SCOTUS Mandate Decision
A Few Nuggets from The Best-selling Book by Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

I Couldn’t Participate

That's the text I got from one of my daughters yesterday. Her day program took a trip to a local museum.  The text is not really from her8B155EAF-B8D5-4558-BCB9-4AFCAE673560, she would never use this language, her staff must have written it. I was disappointed for her, and am looking into what happened.

And here is a worksheet another of my daughters brought home yesterday. I ain't putting a mask on The Rock - are you? I have no idea what IEP goal this might have pertained to - no idea at all. What is the state of the world doing to your family? 













Very Tragic

This isn’t “gene therapy” because it’s not curing the genetic causes behind devastating DMD, Fragile X, any other established genetic disorder. This is gene genocide. Know the difference.

Jeannette Bishop

My family was ripped apart over the course of a few just prior to the plan-demic, but probably the same people motivated by the same agendas are largely to blame.

This hurts to see being applied to the unacknowledge vaxxed/environmetally injured, essentially blind support for those who promoted this toxic state. We should take tax funds away from compliant and even ardently supportive mandated mandating public education. Put it in private schools with private funding of vouchers for those in need and closer to the parents' understanding and intuitive feelings about what is right for their children.


Oh, that is awful. Teaching your daughters' generation that they are, first and foremost, a vector for disease, is one of the worst things about governments' and businesses' actions over the past two years. I won't get into the whole "they don't actually work" and "we've known that for years" thing, because the point here is that your daughter was deprived of an experience her peers got to have because she couldn't comply with (as annie points out) the lunatic dictates of hypochondriacs.

How many times has your family been coughed on at church? Prior to 2020, it was probably dozens for me. In a half-full church, it always felt as if the person with the cough would sit right behind me. And it annoyed me, but it never would have occurred to me to get the person thrown out of church. Respiratory diseases are part of life in the real world.

And your daughter isn't sick, and wasn't coughing. She's no threat to anyone--not even the minor threat of putting cold germs into the air... germs that wouldn't be stopped with any kind of mask. It's a horrible, horrible thing that is being done.

Any chance you could move to Florida? I was remarking to my husband last night that I don't even know where my old bandana is. It was a massive uprooting, and an expensive undertaking, but it was worth it to save our family. If enough people leave, there will be no one to pay the taxes to support the bureaucrats in these tyrannical states.


My 96 year old mother accepted Jesus as her Savior and went home to be with Him in heaven today. Jesus answered my prayers for her and took her home quickly. She endured three years of Alzeimer's care. She is now free from pain and suffering and is reunited with her beloved husband in heaven HALLELUJAH!

Mom, this is dedicated to you :

Angus Files

It’s just wrong. Over here anyone can download an exemption mask wearing pass. Just saves the hassle sometimes. But must say I had great delight walking out and refusing to give a coffee shop my details as I never had a passport covid app in my CELL phone. "no offence but keep your coffee I’m not that desperate".Saved myself a few bob.

Pharma For Prison



My daughter had a fever on Wednesday, so kept her home from school, much improved yesterday, today perfectly fine, however can’t go back to school w/o negative Covid test. Rapid antigen tests are no where to be found in my area & by the time we can get a same day PCR test done school will be over. Oy! Nearly half her classmates are out of class because of whatever bug is circulating, but I believe much school is being missed because of the ridiculous hoops that have to be jumped through to let kids back into the classrooms. I’ve heard stories of perfectly healthy siblings of slightly sick children being sent home. This is a nightmare! When is the world going to stop being run by hypochondriacs?!

Very sorry your girls are being dragged through the ringer too! And for the record, everyone knows that The Rock only breathes in through his nose, so A+ on your angel’s paper!

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