Families of Severely Disabled Schoolchildren in UK Set Adrift

Autism RealityBBC's look at autism....pretty scary 

By Anne Dachel

Sept 6, 2020, BBC: Special educational needs families and the fight for education

Sofia is one of more than one million young people in the UK with special educational needs and disabilities, or SEND.She’s among one fifth of young people with SEND who have the most complex needs.

During lockdown, while schools closed to the majority of children, the government said that the most vulnerable, including those with complex special educational needs could still attend.Families speaking to Panorama say they've found accessing support difficult and that it was an example of the long-term struggles they have faced getting educational support for their children during lockdown.

Of course the BBC completely misses the BIG PICTURE HERE: They are showing us the ugly side of autism, namely out-of-control children with severe behavior issues. 

This is autism.

We see several autistic children who have meltdowns and the parents who have to deal with this daily.  A girl is described as "nonverbal," --another word in the modern lexicon that we're all getting used to like "on the spectrum," and "high functioning."

The BBC's message is that these kids have not been served during the lockdown over COVID. If government had only done their job and provided something for these children, all problems would disappear. 

Wait a minute. What are these same kids like in school?  Why is it that back in 2015 the big news out of Britain was the announcement that the government would be opening 27 new special needs schools in England.

These schools would serve 2,000 students. Of the 27 schools, 22 would be specifically for children with autism.

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Missing since March, man found dead in basement of adult care facility where he lived

WeepMany years ago, I wrote my obituary on Huffington Post as a way to explain to the asses (I mean masses) at that site what it's like to be an autism parent and how we say "we can never die."  (I'd link it, but they scrubbed my 7 years of FREE writing because I sometimes wrote about vaccines and autism.) The world is not ready to care for our adult children. Housing and residential care is going to be a nightmare.

Below is a news report about a disabled man (he not have autism) who was "missing" for months and then found and dead in the basement of his care facility. "No foul play." I call bullshit. His body was so decomposed there is no funeral.   Rest in peace Kam Franks.

Missing since March, man found dead in basement of adult care facility where he lived

His sister calls him a wanderer, so it wasn't a total surprise he went missing, she said. But months passed and the family heard nothing.

Until last Saturday we are told staff at Faithful Helping Hands, was cleaning out a basement room, when they found Kam dead.

"How do they not smell a body in the summer," Kai said. "How do you dismiss that? She said we get mice sometimes in the summer."

One of the owners of the facility told FOX 2 by phone, there was no odor blaming Detroit police for not checking the basement back in March. She didn't have an answer for why here own staff didn't look there.

The Special Education Witches of the Rio Grande Valley

F9B1D707-A8A4-4B60-BF16-262740FDAF70This week, I learned of a disheartening situation in Edinburgh, Texas from Evelyn Cano and Debra Liva.  They are two of the fiercest advocates for special needs kids in the entire Southwest. I had the pleasure of meeting them and speaking at their event in the McAllen, TX area twice.

The witches though, are the Edinburgh Consolidated Independent School District, including  school board trustee Edward Pena, Jr who joked that another trustee was "special ed" at their meeting on August 18. The other board members laughed.   The trustees actually laughed instead of calling him out. I damn well hope it was nervous laughter at least. What if he’d made a racial slur, would that have been as amusing?  I was reminded of the Roald Dahl story "The Witches," in which the witches pretend to love children, until they rip off their masks. And show their disdain.  Fish rots from the head. When the board of education thinks special ed students are acceptable targets for jokes, you can bet your red rubber nose, seltzer bottle and punchline that every layer below them knows it.  I am certain the special education teachers and paraprofessionals were wounded when they learned that they too are considered a joke, by virtue of devoting their careers to students like MY THREE DAUGHTERS.  My children did nothing for my district's testing score rating. My daughters did nothing for college acceptance rates. My daughters did nothing for sports accolades. But I can promise you that my daughters made an impact on all of their peers, teachers and paras, all of whom worked so hard for honestly, not a lot of return, except my gratitude.

I HATE that our kids are the butt of jokes. Special education is taking over districts across the nation. Boards that are in such lily white Ivory towers had damn well better come to terms with this. 

We're in a nadir of civility and respect across the nation. Special education has taken a monstrous hit during COVID - as most of our kids have been fed scraps of services instead of what IDEA and their IEPs require.  Sometimes, school boards give special education lip service, having no clue what teaching and parenting a child with special needs entails. Me? I'd like to give Mr. Pena Fat Lip Service for his cruelty. However, that wouldn't do much for civility, would it?

Evelyn Letter

Official Disability Chamber of Commerce RGV press release regarding the ECISD incident from August 18, 2020.

As some of the largest employers in our area, school districts in the RGV still need training and direction with our disability community. We challenge them to be part of a larger discussion and change. We are here to help with sensitivity trainings and disability awareness trainings.
#dccrgvcares #CallToAction #changethenarrative #ableismexists


Feels A Lot Like Autism

BB2E1A74-F4CA-44D7-B633-187049864177Ginger Taylor posted this Tweet from Canadian MD Matt Strauss. It made my blood run cold. Read it. Admissions diagnosis, starvation. Our elders are starving because Covid measures have plunged all of into.... autism. Hear me out. 

Autism is loneliness.  I once watched my beautiful then 15 year old daughter stand at the front door of my home watching the neighbors much younger kids playing in their yard. She was mesmerized from behind the screen door. Then she said three words that broke another piece of what was left of my autism ravaged heart:

Gianna wants friends.

Autism is not being able to leave the house when you want to go somewhere or do something because it may be very difficult for your child.  My daughters have never left the house without an adult, caretaker or to board a bus with an adult.  I wrote in my memoir about the time I had to leave a Chinese food order in the restaurant because my daughter had such a meltdown in the parking lot that I had to carry both her and her older sister (they were tots) back to the minivan and drive home hungry.

Autism is not knowing what the person you see is feeling because you can't read his or her facial expression.  I thank God I am old enough to have crows feet and forehead creases so that people can tell if I am smiling or angry behind my red, white and blue mask. And poor enough that I can't even consider Botox...  ha ha.

Autism is isolation. My 25, 24 and 19 year olds have not been invited to a single event that was not adult facilitated for special needs since around 5th grade. That's more than a decade without a social interaction with typical peers.

Autism is diminished financial security for adults with autism and their families alike. From this I surely know.

Autism is an epidemic.  And so are the repercussions of COVID.

We're starving. All of us.

XOX    Kim

Mandatory Vaccination and the Ethics of Human Sacrifice

EthicsBy Twilah Hiari

In 2020, we find ourselves living in a world where some of our fellow humans are not only rationalizing, but demanding human sacrifice. The question is not so much how we got here, but what does it say about our moral malleability and basic humanity.

On June 26, 2020 the New England Journal of Medicine published an article entitled Ensuring Uptake of Vaccines against SARS-CoV-2. The piece serves as a legal blueprint to guide states to increase uptake of a SARS-CoV-2 vaccine when it becomes available, guidance to when a mandate of the vaccine may be appropriate, and strategies to use to sidestep legal challenges in the event of a vaccine mandate.

As a person who lost the ability to read, write, speak and count in 2014 due to a series of medically induced injuries, including injury from two vaccines, the piece read not so much like the prequel to a dystopian novel, but like a direct threat to my life. 

Included among the criterion the authors suggest as a trigger for state vaccine mandates is Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) recommendation of the vaccine for populations including the elderly, health care professionals working in high-risk or with high-risk patients, and persons with certain underlying medical conditions. I strongly suspect that I’d qualify as a person with certain underlying medical conditions.

An unusual characteristic of the paper is its recognition that vaccine injury is real and will inevitably affect some people who receive the vaccine. One of the criteria that the authors outline as a prerequisite for a vaccine mandate is that, “a generous compensation program for people who have serious vaccine side effects should be a centerpiece of these efforts.” 

Do I, as a person who is under potential threat of state mandated vaccination feel assured by a promise of generous compensation should I lose my ability to read, speak and perform the functions of daily living independently again? No, I do not. No amount of money would be fair compensation for a loss so far reaching as severe vaccine injury. Severe vaccine injury is a loss that destroys not only the life of the injured individual, but transforms the lives of that person’s family and community. My spouse would lose a partner again, my community would lose a person who grows and shares a quarter acre of organically grown produce, my friends would lose a loyal support. And I, as a shell of my former self, would require valuable productive energy and resources from a team of other human beings to maintain an existence that no longer nourishes me or anyone whose life intersects with mine.

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Adolescent Suicide and Murder, The Next Pandemics

Tarot_death_02Note: Thank you to Brett Wilcox for sharing this post from his blog "Running the Country."

Adolescent Suicide and Murder, The Next Pandemics

School is hard.

If you’re like millions of other people, school was hard for you. So hard, in fact, thinking about it hurts. Whether you graduated last year, five years ago, or 50 years ago, it still hurts. That’s because kids can be cruel and you were probably on the receiving end of some of that cruelty. If you were treated the same way as an adult at work, the offenders would likely end up fired or jailed.

On top of that, kids have a gazillion other things to worry about. Following is a short list:

  • body
  • face
  • hair
  • height
  • weight
  • strength
  • coordination
  • agility
  • athleticism
  • race
  • skin color
  • hormones
  • sexuality and sex
  • voice
  • odor
  • breath
  • clothes
  • friends
  • enemies
  • conversations
  • image
  • reputation
  • job
  • money
  • alcohol and other drugs
  • safety
  • religion
  • beliefs
  • values
  • hopes
  • fears
  • past, present, and future.

And when they’re not dealing with that, they’ve got their:

  • classes
  • grades
  • schedule
  • and homework.

In spite of all that and so much more, most kids survive, some just barely, but they survive.

When kids go back to school this fall, survival will be harder than ever.

Some kids aren’t going to make it.

This is why.

  • Kids need friends.
  • They need to belong to a group.
  • They need to fit in.
  • They need to feel safe and accepted.
  • They need to be loved.
  • They need to not be hated and they need not to hate themselves.

That’s always been true, but this year, it’s going to be harder than ever because HATE is the currency of the New Abnormal—hatred for others and hatred for self.

Hate is spawned in fear, and our owners—some of most powerful people in the world—are world class bullies and criminals who know how to create, manipulate and profit from our fear.

They’ve been doing it for centuries. And they’re doing it with a virus named SARS-CoV-2 and an array of symptoms called COVID-19. This is a matter of public record.  Read more here.

Covid and the Era of Careless Chemicals

Texas Boy with Burns
Fox News 12 Sherman Texas

I saw this story about a Texas boy burned by chemicals left on a shopping cart on the Massachusetts' Health Choice Facebook page and wanted to scry. That's not a typo - that's scream AND cry. I've been thinking about children around the world - and ubiquitous use of toxic, caustic, dangerous chemical cleaning and disinfecting agents.

This weekend I was in a Shop-Rite here in Connecticut and they have shower curtains hung between the cash register aisles.  If you have ever had a clear shower curtain, you know they get moldy very fast and don't stay clear long. They are a bear to really clean. This is what shopping as come to during COVID-19. Jury rigged safety systems are that have no scientific basis.

What will happen in schools, when every surface is covered in a chemical one, two or more times per day? What is the public health cost to inhaling and contacting these products day in and day out for any of us, let alone kids? I think the boy have lost his sight if he'd gotten that "stay COVID safe!" chemical in his eyes. A nightmare.  Kim


Texoma boy burned by chemicals on Kroger shopping cart

SHERMAN, Tex. (KXII) - A Texoma boy is recovering after something meant to protect him left him with burns on his face. How a trip to the grocery store quickly turned into a trip to the doctor.

“We go to Kroger weekly. We enjoy it, love the fuel points, you know. It’s just one of those, it took us by surprise," said Jessica Garcia of Sherman.

Garcia and her 7-year-old son, Jax Owens, went to do their weekly shopping at the Sherman Kroger Sunday. She said she noticed a gel-like substance on the shopping carts, but wiped down as much as she could see before letting Jax inside.

“As we’re going through getting our groceries he just was telling me how his face was itching and burning, but I didn’t see anything," said Garcia.

Garcia says his face became red and swollen, and kept an eye on him that night..

“The very next morning, his lip was, even though it’s huge right now it was about 5 times bigger than that,” said Garcia.

