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Ohio to Fund Programs to Prevent Custody Relinquishment for Severely Behavioral Children

Money puzzleNote: Don't punish progress. $8 million in direct funds is a start. Most states have nothing for families, like many in the autism community, whose children have severe behaviors and aggression. The boy featured in the story has autism.


Ohio sets aside $31 million to support families with children who have complex behavioral needs

The state is setting aside $31 million to support families whose children have complex behavioral health needs and require help from multiple systems. The pot includes $8 million in direct aid so that parents won’t have to surrender custody to get the treatment and services their children need.

For most of the past five years, Mark Butler hasn’t had good answers for the anguished parents who call to say they had to surrender custody to get the behavioral-health care their children so desperately need.

But when his phone rang Tuesday?

“I was able to say, ’Go to the Ohio Family and Children First Council tomorrow and apply for help, and let’s get your boy back,‴ said Butler, a parent advocate who lives in Whitehall.  Read the full article at Dispatch News.

New York State Overrides Doctor's Recommendation

State says bow down"valid medical reasons
valid medical reasons
valid medical reasons
valid medical reasons
valid medical reasons"

Scrutiny of vaccine exemptions banishes some from schools

BUFFALO, N.Y. (AP) — Carl and Kerri Schwartz say they have good medical reason for not vaccinating their disabled 11-year-old son, Thorn, and until recently his local public school went along with their family doctor’s advice.

That changed, the Schwartzes said, when New York state did away with religious exemptions for vaccines in the middle of a measles outbreak, and then clamped down on medical exemptions like theirs. Thorn is now barred from his school in Fairport while his parents challenge the district’s rejection of his exemption.

Thorn Schwartz has autism, a developmental disorder that affects each child differently, and his father said a new state policy is leaving little room for exceptions.

“It’s just so specific for that patient. If that doctor can’t tie a particular vaccination to this particular child’s body, it’s just denied. Period,” Carl Schwartz said.

Amid a flurry of proposals to end personal-belief exemptions for vaccines in states around the country, families like the Schwartzes and others say the restrictions that passed in New York have led to unbending scrutiny and, in some cases, decisions that overrule the guidance of family doctors and force children into home-schooling.

New York this year became the fifth state to require all students except those with valid medical reasons to be fully vaccinated, when lawmakers eliminated exemptions on religious grounds.

(Hint: The State will tell you that there are no valid medical reasons.)

Adult Human Unaware of Danger of Fluorescent Lightbulbs Shattered into Open Trash

Retro stupidYesterday I was at the dump, excuse me, transfer station, in my town.  We have private curbside pick up in my town, and when I got divorced, trash removal was important to me, but pricey, so I dumped the service and drive twice weekly to dispose of my garbage. The transfer station has a large bay, like a garage, in which there is a pit. You heave household trash into the pit. It's cathartic. My boxed, preserved House of Bianchi wedding gown made a particularly nice "clunk" when it hit the bottom two years ago.

Parked next to me, a man took a long, fluorescent tube out of his fuel efficient car. I thought, "No way, he's not going to...." Sure enough, he marched into the bay to heave it into the pit. I ran next to him, "You can't do that! The tube is loaded with mercury! It's toxic! There's a special drop off for CF and tube lights!!!" 

"There is? I didn't know that."

CRASH. Explode. Mercury vapor is now filling the pit and about to waft up to us.

I wish I knew who he is. I'd send him a copy of Trace Amounts, the story of how a broken tube light on a construction site launched Eric Gladen into years of disability including most of the signs of autism. 

Imagine how many of these bulbs are in in our trash. Especially the CFL's that pretend to be real lightbulbs instead of toxic bombs.  But measles. Right?


HPV Vaccine For All: The Obscene Public Farce In Our Midst

Cevarixzby John Stone
Having just succeeded in foisting Gardasil 9 on to boys in the UK the operation is on the move again - the idea now, as spotted by Christina England in Health Impact News, is that everyone including the elderly should have it.
This is how it goes: 12 September an article is published on-line  in International Journal of Infectious Diseases but not yet in hard copy 'HPV vaccination: are we overlooking opportunities to control HPV infection and transmission?' (Vorsters, Van Damme & Bosch). it states in conclusion:
Based on the discussion above, we would like to call for further investigation and documentation of the potential public health benefits of vaccination of HPV-positive women. For modellers, these data would provide an additional effect that should be considered when designing HPV vaccination impact models exploring and quantifying the herd protection observed in population programmes. Finally, these additional modes of protection may also reduce the existing reluctance to vaccinate Ben lansing gardasil(young) women post-sexual debut or known high-risk groups such as sex workers.
The article is couched in speculative terms, yet two weeks later Xavier Bosch is in the Mail on Sunday with cheer-leader Margaret Stanley of the University of Cambridge demanding that the vaccine be given to everybody: 'Now give every Adult the cancer-fighting HPV vaccination and 'save thousands of lives', experts demand as evidence shows the jab can slash cancer risk for grown ups too'.
If this seems like jumping the gun it is actually how it has always been: the benefits were always entirely speculative, the vastly documented harms relentlessly denied. Once again, we are seeing a piece of theater: the evidence of benefit is conjectural, the experts in the study conflicted up to their eye-balls:

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Support Legal Action Against UK State Abduction: 'Our SON needs YOU to HELP get HIM his FREEDOM by HIS FAMILY who are really desperate for YOUR HELP'


This is the case was reported in the Mail on Sunday in March and featured here.

Secret Court Hearing Takes Son with Autism Away from UK Mother

The Child Catcher from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

It was a cold day in February five years ago when a psychologist sent by the local authority issued a chilling warning to Sinead: Give up your rights to protect your son or we will take him from you.

After 25 years of caring for someone with autism, including winning a judicial review to ensure funding for his education, Sinead was not too scared by the threat. 

‘There is not a court in the land that would do such a thing,’ she replied.

One month later, police turned up on her doorstep with a council official to say that a secret court hearing had empowered the authorities to seize her son Martin. 

At the same time, social workers arrived at the farm where Martin was enjoying work experience and told him that they needed to take him into safety since his parents were unable to care for him – and then put him in a care home two counties away.

Read this chilling story at here.




Why Is Our Name The Age of Autism?

Dan Obit HeadshotHi, friends. We've been online since 2007 as Age of Autism. We post on a wide range of content, and sometimes I am chided for content that is NOT about autism. When our founding editor Dan Olmsted was with UPI, he wrote a series of columns that he called, "The Age of Autism' about the rise of autism. He kept hearing that the Amish did not have autism at anywhere near the rate the non-amish population, and being a Yale trained journalist, he sniffed a hell of a story. Little did he know that this story would take over his career and his heart, causing both love and ache.

Each Friday before his death, I would eagerly await his Editor's post for Saturday. Dan was sometimes pithy, sometimes his posts took a long form. He never failed to artfully dissect the story and lay it out in terms we could all understand.

I miss Dan Olmsted.

The Age of Autism has grown more dire. As the early 90s birth cohort enters adulthood we see a lack of services and supports. Families who spent their last dime on treatments, therapies, for whom cure was a goal, not a swearword, are exhausted. Most of us have not caught the brass ring - our kids are still severely impaired by autism.  At the same time, there's a flood of  toddlers being diagnosed and their outcome is no brighter. I talk to young parents who are in the diagnosis process. NOTHING has changed in the 20 years since my Mia and Gianna were diagnosed by a callous jerk of a neurologist in Cleveland, Ohio. Parents of newly diagnosed kids still do not know where or how to begin. School is not enough. Early intervention is not enough. Pediatricians have a sum total of ZERO to offer in terms of treatment.  My district took in eleven students into the autism classroom this year. 11! Districts across the nation are battling a new student body - violent, chronically ill, uneducable in any standard classroom. And Nero fiddles.

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Children Banned From School: Attorney Statement on Sullivan-Knapp v. Cuomo (Steuben County)

Jim crow 3Jim Crow laws have returned from what should have been the fully, totally, unequivocally dead in the form of vaccination status discrimination.  From New York State:

October 9, 2019

Attorney Statement on Sullivan-Knapp v. Cuomo (Steuben County)

We are extremely disappointed by the fainthearted and incohesive decision filed today by Judge Wiggins, but we are encouraged by most of the content of the Judge’s decision.

Judge Wiggins acknowledged that the New York legislature “callously disregarded” the religious beliefs of 19.54 million New Yorkers when removing the religious exemption to vaccination without holding “any committee hearings or substantial debate”. He wrote Water fountainthat the legislature’s actions led to the “unconscionable consequence” of 26,000 healthy children being denied access to New York schools. He ruled that “the danger to the public was somewhat overstated” in Judge Hartman’s Albany decision. He stated, “children not vaccinated because of religious exemptions make up less than 1% of the population, which hardly seems like a public health crisis”. Meanwhile, the rationale which the legislature used to repeal the religious exemption was itself overstated and nonexistent public health crisis, to which the expert affidavits attest.

Yet, despite including the above in his decision, Judge Wiggins ultimately denied the preliminary injunction, which would have eliminated the “unconscionable consequences" of the repeal bill while this case progresses to trial. He writes near the end of his decision that “precedent appears to give the legislature the authority to bar the doors (to school) to the unvaccinated". It seems he ruled this way because he believed he had no other choice to “precedent”, but this is not entirely accurate.

Sullivan-Knapp v. Cuomo is a novel case of first impression. This gives Judge Wiggins the opportunity to create new precedent in his decision. In the history of the United States, there has never been a case based solely on a state constitution involving the removal of a religious exemptions to vaccination.

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Merck's Mumps Component of MMR Has Been in Lawsuit Since 2010: Krahling and Wlochowski v. Merck & Co.

Mumps can't playAs you read about students coming down with mumps, pleae remember that two whistle-blowers  who worked for Merck itself blew the whistle on their employer for the lies and dangerous sales tactics for a faulty vaccine.  Below is a full post from HuffPo from 2014 that discusses this case. Usually we excerpt, but HuffPo is likely to delete their post soon, as all vaccine related content is being purged.

United States ex rel Krahling and Wlochowski v. Merck & Co.

