Dachel Media Update: AMA Urges Ban on Drug Ads
Autism Parent Reality: What Has Changed?

College Professors Suppressing 1st Amendment Rights RE Vaccine Safety

HushUpdate 9:15pm:

An autism dad with a very severely affected son, Joe Harris from Fort Worth, told me this evening that he called James Hodge today and said, "You don't believe vaccines cause autism?  Can you talk to me about this?"

Hodge replied, "I'm not speaking to anyone about autism and vaccines."  Then he hung up. 

Why is it that a professional making this kind of public statement is unwilling to defend it?

By Anne Dachel


This is crazy ...a law professor and medical school professor join forces to call for end to any discussion of a link between vaccines and autism.  CENSORSHIP.  RETALIATION.

What other product or subject or ideology would ever treated like this???????????  Seriously, I want to know. 

We live in a society where drugs are sold to us everyday TV along with their life-threatening/severe side effects.

How about ads that begin, "If your or a loved one took the drug XXX and suffered XXXX, XXXX, XXXXX, XXXXX, you may be entitled to compensation....." 

There are recognized risks, contradictions, challenges out there when we talk about anything else.....

When it comes to vaccines we throw these concepts out the window and don't dare apply the same scrutiny. 

Not only are state legislators (with huge money ties to the drug industry) working overtime to remove parental rights to choose when it comes to vaccinating children, but now there is a call for the outright of censoring anyone discussing the connection between vaccines and autism, and punishment for those who do.

Liberal toleranceHere are two prominent educators in Arizona advocating for the end of free speech when the subject is vaccine safety.

James Hodge is a law school professor at Arizona State University.  Hodge teaches public health law and ethics.  His coauthor, Doug Campos-Outcalt, is a physician and professor at the University of Arizona College of Medicine-Phoenix. 

Jurist.org: Nov 17, 2015, Legally Limiting Lies About Vaccines (This publication is supported by the University of Pittsburgh School of Law.)

Highlights of the piece included a blanket denial of any link between vaccines and autism. 

Comprehensive reviews of vaccine safety conducted by CDC, WHO, the Institute of Medicine, and others overwhelmingly support their effectiveness based on the current distribution schedule. These assessments also disprove completely claims of vaccine-linked autism. Prior "research" suggesting a link in the medical journal, The Lancet, has been debunked entirely and retracted from its original publication. . . .

. . .and a list of possible offenders and their punishment, including health officials, politicians, and doctors. 

Shutting Down Messengers of Vaccine Lies?. . .

Yet free speech has its limits, particularly when significant public health interests are at stake. In many instances legal ramifications, penalties or liabilities may stymie or derail specific messages. For example, if governmental health officials publicize false statements linking child vaccines and autism, they could lawfully be censored or fired from their positions. They have no constitutional right to spread false statements antithetical to the mission of their agency or office.

Politicians or others who incorrectly suggest that a specific pharmaceutical company's vaccines are known to cause autism could be sued for defaming the company. . . .

Doctors or other health providers who counsel parents to avoid child vaccines because of risks of autism could face potential licensure sanctions and malpractice claims should a patient suffer harm as a result. . . .  .

James Hodge and Doug Campos-Outcalt didn't give us a scholarly piece here.  They didn't even try.  Theirs was just another chorus of "studies show no link."  Hodge and Campos-Outcalt retreated to the worn-out promise that all the science is in.  Instead of real scholarship where the writers seriously explored the issues being raised by those questioning vaccines, these two cited WHO, CDC, and IOM--three groups known to be under the power and influence of the vaccine makers. 

"Comprehensive reviews of vaccine safety. . . disprove completely" a link between vaccines and autism.  It's hard to think of a more total denial.  It's clear that vaccine safety was never the issue here.  There was no possibility that those rare officials, politicians and doctors who speak out might have a case.  They only need to be silenced.

Hodge and Campos-Outcalt have willingly closed their eyes to what many people know: the evidence is mounting and nothing is going to make it go away.  Their only recourse is try and kill the message. 

Serious questions need to be answered by Hodge and Campos-Outcalt and anyone else writing like this. 

How can you cite studies as proof of vaccine safety when they each come with suspicious connections to vaccine industry?

