The Department for Education says it shows the need to keep schools open.

Divided experiences

A report from the education watchdog warns some young children have forgotten how to use a knife and fork or have regressed back to nappies.

Older children have lost their "stamina" for reading, say inspectors.

The Department for Education says it shows the need to keep schools open.
Divided experiences

Ofsted has examined the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on children, based on visits to 900 schools and early years providers this autumn - and found that it has been a very divided experience.

The chief inspector, Amanda Spielman, says there are three "broad groups" to describe what has happened:

  • The "hardest-hit" group of young children have suffered from time out of school, going backwards on words and numbers and with "regression back into nappies among potty-trained children" or losing "basic skills" such as using a knife and fork.
  • The majority of children in the middle "have slipped back in their learning to varying degrees since schools were closed to most children and movement restricted" and the report says: "Lost learning is unarguable, but it is hard to assess."
  • There are also children who found the lockdown a positive experience - these children, from supportive but not necessarily well off backgrounds, might have benefited from a greater sense of togetherness with parents and "quality time" as a familye classroom"....  Read more here.

President Elect Biden Will Push Governors for Mask Mandates

Mask smokingHere in Connecticut, I see almost everyone wearing masks to the best of their ability. I even see people with their mask around their chin while they smoke. My Mom in Massachusetts told me that last week she hopped out of her car and went into a store. A clerk said,"Ma'am, you forgot your mask."  My Mom felt ashamed. That. She. Was. Not Wearing. A. Mask. That. She. Forgot. Once. In. Her Car. Once.  When I see someone without a mask, I do not question them. I do not make faces or rude gestures. I do not run to social media to shame them. I surely do not confront them. Maybe they can't breathe well. Maybe they have a medical condition. Maybe, like my Mom, they just forgot.


From The Hill:  President-elect Joe Biden will personally call on governors around the country to enact mask mandates in their states once taking office next year, NBC News first reported on Sunday.

A Biden campaign official told the network that governors who resist the incoming president's requests will see Biden pressure mayors of cities in their respective states to enact mandates at the local level, potentially setting him up for confrontations with Republican governors around the U.S.

“If a governor declines, he’ll go to the mayors in the state and ask them to lead,” said the official, according to NBC. “In many states there is the capacity of mayors to institute mandates.”  Read more at The Hill.

Is Governor Cuomo Asking for a Presidential Exemption to the Pfizer Covid Vaccine?

What the heckAw, Guv, orange you happy there is a "safe, effective" CoVax?  Seems not.  Anti-vaxxers are born in many ways.   Most, like many of us here, from hard experience of injury that grossly harmed our beloved children.  For Governor Cuomo, the man for whom MEASLES was his battle cry to remove the religious right to vaccine exemption from THOUSANDS of children in New York, seems the mere fact that Donald Trump is President is enough to scare him off the vaccine.  Is he claiming a Presidential Exemption?

Ok, this is just mind blowing. Some, many most of us at Age of Autism are highly skeptical of vaccine safety, transparency, efficacy, purity et alia. Pfizer, not part of Operation Warp Speed and headquartered in Governor Andrew Cuomo's New York City, has triggered his fear by virtue of the name of the sitting President.  Can't make this stuff up in a lab. Or a wet market....

Cuomo says it's 'bad news' that Pfizer coronavirus vaccine progress came during Trump administration

Millions of Mink Slaughtered in Denmark as Covid Precaution

MinkReports of mink in Denmark having a new Covid variant have prompted a UK travel ban and mass mink murder. The Danish Mink to Man ratio is a bit more than 3:1. The report below says there are 15,000,000 - 17,000,000 mink and 5,500.000 men (and women.) Where is the outcry from animal rights groups like  PETA? Minks killed for coats are a sin, but minks murdered for coVID are not?   By the way, Vice-President Elect Kamala Harris is from California, the first state in the USA to ban fur products, just last year.  California becomes the first state to ban fur products

What happens if the family dogs or cats display a variant of Covid?  Will officials enter homes and take Fluffy, Rex and Kitty to a kill shelter for mass slaughter?

