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Why is "Karen" Seeing Autism Rates Drop?

Meet Karen. Her son does not have autism. Be like Karen.

Disease experts say the parents least likely to vaccinate their kids live in some of the most affluent neighborhoods in the country. They’re well-educated, and have exceptional access to healthcare. And while some pockets of low-income communities of color are “under vaccinated” for religious or financial reasons, studies published in places like the American Journal of Public Health show that the parents opting out for “philosophical reasons” are mostly white and mostly wealthy.  Source:

And there's this "How the name “Karen” became an insult — and a meme. By Aja Romano@ajaromano Feb 5, 2020, 1:00pm EST: Karen: The anti-vaxxer soccer mom with speak-to-the-manager hair, explained


From SafeMinds:

A recent study showed autism rates dropping among wealthy whites while increasing in minority groups.  The Haves and the Have-nots have switched.


From Safeminds:

New Study Shows Rates Escalating Among Poor but Declining for Wealthy Whites in California

SafeMinds Interviews Lead Author to Gain Insight

A startling new study out of the University of Colorado Boulder exposed an unexpected trend. Autism rates are escalating for African American and Hispanic families as well as economically disadvantaged families, while the rates for wealthy Caucasian families have declined.

Fig. 1: California – Statewide Autism – By Ethnicity and Birth Year

California - Statewide Autism - By Ethnicity and Birth Year

Safeminds CA 2020Read the article at SafeMinds here.

Don't forget Senator Richard Pan, author of SB277 in Califorina, and his "white privilege" comment regarding vaccine exemptions.

White priv Pan

Another View on Influenza vs. COVID-19 Death Rates

World fluBy James Lyons-Weiler, PhD – 3/22/2020

IN MY LAST ARTICLE, I compared the number of symptomatic cases of influenza in the first 49 days of the 2019/2020 season to the number of symptomatic and estimated cases of COVID-19. While the number of current cases of COVID-19 – those presenting clinically and diagnosed based on symptoms – may be similar, the increase in estimated number of mild cases – including subclinical asymptomatic cases vastly outstrips what people have been referring to as “the number of flu cases”.

Readers have correctly pointed out that I’m comparing apples and oranges – because the number of flu cases is also not fully known. Many people w/influenza ALSO do not go to the doctor, and thus would be “mild” or asymptomatic.

My response is “100% correct” and that proves my point. Individuals comparing “flu cases” to COVID-19 to flu don’t know the asymptomatic rate for influenza. It is very difficult to estimate a case fatality rate during an outbreak – and it may vary from country to country depending on, obviously, the medical facilities’ ability to save lives during the critical phase of a disease, which for COVID-19 involves, I believe, an autoimmune attack leading to unresolvable pneumonia (symptomatic) but massive tissue damage to the lungs (lung immunopathology).

So let’s get into that. There’s a lot at stake in understanding the rate of spread of COVID-19 compared to influenza – as well as the case fatality rate.

The WHO publishes data on influenza cases in the US

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LA Times Goads Citizens During COVID-19

Bully vaccineNote: Look at how brave the editorial board at the LA Times was yesterday, posting this antagonistic op-ed without a single person taking actual credit. The Times’ editorial board determines the editorial positions of the organization. The editorial board opines on the important issues of the day – exhorting, explaining, deploring, mourning, applauding or championing, as the case may be. The board, which operates separately from the newsroom, proceeds on the presumption that serious, non-partisan, intellectually honest engagement with the world is a requirement of good citizenship.

Good citizenship? This board is full of plain old bullies. They never miss a chance to make fun of those of us who are vaccine injured or who have vaccine injured children. Think about that for a moment. The LA Times is actively mocking an large population of sick Americans. Aren't they clever? I can answer them for myself and many of our readers. "NO." A new virus for which their is no vaccine does NOT make me want to increase uptake of any previous vaccine on the market. Apples and oranges.  And by the way, I'd suggest that we credit Thomas Crapper, whose patents helped create modern indoor plumbing, with saving far more lives than any scientist.


The person credited with saving the most lives ever is Edward Jenner, inventor of the smallpox vaccine. The disease had a much higher mortality rate than the novel coronavirus that is confining many people to their homes right now; about 80% of children and 60% of adults who contracted smallpox died of it. In the 20th century alone, it killed more than 300 million people before the vaccine eradicated it worldwide in 1979.

The polio vaccine is estimated to have saved 10 million people from paralysis just since 1988, and prevented 500,000 deaths, according to the World Health Organization. A global vaccination campaign for measles that began in 2000 prevented an estimated 23 million deaths by 2018, the organization reported.

But despite these extraordinary victories of science over disease, too many people have forgotten or are unaware of the havoc that certain diseases visited on the world before vaccines became available to fight them. This collective amnesia has allowed for the rise of the anti-vaccine movement, whose irresponsible adherents believe vaccines exist to line the pockets of Big Pharma. They ignore the fact that the smallpox vaccine was so overwhelmingly successful at eradicating the disease that it no longer is routinely given. Then there are the wild claims that autism is linked to vaccines, based on a fraudulent study that was long ago debunked.

Are anti-vaxxers ready to start believing in vaccines again? READ MORE HERE.

Whatever happened to Paul Offit’s 10,000 vaccines?

image from www.rescuepost.comThese are Paul Offit’s comments posted on his Facebook page earlier this week: an acknowledgment that vaccines are dangerous. Whatever happened to ten thousand vaccines are safe for an infant?

Which will do more harm, the virus or the fear of the virus?

Why are we so scared of the novel coronavirus, COVID-19? People are usually scared of viruses for three reasons:
One: the virus causes gruesome, disfiguring, permanent symptoms. Smallpox, for example, not only caused life-long facial scarring, it also was a frequent cause of blindness in those who survived.
Two: the virus has a predilection for children. Polio paralyzed tens of thousands of young children every year until a vaccine finally eliminated the disease from the United States.
Three: the virus is likely to kill you. Rabies kills virtually 100 percent of people who develop symptoms after a bite from a rabid animal.
The novel coronavirus currently circulating in the United States—the one that has caused us to shut down schools, restaurants, sporting events, and virtually every aspect of our culture—falls into none of these categories. Nonetheless, people are scared. Really scared. The reason is they think that if they catch COVID-19, they have a high likelihood of dying from the disease. Most public health officials have done little to lessen this fear, arguing that people are ten times more likely to die from this novel coronavirus than from influenza. Unfortunately, these officials haven’t made clear the difference between relative risk and absolute risk. Although people are more likely to die from COVID-19 than from influenza, they are far more likely to catch influenza. Therefore, they are far more likely to die from influenza.
According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, as of March 7, 2020, 36 million to 51 million people have suffered from influenza, 370,000 to 670,000 have been hospitalized, and 22,000 to 55,000 have died from the disease. To put these numbers in perspective, let’s look at countries that have dealt with COVID-19.

China, where COVID-19 originated, has reported roughly 3,000 deaths. The population of China is about 1.4 billion, three times greater than ours. If we suffer an equivalent proportion of deaths, then 1,000 Americans will die from COVID-19, one-twentieth to one-fiftieth of the number who have died from influenza.
Italy has reported roughly 2,000 deaths from COVID-19 and, as a result, has shut down the country; only grocery stores and pharmacies remain open. Italy has a population of 60 million, about one-fifth of the U.S. population. If we suffer an equivalent proportion of deaths, then 10,000 Americans will die of COVID-19, about one-half to one-fifth of the number of deaths from influenza.
Not everyone, however, is at equal risk of dying. The virus primarily kills the elderly and those suffering from chronic diseases, which explains the situation in Italy, where 25 percent of its population is more than 65 years of age; in the U.S. it’s 16 percent. Wouldn’t it make more sense, then, to ask people who are elderly and infirm to stay away from crowds, thus lessening their chances of contracting the disease. Also, to ask people who are sick with respiratory symptoms to stay home. Focus on common sense things like washing hands several times a day and standing clear of people who are coughing or sneezing. The federal government can also help by making it easier for businesses to allow people who are ill to stay home.
In 2009-2010, the world suffered an influenza pandemic caused by swine flu; about 203,000 people were killed by the virus; 12,000 in the United States. The novel coronavirus has killed about 6,000 people to date; 62 in the United States. It doesn’t make sense to shut down our entire way of life to try and stop a virus that is unlikely to harm healthy people and will be far less devastating than the influenza epidemics that we experience every winter and the influenza pandemic we experienced ten years ago. Let’s take common sense measures to stop the spread. The precautionary principle dictates caution to prevent harm. But the precautionary principle also dictates that you don’t cause harm in the name of preventing harm. It will take years to recover from the draconian measures that we are currently instituting.


Jon Rappoport on Bologna Italy and Coronavirus

Italy coronavirusNote: Excerpted from Jon Rappoport's blog from March 17, 2020.  ...So, for those people straining to find a reason for the “devastation” overtaking Italy—it’s karma for ancient Rome trying to conquer half the known world; it’s the ghost of Martin Luther obtaining revenge against the Vatican; it’s a bioweapon with the power to cut down millions of people overnight; it’s a virus that came in with a small meteor and crashed outside Milan; it’s Chinese revenge against Marco Polo for stealing the concept of noodles—

Corona Bologna Italy: The Truth begins to leak out

The government of Italy, as everyone knows, has locked down the whole country of 60 million people. So how many Italians have died from COV? Even by the standards of the useless and misleading diagnostic tests?


As far as the Italian Higher Institute of Health knows, at this point:

Maybe two.


Try to wrap your mind around that.

Good luck.

Seems the president of the Italian Higher Institute has some smarts. He understands that people who already have other serious health conditions, which have nothing to do with COV, can and do die from those other conditions, regardless of the fact that they’ve tested positive (on useless tests) for COV. He gets it. I predict a great future for him. If he keeps shooting his mouth off, he might find himself working as a weed puller in a forest. Or he might suddenly be diagnosed with the virus and find himself in isolation.

Grit your teeth and plow through this piece from Rome, 13 March 2020, Agenzia Nova: “Coronavirus: ISS [Italian National Institute of Health]: in Italy there are only two deaths ascertained so far due to Covid-19” (Italian, English)

“There may be only two people who died from coronavirus in Italy, who did not present other pathologies. This is what emerges from the medical records examined so far by the Higher Institute of Health, according to what was reported by the President of the Institute [Istituto Superiore di Sanità (ISS), Italian National Institute of Health], Silvio Brusaferro, during the press conference held today at the Civil Protection in Rome. ‘Positive deceased patients have an average of over 80 years – 80.3 to be exact…The majority of these people are carriers of chronic diseases. Only two people were not presently carriers of [other non-COV] diseases’, but even in these two cases, the examination of the files is not concluded and therefore, causes of death different from Covid-19 could emerge. The president of the ISS has specified that ‘little more than a hundred medical records’ have so far come from hospitals throughout Italy.”

“…At present, in fact, the authorities are unable to distinguish those who died from the virus, from those who, on the other hand, are communicated daily to the public, but who were mostly carriers of other serious diseases and who, therefore, would not have died from Covid-19. In response to a question from ‘Agenzia Nova’, in fact, Brusaferro was unable to indicate the exact number of coronavirus deaths. However, the professor clarified that, according to the data analyzed, the vast majority of the victims ‘had serious [non-COV] pathologies and in some cases the onset of an infection of the respiratory tract can lead more easily to death.’ To clarify this point, and provide real data, ‘as we acquire the folders we will go further. However, the populations most at risk are fragile, carriers of multiple diseases’.”

Translation into non-medical language: the people dying in Italy have other very serious traditional diseases that have nothing to do with COV, and it’s obvious they could have died, and probably did die, from those other diseases. Nevertheless, we’re locking down the whole country.

