NBC Reports on the Steep Toll Covid of Restrictions on Special Needs Kids & Their Families

NBC News autism covid
Many kids are not receiving the special education and therapy supports that they need because of the pandemic. NBC News’ Kate Snow hears from a family about the challenges they are facing. How the pandemic is impacting kids with special needs

We must point out that while the report focuses on "children," COVID changes have also ravaged families of adult children with autism and other diagnoses. Group homes have been especially hard hit, and families have been separated from their children for months.  Mental health is a factor in general health. At what point are the restrictions.... enough. Or too much?  My own daughter's school closed in June, and the report features local families that I know (like my daughter and I) who have struggled to find new placements and a way forward.  How is your family doing? What are your challenges? Share in our comments.

Texas Bishop Urges Caution with C Vax

Note: Yesterday, we told you that Pope Francis, the leader of the Catholic Church, gave his approval of Covid Vaccines. Here is a Bishop in Texas, urging caution.  From The Bishop Strickland Hour on Virgin Most Powerful Radio.

By Anne Dachel

12 minutes https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uG3MB70OjLo&t=264s

 Bishop Strickland of the Diocese of Tyler Texas, urges CAUTION getting the COVID-19 vaccine.

Host Terry Barber:  …Bishop Stickland, you’re in an article from LifeSite News. The headline is, U.S. Bishops Endorse Abortion Tainted COVID Vaccine; An Act of Love of Our Neighbor.

And this document entitled Moral Considerations Regarding the New COVID-19 Vaccinations was published just yesterday, December 14th and in this article, you and many other good bishops like Athanasius Schneider and many others, are actually on the other side of the coin in this.
In other words, I want to ask you because so many of our listeners are thinking, what should I do with this COVID-19? Is it moral for me to take this vaccine if it’s been tainted from aborted babies, even though it was twenty or thirty years ago.

That’s the case, and in this article they’re saying that out of charity we should take this vaccine so that someone else won’t get the COVID-19.
What’s your take on all this?

Bishop Joseph Strickland: I address the question for my flock here in east Texas, and my statement really comes down to this: I can’t, in good conscience, receive a vaccine myself that is tainted in whatever way from abortion.

An aborted child is used in whatever way for the production of this vaccine.

I can’t in good conscience personally receive that. I’m not demanding of others, but I think we need to look at the moral questions.

What I’ve really encouraged for a lot of other factors that go into these controversial vaccines and this very controversial disease of COVID-19 that truly does kill people, but how we control it and how we deal with it, you can talk to a different expert that tells you something different every day.

I’ve encouraged people to simply wait, not to rush into vaccines that have been thankfully very quickly produced, but also that’s somewhat problematic that they were produced so quickly without the usual testing of a vaccine.

SO my basic instruction says, I personally can’t in good conscience receive a vaccine that has been tainted, as you say, with the connection to an aborted child, a willfully aborted child.

The reality is that other vaccines are in development. They’re not being marketed yet. They’re not been approved yet, but are in development that have no association with aborted children.

So I’ve encourage my flock, and I encourage everyone, but my responsibility is the flock of east Texas here in the diocese of Tyler. I’ve encouraged all the people here, not just the Catholics, but everyone to just wait and evaluate all sorts of factors with these vaccines.

To me it’s a deal breaker when the two that are being offered now, as I understand it, have some connection to aborted children. And if that’s the case, I’m not going to receive it.

Barber: Bishop Strickland, are you aware that the death rate from COVID-19—now notice I said directly from COVID-19—is 0.03 percent, and most of these people who die from COVID die with it, not from it. In other words, they have heart disease, they have other ailments that they have to deal with.

Ninety-two percent of them die with other health problems. In other words, the 300,000 people that died with COVID, about 10 percent—now this is the CDC—only 10 percent died directly from COVID.

That’s 30,000 people. Bishop Strickland, I read that more people are dying from the flu and pneumonia, and we don’t stop the economy.

I believe that it is a virus, and it can be serious, but in my lifetime we’ve gone through this and we deal with not by using a vaccine that’s immorally developed or even shutting down economies where people lose their jobs.

Some people go, I’m going to not allow myself to be connected giving this COVID-19 to anyone else. So I’m going to wear the mask, stay at home. I’m not going to go to church. I’m not going to do anything because out of charity for my brother and sister out there I’m just going to not go to work. I just live in this bubble because it’s the right thing to do.

What’s wrong with that thinking?

Bp Strickland: It’s not taking in all the factors that need to be addressed. That’s what I encourage people to do, to look at all of it.

Each of us needs to consider this and make our own decision. I think that people need to very much resist.

There’s a lot of talk about mandates. … I think we need to be very aware that mandating something like this, I think that we need to be very careful about that. …

I would encourage people to resist any forcing of receiving these vaccines because, like you said, there are many factors there.
The death rate is not large. Certainly any death is bad and life is sacred, but I think we’ve got to look at all the different factors.

Look at the fact that these vaccines have been produced very quickly, shortcutting some of the usual testing and all.

Even beyond the moral issue of using unborn children, unborn neighbors, if we’re concerned about our neighbor, which we should be, …we’ve got a lot of unborn neighbors that our society isn’t concerned about at all…

We need to look at all the sides of the issue and make a well-formed conscience decision.

Barber: Bishop Strickland, I understand that flying on an airplane… the airlines are going to say you must have a vaccination shot before you get on certain airlines

I would imagine more and more airlines are going to require that. I know at the theaters they’re going to require you to have a vaccine.

What would happen… if they keep telling us, you can’t go to the grocery store without having this vaccine? They’re not telling you you have to have it, you just can’t do normal things in life.

Would it be an overstep to say if they came to your door as the bishop of Tyler, and they said, “Bishop Strickland, as the bishop of Tyler, I want you to implement this.”

The state is saying, nobody comes into church without being vaccinated.

What would you say?

Bp Strickland: No, thank you.

Barber: What happens if they pressure you as the bishop saying, “Look… you need to go along with this because if you don’t, the church is going to be persecuted? “

This has happened before in cultures. Are you going to hold the line on that, or what are you going to tell the government if they say you got to close your churches? What would you say?

Bp Strickland: Churches are being persecuted in the world as we speak. That’s just a reality…

That’s what persecution comes down to. It’s trying to be forced to do something that goes contrary to your faith.

We have to be willing to do what we have to, to live the truth that Jesus Christ has revealed to us. And if it becomes persecution, then in justice, we need to speak against that and do everything we can to resist any diminishing of the freedom of religion and the freedom of living our faith in every aspect of society.

What I keep reminding myself, as a bishop, I need to act on what I know and what is true…and act on that










Peter Hitchens on Johnson, Tier 4 and the New Strain - Mike Graham, UK Talk Radio

Mike graham"Mike Graham on Talk Radio with Peter Hitchens. Talking about Johnson, Tier 4, and the ‘new strain’ which is down to the disgrace that is Niall Ferguson and his latest failed computer modelling."

(American readers may be familiar with Peter Hitchens' brother Christopher, who was on American political television for many years, and who passed away in 2011.)

Robert Kennedy Jr "Informed Consent Has Disappeared"

Video replaced 2/1/21

Robert Kennedy Jr in Berlin, Germany last summer during his trip to speak at the Rally for Freedom and Peace:

Transcript from a YouTube Channel Guido Jones. (Disappearing in 3...2...

My father told me when I was a child: people in authority lie.

If we are going to continue to live in a democracy we need to understand that people in authority lie.

People in authority will abuse every power that we relinquish to them and right now we are giving them the power to micro-manage every bit of our lives, 24 hours a day. They’re going to know where we are, they’re going to know the money that we spend, they’re going to have access to our children.

They’re going to have the right to compel unwanted medical interventions on us. You know, the NAZIs did that in the camps, in World War 2—they tested the vaccines on Gypsies and Jews.

And the world was so horrified after the war that we signed the Nuremburg Charter and we all pledged when we do that, we would never again impose unwanted medical interventions on human beings without informed consent.

And yet in two years all of that conviction has suddenly disappeared, and people are walking around in masks where the science has not been explained to them—they are doing what they’re told.

These government agencies are orchestrating obedience and it is not democratic—it’s not the product of democracy. It’s the product of a pharmaceutical-driven, bio-security agenda that will enslave the entire human race and plunge us into a dystopian nightmare where the apocalyptical forces of ignorance and greed will be running our lives and ruining our children and destroying all the dreams and dignity that we hope to give to our children.”

Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

Pope Francis and Moral Relativism

CardinalsVATICAN CITY (Reuters) - The Vatican told Roman Catholics on Monday that it was morally acceptable to use COVID-19 vaccines even if their production employed cell lines drawn from tissues of aborted foetuses.  Read more here.

The middle to old aged, celibate men who will never get pregnant, never marry, and if they themselves father a child, it will be in secret, who tell women that they can not use birth control and never to have an abortion, have deemed the use of fetal cell lines acceptable.  I am a Catholic woman. Divorced. My Grandmother was divorced in the early 1930s, and unable to take the sacrament of Communion throughout her life.  It crushed her to sit in the pew when the rest of us would take our turns. She was considered a sinner. She was not. I'm not sure if I would be able to walk up the aisle to Communion in  my former Parish here in my town, the Priest is extremely Conservative and strict. But The Vatican has approved fetal cell lines in Covid vaccines. This isn't new information. No major religion has disallowed vaccination because of how they are made, including Muslims and Jews for pig derived ingredients.

Moral relativism: No, it's not when cousins kiss.  Moral relativism is the idea that there is no universal or absolute set of moral principles. It’s a version of morality that advocates “to each her own,” and those who follow it say, “Who am I to judge?” Moral Relativism - U Texas

UK Faces Food Shortages As A Result Of Conflicted Government Science

 image from www.gavi.orgBy John Stone

European countries have been shutting down their borders with the United Kingdom following advice that it harbours a 70% more contagious version of the Covid virus, which has already led to the new Tier 4 lockdown arrangements in Southern England and the effective cancellation of Christmas. Whether the mutation is actually more contagious is a matter for dispute between two Oxford professors. The case that the “strain” is more contagious has been hypothesised by the Nervtag advisory committee led by Prof Peter Horby. According to the Daily Mail Prof Horby, who is Professor of Emerging Infectious Diseases at the Centre for Tropical Medicine and Global Health, said the figure of 70 per cent was based on 'converging data'.

“He said: 'This is including, but not limited to, the rate of change in the frequency of detection of the variant (the growth rate) and the correlation between R values and the frequency of detection of the new variant.'”