Bill Gates and 1984

Steve Jobs created a world of imaginative products used the world over for creative connections between humans. Bill Gates created machines to conduct business. Today is a day to talk about Bill Gates' iron grip on every aspect of planet earth save maybe its orbit as the pandemic he may have crafted wages on. Two men. Genius level. Both college drop-outs. Both richer than most of us could ever imagine. One died from cancer, unable to save his own life using medicine. The other is now for all intents and purposes in charge of our lives, and believes using medicine is his to impose on every one of us. In  1984, when Jobs launched the Macintosh computer, the above TV ad mesmerized the world with its theme of a WOMAN shattering an Orwellian world.  A world with robotic people following instructions, marching in lockstep and even wearing.... masks.

Exactly the world Bill Gates is constructing around us TODAY.

The strange love-hate relationship between Bill Gates and Steve Jobs

Said Gates of Jobs in

Bill Gates has a perfect explanation of the difference between him and Steve Jobs

Jay Yarow
Apr 7, 2015, 8:49 AM

Steve had a design mind-set. When I get to a hotel room, I don't go, 'Oh, if I had designed this car I would have done this and this.' People like Jony Ive and Steve Jobs are always looking at stuff that way. You know, I look at code and say, 'Okay, this is architected well,' but it's just a different way of understanding the world. His most natural, innate sense was a world-class instinct about whether this or that object met certain standards. He had extremely high standards of what was shit, and what was not shit."

Language alert:

AUTISM in the Time of COVID: Guilt, Histories, and the Village

Barb and Dan 2
Source, Barbara's FB 10/19

Note:  I met Barbara Fischkin at my very first public speaking event in New York City a dozen or so years ago.  She is an accomplished author,  and was a successful journalist who traveled the world for her career. I consider her a friend and mentor. Her adult son Daniel has been in his New York Group home since the quarantine began.  Like many group homes, Dan's been denied all visits, even from Mom or Dad. Her son contracted COVID and recovered. She has been able to have curb distance visits. This is happening all over the country, maybe the world. People with autism cut off from their loved ones. I can't imagine anyone being able to explain to my three daughters why I am not there for them. My once, twice, thrice broken heart couldn't take knowing they were worried I'd never return, or worse starting to forget me.

Below is an excerpt from a magnificent narrative non-fiction essay she has written about this time and our autism family.  Never forget, no matter how we ended up here, how we have treated autism, educated our children, housed them - all of it - at the end of the day, we are the autism family.  Take the time to savor her style, her wit, her honesty, her emotion. Enjoy.  Kim

Barbara Fischkin is the author of three books of narrative nonfiction and satiric fiction and is currently writing an autism-related historical novel titled The Digger Resistance, some of it set in what was once an Eastern European shtetl. She holds an interdisciplinary Master of Liberal Studies Degree in “Autism Past and Present,” is a writer for City University of New York’s Office of Communications and Marketing, and is a member of the CUNY Disability Scholars Group. As an international journalist, Fischkin covered stories in Latin America, Asia, and Europe and wrote for major publications including Newsday, where she was on staff, the New Yorker, and the New York Times, among many others.
AUTISM in the Time of COVID: Guilt, Histories, and the Village


By Barbara Fischkin


The Covid test for my son came back positive. Great, I told myself, first you gave him autism, now the plague. Dan, 32, has been unable to speak since he was three and a half, a rare case of Childhood Disintegrative Disorder. Doctors told my husband and me to expect the worst. This, they said, was as severe as it gets on the autism spectrum. The worst did not happen. As an adult, Dan has an active life. Still, he is far from cured. Due to his lack of speech and other disability-related deficits, he cannot live by himself or go anywhere alone. He lived with us until he was 22 and then moved to a nearby group home. It is a beautiful, well-furnished house and he has his own large room. Still, it is a group home. I do not know what happened to our once normal child; nobody does. As the spectrum itself grows, it becomes more confounding. For me, maternal guilt comes with the territory and it is irrational. I am still haunted by the long-debunked theory that “refrigerator mothers” cause autism. In my case this is beyond ridiculous. Friends, relatives, and colleagues—and my husband in particular—claim I have an overabundance of warmth, enthusiasm, and passion and, if anything, could tone it down a bit. Still, on bad days the dark side of my brain imagines Bruno Bettelheim, the most famous purveyor of the “refrigerator mother” autism myth, rising from his cremated ashes to crown me the world’s foremost ice queen.

I think: I should have worked less after he was born? Should I not have moved him from one country to another when he was just a toddler? I was a journalist and a writer. But I took him with me. On interviews in Mexico City, to Guatemala to interview orphans, to Panama, Thailand, and the Philippines to catch up to his foreign correspondent father. He rode in a baby backpack and played with my hair. I took him—and a nanny he loved—to a North Carolina writing workshop, because two weeks was too long a separation. Doesn’t this exemplify a warm mother?

I should have played more games with him. Did we have enough puzzles? Too many? I read to him every night, didn’t I? Goodnight MoonThe Very Hungry Caterpillar. The Philharmonic Gets Dressed. You name it, I read it. 

I breast fed Dan. Or am I imagining this?

Could a mother imagine she did such a thing, when she did not? I do not think so. But when it is almost 30 years since your child fell apart and you still don’t know why, such thoughts continue to flow. And so, it came as no surprise to me—or others—that when Dan tested positive for the novel Coronavirus, I was sure I had given this to him, too. I based this on circumstantial evidence which would be mortifying, if it weren’t so funny. In the worst of times, and in our memories of them, humans crave humor. If we didn’t, the Holocaust movie Life is Beautiful would not have won three Academy Awards. 

So here goes: I was sure I gave Dan the virus because I had my eyelashes dyed. 

The woman who does this for me—as she tells great stories about waxing the legs of Lillian Hellman and Beverly Sills—tested positive after my last appointment with her on March 4. New York was still wide open then. She was so sick that she wondered if she was down for the count. I didn’t find out until she revived and after I had spent a day with my son. If I had known, I would not have seen him. This anti-mantra flowed through my brain, until I convinced myself I could push it aside by a list of other ways Dan could have been infected. Three of his group home housemates had it. Did they give it to him? Or he to them? Staff came in and out. My husband and I rode the Long Island Rail Road in early March. We walked and biked the crowded boardwalk in Long Beach on Long Island, where we live. This is the nobody knows virus. Dr. Peter Piot, the director of the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine described in the New York Times on May 26 as a “legend in the battle against Ebola and Aids,” does not know where he got Covid-19.

Dan appears to be healthy now. He has been symptom-free for weeks. He has, ahead of time, lost the 20 pounds he usually sheds in summer when he surfs the ocean. He looks like himself again, tall and solid, fashionably balding with a Roman profile. There do not seem to be any Covid after-effects, as many others—including Piot—report. But. . . can a mother tell such a thing from a distance of six feet? As I finish writing this on June 1, I have not been able to touch my son or even stand in the same indoor room with him since March 17. Seventy-six days. After 49 days, my husband and I were permitted curbside visits with him. It is as if our son were a restaurant permitted to offer take-out, but not delivery. Neither one of us has ever not seen him for this long, even in those vintage traveling days.

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National Counsel on Severe Autism on the Extreme Sexual Danger Females Face

Self Defense AdBelow is a Facebook post I could have written myself. Three times.  Please consider support VOR - Voices of Reason for the disabled. VOR has been fighting for the rights of the disabled, including the autistic, for decades.  I was their keynote speaker several years ago and still recall how welcome I felt there, as we all had the same agenda - our children's rights throughout the lifespan.  It's ironic that I teach self-defense. I earned my black belt in two martial arts late in life. And I train every day. Protecting women is my passion. And yet, I can do little for my own daughters.

The post linked an article from the National Counsel on Severe Autism.


An autism fact too horrible to discuss May 27, 2020 The mother of a teenage daughter with nonverbal autism opens up about her extreme sexual vulnerabilities

My 17 year-old daughter, I’ll call her Cathy, has autism. Not the “self-advocate” autism, or the “neurodiversity” autism, or the Daryl Hannah autism (whatever that was). Noooooooooooo. My Cathy has an autism that leaves her helpless, 100% defenseless.

Cathy is gorgeous, quite tall, with wavy bright blond hair and a face like a doll. If an actress were to play her in a movie I think Cameron Diaz would fit the part. But after that, no similarity. Cathy can’t talk, read, write, answer a phone, text, or understand a story. She can’t brush her hair or teeth, wipe herself after toileting, change her menstrual pad, or put on her clothes. If it’s freezing outside it wouldn’t occur to her to put on a coat. More than once she’s left the house totally naked.

I found NCSA because of this post on its website, A Sister’s Quest to End Sexual Abuse of the Severely Disabled. I was looking for information I could use to protect Cathy, because she is more vulnerable to sexual assault than almost anyone else in the world. Mothers like me suffer a sheer terror that rips our hearts into pieces....  Read more: An autism fact too horrible to discuss May 27, 2020 The mother of a teenage daughter with nonverbal autism opens up about her extreme sexual vulnerabilities

Rehoming Children with Autism Like Bad Pets: Myka Stauffer

NOTE: This might not be the best day for me to write about the concept of REHOMING kids with autism. Tomorrow's not looking good either. The term is a euphemism usually used for dogs and cats that are sent away because they are inconvenient, too much work, vicious, don't get along with other pets or family members and frankly, most rescue agencies think people who rehome are selfish jerks. Read the poem above and change DOG to CHILD.

How about rehoming children with disabilities like autism? 

Yes, it's better than killing them. We just saw a horror in Florida. Still. Rehome... I know how hard life can be Myka Staufferwith kids with autism - don't we all. I know families facing the horror of reactive attachment disorder in adopted children.  I know. I know. I know. I know. I know.

How much time have you devoted to your children with autism. What have you lost? Given up. How many bruises, cuts, scratches, broken windows, smashed drywall have you mended. When was the last time you sipped a cup of coffee alone and contemplated all the parts of life that autism has taken from your child?  Let alone you. Me? Try 68 cumulative YEARS with my 3 daughters.  And it ain't a contest I want to win. Or a contest at all.

Stamina. Love. Ability. Care.  Altruism. And a touch of masochism, if we get down and truthful. Some of us parents have it. Others. Don't.  And NONE of us is Mother or Father Teresa. This poor gal couldn't last 2 years.  Just look at her tears.  Look at her husband in his tight immaculate white T shirt and coiffed goatee.  There were "things they weren't told." Cue the flood of tears and clutch your pearls.  From CHINA? Imagine that?  What were YOU told before autism? What did YOU EXPECT when you were EXPECTING? Perfection? And we should pity her for feeling so, so bad about her decision to return her kid - tell me? Is it a nickel or dime return on a child?  She gets a story in People Magazine for doing to a child what most call selfish to a dog or cat.  A YouTuber. Maybe she should consider going into UnBoxing as her career - Motherhood ain't for her.  Kim


YouTuber Myka Stauffer Reveals She 'Rehomed' Her Son Who Has Autism 2 Years After She Adopted Him

YouTuber Myka Stauffer and her husband James have announced that they have decided to "rehome" their son Huxley, whom they adopted two and a half years ago.

The couple welcomed the now-4-year-old little boy, who was later diagnosed with autism, through an adoption from China in October 2017.

"Once Huxley came home, there was a lot more special needs that we weren't aware of, and that we were not told," James said in a video shared on Tuesday.

"For us, it's been really hard hearing from the medical professionals, a lot of their feedback, and things that have been upsetting," he continued. "We've never wanted to be in this position. And we've been trying to get his needs met and help him out as much as possible ... we truly love him."  Read more:

YouTuber Myka Stauffer Reveals She 'Rehomed' Her Son Who Has Autism 2 Years After She Adopted Him

CDC Replaces the Horace Mann School of 1838 with the Harry P. School of 1369

CDC School

I live in New England, where parents can not get their middle school boys to wear pants in the dead of winter. On the bright side, girls might finally be willing to poop in the (socially distanced) bathrooms saving hours of discomfort and a mad dash to the door upon returning home. Masks for "Students over the age of 2."  Those ain't stoodents. They is babys. (Oops, someone needs some old fashioned school!)

I was wondering about the meaning of "School":  School has its roots in the Greek skhole. That word originally had the sense of “leisure,” which evolved into a “place for discussion,” so you can see how school came to have its modern meaning. School, as in "school of thought," can describe a group of people bonded together by shared principles.