So, for those people straining to find a reason for the “devastation” overtaking Italy—it’s karma for ancient Rome trying to conquer half the known world; it’s the ghost of Martin Luther obtaining revenge against the Vatican; it’s a bioweapon with the power to cut down millions of people overnight; it’s a virus that came in with a small meteor and crashed outside Milan; it’s Chinese revenge against Marco Polo for stealing the concept of noodles—

Take a break, relax, have a plate of pasta, turn on the TV, and because all the stadiums are empty, watch a rerun of a soccer match from 1979.   READ MORE: Corona Bologna Italy: The Truth begins to leak out

AP Exclusive: Coronavirus vaccine test opens with 1st doses

Jennifer Haller
AP Ted S. Warren

Meet Jennifer Haller and Neal Browning, first test participants of a COVID-19 vaccine.  Are they Sally Ride and John Glenn or Krista McAuliffe and Gus Grissom?

My overwhelming feeling in these COVID19 days is sadness. Not a lot of worry. There’s caution, of course. My 3 daughters are home, and it’s a struggle to explain the end of their routines. I'm a tidy housekeeper as a rule, though I'm cleaning more frequently.  I don’t feel any  panic. Just sadness at this situation. We are being told to act as if we have been attacked from coast to coast - as if Pearl Harbor and Bay of Pigs and Oklahoma City and the Twin Towers - were all rolled up into a speck we can not see with the human eye.  And yet we are not able to utter the name of the nation that was perhaps the birthplace of this virus. There's no mention of the Harvard Chemistry Chair who was taken into custody by the FBI for taking $50,000 a MONTH in secret deal from China - and the Wuhan Institute of Technology. I know I'm just a tinfoil hat wearing AofA non expert dummy - but that seems  at least worth a chat in this discussion of this maniacal virus from "nowhere."

Charles Lieber, the chair of Harvard University's Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology, has been arrested and criminally charged with making "false, fictitious and fraudulent statements" to the U.S. Defense Department about his ties to a Chinese government program to recruit foreign scientists and researchers.

The Justice Department says Lieber, 60, lied about his contact with the Chinese program known as the Thousand Talents Plan, which the U.S. has previously flagged as a serious intelligence concern. He also is accused of lying about about a lucrative contract he signed with China's Wuhan University of Technology.  ...he was the principal investigator on more than $10 million in grants funded by the National Institutes of Health.  From NPR Acclaimed Harvard Scientist Is Arrested, Accused Of Lying About Ties To China.

Half the nation was clamoring for open borders a few weeks ago. Half the nation was arguing for a wall.  Half the nation would likely cheer if the President contracted COVID19 and died - I've read enough posts on social media to say that with a good degree of confidence.  Half the nation thinks this is an effort to topple the President.  We have been a nation of haves and have nots for a long time, but now we are nation of halfs and halfs.   In Italy, citizens are throwing open their doors and windows and singing together from house to house, in unity.  Is that even possible in the United States any longer? One nation, indivisible seems like a memory. Who benefits by this division?

I looked up Ms. Haller on Facebook.  She's a member of the COVID19 Mutual Aid Solidarity Network whose description is, "Collective well-being thought class solidarity, disability justice, anti-racism, abolition, Neoliberal individualistic public health hurts us all."  I have no idea what any of that means.  I see a profile pic with a pretty youngster who might be a daughter in a photo with Senator Elizabeth Warren, probably during a political stop last summer. I’d steer clear of any vaccine trial personally. But I’m pro-choice.  And that means I am pro-choice. Still I wish those who decide to participate safe harbor. Haller is a Mom. I am a Mom.  I just don’t understand the storm.



AP Exclusive: Coronavirus vaccine test opens with 1st doses

U.S. researchers gave the first shots in a first test of an experimental coronavirus vaccine Monday, leading off a worldwide hunt for protection even as the pandemic surges.

With careful jabs in the arms of four healthy volunteers, scientists at the Kaiser Permanente Washington Research Institute in Seattle began an anxiously awaited first-stage study of a potential COVID-19 vaccine developed in record time after the new virus exploded out of China and fanned out across the globe.

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Meet The PREP "Public Readiness and Emergency Preparedness" Act

Remove-resident-viruses-800X800By Wayne Rohde

What is this “PREP Act” that has entered our vocabulary this past week?

Several terms that were foreign to most just a couple of months ago are now becoming mainstream. Social Distancing. Congregate Settings. Sustained Community Transmission. Prep Act. And even proper personal hygiene for some.

I have been discussing the need for many to read and understand the complexities and pitfalls of this federal law for a few years. The PREP Act[i] or “Public Readiness and Emergency Preparedness Act” was the product of President Bush 43 and his Health and Human Services (HHS) agency.

The PREP Act was passed in December of 2005. Most of the emphasis for this act was born upon the federal government’s response to the Anthrax scare immediately after 9/11.

The Public Readiness and Emergency Preparedness Act (PREP Act) added new legal authorities to the Public Health Service (PHS) Act to provide liability immunity related to the manufacture, testing, development, distribution, administration and use of medical countermeasures against chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear agents of terrorism, epidemics, and pandemics.   It also added authority to establish a program to compensate eligible individuals who suffer injuries from administration or use of products covered by the PREP Act’s immunity provisions. [ii]

The first reading of this legislation would lend the reader to think that the act was reasonable. Think again. Promoting the Act as being similar to the NVICP, compensating persons for injuries and at the same time, sneaking freedom and liberty restrictions into our lives.

The Act would continue to be amended by legislation and by Executive Orders by Bush 43 and Obama.

The Act did create a CounterMeasures Compensation Fund and mechanism to award damages to those who suffered injury or death by any of the declared countermeasures by the Secretary of HHS.

What is not mentioned in this summary page provided by HHS is the scary and very concerning legal powerful  granted to the Secretary of HHS and further to the local and state health departments?

Hidden in the Act is subsection (7) under declarations by the Secretary of HHS.

(7) JUDICIAL REVIEW.-No court of the United States, or of any State, shall have subject matter jurisdiction to review, whether by mandamus or otherwise, any action by the Secretary under this subsection.[iii]

Now, how to interpret this? In the Declarations subsection, whereas the Secretary of HHS has sole power to decide which counter measure or measures used to combat an epidemic or pandemic, the manufacturer of the said countermeasure will receive immunity from liability resulting in injury or death. And there is NO Court system in the land that can override this provision.

There have been seven (7) declarations of Countermeasures covered by the PREP Act. Countermeasures can include vaccines, drugs, or medical devices to be used against chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear (CBRN) agents of terrorism, epidemics, and pandemics.[iv]

The covered Countermeasures include anthrax, Ebola, Zika, and now, the Secretary of HHS has begun the process of adding Coronavirus vaccines as a covered measure. This process started in early February 2020. With a period of soliciting public comment, and waiting for the development of a vaccine, the declaration if approved will be ready to add the vaccine sometime in early 2021 or later.

Isolation and Quarantine Provisions.

The Act clarifies that the Secretary of HHS and her designees have the authority to declare a national or regional public health emergency. With declaration comes, the authority to quarantine person(s) who are deemed infected or suspected of being affected. Also those who refuse any mandatory countermeasure may also be subject to isolation or home quarantine. This provision allows state and local health authorities to isolate and quarantine suspected persons.

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Seattle Coronavirus Vaccine Skipped Critical Animal Testing

Haste makes wasteNote: Haste makes waste. Measure twice, cut once. A stitch in time, saves nine. But does a vax in time save any... when not tested according to standards?  I realize most AofAers would not participate in this or any vaccine trial.  But many will rush to the tests.  Here is the call to participants from Kaiser. There is payment of up to $1100 for participation. Here is the survey.

...ethicists aren’t so sure that the eventual benefits of rushing this unproven vaccine into clinical trials will outweigh the risks. “Outbreaks and national emergencies often create pressure to suspend rights, standards and/or normal rules of ethical conduct. Often our decision to do so seems unwise in retrospect,” wrote Jonathan Kimmelman, director of McGill University’s biomedical ethics unit, in an email to STAT. Researchers rush to test coronavirus vaccine in people without knowing how well it works in animals


Researchers fast-track coronavirus vaccine by skipping key animal testing first

A clinical trial for an experimental coronavirus vaccine has begun recruiting participants in Seattle, but researchers did not first show that the vaccine triggered an immune response in animals, as is normally required. 

Now, biomedical ethicists are calling the shortcut into question, according to Stat News.

"Outbreaks and national emergencies often create pressure to suspend rights, standards and/or normal rules of ethical conduct," Jonathan Kimmelman, director of McGill University’s biomedical ethics unit, wrote in an email to Stat News. "Often our decision to do so seems unwise in retrospect."

Typically, vaccine development can take 15 to 20 years, start to finish, Mark Feinberg, president and CEO of the International AIDS Vaccine Initiative, told Stat News. The lengthy process requires that scientists first give the vaccine to animals to determine whether it's safe and effective at preventing the disease in question. Only after passing through iterative tests in animal models, and being adjusted along the way, can a formulation be tested in human trials.

"When you hear predictions about it taking at best a year or a year and a half to have a vaccine available … there’s no way to come close to those timelines unless we take new approaches," Feinberg said.  

From Seattle Pi on March 10:

COVID-19 vaccine trials to begin soon, volunteers being recruited in Seattle

The vaccine has never before been administered to humans, but it is similar to vaccines developed previously for the Zika virus.

"When injected into the body, the mRNA causes cells to make that protein, which can trigger an immune response. If the person is later infected with the SARS-CoV-2 virus, their prior immune response may help them react to the infection with an increased immune response to fight the invading virus. The vaccine mRNA breaks down naturally and does not remain in the body," Kasier Permanente said in its post.

Eligible volunteers include healthy adults ages 18 to 55. People with certain medical conditions affecting the immune system will not be eligible. Volunteers who take part in the study are expected to go to 11 in-person study visits -- one initial screening, two vaccination visits and eight follow-ups -- and participate in four phone calls over the course of 14 months.

The study will include three groups -- each made up of 15 people -- who will get varying doses of the vaccine, all 28 days apart. The first group will receive 25 microgram doses, the second 100 microgram and the third 250 microgram.

Participants will receive $100 for each visit they attend, with a total of $1,100 for attending all of the visits. Those interested are asked to fill out a survey online.

Please read James Lyons-Weiler's new article:-

Moderna and US NIAID Poised to Endanger the World Population?

Dr. Richard Moskowitz: Advisory on the Coronavirus

Richard Moskowitz MDNote: Thank you to Dr. Moskowitz, a practicing family physician outside of Boston, Massachusetts for this post. Yesterday, my daughter's school shut down until further notice. So did our town district and several surrounding towns here in Fairfield County, Connecticut. I'm thinking of keeping my older daughters out of their day program for now. Trader Joe's was a madhouse - with carts running from the cash registers to the back of the store. Stop & Shop has been utterly raided. We all want to remain healthy and avoid contracting COVID-19. Social media is chock full of remedies and ideas and suggestions - some seem logical, others, not as much. Dr. Moskowitz has decades of experience as a practicing physician. I value and trust his judgement and gentle suggestions. Stay healthy and well, friends. KIM

By Richard Moskowitz, M. D.

When I first heard of the outbreak, my attention was fixed on the coincidence that it began in Wuhan, near the Chinese bioweapons lab, and the obvious speculation that the virus was manmade, which still hasn't been ruled out. But the Trump Administration's slow, reluctant, and utterly incompetent response to it has created an honest-to-God public health emergency that has quite rightly upstaged the absorbing mystery of where and how it originated.

In particular, the systematic defunding of our public health infrastructure and the inexcusable lack of testing materials that it helped bring about, when combined with the large proportion of people carrying the virus and thus contagious with very mild illness or no symptoms at all, have prevented any accurate measure of the number of people infected, and thus also of the actual death rate, which can be expected to decline once these mild and asymptomatic cases are identified and included in the tally. This radical uncertainty has already eliminated the possibility of containing the outbreak; the best we can do now is to mitigate its spread by slowing it down, lest it overwhelm our clinics and hospitals and available personnel to staff them.  What seems virtually certain is that there will be a lot more cases once we begin testing on a wider scale.