This, however, is disputed by Prof Carl Heneghan of the Centre for Evidence Based Medicine. He told the Mail:

'I've been doing this job for 25 years and I can tell you can't establish a quantifiable number in such a short time frame.' 

He added 'every expert is saying it's too early to draw such an inference'.

Professor Heneghan said there was no doubt this time of the year, the 'height of the viral season', was a difficult time for the NHS. But he said failure to put out the basis of the figures was undermining public trust.

But while the mutation is already circulating in other European countries it has led to them shutting down food supplies to the UK coincidentally or not on the very verge of Brexit. Prof Horby had previously been embroiled in controversy earlier this year over the Hydroxychloroquine trial in which inappropriately high quantities of HCQ  were given to Covid patients already in a serious condition (the trial was funded by the Wellcome Trust and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation). Also on the Nervtag Committee is Prof Ferguson of Imperial College whose controversial modelling led to the UK’s first lockdown in the spring. Ferguson was forced to resign from the more prominent SAGE committee after breaking lockdown rules pursuing a romantic liaison, but not apparently from Nervtag. Ferguson’s Vaccine Impact Modelling Consortium at Imperial College is also funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation as well as the global vaccine alliance, GAVI. Ferguson's group was said to have received $185 million from the Bill and Melinda Gate Foundation between 2006 and 2018.

Converging data or converging interest?

Russell Brand Celebrity Covid Viewpoint From Across the Pond

Russell Brand is a brash, bright, loquacious thinker who is also an actor, author and comedian. You might recognize him from HBOs "Ballers." I expect the usual dismissal from the mainstream - after all he's the wrong kind of "tor." Ac not doc. When a celebrity speaks out within the allowed Point of View he or she is commended for bravely speaking out. When a celebrity speaks out from the disallowed POV, he or she is a airhead (females) or bigot (males) or worse. Russell Brand will not be easily shut up.  You can visit his YouTube Channel hereWelcome to my YouTube channel! Everybody knows that the old ideas won’t help us. Religion is dead. Capitalism is dead. Communism is dead. Where will the answers of the next century lie? Particularly, when we’re facing a mental health epidemic and ecological melt down. On this channel my videos explore new ways to connect with ourselves and one another and how to elevate our consciousness. I post wellbeing and spirituality videos every Monday, Wednesday & Friday. And you can watch some of my Under The Skin podcast every Thursday! I'd love you to subscribe to my channel, oh and make sure to hit that notification bell otherwise you won't get told about new videos! Love, Russell


Health secretary Matt Hancock "cried" on GMTV this week, but was it genuine and more importantly how does it relate to the expansion of government powers and transfer of wealth during COVID? Check out my Politics playlist here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lkzp5... Get my book "Recovery" here: https://amzn.to/2R7c810 Get my book "Mentors" here (and as an audiobook!): https://amzn.to/2t0Zu9U Instagram: http://instagram.com/russellbrand/ Twitter: http://twitter.com/rustyrockets Produced by Jenny May Finn (Instagram: @jennymayfinn)

The #Covid vaccine has just been approved to be used from next week in the UK. How do you feel about it? Would you take it or are you sceptical about? Is it the essential antidote to life resuming we've been waiting for or are you wary about it? Why?

Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is

CJ Image 1 s12 19By Cathy Jameson

Vice President Mike Pence

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi 

Senator Mitt Romney

All of them took center stage last week with a COVID-19 vaccine.  Quite a few others have put their names and faces out there including this nurse. 

CJ Nurse Tiff
She isn’t a well-known leader or influencer but certainly played a role in the latest COVID19 vaccine public relations campaign.  Caught on camera those watching saw the nurse manager hit the deck several minutes after receiving the vaccine.  

Nurse Tiff passes out

While I appreciate that the news is finally covering all the facts, including that vaccines have serious side effects, I’ll never advocate for the administration of vaccinations to be shown on TV.  What other medical procedure gets broadcasted on live television like vaccines do?  None that I can think of.  I know that airing the event with famous people and front-line workers is all part of the dog and pony show.  Financial backers think it will help reduce vaccine “hesitancy”. 

CJ Morehouse Dean

Vaccine hesitancy certainly exists, but so does not wanting to go to other types of medical appointments.  I know no man who looks forward to a yearly check-up.  I know no woman who excitedly counts down the days for her next breast or pelvic exam.  Can you imagine if we got to see those procedures or other private exams on TV – like Pence’s prostate exam or Pelosi getting a mammogram? 

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Ashes Ashes We All Fall Down

"It was a momentous day in Hamilton County....."  First frontline workers in Chattanooga get COVID-19 vaccine Thursday

It wasn't so momentous for Nurse Tiffany Dover of CHI Memorial Hospital in Chattanooga, Tennessee, who passed out on camera at the dog and pony show put on by her medical center.  I could see her distress before she opened her mouth. She staggered to the microphone.  The video is all over Facebook and elsewhere. It's on our Facebook page too.

What really struck me, and what I hope that I can bring to you as a unique perspective, is that while she stumbled to the microphone, NONE OF THE MEN AROUND HER came to her aid or stopped her from going forward. Such is war. ONWARD VACCINATION SOLDIERS!  They had a job to do after all, to make this press conference a full tribute to Pfizer.

I noticed her distress in one second. She wobbled like the Weebles my little brother loved in the 1970s. Did you notice it too? Imagine the callous disregard of those around her. She is a 30 year old mother of two children. I would have run to her to help in that moment.

Ask the leadership of CHI how they feel about endangering this young Mother.
Go ahead and run a Google search for the cmi medical center vaccine press conference and see if you can find anything. Scrubbed cleaner than my kitchen sink.
The next day, she told media that she sometimes faints when in great pain. Not sure how that became the smart cover story. First of all, she was cheerful and followed the script well until she had to mumble, "sorry," (in the photo shown, that's what she was saying).  And second if the product causes so much pain that you pass out, well, that's not exactly a roaring endorsement. But endorse Nurse Dover did. Before, during and after. B67181AF-2314-400E-A832-09E3756F4586


You Are Allowed to Worry

More the hurryWorry. Go ahead and worry. Would you eat a 20 pound turkey that had been cooked for 2 hours, even if the chef promised you he used a new kind of bird, in a fancy pan, in a never before used oven designed by angels? What if your OB said he could deliver your baby at 5 months gestation and ensure you'd have a perfectly developed, healthy baby? Who will stand up and scream that the Covid vaccines rolling out across the nation have serious side effects and no liability? Seems the FDA might be trying. A little.

CNBC: FDA staff recommends watching for Bell’s palsy in Moderna and Pfizer vaccine recipients

U.S. Food and Drug Administration staff recommends monitoring people who get Pfizer or Moderna’s Covid-19 vaccine shots for possible cases of Bell’s palsy, saying it’s not necessarily a side effect but worth watching out for after a handful of trial participants got the condition, which causes half of your face to droop.

A 54-page staff report released Tuesday said there were four reported cases of Bell’s palsy among Moderna’s more than 30,000 clinical trial participants. Three of the participants who got Bell’s palsy also received the vaccine instead of a placebo shot. Pfizer’s trial similarly had four reported cases of Bell’s palsy out of some 43,000 participants. All four Bell’s palsy cases in Pfizer’s trial got the vaccine and not the placebo. READ MORE

Think You're Too Old to be Carded?

SneetchesWe may be entering a Sneetch world.  Discrimination based on vaccination status. If you aren't familiar with Dr. Suess' story, there are two sorts of Sneetches. Those with and those without stars upon thars - their bellies.  I've copied a video reading below.  Theodor "Ted" Geisel, aka Dr. Suess, was a political cartoonist and activist, not simply an author of iconic children's books.

Dec 16, 2020, WISN/ABC12 Milwaukee:


As the COVID-19 vaccine becomes more widespread, could a card proving recipients have been vaccinated soon be required to get on a plane, go to a concert or sporting events?

A year ago, it would be hard to imagine but it is a possibility that some facets of everyday lives could look very different as more people get the COVID-19 vaccine. The first doses were administered Monday afternoon. But there are already questions about whether people will be required to get it.

"I can assure you the state has no intention of mandating the vaccine," Deputy DHS Secretary Julie Willems Van Dijk said. "What private employers do, you know, will be up to each employer as to the conversations they want to have with their employees."

The state gives anyone getting the vaccine a card. But Willems Van Dijk said it's meant as a reminder to return for the next injection. It's not meant to be used as proof for admission to work or other venues.

Dr. Peter Hotez Doom and Gloom

This article is from an interview with Dr. Peter Hotez on NPR last month. The Tweet in the photo is from yesterday. Dr Hotez jubilantly taking a CoVax. I expect his tie to spin with giddy delight.  Moderna and Pfizer vaccines are starting to be delivered and administered as of this week. Imagine any doctor stating that we need to vaccinate THE ENTIRE WORLD POPULATION. What on earth is that? The assumption is safety and efficacy for billions, which is impossible  nonsense. The reality is that the damage and danger is considered “worth it.” Vaccines are now a bona fide religion, a cult requiring compliance, no questions, no choice. MMR bows before CoVax as the new god on the block. This is a frightening road, no matter what your thoughts on vaccination, all, some, none. Never  before has the world been told to fall into step like this, so fast. In 10 months, life has been radically changed and now we need a vacccine. Why does the mainstream accept this like the second coming of Christ? The new enemy is a virus that knows no nation, has no birthplace but is meant to instill fear from pole to pole, around the equator. And the United States, once the bastion of freedom and independence is marching proudly toward... what? This is NOT about anti-vax - it's about what has happened to our nation. Today we can blame President Trump. And in a month we can blame President Biden. Two pawns in a game I simply do not understand.

By Anne Dachel

Hotez  makes  it clear that  we all need to be vaccinated against COVID. 

This is not a time to be defiant. This is not a time to be reckless. This is a time to take this virus seriously and realize now we have an end to this through vaccination.  19:00

Remember ultimately we have to vaccinate the world’s human population, billions of people. 43:27

Furthermore, Americans not wearing a mask will cause thousands to die. 

It says unless we can get to 95 percent mask wearing, we’re looking at another 150,000 who will lose their lives between now and a week or two after the inauguration. We have the stunning number in a terrible way of 400,000Americans losing their lives by a week or so after the inauguration. …

For me the tragedy is none of those people have to die if we adhere to 95 percent mask wearing, number one. 14:47

Hotez sees anyone questioning vaccine safety as a direct threat. 