How can you ignore the volumes of independent science  that show our unchecked vaccine schedule isn't safe?

Why should we trust what the CDC says when they literally have oversight over themselves?

What kind of duplicity is going on when federal agencies vouch for the safety of vaccines while an obscure federal court pays off vaccine injuries that include autism and then keeps the decisions secret?

Why should readers believe you when a leading scientist at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has publicly stated that his agency covered up evidence of vaccine damage involving autism?

Crushing dissent with calls for censorship will never work. The truth is staring us in the face.  Phony pharma-funded science can't stand up to independent, legitimate research.  The most glaring hole in the argument presented by Hodge and Campos-Outcalt is their failure to show us the real proof that there is no link.  That can only come from a simple comparison study of fully-vaccinated and never-vaccinated kids.  If never-vaccinated children have just as much autism as fully-vaccinated ones, we'd all be convinced.  The parents who "avoid timely immunization of their children" that Hodge and Campos-Outcalt complained about here have created a study group that mainstream medicine refuses to look at. 

Removing parental choice and freedom of speech seem to be all that's left to those whose purpose is to shove a one-size-fits-every-child vaccine schedule on America with no liability for those doing it.  The University of Pittsburgh, Arizona State University, and the University of Arizona Medical School should all be ashamed.

This article has no comment section.  However this was on the bottom. 

This article was prepared for publication by Marisa Rodrigues, an Assistant Editor for JURIST Commentary. Please direct any questions or comments to her at commentary@jurist.org

Age of Autism readers with comments should be sure to pass them along to Marisa Rodrigues.


Nov 18, 2015, the Daily Campus, the student newspaper at the University of Connecticut published an opinion piece entitled, Anti-intellectualism & the deceit of the modern politician, by staff columnist Jesseba Fernando

Our country has seen an environment of increasing anti-intellectualism, in which ignorance influences society. This anti-intellectualism weakens the country when the tendency to dismiss rational thinking is exploited by politicians, specifically the political right, in order to manipulate people.

The last time the media brought up the anti-intellectualism movement in America came in 2014, and the time before that was 2012. These were both major election years. This is no coincidence, seeing as our politicians are, at least ostensibly, woefully misinformed in a variety of areas and often proudly supporting their opinions, despite the objection of intellectuals and experts. . . .

One of our prominent GOP presidential candidates, Donald Trump, used the first Republican debate to describe autism as an epidemic and to immediately link it to the use of vaccines according to the Slate.  . . .

Fernando feels Trump is wrong about both the increase in autism and link to vaccines.  "Vaccines have yet to be proven to be the cause of autism."  And as far as autism being an epidemic, that 's not really happening.  "Our understanding of the disability has grown and with it our ability to identify it. This is true of other diseases and disabilities as you can see an increase of diagnosis in the past few years for those as well, unless we are currently experiencing an epidemic of every known disease and disability. . . . "

Fernando accused Trump of rejecting "critical thinking" and of glorifying "emotional and irrational feelings and motives."  

Op-ed pieces from student newspapers on our college campuses promoting the safety of vaccines, without rational inquiry are quite common.  What scares me most is the fact that this is where tomorrow's journalists are learning their craft.  Those who refuse to accept the heavily conflicted pronouncements from the agencies and organizations with overwhelming financial ties to the vaccine industry are dismissed as "anti-intellectual."  Actually, what Fernando is promoting is blind adherence to the claims from those with everything at stake in denying any link between their vaccines and an epidemic of sick kids.  She and writers like her refuse to ask the simple questions in the controversy over vaccines and autism:

Who funded the studies that show no link?  What's the autism rate among unvaccinated children?  Where are the adults with autism at a rate even remotely close to what we're seeing in our children?  Why haven't officials ever studied children who were normally developing little toddlers and who suddenly and inexplicably regressed into autism following vaccination?

Why don't these promoters of truth over emotion ever talk to parents of autistic children, especially parents whose children were compensated by the federal government for vaccine injury that included autism?

Sadly tomorrow's journalists aren't being taught to question and investigate.  Their role is merely to repeat the establishment line.