The CDC has already publicized the main things we can and should do to protect both ourselves and everybody else, namely, 1) avoiding large crowds, postponing unnecessary travel, and keeping a safe distance from those you're in contact with; 2) washing hands often with soap and water, and wiping off objects and surfaces in common use that you've touched or grasped; 3) remembering not to touch nose, mouth, and face with your hands except when necessary; 4) limiting contact with the elderly and those weakened by chronic diseases as much as possible; and 5) getting tested if you fall sick, covering nose and mouth when you sneeze or cough, and staying home if you test positive: all good, sensible precautions.

In addition, many physicians are recommending high doses of Vitamin C, say 3000 mg. daily for prophylaxis, and even more for the actual illness, with coughing and shortness of breath, at which point Dr. Brownstein suggests adding Vitamins A, D3, and iodine as well.

Homeopaths have had and continue to have great success treating epidemic diseases like cholera, yellow fever, measles, influenza, and the like, using a simple method that deserves much wider recognition and use.  Once about 20 or 25 cases have been investigated, one remedy will be found to fit around 75% of the cases, and is therefore designated as the basic remedy or genus epidemicus of the outbreak.  It can then be given out prophylactically to people who are not yet sick, whether in the vicinity or recently exposed, and also to early cases.  More advanced illness may call for other remedies. 

In the US, too few cases have been seen and treated homeopathically to identify the main remedy; but colleagues in Hong Kong and Taiwan have had the most success with Gelsemium, followed by Bryonia and Eupatorium perfoliatum in advanced cases with their typical indications.  For prophylaxis, they therefore recommend

Gelsemium 30C once a week in towns, rural areas, and neighborhoods far from those most seriously affected; and in neighborhoods or crowded with many cases in the vicinity, Gelsemium 30C daily for seven days, and twice a week thereafter, until the outbreak is over.

Sounds good to me: definitely worth a try!

Physicians For Informed Consent Update On Enforcement of Medical Exemption Law

Hands tied breakLegal Update re Enforcement of Medical Exemption Law

PIC Supporters,

I am writing to provide you an update on our medical license defense for PIC Physician Ken Stoller, MD, who has been wrongly accused by the Medical Board of California of writing 10 medical exemptions without an adequate medical basis. The truth is that Dr. Stoller performed competently and professionally according to his discretion as an integrative physician. Indeed, the whole case depends on whether the Medical Board even recognizes integrative medicine in the field of vaccine medical exemptions, or whether there is only one standard of care (i.e., the CDC standard).

Dr. Stoller’s case will go to trial March 16, 2020, and it is particularly significant for its precedential value – this will be the first trial before the California Medical Board on the medical exemption question, namely, whether a doctor can rely on the Alternative Medicine defense for writing exemptions under SB277 that did not follow CDC guidelines.

First, click here to read my witness statement in support of Dr. Stoller as an integrative physician following the integrative standard of care.

Second, PIC is continuing to work with and support Dr. Stoller’s excellent defense lawyer Rick Jaffe. Rick is very experienced. With skill and credibility, Rick is asserting the Alternative Medicine defense for Dr. Stoller, which is supported by additional witness statements from PIC Physicians Dr. Sutton and Dr. Neuenschwander.

Third, I will provide you another newsletter update as we have more information. We expect to receive a final decision from the administrative law judge by the end of March.

Lastly, you can please show your support for Dr. Stoller by making a donation to his legal defense fund, and also sharing this link with your patients who are similarly concerned:

Thank you,

Greg Glaser
PIC General Counsel

PIC is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization run entirely on the donated time and energy of volunteers—people like you. Your contributions are tax-deductible as allowable by law. Please donate today!

Worried About Sickness? Here's a Bottle Opener for the Bottom of Your Sandal!

Reef flip flip
Look! It's a Bottle Opener! (BARF)

by Kim Rossi

This weekend, a friend on Facebook wrote about a sweatshirt that said MILWAUKEE and had a built in bottle opener at the waistband. Clever, yes? Think of the dental work saved by not having to crack a cuspid to open a Hasenpheffer Incorporated lager with your mouth.

Her story reminded me of a pair of Reef brand flip flops I bought last Fall. I purchased them on Amazon, and when they arrived, I was disgusted to see thaShoe phonet there was a bottle opener on the BOTTOM OF THE SANDAL. Who on earth thought it was a good idea to open a beer with the bottom of a shoe? Maxwill Not-so-Smart? 

The world is in a scandalous upheaval of fear and worry and anxiety and panic and changing behavior and destroying business and stopping travel and quarantining entire regions and hoarding toilet  paper and making homemade hand sanitizer to protect against a virus.  

The same people open beer with a dog poop, cigarette stub, chewing gum, rat hair, puddle water covered sandal.

States from Maine to California are demonizing healthy, "under"vaccinated children and putting them on permanent "quarantine" from the rest of their peers by the removal of religious exemptions and the strangling of the medical exemption and doctors' ability to write them.  Fear is out of proportion to the danger. That's not to say Corona virus is benign. If an elderly loved one dies from it, then it was a deadly epidemic for your family. 

The world has flipped.

And flopped.

Full Worm Supermoon

Full_worm_moonBy Kim Rossi

I don't know about you, but I read this headline  A “Full Worm Moon” Is Happening on March 9, Marking the Beginning of Spring with the brain of an autism Mom who has seen more than her share of lunar reproductive cycle pin worms. Turns out, the Full Worm full moon means Spring, when the earth softens and worms wriggle on up and robins nosh on them. Still, for many of us, every full moon means behavior spikes for our kids. And worse, seizures. We battled pin worms in my household for years. I firmly believe that my daughter's weakened gut and immune system, exacerbated by several rounds of antibiotics for sinus infections provided the breeding ground for a pin worm infestation that launched her very first grand mal seizure. "Febrile" my left foot. The seizures occured almost  monthly, but this was long before she went into puberty. I worked with a Naturopath named Skye Weintraub via a phone consult. Her book,  "The Parasite Menace" was in my nightstand for close to 20 years, with my notes from our phone call on several pages.  Wishing all of our readers smooth sailing through this lunar event. XOX

This year’s first supermoon is almost here! The Full Worm Moon will brighten the night sky on Monday, March 9.

Since Native Americans named full moons to track seasons, the names often correlate with nature. According to the Farmer’s Almanac, one of the most popular names for March’s full moon is the “Full Worm Moon '' because as the weather warms and the ground softens, earthworms begin to appear, attracting robins—a sign of spring. Since the cawing of crows signals the end of winter, another name for March’s full moon is the “Full Crow Moon.” The full moon is also called the “Full Sap Moon” because the sap of sugar maple trees begins to flow around this time.

The Full Worm Moon will be the first of three supermoons in 2020, according to EarthSky. This means that the full moon will coincide with perigee, the point in the moon’s orbit at which it’s closest to Earth. When the moon’s at perigee, it appears brighter and larger than a standard full moon. The Full Worm Moon will be this year’s second-closest full moon to Earth.

Sign On to Letter to President Trump to Recognizing Freedom of Conscience & Religious Objections to State Mandated Vaccination

Syringe Pen WritingDEADLINE IS TODAY, MARCH 7!

From our friends at First Freedoms who are waging battles from coast to coast. 


We are urging President Trump for immediate intervention to prevent and remedy the persecution of people who choose to honor their faith by refusing or foregoing some or all vaccinations. We ask that he consider implementing an executive order or other legal means to protect the religious freedom of vaccine choice.

If you support the above letter, please sign your name and/or organization’s name below.  If you are not part of any organization, feel free to write in FOR-US, the Conscience Coalition, First Freedoms, or leave it blank. Individuals and organizations can sign on to the letter online at

February 3, 2020

President Donald J. Trump
The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20500

Re: Recognizing Freedom of Conscience and Religious Objections to State Mandated Vaccination and Ending the Persecution of the Unvaccinated People of Faith

Dear President Trump,

We write to you as a group of individuals and organizations, who are religious and secular leaders, scholars, human rights advocates, and medical professionals to express our serious concerns over the persecution of people of faith through vaccine mandates for school and daycare attendance. We urge your immediate intervention to prevent and remedy the persecution of people who choose to honor their faith by refusing or foregoing some or all vaccinations. Please consider implementing an executive order or other legal means to protect the religious freedom of vaccine choice.

In a recent speech you stated, “Religious liberty is under attack all over the world, and frankly, very strongly attacked in our nation.” Worldwide, without regard for individual religious freedom, governments are forcing and coercing a pharmaceutical product upon children that is made from religiously objectionable ingredients, specifically human aborted fetal DNA, animal cells, carcinogenic preservatives, and neurotoxins such as mercury and aluminum. This coercion of mandated vaccines is a clear attack on religious liberty and a form of government overreach. Making personal decisions about protecting one’s body is a basic human right, and most religions agree that our sacred bodies are the holiest of temples.

● In 2019, Samoa mandated every man, woman, and child to be force-vaccinated by mobile medical units, accompanied by police, going door-to-door to inject them with the Measles, Mumps, and Rubella (MMR) vaccine. MMR is a live virus vaccine created using a human aborted fetal cell line known as MRC-5. The majority of Samoa’s population is Christian, with roughly 20% being Catholic. However, the Pontifical Academy for Life issued a document in collaboration with the “Ufficio per la Pastorale della Salute" of Italian Bishops' Conference and the "Association of Italian Catholic Doctors," on July 31, 2017, asserting that Catholics should seek alternatives to vaccines that use human aborted fetal cell lines. Yet, alternatives remain unavailable.

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Why We Cannot Believe Brian Deer About Andrew Wakefield

House of Commonsby John Stone

This is part of evidence I presented to  the United Kingdom House of Commons Science and Technology Committee Inquiry into Research Integrity in 2017. It was never published by the Committee but after much argument they were forced to amend their discussion document, known as POSTnote 544, so that it did not directly allege that Andrew Wakefield committed fraud by only attributing the claim to British Medical Journal. It is dismaying that we are still having to rebut so many false claims so many years after the events. The publication of Brian Deer's book is now only a couple of months away, but it has also been sad to see distinguished Danish scientist, Peter Gøtzsche, recycling these allegations in a book of his own. Prof Gøtzsche is in many respects a hero because of his stand against SSRI antidepressants (which are also implicated in autism) and on the safety HPV vaccines, but when he sides with Deer on the subject of Andrew Wakefield we wonder whether he has on this occasion done due diligence.

Brian deer updated
Brian Deer

An Extract From Evidence to House of Commons Science and Technology Inquiry into Research Integrity 2017 by John Stone on Behalf of Age of Autism

I am grateful to the committee for the invitation to submit evidence on behalf of Age of Autism. This evidence has been shaped by statements made in the Committee’s prior publication POSTnote 544 singling out the Wakefield “Lancet paper” as an example of fraud, and particularly in relation to the defence of a public health programme and policy [1]. If these statements had not been made I might have presented somewhat different evidence, but in the circumstances it is necessary to address these claims and their underlying assumptions.  It becomes particularly relevant in the light the latest campaign, led by Times Newspapers, to further discredit Andrew Wakefield.

This submission is not motivated by indifference to the control of infectious disease. What I am saying is that even though the control of disease is important it is not a good enough reason to stand the rules of research integrity or public discussion on their head. For this reason I have things to say not only about the Wakefield paper but the problematic nature of vaccine science, and also the general exclusion of the subject from contemporary mainstream public debate. Even the reasons for going to war at times of national peril are debated, but here it is as if everything has been conceded in advance to an industry and its public advocates. In these circumstances reasonable comment is driven to the margins with unreasonable, even to the extent of being buried by search engines such as google.

It is also problematic that virtually every public defence of the vaccine programme begins with an attack on the integrity of Dr Andrew Wakefield, as if the public humiliation of one man could provide scientific justification in perpetuity for an entire class of products. Wakefield has been globally transformed into the Emmanuel Goldstein of public health (to reference Orwell’s 1984) but we should not mistake that this is actually occurring at the level of propaganda and not of scientific (or historic) fact: indeed when people cite Wakefield as an example few have the remotest idea what body of facts they are citing, and this has reduced to zero the quality of informed public discussion. Meanwhile Wakefield’s fate serves as a warning to anyone else who might professionally step out of line. In this context I pose the question in what other field of human activity would this means of controlling public discussion and opinion be considered politically tolerable? I also pose the question how we can possibly know the vaccine programme is safe if we control opinion in this way?