And then I found this gem, true or not, it made me laugh and cringe at the same time because it's exactly what CDC is recommending for our kids.  Here in the autism community, many of us struggle to get shoes onto our children, shirts can case a meltdown that lasts hours. Masks seem.... unlikely..... for long term wear.

Source: Who Invented School and Why Did They Invent it

Horace Mann is the name that comes as the ultimate answer to “who invented the school”. Born in 1796 in Franklin Massachusetts, Horace Mann is believed to have invented the school system we all know today. He was both a college professor (teaching Latin and Greek) and a college president. However, before this man, there were many schools and teaching methods in Greece already, which makes the whole story a bit blurry. Yet, he takes a lot of credit when it comes to invention and contribution to the Normal School System in 1838.

Another man who is believed to have invented the school is Harry P. School. Around 1369, he started gathering neighborhood children with an unacceptable behavior and locking them up in a building. In other words, his “school” was a place where children were being punished. His concept may have been rough, but the parents of the punished children liked Harry’s idea. Truth be told, Harry P. School is not the inventor of school, but he definitely deserves some credit because of his idea of gathering children into one place in order to correct their wrongs.

America Goes From the Race to Space to Stay In Place

ShameBy Kim Rossi

Mayor encourages constituents to 'socially shame' people not wearing masks in Rhode Island Jack Perry The Providence Journal

Everything we have ever taught our children about bullying is WRONG. We should teach our kids that life is 100% situational based on the agenda.  Black can be as white as snow. Fire can be water. Freedom can be slavery. Shame your neighbor? Turn them in? Celebrate their loss of income, the collapse of their business to save others?  I saw an article about ankle bracelets in Kentucky for family members of COVID positive relatives to track if they leave the house. Kentucky orders quarantine-breakers to wear ankle monitors

We are in a 21st century version of The Industrial Revolution when life changed dramatically and entire industries were rendered obsolete by machines. We've seen technology do the same to a lesser degree since the 1980s, mostly displacing humans and cassettes. But this COVID iteration is different. It lacks the hope of a better future that has always been at the core of the American dream and backbone.

The United States of America once competed in the race to space.  Today? We're in a forced march to something I do not recognize. The Manhattan Project, for better and certainly for worse, created a bomb that made the nation feel strong and protected. Invincible even, for a time. Today? COVID has turned us into traitors to our friends and neighbors, cowering at home in fear, compliant, meek, scared.

By whom? For whom?


April 4 Expert Panel on COVID-19 & The Vaccines To Follow

Thank you to our Anne Dachel for transcribing excerpts for our readers.  Anne says:

"This was one of the most informative and empowering talks I’ve ever listened to in all the years I’ve been working as an autism advocate. Every person concerned about what the COVID 19 pandemic will do to our medical freedom needs to hear these speakers and learn the truth about what’s coming. There is no walking away from this threat to our liberties."

April 4, 2020, Panel discussion the COVID 19 crisis and what a vaccine could mean to the American people.


Dr. Andrew Wakefield, Dr. Judy Mikovits, Del Bigtree, Ty and Charlene Bollinger, Robert Kennedy, Jr., Dr. Sherri Tenpenny, Dr. Rashid Buttar.

Here are excerpts from the discussion.

Charlene: “…the year 2020 was a big deal. … This is the year, if we don’t help people understand this critical issue we may loss our freedoms, and they may be able to come in and try …to force us into these vaccines. But we did not know what we were getting into….

“I was watching Tucker Carlson  [Fox, Tucker Carlson Tonight]. He’s actually had Bobby Kennedy on…  We couldn’t believe that mainstream media outlet was covering that. We felt like Tucker’s our friend…

“Last night…on Tucker Carlson Tonight … He had a guest and they talked about Operation Wrap Speed, the COVID vaccination where they’re literally going to pass through the trials that they should be doing. They’re going to skip all that safety measures to get to this vaccine. They’re going to have a hundred million ready to go. …

“The guest talked about this as if it’s a good thing, and Tucker Carlson who has interviewed our good friend Bobby Kennedy, ….  I was really letdown by the fact that Tucker Carlson allowed that guest to say that and didn’t dig in. …”

5:42 Kennedy: “There’s now eighty separate vaccine projects. Bill Gates has eight of them. Bill Gates is now the biggest vaccine producer in the world, bigger than any other company.

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Bloomberg Admits Drugmakers Including Pfizer Are Compromising Safety For Rush To Market

DD2BE9B1-00E2-425A-ABBA-01552728CA0BYesterday was the 59th anniversary of the first American manned space flight by Alan Shepard. Now imagine that NASA was granted the power to demand that EVERY AMERICAN take a space flight starting on May 6th, 1961. THAT's the COVID vaccine.  For some, the vaccine might be a giant leap for health. For others? A Challenger far worse.

Pro-vax. Anti-vax. Doesn’t matter. Bloomberg is telling you that safety for a product already exempt from liability, safety is not the very first priority.   Anyone who takes the new vaccine will be participating in the world's largest clinical trial. "Vaccine trials normally start by looking at safety, but in order to hasten the development of a Covid-19 vaccine, the drugmakers are looking at both safety and the immune-system response from the experimental shots."

In March, Wayne Rohde wrote an article for us titled Meet The PREP "Public Readiness and Emergency Preparedness" ActMeet The PREP "Public Readiness and Emergency Preparedness" Act:  Here is the definition of the act. The Public Readiness and Emergency Preparedness Act (PREP Act) added new legal authorities to the Public Health Service (PHS) Act to provide liability immunity related to the manufacture, testing, development, distribution, administration and use of medical countermeasures against chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear agents of terrorism, epidemics, and pandemics.   It also added authority to establish a program to compensate eligible individuals who suffer injuries from administration or use of products covered by the PREP Act’s immunity provisions.

Bloomberg News published an article yesterday about the race to bring COVID-19 vaccines to market.  Below is an excerpt and link. And I've taken a screen shot to preserve the critical phrasing.

Pfizer Starts U.S. Trials of Experimental Covid-19 Vaccine By Cynthia Koons

...New York-based Pfizer is working with BioNTech SE of Germany. The companies started testing the inoculations in patients in Germany in late April. Vaccine trials normally start by looking at safety, but in order to hasten the development of a Covid-19 vaccine, the drugmakers are looking at both safety and the immune-system response from the experimental shots.

Pfizer and BioNTech are in a race with companies including Johnson & Johnson, Moderna Inc. and dozens of other biopharmacuetical outfits and academic groups to come up with a safe and effective vaccine against the illness within the next year to 18 months. A handful are in human trials already, including Moderna’s and ones from CanSino Biologics Inc., the Beijing Institute of Biotechnology and Inovio Pharmaceuticals Inc.

Pfizer’s U.S. trial will involve 360 patients in two age groups: 18 to 55, and 65 to 85, though trials in the older population will start only after safety and immune response are established in the younger group. The University of Rochester Medical Center/Rochester Regional Health and Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center will eventually provide testing sites for the vaccines as well.

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Homeless, Adult Disabled Daughter, An Open Letter to Governor Cuomo

Donna KNote:  As of yesterday, Donna, who will be homeless with her adult disabled daughter, and now resides in a hotel, has not heard from the Governor. Perhaps she needs to send him an old N95 mask and pretend to be a kindly Kansas farmer to get his attention, to be worthy of a TV snippet to tug on the old heartstrings. Aw gosh golly gee willikers ain't that eye-talin Andee Koo-oh-mo the greatest Guv ever?  No. He. Is. Not.  Donna lives in a hotel for 1 more week and then? 

If you think you can help in any way, please send an email to


Governor Andrew Cuomo

Twitter: @NYGovCuomo, Fax: 518-474-4513, Via Send a Message to the Governor

Mayor Bill de Blasio

Twitter: @NYCMayor, Via Send a Message to the Mayor, Fax number unavailable

Senator Todd Kaminsky

Twitter: @toddkaminsky, Fax: 518-426-6914, 516-766-8011, Email:

Dear Governor Cuomo, Mayor de Blasio and Senator Kaminsky:

I am writing to ask for your assistance during this COVID-19 Pandemic.  I have been watching the press conferences and the news daily… “Stay Home, Stay Safe, Save Lives, WE ARE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER, #flattenthecurve”.  My heartbreaks for all who have lost a loved one to this virus.  My situation, has its own difficulties.  Currently, I am homeless along with my daughter, Taylor, 21 years old, and her dog Penny, which she uses for emotional therapeutic support. Our housing situation has become dire because of COVID-19.  In addition, my daughter is an adult with a disability which is limiting our housing options.  She has been recently approved for Medicaid eligibility in New York State.  We are also in the process of Self Direction with Office for People With Developmental Disabilities (OPWDD). As of now we do not know how much longer before OPWDD Self Direction launches and Guardianship determined.  We are at a standstill during this crisis to shelter in place with limited resources. 

The COVID-19 pandemic has made our family and friends who have supported and helped us in the past to now fear us as a possible contagion.  Due to the unknown and fear of catching COVID-19 we now find ourselves on our own.  Prior to the pandemic I have been looking diligently for an apartment we could afford and call our own as we have in the past.  The past 2 years apartments on Long Island have become un-affordable in comparison to my salary which has been stagnant over the past 15 years.  Due to these circumstances, we went to Nassau County Department of Social Services for housing assistance.  We were informed our family of 2 monthly income was over the limit of $1,766.00 for New York State housing assistance and our application was denied. Affordable apartments i.e. studio can be found.  However, we do not qualify due to the strict criteria that is required by landlords/management companies. I have been informed that a Studio apartment renting for $1,400.00 per month in Long Beach, NY, would require the lessee to earn a yearly salary of $74,000.00+ and a credit score of 700+. These circumstances have completely shut us out from the rental market. 

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Three Real COVID Stories from Families of Special Needs Children

Autism Reality EIN
How are you doing as we face another week of COVID quarantine? Like most of you, I'm off and on social media throughout the day. I think it's fair to say that for caregivers like us, this is an especially hard time. Sure, it's tough to be a cast as a schoolteacher at home for your typical kids. Yes, it's taxing to go from working outside of the home to at home with your babies and toddlers and preschoolers underfoot. Of course it's an adjustment to be home with a husband, wife or partner every day without a break. All valid trials. All new territory for many.  But caregivers - like us - face a unique brand of hell. I'd say the same must be happening to caregivers of the population with dementia and Alzheimers. Sundowning is an all day affair these days, I'm sure. Broken routines mean broken lives. Sometimes broken windows. Or bones.

Katie Wright showed me a Tweet from 08EAD60F-D060-4953-9684-D6768FE35C30 the Chief Science Officer at Autism Science Foundation - aka Paul Offit's Protect Vaccination Foundation and former Autism Speaks employee yesterday that made me sick. Katie shared hardship and was accused of starting a "contest." There are many folks who just can't bear to read about our plight, including the CSO of ASF - and THIS is Autism Awareness Month! Ha ha. Remember that?  And lookey look - it seems even Katie Wright did not know Halladay has a daughter with autism. She responded to me in Twitter to leave her alone. Easy, ASF will never do a thing for my kids. I hope she and her daughter are faring better than the families below.

I can't stress enough how important it is for us to band together - keep in touch - reach out - scream - yell - call - text - whatever you need. Keep away from idiots like Halladay who have no clue or compassion. Her response to Katie is dripping with contempt and disrespect.  You will NOT find judgement here. I have three daughters with full autism in my small home. And I have it easier than many of my friends whose kids have severe behaviors, and seizures and severe sensory needs. Or who are in the city - cooped up in an apartment.

Here are three families' plights below. I'm sure Autism Science Foundation is ready to step in to help. If you can dress your kids up as an MMR vaccine, they'll be right over. Dress up like RotaTeq and they'll bring you a pony.

My son was admitted to  Inpatient Psych last night through the ER.  I called 911 due to his violence at home, then he wielded a bread knife cutter at the police and he was restrained in the ER due to attacking staff.  His behavior had been getting progressively worse.  He only has behavior issues at home. His diagnosis is high functioning ASD, OCD, and receptive language disorder.