The United Kingdom has banned travelers from Denmark after the country reported a widespread outbreak of a new variant of the virus which causes Covid-19 in mink farms.

The development came days after the Danish government announced it planned to cull the nation's entire mink population in order to contain the spread.

There are between 15 and 17 million mink in Denmark, whereas its human population stands at around 5.5 million.
The ban came into place at 4 a.m. Saturday and means travelers from Denmark cannot enter the UK, the government said in a statement. British nationals returning home will be forced to quarantine for two weeks and, unlike other quarantine requirements for travelers entering the UK, there will be no exemptions.  Read more at CNN.
Danish Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen said Wednesday the decision to cull the minks had been made with a "heavy heart," but it was necessary based on the recommendation of health authorities.

President-Elect Biden, Meet The Age of Autism

Pink typewriter When SomeoneOur President-elect is Joe Biden. And so we proceed in our endless autism journey with yet another administration taking the helm. If anything, autism has been lost in the Covid shuffle, which might not be a bad thing, considering the ruination we've faced in the past thanks to Uncle Sam and his 50 nieces and nephews we call the "United" (ha ha) States of America.

Let' s begin to introduce President Biden and Vice President Harris (from California, which makes our blood run cold) to THE AGE OF AUTISM as each of us lives it day in and every day out. We'll be writing notes, missives, and stink bombs to the new administration.  

Many readers are relieved to have fresh (or perhaps surgically freshened) faces in the White House. Many readers are horrified that President Trump lost, hoping a second term would mean living up to his "drain the swamp" promises.  Covid has turned every aspect of politics on its ear. Masks have replaced vaccines -- for the moment.  Anti-maskers entered the lexicon. The Covid vaccine program has done more to generate the safety and liability questions that we have had for decades in the average American than decades of writing about autism and vaccine injury. That's a quicksilver lining. American and citizens around the world are waking up to the fact that vaccines may be thrust upon (into) them as social "get out of jail free" cards.

So let's see what 2021 and a new administration brings us, here in the The Age of Autism. I mean, "Come on, man! We're speaking."

You Do Not Need a Flu Shot for a Broken Arm!

Fish needs a bicycle
A broken arm needs a flu shot like a fish needs a bicycle.

By Cathy Jameson

This old memory popped up last week.  I’d written it for friends and family a couple of years ago after an incident that brought us to a walk-in clinic late one Friday evening.  My children have learned a lot from their brother’s vaccine injury.  They’ve picked up a few things when it’s their turn to be the patient.  I pray that they remember each lesson, especially when they have children of their own.


You know that the medical system is messed up when an 8-year old wants to leave a doctor's appointment.  

Tonight, my daughter fell and busted up her elbow while playing basketball.  She immediately cried out in pain.  Pain and swelling in her arm increased, so we jetted over to urgent care to have things checked out.  Looking over my shoulder as we checked in, I could feel Izzy grip my arm as I answered some questions.  The "Does the patient need a flu shot and/or a pneumonia shot?" question on the intake form immediately made her skeptical. 

"Mommy,” she whispered to me, “…a flu shot??"  

She knows that this year's flu shot is only 18% effective and that the flu shot was one of the ones that took her brother's voice away all those years ago.  Izzy has nothing nice to say about that shot and hates to even think about it.  She knows that one, and other childhood vaccines, hurt her brother. I don't blame her for not liking it.  I don't care for the flu shot either.  

I replied, "I know honey.  It's a little ridiculous, isn't it?  You don't need a flu shot if you've broken an arm." 

Apparently, the nurse thought we did.  

During the intake when the nurse asked if my daughter needed a flu shot, I answered, "She's all set," and then quickly changed the subject.  Wanting her to stay focused on why we were at the clinic and to get appropriate treatment, I repeated, "So, it's her left arm that's hurt.  She fell right before dinner.  We got a new basketball hoop, and the kids were having so much fun...until this..." I said as I pointed to the swollen elbow making sure the nurse looked at it.  

