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Richard Moskowitz MDNote: Thank you to Dr. Moskowitz for this insightful look into Covid. I think Dan Olmsted would be smiling down on us today. We are running A Plague on Both Your Houses in two parts this week. There might be a formatting glitch here or there - we'll try to fix them as quickly as possible. Dr. Moskowitz' book Vaccines: A Reappraisal is available on Amazon. Thank you.

Richard Moskowitz, M. D.

By no means the final or absolute truth about the COVID, or anything else, these Vaccines Richard Moskowitzreflections are just the most plausible explanations that I've come up with so far, or at least possibilities worth considering.  Uncertainty is the very essence of the catastrophe that we're living through as a result of it.  Notwithstanding all the sources I've cited, the following remain simply my opinions.  What's more, I truly hope that the worst of them are wrong. 


The first known cases were identified in Wuhan in December, 2019, and the first U.S. case came soon after in someone returning from China; by the end of January, 2020, there were already 10,000 confirmed cases worldwide, enough to prompt many epidemiologists to warn the CDC, then-President Trump, and the world that immediate precautions were necessary to avoid the risk of a global pandemic. By then, the virus was also known to have infected and possibly been transmitted by large numbers of asymptomatic people,2 suggesting an unusually high level of contagiousness, which made it imperative to find and test them on a large scale, especially in high-risk settings, such as residents of nursing homes and extended-care facilities, prisoners, medical personnel, and all those working in overcrowded locations, as well as increasing the likelihood that the infection had been around well before its first official announcement of it in late December.

Trump's bland dismissal of the threat, combined with his outspoken disdain for science in general, and for the CDC in particular, gave irrefutable evidence to opponents and supporters alike of his utter incompetence and unfeigned disinclination to unite the nation and provide the kind of nonpartisan leadership that such a crisis clearly demands, and has made Dr. Fauci, the public face of his coronavirus task force, into an unlikely hero for daring to contradict the Commander-in-Chief at his daily press briefings and getting away with it.3

But in their eagerness to seize on Trump's disgraceful and indeed unapologetic indifference to the public interest, his Democratic opponents have been far too quick to ignore the equally shocking fact that the CDC has also failed us monumentally,

  1. by not stockpiling adequate testing materials and safety equipment before-hand, which were widely available through WHO and immediately put to use more or less everywhere else in the world;

  2.  by not doing whatever else was necessary to prepare for such outbreaks in advance, despite having long predicted their likelihood; and

  3. by not taking prompt and effective action once the virus made its presence known, above all by developing and executing an effective nationwide program for testing and contact-tracing those infected, both symptomatic and otherwise, especially in high-risk locations,4 as had already proved its worth in South Korea, Japan, Taiwan, China, and Hong Kong. 

Even though Trump's dithering, denialism, and incompetence were more than enough to vote him out of office, to say nothing of all the other reasons, it certainly doesn't excuse the agency in charge of our public health from failing to do precisely the job it was created and equipped to do, one requiring scientific expertise that the President, the politicians, and the general public don't have and aren't expected to have. With unlimited access to the finest epidemiologists in the world, the CDC was well aware of their widely-shared consensus, articulated by Prof. Knut Wittkowski and many others, and based on long experience, that the accepted strategy for containing such outbreaks involves

  1. keeping the children in school, allowing the virus to spread rapidly among this least vulnerable sector of the population;

  2.  isolating the people at highest risk, like the elderly, infirm, and chronically ill, and those living at close quarters in nursing homes and extended-care facilities; and

  3. identifying asymptomatic carriers, locating their contacts, and thereby promoting the development of high-level immunity for the general population in the shortest possible time.5

Instead, by remaining silent and doing nothing for so many weeks, it allowed the President to have his way, until the surge in new cases threatened to overwhelm the capacity of hospitals and clinics to care for them, making containment of the outbreak seem impossible, and thus appearing to necessitate "flattening the curve," by means of a generalized lockdown and shutdown of the economy, even though these measures would necessarily prolong the outbreak and very likely insure the emergence of mutant strains as well.  So whatever the reason for it, even if they were genuinely unnerved and uncertain, their prolonged hesitation has brought about a disaster of epic proportions, not to mention the fact that, if Trump's blustering, bullying, and threats of retaliation had actually cowed them into submission, their timidity would be even harder to forgive. 

In any case, by far the simplest explanation, which would also help explain why their response continues to be half-hearted and chaotic even now, is that the CDC leadership actually wanted and indeed planned for the event to evolve in that way, because they had already decided to invest their time, money, and energy in developing and promoting a new vaccine against the virus, which had long since become their default strategy for dealing with infectious diseases of every kind. 

Given the official line, and the censoring of all competing versions, this conjecture would already qualify as a "conspiracy theory" of sorts; but what gives it a lot more credence than it should have is the coincidence that CDC officials actively participated in an elaborate wargame-simulation exercise in October, 2019, that envisioned and indeed actively planned for a coronavirus pandemic uncannily like the one we are now living through, just two months before the first cases were announced to the world.6

Organized jointly by the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security, the World Economic Forum, and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the so-called "Event 201" invited legislators, corporate executives, health policy makers, and representatives of the news and social media to attend, and postulated a global crisis involving millions of deaths and a massive economic shutdown lasting 18 months, until either an effective vaccine became available, or 80-90% of the world's population had already been exposed and thus developed a robust, natural, "herd" immunity, whichever came first, although flattening the curve and thus prolonging the outbreak was rapidly pre-empting the second possibility.7

In late January, just three weeks after the first cases appeared in China, the World Economic Forum duly announced its own COVID Action Platform, a global partnership to expedite vaccine development, followed a few days later by the WHO declaring a Public Health Emergency, signing on to precisely the same 18-month scenario that the organizers of Event 201 had already mapped out.8

Simply by waiting and doing nothing further to arrest or contain it, the CDC's subsequent actions for flattening the curve, above all locking down homes and businesses and outlawing large public and private gatherings, came to be perceived by the general public as the most prudent course of action, even though it would necessarily prolong the outbreak, and the fear that goes with it, as well as giving ample time for mutant strains to develop, and thus making further waves of COVID-19 much more likely, so that the mounting fears of most people became entirely reasonable, whether deliberately planned for or not. 

In a 2020 interview, the well-known author and activist Naomi Klein seized upon the pandemic as a perfect illustration of "disaster capitalism," a term she coined in her 2007 book, The Shock Doctrine: the Rise of Disaster Capitalism

Disaster capitalism describes [how] private industries profit from large-scale crises. Disaster and war profiteering really deepened under the Bush administration after 9/11, when the administration declared this sort of never-     ending security crisis, and simultaneously privatized it and outsourced it—this included the domestic, privatized security state, as well as the invasion and occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan.

The “shock doctrine” is the political strategy of using large-scale crises to push     through policies that systematically deepen inequality, enrich elites, and under-   cut everyone else. In moments of crisis, people tend to focus on the daily        emergencies of surviving that crisis, whatever it is, and tend to put too much trust in those in power. We take our eyes off the ball in moments of crisis. 