Keller Grover LLP represents Stephen Krahling and Joan Wlochowski in a False Claims Act case originally filed in 2010 and now pending in the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania, United States ex rel. Krahling and Wlochowski v. Merck & Co., Case No. 10-cv-4374.  Krahling and Wlochowski allege in their complaint that their former employer, Merck & Co., defrauded the government for more than a decade in an ongoing scheme to sell the government a mumps vaccine that is mislabeled, misbranded, adulterated and falsely certified as having an efficacy rate that is significantly higher than it actually is.  The federal government purchases more than half of all vaccines sold in the United States, including the mumps vaccine.  While the United States declined to intervene, it  filed a Statement of Interest in response to Merck’s motion to dismiss making clear the government has “a strong interest in the outcome, even though it has not intervened in the case.”  The government appeared at the hearing on Merck’s motion along with counsel for Krahling and Wlochowski and emphasized its position for the Court.  Merck’s motion to dismiss was subsequently denied.

09/25/2014 05:29 EDT | Updated 11/27/2014 05:59 EST

Merck Has Some Explaining To Do Over Its MMR Vaccine Claims

Merck now faces federal charges of fraud from the whistleblowers, a vaccine competitor and doctors in New Jersey and New York. Merck could also need to defend itself in Congress: The staff of representative Bill Posey (R-Fla) -- a longstanding critic of the CDC interested in an alleged link between vaccines and autism -- is now reviewing some 1,000 documents that the CDC whistleblower turned over to them.

Lawrence Solomon

Merck, the pharmaceutical giant, is facing a slew of controversies over its Measles-Mumps-Rubella (MMR) vaccine following numerous allegations of wrongdoing from different parties in the medical field, including two former Merck scientists-turned-whistleblowers. A third whistleblower, this one a scientist at the Centers for Disease Control, also promises to bring Merck grief following his confession of misconduct involving the same MMR vaccine.

The controversies will find Merck defending itself and its vaccine in at least two federal court cases after a U.S. District judge earlier this month threw out Merck's attempts at dismissal. Merck now faces federal charges of fraud from the whistleblowers, a vaccine competitor and doctors in New Jersey and New York. Merck could also need to defend itself in Congress: The staff of representative Bill Posey (R-Fla) -- a longstanding critic of the CDC interested in an alleged link between vaccines and autism -- is now reviewing some 1,000 documents that the CDC whistleblower turned over to them.

The first court case, United States v. Merck & Co., stems from claims by two former Merck scientists that Merck "fraudulently misled the government and omitted, concealed, and adulterated material information regarding the efficacy of its mumps vaccine in violation of the FCA [False Claims Act]."

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New York Board of Regents Monthly Meeting: Public Banned with Plywood Over the Door

New York Regents doorThis seems impossible at best and a fire code violation at least. Public turned away from the monthly meeting of the Board of Regents. Plywood covering the front door of the Education Department in Albany, and employees with IDs hustled in with security through a side door.  John Gilmore reported that close to 100 tax paying citizens were turned away.

This is what vaccine policy has done to education in the Empire State. Public education is not for the public. This is horrifying.

Here is the list of Regents in New York.

Del Bigtree and Robert Kennedy Jr On Current State of Vaccination in US and Globally

Choice_mainFrom our friends at Child Health Safety:

In a rare and extended interview, both Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. and Del Bigtree take on the many complex problems that dominate the current vaccination program in the U.S. and around the world. Journalist Katia Txi recently sat down with both icons in the medical freedom/vaccine safety movement to provide their perspectives on everything from how they got involved with these issues, to the historical underpinnings of a corrupt process and what we need to do as a movement to be successful in bringing truth and justice into the equation. This must-see interview will resonate with seasoned advocates as well as those new to the movement, and is an excellent resource for educating friends and family members on why advocates are so passionate about protecting medical freedom.

Sex? Pass the Salt. Politics? Dig in. Religion? More Gravy? Vaccines? Kaboom.

Mad men dinnerThere used to be a saying that one should never discuss sex, politics or religion at the dinner table. The topics were too highly charged and sure to cause agita. Today, there is only one topic in the USA that we can not discuss and that's vaccines. Take a look at what happened when a mobile flu shot business posted that it would be at a barbershop in Idaho on Facebook. The business owner, a nurse practitioner, made a critical error. He added an insult at the end of his post. And he knew it. "Anti-vaxxers need not reply."  Fatal. Dumb. Way to be professional.

MERIDIAN — Brad Bigford thought his Facebook post might get a few comments and “maybe one or two, like, angry emoji faces” from people who oppose vaccinations.

That’s usually what happens when he posts about immunizations, he said.

Instead, the Facebook page for his company, Table Rock Mobile Medicine, became ground zero for the vaccine debate.

Bigford is a nurse practitioner whose mobile health care business goes to people’s homes and other sites in the Treasure Valley to deliver many of the services available at urgent care clinics. He posted Monday afternoon on Facebook that the business will offer flu shots Friday at a local barber shop, Fred’s Reel Barbershop in Meridian.

In the first day, the post reached about 18,000 people. It averaged two comments a minute during waking hours, he said.

By Wednesday afternoon, it had reached more than 70,000 people and gathered 1,800 comments. Bigford had enlisted three other nurses to help manage the flood so he could see patients. Read more here.

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Goldfish Crackers Go “Healthy”

52894AD3-9C0C-4290-B38C-7FB8DF27AD6CI saw this bag of Goldfish baked crackers in the Stop and Shop yesterday and was brought back to my own kitchen in Ohio, 19 years ago, when I hosted a neighborhood playgroup. Bella was just a month old. Mia and Gianna were 3 and 4 years old. I brought up the conversation about dye in food. I had printed out some information about red, yellow and other dyes and their effect on children and left it on the island where I was serving coffee and healthy snacks.  I remember being shocked that not a single Mom picked up the paper.

When I saw this bag of Goldfish touting "Non-GMO! Organic wheat! Color Free!" I was pleased to see progress.

Parents should have the choice of what to put into their children's bodies.



Feed Test

Morning, friends. We're working to repair our feed. Something has changed - and Feedburner is rejecting the coding in our posts. Out of the blue since 9/22.  We've used this system since our inception without problems. So, to try to test the feed, this is a simple post, hand typed by yours truly before the sun rises without a photo or shred of code from another source.

Feedburner is a Google product. I'm trying to not to think there's another issue..... If you're a tech head and can assist, by all means please let me know! Meanwhile, I'm continuing to work with our platform company.

Thanks for your patience. KIM

National Autism Association offers FREE Halloween Calling Cards to Make Halloween all Treat No Trick

Trick or Treat NAA cardLeave it to our friends at the National Autism Association to come out with such cute and useful calling cards for families who Trick or Treat with a person with autism.  The card may come in handy as the blue pumpkin (for autism) could be confused with the teal pumpkin (food allergies!) on a dark evening. Remember when pumpkins were just orange?

You can download and cut out four styles here.

NAA is the leader in safety projects for people with autism including the BIG RED SAFETY BOX. They are a "kitchen table organization' and run on a slender shoestring (don't we all)  unlike Big Blue (and Big Pink, in full swing this month for breast cancer "awareness.")  Consider a donation to their work, won't you?  Thanks.

AofA RSS Email Feed Mystery

Retro carrier pigeonDear friends, we know that for many of our readers, our daily RSS feed emails have ceased. And we apologize. Thank you to everyone who has contacted us with an "OH NO!" We're working with our platform provider Typepad to see why coding issues have cropped up after 12+ year of inputting our content in much the same way as always. The feed has spit out bits of code, crossed its wee feed'y arms and refused to send out emails.   Please let us know if you get your email tomorrow in the comments or to me directly at

Thanks. KIM

Closing Institutions In Pennsylvania Means Nowhere to Go for Many

FutureSeveral years ago I had the honor of speaking at the VOR annual conference in DC.   This group is really important and I invite every AofA reader to get to know them. While many are fighting to limit housing choices, VOR takes a rational approach.  For some with severe disabilities, an "institution" that has been home for decades is HOME.  We don't call dementia care facilities institutions, but what are they?  As the autism epidemic continues to grow and children age into adulthood, where are many to go? I just read on a special needs FB page about a Mom who overheard a worker telling a consumer with autism to "SHUT UP!!!" over and over in a WalMart.  One person knows another etc in the groups and it turns out this young man lives in a group home. With workers who in PUBLIC tell him to SHUT UP which means in PRIVATE they do much worse.  I'm not against any living situation that works for a family. And we ALL accept that nothing is perfect. If you think about it, some severely affected adults with autism NEED and thrive in an "institution" - a living site that is designed for autism. Safe. Engaging for their intelligence. Staff able to handle and help severe behaviors. SAFE. SAFE. SAFE.

During my speaking gigs, I always make the joke, "Well, I have three daughters with autism so we ARE a group home."  Insert laugh track here. It's not joke. I'm going to die. And where will my girls live? Where will your kids live?

VOR posted this blog entry  from the DD Newsblog (which is not part of VOR) yesterday on Facebook in response to news out of Pennsylvania in September about closures.

PA Governor announces final decision to close two of four state operated facilities for people with IID without consulting residents, families, or state legislators

After a long hiatus from The DD News Blog, I am picking up where I left off with Susan Jennings' compelling testimony before the federal Interagency Autism Coordinating Committee on July 23, 2019. 

Susan Jennings' severely autistic son suffered for years in abusive community care, often in a toxic over-medicated state, until the Jennings went to court and gained admission for their son to an Intermediate Care Facility for individuals with intellectual disabilities (ICF/IID). White Haven Center in Luzerne County, Pennsylvania, has the right combination of services to control his maladaptive behaviors and a setting that provides close supervision and the safety he needs to thrive. [See "Joey's Journey" for a full account of the ordeal that led to White Haven Center]

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Blaming Social Media for Vaccine "Hesitancy"

Thanks to our John Stone for sharing this article from The Lancet, which blames social media for vaccine hesitancy. If I were to read about the beauty of owning unicorns 24/7/365 on social media, I would not go looking for a UnicornSmart store to purchase one as a pet. Social media isn't perfect. And much of it is indeed claptrap. But, for those of us who know vaccine injury through ourselves or our loved ones, social media has been like a light house to warn others.  PM Boris Johnson calls vaccine safety information "superstitious mumbo jumbo."  That's incredibly insulting to the researchers, scientists and individuals who have devoted careers and lives to vaccine safety.