With pen poised, the nurse finally looked up from the clipboard and stared at Izzy's elbow.  She said, "Oh!”  After a long pause, she said, “Okay."  Glancing back at her papers, she looked at what was next on her list:  height, weight, temperature, blood pressure.  "Let's get her on the scale.”

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New Word for 2020: Covidicide

Deadly consqeuencesThank you to Brett Wilcox for allowing us to run this post from his blog "Running The Country."


Covidicide [ koh-vid-uh-sahyd]: killing, death and destruction caused by or subsequent to COVID related measures, policies, rules, pronouncements, interventions and treatments including but not limited to the following:

  • the planned, purposeful, and coordinated killing of nursing home residents by government officials in several countries via compulsory co-mingling of COVID patients with COVID negative residents.
  • the killing of nursing home residents as a consequence of loneliness, isolation, depression, and sickness due to the long-term forced separation from healthy family and friends.
  • the planned and purposeful killing of elderly and disabled patients via administration of respiratory-inhibiting drugs including morphine.
  • the killing of both COVID and non-COVID patients by refusing to provide care to real and present patients purportedly to free up resources for theoretical, future patients.
  • the killing of COVID patients who are instructed to stay home until their condition has deteriorated rather than seek out and receive early intervention and treatment.
  • the killing of non-COVID patients by withholding standard medical care over extended periods of time including diagnostic tests, treatments, and interventions.
  • the killing of inpatient COVID patients via profit-driven but contraindicated intubation and ventilation.
  • the killing of patients via unwanted Do Not Resuscitate orders.
  • the planned and purposeful injuring and killing of people in the HCQ related UK Recovery and WHO Solidarity trials where late-stage COVID patients were given four times the recommended HCQ dosage normally given to early ambulatory patients with zinc and/or azithromycin.
  • the planned and purposeful injuring and killing of people who were prevented from receiving HCQ as a result of the fraudulent Surgisphere study which was published by the Lancet [and later retracted] and promoted as evidence against the safety and efficacy of HCQ.

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Pediatrician Larry Palevsky Discusses The Covid Pandemic

Dr PalevskyBy Anne Dachel

Dr. Larry Palevsky is a board certified Pediatrician practicing in New York and a well-advocate for medical freedom and outspoken about the health care corruption. I’ve written about him in the past: August 22, 2020, Dr. Larry Palevsky February Presentation to CT Assembly on the Nightmare in Connecticut I was on a podcast called Progressive Commentary hour with him and Brian Hooker in 2015.

Oct 26, 2020, Dr. Palevsky and the Truth about COVID 19

In the first part of the interview, Dr. Palevsky explains how viruses work, and then he explains what wrong with the COVID  scenario, and raises serious questions about what authorities are telling us is true.

Dr. Larry Palevsky on COVID 19 and the planned pandemic

At 16: 15 The subject of censorship is talked brought up.

Why are medical doctors and health professionals around the world being censored for challenging the official narrative?

At 17:35 Dr. Palevsky responds

It’s very interesting when people start raising the idea that medical information and scientific information are being censored.

I remember in early March of 2020 when a physician taking care of patients who were presenting with SARS-CoV-2 virus, and he was seeing that the description of a viral illness didn’t fit with how they were presenting and what they were needing as far as medical care, oxygen, no ventilation vs ventilation and he spoke out in a YouTube video and it went worldwide.

 There were other doctors all around the world who spoke out about it and said, “Wait a second, this doesn’t present like a real viral illness. There’s something different about this. We need to be treating it differently than the way we’re being told to treat it.”

He was censored and other physicians were censored, and it made many of us in the medical community step back and say, “Why are we being forced to speak a narrative that isn’t consistent with what we’re seeing in the field, in the clinical situation.

So it raised a big question mark for a lot of people: Why would scientific information be censored? Here we have a viral illness that we’re being told is a viral illness, and yet doctors around the world have been treating thousands of patients with two medications that treat parasites.

