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Transcript of Robert Kennedy Discussing Fauci's AIDS Response

Fauci aids
Source: ABC News

God bless our Anne Dachel, the transcription Queen.  She took the time to write out Robert Kennedy's 28 minute interview with Wayne Rohde on his Right to the Point Podcast.  Time is precious, and by reading the content quickly, we hope you will then buzz over to Buzzsprout to listen to this and all of Rohde's interviews.


Robert Kennedy, Jr. recently talked about his new book, The Real Anthony Fauci, Bill Gates, Big Pharma, and the Global War on Democracy and Public Health , on Right on Point podcast hosted by Wayne Rohde

During the 28 minute talk Kennedy revealed the lengths Fauci went to in order to turn his agency, NIAID, the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, from a backwater entity, set to be abolished, into a powerful force controlling our public health decisions.

As Kennedy put it, “He captured the AIDS crisis for his agency” in order to gain access to billions of research dollars, and “that really was the beginning of his power.”

Kennedy explained that Fauci has never been held accountable for promoting the unproven, deadly drug, AZT for AIDS patients.

Instead Fauci went on to gain more power over research and funding from the U.S.  Government.

Kennedy explained how Fauci joined forces with the pharmaceutical industry to the point, as Kennedy said, “He is a partner in the pharmaceutical industry.” This includes dispensing research dollars to universities.

As a result, there is essentially no oversight: “So the whole system is now corrupt. Every aspect of it has been has been completely corrupted by pharma.”

As far as the current pandemic is concerned, Kennedy revealed that under Fauci’s watch, plans to handle a pandemic had been in the works for years.

Before COVID there were a whole series of corona virus pandemic simulations that the intelligence agencies were doing.

It’s all going according to plan, as Kennedy said,

They’re manipulating populations on a national scale. All that propaganda, the fear mongering, the scapegoating, the isolation tactics, the lockdowns to induce this system that the intelligence agencies call Stockholm syndrome which makes people grateful to their captors and leaves them with the feeling that their only path to survival is total compliance and total obedience to the captors, anger at people who anger the captors—and all of these techniques that I talk about.

Wayne Rohde:  Welcome everyone. Thank you for listening today. …

Today I have the distinct honor and privilege to have Robert Kennedy, Jr. on the program. So welcome, Mr. Kennedy. Thank you for joining us today.

Robert Kennedy, Jr.: Thanks for having me, Wayne, and for all your years of work as an advocate on this issue. You are our go-to person at CHD [Children’s Health Defense] when we have a question on the VAERS [Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System](system. You’ve made yourself kind of the world’s expert on how VAERS works. So thank you, thank you for being such an extraordinary useful resource for all of those years.

Rohde: Well, you’re welcome. I appreciate it. There are so many of us out here that are willing to help and provide it.
That’s what a great thing about our advocacy group here is….

 What’s it like to have the number one selling book out on Amazon? What’s it like there to know that your book is number one?

Kennedy: I’m really happy about it.

We’re waiting to see what happens with the New York Times list and how they handle that because clearly they are going to do everything in their power to keep us off that list.

It’s important. It’s an important statement. As you know, people in our community have been silenced for many, many years.

We cannot speak on mainstream media at all. We can’t write editorials in the paper.

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UK Special Ed Jolts and Joy

Abadnonned schoolBy Anne Dachel

Loss of Brain Trust Update Dec 6, 2021

Once again most of the stories were from the U.K. where special education costs are putting more and more schools into deficit spending and where they can’t build special schools fast enough.

There’s always the local official or the headteacher who’s quoted saying they are ‘delighted,’ or ‘excited’ about what’s happening.

Despite all the happiness over special ed spending there are jolts of reality.

A new report found that a third of English local councils aren’t providing adequate services for their disabled students.

And Indra Morris, the DfE director general for children’s services, communications and strategy group, revealed that the government was working directly with around one in three councils in the country to secure improvements.

In Leicester, in central England, they’re building a special needs nursery school costing $1.2 million for “up to 34 children.”

Officials are ‘very proud’ and ‘extremely excited.’

Over in Sefton, on the west coast of England, the city council revealed that they’re sending 126 special needs kids outside the borough  for school costing “a total cost of [$8M], with an additional [$1.3M] projected to be spent next year.”

It seems there are more special needs kids.