In his words:

We need to … start doing something about this very aggressive anti-vaccine movement that’s now morphed into a wide scale anti-science machine or empire or confederacy that really dominates the Internet and dominates our American life right now. We’ve got to figure out a way to begin dismantling that as well. 25:10

Full transcript

Nov 24, 2020, WHYY (Philadelphia) NPR: Vaccine Expert On COVID & The Year Ahead

Dr. Peter Hotez is part of a team working to develop a low-cost COVID vaccine that could be distributed globally. "Vaccines are coming," he says. "We have to get everybody through to the other side." Hotez talks about vaccine development, the anti-vax movement, and what the year ahead might look like.

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Big Data, Big Research, Hardball University Politics, the Baptism of the Dead, and the Utah Autism Whistleblower

Big-data-iconBy Judith Pinborough-Zimmerman and Mark Blaxill

Like it or not.  Legal or not.  Government collects, maintains, and even shares and sells massive amounts of your personal data.   This data collection starts before you are born and continues after you die.  Government knows your name(s), social security number, age, birthdate, if and whom you married, and when.  Were you ever divorced?  Do you have children? What are your unchanging physical characteristics, like your height and eye color?  Government likely has several photos at different ages, and possibly even your DNA and fingerprints.  Government knows how much you weighed at birth and how much you weighed when you got your first driver’s license.  They know what kind of student you were, if you received special education services, and if you attended public schools, what your grade point average was.  They certainly know how much money you reported making, and how you earned it, every time you filed a tax return.  This list could go on and on including the use of your identifiable data for medical and educational profiling of you, your immediate and extended family members, alive or dead, for any research purpose they deem appropriate. And all of this without your consent.   

Not only is government collecting massive amounts of your personal data, so are private entities.  Your information is routinely gathered by social networks, websites, and businesses across a broad spectrum of situations and circumstances.  Have you ever queried a product or topic in a search engine then to see advertisements or news feeds inundating your social media accounts, emails, etc. about the very topic or product you had just searched hours before? It seems impossible to avoid.  Sometimes helpful and other times extremely annoying and invasive.

These government and private data efforts have become an industry of its own. That industry has many names, but for our purposes here we will call it “big data”. This industry has many components, the keys to which are large diverse sets of information growing at rapid, often exponential, rates.  The purpose of “big data” is to help someone make money somehow, either quickly (often by way of targeted advertisements) or in the future (often by way of targeted research). Many agree big data” is now a hot new asset class, a way to invest in a new form of intellectual property. 

Businesses all over the world have turned their focus to data as a source of competitive advantage. But some of the biggest participants in the ecosystem of “big data” are large universities involved in medical, pharmaceutical, and biochemical research. These universities typically represent their primary mission as educational: to teach, train and prepare their students for productive careers as scientists and physicians. Increasingly, however, these universities have become focused on a different mission altogether: applying for grants, conducting basic and applied research, pursuing medical innovation, and ultimately securing patents for commercially valuable ideas, which they can then turn around and license for huge returns. If you thought universities paid their bills exclusively through tuition and alumni giving, think again. Increasingly, these universities participate in a different kind of industry, one best described as “big research.”

In the world of big research, whether it’s conducted in public or private universities, “big data” is deployed in the service of multiple applications all the way from electronic health records, drug safety and efficacy, finding a cure for cancer, or new buzzword topics and efforts such as “personalized healthcare”, or “large population-based disease surveillance”.   All the medical data being collected must go somewhere, and it does, into databases all over the world.  With “big data” growth comes huge benefits and the ever-increasing challenges of collecting, transmitting, storing, securing, protecting, sharing, displaying, analyzing, accessing provisions, and -yes-monetizing it.  

It is hard to overstate the value and scope of “big data”.  One area in which big data and big research have come together over the last few decades has been the pursuit of genomic research. Inputs to this research take many forms and require many kinds of data, including (but not limited to), genealogy, disease patterns, heritability patterns, DNA markers, gene expression, etc. Big research grant funds flow liberally to researchers with access to unique archives of such big data.   


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Melinda Gates Gets an Early Christmas Gift

Nutcracker mdThe very first recipient of the Pfizer vaccine is an African American female nurse. She hopes to inspire others to get vaccinated. She believes in science. And Melinda Gates now believes firmly in super safe vaccines and in Santa Claus because months ago she said that she wanted healthcare workers and African Americans to be among the first to get vaccinated for Covid.   From our post The One In Which Melinda Gates Bestows COVID Vaccines TIME: The scale of anti-racism protests we’re seeing right now is incredible. How does this moment relate to your work in health equity? We know the way out of COVID-19 will be a vaccine, and it needs to go out equitably. Who needs it after health care workers? In the U.S., that would be black people next, quite honestly, and many other people of color. They are having disproportionate effects from COVID-19.
Mind you, Melinda Gates is not a scientist. She is not an MD. She is not a PhD (Hello, Dr. Biden!) She is not even a pharma technician....  Let's not tell Nurse Lindsay. And let's hope she stays safe and does not have too much of an adverse reaction to her vaccine.

From MSNBC:   ‘I believe in science’: NYC Nurse first to get vaccinated for covid-19 in United States

New York City ICU nurse Sandra Lindsay was the first person to get the covid-19 vaccine after FDA authorization in the United States. On The ReidOut, she says “As a nurse, my practice is guided by the science. I believe in science ... I hope that me taking the vaccine today is an inspiration to you."New York City ICU nurse Sandra Lindsay was the first person to get the covid-19 vaccine after FDA authorization in the United States. On The ReidOut, she says “As a nurse, my practice is guided by the science. I believe in science ... I hope that me taking the vaccine today is an inspiration to you."

Just last, week, reports of adverse reactions to the Pfizer vaccine in the UK hit the press.  Anne Dachel shared this with us:

Washington Times
reporter Cheryl Chumley is a voice of reason in a world where the media is pushing for universal, mandated COVID vaccination. She urges caution and calls for the right of an individual to choose to be vaccinated.

I wonder if Cheryl knows there is no liability for the vaccine makers for any damage they inflict.

Dec 10, 2020, WASH TIMES: COVID-19 vaccine's rocky U.K. start raises red flags on safety

It was Day One of U.K.’s rollout of the much-ballyhooed coronavirus vaccine — and already people began reporting adverse reactions.

That’s not just bad news. That’s oops, public relations’ devastation bad news.

Anyhow, now the UK. government regulators are saying that people who have a “significant history” of allergic reactions to things like, umm, cats or Christmas trees or, oh, let’s see, maybe chemicals that are injected into their bodies that haven’t undergone testing for long-term effects — that maybe these people with these significant allergy-prone histories ought not stand in line for the Pfizer-BioNTech version.

Good advice….

“As is common with new vaccines, the MHRA [Medical and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency] have advised on a precautionary basis that people with a significant history of allergic reactions do not receive this vaccination after two people with a history of significant allergic reactions responded adversely,”said Stephen Powis, the national medical director for the National Health Service in England, in a statement reported by The Associated Press.

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Novel Novel Coronavirus found in UK

Groundhog day clockNote: The virus has a variant. But the current vaccines in production should still work. The nightmare grows worse every minute.


'New variant' of coronavirus identified in England

A new variant of coronavirus has been found which is growing faster in some parts of England, MPs have been told.

Health Secretary Matt Hancock said at least 60 different local authorities had recorded Covid infections caused by the new variant.

He said the World Health Organization had been notified and UK scientists were doing detailed studies.

He said there was "nothing to suggest" it caused worse disease or that vaccines would no longer work.

My Cause My Cleats Carolina Panthers Honor Autism And Children's Health

18FB460A-B69B-490D-9EF8-D4B126ACFB32We were happy to see our former sponsor TACA (now known as The Autism Community in Action) featured in the NFL's My Cause My Cleats initiative. Carolina Panther's player Tyler Larsen's son was diagnosed last year.  TACA will give him the resources he and his family need to make good, steady progress for their boy. Another Panther player has "autism" as one of his two charities and yet a third had Children's Health Defense. One football team. 3 organizations for autism.

From TACA: The Carolina Panthers have chosen to highlight Center Tyler Larsen's story for their My Cause My Cleats campaign.
The Autism Community in Action is honored that Tyler chose us for his cause ❤️ TACA is here to support families dealing with autism. Please know there is #hope. Once you find TACA, you are never alone. For more information about our services and resources please visit our website https://tacanow.org/who-we-are/programs-services/

Ring In the New Year With Bell's...Palsy

Bells PalsyFour People Given the New COVID Vaccine in Clinical Trials Developed Bell’s Palsy—Should You Be Worried? Don't worry, the answer was whisked online immediately: PolitFact: Why you shouldn’t worry about getting Bell’s Palsy from the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine

And then CDC chimed in with a smoothing out we know all too well, correlation does not equal causation.  CDC will monitor for Bell’s palsy among Pfizer vaccine recipients, but sees no causal relationship.

Ladies, think of it as half a face full of BOTOX to paralyze those pesky wrinkles  that social media tells you are so egregious anyway. But wait, it gets better. You might lose weight too, because you will drool and be unable to chew or swallow properly. Thank you Pfizer!! Viagra for men and for the ladies?  Youth! Precious thin youth!

"The cause of Bell's palsy is unknown. Swelling and inflammation of the cranial nerve VII is seen in individuals with Bell's palsy. Most scientists believe that reactivation of an existing (dormant) viral infection may cause the disorder."

Other signs and symptoms of Bell’s palsy include: Source Healthline

  • drooling
  • difficulty eating and drinking
  • an inability to make facial expressions, such as smiling or frowning
  • facial weakness
  • muscle twitches in the face
  • dry eye and mouth
  • headache
  • sensitivity to sound
  • irritation of the eye on the involved side


Doubting Doubters

Doubting thomasby Cathy Jameson

Thomas, called Didymus, one of the Twelve, was not with them when Jesus came. So the other disciples said to him, “We have seen the Lord.” But he said to them, “Unless I see the mark of the nails in his hands and put my finger into the nailmarks and put my hand into his side, I will not believe.” John 20:24-25

Thomas, one of the 12 apostles is also referred to as Doubting Thomas.  You can see in that scripture passage above how he earned that nickname.  Not present when Jesus found the apostles hiding in the upper room, Thomas found it hard to believe that the Lord had tracked them down.  I hadn't thought about this passage in quite some time, but the latest vaccine news has me thinking more of Thomas and how his doubting attitude kept him from believing what the others were telling him. 

Not until later, when Jesus was face-to-face with Thomas, would Thomas believe that Christ had actually risen.  I imagine that realization was quite profound.  I don’t think they’d have thrown a party, remember – they were still in hiding, but I also imagine that the mood behind their locked doors was somewhat celebratory.  

I, like Thomas, have doubted some facts myself.  Vaccine injury?  COME ON!  Surely that's a made up thing.  I’d thought that because for the longest time I'd only be told that vaccines were safe and effective.  