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Del Bigtree's ICAN vs. CDC

In this show, ICAN’s Biggest Legal Win to Date; Is There a Cure for Coronavirus?; Alzeimher’s & Diabetes Skyrocketing; Dr. Neuenschwander Weighs In.

Action Alert: When #DoctorsSpeakUp Age of Autism Will Speak Out

Dr Nicole Baldwin
Dr Nicole Baldwin

Hi, friends. I just got an email from John Gilmore of Autism Action Network with a giant call to action on Twitter today, March 5.

Join us on Twitter to fight back, throw facts and photos at,  and even laugh at the American Academy of Pediatrics March 5 hashtag #DoctorsSpeakUp.  Speak up? American Pediatricians have been DEAD SILENT when it comes to autism. They have no tools. No assistance beyond "Call early intervention."  They deserve our scorn and a whole lot of facts to counter their pharma bought and paid educations and careers. 

Find your local AAP chapter HERE. Grab their Twitter address.

Use the hashtag #DoctorsSpeakUp


Our Twitter is

Pediatricians have vaccinated children into a full blown chronic healthcare crisis while remaining deaf, dumb and willfully blind to the injury.  They are FOR the removal of vaccination exemptions.  They refuse to write medical exemptions. They want to dose kids with Gardasil without parental consent. They kick  HEALTHY kids out of their practices.  They ridicule us and our kids at every turn. Pediatrics is made up of a majority of female practitioners which makes this #DoctorsStandUp just worse - because the misogyny comes from women. Like Dr. Nicole Baldwin whose Twitter is

Suggested Tweets: Remember, a photo or GIF adds a lot to a Tweet. Show them whom they have abandoned.

1) When will #DoctorsSpeakUp that #vaccines harm and kill children?

2) When will #DoctorsSpeakUp that the Hepatitis-B #vaccine for newborns is unnecessary and harmful?

3) When will #DoctorsSpeakUp that #vaccines are not #safeandeffective for all?

4) Why won't #DoctorsSpeakUp that #vaccines #harm many of their patients?

5) When will #DoctorsSpeakUp that only 1% of #vaccineinjury incidents get reported, according to a Harvard study?

6) When will #DoctorsSpeakUp that the #vaccineinjured cannot sue a #vaccinemaker or a doctor for faulty #vaccines ?

7) That #VaccineCourt is a travesty of justice?


Early-Onset Dementia and Alzheimer's Rates Grow for Younger American Adults

Alzheimers generations
While the media is slathered in Purell and Coronavirus reports, the news that our prime earning generation is succumbing to a disease of the elderly should be front page news.   Diagnosis rates increased by 200% from 2013-2017 in ages 30 to 64. The average age of someone in the commercially insured population living with either condition is 49 and women are disproportionately impacted than men.  What happens to our autism families if Mom is struck down by dementia? We have the sandwich generation already, middle aged parents caring for children and elderly parents. Most of us will take care of our adult children with autism well into our own elderly years.   Read this article linked below and share your thoughts.


From Blue Cross Blue Shield

Each year, early-onset dementia and Alzheimer’s disease affect the daily lives of a growing number of Americans under 65. As measured by the Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBS) Health IndexSM in 2017, about 131,000 commercially insured Americans1 between the ages of 30 and 64 were diagnosed with either condition.

Dementia is a general term for cognitive decline in excess of typical aging. An adult with early-onset dementia may have trouble with memory, language and cognitive skills that can make it difficult to perform routine tasks. Early-onset Alzheimer’s disease is a form of dementia characterized by progressive brain deterioration, memory loss and an inability to independently care for oneself.2

As early-onset dementia and Alzheimer’s disease continue to affect younger Americans, it is important to understand the impact of both forms of dementia on the health of Americans and their caregivers.3


Early-onset dementia and Alzheimer’s disease affects a growing number of younger commercially insured Americans. In 2017, about 131,000 people between the ages of 30 and 64 were diagnosed with either form of dementia. Diagnosis rates increased by 200% from 2013-2017 in ages 30 to 64. The average age of someone in the commercially insured population living with either condition is 49 and women are disproportionately impacted than men. (See Exhibit 1.)

In Memoriam: Dr. Toni Lynn Bark

Toni Bark
August 1, 1959 - March 3, 2020

This morning, we read with sadness that Dr. Toni Bark has passed away.   I had the pleasure of meeting her last Spring at an event. In person, she was so vibrant with watchful eyes, flowing hair, and she just exuded life. Cancer does not care. It ravages the body but it can not touch the soul. 

You can read full details on services and the Shiva (Jewish period of mourning and visitation) in Evanston, Illinois HERE.

Dr. Toni Bark's speech at the Doctors For Accountability In Medicine PRESS CONFERENCE in D.C. on March 31, 2017. Camera, sound and editing by Joshua Coleman.

Washington Post on Employer Flu Shot Mandates: A Surprising Answer

Wapo darknessNote: Below is a question and answer (excerpted) from The Washington Post.  I felt a bit like Charlie Brown look at Lucy holding the football when I started to read the piece sent to me by Judy R.

Karla L. Miller
Feb. 12, 2020 at 2:54 p.m. EST

My employer requires a flu shot. My doctors say no.

Reader: I work for a large health-care organization in a rural area. I do not work in direct patient care, but manage a health-information department in a building off-site.

In 2015 I had a significant reaction to a mandatory influenza vaccine and was ill for two months. My primary care provider, an orthopedic joint specialist, and a rheumatologist all recommended I no longer receive an influenza vaccine. My employer exempted me from getting the vaccine for three years, no questions asked. I just had to wear a mask while working.

Last year, my employer said I had to see their in-house allergy and immunology specialist, who denied me the exemption. I saw another allergy and immunology specialist in a large metropolitan city, who said I definitely should not get the influenza vaccine, ever. At that point my choices were to risk getting the influenza vaccine, or resign my job of 30 years. The specialist I saw in the city is also an attorney, and he thought what they were doing was illegal. What is your take on this? I feel the risks outweigh any benefits given the low efficacy rates of the influenza vaccine.


The ADA doesn’t prevent an employer from requiring employees to see a medical provider of its choice, but as Epstein Gluck notes, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission cautions against the employer relying solely on that medical provider’s opinion when it’s contradicted by the employee’s health-care provider.

Considering your history and your doctor’s support, your employer should be willing to consider flu-prevention options besides submitting or quitting. If not, you might want to consult one more specialist: an employment attorney.

Read Miller's full response at WaPo here.


Ilene Schwartz in The Seattle Times: We owe more to kids with developmental disabilities

Not aloneNote: We've all heard (and told) story after story of how once our kids were diagnosed, we were on our own. There is no autism GPS.  My kindly pediatrician gave me a contact phone number for Early Intervention.    There was a DAN! doctor miles from my house successfully treating the medical aspects of autism. I never knew he or his brand of medicine existed until years later. I felt my way blindly hoping to come upon the intervention or treatment that would help. Below is an article that accurately depicts that nothing has changed for families.  I see it here in Connecticut. Young Moms wait months and months to get into the Yale Child Study and then..... they call early intervention.  Lucky are the few who find a TACA or NAA chapter and get started with help from parents.  This is our raison d'etre, long after social  media has taken over the soundbite world of communication. Parents are not alone. Not you. Not me. Kim

By Ilene Schwartz
Special to The Times

In June 2019, I was diagnosed with Stage 1 Breast Cancer. I worked with an amazing team of providers and luckily have an excellent prognosis for full recovery. The time from my first suspicious mammogram to an appointment with an interdisciplinary cancer-care team was five weeks. I am grateful for the care that I received and thankful to the staff at University of Washington Medicine and Seattle Cancer Care Alliance for making a difficult situation as easy as it could be.

Of course, I am well aware that the timeliness and quality of my care is due in part to the privilege of being a well-educated, white woman with outstanding medical insurance. It is also due to the privilege of my disease: breast cancer is a disease that people talk about, walk for, and wear and buy pink products to support treatment, awareness and a cure. And for the most part, its treatments are covered by medical insurance.

Throughout this process, I have been thinking about families that I work with who experience a very different journey through diagnosis, accessing treatment and patient navigation. As a board certified behavior analyst, I work with young children with autism spectrum disorders and related disabilities. The pathway that these families travel to get a diagnosis and then to find and pay for necessary educational, medical and therapy services differs from my experience across almost every dimension: My pathway was well defined with multiple road signs along the way; theirs is vague and disjointed, full of unexpected detours and hazards. But it does not need to be this way. The diagnosis, treatment and patient navigation for children with autism spectrum disorder and related disabilities could be improved if institutions worked together and these services were adequately funded.

Once a family suspects that their young child has a developmental delay, their first stop is often their pediatrician. The importance of development during the first five years of life is well documented, yet many parents with developmental concerns about their children are still told to take a wait-and-see approach. From the time parents first share concerns about their child’s development until they get a diagnosis, the average wait time is 1.7 years. For parents of color or who use Medicaid or are uninsured, these waits are even longer.

After the diagnosis, their wait continues. Parents are told that early, intensive intervention is important. The reality is, however, that this evidence-based service is not readily available. Families report long wait lists for services that the professionals tell them are essential to facilitate their child’s development. At the same time, parents are struggling to attempt to make sense of the maze of providers, agencies, recommendations and information.  READ MORE HERE.

Neonatal Nurse on Vaccines: We are Destroying an Entire Generation of Children

8AE8EB37-B328-437E-A94F-4215B3E7C640By Brian Shilhavy
Editor, Health Impact News

Michelle Rowton is neonatal nurse practioner, specializing in the care of children ages 2 years old and younger. She has worked for over 17 years working in NICU, with pre-mature and sick babies.

Michelle Rowton does not herself give vaccines to babies.

She recently sat down and conducted an interview with Polly Tommey during the VAXXED II film bus tour.

Michelle relates that in her undergraduate training to prepare her to be a nurse, that the only thing she was taught about vaccines was how to give the injections.

When she was in graduate school studying for her master’s degree to become a neonatal nurse practioner, she says she was taught “coercive rhetoric” to get the parents to agree with vaccines.

Michelle discusses her early years of working in the NICU with premature babies, and the negative effects vaccines would have on these babies.

Polly then relates how vaccine apologists in the medical field will rationalize giving vaccines to young babies by stating that they have seen many deaths related to vaccine-preventable deaths among unvaccinated babies.

So she asks Michelle how many of these deaths by diseases that are allegedly prevented through vaccination that she has seen during all her years as a nurse, and she replies, “zero.”

They’re lying. Especially when they bring up chicken pox. I’m like, what nation were you in when that happened? Because it hasn’t happened here.

Michelle also works as a Functional Medical Nurse practioner in the field for the past 7 years, where her focus is working with babies out in the field.

I moved out of the hospital and into the clinic, because I got to the point where I thought, this is the same thing over and over again. Yeah, I’m really good at putting in central lines, and putting in chest tubes, and saving these critical babies.

When they get to the convalescence stage, it is terrible what we’re doing, and everybody’s doing the same thing.

I can have more effect out in the community, in having these babies from birth until two – no antibiotics, no ear infections, no medications, setting them up for life to have a far less chance of autoimmune disease, chronic disease – all of that kind of stuff.

That’s what I want to do now.

Michelle has three children of her own, all unvaccinated, and never been on antibiotics.  READ MORE HERE.

Yes Vaccines Make Money - A Twitter Exchange

On Tuesday, I was at the Capitol in Hartford during the vote by the Public Health Committee on HB5044. The bill is going forward, after several hours of recess to include amendments that convinced some of the Democrats to vote YAY instead of NAY.  Two Democrats voted NAY, and we thank them. They are Jack Hennessy and David Michel. The politics is clear, the votes across the country are falling straight down party lines. It's depressing for those who want balance, and see the value of work on both sides of the aisle that we need as our kids with autism grow up.