The shock is the virus, [and its being] managed in a way that is maximizing confusion and minimizing protection. I don’t think that’s a conspiracy, it’s just     the way the U.S. government [has] utterly mismanaged the crisis. It’s the worst-            case scenario, combined with the fact that the U.S. doesn’t have a national        health care program, and its protections for workers are abysmal.9

In any case, flattening the curve and locking down quickly became the official narrative of what was happening, such that natural herd immunity seemed increasingly impossible, and indeed actually undesirable, as Dr. Fauci was quick to point out, since those who achieved it might no longer want or seem to need a vaccine.10  The crowning irony, then, no matter how often and how vehemently Trump vented his spleen against Fauci, the CDC, and the "Deep State" they allegedly represent, is that the ex-President's debunking inaction, echoed by that of the party he still holds captive despite losing the election, was actually a giant step toward fulfilling the very agenda he claimed to despise, not to mention letting Fauci and the CDC off the hook, and indeed widely celebrated as the true voices of reason, science, and public health.


Given the enormous but still imprecisely known number of asymptomatic cases and others still unidentified, the true death rate is unknown, but clearly much lower than the calculated ratio of confirmed to fatal cases.  We know that the vast majority of even confirmed cases recover, and that even larger numbers contract and recover from the infection without bothering to see a doctor, getting tested, or indeed feeling sick in any way.11

But two highly unusual properties of the virus have amplified not only the panic and uncertainty surrounding it, but also the global reach of the COVID illness linked to it, into what has become a truly worldwide menace that seemed and still seems to warrant its pandemic status. The first is the unprecedentedly large percentage of asymptomatic or very mild infections, aggravated by our tardiness, indifference, and failure to locate and identify them both early and widely enough, as we saw, which has generated a crippling fear and uncertainty about the actual trajectory of the outbreak and where on its curve we happen to be situated at any given moment.

The second, which relates directly to the vaccine scenario, is its extraordinary mutability, as indicated by recurrent, cyclical phases of sharp declines in the number of reported cases, followed by equally dramatic surges of new cases in various parts of the world associated with new mutant variants.12,13   In 2021, with the advent of mass vaccination, several of these have already created new surges in reported cases,14 with every likelihood that the vaccines will actually accelerate these mutations,15,16 if indeed they haven't already done so.

As with the influenza vaccines, but perhaps even more so, this genetic instability will probably limit the effectiveness of vaccines developed against a particular strain to relatively brief windows of time, and persuade the industry, the CDC, and the WHO to develop new ones at least every year, if not oftener.  So we have every reason to expect that not just one new vaccine, but almost certainly a whole battery of them, are coming our way with all possible speed, and that our dithering with the outbreak, protecting the children from getting sick, and our massive vaccination program will all keep the virus around for much longer than the year and a half that it has already lived and taken life among us.

In addition, independent scientists have identified a number of different ways in which the case numbers and deaths have been inflated in America and elsewhere, casting serious doubt on the high death rates reported in the official statistics, and thus discrediting the CDC narrative that adds to that fear and spreads it far and wide.  To begin with, the unprecedentedly high number of asymptomatic or only mildly symptomatic cases strongly indicate that there are many, many more cases of infection and many, many fewer deaths legitimately attributable to it than have been reported so far, and that this discrepancy will very likely continue, even when the pandemic begins to recede, as more and more people are tested.  

In an attempt to determine the true incidence of cases, including those infected or in contact with the virus but showing few or no symptoms, one survey designed by Prof. John Ioannidis of Stanford tested all residents of Santa Clara County, California for specific antibodies, and found them at a rate of 50 to 85 times higher than the number of confirmed cases, which if extrapolated to the general population would bring the actual death rate down to the same range as the typical seasonal flu, in the neighborhood of 0.12 to 0.2% of those infected.17

In addition, the data from almost everywhere indicate that the vast majority of deaths occur among the ranks of the elderly, infirm, and chronically ill; and in most American hospitals, cities, and states, patients who tested positive but died from their significant comorbidities were nevertheless signed off as having died from rather than simply with the COVID,18,19 a major source of ambiguity, and still further exaggerated by the extra compensation that hospitals receive for their COVID-19 cases, with even larger awards for their deaths, potent incentives for padding their statistics with even "probable" cases that were never confirmed by test.20

Another source of inaccuracy is the test that the case numbers are based on, the Polymerase Chain Reaction or PCR, which is designed to detect coronavirus RNA fragments rather than live virus, and is thereby subject to numerous false positives, and thus to further manipulations in that direction.21,22  For precisely these reasons, the late Kary Mullis, who invented the test and was awarded a Nobel Prize for it in 1993, warned early on against using it to diagnose infectious diseases.23 

An especially troubling feature of the CDC agenda was its "warp-speed" program for fast-tracking the development of new vaccines, which has allowed the firms involved in the competition to skip the time-consuming but critical step of animal testing and proceed immediately to human trials, an omission that will inevitably and gravely jeopardize both their safety and effectiveness.  Jaded vaccine-watchers with a taste for the macabre will doubtless find grim amusement in the newfound scruples of Dr. Peter Hotez and Dr. Paul Offit, darlings of the industry who almost never meet a vaccine they don't like, suddenly arguing against fast-tracking these futuristic vaccines without large-scale studies to prove their efficacy,24 or animal testing to insure their safety,25  belated pangs of conscience long overdue, to put it mildly.

So here we are, more than 330 million of us in this country alone, marooned in Dr. Fauci's overcrowded lifeboat, with still no land in sight, and no reliable treatment recommended or made widely available when we do get sick, except anti-inflammatory and antiviral drugs of admittedly limited effectiveness, while several other promising pharmaceuticals are ignored, discredited, or set aside, and natural medicines of proven worth, like herbs, vitamins, nutritional supplements, and homeopathics, are scornfully dismissed as old-fashioned and of no value. 


The CDC has developed and matured its staunchly and almost exclusively pro-vaccine agenda over a period of many decades. Its original mission, like that of many other agencies of the Federal government, exemplified the activist spirit of the New Deal, FDR's massive campaign of public works to revive the country from the ravages of the Great Depression, and was carried out by a professional civil service, recruited mainly from the biological sciences and medicine.

Since the 1970's, when the radical right gained control of the Republican Party, one of its main purposes has been to roll back these achievements by defunding the Federal bureaucracy and downsizing its career civil service, especially those agencies assisting the most vulnerable -- the poor, the elderly, the sick and handicapped, as well as infants and children -- and thereby neglecting its functions of insuring occupational safety, and of protecting the air, water, soil, and food supply from toxins, pollutants, and other hazardous by-products of industry.26 

The CDC, FDA, and NIH, the main Federal agencies within the Department of Health and Human Services, have survived these cuts by accepting huge infusions of cash from the drug industry and super-wealthy private donors, and by approving and promoting their products by way of thanks.  In place of time-honored and labor-intensive public health priorities, like hiring boots on the ground to test air, water, food, and soil and trace the spread of epidemic diseases, they have come to rely more and more on drugs, chemicals, and above all vaccines, as their magic wand for warding off infectious diseases of every kind.  In 2003, as a UPI reporter summarized it,

The CDC is in the vaccine business.  Under a 1980 law, it has 28 licensing agreements with companies for vaccines and vaccine-related products.   Members of its Advisory Committee get money from manufacturers by sharing their patents, owning their stock, performing their research, monitoring their tests, and funding the academic departments to which they belong.  This situation, while legal, gives reason to worry that vaccine side-effects are worse   than CDC officials say.27

A 2013 press release from the industry website listed 270 new vaccines already in the pipeline at various stages of the clinical trial process or under FDA review.28 