They were necessary.  

They were there to help my child.  

They'd keep him healthy.  

To be hurt by one?  No way!  

I believe that a majority of the public, despite the US establishing a program to compensate those with vaccine injuries, still believes that, too.  The latest headlines are finally reporting another story though.  Severe vaccine side effects do exist!  

And it’s nothing celebrate.   
Pfizer covid vax photo

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Dangerous and Irresponsible (No Not Us)



Looks like Flim's sister Flay has written a 4th grade reading comprehension press release to assuage the reaFlim-flamlistic, smart and ever growing fears of the untold side effects of the plethora of covid vaccines.

Faye Flam is a Bloomberg Opinion columnist. She has written for the Economist, the New York Times, the Washington Post, Psychology Today, Science and other publications. She has a degree in geophysics from the California Institute of Technology.

Fear. Fear. Fear. The blanket statements declaring COVID as universally far more dangerous than any of the new vaccines is irresponsible in the extreme.

Covid-19 Is Far More Dangerous Than Any Vaccine

By Fay Flam

(Bloomberg Opinion) -- Vaccines can be scary. You’re asking healthy people to roll up their sleeves and take a shot of something mysterious — something associated with deadly germs. For Covid-19 vaccines, such fears may be amplified by concern that development was rushed, and by the way everything associated with the pandemic has been politicized. It will be hard to garner the public trust needed for a pandemic-ending vaccination campaign.

The clinical trials required by the FDA can’t prove any vaccine is perfectly safe, but what we’ve learned through these trials should be reassuring. You can’t get the disease from these vaccines, and the risks associated with them are tiny compared to risks associated with getting Covid-19. The risks are also tiny compared to the economic insecurity, lost education and deep isolation brought on by the pandemic and our interventions to try to stop it.

Doctors Believe In Santa More than Vaccine Side Effect Injury

Doctor Hand UpRepeat after me. "A side effect is an injury. A side effect is an injury. A side effect is an injury." Side effects, also known as adverse events, are unwanted or unexpected events or reactions to a drug. Side effects can vary from minor problems like a runny nose to life-threatening events, such as an increased risk of a heart attack. Source FDA.gov

Sure, there are times when the "side effect" is considered beneficial.  Like The Little Blue Pill from Pfizer. Sildanifil was originally a hypertension drug. Viagra has been great for Pfizer's bottom line. But the term is used most often to describe a negative outcome.

Reports of vaccine "side effects" are pouring in on every Covid vaccine, and vaccine "exemptions" are in the news, (my God the irony, as doctors are being penalized for writing exemptions for children.)  The most newsworthy is the allergy warning with the Pfizer vaccine that President Trump is trying to hoard here in the USA. Allergy warning for Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine after UK health workers with allergy history suffer reaction  Many years ago, egg allergy was REMOVED as a contraindication to the flu vaccine, many readers will recall.  Just like that! A roadblock to vaccination was torn down. For years, pharmacists have routinely asked potential flu vaccine recipients if they are allergic to eggs. Now, there is no need for that question, according to updated guidelines from American College of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology (ACAAI). The issue has been that most influenza vaccines are grown in eggs and contain tiny amounts of egg protein. Multiple studies have shown, however, that the risk to patients with egg allergies is small and not much different for others getting influenza vaccines, notes the article in Annals of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology. Source US Pharmacist

Doctors believe Santa will pop down the chimney in two weeks more than they believe in vaccine injury. I want to remind our readers that David Tayloe, the then President Elect (no not that one) of the American Academy of Pediatrics said in 2008 that he had NEVER referred a child to the vaccine injury compensation program in decades of practice. Not one. Nada. Either he had never once seen injury or he never recognized it, or, darkest thought of all, he saw it and never told or assisted the family.

I have no confidence that medical professionals will protect patients from the plethora of Covid vaccines. They fear losing their ability to practice medicine. They fear being shunned by fellow doctors. They fear being shamed in the news. They fear losing insurance carrier affiliations. They just don't seem to fear vaccine side effects.

CNN transcript April 2, 2008

DR. DAVID T. TAYLOE, JR.. PRESIDENT-ELECT, AMERICAN ACADEMY OF PEDIATRICS: Well, first of all, the childhood vaccine program is the most beneficial public health program in the history of mankind.

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Covid Driving a Runaway Train of US Vaccine Compensation Programs

YOYOBy Wayne Rohde

That phrase could be used for so many different scenarios. But one of the most extreme and dangerous scenarios is being played out right now. How our Government is plowing full speed ahead without any concern for the collateral damage it will cause in its quest to provide a COVID vaccine.

I am not going to talk about the science of the vaccines. That is being discussed so many other places.

I want to discuss how our Government is setting up the existing compensation programs for vaccine injury to fail, thus denying any type of future compensation for those who are injured because of the COVID vaccine and possible future new vaccines.

The COVID vaccine is on track to be released first to a designated group of health care workers and residents of senior living facilities. Then as more of the vaccine becomes available, then high-risk candidates due to their medical condition, and finally the general public. This might take 6 months or longer.

And we are starting to read a growing number of medical organizations are saying no. Same for first responders. No one is defending our seniors. And that is a tragedy.

But what happens to anyone that is injured from a COVID vaccine? Their options seeking compensation are extremely limited. The CounterMeasures Injury Compensation Program (CICP) is your only option. It is not equitable, not efficient from the petitioner’s point of view, and it is not fair. It is extremely difficult to prevail. Currently 8% of all petitioners since 2010 have been awarded compensation. It has been said, “the CICP is a program where you have the right to file and loose.”

I wrote about the CICP last month, “Why injuries suffered from the COVID-19 vaccines need to be litigated in the NVICP.”

The program does not provide reimbursement for legal representation or medical expert fees. The vast majority of us will not be able to afford these fees, generally ranging between $25,000 for shoulder injuries in the NVICP to $250,000 and up for more complex and protracted cases.

The program does not award pain & suffering awards. In the NVICP, this benefit can be awarded up to max of $250,000.

The program does pay for lost wages. However, future lost wages issue has not been settled. The CICP does pay for unreimbursed medical expenses. What is unclear is whether or not the program will pay for lifelong care.

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Vaccination Status on Your Resume

Fired doorBy Anne Dachel

Dec 7, 2020, CNBC: Yes, your boss can fire you if you refuse to get a Covid vaccine

The country’s first Covid vaccine could be authorized for emergency use as soon as Thursday. If Pfizer and BioNTech get the green light, distribution is set to begin within days.

But as difficult as the research, development and distribution stages have been, some experts argue the hardest part of fighting the virus is actually what comes next: convincing the U.S. population to take the vaccine.

Roughly four in ten Americans say they would “definitely” or “probably” not get a vaccine, according to a recent survey by the Pew Research Center. While this is higher than it was two months ago, to achieve herd immunity, experts say that about 70% of the population needs to be vaccinated or have natural antibodies. 

Employers, however, may not be taking “no” for an answer….

 “Under the law, an employer can force an employee to get vaccinated, and if they don’t take it, fire them,” said Dunn. 

Dorit Reiss, a professor at the University of California Hastings College of Law, said that private businesses have pretty extensive rights. “Requiring a vaccine is a health and safety work rule, and employers can do that,” said Reiss.

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Anaphylactic Reaction Reported after Pfizer Jab in UK

Epi-pen What this article is calling for is called a "Medical exemption." Shall we spell it?   Medical exemptions are UNDER ATTACK in the United States, with physicians losing their autonomy to write them for pediatric patients for many years now. 

California Law to Restrict Medical Vaccine Exemptions Raises Questions Over Control Restricting vaccine exemptions has raised questions of whether the actions of many states like California have exceeded legal and ethical limits of power.

Isn't it ironic that COVID is exposing the problems and issues we have faced with vaccine injury for decades as if it's all something brand spanking new? I believe President Trump is fighting to make sure the USA gets first dibs on the Pfizer brand vaccine. We're gonna need a bigger swamp.


Covid-19 vaccine: Allergy warning over new jab By Nick Triggle and Rachel Schraer

People with a history of significant allergic reactions should not have the Pfizer/BioNTech Covid jab, regulators say.

It came after two NHS workers had allergic reactions on Tuesday.

The advice applies to those who have had reactions to medicines, food or vaccines, the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency said.

The two people had a reaction shortly after having the new jab, had treatment and are both fine now.

They are understood to have had an anaphylactoid reaction, which tends to involve a skin rash, breathlessness and sometimes a drop in blood pressure. This is not the same as anaphylaxis which can be fatal.

Both NHS workers have a history of serious allergies and carry adrenaline pens around with them.

Covid and Shakespeare: The Dark Heart Of The National Epic

King_Henry_V_at_the_Battle_of_Agincourt,_1415By John Stone

Today AoA revives my article from 2016. Monday’s epic launch of the Pfizer vaccine in the UK featured the fact that the second person to be vaccinated was someone called William Shakespeare. The release of this culturally resonant information cannot have been accidental since it would otherwise have breached confidentiality. I was also put in mind of Prime Minister Johnson’s talk the other week of the “scientific cavalry” arriving: nothing could point more to the danger of politicising either science or sickness for the benefit of an elite.

The theme of my 2016 article was that Shakespeare’s play Henry V represented the opposite of a national triumph. The invasion (perhaps “the rape”) of France by England (with representatives of our other three nations in tow) is based on political expedience and vanity, rather than any convincing claim: a false narrative is created. If the war is superficially successful it is not based on the rightfulness of the claim, the will of God, or even superior tactics. The battle of Agincourt is pure chaos and when the French surrender King Henry actually thinks he’s losing, and is engaged in cutting the throats of his prisoners. Meanwhile, the disgusted figure of the infantryman Williams rages across the battlefield, posing the questions which undermine the entire moral basis of the enterprise, or so many other political enterprises, including how they distort and destroy the lives of ordinary people. Even today the play is usually cut to hide its fundamental ironies. I am sure I have not done the play justice  - it needs a much longer and more careful essay - but it tells the inner truth of the bad politics of every age, including our own... 

Incognito at Agincourt: Shakespeare Accuses the King

‘…the king himself hath a heavy reckoning to make, when all those legs and arms and heads, chopped off in battle, shall join together at the latter day and cry all 'We died at such a place’...