Anne Dachel Book CoverAnne Dachel is Media Editor for Age of Autism and author of  The Big Autism Cover-Up: How and Why the Media Is Lying to the American Public, which is on sale now from Skyhorse Publishing.




Too much money, it must have taken a coordinated expensive effort to discredit and to accuse this man, Wakefield, of fraud. A tremendous criminal effort had to be in place, they must have really feared his truth would be shared. In 23 media (recent) selections, his name or his study has been referenced as the fraud . I read it, over and over, and dare anyone to point to the science within as fraud. I like this interview.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oIsFW5phHas

John Stone

Just to be clear what was not disclosed in the article by James Hodge and Doug Campos-Outcalt was that the authors were professionally tied up with the CDC. This is Hodge:

"June 30, 2009 - the Centers is pleased to announce that James G. Hodge, Jr., J.D., LL.M. has been appointed as a Centers' Senior Scholar. Professor Hodge, who previously served as Executive Director and P.I. of the Centers, has been named the Lincoln Professor of Health Law and Ethics at the Sandra Day O'Connor College of Law at Arizona State University (effective August 16, 2009)."


Campos-Outcalt is on the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP):



"Why haven't officials ever studied children who were normally developing little toddlers and who suddenly and inexplicably regressed into autism following vaccination?"

Putting vaccination aside: Why haven't officials ever studied children who were normally developing little toddlers and who suddenly and inexplicably regressed into autism?

Not one of the developmental books I had in my collection in the early 90s mentioned regression - or autism. Children who fell apart after many months of normal development must have been so exceedingly rare that the authors hadn't heard about them. Not so today. If they want parents to stop blaming vaccines for their children's autism, someone should find out how and why this happens. They need to give us an explanation because telling us, without proof, "It's genetic" or "It happens sometimes and we don't know why. It's a mystery" isn't good enough - not in the 21st century.

The AAP's Caring for Your Baby and Young Child by Steven P. Shelov (Pub November 4, 2014) states on p 808 "studies now show that autism begins before a baby is born and vaccines play no role." but as far as I can see completely avoids the subject of regression.

Why is that when regression is the most likely key to the autism mystery? I think we have to ask why Childhood Disintegrative Disorder was removed from the DSM-V after it was apparent to scientists in 2010 that regression was far more common than they realised.


"One of the first such studies, published earlier this year, suggested that regression may be more common than scientists had realized. In that study, 19 of 22 children who later developed autism showed a loss of social communication skills. "

College professors, journalists, EVERYONE should be asking what is causing this loss because their child might be next.


Moreover Northwestern is ranked 19th is receiving such "Med" grants. 19th!. It's easy to estimate such pro-Pharma grants to schools of higher learning total at least $20 Billion a year.


According to the second bullet on page 2 of this executive summary: http://cmr.thomsonreuters.com/pdf/Executive_Summary_Final.pdf :

" Global pharmaceutical sales crossed the $1 trillion mark for the first time by the end of 2014 "

When you think about, a mere 20 billion to buy all those academic prostitutes.... is a bargain



Excellent point David Burd.

It is impossible for them to declare "no relevant conflict of interest" because they are born into the conflict at the Universities which have become addicted to the drug money that they receive that is given under the title of a "grant".

600 million dollars will addict just about any individual all bureaucracies .


david m burd

To all who have brought up Fed/Pharma funding to Universities.

Just a month ago I contacted officials and Northwestern University (my alma mater) and they verified over $600 Million Dollars A Year are now granted by NIH/CDC to their Med School and Hospital; and of course they only go to what NIH/CDC dictate. Of course, no monies questioning our insane vaccine policies.

Moreover Northwestern is ranked 19th is receiving such "Med" grants. 19th!. It's easy to estimate such pro-Pharma grants to schools of higher learning total at least $20 Billion a year.

So, we can add our institutions of higher learning in the pocket of Med/Pharma. With the mainstream media long sold out by annual $Billions of ads by Pharma and Govt Agencies.

AoA and its many Allies can truly be said to leading a rebellion, the most critical in our history.



This is a family practitioner with nothing to do, not really smart or motivated to know or tell the truth. If you did confront him with the real science he would simply argue that it has already been done. This is their politics their ideology their religion.