On Twitter, there is an account called "Connecticut Dems” that Tweeted about a Republican named Craig Fishbein and accused him of "putting others at risk." That's a bogey man. Coronavirus aside - when we talk about (under-vaccinated” (eye roll) people, to call them a risk, or a threat, or dangerous is a slippery slope.


I Tweeted back with a photo of my daughter, who was with me last week at a rally at the Capitol, "She is not a disease vector." One of the responses to me is below. From undervaccinated (assuming she's over 25) and undereducated Twitter person. Vaccines don't make money. And I am a paranoid crackpot.  So I did a one minute Duck Duck Go search and came up with a report from the ever crackpotty Reuters about the earnings of Merck which I RT'd back to Ms. Twitter. I do not expect to hear from her again.

Merck raises full-year forecasts as vaccines power profit beat Merck shares rose 1.3 percent to $77.80. Gardasil sales rose 27 percent to $828 million, beating analyst expectations by about $25 million.

Sales of the company’s measles-mumps-rubella and chickenpox vaccines rose 27 percent to $496 million, helped by government tenders in Latin America and higher European and U.S. demand.

Measles cases in the United States have hit their highest level since the virus was declared eradicated in 2000, with a total of at least 705 confirmed cases so far. Merck is the sole provider of the measles-mumps-rubella vaccine.

There is no mask for this kind of ignorance. No Purell. No Lysol wipes. This blind obedience and unwillingness to learn is everywhere.



Dr. James Lyons-Weiler Presents Coronivirus How Bad Can It Get

Coronavirus  and/or the fear of this virus, is affecting the world. Parts of northern Italy are locked down. Travelers have been stuck in cruise ship and other travel limbo. Lord knows what is happening to citizens in China. We all want to protect our families. Despite accusation against us otherwise. I'm not worried so much about the actual virus, but what could happen if CDC decides to "shut down" areas based on cases.  Stay puts, if you will. Well, as long as there's plenty of coffee and electricity for chargers, I think we'll be fine.

What are your thoughts on this year's epidemic? 

CBC Responds to Dr. Lyons-Weiler, Dr. Lyons-Weiler Responds Back

James Lyons WeilerCBC Responds to Dr. Lyons-Weiler, Dr. Lyons-Weiler Responds Back

CBC launched an all-out attack on the vaccine risk aware in February with an aired program that attacked my character and my integrity under the auspices of a “journalism”. I present the latest in three parts – my reply to their reply, and then a response from CBC forwarded by a concerned citizen with no ties or affiliation with me or IPAK. CBC has now doubled-down on their defamatory attack on me, and I would encourage everyone to write to CBC specifically bringing the matter to the attention of their President. Catherine Tait (email catherine.tait [at]

Part I. Dr. Jack Brings CBC To School on Objective Journalistic Integrity – Again


I am utterly confused by your response. First, I think you should know there is no need for you to “regret” my positions on my behalf, which is done twice in this non-apology.  I will speak for myself, thank you.  If you meant to say that you regret that your organization's behavior led me to those positions, then I could understand, and I would then reply “I’m sure you do”.

You should certainly regret that CBC was so callous toward parents of vaccine injured children that they have failed to perform due diligence on the reality of risks associated with vaccines. The actual risk/benefit ratio of any vaccine schedule is unknown until a randomized, placebo-controlled randomized clinical trial is conducted comparing the long-term health outcomes of that schedule to a completely unvaccinated group - and only then if the placebo used is truly inert – such as saline.  When confronted with this fact, the proponents of current vaccines and the current vaccine schedule claim that it would be unethical to conduct a vaccinated vs. unvaccinated randomized trial – presuming the net benefit ratio – and that is not Science.

Second, your statement on the risks of vaccines relative to the risk of the infections they are supposed to prevent is mystifying, given all of the material that I sent, and that I know others have sent to you.

I want to thank you for admitting in part the wrong doing in the misrepresentation of events around who said what.  It is important that I clarify, however:

  1. I’m not an “anti-vaxxer”.  I’m for safer vaccines. Your inclusion of me whatsoever in your piece or your report is defamatory.

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Vaxxed II The People's Truth Now Available to Purchase and Livestream

Vaxxed 2 jpegNote: I saw Vaxxed II earlier this year. If I were queen of the country, the Gardasil segment would be required watching for every single American.  It so powerfully shows the trauma and tragedy of vaccination side effects that you might think it's fictional. It's that impossible to imagine as being true. But it is. It's the People's Truth. Our truth.
Thanks to Children's Health Defense for this info below about availability:

Vaxxed II: The People’s Truth
will be streaming beginning tomorrow, February 25th, on AMC’s Roku Channel on Peeps TV and also on

Advocates, don’t miss this opportunity to see Vaxxed II – AND share it with friends! Sign up for Roku is easy so be sure to do it ASAP. You can also purchase the DVD now; with shipping beginning February 26th.

Vaxxed II should be seen by all. As many of us know, parents bear the unbelievably heavy load of their child’s vaccine injury. Parents who have gone through these experiences see Vaxxed II as a validation of their child’s injury. Those who don’t have a vaccine injured loved one, who perhaps were on the fence, say that the movie is mind-changing for them. And, we know their vaccine decisions will be life-altering for their children.

Please help by spreading the message far and wide. CHD has also created some hand-outs to help. Click HERE to see and print them out.

CT HB5044 Has Votes to Pass Committee and Moves Forward

CT hearing vote
Yesterday, I spent several hours in the Legislative Office Building in Hartford, CT while HB5044 was voted on by the public health committee. After a recess of several hours, the bill passed through committee. It now has changes that are being reviewed by many. It is not law yet. Above is the list of yays and nays.  All of the nays are Republican.  Democrat Hennessy and Michel also voted nay. Kim


Action Alert: Call Virginia Legislators to Stop HB1090

Urgent call to actionHB1090 has been referred to the Senate Finance and Appropriations Committee: Required immunizations. Removes the specific list of minimum requirements for vaccines for school attendance and directs that the State Board of Health Regulations for the Immunization of School Children shall be consistent with the Recommended Immunization Schedule for Children and Adolescents Aged 18 Years or Younger developed and published by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices.

It is likely 1090 will go before this committee on Tuesday, February 25th at 9am. Therefore it’s critical we aim to get these calls done BEFORE 5pm on Monday, February 24th.

Once this bill is voted on by the Appropriations Committee it will probably go to the Senate floor to be voted on later that very same day or the following day. At that point if they vote in favor, it will become law. So we have a lot of calls to complete on Monday, but it is so worth the time!We need to be louder than we ever have before. Let’s have their phones ringing non-stop!*

Virginia House of Delegates Member Listings

Senate of Virginia

Remember calls make a much greater impact than emails. At this point they might not even read the email until after the bill goes through. So please choose calling over emailing this time around.If you do have extra time, follow-up your call with an email and put this in the subject line:

OPPOSE HB1090. They might not have time to read it so at least they will see the subject line of the email.Step 1: Call the entire Senate Finance and Appropriations Committee:Tell them to OPPOSE HB 1090and refer it for further financial study. HB 1090 would require the Commonwealth to significantly increase spending on mandated vaccines at the expense of funding other vital programs and services. The Appropriations Committee should refer HB 1090 for further study in order for the known and unknown financial impacts to be fully understood. All CDC vaccines are currently available to all who want them without the need for costly mandates. There is no emergency in Virginia requiring that this legislation be fast-tracked.This bill requires VA to write a permanent blank check to the pharmaceutical industry.

Join us to peacefully OCCUPY Richmond on Tuesday, February 25th.*Let’s meet at the Pocahontasbuilding at 8:30am to peacefully show our opposition to 1090 at the Finance and Appropriations Committee meeting.Pocahontas building is located 900 East Main Street in Richmond. The meeting will be held in Committee Room B (located on the Ground Floor of the Pocahontas building). From there, we will follow the bill to the Senate Floor. Please plan to attend for the entire day if possible

More Parents Delaying Vaccines Per ABC News Report

SlowNote: This week, Connecticut and Virginia are fighting against the removal of vaccination rights.  Note this timely article from ABC News that as many as 1/3 of families are delaying vaccines.  I took note of this point, they are not delaying for the first born, but for second or later kids. How many of us have done the same thing? We saw our firstborn children have adverse reactions and life altering effects, and so decided to slow down or stop with our second child?  Of course the article blames misinformation, which is to say NOT swallowing the propaganda from the CDC. In reality, Moms put a lot of research into their kids health and safety, and playground conversations can get real, real fast. We're speaking out about what happened to our older children without fear. And the young Moms see with their own eyes, classrooms full of kids with chronic health issues. We live in a nation that usually RUNS to medicine and pills as the first line of defense. We are not medicine averse here in the USA. So to slowdown or stop vaccinating takes careful thought and painful decision making. From this we know.


From ABC: One-third of children between the ages of 19-35 months don't receive vaccines on time, leaving them vulnerable to preventable infectious diseases, and their complications, a new study finds.

The study revealed that 63% of children received vaccines on time before the age of three, as per Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidelines, while 23% limited the number of shots per visit or skipped at least one vaccine. Another 14% were not compliant with guideline recommendations, according to data used from surveys at Emory University from 15,059 children nationwide showed.

The CDC recommends children be vaccinated against 14 illnesses in their first three years of life; Chickenpox (Varicella) Diphtheria, tetanus, and whooping cough (pertussis) (DTaP) (4th dose), Haemophilus influenzae type b disease (Hib) (4th dose), Measles, mumps, and rubella (MMR) (1st dose), Polio (IPV) (3rd dose), Pneumococcal disease (PCV13) (4th dose), Hepatitis A (HepA) (1st dose).

Vaccine delays were more common in children who moved across state lines, were not first-born, lived in the Northeast, were black or multi-race, and below the poverty level, according to the study.

"Some families work with their pediatrician to come up with a modified immunization schedule (vs. CDC schedule) or they will split up the combination vaccines, which ultimately ends up being more of a disservice to your newborn because of more overall injections given. Delaying vaccines, delays the body's ability to develop an immune response, relying on immunity from rest of community" Dr. Shaliz Pourkaviani, who is a bicoastal neonatologist, said.    Read more here.

Action Alert: Voting on HB 5044 Vaccine Bill Monday February 24 in Hartford

CT families banner
We need concerned citizens to come to the Legislative Office Building next to The Capitol in Hartford, CT tomorrow.  At 10:30am, legislators are voting on HB5044 and Connecticut families will lose big. Not just the religious exemption, but any sense of protection from an onslaught of future vaccination mandates, including the genital wart vaccine called Gardasil.

Monday 2/24 @ 10:30AM in ROOM 1D of the Legislative office building. 300 Capitol Ave. Hartford, CT - Arrive by 10AM.

Please use your common sense and ask yourself why there is this push to mass vaccination across the United States and Europe. Infectious disease and "lack of vaccination" has been made to be as dangerous as Al Qaeda and Isis.  And just like we gave up freedoms after 9/11, we're being told to give up more freedom, the right control what goes into our and our children's bodies.

The Jig Is Up: Dr. Richard Moskowitz on Vaccine Mandates

Richard Moskowitz MDNote: I have had the pleasure of meeting Dr. Moskowitz. He personifies the dignified doctor of "yore" when patients came first.  He is the author of Vaccines: A Vaccines Richard MoskowitzReappraisal from Skyhorse Publishing.

I invite you to share this article he has written to address the current crushing slate of vaccine mandates. Here in my state of Connecticut, we are waiting for a vote on HB 5044 which will remove our religious vaccination exemption.  Kim


By Richard Moskowitz, M. D.

As a GP with more than 50 years' experience in treating children and their families, I feel it my duty to speak out against the new vaccine mandates, for three main reasons.  The first is that there is no emergency to justify vaccinating children against their parents' wishes, let alone keeping them out of school if they refuse. 

The second is that the research cited to prove that vaccines are safe and effective falls far short of the rigorous standards that valid medical science must follow.  The third is that the Nuremberg Code and the Helsinki Declaration, both of which we helped write and still profess to abide by, explicitly forbid any medical procedure, treatment, or experiment undertaken without the fully-informed consent of the recipient.

