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The Normalization of Disabled Children

Abadnonned schoolBy Anne Dachel

One thing the stories on my website testify to is the normalization of disabled children. We calmly accept it if our children are labeled having ADD, ADHD, OCD, dyslexia, autism, speech delay and any of the related disorders in the DSM 5.

We have normalized all of this. We’re way past the time when anyone seriously cares why these conditions are increasing so dramatically among our kids. Research regularly finds a possible association with genetics. The focus is always on intervention. We really pride ourselves on how we provide for special needs students in our schools.

With COVID the main feature in U.S. reporting right now, we have to look to Britain to see this really playing out as I show on Loss of Brain Trust.

$1.3 billion has been added to the special education funding this year for England and Wales alone.

The stories amazingly come with photos of smiling government officials and educators. Clearly no one is in a panic over these increases (which they’re always talking about) or the massive amounts of money being spent.  And no one ever assures us that this is the end of the increases, in fact we regularly hear about projections of even more special needs students in the coming years.

Here are just some of the statements recently in the news.

Wales: Welsh Government announced that £18m [$24M] will be made available to provide extra support for children and young people with ALN [Additional Learning Needs]…

£8m [$11M] will be allocated to schools, nurseries, local authorities and Pupil Referral Units to move learners from the old Special Educational Needs (SEN) system to the new ALN system, as the roll-out of the Additional Learning Needs Act continues.

Lancashire: This 2022/23 dedication schools grant (DSG) allocation includes £869,940,171 for mainstream schools, £158,303,915 [$210M] for the special educational needs block and £80,654,601 for early years education. …

Nottinghamshire: Local MP Brendan Clarke-Smith is proud of the increase in school spending, including the $1.3B, “a record 13 percent increase on this year” in special education funding.

Essex: A special school is expanding.

Ramsden Hall Academy works with up to 100 secondary-age and Year 6 male students who have an Educational Health Care Plan (EHCP) for Social Emotional and Mental Health (SEMH) needs.

Works included the construction of a brand new three-storey residential block which will provide beds for 40 students, bolstering the academy’s ability to develop the pupil’s independent living skills….

Norfolk: The headteacher of a new special school feels ‘lucky and honoured.’

The school will cater for students with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND) from across Norfolk. …

 To begin with it will welcome 48 pupils, before the number rises to 100.

Suffolk: Multi-millions for special ed.

More than £6 million [$8,2M] is to be made available for developing further special educational needs and disabilities (SEND) school places in Suffolk.

In its proposed budget for 2022, Suffolk County Council’s Conservative administration revealed it is planning to spend between £6.1m and £6.5m as part of a review in the spring term.

That will be phase two of a capital programme which has so far seen £45m [$61M] of investment to create 861 places….

“We know it is a priority for Suffolk, we have heard that message loud and clear.”

The £45m [$61M] SEND plan has used a mix of new special schools and specialist units attached to mainstream schools. That aims to help pupils into education settings appropriate for their needs, and reduce out-of-county placements.

The first 259 places were delivered for the 2020/21 academic year and 334 places this year. The remaining places will be split with 158 in 2022/23 and 110 in 2023/24.

Demand for specialist places has continued to increase,…

Devon: More money for special ed.

 Schools across Devon will receive millions of pounds of extra funding in 2022, it was announced today.

Torbay, Devon and Plymouth combined will get an extra £68m [$92B] as part of a £4 billion [$5.4B] Government funding boost across the country….

A record £1 billion[$1.3B] extra will be spent to support pupils with special educational needs and disabilities.

Okehampton: New autism school is part of plan for 300 more special ed places.

The Promise School in Okehampton will cater for up to 100 primary and secondary pupils who have social, emotional and mental health (SEMH) difficulties and are on the autism spectrum. It will be run by the Dartmoor Multi Academy Trust.

The school forms part of a £22m [$30M] programme by Devon County Council to provide 300 extra places for vulnerable children with special needs across the county. The new building is expected to be completed in the spring of 2023 but the school will open to its first pupils in September 2022 using temporary accommodation….

Cumbria: Story on special education announces over and over that there are more disabled kids.

Calls to meet increasing need for special education support in Cumbria.

DEMAND is growing for special educational needs support in Cumbria,…

…work is underway to meet the increasing demand in Cumbria.

And demand is on the rise….

…the huge body of work to meet demand and increase support for young people with autism and other disabilities….

"So there's a real increase in children and young people…

…there is a high demand for places in Cumbria's specialist schools.

"We are seeing parents requesting more special school places…

There is a lack of places.