This article is intended as a piece of literary criticism, however it also poses questions about the legitimacy of the political order which resonate today. It is an interesting question how - in what is now called the early modern period - an ordinary subject could challenge a monarch (and by implication the order for which the monarch stood).  But supposing two men were in disguise, they might briefly exchange ideas on a level playing field. The confrontation between Henry V before Agincourt and the common soldier, Williams, in the play Henry V has occasionally been recognised as a crux, notably by leading Shakespeare scholar Frank Kermode in his brief discussion of the play in his late book The Age of Shakespeare (2004 p.81): Shakespeare

Here is one of the moments when Shakespeare can make us feel out of our depth: the part of surly the Williams is so strongly written, his arguments so persuasive compared with Henry’s, that we are left querying our assent to the royal cause, however warmly solicited.

It was unusual feature of Shakespeare’s career as a playwright of the Elizabethan and Jacobean age that he was also an actor within the company he was writing for. Scholars generally believed he took smaller roles, and it is against this background that the following suggestion is made.

The night before the battle of Agincourt, in the play, King Henry borrows the cloak of company commander Sir Thomas Erpingham indicating that he seeks anonymity and solitude, but perhaps with the real intention (as it follows in the action) of eavesdropping unrecognised on his men. He first runs into his former low-life acquaintance Pistol who fails to recognise the king even when Henry all but identifies himself as “Harry Le Roy”, and is presumably gratified that Pistol speaks well of him:

I love the lovely bully.*

They also exchange banter about the garrulous and absurd Welsh captain, Fluellen. Fluellen has been first encountered in the play at the siege of Harfleur driving the soldiers “into the breach” and trying to engage the infuriated and irascible  Irish captain MacMorris - who is busy digging tunnels to lay explosive – in a conversation on “the disciplines of war”. MacMorris gives him a piece of his mind:

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The Cold Truth About Covid Vaccine Storage, Safety and Human Error

Retro mom worms in fridgeSeveral years ago, a state of the art, highly managed freezer preserving brains for research at at Harvard University research facility crapped the bed and no one knew for three days. Despite multiple warning systems.  Source: Boston.com

The Pfizer Covid vaccine requires freezing to an extreme degree - throughout the distribution process.

The McLean freezer, one of 24 in the Harvard Brain Tissue Resource Center, was protected by two separate alarm systems, and staff checked an external thermostat twice a day to ensure that the tissue samples were maintained at about minus-80 degrees Celsius. But on May 31, center Assistant Director George Tejada opened so-called Freezer U and wasn’t greeted by the expected blast of cold air. Though the alarms had not been triggered and the external thermostat read minus-79, the actual temperature was 7 degrees, roughly equivalent to a refrigerator. Based on the condition of the brains, Benes estimates the freezer had turned off three days earlier. 

Last weekend, we asked if you trust a pharma tech with a high school diploma and $21.000 yearly salary to administer the Covid vaccine per protocol.  Who will be thawing and mixing the millions of syringes per the intricate directions provided by Pfizer.  Even if the vaccine were a unicorn - 100% safe and effective - the room for human error is so large as to be a given.  Here are some snips from the Pfizer Covid vaccine product information.  

Pfizer has vast experience and expertise in cold-chain shipping and has an established infrastructure to supply the vaccine worldwide, including distribution hubs that can store vaccine doses for up to six months. The company’s distribution is built on a flexible just-in-time system that can ship the frozen vials quickly to designated points of vaccination at the time of need. So, this will minimize the need for long term storage anywhere. Vaccination in a pandemic situation is expected to be rapid, with high demand, and we do not expect that the product will need to be stored at any location for more than 30 days.

To assure product quality, the companies have developed specially designed, temperature-controlled shippers for the BNT162b2 vaccine candidate, which can maintain recommended storage conditions (-70°C ±10°C) for extended periods of time without any additional equipment but dry ice. The shipper can maintain temperature for 10 days unopened which allows for transportation to markets globally. Once open, a vaccination center may use the specially designed shippers as a temporary storage solution to maintain the recommended storage conditions (-70°C ±10°C) up to 30 days with re-icing every five days in accordance with the handling instructions. Each shipper contains a GPS-enabled thermal sensor to track the location and temperature of each vaccine shipment 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Once thawed, the vaccine vial can be stored for up to five days at refrigerated (2-8°C) conditions.

This vaccine is roulette, on top of craps, on top of Black  Jack on top of a slew of slot machines.

Theragrippers on a Q-Anon Tip

Theragrippers on a Q-Anon Tip?

In case you don't have enough worries just yet..... Is there any limit to the lengths "public health" will go to make sure everyone is vaccinated? Has informed consent ever really existed? Could scientific advances in medicine delivery equate to vaccine delivery? Some "speculation" and science on theragrippers below.  Not sure if one swallows or snorts a theragripper to land it in the belly.  (That is the most bizarre sentence I have ever typed.)  Over the teeth and through the gums! Theragrippers are real and there ain't no Tums!


Gastrointestinal-resident, shape-changing microdevices extend drug release in vivo


Extended-release gastrointestinal (GI) luminal delivery substantially increases the ease of administration of drugs and consequently the adherence to therapeutic regimens. However, because of clearance by intrinsic GI motility, device gastroretention and extended drug release over a prolonged duration are very challenging. Here, we report that GI parasite–inspired active mechanochemical therapeutic grippers, or theragrippers, can reside within the GI tract of live animals for 24 hours by autonomously latching onto the mucosal tissue. We also observe a notable sixfold increase in the elimination half-life using theragripper-mediated delivery of a model analgesic ketorolac tromethamine. These results provide first-in-class evidence that shape-changing and self-latching microdevices enhance the efficacy of extended drug delivery.

Are PCR Tests Secret Vaccines?

Concern is growing that an innovative nanotech device developed at Johns Hopkins University may be used to secretly deliver the COVID19 vaccine to those people who are “vaccine hesitant.” Certainly, the technology is real, but is their any merit to such a claim?

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Children Over CDC Puts Oregon Pediatrician & Author Dr. Paul Thomas Out of Practice

Dr paul thomas books
We bring you grim news this morning. Dr. Paul Thomas' Oregon license to practice medicine has been suspended.  Please read his own words below. Dr. Thomas is a champion for children, not a chump for CDC. And like others before him, he will be made a scapegoat and example to instill fear in other Pediatricians, many of whom, couldn't find their backbone if they had a second degree in Chiropractic.

Governor Kate Brown defines herself as a "fierce feminist" on her Twitter account. Oregon's 38th Governor. Always fighting for better jobs & schools. Fierce feminist. Working to strengthen & expand voter access. A woman who prevents other women from making decisions for their own children sounds like another F word than fierce to us....  From Dr. Paul:


Freedom to choose how your child is vaccinated is being threatened.

If you want to preserve the right to choose what is injected into your child or your body and preserve the ethical right to informed consent, please act now. Join the Free To Choose movement and DONATE HERE:  

Dr. Paul now faces attacks on three fronts:

  1. Providence Health Plans, the largest local insurance company terminated all contracts.
  2. The State of Oregon terminated all contracts.
  3. BREAKING NEWS, the same week his data is published and CHD Defender posts about it comes:

“By order of the Oregon Medical Board, the license of Paul Norman Thomas, MD to practice medicine is hereby suspended, effective December 3, 2020, at 5:15 p.m. Pacific Time. As of this date and time, Licensee must stop practicing medicine until further order of the Board.”

Integrative Pediatrics and our providers are fighting to preserve your right to direct your child’s medical care with Providence Health Plan (PHP) and with those covered by OHP (Oregon Health Plan). PHP and the Oregon Health Authority (OHP) intend to terminate our provider contracts in an effort to restrict your provider choices and force you and your children into compliance with CDC vaccine “recommendations.” 

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Dr. Meryl Nass: What happens if something goes wrong after you receive a Covid vaccine?

Sorry Charlie tunaNote: Dr. Meryl Nass asks, and answers, a burning question:

What happens if something goes wrong after you receive a Covid vaccine?

The bottom line is that if you are injured by a vaccine or other "countermeasure" designated by the DHHS Secretary as intended for a pandemic or bioterrorism threat (Covid-19, Pandemic Flu, Anthrax, Smallpox) your options for receiving any financial benefit are very limited.

First, everyone involved with getting the vaccine to you has had their liability waived under the PREP Act. This includes everyone from the government planners of the vaccine program down to the doctor, nurse or even pharmacy intern who injects you. None can be sued in federal or state court, unless they wilfully tried to harm you. And it is virtually impossible to show wilfull misconduct.

Congress did create a program to compensate some victims, but it is much less generous than the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (NVICP). (And no one ever accused the NVICP of being generous.). It is called the Countermeasures Injury Compensation Program (CICP).

It is entirely administered within the Department of Health and Human Services, the same agency that sponsored the vaccine program. There are no judges. If you are dissatisfied with the decision, the only appeal is to DHHS, where your case is reviewed by different employees. DHHS is the payor, too. DHHS therefore essentially acts as the judge, jury, and defendant. Unsurprisingly, only about 9% of people who applied to the program received any funds. Of the 446 claimants to the program, 407 were denied.

Unlike the NVICP, the CICP does not pay any attorney fees, expert witness fees or costs associated with filing a claim. When I spoke to Dr. Caserta, the program's director, the maximum payout, even for a death or permanent disability, was $250,000 per person. Maybe it has gone up a little...but it is unlikely to be enough to replace lost income and medical expenses for those seriously injured.

Dr. Caserta told me it was also a "payor of last resort"--which meant that if the claimant had other sources of funds, such as from insurance policies, that CICP would only pay the difference up to $250,000. In other words, if you had a disability policy that paid out $150,000, the most you could receive from the CICP would be $100,000. Read more at Dr. Nass's blog here.

Dear COVID19, You Suck.


By Cathy Jameson

Businesses have closed. 

Therapies have changed.  

Schools have shut down.  

Teaching and learning has gone online.  

If you’d told me we’d be living like this a year ago I would’ve balked and said that 2020 sounded like a nightmare.  We don’t have too many nightmare stories here on AofA.  But they exist.  When Managing Editor Kim finds them, she’ll post them.  Never easy to read, it’s important that she continues to share them.  They are a glaring reality families in our community face.  It wasn’t until this week that I looked back and realized that our family has recently experienced a few of them ourselves thanks to COVID19.  

When we were asked to stay home for 2 weeks to help flatten the curve, I wasn’t worried about my family.  My heart immediately went out to other special needs families though.  I hoped that they would be okay and that the temporary break in their daily routine wouldn’t cause too much disruption.  My hopefully-ever-after self personally didn’t mind the break and actually welcomed putting life outside our house on hold for a moment.  I love random stay-at-home days!  Plus, Ronan had supports in place that would not be interrupted, so we could continue life as we knew it from home.  

For the most part, that worked.  