What about e-cigarettes? I'm not defending or condemning them.  But smoking has killed millions of Americans. And Brits. I've never been addicted to cigarettes so I don't know what it's like to crave or quit. Vaping came into being to help curb smoking tobacco cigarettes. This is a laudable - a safer nicotine delivery system for those who do not want to quit smoking.  There are have been deaths from vaping. And rather than clamping down on the messengers, the nation went into "protect kids, stop vaping," mode. CDC is all over it. "Untested in pregnant women!" Yes, sounds familiar to us.   Why? Because cigarettes are evil and vaccines are angelic, as we have been taught. If only life were as black and white.


Vaccine misinformation and social media

On Aug 19, 2019, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson outlined plans for a summit of social media firms to discuss how to promote accurate information about vaccination. The announcement accompanied the news that WHO no longer considers the UK to have eliminated measles.

Coverage of the second dose of the measles–mumps– rubella (MMR) vaccine in the country has fallen to 87%, lower than the 95% required for herd immunity. “I am afraid people have just been listening to that superstitious mumbo-jumbo on the Internet, all that antivax stuff, and thinking that the MMR vaccine is a bad idea”, commented Johnson on a visit to a hospital in southwest England. “That's wrong. Please get your kids vaccinated.”

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If Reporters Were Honest

Jimmy OlsenBy Ted Kuntz

In the black and white world of the mainstream media, there is no controversy here.  Vaccines are “safe and effective”.  Everyone should get them.  Vaccinated children have immunity. 

Unvaccinated children spread diseases.

In the real world, more and more parents don't believe these claims.  They are increasingly skeptical about vaccine safety.  In fact, studies have shown that the better educated parents are, the less likely they are to participate in the recommended vaccine schedule. 

Reporters can't understand this.  The networks and newspapers have given us years of coverage featuring experts  all vouching for the safety of vaccines. “The science is settled”, we are told. No further research or discussion is needed.

Of course, this isn't authentic science or journalism. 

Real science is never settled. Real science asks real questions and demands real answers. Real science asks – Is what we are doing working?

Real journalism involves uncovering the truth. If reporters were honest, they'd do more than regurgitate talking points from vaccine promoters.  They would truly investigate why more and more parents and scientists are questioning the claims of vaccine safety and effectiveness.

This isn't about the science. This isn’t about honest journalism. It never has been.  It’s about marketing a product for the for-profit medical industry. It’s about selling an ideology, regardless of the merits of this ideology. It’s about making our children (and soon adults) a captive-market for the pharmaceutical industry.

We Need a More Sophisticated Discussion

We need a more sophisticated discussion on this matter; one that moves beyond simplistic and often vitriolic rants on ‘anti-vaxxers’, and instead offers an in-depth examination of the merits and safety of individual vaccine products.

We also need to help people to understand the difference between ‘vaccination’ and ‘immunisation’. These words are used interchangeably, even by so-called ‘experts’, but these words are not the same. Vaccinated children can be infected and infectious, and therefore are not immunized; and non-vaccinated children can be immune from infection and not infectious.

We need a clear definition of what constitutes ‘immunity’, and a critical examination of the questionable and temporary ‘immunity’ provided by individual vaccine products.

We need to examine whether vaccinated children have better overall health than unvaccinated children.

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Buffalo New York: New York’s repeal of vaccine exemptions creates unintended consequences

New yorkNote: One might go so far as to call the unintended consequences "side effects...."   Perhaps we should alert the VAERS?

Correct me if I am wrong, but did this law also create a crackdown on ALL students' medical records, so that any student not fully vaccinated was flagged and contacted, not JUST students with a religious vaccination?  Was this law pushed through to create an instant DEMAND for vaccines? Were sales lagging? Not enough kids in the special ed system? Stocks piling up and doctors were Marie Kondo'ing the shelves?  WHAT?  If a child has an RE, Mom and Dad have particular and personal reasons for not vaccinating per the CDC schedule. I can not imagine these parents racing to the pediatrician for up to "catch up."  So why the "sudden" lack of availability?  If New Yorkers who know could chime in, please do so. 

New York’s repeal of vaccine exemptions creates unintended consequences

WIVB TV,  BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB)–Keing Taylor, 11, loves school–his favorite subject is math–but the Buffalo third grader has been sitting home all week because the two medical clinics where he went to get vaccinated were out the vaccine he needed.

One of the clinics told Keing’s mom, Rebecca Graves, they could not get a fresh supply of the vaccine until November, “He can’t be out of school until November 4. He is a high honor student.”

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UK Mutated Strep Strain Causes Scarlet Fever and 9x More Toxin

Scarlett fever
Vintage photo from with our thanks.

Age of Autism has reported on the increasing Scarlet Fever cases in the UK over the years: 

Record Cases Of Scarlet Fever In The UK -- Is the Nasal Flu Vaccine Responsible? Part I

Record Cases Of Scarlet Fever In The UK -- Is the Nasal Flu Vaccine Responsible? Part II

Record Cases Of Scarlet Fever In The UK -- Is the Nasal Flu Vaccine Responsible Part III

Record Cases Of Scarlet Fever In The UK -- Is the Nasal Flu Vaccine Responsible Part IV

Here we are, about a year later and the UK news is exploding with this:  New strain of scarlet fever-causing bacteria discovered amid surge in diagnoses

Some important quotes from the article:

  • The researchers said guidelines for diagnosing and treating throat infections might need to be updated to take into account the new strains and that developing a vaccine against strep A is important. 

  • Research in collaboration with PHE identified the increase as deriving from a mutated strain of the streptococcus A subgroup emm1 – known as M1UK.

  • Dr Elita Jauneikaite, first author of the new study, said: ‘There is still uncertainty around the cause of the rise in scarlet fever – and whether it is a result of practice change, population or environmental factors.

Let’s add more quotes from the actual Lancet study:

  • An unprecedented year-on-year increase in scarlet fever notifications, the underlying basis for which remains unclear,3,4 has been seen in England since 2014. 

  • emm1 was infrequent in 2014, contrasting with the increase we observed between 2015 and 2016, when genotype emm1 S pyogenes became the dominant cause  

  • Phylogenetic comparison of UK emm1 sequences with available international sequences from North America, Nordic regions, UK, and southeast Asia (appendix p 28)9–11 confirmed that M1UK strains were distinct from the globally disseminated pandemic emm1 strains 

And more details from the American media:

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The BBC Files: Overwhelming Conflicts

image from www.rescuepost.comThis evening the BBC screens its documentary The Conspiracy Files: Vaccination Wars.  While vaccine program critics on both sides of the Atlantic have cooperated with this production do not expect any fair reporting: in fact the BBC long ago committed itself to the doctrine of false equivalence i.e. it does not matter how strong or rational the evidence is they will defer to the government-industry consensus. Even the use of the term "conspiracy" has slid into innuendo. Meanwhile, the documentary has been shared with the media but not the participants. Betrayal is their watchword.

Age of Autism's British editor, John Stone, writes:

Pre-publicity suggest the program makers will try to make out that commercial conflict is not an issue. Given such preposterous stance it is very hard to know where to begin or end.  Nevertheless, it might be instructive to post three submissions to UK Parliamentary bodies published by them.

PB 1584 John Stone’s response to letters from the Scottish Government and the JCVI

I hope it is in order for me individually to respond to the letters from the Scottish government and the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation as supporting witness in Angus File’s petition.

The JCVI Secretariat (1) have now responded with a defence of Prof Pollard’s appointment which I would like briefly to answer from public documents.

The code of practice of 2013 (cited by Mr Earnshaw as current in his letter) states in section 42 (2):

If a member has in the last 12 months received, or plans to receive a financial payment or other benefit from a business or representative body relating to vaccines or any other product or service that could be under consideration by JCVI...including... holding a directorship or other paid position...the member must declare this interest... If this interest is specific to an agenda item and the payment or other benefit is connected specifically with the product under consideration, the member will be required to absent him/herself from the discussion and any subsequent vote.

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From California to the New York Island This Land Was Made for the Vaccine Compliant

Segratated NY school child w backpack
Banned from classes because of vaccination status in 2019, New York State (posted w parental permission)

In the New York state, some 26,000 healthy schoolchildren have been banned from attendance because of their vaccination status.  Police have been brought in to protect.... whom? The parents protesting that their children are unwelcome and have been criminalized? The staff including teachers who HAVE NOT been UP IN ARMS over the fact that the children they serve and claim to "love" are no longer in the seats? Where are the teachers who preach anti-bullying? Who patrol recess grounds hoping to help a lonely child find a group to play tag. Where are the music teachers whose students proudly sing "America the Beautiful," and "This land is your land, this land is my land,"?  Where are the principals and superintendents with their fists in the air in solidarity with the tax paying families who provide their healthy salaries???

Segrated School NY child with sign I want To Go To School
"I want to go to school."

California has 55,000 kids (and growing) who will be sitting at home instead of getting an education when their exemption repeal takes effect. Connecticut is eyeing the same repeal as New York. The goal is not health. The goal is max, unified vaccination status, regardless of parental rights, patient rights, possible injury or privacy. This land is NOT my land. I don't recognize it.

The BBC Files: Gullible Journalists Led By The Nose Over DTP (600 Payments In 3 Years)

image from www.rescuepost.comTomorrow evening the BBC screens its documentary The Conspiracy Files: Vaccination Wars.  While vaccine program critics on both sides of the Atlantic have cooperated with this production do not expect any fair reporting: in fact the BBC long ago committed itself to the doctrine of false equivalence i.e. it does not matter how strong or rational the evidence is they will defer to the government-industry consensus. Even the use of the term "conspiracy" has slid into innuendo. Meanwhile, the documentary has been shared with the media but not the participants. Betrayal is their watchword.

Age of Autism's British editor, John Stone, writes:

According to a preview in the Dundee Courier by Paul Whitelaw:

"This depressing report canvases the opinions of people who believe that the authorities are hiding the truth about vaccines. We also meet scientists who know for a fact that immunisation saves lives. Harmful side-effects are extremely rare. The conspiracy theorists refuse to accept this. Why? Widespread online misinformation and alarmist media coverage, all of which dates back to a thoroughly discredited study of whooping cough vaccines in the 1970s."