The report states:“The continual increase in demand for High Needs support and the anticipated increase to the deficit on the HN Block over the next few years is still of serious concern as there is no clarity from the Government over how future / accumulated [dedicated schools grant] deficits will be resolved.”

 In common with the picture nationally, there has been a sharp increase in the number of children identified as having special educational needs in recent years, which has contributed to a huge national overspend of over £250 million [$332M]. In Sefton, it is estimates an additional 194 children will have Education and Health Care plans in the borough over the next five years.

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Robert Kennedy Jr Explains the Old American Fauci in The New American Interview

Fauci Pandemic BookBy Anne Dachel

Many years ago I made a disturbing discovery that I’ve never gotten over, and the whole COVID-19 event is more proof that what I learned almost 20 years ago is still going strong.

I’ve been monitoring the coverage of autism in the news for about two decades now, and back in the day, I actually used to write individually to reporters and editors challenging their baseless claim that all the autism happening to children was just better diagnosing, greater awareness, and an expanded definition, in other words, no real increase.

I would explain to people that the argument, studies show link between the stunning increase in childhood vaccinations and exploding rates of autism, needed to be looked into since vaccine makers funded much of the “science “on vaccine safety and our federal health officials had endless conflict of interest waivers because they were also in the pay of the industry they were supposed to be overseeing.

 I almost never got a response from anyone in the media, but one time that I did really said it all.

I had sent lots of evidence that challenged the claim that vaccines are safe for every child, and this editor wrote back to me saying something to the effect that all I shared was interesting, but “what you’re talking about is a conspiracy between federal health officials, the medical  community and the vaccine makers, ANDTHERE’S JUST TOO  MUCH OVERSIGHT FOR THAT TOBETRUE.”

That response has stayed with me because it’s clearly why people everywhere continue to trust that officials put the health and safety of the public foremost in their work, especially over personal interests and profit.

We have to be able to trust officials and experts in white coats. How could they possibly have other motives? They work for us.

Enter Anthony Fauci

Today we’re in a bizarre situation where the scientist involved in gain-of-function research designed to enhance bioweapons in a faraway lab in Wuhan, China that spread to entire globe is now in charge of our country’s response to that pandemic. It’s like the plot of sci fi movie that no one would believe could actually happen.

Strangely, this scenario seems acceptable to everyone in the government, the press and to many of the American people. Fauci is the go-to guy we all have to listen to.

Why? What is Fauci’s real role in this crisis? Why does one individual have so much power? What is his real end game?

We need to have answers to these questions. Everyone needs to read Robert Kennedy Jr.’s book, The Real Anthony Fauci; Bill Gates, Big Pharma, and the Global War on Democracy and Public Health and share it with others.

The truth is, the COVID-19 pandemic and the response of governments around the world has been in the planning for over two decades, led by Anthony Fauci, Bill Gates and other power hungry globalists.

Watch this 23 minute interview where Kennedy explains how his book exposes the truth about Anthony Fauci.

Nov 23, 2021, The New American: Fauci & Gates Using Pandemic for Totalitarianism, Warns Robert Kennedy Jr.

Alex Newman interviews Robert Kennedy, Jr.

Newman: Who is the real Anthony Fauci, and why should we be concerned? He’s not a friendly public health expert that we see on TV?

Kennedy: Anthony Fauci is the architect of agency capture within the public health agencies.

He has orchestrated the transformation of HHS from a public health agency to an incubator for pharmaceutical product s and a promoter of the Big Pharma agenda.

He’s the J Edgar Hoover of public health. He’s managed to stay for 50 years in office, I show in my book, not by actually accomplishing any measurable successes in public health—public health has declined dramatically under his regime—but rather by serving the interests of pharmaceutical  companies, by helping make this country the most pharmaceutical dependent nation in the  world. We take three times more pharmaceutical drugs than the average in other western nations. We pay the highest prices for those drugs, and we have by far the worse health outcomes in the entire developed world. We’re 79th in the world in terms of our total health outcomes.

This generation of children that has come of age during Tony Fauci’s regime since 1984, is the sickest generation in history.

 When he came in to NIH chronic disease rates [in our children] in our country were around 6 percent. Today they’re 54 percent.

By chronic disease, I mean, not just obesity, but neurodevelopmental diseases like ADD, ADHD, speech delay, language delay, tics, narcolepsy, Tourettes syndrome, autism.