I’m at such a low point right now with my son. He’s 7 and regressing. How I know, when he was young he never wanted to try new foods his comfort food was chocolate chip pancakes. I had to keep boxes of mix to keep up, who’s going to deny their kid the only thing they eat? Little by little he started eating different foods to the point I was making chocolate chip pancakes on occasion. Now he won’t eat anything but chocolate chip pancakes, he is having outbursts of screaming. He is so irritated and his impulses are just out of control. I don’t know what to do! I’m working nights now because we are in a state of emergency my shifts will be 12 hours and we can get held up to 18 hours. How am I going to do this?


What options exist for a parent who works full time, and is being expected to care for her special needs child while working from home? This situation is not doable. Her employer is pushing her to do FMLA- but she works for a larger than 500 person organization, and therefore it would go unpaid. She needs income to support her family. She does not have local family support. Additionally, she has a second child she is also caring for. Are there any existing programs, grants, or other there options for her? My heart is breaking for her that things are so hard and I don’t know how to help.

Show Up or Step Down: Protest HB 5044 Vaccine Bill on Wednesday February 19 at Hartford Connecticut Capitol

CT Rally 3Note: When I was a kid, we had a silly saying "Show up or step down." It was said with hands on prepubescent  hips and as much attitude as an 11 year old could muster. Today I am telling everyone to "Show up in Hartford, CT next Wednesday, or students from day Kindergarten through grad school who are not 100% vaccine compliant will have to step down and stay home." New Jersey staved off their similar bill by showing up in droves in Trenton. It's time to let go of our prim and proper New England ways and become revolutionaries.   Every man, woman and child within 100 miles needs to show up in Hartford. Vermonters, Rhode Islanders, New Hampshire's LIVE FREE OR DIE citizens, Mainers, New Yorkers (yes YOU Westchester) and Massholes (said with love, I'm one myself) need to stand tall with us to fight.

I'll be there with my daughter Bella. Her iPad will be shouting "I AM HEALTHY AND ENTITLED TO SCHOOL!" 

Put on your LL Bean and raise a HELL HELL SCENE.  Kim


The Public Health Committee has raised a bill, HB-5044, which aims to remove the religious exemption completely for all public and private K-12 schools, child care, institutions of higher education and child group care homes in Connecticut. It gives children/students who previously used the religious exemption until the start of the 2020 school year, or Sept 1, 2020 for child care, to get the initial dose of any missed, age-appropriate vaccines and to create a catch-up schedule for any additional required doses. It also would require children/students who are medically exempt from one or more of the vaccines on CT’s vaccination schedule to submit a new certificate, to be created by the Department of Public Health.

The public hearing on February 19, is your opportunity to tell Connecticut legislators that you do not consent to the removal of the religious exemption. It starts at 10:30am in Room 2E of the Legislative Office Building, 300 Capitol Ave Hartford, CT.

Public Hearing for HB 5044

Wednesday, February 19th 9:00am

Legislative Office Building
300 Capitol Ave
Hartford, CT

Joseph Jean-Felix, CT School Bus Monitor Gets Suspended Sentence

WeepNote: Here's another story of a poorly trained, poorly paid, poorly monitored mistake of an employee having direct contact with a person with autism. Joseph Jean-Felix cried that he "wasn't trained" properly and that's why he abused a pre-verbal teen boy on the bus.  Really?  If I didn't know how to care for, let's say, a ball python snake, but I was HIRED to care for a ball python snake, I wouldn't throw the snake out a second story window or crush it with a hammer if it slithered  and I did not know what to do. I would have asked for instructions. I would have asked my boss. I would have asked the snake owner. I would NOT have harmed the snake.

Ignorance is NEVER an excuse for harming our children. Jean-Felix hurt the boy because he is an impatient, cruel, frustrated, nasty, mean man who had no respect for the boy. 

My 19 year old daughter was abused on 2010 by HER bus monitor. A sweet,  young 20 something who twisted my daughter's hand and thumb causing her to cry out in agony on the bus tapes over and and over and over again.  She also received a suspended sentence and probation.

Our children will face harm until the day they die because the world is wholly unprepared for a generation of men and women with full autism and the behaviors that can include.  Heck, schools can not handle 6 year olds with severe aggressive behaviors.  We're on a slippery slope to hell on earth for them once we die and aren't here to try to protect them.

I have been in contact with the Father of this boy for several months.  Fairfield is the next town over from me. "Bruising and red marks," sounds far more benign than what really happened. I know his pain. And this suspended sentence and probation feels like a slap in the face. Because it is. Kim


BRIDGEPORT, Conn. (AP) — A former Connecticut school bus monitor caught on surveillance video physically abusing a non-verbal autistic teenager has been given a suspended sentence.

Joseph Jean-Felix, 59, of Fairfield, received a five-year suspended sentence and three years of probation on Wednesday, the Connecticut Post reported.

Jean-Felix pleaded guilty to risk of injury to a child, third-degree assault and first-degree unlawful restraint.

The 15-year-old boy’s parents went to Fairfield police in December 2018 when their son came home from school with bruising and red marks on his wrists and arms. Read more here.

CT Representative Josh Elliott Was On TV!!!

643E031C-74D8-4B2D-993C-A56D9B473595Meet Connecticut State Representative Joshua Elliott*!  the architect of removing your right to decide on your child's health in Connecticut. The man who told Robert Kennedy Jr the debate with Yale on vaccination safety and policy had been cancelled.  He devotes much of his time to legislation to help our prison population. I wish he'd devote ALL of his time to making sure inmates can make free phone calls...  Meanwhile, my daughters are unable to use the telephone thanks to their vaccine injury. (See below from the State website for a description of his work as a Rep.)  He and I share the same birthdate believe it or not. I believe he is single and does not have children.

He wrote this post on Facebook yesterday: "More vaccination stuff! I was on TV!" (Which reminded me of the old Crest toothpaste ad featuring a little kid saying, "Look, Ma! No Cavities!")

Here is the comment I left on his on his Facebook page:

Hello. That vaccination “stuff” landed my beautiful daughters at The Kennedy Center for severe disability. They are vaccine injured. Their names are Mia and Gianna. Your language is callous. Hope the camera caught your good side.

Elliott owns 2 health food stores. The Common Bond and Thyme and Season. (Common Bondage and Thyme for a Mean Season.) Common Bond is just a few miles from my house. In a painful serving of irony, most of us have used supplements and organic, natural, gluten free foods to help our kids. I sure did. At stores just like Elliott's. So he is PROFITING off of our vaccine injured children. Age of Autism supporter and contributor Laura Hayes called both stores from her home in California yesterday!  She left us these two comments:

Josh Elliott also co-owns Thyme and Season in Hamden, CT. This is an excellent opportunity for those in CT to boycott his stores as he works to remove your rights, and encourage others you know to do the same. To call his stores to register your complaints, and to let them know they will not be receiving your shopping dollars, here are the numbers: The Common Bond: 203-513-8200 Thyme and Season: 203-407-8128 To call his office: 860-240-8585 I would also encourage people to leave reviews on Yelp, and other forms of social media, letting potential shoppers know that the co-owner of these stores is working hard to strip CT residents of their rights, freedom, and health. (Laura Hayes)

I just called all 3 numbers I posted previously. I spoke with a store manager at each of Josh Elliott's stores (both were polite and listened to my concerns/complaints/plans to encourage those in CT to boycott his stores, and one expressed alignment with and gratitude for the work we are all doing to advocate for parental rights and medical choice freedom), and I also left a voicemail for him at his legislative office. I hope others here at AoA will join me!  (Laura Hayes)

CT Dems:

Since winning the 88th District House seat in the Connecticut General Assembly in 2016, State Representative Josh Elliott has advocated for implementing progressive policies that will help improve Connecticut’s economy and allow it to remain competitive with surrounding states.

Elliott, who grew up in Connecticut and attended high school in Hamden, graduated with a B.A. in Sociology from Ithaca College. He later went on to obtain his J.D. at Quinnipiac School of Law. As co-owner of Shelton’s The Common Bond Market and Thyme & Season in Hamden, which he also manages– two family-run natural food stores – Elliott recognizes the importance of investing in working families and businesses, both large and small.

Elliott is working to ensure that Connecticut employs quality public health standards by pushing for a requirement that all children in the public education system receive proper immunizations. Elliott is also dedicated to improving the treatment of Connecticut's incarcerated population. He is an active advocate of banning the use of solitary confinement and has independently championed a bill that would provide certain telecommunication services to incarcerated people at no cost.

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To Protect and Serve: NYPD OFficer Charged in Death of Son with Autism

WeepWhat a horror for this child. Did his autism play a role in his abuse? Imagine forcing a child to stay in an unheated garage in sub-freezing (or any) temps.  God rest the young boy's soul.  We know what happens to police officers in prison, add child murder as his crime and he won't stand much of a chance. Cry me a Hudson River.  KR


A New York City cop was charged Friday with murder after police say he forced his autistic 8-year-old to spend the night in a freezing garage after abusing him, according to reports.

Michael Valva, 40, was arrested Friday morning by police in Suffolk County, Long Island, Fox 5 New York reported.

His fiancée, Angelina Pollina, 42, was also charged with murder in the boy's death.

The boy, Thomas Valva, died Jan. 17, the station reported.

That's when Valva called police to report the boy was unconscious after falling in the driveway of their home in Center Moriches, the station reported.

Authorities said the boy had been subjected to freezing temperature overnight in the unheated garage when the outside temperatures dipped to 19 degrees, Fox 5 reported.

Thomas’ body temperature was 76 degrees before he reached the hospital and was pronounced dead, according to the station.

Investigators said the boy had never fallen in the driveway and had head and facial injuries that indicated signs of abuse. 

Read more here at Fox 5 New York.


Atlanta Mom Safely Delivers (14 year old special needs) Boy at Atlanta Hospital

WeepShe didn't kill him.
She didn't kill him.
She didn't kill him.
She didn't kill him.
She didn't kill him.

Diana Elliott dropped off her son with special needs, age 14, outside an Atlanta hospital where a nurse ultimately noticed him outside.  Teachers saw a news report, recognized him, and contacted police. According to reports,  "...he does not speak and appears malnourished..."  That could be autism. Many of our kids have difficulty or dislikes when it comes to eating and are very thin. Maybe even malnourished.

I applaud Ms. Elliott.  She is overwhelmed and she did the safe thing for her boy.  The Safe Haven laws are for newborns. We need a version for disabled children and adults. We will see more and more of this and its evil counterpart, murder, as parents live, breathe and age into exhaustion.  Diana Elliott, I hope someone in the system wakes up and helps you and your family.  My initial instinct is to feel empathy and sympathy for you. The story may unfold to reveal not so great information.  I don't know. For the moment. I see a fellow Mom of a pre-verbal teen child. Like my Bella. And guess what?

She didn't kill him.
She didn't kill him.
She didn't kill him.
She didn't kill him.
She didn't kill him.


Peaceful V is For Vaccine Parents Stand at Jimmy Kimmel Show

A Gen-Yoo-Ine Crapiside. Funny stuff, eh Jimmy? We cry rivers of diarrhea.

Update: We've had some comments from readers, new or not, who think this piece is an affront to families of children with heart issues. If you are a regular, you know us better.  I hope. We have never created a pecking order for autism or any other condition. But our kids are always at the bottom of the media pecking order. And perhaps it's my fault for not going back to the drawing board on this post, which I will do here. We have AofA families whose children have dual diagnoses - autism and Down Syndrome, for example. And heart issues are a major, lifelong issue. In America, our surgeons are heroes. They can repair bones and organs. Perhaps not to perfection, but to functioning and to make life better for patients.  Funny, I wrote a post about this:

Late-night comedian Jimmy Kimmel said he would perform the same emotionally-charged monologues about healthcare and gun violence "again in a heartbeat," despite a drastic reduction in Republican viewership of his show.

"But if they're so turned off by my opinion on healthcare and gun violence then, I don't know, I probably wouldn't want to have a conversation with them anyway," he continued. "Not good riddance, but riddance."

Jimmy Kimmel had a visit from V is for Vaccine this week at his taping.  From Joshua Coleman's Facebook page:

33 mothers and fathers attended Jimmy Kimmel's show on December 4, 2019 and abruptly stood in silence MID-SHOW removing outer clothing to reveal their hidden shirts that said either...