This is a story, of course, about gullible journalists. The "thoroughly discredited study" is no doubt the one by that good and honorable man Prof Gordon Stewart - later, Bill Inman, one of the founders of the UK yellow card reporting scheme reported in his memoirs 'Don't tell the patient'  the he had never seen anyone worse treated than Stewart was by the UK Department of Health. Inman himself commented how very few of the severe injuries from the old DPT vaccine ever got recorded. He states that from his data analysis it was at least ten times higher than the 1 in 300,000 that the Department of Health “was clinging to”. He noted:

Children who had developed a temperature or had screamed repeatedly or had muscular spasms or convulsions after the first injection, had sometimes been given further doses of the vaccine with catastrophic results.

In a recent letter to BMJ Rapid Responses 'The Benefits of DPT' I wrote recently:

Mara Kardas-Nelson [1] should also note that as result of DPT controversy and the UK Vaccine Damage Payment Act of 1979 there were 600 payments in the period 1978-81 (1978/9: 36, 1979/80: 317, 1980/1: 256) [2,3]. The rhetoric behind the legislation was that injuries were rare but this was not borne out by the record [2,3]. The act enabled the government to retrieve the reputation of the programme amid adverse publicity by acknowledging the principle of harm but no one knew how many awards there had actually been - and initially there were a lot. This would also not take account of any deaths.

According to Mogensen et al, the introduction of DPT to Guinea-Bissau in 1981 was associated with a 5 fold increase in the rate of death [4]:

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No More Shame! Vaccine Educated Must Speak Up!

Speak out2Note: For many years, we have played nice, and now, like Yankee Gals and Dixie Chicks alike, we're not ready to place nice any longer. We've avoided controversy. We've played by the rules of polite society. We've kept out mouths shut to protect our kids. We've been TROUNCED by pharma and public health officials and we've lost many of our rights to choose vaccination (or not) for our children. We, the "grown ups" are next. Vaccines will be tagged along with insurance, licenses, the right to fly and more. It's coming. John Gilmore of Autism Action Network wrote the following piece. He's right. We've played it safe.  I recently sat in a meeting with many very well to do young parents. I mean the kind of "well to do" that speaks of Mummy and Daddy and Upson Downs and Hedge Funds. They were all concerned about the repeal of the religious exemption in CT that is looming and they each said they had told "no one" (some not even family) that they had not vaccinated their children. We have locked ourselves in the closet. 

I wrote about my childrens' vaccination status in my memoir - no closet for me. (Just this past weekend, I was looking through Gianna's vaccination records.)  I felt it was my duty to readers.  Do you think others have a duty? WHERE ARE THE CELEBS in California whose kids can't go to school? Did they buy exemptions? Is there a source for back alley exemptions that politicians might be using? Kim


USA: It is time to come out of the closet

You can't fight for your rights and hide at the same time

It is time for our community to “come out of the closet.” We can no longer hide behind religious and personal belief exemptions and hope to protect our children, or even ourselves. The global drug industry that produces vaccines is no longer willing to tolerate us. They want to force everyone to use their products, and they increasingly have the police power of government to back them up. As the largest advertiser in America they have the clout to buy completely one-sided media coverage, and they are using their power to generate hate against us. California, New York and Maine have already lost their rights. It looks like New Jersey, Connecticut and Massachusetts could be next.

Once upon a time we could keep our mouths shut and stay under the radar. Those days are over. Either we stand up and fight or get ready to roll up your children’s sleeves. There is no in-between anymore. You can’t hide and fight at the same time. It is time to choose.

At the foundation of every injustice is a lie. The lie that vaccines are safe for everybody. The lie that vaccines do not cause autism. The lie that autism is just a difference. The lie that the government is doing everything possible to protect your children. The first step to correcting the injustice is to refuse to accept the lies any longer. Coming out is all about refusing to accept the lies anymore, lies about reality, about ourselves, about what happened to our children, about the world that makes this possible.

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The BBC Files: Jackie Fletcher of JABS Writes an Open Letter to the UK Secretary of Health

image from images-a.jpimedia.ukLater this week the BBC screens its documentary The Conspiracy Files: Vaccination Wars.  While vaccine program critics on both sides of the Atlantic have cooperated with this production do not expect any fair reporting: in fact the BBC long ago committed itself to the doctrine of false equivalence i.e. it does not matter how strong or rational the evidence is they will defer to the government-industry consensus. Even the use of the term "conspiracy" has slid into innuendo. Meanwhile, the documentary has been shared with the media but not the participants. Betrayal is their watchword.

One of the people to be interviewed for the documentary is Jackie Fletcher of JABS, pictured with her son Robert on the Wigan Today website. Even the British government was forced to acknowledge Robert's vaccine damage after an 18 year battle, which is unlikely to stop the BBC program makers sneering or being patronising. Earlier this month Jackie wrote to the Secretary of State for Health and Social Care, Matt Hancock, regarding talk in the British media of compulsory vaccination for the under 5, and is awaiting a reply:


An Open Letter to The Rt Hon Matt Hancock MP

The Secretary of State for Health and Social Care,

Houses of Parliament


London SW1A 0AA

Dear Sir

I refer to the recent press coverage in the Guardian and Daily Mail newspapers (September 2019) where GP chairpersons of clinical commissioning groups in London have written to you promoting compulsory MMR vaccines for four and five year old pre-school children. It is reported that this suggested “shift in policy” is to “tackle ‘complacency’ among parents”.

In my experience parents are anything but complacent when it comes to the health of their children. It is the parents who hit a brick wall when they ask their doctors important questions about the real risks of the vaccines compared to the real risks of the illnesses.

In my opinion the signatories to the letter, and Mr Stevens (NHS Chief Executive) and the writers of these one-sided biased articles present a very simplistic understanding of the capacity of vaccines to prevent disease, and show either ignorance or callous disregard for the harm vaccines can and do sometimes cause.

To give an example of the harm caused by vaccines Professor Peter Aaby, ASc DMSc reported on a retrospective study for mortality in children given the DTP vaccine in Guinea Bissau, Africa: The Introduction of Diphtheria-Tetanus-Pertussis and Oral Polio Vaccine Among Young Infants in an Urban African Community: A Natural Experiment.

The conclusions stated: “DTP was associated with 5-fold higher mortality than being unvaccinated. No prospective study has shown beneficial survival effects of DTP. Unfortunately, DTP is the most widely used vaccine, and the proportion who receives DTP3 is used globally as an indicator of the performance of national vaccination programs.

It should be of concern that the effect of routine vaccinations on all-cause mortality was not tested in randomized trials. All currently available evidence suggests that DTP vaccine may kill more children from other causes than it saves from diphtheria, tetanus or pertussis. Though a vaccine protects children against the target disease it may simultaneously increase susceptibility to unrelated infections.”(1)

History demonstrates that in the early part of the 20th century measles was indeed a killer, however, by the time the single measles (1967) and MMR vaccines (1988) were introduced it had become a relatively mild disease and mortality was very low. (2) (3)

Natural measles led to life-long immunity for most people and provided maternal immunity for babies under twelve months of age. MMR vaccines do not create sufficient maternal immunity which has resulted in measles being potentially much more dangerous for babies of this age group. Measles could also be more dangerous in adults where vaccine immunity has waned (4)

In 1988 the Government’s health minister promised only one MMR vaccine would be necessary to provide life-long immunity. (5) That turned out to be wrong as a second MMR was soon deemed necessary at pre-school age to offer ‘full’ protection. (6)

Mr Stevens has accepted recently that children vaccinated with two MMR vaccines can still catch mumps as teenagers and adults which also contradicts Government’s claims of efficacy for the MMR vaccine.

Public Health press statements have claimed that: “…[MMR] is perfectly safe and perfectly effective.” “That may mean that some young children will have three MMR jabs…That is not a problem. It is perfectly safe and perfectly effective.” and one of the strongest claims: “There’s no adverse effect to this extra jab [3rd MMR]….” (7) (8)

These statements are totally at odds with the MMR vaccine manufacturers’ product sheets and dismiss out of hand the acceptance and payments made by the Government’s DWP Vaccine Damage Payment Unit, over £74 million has been awarded to date. (9) (10)

And the questions being asked by parents?

Have MMR products ever been trialled against inert placebos, widely accepted as the gold standard for testing of medicines? (11)

Has the government forgotten that parents are supposed to be allowed to make an informed consent for any vaccine? Parents, if they are given anything, receive Public Health England’s (PHE) pamphlet on MMR rather than the vaccine manufacturers’ patient information leaflets. The standard for Informed Consent is apparently set by the Montgomery decision of 2015 and currently seems to be ignored. (12)

Has the government forgotten that health professionals only report between 2% and 10% of vaccine adverse reactions? (13)

Do the government’s ministers know that the medicines watchdog, the MHRA, fails to follow up on every adverse reaction reported? During meetings with the MHRA which I have attended, officers have stated that they do not routinely contact the reporting health professional, six months to 12 months later, to determine if the child fully recovered from the reaction or has further deteriorated.

Do government ministers not find it odd that PHE can tell us how many laboratory confirmed measles and mumps cases there are but not how many serious adverse reactions to vaccines have occurred?

Without this information the government has no accurate safety data on vaccines. A point that has been raised with the government time and time again. (14) (15)

And on the subject of safety data, a recent study sponsored by vaccine-makers compared two MMR vaccines: Merck’s MMR II and GSK’s Priorix (16). The children in the study were given a version of MMR and other vaccines and the results of the study were published. Adverse events resulting in emergency room visit: 10.1% in one group 10.4% in the other group. New onset chronic diseases following the vaccinations: 3.4% in one group 3.7% in the other group. Given that our vaccine policy-makers usually quote the chance of a severe reaction as 1 in a million, using the figures in the study this could mean if you vaccinated 1 million children with either MMR vaccine, 34,000 in one group and 37,000 in the other group were at risk of new onset chronic diseases. See Supplementary table 6 (17).

Do these figures give anyone in Government cause for concern?

Media reports have stated that the uptake rate for the first MMR is currently 92% but it falls to 87% for the second. Has anyone asked the parents why they didn’t return for the second dose?