The manufacturers achieved their ultimate victory in 1986, after parents of infants brain-damaged from the DPT won damages in court, and pressured Congress to establish a Federal mechanism for identifying vaccine injuries in children and compensating them swiftly and generously without requiring a lengthy trial.29  At the last minute the industry threatened to stop making vaccines entirely unless the law shielded them from financial liability in the future, a free ride granted to no other industry;30 and  Congress gave in, accepting the industry's minimal list of compensable reactions as their own, and setting up a Federal mechanism for compensating victims that is heavily stacked against them, such that very few of them succeed.31  In 2011, the Supreme Court upheld the law, on the basis that vaccines are "unavoidably unsafe," in Justice Scalia's memorable phrasing, as if worthy of and hence forever in need of such protection.32

Thus freed from all damage claims, the manufacturers now have carte blanche to manufacture vaccines against any diseases or infirmities they wish, often for no better reason than that they have the technical capacity to do so, with the CDC and the FDA all but guaranteed to approve them.  Aided by the widespread veneration that vaccines have continued to inspire in the general public and the medical profession, the CDC has completed its transformation from an independent agency protecting the public interest into the head cheerleader for the pharmaceutical industry it was supposed to be regulating, while still going through the motions of its original purpose. 

Its secret for keeping up that pretense lies in its impossibly strict standards for vaccine injuries, which are identical to those vanishingly few listed in the safety trials of the manufacturers, and make a mockery of accepted scientific standards, avoiding placebo controls of unvaccinated persons, rejecting adverse events occurring more than a week or two after the shot, as well as those not already approved on the list, and giving the lead investigator absolute authority to disallow reported injuries for any reason at all.33

The inevitable result has been a massive underreporting of chronic diseases, acute injuries, and deaths occasioned by vaccines, estimated by a former head of the FDA to be only 1% of the actual figure,34 which has helped to convince the general public and most of the medical profession that these products are ideally safe, and that it is therefore entirely permissible and indeed desirable to pile on as many as we want, and to give them as often as we like,35 despite ample scientific research to the contrary, and candid revelations of malfeasance from agency and industry insiders.

In 2014, a senior CDC scientist issued a formal apology that agency higher-ups had suppressed experimental data proving that the MMR frequently caused autism:

I regret that my co-authors and I omitted significant information in our 2004          article in Pediatrics, that African-American males who received the MMR before  36 months were at increased risk of autism.36 

In a documentary on the HPV vaccine, a former Vice-President of Pfizer all but boasted of his strong-arm tactics to promote their products, in flagrant violation of the ethical standards that Pfizer still subscribes to, which nevertheless remain standard practice throughout the industry:

Universities and health organizations are begging for money. The only ones who   have money are the big corporations, and they have lots of it.  They give grants for research, pay doctors thousands to speak at conferences and make profits for       their products.  Safety trials are supposedly third-party and independent, but the             money won't keep coming unless they say what you want them to say.  Everybody knows this is how things work.  Only the public doesn't know it.37

The industry has added more and more vaccines to the recommended list,38 together with their steadfast insistence, seconded by the CDC and most of the medical profession, that the skyrocketing prevalence of chronic diseases, and the ever-increasing number and variety of adverse reactions being complained of by parents, their friends, and their doctors, have nothing to do with them.39           

Even before COVID, the vaccine manufacturers launched a global campaign for maximizing vaccination rates everywhere, backed by WHO and funded by many of the same wealthy donors who back the CDC.40  In the United States, they persuaded several blue states to propose laws eliminating non-medical exemptions entirely, some of which were enacted.  In Europe, they convinced the EU and several member countries to propose sweeping new mandates and to enforce them by making passports and drivers' licenses contingent on full compliance,41  which led to massive street demonstrations in France, Italy, and elsewhere to protest them,42 along with the hi-tech control of personal data that such surveillance would require.

Appearing as if coincidentally in the thick of these efforts, the COVID pandemic, whatever may have caused it, has provided the drug industry and its obscenely wealthy benefactors the perfect opportunity to upstage their critics and achieve their ultimate goals, as grandly set forth in the WHO Prospectus:

Immunization is a global health success story, saving millions of lives every year.  It is the foundation of primary health care, an indisputable human right, and one of the best investments that money can buy. With the support of countries and    partners, WHO is leading the creation of a new global strategy for the next decade. It envisions a world in which everyone, everywhere, and at every age fully  benefits from vaccination to improve health and well-being.43

By branding the COVID a pandemic, the CDC, the WHO, the vaccine industry, and their mega-rich donors have cultivated an atmosphere of urgency, fear, and uncertainty by prolonging the economic shutdown, opposing effective treatments for the illness, and thus helping to bring about the conditions for the general public in most of the world to long for a vaccine as their only hope of escaping from the crisis and returning to a semblance of the life they were forced to leave behind.


 Although coronaviruses had been known and studied for decades, the SARS epidemic of 2002-03, a zoönosis originating in bats, became the starting-point for accelerated investigations of them at military and non-military virology labs around the world.44  The U. S. Army bioweapons facility in Maryland subjected them to bioengineering "gain-of-function" research, to make them even more contagious and virulent than the wild types, up to and including the hypothetical capacity to unleash global pandemics.45

In 2011, many scientists voiced deep misgivings about the risk of such "superbugs" escaping from their laboratory environments and infecting the general public.46  Three years later, when a few such leaks were reported to have occurred from a CDC facility,47 the Obama Administration finally declared a halt to all gain-of-function research.48  Early in 2017, shortly after Trump was inaugurated, the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease, a division of NIH headed by Dr. Fauci, gave a grant of $3.7 million to the Chinese government lab in Wuhan to resume them.49  In 2020, Trump belatedly terminated them to try to escape responsibility for his part in the pandemic, shifting the blame to China, home of the first known case, and President Obama, his bête noire of record, falsely insisting that the grant had been his idea.50

It also came out that the moneys in question, while bearing the name of the NIH, were actually being paid out and administered by a consortium of universities and private companies known as the EcoHealth Alliance, just one of an extensive network of similar public-private partnerships of which the public was largely unaware.51  The labyrinthine auspices of these partnerships raised troubling ethical questions as to who actually owns and profits from the drugs and vaccines developed under their auspices.52

In addition, they enable super-rich investors to write off their contributions as charitable donations, while profiting vaccine manufacturers and other companies that they own or are heavily invested in, a thus far entirely legal "new philanthropy" that generates huge profits, outsize influence, and a cachet of respectability because of the seemingly worthy causes they so righteously support.53 

In any case, it is clear that the United States military and scientific communities have been actively studying, designing, and manufacturing ever-deadlier coronaviruses for quite a long time. The program was in full swing from 2004 until 2014, when President Obama brought it to a halt, only to be revived shortly after Trump was elected and throughout Trump's term in office, until shortly before the 2020 election, when the COVID was at its height, this time with funding provided by NIH grantees to China's Wuhan lab, under Dr. Fauci's sponsorship.  For that reason alone, the additional facts

  1.  that the virus outstrips all others we know of in the percentage of infected people who are asymptomatic or only mildly ill,

  2. that it selectively kills and cripples those who are already chronically ill,

  3. that it appears to be even more mutable then the influenza viruses, and

  4. that it has brought about a rapid and eerily fatal termination in some patient that is still not completely understood

    ,all make it appear highly probable 

  5. that it was manufactured in the Wuhan lab, to a great extent with our help, if not at our behest,

  6. that it escaped, presumably by just the sort of accident that our scientists have long been worried about, and

  7.  that the program had succeeded brilliantly in accomplishing precisely what its paymasters had in mind

As far as I'm aware, nobody is openly congratulating our soldiers, scientists, and philanthropists for a job well done; but we need to make it clear to them and everyone else that it's a job we need to stop doing once and for all, since the morbidity and mortality that the COVID has already caused are only the beginning of the dire threat it continues to pose to everyone on the planet.