There is no emergency.

I'll take the easy one first.  The public hysteria that has led a number of states to declare an emergency arose largely in response to measles outbreaks in 2016 and 2019. While a little larger than in the recent past, these were still quite small, localized, and in most respects similar to those recorded in every year since the vaccine was introduced, numbering just over 1000 cases in 2019, compared to a few hundred in the years since 2000, when the CDC prematurely declared the disease eliminated from the United States,1 and anywhere from 400,000-800,000 cases annually in the pre-vaccine era.2  If the CDC would just admit that they were a little hasty, and that such outbreaks are bound to occur, they could still claim a historic victory over this formerly ubiquitous disease. It's also worth remembering that virtually everyone of my generation came down with measles in grade school and recovered without complications; nobody thought it an emergency back then, so there was no urgent need for a vaccine in the first place.

In any case, the hysteria behind the present campaign to eliminate all religious and philosophical exemptions is utterly disproportionate to the facts on the ground. My own state of Massachusetts has seen 0-3 measles cases per year for the last 5 years, and only 44 cases in the past decade,3 with 97% of our kindergartners and 99% of our seventh-graders already vaccinated with the MMR,4 well above the official target of 95% for the stricter new mandate that it has in mind. 

The alleged emergency rests on two assumptions so widely regarded as self-evident that they are rarely challenged:

1) that these measles outbreaks are spread mainly by the unvaccinated, and

2) that vaccines are so effective that only the unvaccinated are still susceptible and thus capable of transmitting the disease to others.

Unfortunately, there is ample scientific evidence that exactly the opposite is true.  Although public health officials rarely admit it, the vast majority of the cases of measles, mumps, chicken pox, whooping cough, and influenza in both past and recent outbreaks, typically from 75-95%, have been in vaccinated individuals;5 in the case of mumps, the figure is typically 95-100%.6   So even if everyone was vaccinated, and all non-medical exemptions eliminated, as the new laws require, similar outbreaks are virtually certain to continue. 

We also know that individuals receiving the "live" vaccines (measles, mumps, rubella, chickenpox, rotavirus, and oral polio) "shed" them for weeks afterward, and are contagious to family members, friends, and close contacts.7   As for "non-living" vaccines, recent studies show that current outbreaks of whooping cough are likewise being spread mainly by vaccinated individuals, through the development of vaccine-resistant strains,8 while analogous mutations have been documented in the case of HiB, pneumococcus, IPV, HPV, and other non-living vaccines as well.9   In short, the push to vaccinate everybody, and the bullying that typically accompanies it, actually help to propagate the diseases that the vaccines were meant to eradicate.

The only scary feature of the 2019 outbreaks is that a large number of those infected have been shown to bear the genotype of the vaccine virus, rather than the wild type,10 so that for the first time a significant proportion of the cases are unvaccinated, providing still more convincing proof that the vaccine is spreading the disease, because the disease itself has mutated in response to it, an ominous sign for the future.

Claims that vaccines are safe and effective are deceptive.

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European Protest for Medical Freedom – Munich 2020

German american flagsEuropean Forum for Vaccine Vigilance is organizing a protest over the encroachment of the pharmaceutical industry on our civil rights and pyhysical integrity in Munich on 21 March, to be addressed by Robert F Kennedy Jr, Vera Sharav (holocaust survivor and founder of Alliance for Human Research Protection), Del Bigtree, Sherry Tenpenny, Senta Depuydt, Kris Gaublomme (EFVV), Jusyna Socha (Stop Nop Poland), and the will be presentation by CORVELVA regarding their investigation of vaccine vials. Details are available from the EFVV website.  The protest will start (and end) in Odeonsplatz at 11.30 am and close at 5pm. There will be a stage there and during the day we'll also march in the city center.

Germany is the latest European country to introduce mandatory vaccinations (measles only, but they don't provide the single vaccine) and the German associations are now asking the intervention of the Constitutional Court to try and stop the law, that will otherwise start its effects from March 1st.

It's the only Country that extended the obligation to all the categories working with children: healthcare pratictioners, doctors, nurses, teachers...


We’ve finally had enough of an almighty pharmaceutical industry censoring our internet, controlling our media, our courts and our governments.

Mandatory vaccination is a violation of our physical integrity, of our freedoms guaranteed to us by the Charter the UN and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and is limiting our access to education, employment and the free circulation of citizens.

The global agenda of mandatory vaccination is marching fast. After Italy in 2017 and France in 2018, many other countries are following suit. The latest country to fall is Germany in 2020. These mandates will soon be extended to adults, pregnant women and the elderly.

The Network for Vaccine Choice Germany, in collaboration with the European Forum for Vaccine Vigilance is organizing a massive protest to show the world that we are here, more determined than ever.

This is not the time to hesitate. It is high time to act.

Join us in Munich on March 21st, 2020. It is easy to register on the EFVV web site: just enter your details (name, surname, country, email for updates, intended travel plans).

Let's show Europe how many we are. Large numbers will affirm our connectedness, our commitment and our strength.

Pharma-Funded Vaccine Front Groups Misinform U.S. Lawmakers

LieBy Nancy Hokkanen

As legislatures across America debate coercive vaccine mandate bills, pharmaceutical lobbyists and their paid proxies are barraging lawmakers with questionable industry-friendly information. How many more state and federal lawmakers will be manipulated into letting profit-focused corporations set vaccine policy for all citizens, regardless of inability to tolerateinjections with potentially hazardous ingredients?

Pharma-funded vaccine bills have become a litmus test of legislators’ knowledge, priorities and ethics – and a chilling testament to corporations’ metastasizing abuse of civil rights and democratic processes.

  • In June 2019, New York’s legislature repealed religious exemptionsto vaccines – without public hearings. Governor Andrew Cuomo signed that bill into law after pressure from vaccine profiteers, incentivized by a promiseto invest $48 million for jobs in Albany.
  • In September 2019, California passed SB-276, which forces physicians to file exemption forms with the state’s immunization registry for approval – interfering with doctor/client confidentiality, while adding a layer of biased bureaucracy to intimidate taxpaying citizens.
  • Vaccine mandates have created a wave of medical refugees – people who cannot be safely vaccinated are forced to move out of state. Californians are migrating to neighboring Oregon or Idaho to escape laws that paradoxically will harm their health.

If results measure success, then America’s public health policies are failing:

How many lawmakers would pass oppressive vaccine mandates if they knew that government evidence showed 1 in 39 people suffer health damage from vaccines?

In 2010, the Federal Agency for Health Care Research (AHCR) ran a pilot study “to test the efficiency of a state-of-the-art machine counting (AI) system on data records from the Harvard Pilgrim HMO,” reported the advocacy group Children’s Health Defense:

“Those government researchers found that 2.6% of vaccination resulted in injuries – a ratio of one for every 39 vaccines administered.

“[U.S. Centers for Disease Control] officials were so panicked by AHRC’s revelations that they killed the AI system-wide roll-out.” 

The widespread rot of vaccine misinformation is rooted in the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, its Centers for Disease Control, and the World Health Organization.

At a Dec. 2, 2019 closed-door meetingWHO officials admitted alarming limitations in their knowledge of vaccines’ effects. Said Prof. Heidi Larson, Ph.D.: “We need much more investment in safety science,” adding that most doctors receiveonly a half-day of college vaccine education. A number of WHO officials voiced concerns about:

  • frequency of adverse reactions,
  • adjuvant reactogenicity and cross-reactivity,
  • lack of post-vaccination follow-up,
  • inadequate database management.

The factual disparity between WHO’s public relations content versus their members’ empirical observations is shockingly clear in a video posted by The HighWire with Del Bigtree. In a Nov. 28, 2019 promo video, WHO’s Dr. Soumya Swaminathan, M.D. confidently announced to the camera:

“Vaccines are very safe. If someone gets sick after vaccine, it is usually either a coincidence, an error in administering the vaccine administration, or very rarely a problem with the vaccine itself. That’s why we have vaccine safety systems – robust safety systems... thoroughly monitored with support from the W.H.O.”

Yet just five days later, in the closed-door WHO meeting, Dr. Swaminathan said the opposite:

“[W]e really don’t have very good safety monitoring communication in many countries... we’re not able to give clear-cut answers when people ask questions about the deaths that have occurred due to a particular vaccine... in most cases there is some obfuscation... and therefore less and less trust in the system.”

Such disturbing revelations of ignorance are amplified when set against the backdrop of a far-away disease outbreak – which, as the CDC frequently states, is just a plane ride away.

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A New Kind of Fraud: Pediatrician Claims He Lied About Vaccinating Patients in Suicide Note

Vaccine moneyNote: Here is a rather unique story. An Illinois pediatrician confessed to lying to parents that their children had been vaccinated. He in fact did not vaccinate them. My first thought is that he may have been committing financial fraud. There’s lots of speculation about his death. I think of the opiate epidemic and the money behind it.  One theory, and just a theory, dear readers: money. He was being paid  a bonus by the insurance companies for vaccination compliance. He was being paid for well visits - which are actually vaccination visits.  But he was not vaccinating the patients. Surely purchasing records will show if he had brought in the product. And his nursing staff must have been aware of something going on?  Anything is possible. My father was an orthodontist and he knew of a local doctor who kept two sets of books. One with far lower income that he presented for taxes than the true income. Fraudsters don't care about the letters after their name.  That said, suicide is always a lifelong pain for a family. Suicide with scandal is all the worse. Lying to patients, or in this case Mothers of patients, who trusted him to provide the medical care they expected, is onerous and wrong, no matter our position on vaccination. It’s cowardly too. Perhaps we’ll never know the true story.   Kim


EVERGREEN PARK, Ill. (WGN)— Illinois health officials have issued a notice to families who were patients of Dr. Van Koinis in Evergreen Park.

Koinis, 58, took his own life in September. In his suicide note, he revealed he may not have administered vaccinations to children at their parents' request. His note indicated he felt terrible guilt over the way he handled some children’s vaccinations going back a decade.

Investigators said it's not clear who was properly vaccinated and who wasn't since there were record-keeping issues. Although his records are in disarray, in some cases it appears Koinis may not have vaccinated children, even though parents had asked them to.

The Cook County Sheriff's Department is urging parents and families of former patients to call a medical record line that's been set up at 630-670-1673. They are also urged to contact their new pediatrician.

“We have no real ability at this point to be able to narrow the scope," Cook County Sheriff Tom Dart said. "All we can say is that a person that was very well-respected, well-liked doctor for many, many years committed suicide and left a note that was very clear that he had horrible regrets for how acted, specifically during a 10-year time frame leading up to now. And specifically, as it applied to vaccinations and the records that are kept in regards to that.”

The Latest Autism Gene Study: NIH Director Collins Hails Deliberate Waste of Time, Money and Lives...

image from encrypted-tbn0.gstatic.comBy John Stone

In a short article in Southern Maryland Chronicle a few days ago the Head of the National Institutes of Health, Francis Collins, hailed the latest autism gene study under the title 'Largest-Ever Genetic Study of Autism Yields New Insights'. Perhaps the message here is that in order to fight crime the government has decided to investigate the victims not the perpetrators (actually it has been doing this for three decades). In 2006 as Head of the Human Genome Project Collins told Congress:

"But genes alone do not tell the whole story. Recent increases in chronic diseases like diabetes, childhood asthma, obesity or autism cannot be due to major shifts in the human gene pool as those changes take much more time to occur. They must be due to changes in the environment, including diet and physical activity, which may produce disease in genetically predisposed persons. Therefore, GEI (the Genes and Environment Initiative) will also invest in innovative new technologies/sensors to measure environmental toxins, dietary intake and physical activity, and using new tools of genomics, proteomics, and understanding metabolism rates to determine an individual's biological response to those influences."