In their minds there is no God and so they must act like God and address what they believe to be the greater good because they know better and must make the decision for us to protect us from ourselves.

You see these people simply do not want to know the truth and they actually know the truth and they do not want you or me or anybody else to continue to tell the truth. They want their way they could care less about what is true.

They actually want to hurt our children which is why they insist on the vaccines. They make chronically ill children that need to spend all kinds of money to get better so they can fund their research.

It is quite well established that there is a rise in all manner of chronic illnesses including osteoporosis- from failed Vit D absorption, diabetes type 1 so there will be the need for all types of meds, COPD from the pertussis vaccine, etc. etc. etc.

The problem is of course that this will all come out and then they will have to explain to the American people why this happened and went on for so long - questions they will not be able to satisfactorily address.

I notice in the article that neither one of the persons declared that they had no conflict of interest with the pharmaceutical players and that is always a dead give away that they are on the payroll.


Gary Ogden

I've sent my most recent comment to Marisa, and to Drs. Hodge and Campos-Outcalt. Thanks to Lisa for providing their email addresses. I hope we're giving them hell.


James Hodge is listed as a mentor here: http://blogs.law.harvard.edu/billofhealth/2014/03/04/ten-faculty-fellowships-awarded-to-promote-public-health-law-education/

"Atlanta – Georgia State University College of Law and its Center for Law Health & Society have selected 10 faculty fellows to participate in the Future of Public Health Law Education: Faculty Fellowship Program. The program is funded by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation to foster innovations and build a learning community among those who teach public health law at professional and graduate schools. For more information, visit law.gsu.edu/phlfellowship.

The fellows, chosen from across the country, will develop interdisciplinary courses and programs in public health law at their respective universities during the fellowship year. Their projects will strengthen interdisciplinary education in public health law and promote collaborations with public health agencies and organizations in the fellows' communities."

I clicked on the "for more information" link, and got "page not found."

It would be very interesting to find out how much money these "fellows" are paid...It said that the program is supported by (which means $$) the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. Here is their website: http://www.rwjf.org

Gary Ogden

I note a peculiar semantic confusion by the authors of this article: "Comprehensive reviews of vaccine safety conducted by CDC, WHO, the Institute of Medicine, and others overwhelmingly support their effectiveness. . . ." Safety reviews not only support effectiveness, but do so overwhelmingly? How, pray tell, does a study of safety address questions of effectiveness? And I've got news for you, Drs. Hodge and Campos-Outcalt: Efficacy and effectiveness are entirely different matters. Vaccines need only show efficacy, i.e., the potential to have an effect, not effectiveness, the demonstration of an actual effect. Are you tenured professors? With such a fuzzy grasp of English usage? Did you write this? You obviously didn't run the text by the PR department, or the English department. Not likely written by a Pharma PR shill, as they are paid good money to lie convincingly. Perhaps a grad student? An undergrad? The big elephant in the room here is this: "Prior "research" suggesting a link [between vaccines and autism] in the medical journal, The Lancet, has been debunked entirely and retracted from its original publication." No, Drs. Hodge and Campos-Outcalt, the major, and original, finding in Wakefield, et al., ileocolitis comorbid with autism has been replicated in the U.S., Canada, Venezuela, and Australia. It is, in fact, a finding of great importance in developing treatment strategies for this debilitating condition. As for the suggestion of a link between the MMR and autism, the CDC itself put the Wakefield hypothesis to the test and confirmed it, finding a strong causal link for African-American boys, and a weaker, but positive, link for all boys (but not for girls). They then worked very hard to make this finding go away, ultimately succeeding by eliminating the data from 40% of the children in the study prior to publication in Pediatrics (both The Lancet and the NEJM had rejected the paper for publication). They threw the records of the missing data in a big garbage can. One of the coauthors, Dr. William S. Thompson, knew what they were doing was immoral and illegal, and retained copies of all the documents. After ten years of sitting on this evidence of scientific fraud and the destruction of federal property, he grew remorseful at what they had done, hired a whistleblower attorney, and turned over the documentation to Congressman Bill Posey. He is now awaiting a subpoena from Congress. I must add that science doesn't dwell in the realm of "proof", as does a court of law, but in the realm of falsifiability. The causal link between vaccines and autism has been confirmed by our very own CDC. It has never been falsified because it has never been studied, except by the CDC. DeStefano, et al. is the only published scientific paper to look at the link. This article is a tissue of lies and distortions, a frightening affront to the First Amendment, and a sad indictment of academia.