Autism has gone one in every 10,000 people in my generation, which it is still today, to one in every 34 kids in my children’s generation.

During Tony Fauci’s administration, food allergies appeared in 1989, an epidemic. Peanut allergies, celiac diseases, wheat allergies, all these other food allergies, then autoimmune diseases: rheumatoid arthritis, juvenile diabetes, lupus became epidemic.

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The Really Big Lie Grows Bigger

Kildare Kids
Photo from Kildare Now

By Anne Dachel

“The Really Big Lie”
is something I’ve written about a number of times over the last 15 years. Usually I specifically talk about “The Really Big Lie about Autism,” namely the eternal claim that all the kids with autism everywhere are merely the result of better diagnosing, expanded definition and greater awareness.

Increases can continue indefinitely and doctors will be given credit for them. In short, all the autism we keep hearing about is nothing to worry about. All we need is early diagnosing and intervention.

Key to this is the fact that experts are never worried and neither is anyone in the media. And now we can expand this mindset to cover the whole situation of exploding special education numbers, especially in Britain. 

Stories announcing yet another new special school (with or without a specific mention of autism) typically include a photo of smiling council members or teachers with or without smiling students. To further allay any worry, officials and teachers regularly are quoted using words like, delighted, excited, proud and pleased.

These same stories often include dire sounding statistics as well as the oft repeated, but never explained words, increased demand.

A recent story revealed that there are 160,000 autistic students in schools in England, with 70 percent of them in mainstream schools. That reality makes every classroom a special ed room.

That same story claimed, One in four autistic children wait more than three years to receive the support they need at school, leaving families “exhausted and on the edge of crisis”, according to the National Autistic Society.

Where are all these children coming from? Why isn’t the system able to provide for them?

It’s never discussed.

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“Neurodiversity is the new normal”

Happy Sensory Ladies
Suzanne Marino For The Current

Note: Mission accomplished. The world is happy to be autistic. Our children were early adopters. We could all use a padded cell - I mean, "sensory room."

By Anne Dachel

Stories from the past week present two views of the decline of children everywhere in the world as posted on my site, Loss of Brain Trust.

First of all, there’s the nothing-is-really-wrong with kids who can’t talk, behave or learn like children have always been expected to. They are the new normal of the enlightened 21st century.

We can see this positive attitude in stories about neurodiversity and in the promotion of “sensory rooms” in schools, also known as “calming rooms,” for kids today who can’t handle stress.

A story from Northfield, NJ showed a colorful, toy-filled room with four smiling adults. We were told, “Studies have shown the rooms are useful for reducing and managing stress and aggression.”

A similar report from Woodstock, VA announced the benefits of a $5,000 room referred to as “Chillville” where students can “calm down for a few minutes if frustrated, angry or tired.”

In Talladega County, AL, the board of education has turned a retired school bus into a “sensory space” where “students with disabilities can escape when overwhelmed by the school day.”

“We wanted a mobile sensory room that we could bring to all 17 schools into our county,” Special Education Coordinator with TCBOE, Michelle Head said.

In addition there were stories reminding us that we need to “celebrate,” literally, all the neurologically impaired students flooding our schools.

Maldon, England’s Standard ran the story, Plume Academy celebrates 'superpowers' for ADHD Awareness Month.

A SCHOOL launched a project celebrating the “superpowers” of its neurodiverse students and those with disabilities. This year Maldon’s Plume Academy staff and students launched an exciting project in support of ADHD Awareness Month….

Hannah Wells, Plume's Deputy SENCO, said: "ADHD Awareness Month seeks to highlight the positives of neurodiversity - meaning that all of our brains function slightly differently, and this is what makes us brilliant and unique.

Those ‘superpowers’ include AUTISM.

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The British Island of Misfit.... Children

Child hugging legs
Source: UK Guardian: Because of a shortage of places for children in alternative provision, there is a growing unregistered sector.

“The big question for me is: what’s happened out there?

“Have children suddenly got worse behaved?”

UK education official

By Anne Dachel - visit Loss of Brain Trust for thousands of reports on the demise of childhood.

Going over the stories published last week, one really stood out to me.

On November 5th the Guardian ran the story, Written off – at five’: children in England dumped in unfit ‘schools.’

This situation seems kind of inevitable as the special needs population continues to soar.

The Guardian reported that disabled children who have been expelled from regular special ed programs are being warehoused in substandard “schools” according to Ofsted officials.