Councillor Christine Bowditch said that the issues around SEN need to be addressed. Cllr Bowditch said: "In my experience as champion for autism, 100 per cent of parents who contact me about their children's education, it is to say that they desperately want their child out of a mainstream school and into specialist provision where they will get what they consider to be a proper education.

Still, no one is in the  least  interested in why DEMAND HAS INCREASED, and that’s the real problem.

News is the same for Scotland, Northern Ireland and Ireland.

Fife, Scotland: A Fife mother says hundreds of families are struggling because of the two-and-a-half year wait for an autism diagnosis.

At the beginning of December, 1,085 young people were waiting for an appointment to get an autism diagnosis, with the average waiting time between referral and first appointment standing at two-and-a-half-years.

In Ireland they’re working on a law to provide school places for “hundreds of autistic students.”

Hundreds of autistic students could be provided with appropriate school places "by September" if the Minister for Education, and the Minister of State for Special Education, used the full legislative powers available to them.

That’s according to Graham Manning, an ASD class coordinator in Cork, who told the Irish Examiner the demand for classes exceeds the number of available places each year.

This year, he is already seeing “dozens of applications for single-digit places."

“We have the exact same thing every year. We hear about new schools opening up [ASD classes] but they no way keep pace with demand by any stretch of the imagination.”

On top of this, year on year, the gap between the number of special classes at primary, and autism classes at secondary, is growing, he added.

According to Mr Manning, there are children in Cork applying for places in schools more than 50 km away from their homes, meaning they would commute 100 km daily, past schools in their local area.

“There are also hundreds of students, perhaps more, who have a recommendation of needing a special class place but they are in mainstream schools because they couldn’t get a place in an autism class.”…

Students have it "in writing" that they are entitled to a place in a special or autism class, he said, and this is not being provided by the ministers. "We are talking about hundreds of students who are inappropriately placed, that if a special class was set up they’d have an appropriate place.”

A spokesman for the Department of Education said Section 37A is not “the standard way" that new special classes are created. “Instead, the vast majority of new special classes result from proactive collaboration between the NCSE and local schools.”

This year, 269 new classes were opened through this, he added. …

Cork currently has 227 primary schools and 81 post-primary schools that have autism classes. This year, 44 new special classes were established in Cork, and an additional 42 new special school places were created by the establishment of the new Carrigaline Community Special School and the expansion of St Mary’s Special School in Rochestown. …

Northern Ireland is in the same situation.                    

New figures from the Department of Health show a huge disparity in waiting times for autism spectrum disorder treatment across Northern Ireland's five health trusts.

Foyle SDLP MLA Sinéad McLaughlin, who requested the figures, said she was deeply concerned by how long children are having to wait between being diagnosed with autism and getting professional help.

A total of 234 children have been waiting for treatment for more than three months. The Northern trust was the worst performer, with 208 children waiting more than 13 weeks for treatment, according to figures from the end of September.

One lone story pointed to where this is all going. On January 7th a piece entitled, Parents of adult autistic children face hard questions about their futures, made it clear that things are not going to get better for these special needs kids when they age out of school.

The following questions were asked: What do we do now that they’re adults? What’s going to happen? Who’s going to take care of them when I pass? Where are they going to be?

Of course no one can answer these. No one seriously asks them because it would lead to the obvious: Why can’t autistic young adults go where autistic adults are currently living?

Somehow we’re supposed to believe that autism has always been around like we’re seeing in our children, we just called it something else. The tidal wave of autistic young adults that are coming will expose the truth. There is no way to avoid it.

Anne Dachel is Media Editor for Age of Autism.


Anita Donnelly

Thanks to all about my earlier post. Here is an article about ostracism that helped me a bit:



I believe that ostracism has been weaponized to demoralize us. It's very disturbing.

To help, I have also been watching old movies that resonate. Most recently, Inherit the Wind, which, ironically, shows the opposite of our situation in many ways. But also it's wild to see Darrin from Bewitched in another role! . But many comments made in the movie will connect. Watching this caused my husband (my son's stepdad) to thank me for being so brave and sticking to my commitment to keep our son safe no matter what.

Jeannette Bishop

With many in my family, I fear all my past efforts to wake/warn just ended up being denial practice for them, in service of this. I think the massive polio propaganda effort also set up, particularly, the older generations. Some of them were already locked in by participation in the vaccine rites to being taken in, and I can only console myself with a feeling that I probably didn't make things worse for all my "sharing" and angst. Maybe a more talented person would have done better, though.