My son was injured by vaccines 

My daughter was injured by vaccines

My loved one was injured by vaccines

D89D1637-5636-4EF6-9090-BF4AA069D949I was injured by vaccines

Jimmy Kimmel cut his interview with actor Tom Holland short and the parents were asked to leave. As they quietly and peacefully left Jimmy sarcastically muttered "Cry me a river". 

LIVE broadcast from inside the Kimmel studio on my wall. 


When Kimmel's son was born, he had a heart condition and needed surgery. Kimmel, known for his on screen blubbering at the drop of a hat, cried a river over his son's plight.

We commiserate.

Most of us have cried oceans over our children, whose vaccine injury is not repairable by a skilled surgeon, and whose effects have shunted their lives off their appointed track to that of the seriously disabled. We live with rivers of tears AND diarrhea, mountains of soiled bedsheets, and lakes of drool from seizures. Our fields of dreams for our children lie fallow.

Remember friends, the only group with 24/7/365 open season are parents of vax injured kids. Bully us? And how! Make fun of us? Don't mind if I do! Dismiss our sick kids? Boy howdy what fun! Jimmy is such a comedian. He talks about his wife Molly's smelly feet on Howard Stern. Ha ha!! How'd you like to have a wife taking care of three kids with autism, Jimmy? Imagine the laughs there?

Kimmel should never know the pain we feel. His fears for his son pale against our agony, which is like his PLUS the horror of being called liars and shamed at every turn.  We have no miracle surgeons. We have no treatments. We have no cure. And we get no respect. But that's a real comedian's line.


Hail The Vaxocracy!

CalipharmaNote: Thank you to Laura Hayes for sending out this letter from California chiropractor Dr. Darrel Crain. It's a perfect read today, the day of the VIE event in Washington, DC. All hail theVaxocracy! Or face the consequences..... The letter is printed below.


They Shoot Children Don’t They?

Welcome to the state of Calipharmia, formerly known as California. The Vaxocratic Party, formerly the democrats, have ushered in a new form of government here best described as a Vaxocracy.

Under the laws of the new vaxocracy, free speech is protected. Well, almost. Every topic imaginable can be freely debated and openly discussed. Except vaccines. Vaccines are totally off limits. Period. Are questions allowed? Nope. Concerns? Forget about it.

Virtually all children, without exception, must get every shot on the government list. Not to worry though, this is all free choice. Parents can decide their kids will get the shots, and their kids can go to school. Or, parents can decide their kids are better off without the shots. No problem, no school.

Any parent who disagrees or feels uncertain about their child getting every shot on the CDC vaccine schedule is an “at-risk” parent suffering “vaccine hesitancy” according to vaxocratic doctrine, which protocol requires that these parents be called out and publicly humiliated.

If you have children in your home not fully vaccinated, Child Protective Services may soon be ringing your doorbell. And CPS may call the police. When the police arrive, they may take your child and hand her over to CPS to be placed in foster care. What could possibly go wrong?

If you are a medical doctor who has helped parents exempt their child from mandatory shots to avoid vaccine-induced illness, your career is pretty much finished. Investigation, chastisement, debasement, and punishment are in your immediate future. Also, your medical license is on the line.

But a medical license appears to be irrelevant now. By vaxocratic decree, medical decision-making for children now resides in the hands of government desk-jockeys. The vaxocrats have ruled that state functionaries are much more qualified than parents and family doctors to decide what is best for each child. Pencil-pushers working for the state now have the authority to just say no to medical exemptions they don’t like. Which is every medical exemption that ever crosses their desk.

Bureaucrats have been steeped in proper vaxocratic doctrine, which is as easy as one, two, three:

First, no vaccine has ever harmed a flea. (Not that vaccines are actually tested on fleas for safety. But then again, no vaccine is ever safety tested at all, for children or otherwise.)

Second, vaccine-induced catastrophic illness only exists in the wild imaginations of parents, who are obviously confused and delusional from reading vaccine misinformation and disinformation on the Internet. In other words, they have been reading actual information unacceptable to vaxocratic logic.

Third, experts agree, everything is fine. Don’t worry, be happy.

Rest assured these conclusions are supremely trustworthy, because they are the result of years of honest and careful consideration by the vaccine industry on how to effectively spread a perfectly uncritical belief in the holiness of vaccines. It is hard enough to convince a healthy person to accept a medical intervention known to cause severe illness and death, but much worse once they realize vaccines are wholly unnecessary, horribly neurotoxic, and responsible for many ruined lives and much pointless suffering.

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Gardasil Sidelines Young Man's Tennis Career

GardasilNote: It's with no pleasure that we share this story written by a Dad who realized that his son had been injured by the Gardasil vaccine. We welcome him to the Vax Injury "club" without joy. No one wants to watch their precious child fall ill after a vaccination. I've said for many years now, Gardasil is the vaccine that will tip the scales forcing Americans recognize vaccine injury as a common threat. Babies scream and cry. But teens and young adults speak. They explain their feelings, their pain, they lose out on being able to participate in life, they don't just lie in crib or on a paper covered table where the doctor pooh poohs Mom and Dad's concerns.  

We wish his son Quentin well.  Please take a look at the comments, in agreement. Gabler is learning the worst way possible, as we did. Please be respectful if you comment about his point of view or his son. Thank you.

The HPV Vaccination can cause very serious Side Effects!

By Wolfgang Gabler

I'm writing this post as the dad of a young 12 year old tennis player. My son, Quentin, was ranked Top 5 in Florida and was doing pretty well.

In April, May and June of 2019 he played good tennis, but was certainly not winning all the time. It’s also healthier for young tennis players, if they do not win more than 60 to 70% of their matches.

Quentin was normally practicing twice a day. Two hours with his coach and most of the time another 2 to 3 hours with other tennis players. Once a week he was doing match play in a very good group with some other very good kids from Florida, often several other Florida Top 10 players.

One evening in April while participating in the above mentioned match play, Quentin was complaining about his legs getting weak and heavy. I did not take this seriously, because he already played 4.5 hours when it happened. So I told him, that it’s okay to be exhausted after so much tennis. He actually didn’t want to go home anyway.

In the next two months he was complaining about the same symptoms maybe 4 more times. He was also visibly growing. So I thought, nothing to be concerned about.

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The ID2020 Alliance: The Global Totalitarian Project Hiding Behind The Vaccine Drive

By John Stone

These days history happens by stealth: the big shifts in power are often only incidentally reported in our mainstream news-media and can be hard to detect even by experienced watchers. Until a year ago almost no one had heard of the Global Health Security Agenda, although the project started in 2014 under the Obama administration and has already destabilised nations: something which is neither conjecture or “conspiracy theory” but easily established from public documents [1, 2] . Late last year I highlighted a column in electronic BMJ by J Stephen Morrison “senior vice president at the Center for Strategic and International Studies and director of its Global Health Policy Center" [3]:

“The term "smart power" was new to me when I encountered it recently in a British Medical Journal blog as part of the new-speak vocabulary of J Stephen Morrison 'senior vice president at the Center for Strategic and International Studies and director of its Global Health Policy Center".  Morrison's article is interesting both because it discloses explicitly how 9/11 was made an opportunity  to draw health into the global security agenda of the United States while failing to understand how such a move might result in the shattering of "consensus" and the post war "Western post-war liberal order": "smart power" even if it is smart is not "liberal" and will not lead to consensus. But it also spells out that the global vaccine program has become a covert instrument of US power. If Morrison by any chance laments the passing of the centre-left government in Italy, then perhaps the White House putting Italy and its health minister, Beatrice Lorenzin, in charge of global vaccine strategy was an error. 

“Morrison thinks it is a paradox but it is scarcely so if a government is seen to pursue coercive health measures over its citizens at the behest of a foreign power - even those who favor vaccination could be concerned at the state's new found powers over their bodies (which might also be indefinitely extended). If that was not so smart a political move perhaps the technology is not so smart either - as I remarked  to Steven Salzberg a few years ago: "The unwelcome news is that the “cruise missiles and drone helicopters” of the war on disease often hit the wrong target, and the more cruise missiles and drone helicopters you unleash the greater the risk".

“Frankly, no one knows what they are going to be injected with next. Smart bombs become too easily the agents of international chaos and mistrust: just so the smart bombs of the war on disease, both for what they can do to your body and what they can do to the political landscape, including destabilizing friendly governments. “Smart power” is also duplicitous: Italy is just the surrogate of the US. Why could the citizens of the world not have it directly from the mouth of Obama saying in effect ‘your bodies are not your own and we inject into them what we like?’.”

But the heat was turned up again at the beginning of 2019 when the World Health Organization declared “the vaccine hesitant” to be a threat to world health [2], and the Global health terror over measles was launched despite inadequate evidence either for the spread, or the casualties[1,4-6]. Also, of course, pinned to the tails of the largely artificial measles scare, was the demand for compliance with a host of other products to combat other diseases. Implausibly, health officials continue to stick to the baseless proposition that a two-month old infant can benefit from unlimited barrage of biological products without risk of harm, and never seem to have heard of the concept of “over-medication” [7].

Continue reading "The ID2020 Alliance: The Global Totalitarian Project Hiding Behind The Vaccine Drive" »

Facebook Censorship Means Sites Like Age of Autism Are More Important Than Ever

Banned-books2-censorship-quoteBelow is Del Bigtree's report on the questioning of Mark Zuckerberg by Rep. Bill Posey (R) of Florida. Zuckerberg is clear that the goal is to stop conversation, debate, education and opinion on vaccination. There will be a default position on Facebook that vaccines are always safe and effective for every single human on the planet. Injury will be ignored and denied. Death will be ignored and denied. The utter destruction of pediatric wellness will be ignored and denied. It's not a coincidence that Zuckerberg's wife is a young pediatrician whose maiden name rhymes with Pan, as in Richard Pan.

Both Zuckerberg and his wife are unable and/or unwillingly to process the concept of vaccine injury. Of freedom to choose a medical procedure. Of the right to say "NO." America is moving toward the equivalent of rape by vaccination, and I do not say that to be glib. When the government demands you inject yourself and your children with a product for which the consumer/patient bears 100% of the risk while there is NO LIABILITY to either the manufacturer or the doctor, nurse, random CVS tech who administers it as it generates profit that would make Croesius blush, I think it's fair to call that assault with a chemical weapon.

As social media lurches toward full censorship and the pushing of agendas many of us can not fathom, Age of Autism and other sites by brave people like Del Bigtree, Robert Kennedy Jr and others become safe haven for American freedom.  Read us. Share our posts. Donate to us. We are NOT going away. Dan would never allow it. Nor will I. Kim


From The High Wire with Del Bigtree.

Florida Congressman Bill Posey grilled Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerburg at a recent House Financial Services hearing.

Posey stated, “I support vaccinations of children and adults, but I also support open and frank communication about the risks of vaccination,” Posey told Zuckerberg. “You testified that you believe in giving people a voice. Is Facebook able to assure us it will support users’ fair and open discussions and communications about the risks as well as the benefits of vaccinations?

Zuckerberg said anti-vaccination users on Facebook have the same rights to expression as others, and their views aren’t censored. However, he said, they aren’t publicized, either.

If someone wants to post anti-vaccinationtent or they want to join a group where people are discussing that, we don’t stop them from doing that,” said Zuckerberg. “But […] we don’t go out of our way to make sure our group recommendation systems show people or encourage people to join those groups. We discourage that.

Read the full report at The High Wire here.

From AHRP: Vaccine Experiment Atrocity In India: Human Infection Model

AhrpIt appears that vaccine manufacturers are ever more impatient to reap high profits from new vaccines — especially since they have entered into “public-private” partnerships with governments. Increasingly, government officials oblige this greed-infected industry with laws mandating new vaccines. And public health authorities around the globe have become marketing auxiliaries for vaccine manufacturers.