When the country didn’t open the following month, I took it in stride that some parts of life were going to change a tad.  It wasn’t too terrible, and I dealt with minor obstacles like I would’ve normally.  Not until we faced massive delays in treating a medical issue for Ronan did my usually optimistic outlook take a hit.  

Ronan had been on the schedule for a surgery in March.  It had been on the books prior to the lockdown and would actually be two surgeries coordinated with two medical teams.  At the time, we were told he was top of the list, a priority patient, one who absolutely needed to be seen as soon as possible.  He’d even moved other patients down the list because of the severity of his condition.  Imagine my shock and concern when his team called and said that the procedures were canceled with no word on when they’d be able to reschedule the OR.  I tried everything to get him back on the books, but our hands were tied.  The providers tried everything they could, too, but their hands were also tied.  COVID19 had become the hospital’s priority, and Ronan’s case was now deemed an elective procedure.  His, and other “non-emergency” cases, would not be considered.  No exceptions. 

Ronan would eventually be put back on the schedule, but he wouldn’t have those procedures until July.  CJ Ronan head in hands

Ronan still deals with that medical issue, but we are able to manage it better and from home.  I’m glad for that.  But the longer life has not returned to what it once was, other problems have come up.  And we’re once again facing the fact that Ronan’s prescribed medically-necessary procedures are taking a back seat.  Other patients, those who also had to wait months to be seen, are now taking priority.  If I had to guess, not all of them are related to COVID19 the illness directly, but if there’s anything to blame it’s COVID19.  The backlog created by it has interrupted getting routine follow-ups done, completing in-office procedures, and yearly evaluations performed.  Those, along with COVID19 restrictions, are keeping doctors and nurses hopping.  

I can’t imagine the stress they are under.  

As much as I hate to add to their stress, I will do just that.  I have to advocate for my son and his needs.  If that means being a nag when I call for updates, I’ll be a nag.  If it means asking for more advice, I’ll ask for it.  I’d rather be able to punch COVID19 right in the neck than be a jerk to the professionals helping me and my son.  But punching COVID19 in the neck is obviously not possible, so while we live this on-going nightmare I’ll stick to what I am able to do.  

I’ll keep Ronan as healthy, happy, and as safe as I have. 

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Do You Trust A Pharm Tech to Administer the Most Complex Vaccine In Human History

CVS Pharma Tech Covid
CVS is hiring THOUSANDS of pharmacy technicians and pharmacists to administer the Covid vaccine.

Pharmacy interns and techs who meet HHS requirements can administer childhood, COVID-19 vaccines

I am not belittling the career choice of pharma tech. But you should know that a person with a high school diploma or GED who makes $21,000 will be injecting you with this brand new vaccine. A Pharmacy Intern is a pharmacy school student. The vaccine needs to be stored, thawed, mixed, spoken to in a soft voice and told that it is the prettiest vaccine ever according to documentation. UK Pfizer Covid Doc - Read it

Salary for a Pharm Teach ranges from high $20Ks to low $30Ks. Source Zip recruiter

From the CVS hiring site:

High School diploma or equivalent (preferred).

UK Pfizer Covid Doc - Read it

The rushed vaccine is gasoline. Add human error? 



Cards for Inhumanity

Covid Vaccine CardNote: The fear and worry we have faced and fought to protect our already vaccine injured family members will now spread faster and further than Covid itself. After two plus decades of being treated like Chicken Little, it seems the chickens are coming home to roost as Americans face, most for the first time, the medical tyranny we know all too well.  Lord help us all.


As both Covid-19 vaccines waiting to be approved in the US require two doses, Americans will be given a ‘vaccine card’ to keep track of them, nonprofits working with the government on the program told reporters.

“Everyone will be issued a written card that they can put in their wallet that will tell them what they had and when their next dose is due,” Dr. Kelly Moore, associate director of the Immunization Action Coalition, told CNN on Thursday. 

Read more at RT.com. ‘Everyone’s going to get that’: Americans to be issued Covid-19 ‘VACCINE CARDS’ to track doses

Facebook To Ban False Covid Claims: Define False

Green or pinkRemember the Van's sneaker photo that swept the world a couple of years ago? Is the sneaker green or pink?  Some folks absolutely saw a green sneaker. Others definitely saw a pink sneaker. Because we are all different. We don't see everything exactly the same way.  So what's FALSE information about a Covid vaccine and who makes that designation?

By the way, I tried to set up a fundraiser on Facebook for Giving Tuesday - with a match from Facebook.  Age of Autism, an IRS designated non-profit, was removed from Facebooks list of chooseable charities.

Facebook BANS false claims about Covid vaccines ‘debunked by public health experts’ – all such posts to be REMOVED

Phear Not! Phor Pfizer Brings the UK Tidings of Great Joy!

Fear not! For PfizAngel's Tears Florenceer brings you tiding of great joy!  Wonderful news to wake up to’: U.K. greenlights Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine

How many AofA readers are watching the vaccine fervor with a sense of dread for those poor folks who partake willingly or under pressure. I know I take no joy knowing how many may be harmed. I feel sad that our efforts will have failed so many. Not because we haven't given our hearts and souls and careers to fighting for vaccination rights.


Jonestown kook aid
I'm so thirsty! I can't stand it any longer. My throat is parched. I'm weak. I can't function. I need a drink. Hey, what's that? Oh! cold, quenching Kool Aid? And I can choose the phlavor? Grape! Lemonade! Strawberry! Thank you! Thank you! Tha.....

The United Kingdom’s Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) announced today it has granted emergency authorization for the COVID-19 vaccine developed by Pfizer and BioNTech. So far, only vaccines developed in Russia and China have been approved for use, and none of them in Western countries.

“It is only 12 months since the first recorded case of COVID-19,” Arne Akbar, president of the British Society for Immunology, said in a public statement this morning. “To achieve this within this timescale is remarkable and the researchers should be applauded.”


  ‘Wonderful news to wake up to’: U.K. greenlights Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine

Ah Yes, Believers in Covidicut

For decades, we have been telling the world that vaccine injury is real. We've been pilloried, censored, demeaned, ridiculed and marginalized. Our message has been rebuffed.

Below is a comment on this WaPo article (that I won't even bother linking)  from a local town FB page here in Covidicut, I mean Connecticut.   "Unfortunately, sometimes this is what it takes for some people to list to reason."  Allow me to run that through the Age of Autism Schadenfreude Translator:

"Good, he got what he deserves. Maybe now he'll fall into line."

Suddenly, Covid is taking credit for turning foolish skeptics into “believers” with a nasty schadenfreude you can feel a mile away. Never have we wished vax injury, let alone autism, on another child at AofA. We don’t “Nyah nyah” or “I told you so” with thinly veiled superiority or glee.  Concurrently, citizens around the globe are about to be forced into taking Covid vaccines that are so new, so untested, so poorly trialed, so grossly overrated that we may see an unprecedented level of vaccine injury. And that - you can believe.




The COVID Vaccine: Yes or No?

Yes or noNote: Thanks to Dr. Richard Moskowitz, Harvard and NYU trained MD and author of Vaccines A Reappraisal, for his opinion piece on CoVax.   Dr. Moskowitz is a friend of AofA, I've had the pleasure of meeting him.  His article below puts in basic terms you can share the situation with CoVaxes. Sadly, I agree with him, many people outside our knowledge base will take these vaccines thinking they will streamline their lives. Instead, many will be sidelined.

By Dr. Richard Moskowitz

First of all, I doubt that any of the vaccines will work very well.  Since the SARS in 2002, there have been many attempts to make a vaccine against coronaviruses, and they've all failed, for many of the same reason that the flu vaccine has failed, because the viruses are so mutable that, by the time you make the vaccine, the virus is already different.  So Vaccines Richard Moskowitzthey do a new flu vaccine every year, and they're probably going to do that here, too, but they often don't fit that well.

Second, they are using a new technology that's never been used on humans before, because they can produce a vaccine much faster, without having to culture the virus, by just splicing viral RNA into the genetic material of the cell, so it will respond without having to introduce the virus from the outside, so to speak.  They claim it's only the messenger RNA of the mitochondria, not the DNA of the nucleus, so it won't find its way into the gene pool, and turn you and your descendants into GMO's; but I'm less sure of that, and I seriously doubt they have any clear idea of the long-term consequences of monkeying around like that, or even that they're interested or concerned about it.

And third, if the end result is the same, if they accomplish basically what the old vaccines did, that would be reason enough to avoid them, because of their propensity to bring about chronic, autoimmune phenomena and eventually, in many people, overt autoimmune diseases, at the very least making worse the ones that are already there, which most of us have some form or trace of.

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We're Gonna Need a Bigger Boat

53D7BB83-08C0-439D-A6CD-D2D0F605C5FFBelow is a recent Tweet from a Verified account. I blocked out the name.  Don’t you love the “I’m not an anti-vaxxer...” opening disclaimer used by so many? Reminds me of Thanksgiving conversations with drunk relatives that start with: “Look, I’m not a racist but....”’ You know what kind of conversation usually follows. E7A26923-E4D7-46E1-93D7-22AA6C4B249C

Allow Age of Autism to remind you that no matter WHAT vaccine you refuse for yourself or your family & children, YOU ARE AN ANTI-VAXXER by the definition foisted upon us by the VIDS (Vaccine Injury Deniers). Thought and refusal are your secret handshake.  Every citizen should be to say “no” to any medical procedure including a vaccine. Without economic, employment or social retribution or shunning.  

And hey! Some of our best friends are anti-vaxxers!  ;)





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The Emergency Use Authorization for Covid-19 vaccines: Ignorance is Bliss

image from upload.wikimedia.orgBy Meryl Nass MD

If you are an FDA official charged with approving a Covid-19 vaccine, ignorance is bliss.  FDA is being asked to approve vaccines that will be injected into many millions of people, all using new methods of vaccination that have never before been approved for human use.  That puts them at great risk of making the wrong decision.

However, the lawyers who wrote the Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) legislation understood the FDA bureaucracy and its risk aversion. They probably also worked for, or consulted with, the pandemic vaccine industry.

And so they came up with a standard that practically mandates the most minimal collection of information from clinical trials of vaccines for which emergency use authorization will be sought.  Instead of requiring specific information, the standard simply says that in order to receive an EUA, a product's known and potential benefits should outweigh its known and potential risks. So, the more its sponsor knows about adverse effects, the more trouble the vaccine is likely to have getting approved.  Accordingly, it is better for the adverse effects to be as unknown as possible.

This standard also explains what might be considered oddities in trial design:  for example, why the vaccine sponsors/developers did not collect data on whether the vaccines prevented transmission of disease. Nor were vaccine sponsors required to show statistically significant data on whether hospitalizations (severe illness) and deaths were prevented.

