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A Strange Unity of Confusion

Embrace unitySome unity - good news! But not really unity, more a joining of the disgruntled.  Sounds like Festivus. And strange bedfellows, indeed. Because everyone is confused, frustrated and wondering what’s right, er left, er correct regardless of politics.  We have readers all over the spectrum, pardon the phrase. Democrats, Republicans, Independents, International readers with their own political affiliations.  And all are welcome. The fact is that on January 12, 2022, the messages are so jumbled as to be useless. We're being treated like mice in a maze, and the cheese is moving fast.

This article was on Apple News, from The Washington Post (gee, I wonder if Apple News will let AofA on?)  it's in the "Business" section, not "Health" or "Science." Because Business hates uncertainty, and has that bit of cover to be able to complain about it.  Health and Science are not.

Which mask? What test? Covid’s latest surge spreads an epidemic of confusion.

Tiffany Li wants to trust the government’s guidance on the coronavirus, but the messages are so confusing now that she’s enhanced her precautions, going back to seeing friends only outdoors — in New Hampshire, in January — often with masks on.

In Houston, Mark Thiessen was all in on vaccinations last year, but now, with all the conflicting information about when and whether to get tested, he completely avoids pandemic news. When three members of his family got what felt like head colds over Christmas break, they didn’t bother to get tested or quarantine.

As Americans push into a third winter of viral discontent, this season has delivered something different: Amid the deep polarization about masks and vaccines, amid the discord over whether and how to return to pre-pandemic life, a strange unity of confusion is emerging, a common inability to decipher conflicting advice and clashing guidelines coming from government, science, health, media and other institutions.  Read more at:

Which mask? What test? Covid’s latest surge spreads an epidemic of confusion.


Morag Lyons

Article - How climate change and the coronavirus are linked. 2 April 2020

https// Prince Charles calls for "War-like footing " at Cop 26 1 November 2021 .

Do they really think that ordinary peoples heads," Zipp or button up the back- side of our own dear perceptions !"

The last item on the drop down pudding menu ?
Take yer pick from" one plain fool, or a selection of many different types ?"

A War -footing any time ye fancy one ? "Ya Auld Bodachs ! silly auld sausages !

Jerusalema -il ballo al passo Stanlio e Ollio -YouTube

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