A report in the Economic Times of India, confirms that the Indian health ministry is working with the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR), the Department of Biotechnology, and the Drug Controller General of India (DCGI) as they embark on a medical atrocity – that is, to conduct clinical trials in which human beings are deliberately infected with deadly diseases in order to test the efficacy of experimental vaccines. The India Infection Research Consortium has named these experiments: “controlled human infection model (CHIM)”

This “controlled human infection model” is no different than the medical atrocities committed by the medical establishment under the Nazi regime....(continue reading on AHRP)

Also new editorial today in the Hindu Business Line “‘CHIM’ vaccine testing is no shot in the arm for India”:

HPV Vaccine For All: The Obscene Public Farce In Our Midst

Cevarixzby John Stone
Having just succeeded in foisting Gardasil 9 on to boys in the UK the operation is on the move again - the idea now, as spotted by Christina England in Health Impact News, is that everyone including the elderly should have it.
This is how it goes: 12 September an article is published on-line  in International Journal of Infectious Diseases but not yet in hard copy 'HPV vaccination: are we overlooking opportunities to control HPV infection and transmission?' (Vorsters, Van Damme & Bosch). it states in conclusion:
Based on the discussion above, we would like to call for further investigation and documentation of the potential public health benefits of vaccination of HPV-positive women. For modellers, these data would provide an additional effect that should be considered when designing HPV vaccination impact models exploring and quantifying the herd protection observed in population programmes. Finally, these additional modes of protection may also reduce the existing reluctance to vaccinate Ben lansing gardasil(young) women post-sexual debut or known high-risk groups such as sex workers.
The article is couched in speculative terms, yet two weeks later Xavier Bosch is in the Mail on Sunday with cheer-leader Margaret Stanley of the University of Cambridge demanding that the vaccine be given to everybody: 'Now give every Adult the cancer-fighting HPV vaccination and 'save thousands of lives', experts demand as evidence shows the jab can slash cancer risk for grown ups too'.
If this seems like jumping the gun it is actually how it has always been: the benefits were always entirely speculative, the vastly documented harms relentlessly denied. Once again, we are seeing a piece of theater: the evidence of benefit is conjectural, the experts in the study conflicted up to their eye-balls:

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Traumas of severe autism and psychosis haunt a mother as she repairs her broken home and heart.

WeepNote: Every so often, we get a glimpse into the real lives of families facing the challenges of raising a child on the spectrum. Too often, we get a whitewashed, Hollywood version of autism, whether The Good Doctor or the 1 in a million young lady who becomes a lawyer. For many, probably most of our AofA readers, life is difficult. In my memoir, I wrote that I would never have a life that was like a big wedding cake, with a hundred plates of cake. I have a petit fours life. One tiny bite on one small plate. Maybe three small plates. And that bite is delicious. I savor it. While I want the whole cake, for my girls most of all, it's not reality for us. And so I find joy and delight where I can.  Read this blog entry below. The silver lining for her is scar tissue.  Think about that. Her daughter suffers from autism and severe mental illness. Her story is not unique. Many families have sought residential or inpatient treatments for their severely aggressive children, only to find nothing. We know the story of Alex Spourdalakis too well.  His mother spent weeks in an ER with her son tied to a bed. And then she murdered him.  This is life for many in The Age of Autism.  Robyn, if you read this. We are glad you are safe and hope that your Ariana finds relief from her agony.


Traumas of severe autism and psychosis haunt a mother as she repairs her broken home and heart.

By Robyn Fedrigon

We live in a beautiful home, in a beautiful neighborhood. I am almost done repairing destruction caused by severe autism and psychosis. It’s been five months since she’s been away. I’ve painted just about every room in our home.  I’ve spackled holes in the wall—the size of feet and fists. I remember the tears, as I painted over the last muddy handprint she left above the bathtub. And hanging new blinds from ones that were broken from her trying to, and eloping out of windows. Door frames needing total replacements from the repeated slamming while she was manic.

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Support Legal Action Against UK State Abduction: 'Our SON needs YOU to HELP get HIM his FREEDOM by HIS FAMILY who are really desperate for YOUR HELP'


This is the case was reported in the Mail on Sunday in March and featured here.

Secret Court Hearing Takes Son with Autism Away from UK Mother

The Child Catcher from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

It was a cold day in February five years ago when a psychologist sent by the local authority issued a chilling warning to Sinead: Give up your rights to protect your son or we will take him from you.

After 25 years of caring for someone with autism, including winning a judicial review to ensure funding for his education, Sinead was not too scared by the threat. 

‘There is not a court in the land that would do such a thing,’ she replied.

One month later, police turned up on her doorstep with a council official to say that a secret court hearing had empowered the authorities to seize her son Martin. 

At the same time, social workers arrived at the farm where Martin was enjoying work experience and told him that they needed to take him into safety since his parents were unable to care for him – and then put him in a care home two counties away.

Read this chilling story at here.




The Horror for Autism Never End: Boy Starves Clinging to Mom's Corpse

Tarot_death_02As we enter the month of October, there is no writer in the world, no movie producer, no maniacal madman scribbling a manifesto who could create the horrors we see in our world of autism. Our world. Not the imaginary, shiny, glittery, sparkly unicorn world of the media and neurodiversity.  I mean the down in the trenches, dealing with the day to day slog of care, planning, living and for all of us one day.... dying. 

Read if you can bear it: Chadrack Mulo, 4, starved to death as he clung to his mother’s body two weeks after she died

Autistic child who could not call for help spent two weeks in flat

ROSS LYDALL, MATT WATTS Thursday 8 June 2017 17:07 BST

"The tragedy came to light after a coroner called on the Government to consider a nationwide schools alert system when young children are absent unexpectedly. Attempts by Chadrack’s school to discover the reason for his absence had failed."

My girls might meet the same fate.  They would eat what was in the house.  But then? I can not honestly say if they would go looking for any help at all, should I die in my bed. Last year, I climbed a tall ladder, and texted someone dear to me, "I'm going up a ladder, if I don't call you in 15 minutes, come over."  All three of my girls were home.  But they can not call 911 - (yes, I've tried to teach them. Only 1 speaks with any fluency.) I'm fortunate that I have a team of workers who help me. They'd find me within 48 hours. My girls would live.

This is autism. It is a horror. If you don't like that statement. Feel free to go to the library and take out a fairy tale. We live in the real world. Where the wolf, and death, are at the door.

We will find answers and we will build a support system for each other. I promise.

Love, KIM

Student with Autism's Desk Placed in Bathroom

Vomit'We're at a loss for words. This sounds like retribution, not education.

BELLINGHAM, Washington -- A middle school in Washington State was alerted that one of their students has special needs and does best in a quiet place.

His mom says the space they moved him to is definitely not a room for rest, no matter what it's called.

Lucas Goodwin, 11, has a disgusted look on his face in a photo his mom took when they arrived to school Monday to find his new quiet learning place, in a functioning bathroom.

KOMO reports his new desk was over a toilet.

"I was like how is this happening? How am I in the bathroom? Why?," said Lucas.

His mom Danielle says the teacher also gave him a camping mat to nap on the bathroom floor.

"I was so shocked. I just took the picture because I didn't believe what I was seeing," Danielle recalled.

Lucas is autistic and has an autoimmune disorder.

Danielle says she asked if there was another option for his desk, but Lucas' teacher said no. Read more here.

Click! Watch! Inform!

Knowledge-is-powerPLEASE. If you have Facebook, please read our PINNED post with the School House Rock reference and a short video as soon as possible. It's on the Age of Autism page, which now bears the new scarlett letter "V" with a FB note to "warn" readers to go to to read "real" information about the scarlet letter.

The rebel alliance will not back down. For Dan Olmsted's memory. For our kids. For our future. Thank you.

Click. Watch. Share.

Minnesota Police Shoot, Kill 21-year-old Man with Autism During Domestic Disturbance Call

WeepNote: We fear far more incidents like this in the future, as adult males (and females) with autism in the prime of their life and strength exhibit behaviors toward aging parents, grandparents and others.  Death by police will be added to drowning and seizures. Kobe Heisler is described as "kind and nonviolent." A relative says, "...something must have triggered him."  My God. If you are local in Minnesota, please assist with details.


Brooklyn Center police shot and killed a 21-year-old autistic man Saturday afternoon while responding to a domestic disturbance call.

Officers were called to a home in the 5900 block of N. Halifax Avenue shortly after 4:20 p.m. on a report of a young man wielding a hammer and a knife who was fighting with his grandparents.

Soon after their arrival, officers reported “shots fired” inside the house.

“One down; we need paramedics here immediately,” an officer relayed to dispatchers, according to emergency audio. One officer suffered minor injuries during the struggle, authorities said.

Friends and relatives identified the man who was killed as Kobe Heisler. They say Heisler, who lived with his grandparents, was on the autism spectrum. He died at the scene.

Neighbors reported hearing an argument inside the home before police arrived. One nearby resident, who was painting at the time, said he could make out Heisler’s grandmother shouting, “Stop it.”  READ MORE HERE at

Governor Newsom, Do You Condone Slurs from Maral Farsi About Your Constituents

Farsi Tweet
Look at the disgusting Tweet from Maral Farsi of California.  Who is she?  Here's her Twitter description: California policy nerd. 1st gen Iranian. Healthcare, outdoors, beaches, cartoons, scooters, and politics. All tweets are my own.  Iran? My God, you think a woman whose family's home country treats women like 8th class citizens without control of what they wear, their bodies, where they can be seen, what they can do, might just maybe, might have a scintilla of compassion for the thousands of "anti-vaxxer" women in California? She is no better than the harshest regime in Iran.

Deputy Director of Legislative and Inter-Governmental Affairs

Governor's Office of Business and Economic Development

Maral Farsi is the Deputy Director of Legislative and Inter-governmental Affairs at the Governor’s Office of Business and Economic Development (GO-Biz). Prior to that, Ms. Farsi worked in government affairs and policy roles in the private sector, including for two Fortune 10 companies. Ms. Farsi earned a Master of Science degree in law from the University of the Pacific, McGeorge School of Law and a Master of Public Health degree from the UCLA School of Public Health. She received her Bachelor of Science from California State University, Northridge. Ms. Farsi is a native of Los Angeles but now calls Sacramento her home.

Noun. oxygen thief (plural oxygen thieves) (informal, derogatory) a useless person. "Oxygen thieves," connotes that someone is better off dead, because they steal the very AIR others should breathe. This is the kind of vocabulary that sets off MASS SHOOTERS.  It's the conversation of a zealot who could be scribbling a manifesto on how to protect the world from those who do not fully vaccinate.  It's DANGEROUS. 

Think about the fact that she Tweeted this KNOWING she would get support is frightening. She is no better than a KKK grand wizard spouting vicious racist rants. THERE IS NO DIFFERENCE and I'll say it over and over - Anti-vaxxer is the new N word.

Let's rewrite her Tweet as if it were a Mad (pissed off) Libs booklet.  Replace "anti-vaxxer" which I will tell you again is NOT A BADGE OF HONOR but a full on slur with other nouns, shall we? I refuse to call myself an antivaxxer.   She has dehumanized every single person who believes in vaccination choice and refusal. She has demonized us. She has made us a scornful enemy in this Tweet.  Which I hear she has removed.

Warning! The Antivaxxers are back today at 8:00am! Take your masks and antibacterial sprays!

Warning! The W*tb*acks are back today at 8:00am! Take your masks and antibacterial sprays!

Warning! The N-words are back today at 8:00am! Take your masks and antibacterial sprays!

Warning! The Sp*cs are back today at 8:00am! Take your masks and antibacterial sprays!

Warning! The F*gs are back today at 8:00am! Take your masks and antibacterial sprays!

Warning! The Qu**rs are back today at 8:00am! Take your masks and antibacterial sprays!

Disgusting in the extreme. And this promotes the very violence some in California as crying about.  BASTA! Says this second generation ITALIAN. E-nough.



UmbrageBy Wayne Rohde

I have been searching for a word or phrase to describe the diabolical work of Dorit Reiss this past couple of weeks. She has published several articles attacking parents who have lost children after vaccination.

The word that I have been searching for is Schadenfreude. A word in the German language. It is described as the following:

The emotion of pleasure in others' misfortune is generally regarded as morally evil. It is often considered to be less acceptable than envy, which is regarded as a deadly sin. It would appear to be morally more perverse to be pleased with another person's misfortune than to be displeased with another person's good fortune. Indeed Arthur Schopenhauer argues that to feel envy is human, but to enjoy other people's misfortune is diabolical. For Schopenhauer, pleasure in others' misfortune is the worst trait in human nature, since it is closely related to cruelty.[i]

Dorit is a Professor of Law at University of California-Hastings College of Law and pro-vaccine advocate. Generally, she sticks to her legal analysis of vaccine compensation cases within the NVICP.  She pushes for legal policy and social change by promoting her desire to allow the state to issue fines or other civil penalties against parents who do not comply with vaccination mandates. She favors the state removal of parental rights for exemptions.