My son suffered a severe reaction to his first MMR vaccine leaving him with devastating brain damage and long-term disabilities. (This has been accepted by the Government’s vaccine damage tribunal system.) When he reached pre-school age we received notifications that his second MMR dose was due. We refused, therefore you surely have to ask how many of the current pre-school children’s parents have declined for similar reasons?

And on the subject of compulsory vaccines: mandatory vaccinations were tried once before in the UK in the late 1800s. It did not go well. There was great hostility and considerable resistance and the plans had to be abandoned.

There is no mandate in the UK for any government to impose compulsion for any vaccine. Without democratic consent such a policy would face escalating opposition.

You only need to see what is going on in Italy, France, Germany, Poland, the United States and other countries following government plans to pass laws quickly, without proper public consultation, for mandatory vaccinations and the removal of exemptions. Threats of heavy fines, children to be excluded from nurseries, potential prison sentences for non-payers and the diabolical suggestion that children could be forcibly removed from their parents and vaccinated. Ever since plans were announced people have been taking to the streets of their major cities to protest against this attack on civil liberties. Is this really the way UK doctors want to take us?

And how could compulsory vaccinations be enforced? My son, who is severely vaccine-damaged (by MMR), has had many hospital emergencies because of his conditions. From being a baby through infancy to adulthood every time we are in the A & E department bloods need to be taken and staff have told us many times over the years that they are not allowed to restrain our son. My husband and I are expected to hold and calm him whilst they draw blood with our consent. If a doctor is faced with parents who refuse to give such consent and are under pressure to vaccinate a distressed child who is refusing to co-operate, how does the doctor vaccinate the child safely? And how does the doctor expect that child or the parents to ever trust him/her again?

Why does it need to be MMR or nothing? Dr Liam Fox when he was shadow health secretary stated that a Tory government would fund single dose vaccines to increase the inoculation rate. "We will be less doctrinaire and more pragmatic,” “…we would have to see whether we should make single dose vaccines available in certain areas to certain groups to get inoculation rates up…” (18)

What needs to be remembered is the question of MMR safety has never been resolved in the UK courts. Despite a multi-party MMR/MR legal action involving some 1400 children being brought over a number of years, the cases ended in 2007 because legal aid was withdrawn. The High Court judge, Mr Justice Keith stated in his closing remarks: “It is important for the claimants’ litigation friends to understand why their children’s claims are not being allowed to proceed. It is not because the court thinks that the claims have no merit. Although this litigation has been going on for very many years, the question as to whether the claims have merit has never been addressed by the court. The reason why the claims have not been allowed to proceed is because everyone has realistically recognised for some time that it is just not practicable for the claims to proceed without public funding…’ (19)

The way to resolve this issue is, not to accuse parents of complacency, or to attack those who question the safety and efficacy of vaccines or to smear them as “anti-vaxxers”. The majority of those people have vaccinated their children and have suffered the consequences. I believe the way forward is to hold vaccine manufacturers and policy-makers accountable and seek the answers to the points raised.

To conclude: In a recent presentation of his work Professor Peter Aaby stated: “I guess most of you may think we know what our vaccines are doing - we don’t.” If such an eminent vaccine expert holds this opinion on a number of widely used global vaccines how can anyone claim, including the Government, the science is settled with regard to the safety and effectiveness of any vaccine. Science is never settled, therefore no childhood vaccine should be made compulsory.

Yours faithfully


Mrs Jackie Fletcher

JABS Founder (Justice, Awareness & Basic Support, a support group for parents of vaccine-damaged children)

c.c. Jo Platt MP Lab. Leigh




The BBC Files: Incompetent British Government Science

BBC vax wars 2Later this week the BBC screens its documentary The Conspiracy Files: Vaccination Wars.  While vaccine program critics on both sides of the Atlantic have cooperated with this production do not expect any fair reporting: in fact the BBC long ago committed itself to the doctrine of false equivalence i.e. it does not matter how strong or rational the evidence is they will defer to the government-industry consensus. Even the use of the term "conspiracy" has slid into innuendo. Meanwhile, the documentary has been shared with the media but not the participants. Betrayal is their watchword.

Age of Autism's British editor, John Stone, writes:

Last month I wrote to the National Health Service website about inaccuracies in their webpage 'Vaccines are safe and important'. The dispiriting truth is that their reassurance about the toughness of the infant immune system - if so why vaccinate at all? - and the minimal toxicity of vaccine ingredients dated back nearly two decades to articles by Paul Offit (pictured). This information was both naive and without foundation. Meanwhile, autism incidence in schools continues to spiral out of control. The National Health Service website tell me that they have forwarded my concern to the Immunology department of Public Health England and I have yet to receive their reply. I have also forwarded Christopher Exley's new article An aluminium adjuvant in a vaccine is an acute exposure to aluminium. This for reference was my review:-

I am responding to claims or statements in this web-document ' Why vaccination is safe and important' [1] (not following the original order of presentation). 

I begin with the statement:

“(Vaccines) do not overload or weaken the immune system - it's safe to give children several vaccines at a time and this reduces the amount of injections they need”

It is not clear what the evidential basis is for this statement. Formerly, at least, British health officials were keen to cite a paper by Offit et al (2002) which suggested absurdly an infant could withstand 10,000 vaccines at a time. However far-fetched, this was based on a theoretical claim about routine exposure to environmental antigens. Evidently some environmental exposures are more dangerous than others, otherwise people would not be at risk from infectious diseases at all, but the basis of exposure through vaccination is different (injected), and involves adjuvants so it is perhaps not relevant at all to talk about the number of antigens (as in Offit). In August 2004 Dr Salisbury distinguished in an e-letter to me between the increased risk of adverse reactions in an extended schedule and “overload”, which begs the question what is meant by “overload” and what people are supposed to understand by such a statement. A paper by Aaby et al (2012) was entitled “Vaccine programmes must consider their effect on general resistance”, which is evidently a warning that there is no such blank cheque for expanding the schedule. I covered this ground in my published submission to the House of Commons Health and Social Care Committee inquiry into anti-microbial resistance last year [2]. The NHS need to clarify what they mean, but also state what the evidential basis is for this claim.

image from www.rescuepost.comAnother statement apparently contradicts the proposition that there is anything inherently safe about vaccinating:

“(Vaccines) get safety tested for years before being introduced - they're also monitored for any side effects”

This touches on the reality that vaccines are industrial products which might cause harm. Recently, the issue of how well or thoroughly vaccines are tested for safety before marketing has come under scrutiny. People are told (for example in GCSE biology) that the gold standard for the scientific testing of products is a double blind placebo trial but a lesser standard seems to routinely obtain with vaccines. A letter from a US charity Informed Consent Action Network to the US Department of Human Health Services noted that not only were there no vaccines on the US schedule which had been safety tested against placebo but also none which had been tested against earlier products which had been safety tested against placebo [3]. A correspondence in on-line British Medical Journal which involved Heidi Larson of the Vaccine Confidence Project, Paul Offit and Stanley Plotkin failed to establish the existence of thorough safety testing before marketing on the UK schedule, or the existence of any double-blind placebo safety trials - even when challenged by two leading medical scientists, Christopher Exley and David Healey [4-6]. The NHS needs to be clearer on what level of safety testing has actually taken place. The statement that vaccines “get safety tested for years before being introduced” while disarmingly vague does not offer real reassurance.

The statement “they’re also monitored for any side-effects” is also problematic and potentially misleading. In the first place the MHRA (the United Kingdom licensing agency) does not actively monitor side-effects at all but does receive yellow card reports: this is only a passive reporting system. Historically speaking the MHRA is not known to act on these reports and this came under particular scrutiny last year in the British Medical Journal over the swine flu episode of 2009 when the MHRA failed to pick up signals regarding GSK’s vaccine Pandemrix and narcolepsy which had been identified in two Scandinavian countries [7-12]. In order to detect long-term harm the MHRA would also have to follow up on yellow card reports with patients after a time gap which is not their policy. As reported by the House of Commons Health Committee in 2005 the MHRA is hopelessly conflicted [13].

The statement:

“(vaccines) do not cause allergies or any other conditions…”

is not compatible even with the information in package inserts. The NHS is obliged to make clear the risks of medical interventions to the patient or their representatives under the Montgomery ruling of 2015 which would include drawing their attention to complications in vaccine package inserts [14]. Such a blanket statement is incompatible with this ruling, nor should it be up to health officials to decide what people should be told or not told.

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Was CT DPH Commissioner Strongarmed into Removal of Religious Vaccine Exemption?

Health Choice CTA message from our friends at HealthChoice Connecticut:

Was the DPH Commissioner strong armed into supporting a draconian push to create an unnecessary solution to an imaginary problem?

    On Monday September 16, 2019, Governor Ned Lamont and DPH Commissioner Renee Coleman-Mitchell held a press conference to announce their support for the removal of Connecticut’s long-standing religious exemption to school immunization requirements. Recently, Coleman-Mitchell was quoted as saying, “I am not able, nor should I weigh in on anything that’s public legislation that comes about as a result of any of the work we do. That’s not in the purview of my role.” A month before, in a prepared statement to the CT Mirror, she stated, “In Connecticut, we have only had three measles cases so far in 2019 and the last case was in April. Given that we have not had any further measles cases since April and because the immunization rate for the measles, mumps, and rubella vaccines in Connecticut remains above 95 percent statewide, we will not be releasing immunization rates by school for the 2018-2019 school year at this time.”

    Though she was subsequently overruled by the governor to release this data, this clearly shows she was not concerned about a public health crisis, because one does not exist. Health Choice CT asks Coleman-Mitchell and Governor Lamont how CT went from the Commissioner seeing no need to release data, to the state demanding the removal of healthy kids from school by eliminating the religious exemption from vaccines.

    The alleged 25% increase in religious exemption rates has not been verified, and while it sounds like a lot, 25% of a very small number is still a very small number. CT boasts one of the highest vaccination rates in the country and has for the past several years. The unnecessary and illegal release of school level data was a political move to create a non-existent crisis. To so flippantly strip children’s rights to attend school due to their religious beliefs is appalling, and the idea that healthy kids pose a threat to others is wildly misguided. Unvaccinated children cannot spread an illness they do not have. Are the medically unvaccinated an equal risk? Or does the threat only arise when a child is exempt for religious reasons? And what about the adults in our school who are not up to date on their vaccines?