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Lorene Amet, PhD Files Complaint to the Independent Press Standards Organization Over Autism Ambush

FOOD-AS-MEDICINE"Improving the health and development of individuals with autism," is the introduction to Ms. Amet's website Autism Treatment Plus.  My goodness, doesn't that sound just dreadfully cruel? Improving the health - pshaw! Improving development - scandalous! Cure for autism has been a four letter word for decades. Even treatment needs to be wrapped in obfuscation and cloudy verbiage to pass muster.  We've seen many experts, like Dr. Amet, who have the audacity to try to help families facing the challenges of a loved one with autism smeared, ridiculed, put out of business and perhaps... worse.    It's as if healthy, clean food, non-toxic living and proper nutritional supplementation are worse than chemotherapy and radiation combined. 

Meanwhile, every day I see adults standing outside in the cold, New England air pulling down COVID masks to smoke their cigarettes during a work break and the lines of cars at McDonald's snaking into the streets like never before, as overweight Americans riddled with heart disease and diabetes get their daily fix.  Our idea of treatment, health, how to protect ourselves is inside out.

Below is a response from Lorene Amet, PhD, to the ambush consultation that lead to what we in the USA would call a smear campaign publish in the Mirror in the UK. High paid doctor falsely claims MMR jab triggers autism - and chicken nuggets can help cure it Dr Lorene Amet was ­recorded making the claims and experts were left horrified by her remarks. The involvement of a supposedly respectable newspaper with the attention seeking Emma Dalmayne is disturbing. We wrote about the article earlier this week:  Throwback to the Chew Leach Baggs Era


“Self-styled £210-an-hour autism guru says organic chicken nuggets can help cure it”

The article published by the Mirror on 31.10.20 follows an undercover recording of a consultation with the campaign activist Emma Dalmayne, from A.I.M – Autistic Inclusive Meet. The recording was coordinated by Amy Sharpe with whom Emma Dalmayne previously collaborated on other pieces using a similarly imbalanced / poor quality reporting, subterfuge and secretive recording devices.

I believe the stunt consultation was part of an orchestrated campaign aiming at defaming me personally and is evidence of breach of the Editor’s Code of Practice because of its inaccuracy and the misleading reporting of the article.

My complaint to IPSO (Independent Press Standards Organisation) is currently being assessed. I will update on the outcomes in due course.

Dr. Fauci Says the Covid Vaccine Will NOT Prevent Covid

Note: Dr. FauCovid Preventionci lowered the bar for COVID vaccine expectations dramatically. The world expects the vaccine(s) to PREVENT infection. Dr. Fauci has said it will lessen symptoms.  Here, James Lyons-Weiler explains:


Fauci just tanked the covid19 vaccine program – And no one noticed

James Lyons-Weiler, PhD – 11/3/2020

Dr. Anthony Fauci of the US NIAID has dramatically lowered the bar for measuring success of COVID19 vaccines. All of sudden, COVID19 vaccines are only expected to prevent symptoms, not prevent transmission.

According to a report filed Oct 27, 2020 by Daily Mail, “Dr Anthony Fauci cautioned that early COVID-19 vaccines are focused on preventing symptoms of the virus – not blocking it – during Yahoo Finance’s All Markets Summit on Monday”. (emphasis mine).

Dr Anthony Fauci cautioned that early COVID-19 vaccines are aimed at preventing symptoms during Yahoo Finance’s All Markets Summit on Monday

‘If the vaccine allows you to prevent initial infection, that would be great,’ he said. ‘[But] the primary endpoint [is] to prevent clinically recognizable disease’ ” 

KNOWING THAT COVID19 vaccines did not prevent transmission in Rhesus macaque monkeys, Fauci is trying to sell the idea that COVID19 vaccines might not need to prevent transmission to be considered worthwhile.

This is more than “managing expectations”. The fact that Fauxi saying this means the vaccine manufacturers – and government agency personnel bent on keeping effective medicines away from people ill with COVID19 (see, who are focused entirely on bringing a vaccine solution forward as the only solution to COVID19, all recognize that their program is in big, big trouble.

Here’s are some of the reasons why:  Read more HERE.