Her usual MO is to use misdirection, some legal theory and fear mongering to distract people and point them in her desired direction and away from the actual facts of the case.

She writes articles blaming the parents of vaccine injured children from shutting down her bully pulpit, lectern or microphone. Cute. She distorts the facts and claims to be the victim. Dorit, you are not a victim. Not even close.



In recent weeks, Dorit has begun a new campaign of hate and preying on parents who have lost children to vaccination. Some to SIDS and some to vaccinations such as Gardasil for teen age children.

Dorit, your public posts of the death of Christopher Bunch are filled with so many false statements. I don’t know if you were purposely lying to your readers by stating Christopher’s doctors did not see or connect his Gardasil vaccination with his medical condition of ADEM which lead to his death. Read here.

Christopher’s father challenged your vile and blatantly false statement.

Continue reading "SchadenfreuD-orit" »

Illustrious MIT and Harvard Tested Radioactive Nutrition Experiments on "Retarded" Children in Massachusetts State School

Children at Fernald State School fed Radioactive Cereal by scientist at MIT & Harvard University

Note: Hell is for children, to quote Pat Benatar. Yesterday, today and tomorrow, there are children around the world whose fates are in the hands of rapacious manufacturers and scientists alike. The Alliance for Human Research Protection has written about a frightening story from my own home state, Massachusetts. Harvard and MIT scientists were testing how much radiation children could bear through America's very own breakfast staple, Quaker Oats.  How ironic that Quaker Oats was founded by a Christian businessman named Henry Parsons Crowell whose cereal was used for a diabolical experiment.

We see a similar laser-focus coming from pediatician (intentional sic) Richard Pan in California, architect of SB277.  And in Dinowitz in New York. Their zealotry for full vaccination with no ability or willingness to see the harm they are causing mirrors these horrible experiments. The children do not matter in their black and white world. It's the concept of full vaccination that matters.

In 1944, Joseph Mengele was conducting experiments on human subjects in the concentration camps of Germany and America was repulsed. Yet right in the seat of America's liberty, Cambridge, Massachusetts, MIT and Harvard were equally evil in conducting experiments on marginalized Americans will no perceived value. "Morons" euphemistically sanitized by calling them a "science club." A club without parental consent. Sound familiar? Do you think times have changed in 2019? Do pharmaceutical companies conduct experiments on children today? Yes. It's called the pediatric and obstetric vaccination schedule. Plus ca change.


1944–1956: Radioactive nutrition experiments on retarded children by Harvard and MIT

In December of 1993, Scott Allen, a journalist at the Boston Globe, uncovered documents showing years of ethically dubious experiments conducted on Fernald Center youth. The day after Christmas, he published an article, “Radiation Used on Retarded,” noting that “Records at the Fernald State School list them as “morons,” but the researchers from MIT and Harvard University called the retarded teen-age boys who took part in their radiation experiments ‘the Fernald Science Club.'” 

Developmentally disabled children at the Fernald State School and a state School in Waltham, Massachusetts were subjected to radioactive nutrition experiments sponsored by the AEC conducted by Harvard University and MIT researchers. The children were fed Quaker Oats breakfast cereal containing radioactive tracers to test absorption of plant minerals and calcium. Parents were never informed that radioactive elements were involved in the tests.

Read the full article at the AHRP site here.

Lost Article by Dan Olmsted: What's the Matter With NPR?

This prescient article was brought to our attention this week: Dan identified already how vaccine critics were being crudely branded as public enemies.  It was written 10 years ago by Dan for the now out of print Spectrum Magazine.  We thought it deserved a home here.

Nprby Dan Olmsted,  March 9, 2009 

And why are they making me want to vomit?

Recently I received an email with the rather provocative subject line: "I may vomit - NPR segment." The body of the email was simply an NPR segment on vaccines and autism by Jon Hamilton. After listening to it, I felt kind of sick to my stomach, too.

"Defending Vaccines: Actress Dispels Link To Autism" is the headline on the NPR website story summarizing the segment. The actress in question is Amanda Peet, who has become the anti-Jenny McCarthy of the celebrity duel over whether vaccines are safe.

"A movie star and a prominent scientist have teamed up to reassure the public that childhood vaccines are safe and do not cause autism," the article begins. The prominent scientist is Paul Offit, who tutored Peet on the fact that an autism-vaccine link has been disproven by "more than a dozen large scientific studies," as Hamilton puts it. In the segment, Offit bemoans the fact that the media still calls the issue "controversial."

We've heard all this before, of course, but what turns my stomach is the source: my beloved National Public Radio. This piece is part of a pattern pointed out by many parents and others involved in the environmental-biomedical approach to autism. Some even say NPR is the single most hostile news organization to the whole question of vaccines and autism.

The hostility is obvious from the intro to the segment on Morning Edition: "Today in Your Health, scientific studies show that childhood vaccines are remarkably safe (the last two words emphasized for effect) but a lot of parents do not agree." One reason, the announcer goes on to say, is all the celebrities pounding on the poor pitiful vaccines.

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When Silence Screams Brandon's Brain on Fire: Every Legislator in the USA Needs to Watch

Autism RealityNote: Thank you to Michelle Guppy for writing this blog entry at her site Life With Autism in Pictures and posting the video of her beautiful, tall, blond, handsome son Brandon, who seizes, rocks, rages, smiles, calms himself with straws, loves an open car window and the rush of wind on his face and who deserved far, far more than what his childhood vaccines gave him. A Brain On fire.

When Silence Screams

By Michelle Guppy

I have tried to process the whiplash from being so high with HOPEISM at the sheer multitude of warriors lining up and speaking out against the removal of vaccine exemptions in many states; then the lowest of lows from the stunning defeat of Pharma-paid politicians in removing those exemptions anyway, despite the magnitude of truth presented to them at those hearings...

This one example from my "Life with Autism, Seizures, & a side of PANDAS" is why I named my primary blog, "From hell to HOPEISM".

My life is indeed a daily journey from hell to HOPEISM.

On a good day I arrive at that HOPEISM with barely the scent of smoke.

Other days - third degree burns from those moments, minutes, hours, or seemingly endless days in hell.

I was recently interviewed for a story regarding my sons vaccine injury...

One of the questions was, "Describe for me a good day with Brandon."

I tried to explain how there are no "good days" - there are simply moments that are easier, moments where you get a glimpse of what would have been, --- and moments where you wonder if the smile you captured in your child is pure, or if it's just yeast...

Like those moments of pure HOPEISM when I felt this was truly the moment the avalanche of truth would smother the lies -  in listening to the live feed from hearings in different states where warrior mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, grandparents, physicians, nurses all shouted together "I OPPOSE!" - --only to be met with the scorch of hell as each one of their pleas fell on deaf, pharma-funded politician ears.

A time or two (or three) I have had moments of sheer panic as I wondered what the future holds for my #Grandfishy and the rapid-fire vaccine mandates.

We are poisoning our babies.

Babies are born healthy, not in need of toxins and viral and bacterial cocktails injected in their pure, their sacred, their perfectly created blood stream.

My own son was born healthy, and before I ever gave him a chance to remain that way, I allowed those vaccine cocktails.

I allowed all of them. 

On time. 

Every time.

I wasn't "Pro-Vax" - I was "I didn't know any better but to vax!"

I'm not even "Anti-Vax" now.

I am "hell-no-never-again-like-ever" woke-vax!

Vaccines didn't make my son healthy.

He is sick!

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Italian Foster Care Scandal Rips Apart Families

Child catcher
Once the nightmare of movies

This might be one of the most disturbing articles ever posted on AofA.  Children used as currency by removing from their families under false accusation and planted memories and then scam monsters taking the children as foster parents and making money. This is child trafficking. In bella Italia. First world child trafficking.  Is this happening in the USA? Let's face it, where there's money to be made, morals, ethics and basic human decency can fly out the window. We know that there is a war on pediatric sovereignty here in the USA. Public health bureaucrats are taking control of what happens to children's bodies over their parents' wishes and their best medical interests. Conversely, laws are popping up that would give children rights to make decidedly ADULT decisions, far above their emotional and developmental IQ.


Mayor, doctors and social workers arrested in scheme to brainwash children into believing they had been abused and sell them

Italian police have arrested 18 people, including a mayor, social workers and psychologists for allegedly “brainwashing” children into believing their parents had abused them, in a scheme to take them away from their families and sell them to foster parents.

Authorities in the central Italian city of Reggio Emilia revealed how a network of carers allegedly used hours of psychotherapy sessions and electroshocks to convince children their parents had sexually abused them and “alter their memory ahead of the trials”, Italy’s Ansa news agency reports.

They then allegedly sold the children on to friends and acquaintances in a scheme worth hundreds of thousands of euros.

The investigations, codenamed “Angels and Demons”, started in the summer of 2018 after police received a series of reports of wrongdoing that initially proved false.  Read more at The Independent UK.

The 18 arrested include Andrea Carletti, mayor of Bibbiano, a town of about 10,000 near Reggio Emilia, as well as politicians, doctors, social workers and psychologists. 

Florida Democrat Introduces Federal Vaccination Bill for All US Children

Federal Vaccine Act
Rome had lead pipes. The dinosaurs a cataclysm.  The USA now has a federal vaccination bill. Trial balloon or lead balloon?

Sponsored by Frederick (oops, Frederica) Wilson, Democrat, Florida. And here are the co-sponsors.

Cosponsor Date Cosponsored
Rep. Cohen, Steve [D-TN-9] 05/10/2019
Rep. Adams, Alma S. [D-NC-12] 05/10/2019
Rep. Bass, Karen [D-CA-37] 05/10/2019
Rep. Butterfield, G. K. [D-NC-1] 05/10/2019
Rep. Clyburn, James E. [D-SC-6] 05/10/2019
Rep. Fudge, Marcia L. [D-OH-11] 05/10/2019
Rep. Hastings, Alcee L. [D-FL-20] 05/10/2019
Rep. Johnson, Eddie Bernice [D-TX-30] 05/10/2019
Rep. Kelly, Robin L. [D-IL-2] 05/10/2019
Rep. Lawson, Al, Jr. [D-FL-5] 05/10/2019
Rep. Lewis, John [D-GA-5] 05/10/2019
Rep. Meeks, Gregory W. [D-NY-5] 05/10/2019
Rep. Moore, Gwen [D-WI-4] 05/10/2019
Rep. Payne, Donald M., Jr. [D-NJ-10] 05/10/2019
Rep. Sewell, Terri A. [D-AL-7] 05/10/2019
Rep. Plaskett, Stacey E. [D-VI-At Large] 05/10/2019
Rep. Pressley, Ayanna [D-MA-7]

Argument, Attack or Antecedent: Shooting of Intellectually Disabled Man and his Parents in Costco

Photo source Rick Shureih

A sad event on Father's Day.

The cousin of a man shot and killed by an off-duty police officer in a California Costco says his relative was nonverbal and couldn't have started the argument that allegedly led to the shooting, according to a report by the Los Angeles Times.

Police said the victim, identified by the Corona Police Department as 32-year-old Kenneth French of Riverside, assaulted an off-duty Los Angeles Police Department officer in an unprovoked attack before the shooting.
The officer, who was reportedly holding a young child while shopping with his family when French allegedly attacked him, shot and killed French and also shot two members of French's family, police said.
Corona police Lt. Jeff Edwards told reporters just after the incident that police believe the shooting resulted from an argument.  More at CNN.

The articles do not say autism, but the photo shows a man with no hint of disability in his demeanor or looks.  He's was a tall, handsome guy who would turn heads and get "swipes" left or right or whatever direction means a Tinder yes.  He was described as non-verbal.  We'll respect that diagnosis is not known at this time.  I think most of us immediately thought "autism," though.

How could an argument happen if Kenneth could not speak? That's hardly a quandary. It's called an antecedent.  Something sets off a behavior.

I'll use my own daughters as an example. They are gorgeous, and at first glance, no one knows they have autism. At first glance. But at any moment, one of my girls might reach out and grab your hand to say "helloooooooooo," with a giggling smile. Seems cute? It scares people when it takes them by surprise. And she's 5' 3" 120 pounds. Another of my girls taps people to get their attention - she does not speak. Sometimes the tap is as light as a feather. Sometimes not. How do you think that's received in a crowded grocery story aisle? Not always well. And rightly so. I try to keep my girls at "eyes on, arm's length," so as not to crowd them and to help them develop independence and have a bit of dignity. They aren't Hannibal Lecter. Kenneth's cousin reports that he was "a gentle giant."