 In any case, the fact that advocates of mass vaccination have been predicting just such an event for years, and even staged the infamous Event 201 to plan for it, only adds further weight to the suspicion of some scientists that the outbreak actually began months earlier, in the late summer or fall of 2019, such that at least the organizers of Event 201 were already aware of it.  But whether or not the CDC was forewarned,

  1. what we were doing with the Chinese in Wuhan was a disaster waiting to happen, if not now, then at some future time

  2. Trump and his cronies bear major responsibility for it, as do Dr. Fauci and the CDC, however much they keep blaming each other;

  3. and the strategy of flattening the curve and locking down until the vaccine comes to the rescue, regardless of precisely when it was devised and settled on, has brought about a national and global catastrophe far more grievous than any-thing that the virus, bioengineered or not, would have achieved on its own. 

 Richard Moskowitz, MD



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  1.   "There are more than 1 million viruses that we know absolutely nothing about,"

                  EcoHealth Alliance Prospectus, Cf. also Helen Branswell, 

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  1.    Cf. Branswell, H., "NIH awards $7.5 million grant to EcoHealth Alliance, months               after uproar over political interference," STAT,, August 27, 2020.


  1.   Cf. "Gated Development: Is the Gates Foundation Always a Force for Good?"

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                "Beware the COVID-Vax Scheme!" State of the Nation,,

               January 4, 2021.






Two Cents

Senior moment: I meant "harsh aspersions", not approbations.

Two Cents

This piece might also apply to Alec Baldwin as well as the Cuomos' are Catholic. I am not Catholic, but I try to refrain from such harsh approbations toward others, let alone towards those who claim Christ. King David was not so hot at times as I recall. On top of that if your view that God ultimately handles these matters there is a prescribed response. Humility. This is called for when it is the hardest to exercise. In addition my faith is very shaky and strong believers might see me as an enemy..

Do Not Gloat When Your Enemy Falls


"This is the woman who was in charge of Alex Baldwin’s gun"

WARNING! Adult language and theme. (This is, after all, TicTock)

Two Centws


"My scripture post did not have your name on it."

Oh, I though your passage quotation was in some way intended as a response, at least in part, to my "peace be with you" quote. My mistake.

BTW I have read the letter. I am not sure why you ask.


@ Two Cents

My scripture post did not have your name on it.
Have you not read the entire letter?


Oh guys thanks for the chuckle this morning == you two --- goones.
I love you all.

Because I can't help myself - - Reagan signing a bill that came through the house and senate - with the heavy hand of pharma threats of not making the DPT vaccine -brought up images of Black Death of Europe all piled up in the streets.

So we gave up a right to sue so we can be safe which is hardly something a true far right 0r a medium right person would have agreed with.

Reagan knew it when he signed it too

Two Cents

Talk about missing context. Plus, I didn't say and safety. Good grief.

19 On the evening of that first day of the week, when the disciples were together, with the doors locked for fear of the Jewish leaders, Jesus came and stood among them and said, “Peace be with you!”

John 20:19


"2For yourselves know perfectly that the day of the Lord so cometh as a thief in the night. 3For when they shall say, Peace and safety; then sudden destruction cometh upon them, as travail upon a woman with child; and they shall not escape."
1 Thessalonians 5:2-3

Two Cents


Peace be with you.


No matter who you vote for in the white house, the flight plan doesn't change.

Ronald Reagan began the horrid vaccine economy in 1986, and he considered ketchup a vegetable. America has drastically declined ever since.

We need community action nationwide to help grow organic vegetables and foods, create autism friendly studios and jobs, ease the suffering and reduce toxic load (such as EMFs, 5G/6G, aluminum, etc) of autistic and related individuals, and help bring back Native American languages and cultures without demolishing positive U.S. cultural aspects (liberals want to tear down America, sadly).

We also must end all vaccines. “Safer, smaller, delayed” poison is still poison, and liberals think their fanatic vaccine and president worship (such as Bernie Golden Calf Sanders) will fix our injured children.


@Two Cents

My response has not been posted.

Two Cents


I have never maintained Baldwin was not negligent, or even that he is not culpable. What I want to know from you is if you believe and maintain he willfully and knowingly shot her with a desire to harm or kill her. A drunk driver is culpable, but the victim is not a person whom the drunk intended to harm. This is the relevant issue regarding Carol's response. You don't want to acknowledge her contention is the crux of the matter. I am not defending Baldwin., I just don't think he meant to kill her unless there was a nefarious political scenario which you seem to imply in a way. As the video says a drunk "accidentally" ends someone's life. Again, Carol was talking about sober people intentionally seeking out political or ideological opposed people coming to do her harm. I don't understand why you can't understand this. If you can't see your conflation of these two scenarios as the same, I understand Carol;'s concern. Baldwin seems to sleeping in the bed he made, but that is a different matter. Your assertion simply promotes the mob mentality which is the domain of the left.
I think Carol would be persuaded more by accurately defang the reralites, not confusing intentional and even criminally negligent deaths with willful and intentional homicide.


@Two Cents

This researcher agrees with my analysis and provides links:
"Alec Baldwin ADMITS GUILT in Bizarre Tweet from Apple News on Fact He Didn't Check if it Was Loaded"

"Alec Baldwin Used LIVE ROUNDS For PLINKING and Target Practice Immediately Before Tragedy"

"Alec Baldwin CRIMINAL CHARGES from Hiring Non-Union Workers after Walkout and Discharges Likely"


For some reason his videos often appear on bitchute.

Try this:

Two Cents

Emmaphiladelphia ,

I will enter conjecture land out of curiosity. Was anyone really killed? Was she killed to send a message? If you want to make a direct charge please come out with it. Wa she a liability to the Russian collusion hoax? I she a special person who has actually received special blessings through this beyond what most anyone else would contemplate? I had read the law firm ostensibly opposed global warming efforts. Is this a faked shooting for some other purpose? Is Baldwin simply a political operative? Carol was coming at this from a wholly different angle. I have been taking this at face value, but your responses portend a deeper knowledge. Either that, or you are a little over the top. Or maybe talktowendys is correct.

Jill in MI

Does anyone have the video from Mercola's website when he interviewed Li-Meng Yan? I would love to see it.

Morag Lyons

Poverty of political policies is a septic scourge for us humans .
Rubbish and Rats ;Is Glasgow Ready to hold COP 26 ? YouTube

"Quick.quick take yer time and hurry-up , it' an emergency on top of a disaster !"

"The Health and Social Care Standards are in the gutter?"
The indidgenous ? grey rat population are calling the local cockroaches an infestation of shelfish rebels ,with non-vax ,un-vax ,and No-vax , passports, to access the Carona Bar, in Shawlands South Side Glasgow, for a bottle of Carona beer, a local weekend infestation hot-spot, for a sing- a- long- a -coakroach Carona Karae -oke !

Glasgow's Rat problem is Margaret Thathers fault says delusional SNP Council Lead 26 October YouTube


Horrific! Even puppies aren't safe around Fauci!