According to one, I'm even somehow being a "Nazi" for trying to share treatments in case of possible ADE, which took me a long time to maybe understand. Apparently, I'm guessing, when actually thinking to protect the vaccine assaulted in my family (as well as anyone potentially infected) from possible worse outcomes (and yes, I was hoping they would consider their compliance in a different light), I was in the minds of some, simply calling them dangerous disease vectors, at least that's my theory. They couldn't have been thinking that zinc based protocals were akin to concentration camps (which are happening now for the uncompliant, and maybe even the vaccinated sick now, but I don't know how to communiate the nazi-ism of that to the one who raised this pre-emptive attack protecting his bubble).

And more clearly represented to me, my information might make some not yet vaccinated not take the one and only right choice given them, the vaccine gift granted by God and the authoritarian health structure he condones (maybe it's just allowed to exist, for now).

My other theory, because I think our culture has a huge problem with this, maybe it was a crime to hope to prevent death and illness when that's what infectious disease agents' jobs are supposed to be, not to mention what their jobs are founded upon. How dare I attempt to impact their job security? I guess a lot of people might be insecure in their job security right now because of the illegal lockdowns, and maybe they want to work for "Public Health" and assume PH would feel for them if felt for PH when criticized, especially when given nothing else to do, in hopes their jobs won't be shut down too.

My family, not all, mostly care about me through expressions of regret and concern that I'm not in the box (the box that assaulted me and mine to the point I was booted out) they want to comfortably see me in no matter how tormented I am. It can't happen, and it's care for their preferred view of things first and foremost. And I'm now fully realizing what I feared to suspect... how little respect they ever truly had for me or my daughters or their rights, or my understanding of things. I can't help feeling like maybe that's justified though, since I was foolish enough to harbor hopes of not getting somehing so cliched back from them.

Meanwhile, the actual data is so bad, the injury reporting so bad, the actual throwing away of any science and common sense so bad, I cannot figure out what to try to get through the chinks, and probably there are no chinks in too many cases. I think I've been instructed from a higher authority to leave it alone with my biological family. All I can do is pray there will be no further vaccine injury in my family, but they might not notice, if there was. Probably just me.

Jeannette Bishop

Athletes dropping dead on camera...this stuff has been known to happen at times (in practices as well as in competition), so seeing more of it may not really mean there's more of it...

We should now know that children having strokes and heart failure is something that does happen...you know they need to get us prepared or we might emotionally pull out the pitchforks out of crazy irrationality which most of us don't want to be accused of, seemingly above anything else. Thou shalt shelter in the knowledge that "vaccines protect children."

This year's 40% increase in life insurance claims among the ages of 18 to 64 when a 10% increase is a big deal historically...what are they going to do there? Put that on the crickets news network?!? Like they did with the William Thompson revelations just before ebola loomed large (maybe coming around again)?

Last year's life expectancy, with all the added harm of the lock downs and bad treatment protocols being incentivized and still followed religiously by the robo-docs, not due to something they want us all saying and thinking all the time, dropped by 1 year. What's the life expectancy for 2021, then 2022, etc now we've had Gates' "vaccine to return us to 'normal'" this past year?

Meanwhile, whatever impact there is from tens to hundreds of thousands 5-G satellites in the ionosphere and the data gathering tech radiation soup of SMART cities, that gets protected by the polio protocol, I guess, but not so 5-G will be deported to the third world, but so that we'll probably think a new loss in health and vitality expectations for all impacted species on earth has always this way.

We all know the solution is a major application of justice and something like major amounts of repentance, or our society be upholding mass murder in short order. Acknowledging and seeking to recover the injured, now and in the past IMO, will be one indication of whether we have corrected course.

Anita Donnelly

Thank you to all who commented on my comments. It was healing and supportive to know others are coping with family gaslighting and denial too.


Anita, I read your post again this morning it was so good. It resonates in our house on many levels and someday I hope to reconcile with family who gas light me to this day.
On the lighter side, an old college friend called me out of the blue yesterday, we spoke for nearly an hour, as he explained his views are shifting in light of the obvious paradox of omicron. He knew what I went thru, held it against me with so many others, and is finally coming around. It does give me hope, just a small twinkle, that intelligent people will see the light and do have forgiveness and understanding in their hearts. Some will not, but some will. It helps some, but my son is grown now so in some sense it's too little too late. Since reading your post I've also been thinking about Jesus and how he died on the cross. I wish I understood it more than I do, and certainly cannot find the words to express my thoughts but again thank you for your compelling words.

Angus Files

Hi Anne

It looks very bad and is very bad but with a criminal web of media reporting zero they get away with it.

My freedom of information request partly answered the other day after being passed to 4 diffrent agencies each saying the other is responsible for the figures-just about right I would say for liars.