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Help Fund Dr. Naviaux Suramin Research Via BHARE

Dr. N
  Teresa, Bram, and his daughters, Tessa and  Baily

By Teresa Conrick

I have written about the  BHARE Foundation , for a few years now as I have been helping them raise money for research  I am a huge fan! I just went car to car again last Saturday to raise money for Dr. Naviaux

It was a rainy day so many people were nice and generous, as they saw how motivated our group was to raise money for research.  I keep getting more and more 20 dollar bills over the years as it sure seems people are concerned about autism, and more and more are asking, “Why are so many more kids affected?” Individual folks also shared with me that their sister, brother, cousin, niece, nephew, students, or neighbor was diagnosed with autism.  From Bram, who is dad to Brenen, and heads BHARE:

The goal for Saturday was $2,500 and we raised $2,632. 

The proposal from Dr Naviaux is for $75,000   That would pay for the metabolic portion of the SAT 2 study,  Suramin Autism Treatment …...

Dr Naviaux believes people with autism are stuck in a “fight or flight” mode and he calls this theory the cell danger response (CDR) theory. By administering the drug Suramin, he hopes to bring the test subjects back to the “rest and digest” stage that allows for healing and neurodevelopmental  growth.  We currently have approximately $45,000 allocated for the study thus we still need to raise almost $30,000.  

Friends of AOA - I am a firm believer that this study is critical.  For all ages, it is a hopeful and significant line of research that MUST continue.  Megan is 26 and helping her feel and function better is always my hope. Please consider donating via BHARE as it will add your money into this dedicated study.  We need more studies to find treatments that are going to help both children and adults .  This is one of them!

My thanks to Dr. Naviaux and his team for their dedication and perseverance. 
















20 Problems with Vaccine Science As Exemptions Are Ripped from Parents

HPC Meme No Double Blind Placebo StudyNote: Parents are losing their right to say "no" to even partial vaccination of their children. Exemption laws are being ripped apart and thrown away from coast to coast. Most recently in Connecticut. Politicians' knowledge of vaccine science, safety, testing, efficacy and side effects is spoon fed to them by the loving hand of the lobbyists hired by the pharmaceutical companies who make billions off the CDC mandated schedule. Below are 20 facts from an MD who is not held captive by the religion of vaccination. Dowload the list in .pdf form here


Alvin H. Moss, MD, FACP, FAAHPM* 

*Dr. Moss has more than 40 years of medical practice, research, and teaching experience. His interest in vaccine safety and vaccine injury was first prompted by ethical concerns regarding conflicts of interest in vaccine research and in public policy. The opinions expressed here are his own and do not represent those of his employer.

1) No inert placebo-controlled studies with saline injection
2) Short duration of follow-up (as little as days to weeks)
3) No human or animal studies involving SC or IM injections of aluminum to establish the safety of injecting infants & children with aluminum hydroxide, aluminum phosphate or amorphous aluminum hydroxyphosphate sulfate
4) One-size-fits-all. Newborns have 20% of the kidney function of a 2 year old (excretion of aluminum through the kidneys is the main route to remove systemic aluminum) yet both receive the same dose of aluminum-containing vaccines; the one-size-fits-all approach is in stark contrast to precision medicine, an emerging approach for disease treatment and prevention that takes into account individual variability in genes, environment, and lifestyle for each person.

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Lepers Treated Better than Children Not CDC-Vaxxed

6D9043C3-9040-4B67-9955-D2C443F9274EBy Kim Rossi

"Gosh! You'd think they were lepers!" Well you can kiss that statement goodbye, and not because they world has become so politically correct that you can't swing a dead cat without getting into trouble. Damn, here comes PETA on me.  Yesterday, Connecticut became the most recent state to push one step closer to robbing Americans of their rights and remove the religious vaccination exemption. The enforcement is scheduled for next October, 2020 if the bill is final approved.   Ah, if only foresight were 20/20.  Here is what I wrote as a comment in Rep Josh Elliott's FB page after he announced the pending passage. (Elliott was integral in the Yale debate with Robert Kennedy that was nixed at the 11th hour when Yale bailed.)

New York - 26000 healthy children banned from school. CA - 55,000 face expulsion. When this happen - 1 parent has to quit work. Income Taxes to the state drop. Spending by families will drop. The economic fallout will be severe. Vaccination is now a rigid, Orthodox religion. Adhere or face punishment. Healthy children of tax paying citizens will be cast out of school. Like lepers. Except Children with Leprosy, Hepatitis and HIV are not discriminated against by God or the public school system. Healthy children without disease but who do not have the CDC vax list are called a threat and danger, vilified and shunned. Thou shalt not kill. Thou shalt not lie Put no other gods before me. Honor thy father and mother. They mean nothing now. Only Thou Shall Vaccinate stands as a commandment. Vaccines are the new god.... help us. New England was founded on freedom from govt tyranny. No longer.

I got to wondering. ARE people with leprosy  allowed in school?  Yes, the CDC says it's perfectly fine to allow people with leprosy into school and to go to work, because it's not very contagious and 95% of people are unlikely to catch it.  In fact, CDC wants YOU, to work hard to erase the stigma of leprosy, now called Hansen's disease.  "Depict a positive image..." Apologies to anyone named Hansen.  At the same time, Tetanus is NOT CONTAGIOUS but if your child doesn't have the full vaccination, he can't attend school. Why? Because the vaccine is part of the three disease shot.

HEALTHY children without any disease at all whose parents have opted to not fully vaccinate them are banned from school and vilified as unclean in the media, by politicians. It's a mistake of Biblical proportions.



Study Links Popular OTC Painkiller During Pregnancy to Serious Risks to Infant

AnadinNote: I had to check the date on this article from the UK to make sure it wasn't a decade old. It's not. Hmm. The comment thread is, as always, interesting. And our old friend, "Correlation does not equal correlation" makes an appearance.   Paracetemol is the same as acetaminophin, branded as Tylenol in the USA by Johnson and Johnson decades ago. 

From DailyMailUK.

Pregnant women who take paracetamol risk giving birth to a child with behavioural problems, study claims

Women who take paracetamol while pregnant risk having children with behaviour problems, a study suggests.

Scientists found a link between expectant mothers using the painkiller and their youngsters being hyperactive and having emotional issues.

Paracetamol is the world's most popular painkiller and is the only one deemed safe to take during pregnancy. But a growing body of research suggests it could damage the development of children in the womb, with studies linking it with asthma, infertility and autism...

Governor Lamont Agrees With Removal of Religious Exemption for Connecticut Children

CT MapHi. Kim here.  This is happening in my state, Connecticut.  Connecticut politicians are gunning for school age children whose families use the religious exemption.

HARTFORD (WFSB) - Religious reasons may no longer be an excuse not to get your children vaccinated.

Multiple sources are told Eyewitness News Friday the governor and the Department of Public Health are ready to take sides in the very controversial vaccination debate.

The numbers of non-vaccinated students grow each year and some lawmakers say the anti-vax families have been abusing the religious exemption and they’re looking to close the loophole. Read more here.

"Close the loophole." 
A religious exemption is not a "loophole."  A closely held belief is not a loophole.  Calling those who use the exemption "anti-vax" and "abusers" is telling. Here we go, just like in New York and Califpharma.  Demonize the families. Makes them outlaws.  Color them in black hats. One of the politicians pushing to remove the exemption owns a health food store in my town. It's a lovely store, horribly overpriced, I'll say that. But with few choices and Whole Foods a good 20 minute ride away, folks shop there. Not I. Not many of my friends. I'd eat drive through Mickey D's for a month before I'd spend a nickel in his store.

Thou Shall Not Kill.

From CDC: What are the risks from DTaP vaccine?

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Dr. Meryl Nass, MD Why are legislatures imposing vaccine mandates now?

Red white blue vaccineWe invite you to read the full blog entry: Why are legislatures imposing vaccine mandates now? My testimony to the New Brunswick, Canada legislature on August 27, 2019

By Dr. Meryl Nass, MD

... I am a veteran of the vaccine war in the US, and today I feel compelled to speak about what I saw in that war.  Legislators were forced to change their votes to revoke vaccine exemptions and rescind the historic right to consent to medical procedures. The vaccine war is a dirty war, in which platitudes about protecting the most vulnerable are invoked by the same pharmaceutical companies that paid $2.7 billion in criminal penalties in the US between 2012 and 2015. The vaccine industry generates enormous profits (estimated 10-40%), benefits from a government-guaranteed market, and receives almost total liability protection.  No other industry can rival these benefits.  And this industry's rapacious desire to grow and guarantee its Canadian market is the reason we are here today.

Let me add context to this discussion by noting that in 2014, the NY Times said it cost $2200 to fully vaccinate one child.  At that price, it cost $163 billion dollars to fully vaccinate every US child.

May I apologize at the outset for using mostly US data?  I provide Canadian and New Brunswick information when available.

  1. Pharma's Pilgrimage to New Brunswick

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Governor Newsom Just Created a Market for Back Alley Exemptions via his Prohibition Bills

Black squareOn this day, almost two decades ago, Americans faced a trauma unrivaled since World War II. During World War II, the Greatest Generation responded with a swift and effective attack, the nation banded together in sacrifice, and then in the decades that followed, the nation prospered and we became the beacon of freedom for the world.  After 9/11, America responded with swift words, more than one war that has no end and American citizens willingly gave up freedom after freedom, out of fear.


On September 9, California took away the right for its citizens to secure a medical exemption from their doctor. They criminalized the doctor patient relationship. They threaten both the doctors and the patients. Out of a fear of measles.  A manufactured war on measles.


When Americans face prohibition, they do not stop engaging in the activity.


Ask the brave man named Robert who is helping lead the charge against these bills how his own grandfather made his fortune.


California SB 276 Passes - Citizens Arrested for Protesting

Governor Newsom signed SB276 and SB714 yesterday in Sacramento. Medical exemptions allowed across the nation to protect children are now verboten in the Golden State.  Doctors are no longer able to practice preventive medicine, they must practice pharma medicine or face punishment.  We are so sorry. Your children's health no longer belongs to you and your doctor.  Our nation was founded on protests. Some peaceful. Some not so peaceful. LA is no stranger to riots. There were arrests. Please, if you are in California, chime in in our comments.  To California pediatricians and family doctors, WHERE ARE YOU? How could you let this happen to your peers? Your patients?