References on-line to GEI seem to peter out round about 2008 (perhaps they were in danger of finding something). So, 14 years ago Collins warned that there would be no material result from this kind of research and it is what the government have been doing ever since, more or less as an employment scheme (typically, the new study boasts nearly two hundred authors). As Eisenhower said to no avail in his farewell speech six decades ago:

"Today, the solitary inventor, tinkering in his shop, has been overshadowed by task forces of scientists in laboratories and testing fields. In the same fashion, the free university, historically the fountainhead of free ideas and scientific discovery, has experienced a revolution in the conduct of research. Partly because of the huge costs involved, a government contract becomes virtually a substitute for intellectual curiosity....

"The prospect of domination of the nation's scholars by Federal employment, project allocations, and the power of money is ever present and is gravely to be regarded.

"Yet, in holding scientific research and discovery in respect, as we should, we must also be alert to the equal and opposite danger that public policy could itself become the captive of a scientific/ technological elite."

Now - with whatever insights their may be into gene risk association or even patterns of damage - is that all the NIH have really succeeded in doing is  generating  a lot more data: the new study is not only "the largest ever" it is "the largest-ever" in NIH speak (and with a huge cast), but in terms of government approved science we are not an inch nearer discovering what is driving the autism epidemic, just as Collins told Congress it would not all those years ago: it is all one giant step for mankind to nowhere. Meanwhile, the autism rate in schools is perhaps 4 or 5 times higher than it was then: it is rather hard to tell because NIH and CDC have failed to monitor it in any systematic way.

When I started out on this trail I recall a meeting at a freezing local church hall in early 1997 addressed by Paul Shattock, now of the ESPA Autism Research Unit, Sunderland. One of the many and terrible things Paul told us was that 90% off the funding into the causes of autism was being swallowed by useless gene research, meanwhile the problem was ten times as bad as ten years before. He foretold exactly was going to play out. How appalling and cynical this charade has been.

If you want to turn a disaster into a catastrophe and catastrophe into a cataclysm send for Collins!!!

John Stone is UK and European Editor, Age of Autism







Editor of Age of Autism



Nurse Janelle Wishes Anti-Vaxxers Unwell

Nurse Janelle

Hi. Kim here. This screen shot is from Facebook earlier this week. An ICU Nurse named Janelle wrote this public post that clearly jokes about the unvaccinated going to China to contract Coronavirus. Ha ha!  Are you in Florence NightenGALES of laughter? Neither am I. I will call out these public posts every chance I get because you or I, or one of our kids with autism, whether fully vaccinated or not, might have a Janelle as our caregiver, our nurse.  She's an ICU nurse, can you imagine her with your Mom, Grandmom, or child?

It's important to know that women like Janelle exist in droves. They are trained to feel disgust toward those who question them. There is no kindness or any of the ethics of the nursing profession. They dehumanize those who believe in vaccination choice.  Janelle wishes people HARM in a joke, which was my first of three thoughts when I saw the post:

1) This encourages sickness and harm to the unvaccinated.
2) This encourages the spread of sickness in a time of worry about the virus.
3) There is no vaccine for Coronavirus at this time.

A reminder to nurses of their pledge:

Before God and those assembled here, I solemnly pledge;

To adhere to the code of ethics of the nursing profession;
To co-operate faithfully with the other members of the nursing team and to carryout faithfully and to the best of my ability the instructions of the physician or the nurse who may be assigned to supervise my work;
I will not do anything evil or malicious and I will not knowingly give any harmful drug or assist in malpractice.
I will not reveal any confidential information that may come to my knowledge in the course of my work.
And I pledge myself to do all in my power to raise the standards and prestige of the practical nursing;
May my life be devoted to service and to the high ideals of the nursing profession.

CT State Representative Josh Elliott Wants to Legalize Sex Workers While Criminalizing Children using Religious Vaccine Exemption



MONTPELIER, Vt. (AP) — A bill has been proposed in the Vermont Legislature to decriminalize adult prostitution.

The legislation is co-sponsored by four female legislators. Rep. Selene Colburn, a Burlington progressive, said she thinks that decriminalizing sex work will improve safety and health of prostitutes, reported. “The underlying question is do we need to criminalize consensual sex between adults on any terms?,” she said. Sex trafficking, exploitation and solicitation of minors will remain a serious felony, she said.

State Representative Joshua Elliott, the architect of removing the Religious Exemption from the state of Connecticut praised the state of Vermont for efforts to decriminalize prostitution.  He also is a champion of prison inmates rights, fighting for free phone calls to family.  He wants to protect the right to turn tricks while he literally turns his back and a deaf ear on thousands of families across the state. I'm not arguing against legalizing sex workers, or the rights of those who are incarcerated. I'm pointing out the juxtaposition of his opinions. He wants to pass a law to make using the religious exemption illegal. And that's the definition of criminalization.
Sexy tie dyed dress
Elliott owns two local health food stores.  Thyme and Season in Hamden and The Common Bond in Shelton (minutes from my home.)  

Locked out of schoolPerhaps he can start selling tie dyed, hemp micro-minidresses and 4 inch heels made from bamboo so that the sex workers can thank him by shopping there, the way so many of us USED to when we bought our supplements and natural foods at his stores? He can even change the store name to The Common Bondage!  I assume he'll soon post signs saying that unvaccinated children can not be present in his stores because of the grave threat they carry.

Our healthy kids will be criminals, forced to stay home from school.  And I ain't joshin' you.


Robert Kennedy on RT America Discusses Merck HPV Vaccine Problems

RT America interviews Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., Chairman of Children’s Health Defense. RFK, Jr. discusses the problems with HPV vaccine clinical trials and the subsequent cervical cancers in the generation that first got the shot, Julie Gerberding, lack of CDC-FDA regulatory oversight, “anti-vaxxers”, pharmaceutical industry corruption and more.


CT Representative Josh Elliott Was On TV!!!

643E031C-74D8-4B2D-993C-A56D9B473595Meet Connecticut State Representative Joshua Elliott*!  the architect of removing your right to decide on your child's health in Connecticut. The man who told Robert Kennedy Jr the debate with Yale on vaccination safety and policy had been cancelled.  He devotes much of his time to legislation to help our prison population. I wish he'd devote ALL of his time to making sure inmates can make free phone calls...  Meanwhile, my daughters are unable to use the telephone thanks to their vaccine injury. (See below from the State website for a description of his work as a Rep.)  He and I share the same birthdate believe it or not. I believe he is single and does not have children.

He wrote this post on Facebook yesterday: "More vaccination stuff! I was on TV!" (Which reminded me of the old Crest toothpaste ad featuring a little kid saying, "Look, Ma! No Cavities!")

Here is the comment I left on his on his Facebook page:

Hello. That vaccination “stuff” landed my beautiful daughters at The Kennedy Center for severe disability. They are vaccine injured. Their names are Mia and Gianna. Your language is callous. Hope the camera caught your good side.

Elliott owns 2 health food stores. The Common Bond and Thyme and Season. (Common Bondage and Thyme for a Mean Season.) Common Bond is just a few miles from my house. In a painful serving of irony, most of us have used supplements and organic, natural, gluten free foods to help our kids. I sure did. At stores just like Elliott's. So he is PROFITING off of our vaccine injured children. Age of Autism supporter and contributor Laura Hayes called both stores from her home in California yesterday!  She left us these two comments:

Josh Elliott also co-owns Thyme and Season in Hamden, CT. This is an excellent opportunity for those in CT to boycott his stores as he works to remove your rights, and encourage others you know to do the same. To call his stores to register your complaints, and to let them know they will not be receiving your shopping dollars, here are the numbers: The Common Bond: 203-513-8200 Thyme and Season: 203-407-8128 To call his office: 860-240-8585 I would also encourage people to leave reviews on Yelp, and other forms of social media, letting potential shoppers know that the co-owner of these stores is working hard to strip CT residents of their rights, freedom, and health. (Laura Hayes)

I just called all 3 numbers I posted previously. I spoke with a store manager at each of Josh Elliott's stores (both were polite and listened to my concerns/complaints/plans to encourage those in CT to boycott his stores, and one expressed alignment with and gratitude for the work we are all doing to advocate for parental rights and medical choice freedom), and I also left a voicemail for him at his legislative office. I hope others here at AoA will join me!  (Laura Hayes)

CT Dems:

Since winning the 88th District House seat in the Connecticut General Assembly in 2016, State Representative Josh Elliott has advocated for implementing progressive policies that will help improve Connecticut’s economy and allow it to remain competitive with surrounding states.

Elliott, who grew up in Connecticut and attended high school in Hamden, graduated with a B.A. in Sociology from Ithaca College. He later went on to obtain his J.D. at Quinnipiac School of Law. As co-owner of Shelton’s The Common Bond Market and Thyme & Season in Hamden, which he also manages– two family-run natural food stores – Elliott recognizes the importance of investing in working families and businesses, both large and small.

Elliott is working to ensure that Connecticut employs quality public health standards by pushing for a requirement that all children in the public education system receive proper immunizations. Elliott is also dedicated to improving the treatment of Connecticut's incarcerated population. He is an active advocate of banning the use of solitary confinement and has independently championed a bill that would provide certain telecommunication services to incarcerated people at no cost.

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Molecular Epidemiology of Spike Protein Sequences in 2019-nCoV: Origin Still Uncertain and Transparency Needed


2019-nCov Vaccine Recommended Readings



Stats JLW
Take a look at the stats on James Lyons-Weiler's site during Coronavirus outbreak.  Hmmmm.

Molecular Epidemiology of Spike Protein Sequences in 2019-nCoV: Origin Still Uncertain and Transparency Needed

OUR INITIAL ASSESSMENT that the available 2019-nCoV sequences contained an inserted stretch of nucleotide sequences upstream from the canonical position of the Spike (or Crown) Protein Sequence in the human samples that was similar to pShuttle-SN has been under useful and productive scutiny since we first published that we, unlike other labs, were in fact able to find a match between the “middle fragment” and sequences in non-viridae databases. The match to a pShuttle-SN vector technology, which led to the assessment that perhaps the sequence was the product of an attempt to modifiy a bat coronavirus in the lab has raised controvery but please note that was not the only evidence of interest. We know of viruses within which the SARS protein gene sequence has in fact been added to study the transmission of SARS virus; it has also been added to adenovirus to create hopeful vaccine, so it is not beyond reason to consider whether the virus currently estimated to be infecting >200,000 people in China might be a product of laboratory manipulation, and the reporting of the odd out-of-place sequence in the study that proposed recombination was also important. The divergence of the nCoV Spike protein compared to the rest of nCoV and the bat coronaviruses was also compelling.

The specific mechanism by which those factors could come out is unclear. They could also been due to unwitting recombination in between a SARS virus being studied in a lab that was also studying or housing animals with bat coronaviruses. Or recombination in a human infected with both The scientific community ruled out the possibility of natural recombination in the wild, whereas I preferred to leave a 5% chance that it might have been caused by a recombination event in the wild. Importantly, I still have not ruled that out.

The official Chinese position in an article published by by Dr. Shi a “Chinese Academy of Sciences researcher in the field of bioinformatics” is that the viruses are too different in comparison to other bat coronaviruses across the genome, with random, non-patterned changes, and that there are no endonuclease sites in bat coronaviruses and thus pShuttle-SN or other endonuclease technologies could not have been used, supporting recombination in the wild. The latter statement is demonstrably incorrect, there are many endonuclease sites in bat coronavirus sequences, determined using a bat coronavirus most similar to the sequence clade in question (trees below).  To read more, go join the "spike" here: Molecular Epidemiology of Spike Protein Sequences in 2019-nCoV: Origin Still Uncertain and Transparency Needed

Hundred Protest Removal of Religious Exemption in Hartford

0239F22F-8561-4EA0-9625-0E4224886FD8 From WTNH New Haven, on the Rally in Hartford, CT yesterday to fight against the removal of the religious exemption. We need all hands on deck, New England. New Jersey fought like gladiators and beat the legislation (for now.) New York wasn't so fortunate and kids are on the ropes, kicked out of school.  Josh Elliott, Representative, is pushing hard for this legislation to pass. He owns a health food store a new  miles from my home. I am disgusted by the thought of him profiting off of families of vaccine injured children who use natural treatments and choose a healthy diet. I would shop at the gas station for groceries before I'd spend a dime a the ironically  named "The Common Bond" market.