Gary Ogden

Benedetta: I agree! Greg makes a great point! Get the scumbags in court and watch them try to defend the indefensible.


Greg makes a good point!


We've had mandates about what goes into our minds since students were marched to school at gunpoint under the first compulsory attendance school law in Massachusetts in 1852. The mental processing, social conditioning or brainwashing, whatever you want to call it, starts in kindergarten and goes all the way up through graduate, and as we see here, medical and law school. Students pay dearly to be force fed the toxic, highly processed, mental junk food dished out by the likes of Hodge and Campos-Outcalt.


Melissa D.
Univ of Penn receives substantial money from pharma:


Sue 'antivaxxers' for slander? But, that would mean going to court, and involving discoveries, cross-examinations and all. Wait -- wasn't pharma seeking to avoid this with the creation of the VICP? Perhaps we 'antivaxxers' should rally behind the 'good' prof after all.


Gee, how much money does the University of Pittsburgh receive from pharmaceutical/vaccine companies? Would be interesting to know. You can bet it is in the millions. Just stroll around any of the UPMC hospitals and you see the names of the companies prominently displayed sponsoring this or that. They should be ashamed. Families tell their stories because they are true. Vaccines are not safe nor effective for everyone. #CDCwhistleblower #hearthiswell

Evelyn Pringle

Evil monsters are running our government and universities.

Jeannette Bishop

Something I just watched a speech or read something along the lines that mandates about what goes into our bodies will naturally be followed by mandates regarding what goes into our minds ... if anyone is aware of a possible source (it may have been a vaccination discussion...possibly prohibition?) I'd be grateful for some help!

Gary Ogden

Here is the full text of what I sent to commentary@jurist.org: The article "Limiting Lies About Vaccines" is astonishing. The authors clearly have done no research at all. There is simply no question that the autism epidemic (now 1 in 45) has clearly been created by the excessive vaccination schedule, a tripling in the number of mandated antigens after manufacturers and providers were fully indemnified by the 1986 National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act, as well as glyphosate (Roundup), folic acid fortification of cereal grains, and other toxic environmental insults, but mainly by too many vaccines too soon. At least 83 children have been compensated by the Court of Special Masters, which hears all vaccine-injury cases, for vaccine-induced autism, the most well-known being Hannah Poling. Since FY 1989 $3 billion has been awarded in compensation to vaccine-injured children (and adults in recent years, for the flu shot). And these authors want to censor the truth? This is what fascist states, and communist states, alike, do. This article, in fact, would make the authors subject to prosecution under such a statute. This is what they want? In the United States of America?


If only we could keep stupid people from getting law degrees...

Louis Conte

They actually seek to limit truths about vaccines.

How desperate they have become.

Grace Green

"Vaccines have yet to be proven as the cause of autism" is a huge climb-down from their usual absolute denials. I think we have them on the run!

Laura Hayes

These people appear to be of the same ilk as CA's Senator Pan. Don't miss his latest "brilliance" on the subject of vaccines:


In this 3-minute clip from a recent presentation of Pan's at UC Berkeley, he says,

"You know what's the most dangerous ingredient in the vaccine? Water."

Do not miss his explanation for this statement when a very perplexed moderator asks him to explain that statement..it is classic Pan!

go Rand

The Bill of Rights is simply being changed to the "bill of suggestions..."

Looks like some of the law professors need to be offered the "six month well baby vaccines" adjusted to their body weight.


Increasing encroachments on civil liberties by governments for the "greater good" is a hallmark of fascism.
Shame indeed, U of Pitt.


As someone who had a relative injured by a vaccine that isn't even very effective or safe for elderly (influenza vaccine),I feel Hodge and Campos- Outcalt are very off base.

Peter Miles

I would like to coin a term counter to the term "anti-intellectual" and that is INTENTIONAL-INCOMPETENT". It is abundantly clear from the statistical gyrations, data manipulations, deaf ear to public protestations, paid trolls on comments sections, repetition of 'all the science is in' mantras, etc. etc., that there is an INTENTION not to research the issue in a COMPETENT way.