 KCRA: Sacramento, CA: Entrances were blocked and proceedings were delayed at the California Capitol on Monday as people protested legislation that would limit medical exemptions for vaccines.

Gov. Gavin Newsom signed the bills -- Senate Bill 276 and Senate Bill 714 -- into law Monday evening.

The protests took place Monday morning and then later in the day during state Senate proceedings.

At a time when lawmakers and staff members were typically arriving at the Capitol, the protesters moved in. Hundreds of demonstrators, some of whom traveled from cities outside Sacramento, converged to urge Gov. Gavin Newsom to not sign SB 276 and the companion measure, SB 714.

The bills are meant to clamp down on school vaccine exemptions. SB 276 would allow public health officials to investigate doctors who grant more than five medical exemptions in a year and schools with vaccination rates of less than 95%. SB 714 addresses some concerns raised by Newsom's office, including a phase-out period for medical exemptions similar to one allowed when California eliminated personal belief vaccine exemptions in 2015.  Read more here from KCRA3.

The LA Times reported:

California will enact sweeping new restrictions on medical exemptions for vaccines under bills signed by Gov. Gavin Newsom on Monday, despite near-constant protests in the state Capitol that resulted in arrests after opponents blocked entrances to the statehouse and temporarily shut down legislative sessions.

Opinion Piece in Seattle Times "Parents, Vaccinations are not a choice," Comments Say Otherwise

Parental RightsThank you to Judy R for sending us this link. The author's bio reads: Victoria Brase has been a medical assistant for 17 years and currently works at a family practice/obstetrics provider in Seattle. She recently graduated from the University of Florida with a master's in public health.

Ah yes, public health. In which children are pitted against one other to determine whose health matters more.  Should birth control be a choice or mandated? If your son gets my daughter pregnant, shouldn't I be able to stop that? If my daughter becomes pregnant by your son, shouldn't you be able to prevent that? Certainly unintended pregnancy affects not only the couple, but the entire family.  What about abortion rights? Do the men have any say in what happens to a woman's body, even when it contains their fetus? Sticky wickets, aren't they? And so is vaccination. There is no reason a healthy unvaccinated child should be feared. While children with serious diseases are allowed to attend school, sports, etc. And yet, here we are, in the SB277 world, shunning healthy kids. And so does Ms. Brase, public health school graduate.

Check out the comment thread on the editorial. There is quite a good give and take and it is mostly civil. Now, there may be a self-selecting group of those who have experienced vaccine injury, but one might assume the troll brigade would also be out in full denial regalia, combatting the eye witness accounts with Press Release responses. Instead, there is actual debate. However, one comment caught my eye:

You sound pretty pro vaccination to me.  Antivaxxers are parents who refuse vaccinations not based on reality.|

I see an opening here. A tiny thread of common thinking. Could it be that Americans know vaccines can harm, but have categorized a subset of "us" as anti-vaxxer because they think we are making up our stories? Are our children the equivalent of "crisis actors" at a mass shooting to them?  Yesterday, I Tweeted that those who refuse to believe in vaccine injury are no different from climate change deniers, flat earthers and moon landing hoaxers. And yet we are called anti-science.

You sound pretty pro vaccination to me.  Antivaxxers are parents who refuse vaccinations not based on reality.

“It’s my choice to not vaccinate my kids.”

It shouldn’t be.

Everyone talks about the right to choose. The right to choose about your reproductive care, the right to choose about your end of life care, and the right to choose about your child’s vaccines. The problem with the last one is you’re making a choice for someone else, which is, of course, the whole premise of parenting. But this choice is not only putting your child at risk, but other children at risk. So, now, you are again making a choice for someone else, but not under the guise of parenting, and you are doing it against their will.

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There's Gold in Them Thar Kids!

Goodbye CACalifornia say goodbye
Families want to move and cry
You're obscene, with vaccines, and denying rights
To patients and doctors, but do not think we will not fight
A worried Mom will never quit
To makes these rules you are not fit
For children you don't care a bit
California say goodbye

California politicians have rewritten what is and is not a medical injury from vaccination. We know that in America lobbyists write bills for industry, present them to willing politicians to put them forth, without a care for consumers, and then the politicians wrap them in rhetoric that get the laws passed.  Witness California's SB276.  Vaccine reactions that were considered a reason to cease or delay a vaccine series, as of the passing of SB276, are no longer considered worthy of a medical exemption. Poof! Post reaction, you will have to hold your child in your lap at the doctor's office and submit to the next series in order to send your child to school.  Your doctor will not be able to write an exemption based on his or her training and expertise without facing severe scrutiny and disdain, thus jeopardizing his or her livelihood.  Profits over patients. Politics over patients. Our patience is worn thin.  Below is a video about the backlash and an investigation.

Facebook Sending Chickens to the Fox House

Looking for vaccine info CDCThe censorship of vaccine safety information escalates.   From TechSpot:

Facebook’s battle against anti-vaccination content is continuing. The social network is now rolling out a feature that will see pop-ups direct people searching for information on vaccines to web pages from authoritative health organizations.

The “educational” messages will appear for people who access vaccine-related Facebook and Instagram Pages and Groups. Searching for the topic or using related hashtags will also show the pop-up.

Those in the US will be directed to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's (CDC) website, which offers an extensive amount of information on vaccinations. People outside of America will see a link to the World Health Organization’s site.

Vaccination is the one topic in America that consumers who are mandated to take the product are disallowed from actively researching all sides of the science, practical usage and health outcomes. The "Anti-vaxxer" term has come home to roost my little chickadees.  CDC and WHO will set you straight.

Here are a few of the comments from TechSpot.  Some are rather hopeful.

Now this is next level censoring. Im not an antivaxx, but I think this is going way too far lol
Anti-vaxxers really need to be shipped off to their own island where they can suffer numerous diseases on their own.

Anti vaxers... Flat Earthers... It's like a cavalcade of minstrels.

When your kid or someone else's kid is dying because you didn't vax are you going to search the net or go to a doctor? Well what would that doctor say about vax?

Cdc is to big pharma as fcc is to big telecom. They fund campaigns and advertising funded web sites. Not saying they always wrong, but definitely not always looking out for your best interest.

CA Senator Brian Jones on his "NO" Vote for SB276

California5-731530Note: SB276 passed yesterday.


“I wanted you to know that earlier today I voted against Senate Bill 276 (authored by Richard Pan, D-Sacramento) regarding vaccine exemption limitations and issued the following statement:

“‘I opposed SB 276 each time it came before me because it tramples the doctor-parent-child relationship which is the best place to decide what’s best for a child’s health and safety.”

“SB 276 was approved on a 28-11 vote on the Senate Floor. The measure now goes to the Governor for him to sign or veto. You can visit my website at the link below to see the full statement.

“For my constituents wishing to convey your position on SB 276 to Governor Gavin Newsom, you may do so at the following link - and please send me a copy to

“And finally, If you want to learn more about SB 276 and the impacts it will have on California families, you may read this news article at the following link -…/capitol-alert/article234700697.html

“Thank you very much!” ~Senator Brian Jones

The Sixth Extinction: Vaccine Immunity and Measles Mutants in a Virgin Soil

Giant redwoodNote: How fitting that one day after California Democrats defiled the doctor patient relationship through SB276, that we should have this paper from the doctor whose scientific question about measles vaccine launched an industry against rational vaccination discussion. While others have retreated into the shadows rather than face the fallout of standing up for children, Andy has stood taller and stronger than a California giant redwood tree.


By Andrew J. Wakefield in Journal of American Physicians and Surgeons, Volume Number 24, Number 3, Fall 2019

Read the full paper in pdf form here.

For more than 25 years, I have been, as a gastroenterologist, interested in inflammatory bowel disease—Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis—and the gut-brain connection, particularly in childhood autism. In addition, I am concerned with the environmental factors that are driving the current epidemics of both autism and inflammatory bowel disease. The issue is contentious, and one’s view depends greatly on perspective. This article provides one perspective on the delicate and often misunderstood ecological balance between man and microbe, a misunderstanding fraught with assumptions and wishful thinking.

I start with an historical perspective from a time when mortality and serious morbidity from infectious disease were commonplace. In 1878 Louis Pasteur stated: “If it is a terrifying thought that life is at the mercy of the multiplication of these minute bodies, it is a consoling hope that Science will not always remain powerless before such enemies." In his perception, mankind was at war with microbes. Bacteria, viruses, and fungi were enemies.

Our current perspective is somewhat different. We now live in the era of the microbiome. We realize that we would not be here on this planet were it not for a healthy microbiome. We have to look after our gut bacteria in particular because they are exquisitely important, not only to the development of our gut and our immune system, but beyond this to our mood, our behavior, and perhaps even our brain development in the womb.

Between Pasteur and the microbiome came the antibiotic era. Sir Alexander Fleming, returning from his vacation on Sept 3, 1928, to his laboratory at St. Mary’s Hospital in Paddington, London, discovered a mold growing in some of the Petri dishes containing cultures of Staphylococcus aureus. Pasteur said, “In the fields of observation chance favors only the prepared mind,” and it was the prepared mind of Sir Alexander Fleming that made an observation that led to the antibiotic era. His “mold juice,” he found, was capable of killing a wide range of harmful bacteria. Some years later Howard Florey and Ernst Boris Chain, working at Oxford University, turned this laboratory curiosity into a life-saving drug—penicillin. The era of antibiotics began in the 1940s, and it was a turning point in what was perceived to be the war on infectious disease—a “medical miracle.” And there is no doubt that the outcome from diseases like syphilis, battlefield gangrene, and scarlet fever was completely rewritten by this discovery. However, in less than a century, that dream was to turn to nightmare, the miracle to apocalypse, with the development of bacterial resistance...

Here Is What I Don’t Understand

Question markBy Laura Hayes

 Here is a .pdf of this article you can share

Parents who carefully choose aluminum-free deodorants for themselves, but who permit their children to be injected with aluminum.