Basically, the FDA was given the statutory green light to approve anything it wanted to approve, with minimal actual data.  That is how Operation Warp Speed could even be conceived.

Most important, from the standpoint of FDA, it gave the agency cover.  FDA is not being asked to act as a regulator. All it needs to be able to say is that the potential for benefit exceeds the potential risks, and as long as little is actually known about the vaccines, they can say their approval was based on the best evidence available at the time. This is of course another reason for speed:  the vaccines need to be approved before meaningful safety and efficacy data accrue that could hurt them.

FDA Commissioner Stephen Hahn and CBER director Peter Marks have tiptoed around and obfuscated this.

"Look at the process that we're following," Dr. Peter Marks said. "We're going to have a very open process."

But the FDA only said it would publicly disclose reviews of the scientific data used to authorize drugs and vaccines after being criticized for hiding information. The Government Accountability Office noted that the FDA had not been sufficiently transparent in disclosing the data used to grant or revoke authorizations involving coronavirus treatments.

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The Ugly Truth Autism Families Are Enduring

Autism RealityNote: Below is a post I read on Facebook (and got permission to share) that sums up the experience of  thousands of autism families here and around the world. Our children, from early intervention to adulthood, are suffering, and therefore, so is the entire family.   We will always write from the perspective INSIDE the autism epidemic. Even when it's painful. Especially. 

Feel free to share your story in our comments.

Posted with permission from the author:


As this pandemic/shut down continues indefinitely, my family’s overall well being continues to worsen in almost every way. I’m pretty sure most people can not understand what it’s like having two severely autistic young men (18 & 19 yrs old) to raise, keep safe, and live harmoniously with.

They simply can not function without in person therapy, education, and support. They are spiraling into a deep depression and confusion while years of progress  are dwindling daily. Crying, biting themselves, and coming after their father and I everyday all day.

Our lives and existence were difficult without the pandemic but this is absolutely excruciating to witness and live with. I understand the reasons why most schools are closed though I absolutely do not agree with a solely special education school completely shutting down. The hybrid program they eventually tried to do, that lasted a few weeks, was only two days per week, with only three students per class. That has since shut down completely.

The fact that these schools do not see themselves as essential workers is beyond cruel and selfish. That’s right, selfish and cruel. They are supposed to be the people that understand this population. There has to be some exceptions and this should surely be one of them.

My sons can’t stay home alone while my husband and I go to work. That means, we simply can’t go to work. My kids need constant supervision. My kids receptive language skills are not high enough to explain why they are trapped at home and not aloud to go anywhere. Staying in this state of affairs is only magnifying the problem.

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"There is a race to get the public vaccinated, so we are willing to take more risks"

No thanksThe article below buried the lede, if you'll pardon the grim phrase.  In this article from The Jerusalem Post about the Modern mRNA vaccine that includes its risks, you find out Professor Michal Linial of Hebrew University of Jerusalem is in no hurry to try the vaccine herself. But when asked if she would take the vaccine right away, she responded: “I won’t be taking it immediately – probably not for at least the coming year,” she told the Post. “We have to wait and see whether it really works.” 


Could mRNA COVID-19 vaccines be dangerous in the long-term?

"Israelis celebrated on Friday when Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced that the country had signed a deal with Pfizer Inc. to buy its novel coronavirus vaccine. But the fact remains that if Pfizer succeeds – or Moderna, with whom Israel also has a contract – these will be the first-ever messenger RNA (mRNA) vaccines brought to market for human patients.

In order to receive Food and Drug Administration approval, the companies will have to prove there are no immediate or short-term negative health effects from taking the vaccines. But when the world begins inoculating itself with these completely new and revolutionary vaccines, it will know virtually nothing about their long-term effects.

“There is a race to get the public vaccinated, so we are willing to take more risks,” Tal Brosh, head of the Infectious Disease Unit at Samson Assuta Ashdod Hospital, told The Jerusalem Post.... Could mRNA COVID-19 vaccines be dangerous in the long-term?


Gratitude from Year to Year

Grateful TypeNote:  It's not often we run a "Best of" from Cathy.  She has the weekend off with her beautiful family. Who better to share her thoughts on gratitude, than she? This post is from just last year. But the way I see it, none of us has a functioning memory this far into 2020, so let's go back to 2019, when we were blissfully unaware of what the New Year would bring.


By Cathy Jameson

A friend of mine shared a slew of positive messages on one of her social media accounts. It took me a few days to realize she was posting one per day during the month of October, but that was because I took a short social media break. Jumping offline is always good for the mind. It can be very good for the soul also.

Once I logged back in and saw the upbeat messages again, I looked forward to seeing the daily suggestions she shared. Topics like keeping hopeful, setting practical goals, and finding joy every day were peppered on her page. I wasn’t always in a good mood when I jumped online, but after seeing those short, inspiring messages, I would take a few minutes to think about something positive. Be it something my kids did that made me smile, or thinking about a big step Ronan finally made, I was grateful for the reminder to stop, reflect, and be thankful. As the Thanksgiving holiday approaches this week, I thought it would be a perfect time to share just a few things that I am thankful for, too.

While I’m certainly not grateful for my son’s vaccine injury, I am thankful that I am more educated because of it. I fully admit that I didn’t know enough when my children were younger. A lot of precious time and more was lost during those early years, but I am thankful for what I’ve come to realize. With every realization, I now know better what to do and what not to do.

With everything I’ve experienced – both the good and the bad - I am thankful that I learned how to advocate for my son. The knowledge I’ve gained in the last decade is incredible. It’s more than I ever could have imaged I would have to learn. What I’ve learned has helped not just Ronan but all of my children. While my typical children don’t need the same type of assistance their brother needs, they’ve gained a unique perspective watching me and my husband take care of their brother. Because of what they’ve witnessed and continue to witness as Ronan’s siblings, it’s encouraging to hear my kids become more vocal in class and within their circle of friends about certain topics, like vaccines and the need for exemptions. I’m thankful that they know the truth and are talking about it. They’re advocating for themselves much sooner than I expected them to have to.

I am incredibly grateful for other advocates, too. To those who paved the way before I came on the scene, like Barbara, Kim, Anne, JB, and Ginger, thank you. From the bottom of my weary heart, I would not have known which direction to go had it not been for the brave moms and dads who started the conversation. Thanks to all who keep that convo going. From our old Yahoo! Group days to the several private FB groups that are still going strong, you will have my respect and admiration.

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Sexy Dr. Mike BUSTed on SS Covid Party Boat

Dr Mike BoatInternet phenom "Dr. Mike" was caught "partying hearty" (Sorry, I'm from Boston, mid 80s,  it sounds better if you say paahtee haahtee) sans masks with a  boatload (no really, a boat load) of beautiful women in Miami.  The media is reporting his great, hypocritical shame.  Yes, it's hypocritical.  Hypocrisy is everywhere right now. And shaming. And as usual, the biggest shamers are often the ones flouting the rules behind closed doors (ask a whole lot of politicians or televangelists who came out of the closets or went to prison for bilking their flock.) Remember when Dr. Nancy Snyderman (hey, where is she? Too old for TV?) broke the EBOLA quarantine to get a bowl of soup? 

But I have another thought for you to consider.

I don't think Dr. Mike would jeopardize his million dollar medi-tainment career by endangering first, himself, and second (maybe third) the party-goers around him.  A healthy 31 year old man celebrated his birthday surrounded by friends. Maybe he didn't feel like he was putting anyone in jeopardy  because of his medical knowledge?  Doesn't matter if they are A students or DD Cups. 

(PS) I'm old, has duck face been replaced with slack jawed tongue thrust?

'Sexiest doctor alive' is called out for partying maskless on a boat while surrounded by bikini-clad women in Miami, despite stressing to his millions of Instagram followers to think before traveling, wear a mask and social distance

‘Hot Doctor’ Mikhail Varshavski has come under withering fire from his millions of followers after pictures of him ignoring his own advice by partying maskless on his birthday emerged.

Varshavski — who has found Internet fame as Dr. Mike — has been in the vanguard of stressing the importance of wearing a mask to stop the spread of Covid-19.

But he appeared to break all his own rules when it came to his 31st birthday party, for which he flew from New York to Miami on November 12 to celebrate.


Moderna Vaccine Designed in..... 2 Days

Impossible things 2Imagine dining in a restaurant that served your turkey dinner at 120 degrees Fahrenheit (180 degrees is safe), charged you $500 a plate, and then had no liability when you ended up passed out on the bathroom tile from food poisoning. And then it got a 5 star review.

BusinessInsider.com reports that the Moderna vaccine was designed in 2 days.

Moderna's coronavirus vaccine candidate was found to be 94.5% effective in preventing COVID-19 in clinical trials, the company announced last week.

The vaccine's development process was unprecedentedly fast — only the team of Pfizer and BioNTech beat the biotech newcomer in announcing results from a late-stage clinical trial.

The experimental vaccine was also far more effective than expected: The Food and Drug Administration had said it would likely approve a vaccine that showed at least 50% efficacy, and Dr. Anthony Fauci had said he hoped for 70%. (AstraZeneca found its coronavirus vaccine candidate to be 70% effective on average, while Pfizer-BioNTech reported their shot is 95% effective.)

But perhaps more remarkable is that Moderna designed its vaccine in just two days in January, before some people had even heard of the coronavirus....

Covid Brings Childhood Contest Game to Reality


This screen shot from Fox brought back a childhood memory. In the early 1970s, we had a contest game called "Chinese school." I suppose it could have been Italian school, Irish school, American school. Maybe the cold war was the reason it was Chinese school, thinking Chinese children had to behave and be stern and studious.  The game was like a staring contest. Once recited, the first person to laugh or smile lost. And if you lost, you got a twisted sister arm burn. Good times.  It went like this:

Chinese school has just begun. No more laughing. No more fun. If you show your teeth or tongue, you will pay a penalty.

Looks like Covid is instituting a new version of our crummy game for the holidays. No singing! No shouting! Limit alcohol! Except the alcohol you slather on your hands via sanitizer.  Every channel looks like The Onion. Our CT Governor just instituted a $10,000 fine for businesses who break the rolled-back rules. And we aren't having fun, or smiling.

Happy Day after Thanksgiving, friends.  Kim

AstraZeneca Math: 62% is 90%

Dunce girlIf I told my parents I got a 90 on my test, and the paper said 62, I'd have been sent to my room without any supper.  Not at all surprised by the lies, pharma has staked its very existence on the CoVax. It's the biggest cash grab since Bernie Madoff.