Ron DeSantis Rips Fauci over Gain of Function, Puppy Experiments: ‘Flat-Out Disgusting, Despicable’

"Speaking in North Venice on Monday, DeSantis addressed the recent revelations on both the NIH funding gain of function research at the Wuhan lab and Fauci’s division of the NIH partially funding a cruel experiment involving insects eating puppies alive.

“And what do we find out? We know NIH gave money to fund research, gain of function research, at the Wuhan Institute of Virology,” DeSantis said.

“So what they’re doing is they’re taking U.S. tax dollars in China, and they’re trying to create super viruses that will be more dangerous for humans. And they’ll say, ‘Well, we want to figure out how to combat the viruses,'” he said, calling it “very hazardous” and “unethical.”

“They should have been banned from doing it, but I think they got around the ban. So we’ve got to shut that down. You can’t have mad scientists running around playing God like this,” he said before pivoting to the more recent revelations of puppy cruelty.

“And then come find out what else is Fauci and NIH doing? They’re doing cruel experiments on puppies. What they were doing with those puppies is flat-out disgusting, despicable. That needs to stop,” DeSantis said, referencing the recent revelations of the experiment, which involved researchers removing the vocal cords from beagle puppies, drugging them, and locking their heads in cages while allowing hungry sandflies to eat them alive."

And ANYONE would give their child a Fauci jab??????????????????????


Right Armed and Dangerous.....

"Joe Biden Forgets Mask, Coughs into His Hand, then Shakes Hands with Democrats"


There will be coincidences......

"Woah! Husband of woman killed by Alec Baldwin connected to indicted Clinton attorney."

This is big news in Greece.

Two Cents


"You are working overtime to mischaracterize what I clearly stated."
What did you clearly state?



Sounds like you are ready to take on the pizza delivery guy......
(Warning: adult language)
"Watch: Pizza-delivery guy has meltdown, goes bonkers on driver with Trump flag
'If you get your b**** a** out of that truck, I will beat the f*** out of you'"


No Emma I don't think Two Cents are that at all.
I too misunderstood thanks for taking the time to come back here and clarifying what you meant.

By the way did you go over to Mercola's website and watch his interview with Li-Meng Yan?
She has a heavy accent, but he put up subtitles.
I listened to her twice the second time writing it all down, and it helped me connect the dots more of the men that she worked for = that were connected with WHO.

EVERY BODY! IT is not a bunch of rich millionaires, billionaires, that has decided to take over the world; it is not the world economic forum trying to take over the world; it is the communist Chinese that took over them and through them are taking over the world.

We need to look deep into all money from our leaders and see how they got rich after just being in politics or years. I am sure we will find many both Democrat and Republican that has some China money.


@Two Cents

I must have struck a nerve. You are working overtime to mischaracterize what I clearly stated. Are you a friend of Carol's? I don't recall you ever posting here. John Schneider's excellent overview of movie set fire arm safety protocol is air tight and many other commenters have confirmed what he said. Hollywood lawyers are telling Baldwin to lawyer up. The gun and bullet were real. It was not a prop. Schneider said a "prop" is always fake and can't be fired. The media is heavily covering for Baldwin and is continually calling it a "prop." Also, look into who the victim was married to. Lawsuits for sure. I think his film, Rust, has just turned to Dust. RIP.


This is really important blog. thanks for sharing.


Two Cents Worth;
It was not your miscommunication, but me getting confused on what Emma wrote and you wrote. It is clear once I read both your posts again.
My excuse is that Mother was calling me- 92 year old - at the time, and I had to hurry to get her up and breakfast and all.
LOL, I already knew something like this was circulating around. Yeah; it is about time some body was scared of me-- Ohh, what to do with this new found power -- to think Kim spent years in Karate - third degree black belt, but my fingers on the typing board -were more awesome.


Oh I see Emma. That makes sense.

Two Cents


"A better example is not an accidental shooting by poor Alex Baldwin, but the story of
a 66 year old, James Hodgkinson that did it on purpose because he believed in the myth of the "Far Right"."

I did not check my typing in the post earlier, but when I wrote:
"Political violence like when a gunman shot at and wounded member of those of reprentatives..."

I was actually referring to Hodgkinson and meant to type "a gunman shot at and wounded a member of the house of representatives." It is an actual example of Political violence. Baldwin is not.

Two Cents

Emmaphiladelphia ,

I did watch the video. The question is not who was negligent or was Baldwin negligent. Someone was. Unless you think Baldwin shot people on purpose you were not citing a relevant case with Balwin being a threat who would come to someone's home and intentionally kill them due to political differences which was Carol's assertion. I think her concern is very misplaced.

From what I have read the people Baldwin hit likely aligned with him politically. I am sure many on the right have accidentally shot others too. I will wait for more info before lynching Baldwin and viewing this as malicious which I don't believe it was.


Carol; I am so sorry that you feel fearful of a fellow citizen, or people that - are like me (?)

Do less sitting on the knee of a Democratic media, run by a Democrat leaders, and listening to too many stories that describe (far) right ogres ; perhaps the ogres are more like Shrek.

I will remember your comment, People like me - thanks --for when I get called a bigot again.

" Why do you look at the speck of sawdust in your brother’s eye and pay no attention to the plank in your own eye? " Matthew 7:3.

Two Cents:

A better example is not an accidental shooting by poor Alex Baldwin, but the story of
a 66 year old, James Hodgkinson that did it on purpose because he believed in the myth of the "Far Right".


I am so sorry about the loss of your job. Firing people for no reason just before Christmas for no reason, and then in some states refusing to even give them unemployment is cruel and inhumane. My husband is holding on to his job with a wing and a prayer; he was already injured by anthrax; too many pre existing conditions in our family, and we will not inject something likely to cause death by clots or heart damage. Some friends have already moved. How to pack up a farm?
Carol. I think the media is deliberately stoking fear. My ex military, republican leaning husband is the guy in the truck who will pull you out of the snow when you land in the ditch. Probably several folk each year, and he is not going to care who you vote for when he gets you out.. My democratic leaning son is the one who came home to see if we could help the stranded couple in a car in the cold, and went back with blankets. Both of them are strong men, and either would help out someone in need.

susan welch

AoA is my favourite website - and that includes social media sites.

The reason for that is because the people on here are so kind, tolerant and understanding. Yes, there are differences of opinions but those opinions are almost always discussed without resorting to rudeness.

I am rather at a loss at the talk of violence on here.

Please can we draw a line under it? Thank you.


@two cents

I guess you didn't watch the linked video. According to movie set fire arms protocol, it is IMPOSSIBLE to shoot a live bullet on a set. Protocol was violated. Actor and gun owner John Schneider characterizes the shooting as "absolutely...negligence", and then clearly lays out his case according to film set regulations which he is very experienced with. (See video starting at 2:25) Baldwin is even more responsible because he is also a producer of this film. He knows the protocol. Choosing to take a shortcut on gun protocol is like choosing to have too many drinks and deciding to drive yourself home. If you killed someone in a car wreck and registered as driving drunk, it would not be passed off as "just an accident." There would be legal/criminal ramifications.

But actually, you make my point. Baldwin is well documented as a far left liberal and an outspoken anti-Second Amendment activist. I'm sure Carol would have felt perfectly safe around him. I'm sure the now deceased cinematographer did as well. But she wasn't. Liberal ideology can be dangerous. Why would someone like Baldwin want to do a WESTERN themed film, full of guns, with which he had no working training in their use and perhaps a flippant attitude in gun handling protocol. Some have rumored that a tight budget may have contributed to a temptation to take shortcuts. Pride comes before a fall. What a fall it is.