Parents who carefully keep mercury-containing thermometers and light bulbs out of their children’s reach, and who would never permit mercury-containing amalgam fillings to be placed in their children’s mouths, but who permit their children to be injected with mercury.

Parents who carefully avoid toys made in China, older homes, and drinking water that hasn’t been tested, all due to lead concerns, but who permit their children to be injected with lead.

Parents who carefully avoid foods and products with Polysorbate 80 (aka “tween 80”), but who permit this synthetic chemical to be injected into their children.

Parents who carefully avoid dangerous pesticides and herbicides, including those with the carcinogen glyphosate, but who permit glyphosate to be injected into their children.

Parents who keep poisons out of reach, sometimes locked up, but who permit their children to be injected with ingredients that are classified as highly-dangerous poisons.

Parents who carefully protect their children’s brains and bodies via outlet plugs, staircase gates, carseats, helmets, and many other means, but who permit injections on a frequent basis that are known and admitted to cause cognitive impairment, paralysis, seizures, hearing loss/deafness, vision loss/blindness, language delays/no speech, tics, severe brain damage, chronic illness, lifelong disability, infertility/permanent sterility, and death.

Parents who carefully select what their children will and won’t ingest, but who permit their children to be injected with ingredients they would never permit them to eat or drink.

Parents who are afraid of illnesses contracted in a natural way, but who are accepting of illnesses injected in an unnatural way, under the skin, and deep into the muscle tissues.

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An Open Letter to Nick Paumgarten, Author of “The Message of Measles”

CHD logoEditorial By Alison Fujito, Children’s Health Defense Contributing Writer

Mr. Paumgarten, it’s long past time to address the misinformation in articles like yours, The Message of Measles, which paints such an intensely biased, extremist picture of those who delay or even refuse vaccines, that by my definition, it does not qualify as journalism.

In the first place, please stop calling us “anti-vaxxers.”  WE VACCINATED OUR CHILDREN.  Our sons and daughters had medically-documented, serious adverse reactions to vaccines. Not redness, swelling, or a little fever, but autoimmune reactions, neurological reactions like seizure, encephalopathy, or loss of consciousness, and a host of others with long-term sequelae. Yet our children’s injuries are dismissed and ignored, while we are inexplicably —and unethically— told we must continue to vaccinate to protect others.

Why wouldn’t we protest?

This isn’t about your conspiracy theories of “the anti-vaccination movement,” Andrew Wakefield, social media phenomena, “die-heard refuseniks,” and this most certainly is not about “immunological amnesia.”

This is about what happened to our children, and why. We haven’t forgotten what happened to our own children, Mr. Paumgarten.  We never will.  Some of us will regret that we vaccinated until the day we die.

Some of us are not even opposed to vaccines, only to compulsory vaccination.  Others have, understandably, lost trust in the entire medical system. We are, however, united in our opposition to fraudulent product licensure, fraudulent product marketing, and corruption of government entities meant to oversee industry, but staffed by it instead.

People seem to have no trouble understanding the fraud and corruption that led to the opioid debacle.  And the Vioxx debacle. And the DES, thalidomide, and countless other debacles caused by pharmaceutical dishonesty.  There is clear evidence of  fraud and corruption involving many vaccines. Why is that so hard to accept?

Note that Merck has been in federal court since 2010 on fraud charges brought by their own virologists, who disclosed that they were actually forced to falsify efficacy data for the MMR vaccine.

This is especially significant because Merck, like other vaccine manufacturers, is already exempt from the gold standard requirement of randomized, double-blind, inert-placebo-controlled safety trials on vaccines because they are classified as “biologics” rather than “drugs.” Yet, astoundingly, in the US, they cannot be sued for adverse reactions, not even if they are proven negligent...   Read more at Children's Health Defense.

Missing Teen, Happy Ending

Look For The Helpers
Note: There are days (weeks, months...) where the news just seems ao grim,  we forget that GOOD people surround us. We just don't hear about them often. Here is a story with a happy ending. A dozen years ago, my daughter wandered away at a huge resort in Orlando.  Who found her, recognized that a pretty, 12 year old girl counting numbers in a glass elevator had autism, and brought her safely to the front desk? A GrandMom of a boy with autism, a travel agent from the mid-west named Carol. I will never forget her. I'm sure this family will never forget Derrick Brown.

Good Samaritan helps find missing Maryland teen with autism

Nix SB276

Del and Robert with Otto
Del Bigtree & Robert Kennedy Jr carry Otto Coleman, paralyzed by pediatric vaccination at a peaceful protest against California's SB276, which puts a bureaucrat between doctor and patient.

The bill passed appropriations yesterday. 

”Tin" soldiers and Pan is comin'. We're ARE NOT on our own.  This summer I hear the drummin', kids injured this we know. When it gets down to it, doctors are mowing us down. Happening since long ago. What did you do when you found her seizing on the ground. How could you run, when you know?


What is autism? How the term became too broad to have meaning any more Tom Clements

Mia Desk Grover
My Daughter's Desk at 18

Standing ovation. Throw flowers on the stage. Cheer. Jump up and down screaming "THIS THIS THIS!!!!!"  Thank you to Tom Clements. He is 100% correct. We invite you to read Mark Blaxill and Dan Olmsted's book "DENIAL" about exactly this topic, how Neurodiversity has harmed those on the spectrum intentionally and with an agenda to steamroll help, services, supports, funding, treatment and God forbid, cure.


By Tom Clements

What is autism? How the term became too broad to have meaning any more
The Guardian UK

The word autism means a lot of different things to different people. To some, it conjures an image of the socially awkward eccentric who, besotted by a narrow set of interests, eschews small-talk and large gatherings in favour of solitude. To others, it’s a profoundly life-limiting disorder that consumes every waking hour of a family’s life, a medical disability that entails unpredictable bouts of aggression resulting in torn upholstery, cracked skulls and savage bites. Severely autistic people have a life expectancy of 36 in the United States and 39.5 in Europe, while their parents and care-givers often experience PTSD and stress similar to that of combat veterans. Mildly autistic people, on the other hand, though far more prone to depression and suicide, can go on to lead productive and fulfilling lives, often blending imperceptibly into the wider population despite their idiosyncracies and social difficulties.

Yet a report this week claimed that the difference between people diagnosed with autism and the rest of the population is shrinking. The autism spectrum is so all-encompassing that experts are now finally starting to question the validity of the term itself. After studying the meta-analyses of autism data, Dr Laurent Mottron, a professor at Université de Montréal, concluded that: “The objective difference between people with autism and the general population will disappear in less than 10 years. The definition of autism may get too vague to be meaningful.”  Read more here.

A Bold Voice for Vaccination Choice: Sourced, Vetted Video

HPC Meme 100s of Bills to Prevent choice
From  New York to California, vaccination choice is under siege. Healthy children are being banned from school as exemptions are being removed. Students in special education are being denied FAPE.  Students with autism included. Maybe yours. Today. Tomorrow.

We have screen grabs from the video you can use to share on Twitter, Insta, and elsewhere. The link goes to the GreenMedInfo FB page where the video “redides.” Thank you.

Download Your children Your Choice Screengrab photos here

Flint Children "Lucky" It was Water

Drink upBefore you drown me with "I can't believe what that headline said”,  hear me out. The article below discusses in a rational fashion the damage to Flint, Michigan's young student population because of the toxic levels of lead in their drinking water. Thank the good Lord. Those kids will get help and services. They drank water. Safe water, right? No. Their water was tainted with lead. Lead is a known neurotoxin removed from gasoline and paint decades ago. And supposedly in "safe" levels in our drinking water.

Special education rates have been increasing for decades. Our own Anne Dachel runs a website that only publishes article about the burden of growing special education on districts across America and even worldwide. She has thousands of articles. Take a look at Loss of Brain Trust. You'll be shocked to see how local media is on top of the changes in their schools.

The article below tracks children exactly five years after the exposure of high lead levels in the water. 20% of 5 year olds are eligible for special education. TWENTY PERCENT.  But what was the number 6 years ago? This is also the flu vaccine birth cohort. And the most heavily vaccinated pediatric group in the history of medicine. We can talk about water.  We can point the finger at water. We can (and should) demand safe water. No one owns a patent on  water. No company spends millions protecting & promoting water. Politicians don't get donations from clouds. As Senator Dick Pan said in 2015, 

"You know what's the most dangerous substance in vaccines?"


"More children die of water toxicity, than anything else that's in the vaccine!"

Indeed.  No one will be called "anti-water."

source: Laura Hayes

From EdWeek: In Flint, Schools Overwhelmed by Special Ed. Needs in Aftermath of Lead Crisis

Flint, Mich.

Years after reports surfaced of alarmingly high lead levels in the water system, the toll of the crisis is becoming clear: At least 1 in 5 students in Flint's public schools are eligible for special education—and the school system is buckling under the weight of federal requirements and costs for providing programs and services.

The percentage of special education students has increased by 56 percent, rising from 13.1 percent in 2012-13, the school year before the water crisis began, to 20.5 percent last school year.

Schools are understaffed. Teachers are overwhelmed. Parents are frustrated.

"It's been a fight," said Maxine Onstott, a leader of a citywide special education parent-advocate group. Her autistic 6-year-old son, Maximilliano, began kindergarten this month. "There [are] a lot of children right now that are not getting the services they need and that are not getting the support they deserve to get from the schools."

The fallout in Flint could foreshadow problems in other districts. Schools across the country have found elevated lead levels in drinking water.

New York Attorney Sussman to File Appeal in Denial of Stay to Repeal of Religious Exemptions

Kent legalThank you to John Gilmore of Autism Action Network for this update to the dire situation in New York state.

NY: Sussman to file appeal in denial of a stay on enforcing the repeal of religious exemptions

Michael Sussman, the lead attorney in F.F. v. State of New York, a case challenging the repeal of the religious exemption from vaccine mandates to attend school in New York, released the following statement this morning.

"We have decided to file an appeal with the Third Department in Albany from Judge Hartman's decision denying a stay of the enforcement of the religious repeal. As you know, we believe the repeal violates several constitutional rights. I expect to be in Albany on Tuesday or Wednesday this week presenting our legal papers. I will keep those interested apprised of the status and share our legal papers on Facebook as I have done before. Best week possible to all."