The article says the off duty policeman had a child in his arms. Ah ha. What if Kenneth French LOVED babies and he reached out to touch the baby? How would a father react? What if Kenneth was frightened of babies because he knew they CRY and are loud and so he made a less friendly gesture? How would a father react?  

But how should an off duty police officer react?  With civility and control. We know that officers often fail that test.

We'll follow the story.  Perhaps the officer himself is devastated by his actions. We're so sorry for the French family.


NY Post Spells "New York Families Lose Parental Vaccination Rights" Incorrectly

DishragJiminy Cricket, you'd think an illustrious paper like the New York Post could spell their headlines better. Madonn'.....

Here's their headline after Governor Cuomo and the Democrats jammed through the removal of the religious exemption in the Empire State on Thursday.

Anti-vaxxers lose minds after religious exemption bill gets pushed through

The article then goes on to paint Orthodox Jewish citizens as crazy men - in classic narcissistic gas-lighting style. "These people are religious?"  Yes, and they are angry and they stood up for the rights of EVERY citizen in the state of New York.   Mark our words - adult mandates are coming down the Hudson river.  New York is now vying with California for the most heavy handed, jack booted medical thuggery in the nation.

Sports fans take to the streets lighting cars on fire and looting stores after a big win. Aw, heck, they're just fans letting off steam.  Riots have taken place over the decades for equal rights - Stonewall as one example. In New York City. THIS is how America was formed - not by complacency. And yelling is HARDLY an example of violence.  Swears?  Oh the delicate ears of New York politicians!  What an insult to the Jewish Community and ALL of our friends and neighbors and advocates who spent time to fight this travesty.

New Yorkers just lost the right to say no to any school mandated vaccinations. Their kids will not be educated. How is this remotely American? Stay tuned.

Anti-vaxxers lose minds after religious exemption bill gets pushed through

“And these are the religious people?!”

The state Capitol turned into a chaotic scene Thursday as both houses of legislature — and eventually Gov. Cuomo — passed a bill that will end New York’s policy of allowing religious exemptions from vaccine requirements.

Assemblyman Jeffrey Dinowitz, the bill’s sponsor, got cursed out and flat-out threatened at one point by opponents of the legislation after it got passed and sent to the Senate floor.

“We’ll be back for you Jeffrey!” shouted one man in Orthodox religious garb, who was fuming in the gallery with others, many of whom had children with them.

“Motherf–ker!” screamed another person. “Shame!


New York’s Cuomo Signs Bill to Remove Religious Vaccine Exemption

Liberty cryNew York Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D) signed legislation Thursday to end religious exemptions for vaccines.

The legislation comes as the U.S. grapples with one of its worst outbreaks of measles in years. Cuomo signed the bill almost immediately after the New York state Senate and Assembly advanced the measure."The science is crystal clear: Vaccines are safe, effective and the best way to keep our children safe. This administration has taken aggressive action to contain the measles outbreak, but given its scale, additional steps are needed to end this public health crisis," Cuomo said in a statement.

Governor Cuomo, we have countless disabled children who prove otherwise. The measles outbreaks were a Trojan Horse to remove freedom of medical decisions. Healthy children will be banned from school from The Hamptons to Buffalo. The USA now has bookend states, New York and California, where one party has trounced the freedoms of the entire population for pharma's gain. This isn't about measles. Never was. It's about the state controlling your health and healthcare so that industry profits.

Read more at The Hill.

American Medical Association Attempts Run Around at Parental Rights: Let Kids Make Own Vaccine Decisions

Paper moon smokingMembers of the American Medical Association voted this week to support state policies that would allow minors to override their parent’s objections to vaccinations.

Moving forward, the AMA will encourage state lawmakers to institute comprehensive vaccine and minor consent policies, according to a news release. The policy recommendation came Monday during the group’s annual meeting in Chicago. Read more here.

Really AMA? Not sure why the AMA is doing the AAP's work for starters. And then there's this: kids have to be 21 to choose other behaviors/products with risk - like cigarette smoking and drinking.  One drink or one cig will not kill or harm a 14 year old. But one Gardasil shot can. 

Remember friends, the AMA is like the AAP but for grown ups, they are the UNION for doctors. A UNION. A union's job is to protect the financial well being of its members. Unions are sometimes what one might call..... oh let's see, hmmm, (mumbles Jimmy Hoffa) less than a lily white bride on her wedding night pure.

My response to the suggestion that MINORS should make their own medical decisions for vaccination is this:

1) Fine! As long as the doctor and every nurse in the practice are held legally liable - by  name, address and social security number. Signatures on every sheet of paper. A paper trail as long as a CVS receipt.

2) Great! There must be a print out of every vaccine insert blown up and on the wall of every room and waiting room, preferably on Team Umizoomi background paper.

3) Before the child can say, "Boy Howdy! Gimme that DTaP!" he must undergo a full neuropsych evaluation and IQ testing, and an MRI.  Parents must be provided with the results. These tests cost thousands, the practice will happily pay the costs to allow Janey and Johnny their medical freedom of choice.  Each child must also have a speech and OT evaluation to determine baseline status.

3) After vaccination, the doctor's office must agree to FREE follow up visits at 1 month, 2 months, 4 months, 6, months, 9 months, 12 months, 24 months, 36 months, 48 months, and 60 months to review any changes to neurological, IQ or emotional status. Man, these will be LONG visits, not the 8 minutes allotted by insurance. None of these visits will be billable to insurance. Sorry Doc! We'll call them "WELL we warned you," VISITS. If the doctors want to make sure the kids are vaccinated, lost income is a small price to pay.

4) Malpractice insurance will have to be increased to cover the liability.

Any other suggestions, clever readers?

Seth Berkley "the fattest charity fat cat of them all" and the money sloshing behind the Global Health Security Agenda

image from pbs.twimg.comby John Stone

Seth Berkley, the director Gavi, who led the call for a clamp down on vaccine criticism in social media two years ago in the British mainstream journal the Spectator had a few months before been named in the Mail on Sunday as the worst charity fat cat. Ian Birrell had written  an article entitled 'The fattest charity fat cat of them all: Foreign aid boss made Millions out £1.5  billion handed to his charity by British taxpayers' (actually nearly £2.5 million, heading for $4million). He reports:

"Seth Berkley has taken home more than £2 million over the past four years as chief executive officer of Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunisation (Gavi), which has been given £1.5 billion by Britain...Another official at the Geneva-based group collects a pay package of more than £500,000 a year...Incredibly, Dr Berkley was given a housing allowance on top of his £623,370 pay package... Like others at Gavi, he is also offered help with school fees and is exempt from paying Swiss income taxes under a deal struck by the organisation."

In November 2017 I wrote in evidence to the UK House of Commons media committee (DCMS) inquiry into Fake News

"In this regard it is disquieting to look at the global campaign by vaccine lobbyists which reached these shores this summer advocating compulsory vaccination, having scored recent successes in Australia, Italy, France and parts of the United States. The British Medical Association jettisoned its traditional opposition to compulsory vaccination... – dismissed only a few years ago by a former chairman, Hamish Meldrum, as “Stalinist” ... -   and called for the matter to be discussed. Just a few days before an article appeared in the on-line Spectator by the CEO of GAVI, a global agency promoting vaccination, calling for “anti-vaxxers” to be excluded from “social media”... It must be emphasised that anyone remotely critical or informed about the vaccine lobby and its products, is placed under the general pejorative label “anti-vaxxer”: it is the vaccine/pharmaceutical lobby that polarises the debate – anyone who is not in favour of their entire open-ended agenda is subject to opprobrium and ad hominem attack. Complex health issues are being reduced in the mainstream arena to “Four legs good, two legs bad” type arguments."

Gavi's partners include the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, UNICEF, the WHO, the World Bank and the International Federation of Pharmaceutical Manufacturers and Associations (notably Johnson & Johnson, GlaxoSmithKline, Merck & Co., Novartis, Sanofi Pasteur, the vaccines division of Sanofi-Aventis and Pfizer), a network which surely leads back to the Global Health Security Agenda launched in the White House by Barack Obama in September 2014 in the wake of the William Thompson affair.

We have to ask whether it was ever the welfare of humanity which was at stake, or just the welfare of a certain class?

John Stone is UK Editor for Age of Autism.

California Takes Medical Exemptions Away from Physicians And Gives Authority to State Bureaucrats

Breaking newsCalifornia's SB276 has moved forward through the Senate. (See excerpt below.)

Doctors are a needle’s width away from losing the right to make recommendations for their patients vis a vis medical vaccine exemptions in the state of California. From the bill ...require the State Department of Public Health, by July 1, 2020, to develop and make available for use by licensed physicians and surgeons a statewide standardized medical exemption request form, which, commencing January 1, 2021, would be the only medical exemption documentation that a governing authority may accept. The bill would require the State Public Health Officer or the public health officer’s designee to approve or deny a medical exemption request...

Dr. Richard Pan, pediatrician turned Merck's salesman of the year, pushed the plunger deep on this law.  No matter your stance on what is full or partial vaccination, what is "anti-vaccine," or not - medical decisions should never be taken away from a personal physician and given to a state bureaucrat. This is similar to what has happened in American healthcare - where someone at a desk at an insurance company can make life and death pre-approval decisions against your doctor's best advice and recommendation. This is the state taking over your body.  Meanwhile, the country is up in arms over the state taking control over women's bodies in the abortion debate. Democrat and Republican. Both sides claiming the moral high ground.


SB276 Read the full text here:

Emphasis is ours:

Existing law prohibits the governing authority of a school or other institution from admitting for attendance any pupil who fails to obtain required immunizations within the time limits prescribed by the State Department of Public Health. Existing law exempts from those requirements a pupil whose parents have filed with the governing authority a written statement by a licensed physician to the effect that immunization is not considered safe for that child, indicating the specific nature and probable duration of their medical condition or circumstances, including, but not limited to, family medical history.

Continue reading "California Takes Medical Exemptions Away from Physicians And Gives Authority to State Bureaucrats" »

AUTISM BITES! Ask This Beautiful 10 Year Old Girl Who Was Ravaged On The Bus

Scream nowGod almighty, I am having one HELL of a flashback to when 2010 when my then ten year old daughter leapt of the bus sobbing inconsolably while bruises formed on her body.  Look at this beautiful little Wisconsin girl with the pigtails. Another girl on the bus, her seatmate, was "brutally biting" Miss Waldron.  This other student also has a disability - and I place no blame on a child. 

Here's where I disagree - Dad calls for a bus aide, which seems to make sense. But.... I never want an aide on my daughter's bus. It's written into her IEP - NO BUS AIDE. Why? The bus aide was the perpetrator, spraining Bella's hand day after day.  I place the blame on the bus driver in this Wisconsin case. He or she should have pulled over. Surely there was screaming. Autism vocalization is one thing. Screams of agony are UNMISTAKABLE. He should have pulled over.

Autism is a scourge. For those who have it. For those of us who love them. IT IS A CURSE AND A SCOURGE. You don't like that statement? Go read another happy shiny horsehshit site.  Kim


GREEN BAY, Wisc. -- An elementary school student in Green Bay, Wisconsin, came home with bruises on her arm after being bitten by another student multiple times on the school bus, according to WBAY.

Lillian Waldron, 10, goes to Langlade Elementary School. Her mother said she is developmentally delayed and cannot speak.

When Waldron exited the bus Monday, she ran to her mother with tears in her eyes. Waldron was inconsolable, so her mother decided to calm her down by giving her a bath.

That's when she noticed the bruises.

Waldron's father said she sits directly behind the school bus driver in a bus with other students with special needs.

"She can't tell them to stop. She couldn't get away, because she's in a five-point harness car seat. She just had to sit there and take it and the bus driver wasn't stopping," Waldron's mother said.

All Green Bay Area Public Schools buses have video recording devices on them. The school district said it is now investigating the video.

Waldron's parents said the school principal already watched the video and told them it was "gruesome and horrifying to look at."  Read more if you can bear it here.