Two Cents

Citing what seems clearly to be an accidental shooting is not reasonable., as Carol was suggesting she feared intention political violence. Political violence like when agunman shot at and wounded member of those of reprentatives or when another physically attacked a Kentucky US Senator. Those would be more reasonable citations imo. Your response lends some credance to Carol as she is critqing some posters judgement.


@Carol Martin

"Now I don't think that you personally are going to come and kill me and my family when the opportunity presents, but I do worry about people like you, who think like you and many of the people who post on AoA."

So what do you think of Alec Baldwin? Isn't he a Democrat?

Actor John Schneider reacts to Alec Baldwin's movie set fatal shooting


Dr Moskowitz you are welcomed in my house anytime. I would invite some of my family and friends who over who have lost their critical thinking skills that think CNN, NPR, PBS is the ultimate source of truth.



So what brought you to AOA? Do you have a child/adult with vaccine induced encephalopathy (autism)? Good and evil are relative terms. What is your standard of measure?

Carol Martin

Oh, Benedetta, can't you tell that a lot of us have sore feelings about being styled as "evil"? You may remember saying that about Democrats. Or maybe you don't. But you did. Now I don't think that you personally are going to come and kill me and my family when the opportunity presents, but I do worry about people like you, who think like you and many of the people who post on AoA.


Which politician kept his promise?

Donald Trump: "I'm going to build a wall, and Mexico is going to pay for it."
Joe Biden: "I'm going to build a wall, and American taxpayers will pay for it."

Report: Joe Biden Builds ‘Wall’ Around His Delaware Beach House, Makes America Pay for It

Follow me to Rehoboth Beach....
Isn't that David Brock? (8th photo down)

Morag Lyons

Thank you Dr Moskowitz , "Their houses are in need of repair with some severe reverse goal planning!"
Please see ,https//
The Daily Sceptic Article /interview News Round Up 21/10/21
"NHS whistle blower " Laurence Fox speaks to an NHS whistle-blower ,who despite working through the lockdown ,caring in the community ,now faces the sack simply because she doesn't wish to get the c-19 vaccine .

Matt McGinn Oor Wee Wean YouTube

Pass the dry baulk vomit bucket, NHS has more faces of discrimination than BIG BEN!
See https/christianconcern .com
Christian Concern Home
Nurse Mary Onuoha facing raw discrimination!
Article -Nurse "treated like a criminal for wearing cross " 5 October

Angus Files

Agreed Carol Red or Blue in either country matters not whether its USA or the UK .Over the past 70 years you can blame it on politicians all of them,, none of them made a difference.

Bill whuld you have any links?course not trolls never do...

Pharma For Prison



Far right - Rand Paul that has been shot at, had his lung punctured, harassed, he and his wife found themselves in great danger from those that as they walked on the streets after attending a political event -- HIM ; You know who he is.

HE is the only one that stood up to Fauci in Congress, and accused him of lying. I did not see any Democrat - at this PRESENT time in history.

benedetta Stilwell


Can't you tell that there are a lot of sore feelings on the right that don't want to hear about - yeah -- but, but , but what about them Republicans, as America burns. We know. Did you see how well Jed Bush did or did not do after spending lots and lots of money in the 2016 election.

Bill; I heard Wuhan has others waiting in the wing, Some that have an 80 percent fatally rate.
I did not read the rest of your stuff - evidently trying to pick a fight. Sorry too much is going on to bother with a nat.


I am so tired of hearing about that freaking Wuhan lab. That virology lab has been around with since the late 1950's and only during the pandemic or maybe a few years before did anyone talk about that facility. What if a bio-weapons lab in that persecuted country that starts with a I and the majority of people who are citizens who claim to believe in a religion that starts with a J, what if the virus originated from a lab leak in that country or in a labotory in another country that starts with a U. If it not for Chinese anatomist in the 10th century we would not know hot to cure smallpox with a weakened virus.


To those who imagine that the corruption is all on one side, I say "Ronald Reagan" and "aspartame."

John Stone


I think the Royal Family are sadly far gone anyway - the Queen seems even dangerously relaxed since the departure of her husband. Back in June - completely without precedent - she allowed herself to be filmed welcoming the Prime Minister and commiserating with the plight of “poor Mr Hancock” who she had just been speaking to on the phone (this was less than 24 hours before his excruciating departure). If she knew what that was all about it was an utter disgrace. Anyhow, they were already all signed up to “the Great Reset”which should have been well outside their constitutional remit.

I think it is a great pity. I didn’t see any benefits to less colourful Republican systems (I enjoyed the pageantry if it did not interfere the cricket on TV) but they have plainly stopped doing the job sensibly in almost any respect: Princes Charles, Andrew and Harry are a nightmare. William does know how to conduct himself at a personal level but he is still on board for the Reset as far as I can see.

Angus Files

Aye John, Boris Gump at the end of the line Mam your country will be safe in these peoples hands trust me....jeeze were finished...roll on the the next predicted deluge which will stuff their computers up and their control. They cant control planet 9 Nibiru yet. Only thing is, the Sumerian scrolls predict its 2500 years away.. Gates probably predicts he`s going to be the next Moses him and his buddies Boris Gump..what a thought... meanwhile back at the ranch.

Pharma For Prison



John Stone;
The Gates handshake must contain nano bots that goes to the brain and has the effect of the Old Jedi mind trick --turning leaders' minds about issues of vaccines. A new Jedi mind trick perhaps?

John Stone

Regulators ought to regulate or they are a menace and a deception and even before the First Word War Woodrow Wilson was complaining that business was taking over the government while Ambrose Bierce quipped in his Devil’s Dictionary that the corporation was an ingenious device for obtaining profit without responsibility. This was fifty years before Eisenhower’s epochal pronouncement about the “military industrial complex”. We have never grasped the nettle and now we seem to be paying the ultimate price: I feel sympathy for both old style left and right views though the politics of both ultimately failed us: it is hard to remember that the Frank Capra/James Stewart films of the little man pitted against big business and big government happened against the backdrop of the FDR/Truman era but it is relatively easy to relate to both sides of this narrative compared with what is happening now.

I keep on returning to the words of the editor of BMJ in August of last year:

“So instead we are heading for vaccines that reduce severity of illness rather than protect against infection, provide only short lived immunity, and will at best have been trialled by the manufacturer against placebo. As well as damaging public confidence and wasting global resources by distributing a poorly effective vaccine, this could change what we understand a vaccine to be. Instead of long term, effective disease prevention it could become a suboptimal chronic treatment. This would be good for business but bad for global public health.”

She mentioned, I think, that we were buying into a dangerous delusion only because she was worried about President Trump being re-elected - the word was already out that the “vaccines” were not going to work although she did not mention how many they might kill. Meanwhile I am much more disturbed to see the Royal handshake being given to Bill Gates than to Donald Trump (who was at least another head of state)

That really seems to signify no good at all.


Dr. Moskowitz,

Keep up the amazing work.

What I believe some people here should keep in mind is that Dr. Moskowitz’s work is exactly the medicine that’s required right now for many on the Left, so I would recommend that people repost this article to any Bernie fans or leftists you know, and into their groups.

We’re all on the same team at AoA and Dr. Moskowitz brings us extra possibilities.