The Common Bond Market has two similar underlying philosophies. The first is that food, good food, serves as a cohesive bond for families and communities. The second is that the local market is still an important idea in the age of the big box supermarkets. Locally grown produce, locally manufactured food and goods, and farmers’ markets are becoming more and more important for people as they realize that our relationship with food has become too distant. We plan to remedy that by providing products that consumers can trust and focus on through building strong local relationships.



HARTFORD, Conn. (WTNH) — An advocacy group took to the State Capitol Wednesday, fighting for the religious exemption that allows parents to opt out of vaccinating their children.

Hundreds came out to the Capitol fighting for the religious exemption. Both sides argue it’s all about protecting children, but both feel very differently as to how that should be done.

On the Capitol’s steps and on the streets outside the Legislative Office Building, hundreds came demanding to keep the religious exemption for vaccines.

Something the Governor is looking to take away.

“There is no public health crisis,” said Brian Festa.

Brian Festa is with the Connecticut Freedom Alliance. He says they have legitimate concerns to keep the exemption and does not believe the state should enforce vaccinations.

“Parents should have the decision to, the ultimate decision, the only decision as to what goes into their child’s bodies. It’s not for the state to tell us that, it’s not even for doctors to tell us that,” said Festa.

“There’s also the freedom of ensuring that your child is allowed to a healthy and disease free space,” said Rep. Josh Elliott/Hamden, (D).

Representative Josh Elliott argues that even though there’s no public health crisis now, it’s better to be proactive. He points to the fact that the CDC and the majority of the medical community say vaccines save lives.   Read more here.

“What we don’t say is that you absolutely vaccinate. What we’re saying is if you go to a school, you have to vaccinate your children. So this still allows you to home school your child if you want to,” said Elliott.

Rally in Hartford CT to Fight Removal Of Religious Exemption Today

CT HC billboard
CT Health Choice Billboard

Today, there is a rally in Hartford, Connecticut to tell legislators loud and clear that we do not consent to the removal of the Religious Exemption to vaccination.


Meet at the entrance of Legislative Office Building, 300 Capitol Ave, Hartford, CT to pick up your signs, if you ordered one, and get your demonstration location assignment.

ASSEMBLE 7:30-9:30 am

Assemble in assigned locations so legislators and media see us when they arrive for the day.

Press conference at Connecticut State Capitol, Capitol North Steps, (Facing Bushnell Park), 210 Capitol Ave, Hartford, CT

ADVOCATE 10:30 am-12:00 pm
Advocacy hours.

From WTNH, New Haven, CT

Will the religious exemption on childhood vaccinations be repealed in Connecticut?

HARTFORD, Conn. (WTNH) — Governor Ned Lamont will be addressing the state in the governor’s annual State of the State address on Wednesday ahead of the general legislative session. One of the “hot button” issues expected to receive some attention in the 2020 session is religious exemptions for childhood vaccinations.

The repeal of the exemption is slated for action in February.

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Dr. Mercola on the Coronavirus Pandemic Scare

MercolaNote: Excerpted from Dr. Mercola's website.

Novel Coronavirus — The Latest Pandemic Scare

Chances are you’ve heard the news about a new and potentially lethal coronavirus.1 Ground zero is Wuhan City, Hubei Province in China. As of February 2, 2020, mainland China reported2 a total of 17,187 confirmed cases, including 2,110 severe cases and 362 deaths (including a retired doctor working with coronavirus patients in Wuhan3).

The first case was reported in Wuhan on December 21, 2019. According to ProMED International Society for Infectious Diseases:4

"Patients' clinical manifestations were consistent with viral pneumonia. Most patients had severe and nonproductive cough following illness onset, some had dyspnea, and almost all had normal or decreased leukocyte counts and radiographic evidence of pneumonia.

Huanan Seafood Wholesale Market has western and eastern sections, and 15 environmental specimens collected in the western section were positive for 2019-nCoV virus through RT-PCR testing and genetic sequencing analysis. Despite extensive searching, no animal from the market has thus far been identified as a possible source of infection."

On January 21, 2020, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention confirmed the first U.S. case5 — a patient in Washington state who had recently visited Wuhan, China. A second case, in Illinois, was confirmed January 24, 2020.6 This patient had also recently returned from a visit to Wuhan. As of February 2, 2020, there were 11 confirmed cases in the U.S.7

Since then cases have also been reported in at least 23 other countries,8 including Canada, Australia,9 Japan, Thailand, South Korea,10 France,11 Taiwan, Vietnam, Singapore and Saudi Arabia.12 Globally, there were 14, 557 confirmed cases and one death as of February 2, 2020.13

January 22, 2020, China shut down all transport networks in and out of Wuhan — a city with a population of 11 million — in an effort to contain the spread of the disease.14

Elderly Appear Particularly Vulnerable

So far, most of those who have died have been elderly. As reported by the Foreign Policy Journal:15

"One puzzling aspect so far is the thankful lack of child victims. Usually, children, with less developed immune systems than adults, come down with one illness after another …

Yet few children have yet been reported with coronavirus symptoms. That does not mean that no children have been infected. A similar pattern of benign disease in children, with increasing severity and mortality with age, was seen in SARS and MERS.

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Rally in Hartford

540A8CBD-FF49-4357-9919-899A117B7B30Today, there is a rally in Hartford, Connecticut to tell legislators loud and clear that we do not consent to the removal of the Religious Exemption to vaccination.


Meet at the entrance of Legislative Office Building, 300 Capitol Ave, Hartford, CT to pick up your signs, if you ordered one, and get your demonstration location assignment.

ASSEMBLE 7:30-9:30 am

Assemble in assigned locations so legislators and media see us when they arrive for the day.

Press conference at Connecticut State Capitol, Capitol North Steps, (Facing Bushnell Park), 210 Capitol Ave, Hartford, CT

ADVOCATE 10:30 am-12:00 pm
Advocacy hours.


UK Law Commissioner Threatens Criminal Action Against Vaccine Critics

Penney Lewisby John Stone

According to  a Sunday Telegraph report a newly appointed UK law commissioner, Prof Penney Lewis,  is considering whether the government should criminalize  posting vaccine critical information on Social Media. Lewis, who is of US origin, was appointed last August soon after the Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, spoke of clamping down on vaccine criticism on social media. The report states:

"In her first interview since taking up the role, Prof Penney Lewis revealed she is considering whether laws should be amended to “lower the threshold” for posting false information online that endangers lives."

The issue is fraught with ambiguity because well-researched opinion can often conflict with government dogma. As I wrote in  a letter 'An appeal to authority is not the sake as an appeal to knowledge' to BMJ on-line last year:

"I read the article by Martin McKee and John Middleton... with dismay, and ask what sense there can be in the fundamental attitude that all opinion favorable to vaccine products is correct (apparently by virtue of being favorable) and all opinion unfavorable to vaccine products malicious. The world they describe is very far from one I am familiar with. In the world I see people share bona fide information on-line, obtained from official sources, scientific articles, Patient Information Leaflets etc. And by ordinary standards they have a right: these are materials which belong in the public domain. I have never encountered anything on the web which plausibly could be identified as state misinformation or espionage about vaccine (it may occur in some territory of cyberspace which I have never visited): what we are talking about by and large is material which is well sourced, but not necessarily favorable to the industry and its apologists. Most troubling is that it is impossible to verify McKee and Middleton's claims that people are spreading false information, let alone deliberately. As with anything there must be some level of error but I am very far from sure that this is the main problem: what I see is people pasting and linking to materials of genuine concern, and which is not being addressed by our governments or officials. However much they may want to marginalise such data under the rubric "the benefits greatly outweigh the risks" or even the grandiose "vaccines are safe" a lot of it is not trivial..."

I added in a subsequent letter: "One thing I would point out here is how slippery are such terms as “disinformation” and “misinformation”, shifting the issue of whether something is true or not (which is complex) to whether it is politically convenient". We are always being told that information is "misinformation", which is no better than Orwellian doublespeak. As Heidi Larson  of the vaccine Confidence Project argued at the WHO vaccine safety conference in December 2019 (last session around 1.35)

"There's nothing illegal about these questions but they see doubt...but the challenge for some of these tech companies and even for others who are trying to clean up the misinformation our problem is as we have heard in the last 48 hours that there's not anything a 100% and what actually legally without creating a censorship thing can we absolutely say this is misinformation because we have a lot of ambiguity in the safety field and we have to come to terms with that..."

Also relevant is the letter of a United Nations official David Kaye on the subject of censorship in his letter to David Zuckerberg (1 May 2019):

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I Am Worthy Video Because ALL Children Have the Right to an Education

LonelyBelow is a short video from Health Choice 4 Action.

Massachusetts advocates are asking residents of The Bay State (where I was born) to forward this video to their Senators and Representatives. We are facing the same laws in Connecticut this week. And I am personally asking my fellow Nutmeg State residents to share this video on Facebook, Twitter and local groups.  Thank you.

Welcome Back to School in New York, Thorn Schwartz

Segratated NY school child w backpackNote: New York revoked the religious vaccination exemption last last year.  The result? Thousands of healthy children, capable of learning, eager to see friends and teachers, toss a ball at gym, dawdle in the bathroom, envy someone else's far more interesting lunch, show off a new pair of boots, garden variety kids, have been banned from an education because they lack government mandated vaccinations. Last month, New Jersey was looking down the barrel of the same gun. But they rose up in an army of vocal, take no prisoners protesters and slowed down the legislation - for now.

We're up against the same bills here in Connecticut. Vaccinate or stay home.  Wednesday is our day to speak up at the Capitol in Hartford.

News10NBC Investigates: Judge orders child back to school after he was banned over vaccines

The WHO Fumbles ‘Pandemic Preparedness’ for Coronavirus

Remove-resident-viruses-800X800Note: James published this article The WHO Fumbles ‘Pandemic Preparedness’ for Coronavirus  on Thursday of this week.

Also, this week: Harvard’s chemistry head charged with fraud for hiding ties to Chinese institute:

Dr. Lieber has served as a principal investigator (PI) at Harvard’s since 2008 and received more than $15 million in grant funding from the US National Institutes of Health (NIH) and Department of Defense, the affidavit states. Lieber was legally required to disclose funding by a foreign government or entity in these grant applications, but failed to do so. Without Harvard’s knowledge, he became a ‘strategic scientist’ at Wuhan in 2011 and was a contractual participant in China’s Thousand Talents programme from around 2012 to 2017.

WUHAN - epicenter of the Coronavirus outbreak.  Dr. Leiber was paid a $50,000 MONTHLY salary plus expenses.  By the Chinese government. 

Commentary by James Grundvig

The coronavirus test ran on Oct. 18, 2019. The goal of a global health consortium was to see what it could learn from a computer model simulating an outbreak that rippled out of South America. Three weeks later, armed with data on 65 million virtual people killed, the group reconvened with world health experts to discuss “Event 201.”

The consortium, made up of John Hopkins University, the World Economic Forum, and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, named the Event 201 as the next “big one” after the 200 epidemics the World Health Organization (WHO) monitors each year. What did they find in the analysis of the data?

Governments and health agencies are nowhere near prepared to slow down, let alone contain mass infections due to a novel coronavirus pandemic.

Lo and behold. In a quirk of absurd timing, a new coronavirus outbreak took root in Wuhan, China, shortly after or in parallel with the Event 201 conference in early to mid-November. That forced John Hopkins University to issue a statement, as many speculated the consortium was somehow involved with the Wuhan flu.

The statement read, in part:

“Recently, the Center for Health Security has received questions about whether that pandemic exercise predicted the current novel coronavirus outbreak in China. To be clear, the Center for Health Security and partners did not make a prediction during our tabletop exercise. For the scenario, we modeled a fictional coronavirus pandemic, but we explicitly stated that it was not a prediction…”

Such speculation emerged from an October article by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC): “Canadian government scientist under investigation trained staff at Level 4 lab in China.”

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