Of course, they could claim that they had no INTENTION to misrepresent the facts, in which case they would actually be declaring themselves INCOMPETENT.


"Legally Limiting Lies About Vaccines" has 5 people associated with writing it, from 2 institutions. An editor, two authors, and 2 other listed researchers and editors. This, together with the bizarre string of flaws in content, reveals that not one of them is qualified to opine. A short op-ed piece shouldn't require 5 authors. As with media outlets who have spread lies about Dr. Wakefield's (and colleagues that are never mentioned) Lancet article, not one of them has done their homework. They have not investigated for themselves, but are repeating and supporting an agenda that they don't understand, while comforting themselves in their delinquency by rationalizing that they are agreeing with the majority, so it must be right.

This is exactly what Oklahoma Senator Ervin Yen is doing. At the town hall meeting to discuss his bill 830, despite all the bizarre avoidance tactics Yen could muster, (back turned to his opponent, nose up in the air, mile wide smirk, eyes rolling without allowing them to make contact with anyone in the room - quite a performance), he revealed that he knows absolutely nothing about the history, complex science or intense politics of vaccination, by his shallow unscientific presentation, and by his admission that he hasn't done his own research but is being fed by his staffers, who no doubt are being fed by industry. When asked why he introduced his bill, his answer was that it is what most physicians and citizens want. Not that he knows it's right scientifically or from any other perspective - at least not that he could support with actual science or even common sense. His conscience is comforted by the support of colleagues that are just as ignorant as he and the deceived public.

I'm glad, Anne, that you highlighted what these law schools are up to. They're supposed to be upholding the law and protecting our rights and our freedom. They are disgraceful.


Here is their email addresses in case you would like to tell them what you think of their idea. I just did.




You bet they are; and have been for decades - even back in 1978 one of my microbiology professors had been bought by Merck by giving him his own medical lab supplying test for the University medical center.

The CDC was even then joined at the hip with Merck and further stroked this man's ego by contacting him and asking him to go around the local hospitals and see what he can do with antibiotic resistant microbe problem.

He could not solve the antibiotic resistant microbe problem of course, and they never really expected that he could. What Merck and the CDC did expect of him was to stand up in a huge class of nursing students, and inflame them against stupid parents; that mistakenly thought their kids reacted to vaccines.

Fast forward to the year 2007, and University nursing professors are all still doing the same thing! They are still trying to inflame passions against stupid, mistaken parents in their students. For those students that wants to graduate, be able to get a job; the know to stay quiet.
These nursing professors are of course so kind; why on graduation night, when one of the young nurses with a four year old son with autism starts to throw a fit about being separated from it's Mother, they insist it can stay on stage with her during the ceremony.

How kind.
Did I see a bit of guilty look exchanges between the nursing professors? I do believe I did - or maybe I imagined it because guilt should be there.


Is there a link to the 1st story?

ANSWER - the link is below the paragraph with the date - sorry that's not clear - http://jurist.org/forum/2015/11/hodge-campos-vaccines-speech.php K


The ignorance on display by U Pittsburgh in printing this is a net positive. The late Dr. Bernadine Healy would oppose the idea of limiting vaccine speech. Dr. William Thompson of CDC would be jailed. As would Ben Carson.

Actual legislation forcing accuracy in reporting on vaccine issues, if properly enforced, would cause the vaccine industry to collapse. Start with disclosure of all VICP cases of vaccine encephalopathy, move on vaccine failure, publicize the Merck mumps vaccine problem, the pertussis vaccine spreading pertussis by asymptomatic shedding, etc etc etc. Absolute accuracy in public vaccine discussion would be a great thing.

No mention of Dr. Ben Carson saying many pediatricians agree we give too many vaccines, too soon, at too young an age, too close together. Supported by Journals Pediatrics study of Washington State pediatricians attitudes towards alternate childhood vaccinations schedules- 61% do it.

This tactic reeks of desperation. A trial balloon by pHarma, it would normally be laughed out of the room, with the support of pHarma expect this to resonate.

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