Bob Moffit

@ Hera

"It doesn't seem that any country had a solution that stopped the spread of Covid; maybe Sweden came closest, with its lack of lockdowns, or India in some of it's states, with its ivermectin treatments?'

From what I read .. apparently the Amish community found the "solution" that stopped the spread of covid .. it is called HERD IMMUNITY … the result of entire community gathering to worship God .. sharing close contact .. thereby deliberately exposing all to covid .. trusting in GOD .. (not FAUCI) to protect them. IT WORKED

David S Weiner

@Bob Moffit

I understand your confusion. Allow me to explain.

Dr. Moskowitz mistakenly believes that "the far right" does not support the mission of the CDC, "regulating and restraining Big Pharma on behalf of the public interest".

He provides no evidence for this view. This is just his worldview.

Sadly, there are few, if any, politicians or pundits on the right who actually hold such a view, as far as I can tell. But there ARE some on the right who have correctly observed that the CDC is very inept and/or corrupt and should face criticism for its handling of Covid.

Dr. Moskowitz is so wedded to his view that we need powerful regulators with integrity to keep the bad guys in check that he cannot see the obvious, that these so-called regulators are the great facilitators of Big Pharma for committing its crimes. That is their role and it has always been their role. He cannot fathom that there could possibly be another way of doing things, a different model, let's call it a free market, where the public WOULD actually be protected without pinning our hopes on "regulators" who have a near perfect record of failing us.


Richard Moskowitz, M. D.,
I am sorry: I just realized that your name was mis spelt in my comment. It was unintentional; multi tasking can be a bad thing! Have cut and pasted it this time, so it should be correct.

Kim for Readers

Hi, friends and readers. Dr. Moskowitz is a guest in our home - and I'd like to treat him as such. We can disagree vociferously - I would still like to see respect. Thanks. Kim


Dr Maskowitz,

I am deeply grateful for your support against vaccine mandates, for treatments, and also for your delightful description of the "newfound scruples" of Offit et al.

Politics? Politically, my views are independent, and I'm a believer in the enemy of my enemy is my friend", or in this case, anyone willing to speak against vaccine mandates, who allow the vaccine injured their voice, or who are able to help with treating covid in such a way that their patients actually survive; these are all my friends.

Whether it is Tucker Carlson on Fox ( my new hero!) or Black Lives Matter protestors in New York, in my opinion, if you are against vaccine mandates, then you are on the right side of history. Even those who were high up in the FDA or NIH, if they resigned rather than sign their names to something they felt was wrong, then these are people also doing the best they can.

It doesn't seem that any country had a solution that stopped the spread of Covid; maybe Sweden came closest, with its lack of lockdowns, or India in some of it's states, with its ivermectin treatments?

I don't think any politician at the helm in any country whether Trump or a democrat, could have stopped the initial spread of covid, though right now, the lack of monoclonal antibodies in most states of the U.S. , a known effective treatment, border on the criminal.

How many have died to punish "the unvaccinated" by not giving them this lifesaving treatment? And if we as a country can create billions of vaccines and tests, how come creating more monoclonal antibodies is somehow impossible? This is a massive failure to care for the health of the citizens of this country.

Also, why hasn't the CDC revised its treatment protocol, given how many people are dying ( expensively) in hospitals whose standard of treatment, as they cheerfully repeat in multiple news articles, is likely to result in painful, ventilated death?

At what point does that slip from incompetence into something worse? It is hard to believe the CDC could change, but with all the things happening in this world, who knows?

One thing though; if trust is to be earned back by the CDC or any other government agency, their actions have to show they care for the vaccine injured, will protect and help them, and will support everyone's fundamental medical right to choose.


Richard Moskowitz, MD : Thank you for taking the time to re state your position of the two houses.

I know you are trying to be fair. I respect that. I rejoice that you see there is something bad wrong as we head into communism. I need to be more grateful to God for victories he sends our way, and so I want to state to you that I am grateful for you. .

I am thankful for your level headed thoughts. I see that you even referenced Dr. Mercola. You are on the side of light.

You and others like you; will perhaps chip away at the left base, and perhaps make cheating in elections harder. I hope so .

I am sorry I am touchy. .

If you are surprised that a few of us get upset, when you say the left is bad and so is the right the far right we got our reasons --- a long list. .

and we feel that we have been unfairly mistreated along with President Trump.

But thank you for putting your neck on the line - to make it right for your country. You are doing more than I am doing - so thank you.

Richard Moskowitz, MD

M., you dare not even speak your name. Do you imagine that losing your trust is breaking my heart? If speaking my truth is enough to lose your trust, then how much was it worth to begin with?

Bob Moffit

@ Dr Moskowitz

"All I said was that Fox News and other outlets dominated by the far right are virtually the only place where our views are published or taken seriously. And to my mind that is a tragedy"

A Republican/far right … "tragedy" for publishing our views or taking them seriously? Sorry .. but .. I am confused.

"Republicans hate the CDC on principle, because of what it should be doing, but isn't, namely, regulating and restraining Big Pharma on behalf of the public interest."

Are you suggesting Republicans should NOT hate the .. "CDC .. because of what it should be doing, but isn't, namely regulating and restraining Big Pharma on behalf of the public interest"? Sorry .. but … I am confused.

With the greatest respect for your justified analysis of the complete failure of our PUBLIC HEALTH BUREAUCRACY .. which you so accurately described in your observations … I thank you for speaking truth to power …. laying blame our corrupt PUBLIC HEALTH BUREAUCRACIS … where it belongs … that to me … describes a CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY.


Dr. Moskowitz:

You may not have said it in so many words, but your grossly slanted piece has cost you the trust of many. Those who now totally dismiss you as a source of reliable information will be throwing the baby out with the bathwater, but that's just the way it is sometimes.



‘This is totalitarianism’: Doctor ejected from his US hospital for not being jabbed vows to keep fighting for medical freedom

This doctor is bold in his Christian faith. Must see video interview!

Richard Moskowitz, MD

I never said that everyone or even most of the people who are against the mandates are nut cases of the far right, and I completely agree that the Democrats are serious villains in promoting and enforcing them. All I said was that Fox News and other outlets dominated by the far right are virtually the only place where our views are published or taken seriously. And to my mind that is a tragedy. To those of you who seriously imagine that the GOP and the Trumpites who now control it have the slightest interest in your welfare, beyond winning your vote, I say, good luck! I titled my essay "A Plague on Both Your Houses," because at the moment both parties are mainly interested in opposing each other, and both deserve significant blame for the pandemic we now find ourselves in. The Democrats are not only clueless but in fact are beating the drums for more and more mandates, simply because they blindly believe the lies that the CDC is feeding them. The Republicans hate the CDC on principle, because of what it should be doing, but isn't, namely, regulating and restraining Big Pharma on behalf of the public interest. Meanwhile, both parties are up to their necks in enjoying large campaign contributions from them, simply because that's where the money is.



I will pray that the Lord will provide another better job. He cares for us and will provide for all of our needs. God bless you for standing up for righteousness.! In spite of Jesus' humble birth, His heavenly father provided kingly gifts through the wise men:

"And when they were come into the house, they saw the young child with Mary his mother, and fell down, and worshipped him: and when they had opened their treasures, they presented unto him gifts; gold, and frankincense, and myrrh.”


Thanks Emmaphiladelphia for relaying the sad news of Colin Powell's coincidence. They're learning the hard way, the covid vaccine doesn't work and makes death more likely.