AstraZeneca Covid vaccine study results clouded by manufacturing error

“You’ve taken two studies for which different doses were used and come up with a composite that doesn’t represent either of the doses," an expert said.

LONDON — AstraZeneca and Oxford University on Wednesday acknowledged a manufacturing error that has raised questions about their Covid-19 vaccine after revealing earlier this week it was “highly effective” against the disease.

On Monday, researchers said AstraZeneca vaccine had an efficacy of up to 90 percent when half a dose was administered followed by a full dose. That efficacy rate is on par with other vaccine candidates announced by Pfizer and Moderna earlier this month. In the group that got two full doses, the vaccine appeared to be 62 percent effective. Combined, the drugmakers said the vaccine appeared to be 70 percent effective.

The 2020 Thanksgiving Cornu-HOPE-ia

Thanks Age of AutismHappy Thanksgiving.

I have a "4oth" anniversary New Yorker cartoon book.  The dates of the cartoons are 1955 - 1965.  I was paging through it the other day and came across this Thanksgiving cartoon below. The cornucopia translates to "horn of plenty." In this cartoon, you can see that the horn is full of past due bills and troubles. This is our 2020 Thanksgiving in an acorn shell, wouldn't you say? The lock downs and sanctions and rules and rule changes have decimated businesses around the world.  Businesses are families. Men. Women. Moms. Dads. We're all feeling a pinch, to some degree.

On this Thanksgiving 2020, I am grateful for food on our table, health, friends, family and all of our AofA readers. We quietly celebrated our 13th year this month. Lucky 13 indeed! What a year! Onward, we will honor Dan's mission as long as we can. XOX  Thank you.  Kim Make a tax free DONATION here.

Good old fashioned paper check? Autism Age PO Box 110546, Trumbull CT 06611 EIN 14-1831987





iPAK Presents Vax Unvaxxed Study with Zero ADHD

Science post imageLyons-Weiler, J.; Thomas, P. Relative Incidence of Office Visits and Cumulative Rates of Billed Diagnoses Along the Axis of Vaccination. Int. J. Environ. Res. Public Health 202017, 8674. 

Open Access (No Firewall)

Abstract: https://www.mdpi.com/1660-4601/17/22/8674
HTML Version: https://www.mdpi.com/1660-4601/17/22/8674/htm
PDF Version: https://www.mdpi.com/1660-4601/17/22/8674/pdf

Link to this page: http://ipaknowledge.org/ipak-vaxxed-v-unvaxxed-study.php

We are now moving on to Phase 2 of our study, in which they will focus on the comparison of health outcomes associated with live vs. non-live vaccines, aluminum-containing vaccines vs. non-aluminum containing vaccines, as well as studying the impact of individual vaccines on specific health outcome risks.  Become an IPAK Science Hero and make the world a safer place for our children through objective science.

In this study of over 3300 patients, we found ZERO ADHD in the unvaccinated group (N=561). We found that using billed office visits was a more powerful test than the weaker odds ratio of incidence. Even after blocking for healthcare exposure/age, family history of autoimmunity, and gender, the associations of many bad health outcomes were robust. Anemia was especially prominent in the vaccinated. Here is our announcement.

The IPAK team and Dr. Paul Thomas have published the first results from the Vaxxed vs. Unvaxxed study in the study "Relative Incidence of Office Visits and Cumulative Rates of Billed Diagnoses Along the Axis of Vaccination".

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We Are The World We Are The Vaccinated

No thanksRemember when feeding our fellow Earthlings was of paramount importance? Now we're looking at vaccinating our fellow Earthlings and The CommonPass.

From Mercola.com

Global Vaccine Passport Will Be Required for Travel

Forced vaccination is part and parcel of the plan to “reset” the global economic system, forever altering life as we know it. Now, global vaccine passports are being introduced, and it’s only a matter of time before vaccination status will be a prerequisite for travel.

CommonPass is a digital “health passport” framework initiated by The Commons Project, the World Economic Forum and The Rockefeller Foundation.

When you get your test result or vaccine, that data is uploaded to an app on your cellphone. The app generates a barcode that is then scanned at the airport, at hotel check-in and wherever else vaccine status verification is deemed necessary.

The CommonPass digital clearance system is currently being tested by United Airlines on flights between London and Newark, and Cathay Pacific on flights between Hong Kong and Singapore.

In an April 2020 white paper, The Rockefeller Foundation laid out a strategic framework clearly intended to become part of a permanent surveillance and social control structure that severely limits personal liberty and freedom of choice

Around the world, there’s considerable resistance against mandatory COVID-19 vaccination, but even if the vaccine ends up being “voluntary,” refusing to take it will have severe implications for people who enjoy their freedom.

For months, the writing has been on the wall: Forced vaccination is part and parcel of the plan to “reset” the global economic system, forever altering life as we know it along the way. Now, global vaccine passports are in fact being introduced, and it’s only a matter of time before vaccination status will be a prerequisite for travel.... READ MORE HERE.

Mainstream media silent on Denmark’s “Nine day pots and pans protest”

Pots and pan protest
By Anne Dachel



This is a good example of the power of the people and also the power of the media because I haven’t heard anything about this, not through the unusual news channels or even the alternative news channels. 

At this moment there is literally nothing about what’s just happened in Denmark:

The government in Denmark had proposed a new epidemic law which was not going to be temporary.

Just to give a brief summary, this new law, it included:

ONE, people infected can be forcibly given medical examination, hospitalized, treated and placed on isolation.  

TWO, government would be able to define groups of people who must be vaccinated. 

THREE, people who refused the above can be coerced through physical detainment. 

Yes, this was the new law that they were proposing to bring in, but Denmark had been protesting for the last nine days because of this law. 

And after nine days of the protest, this law has now been abandoned. Apparently Denmark had been protesting en masse with pots and pans outside their parliament. 

Now this is not mentioned anywhere. 

I found just two clips from all of this to show you, and it doesn’t surprise me that the media are trying to block this out because it just doesn’t follow their narrative.

It shows that if you collectively say no, then you can get them to change their minds, to get them to step back. 

And there being absolutely no mention of this anywhere in the mainstream media in any country as far as I can see, nothing about the nine day pots and pans protest and nothing on the back down . 

For anyone who still thinks there is nothing strange going on, don’t you think this deafening silence is unusual? …

Gript News: Forced Vaccination Law in Denmark Reportedly Dropped After Widespread Protests   (SEE VIDEOS)

Nov 19, 2020, Epoch Times: Denmark Citizens Refuse Law Mandating Forced COVID-19 Vaccine


With a COVID-19 vaccine possibly rolling out to the public by December or early next year, some governments are pushing for a mandatory vaccine program, as in Denmark where it was met with protests.

The national government in Denmark had to abandon a new law that would require a mandatory COVID-19 vaccine after Danish citizens took to the streets to protest by banging on pots and pans against an updated Epidemic Act (pdf) that gave the government an unprecedented amount of power to implement rules and extreme measures to fight against the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) virus pandemic.

The new Epidemic Act would replace the temporary amended law (pdf) that was unanimously and quickly passed back on March 12 in response to the pandemic. At that time, one of the major revisions made involved transferring all the authority from the five regional Epidemic Commissions around the country to the Danish Minister of Health to allow for a quicker response to COVID-19.

But this gave a lot of power to the minister of health who is able to “access a person’s home with the police assistance without prior court order,” and “use police assistance to isolate, examine or treat a person who is infected or believed to be infected with one of the communicable diseases listed in the appendix to the Act,” according to a blog by Janne Rothmar Herrmann a professor of the University of Copenhagen.

The minister of health through a Ministerial Order was also able to limit the gathering of more than 10 people at indoor or outdoor public spaces except for “political meetings/protests, supermarkets, and places of work, etc.”

The new Act would continue keeping the centralized powers with the Danish Minister of Health that was passed in March, with the addition of allowing forced COVID-19 vaccinations as the Danish Health Authority can define “who must be vaccinated to contain and eliminate a dangerous disease.” Compliance with these orders can be achieved with police assistance.

Both the Danish Medical Association and the Danish College of General Practitioners spoke out against the new law saying “mandatory vaccination should be an ‘absolute last resort’” and that it gave too much power to the government, particularly the minister of health, over people’s healthcare, according to The Local.

The nine consecutive days of protest to the new law—broke away from the high level of trust Nordic countries are known to have with their government—resulted in the Danish government scrapping the law.

As the protest was just beginning in Denmark, the New York State Bar Association (NYSBA) approved a resolution (pdf) on Nov. 7, asking the state to consider making a COVID-19 vaccine mandatory for all New Yorkers except those medically exempted “once a scientific consensus emerges that it is safe, effective, and necessary,” but only after voluntary vaccinations failed to illicit a sufficient level of herd immunity to keep the public safe….

In Israel, the Health Minister is considering a mandatory COVID-19 vaccine law to address a percentage of Israelis unwilling to vaccinate, although the country has one of the highest immunization rates, according to The Jerusalem Post….

With claims of their trials being over 90 percent effective against the CCP virus by Moderna and Pfizer, and after an emergency authorization usage is granted by the U.S. Food and Drug Association’s (FDA) for the public, it will be a matter of time before more states and businesses may mandate Americans to get a vaccine.

“With polls showing that about half of Americans either do not want to get a new COVID-19 vaccine or have reservations about getting vaccinated, there will be those who want societal sanctions to be levied against those who refuse to take it,” Barbara Loe Fisher, Co-Founder and President of the National Vaccine Information Center, told The Epoch Times in an email.

Fisher is one of the original group of parents who worked with Congress on the 1986 National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act, which has been amended so much that it no longer serves its original purpose: to allow parents of vaccine-injured children to easily file a claim for compensation as an alternative to the civil courts.

Instead, the vaccine injury act now mainly protects manufacturers of mandated vaccines from lawsuits, especially after the Supreme Court declared that vaccines were “unavoidably unsafe” in a 2011 decision (pdf).

Fisher says the “public-private business partnerships” between the governments and pharmaceuticals for more than 35 years has been a “powerful lobby for forced vaccination” in the United States and around the world.

“That lobby has been putting pressure on U.S. lawmakers to mandate all federally recommended vaccines and eliminate informed consent protections in public health laws,” Fisher says.

Every state has a mandatory vaccine schedule for students to attend school, with around 50 vaccine doses given from birth to 18 years old according to Kids Health. People working in the healthcare industry are also mandated to take flu vaccines annually.

“The draconian COVID-19 vaccination law enacted in Denmark last spring that threatened to imprison people for refusing to comply is a warning of what could happen here. Americans must rise up and resist this kind of tyranny in great numbers like the people of Denmark have done this week,” Fisher says.