As described in the most recent
report which covers the period from when the vaccines were first administered on 9 December 2020
to 22 December 2021, the MHRA has received 676 UK reports of suspected ADRs to the
Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine in which the patient sadly died shortly after vaccination, 1176 reports for the
COVID-19 Vaccine AstraZeneca, 24 for the COVID-19 Vaccine Moderna and 37 where the brand of
vaccine was unspecified. The majority of these reports were in elderly people or people with underlying
illness. Usage of the vaccines has increased over the course of the campaigns and as such, so has
reporting of fatal events with a temporal association with vaccination. However, this does not mean
that there is a link between vaccination and the fatalities reported. Review of specific fatal reports is
provided in the summaries in the report link above.


The pattern of reporting for all other fatal reports
does not suggest the vaccines played a role in these deaths.

Pharma For Prison



Why wouldn’t the Khazarian NWO and it’s minions want violent aggressive destructive vaccine encephalitis/nanonetwork zombie cyborg lunatics everywhere? We know that aluminum, mercury in the brain (along with other very toxic vaccine ingredients) causes violent aggression, serious gut problems, learning problems and uncontrollable rages in autism.


If our “neurotypical” population has devolved into people-attacking, rabid cyborg zombies everywhere, and none of the child-sacrificing WH people of any party/none of the WEF/U.N. satanists are in “behavioral health” mental hospital death camps, you know they want violent, aggressively destructive ordinary citizens to fulfill their agendas so only the ordinary citizens (including aggressively destructive ASD kids attacking teachers and parents) go.

Massive worker shortages even when COVID zombie network shots are dropped? 98% of U.S. children have disabilities/mental illness/obese/chronic illness/earning problems/unable to enroll into even a basic military position? Bloomberg said 98% of U.S. kids can’t do military - and the perhaps 2% that are able… will all be exterminated with the IOT U.N. cyborg jab before returning home.

If Trump truly had any balls to liberate our nation from the luciferian global autism genocide, he would have banned all vaccines without any exceptions, would have fired Fauci (instead of praising him on numerous occasions) and dismantle the masonic fed, and his Autism CARES act would’ve built local organic farms everywhere and fund biomedical autism treatments instead of psych wards and group “homes”.


Anita Donnelly
thank you for that incredible essay.
Such a thoughtful interpretation of the waters we wade in.



The only safe vaccine is NO vaccine. Choosing “safer smaller” vaccines/vaccine schedules allows the mass global genocide to continue. MMR and MRNA aren’t the only dangerous ones. Remember DTAP/DTP and Gardasil?

One doesn’t have to take multiple vaccines to become sick, disabled, violent, and mentally deranged. Just one vaccine alone can kill, or at least damage someone for life.

DTAP/DTP vaccine insert listed side effects such as encephalitis, encephalopathy, projectile vomiting, high pitched screaming, and even autism.

They’re literally printing graphing oxide onto our food, similar to decorative stamps. These stamps, once eaten, can offer special features to a vaccine cyborg (dehumanized “people 2.0) with nano networks, Luciferase genes, worm eggs, metallic blood vessels and hydra parasites). Such as an apple that “puts 1,000 songs into your pocket”. They’re trying to replace plastic food packaging with hidden G.O. as well.

Benedetta Stilwell

: Anita Donnelly You send this letter to him. YOu call him up and you read it to him.

And when you finish-- you tell yourself -- and him -- this is unforgivable.

I like the part best is:

He thinks he is nice, a hero, a free thinker. Brave to stand up to us. But all he is is someone who was willing to exclude a socially isolated child his only nephew, to prove a point.

There are a lot of people like that now a days. We found them out, we are surprised a lot of times. I found out for myself.
Love you Anita, I am with you my sister.

for Angus, Anne

Yes I imagine when this Covid scam is up they will be in a very bad position with the childhood shots (safety, autism rate, childhood schedule mandates…) interestingly just went to the drug store and the pharmacist there indicated that he thinks the whole thing is a farce—it should just rip through. I think we have hit critical mass as to enough people seeing that this is about nothing except control.

Angus Files

Thanks Anne ALL the diffrent political pharma puppets are to blame, every party that has been in power worldwide have done nothing they are to blame for standing by and watching this world wide genocide.
A lot of people now ditrust vaccines and what they are being told over Covid .When trust is lost its very hard to get it back.

Pharma For Prison



The U.S. (some states) have literal COVID vaccine concentration camps for children as young as kindergarten. Police grab and carry kids into Khazarian WH funded vaccine camps to be silently exterminated. Both WH sides have been reported by many, that they’re praising the vaccines. Graphene Oxide is being praised worldwide as a “safer alternative” to aluminum and plastics, and they’re even printing G.O. symbols onto food. Food (and drinks) are increasingly laced with graphene oxide, poisoning even those without any of the jabs. They’re putting the jabs into our food, our air, our water.

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