Here's another 'read between the lines' story, unexpected severe muscle spasms...just another coincidence...

The best way to stop seizures is to stop vaccines. Same goes for Alzheimers, autism, multiple sclerosis, parkinsons, and Lou Gehrig's. I'm going to lose my job next month right before Christmas thanks to empty joe, but that's better than one of the diseases I just listed. You guys are the best, have a great day.


I agree with Benedetta that the problem is not former President Trump. And I agree with Hans Litten how are we to believe "Brandon" got 81 M votes and the Dominion voting systems and all the witnesses speaking of fraud for Biden? Dr. Moskovitz has a glaring political bias that paints parents who believe in conservative values as "far right". I could understand it if the current democrats weren't so bent on tyranny and forcing vaccines. But I think of Republicans Rand Paul and Bill Posey and that former legislator who was a grandfather of an autistic child. Then I think of likely democrat Fauci funding gain of function research and democrat Richard Pan and his cronies taking away exemptions. Not interested in this doctor's book.


Richard Moskowitz, MD: I am soooo sorry you are soooooo far behind.
See Del Bigtree, David Martin, JF Kennedy Jr. , Mercola keeps well ahead of the crowd as well; the most dearest, kind man in the world. Dr. Breggin
too slow my good doctor.

Perhaps a Laurel Ingrahm can help you catch up - she has been ahead of it all.
The Next Revolution with Steve Hilton has brought us all up to day very soon.

Senate hearings with Dr. Kory
The Front Line Doctors brave stance
And the problem is not Trump --- nope, nope, nope.


I found this especially interesting:

"In an attempt to determine the true incidence of cases, including those infected or in contact with the virus but showing few or no symptoms, one survey designed by Prof. John Ioannidis of Stanford tested all residents of Santa Clara County, California for specific antibodies, and found them at a rate of 50 to 85 times higher than the number of confirmed cases, which if extrapolated to the general population would bring the actual death rate down to the same range as the typical seasonal flu, in the neighborhood of 0.12 to 0.2% of those infected."*

*Bendavid, E., et al.,"COVID-19 Seroprevalence in Santa Clara County, California," medRxiv, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory and BMJ Yale, April 14, 2020,, reported by Prof. John Ioannidis, Stanford University.


It is my opinion that the Covid policies Governor DeSantis is implementing in Florida are what Trump would have done in 2020. Remember, Trump never mandated the Covid jab, nor did he take the take it himself while still in office. He originally made Hydroxychloroquine available for Covid treatment, but that was quickly reversed by Fauci & co. He also made the same monoclonal antibody treatment he claimed cured his own Covid infection an EUA Covid treatment available for free to citizens. Entrenched liberal Democrat bureaucrats made sure availability was not advertised to the states, and DNC controlled MSM never said a word about it. DeSantis' policies have been a huge success in Florida. President Trump is his most influential constituent. One can't help but believe that he was advising the governor on these matters.

DeSantis 2024 would be a positive ticket in my opinion.


Thanks Gary, Paul, Bob, & Hans. I appreciate your responses.


DNC controlled MSM activates propaganda spin machine. LOL!

Colin Powell’s death after a ‘breakthrough’ case of COVID-19 is already being used by anti-vaxxers

Colin Powell and the Bushes are Globalists. 9/11 was the cover to drag us into the Middle East Wars. They "fell" for the false info of Iraq bio-weapons of mass destruction.

Kathy Sincere

@Bob Moffit,

Thank you so much for articulating everything I wanted to write regarding this openly politicized article. As always, you are spot on.

Angus Files

Lots of blinkered points of view there from the Doctor which is not going to solve the taking down of Big Pharma. The voting machines were fixed, Trump was slated any which way he called out the pseudo Covid pandemic, he supplied defibs ,he supplied all the masks, everything and more as requested .Strange how a Dr can be so clever but so blinkered does he not realise America is no longer the land of the free as the voting machines are rigged?Thats public enemy No1 for America .but that's my opinion thanks for posting Kim Dan would have approved I`m sure.

Pharma For Prison


Gary Ogden

reader: Thank you for the links. Disgusting what they did, Fauci, Woodcock, and their cronies. The diabolical Fauci has been damaging our great nation for decades.


"The first known cases were identified in Wuhan in December, 2019"

This has been debunked. The virus was found circulating as early as October 2019 through examination of blood bank blood. I personally know someone who had Covid-like symptoms in October and one of my adult children had the residual cough from it when visiting from the west coast in December of 2019. They were exposed to Chinese visitors through their work. When huge December 2019 parent protests stopped the passage of the bill to remove the religious exemption for vaccines in New Jersey (home of Merck), I predicted that there would be a Disneyland type outbreak sometime soon. I had no idea it would be on a global level. I found many articles at the time pointing to the new Wuhan L4 lab as the source of the virus. I even found a CDC paper (on their website) that described the U.S. cooperation, along with France, to implement L4 safety training at the Wuhan lab. They were very open about it. I passed these documents along to my Representative, and a few days later Senator Cotton announced a possible connection with the Wuhan L4 lab. That info was quickly quashed by the MSM.
A news article at the time stated that samples of the Sars Cov2 virus was ONLY being sent to the U.S. CDC, which I found odd. They were the first to create a PCR test for it. All the original case diagnostics were completely controlled by them. The original test was not based on an actual sample from a sick Chinese. It is interesting to note that the creator of the PCR test, Dr. Mullis, died of respiratory issues in August of 2019 in California. He is in a video interview adamantly stating that the PCR test was never designed for diagnostic purposes. Mullis was a huge detractor of Dr. Fauci and his earlier work on AIDS.


Gary Ogden

Dr. Moskowitz: Get over your Trump Derangement Syndrome. The problem is not Trump, or even Biden, for that matter. The problem is that we have a thoroughly corrupt political system, bipartisan in its corruption, which has been utterly captured by the pharmaceutical industry. The entire political class is deserving of our contempt and revulsion for what they are doing to the citizenry. And now they wish to poison all the children. They are criminals of the worst sort.

Paul Picha

Turned off immediately by author's political characterization of a global takedown by the medical cartel... I can't read this.

Thanks tho Kim for publishing. All points of view are welcome in a free society.

Bob Moffit

Reading through Dr Moskowitz's "Trump Derangement screed " … wherein he assigns "Trump and his far right cabal" ultimate blame .. "allowing Democrats to seize on Trump's disgraceful and indeed unapologetic indifference to the public interest" instead of holding those truly responsible for this pandemic .. NIH, HHS, WHO, CHINA, CDC, PHARMA, FAUCI,

Indeed, Dr Moskowitz .. by your screed holding Trump accountable .. you TOO allowed your own biased POLITICAL views to cloud your otherwise thoughtful observations as to who is to blame for what you hint to be a CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY by all those STAKEHOLDERS you mention as contributing factors..

Speaking for myself … you lose independent credibility by introducing your own personal POLITICS into what is obviously a PURELY PUBLIC HEALTH FAILURE ON A MASSIVE SCALE .. otherwise .. your analysis of this PUBLIC HEALTH FAILURE is extraordinarily insightful.

Hans Litten

"Even though Trump's dithering, denialism, and incompetence were more than enough to vote him out of office, to say nothing of all the other reasons,"

What ya thinking ? Dominion voting systems ?

Cant take anything you say seriously now - Brandon got 81 M votes ? not possible
And I am UK based

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