(Ofsted is the Office for Standards in Education in the UK)

Some vulnerable children excluded from mainstream schooling are being educated in unregulated and illegal schools based in caravans on farmland, and on industrial estates and business parks, Ofsted inspectors have told the Guardian in an attempt to lift the lid on a murky world.

…alternative provision (AP) for children who cannot be accommodated in mainstream education is complex and growing….

The landscape becomes even murkier when children who have been excluded are referred to over-subscribed pupil referral units. They may then be subcontracted to an unregistered setting. It means troubled and challenging children, some as young as five, are being sent to “schools” in unsuitable accommodation, with unqualified staff, and may be receiving little in the way of education….

There are people who see this situation as a money-making opportunity.

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There is No Problem—This is Normal

Uk clapping
UK: A new school in Basingstoke which caters for children with autism has opened.

By Anne Dachel

Over the last 30 years a large group of parents have increasingly made the claim that their normally developing children were negatively affected by routine childhood vaccines resulting in a diagnosis of autism.

Those making this charge were quickly met with suspicion and dismissed as “anti-vaxxers.”

All the science was stacked up against them. Countless studies let vaccines off the hook. Parents needed to move on. Autism was just something parents had to learn to accept and live with as best as they could.

As far as the ever-increasing autism rate is concerned, no increase has ever shown that more kids have autism.

A story on October 20th proves my point., a Canadian site, published a piece from the U.K. called , Autism Diagnosis Increased Nearly 800% Over Last 20 Years, which was all about how there hasn’t been any real increase in autism; it’s just that more girls and adults have been recognized as having the disorder. That accounts for the skyrocketing numbers.

Another piece, Is Autism Overdiagnosed? , published on October 12th, made the case for “changing diagnostic criteria and reporting practices” being the reasons we think that there is more autism out there.

Recent studies do seem to point to an overdiagnosis of the condition. Not only is autism being overdiagnosed but research also suggests that the difference between those with autism and those without the condition are shrinking

Reports like these seem to allay fears that something really sinister is happening with the number of children with an autism diagnosis.

 YET, regardless of how many times experts and officials tell us that autism is a normal and acceptable part of childhood, what’s happening in the real world is proof of the damage being done.

My site, Loss of Brain Trust, which has covered the decline of education globally for the last four and a half years, shows us the reality of how sick our children truly are today.

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The Pandemic of Special Education

Abadnonned schoolNote: One of the lessons of Covid is that the planet - the entire planet - can and will react and make radical changes if scared into, told to, preached at, warned of something that seems dire. Why is it that autism has barely moved the needle despite our two decades of warnings? It's as if  someone - someones - declared that autism was never to be shown as a problem but instead as a version of neurodiversity. Cure was disallowed. Treatment limited only to behavioral and educational models.  Grants only for genetics studies. Anne Dachel has been writing about the explosion in the need for special education services for years. Her site Loss of Brain Trust has thousands of reports.

By Anne Dachel

This past week we were again overwhelmed by stories from England along with ones from Ireland, the U.S. and Australia, even Israel—all of which describe never-ending increases in students with disabilities, specifically ones with autism, in their schools.

This is now the pattern. Numbers will only get worse. There is nothing we can do to stop it. We need to spend more and more.

Here are a few of the very concerning comments found in these stories.

Scottsdale, AZ: Bierman ABA Autism Center announced the opening of its first Arizona location in Scottsdale.

Amarillo, TX: The opportunity school has a full waiting list and is currently hiring for teachers to help more children.

Texas: Texas State University and Action Behavior Centers (ABC), a leading provider of applied behavior analysis (ABA) therapy for children with autism, have entered into a strategic partnership through which ABC’s employees will have access to a customized graduate ABA degree curriculum at Texas State tailored to meet the growing need for qualified board-certified behavior analysts (BCBAs) serving children on the autism spectrum.

Colorado: Some state legislators and educators fear, however, that even with the increased investment, the state doesn’t come close to meeting [special needs] students’ needs….

But local school districts take on the majority of the funding burden. When faced with budget shortfalls, they have to figure out ways to pay for special education, like increasing the number of students with disabilities assigned to a single teacher.

Jacksonville, FL: The [autism] school was founded in 1995 by a group of Jacksonville-area parents and business leaders who saw the need….

"There is no other place for a lot of families. … They've been at other schools and not been successful," he said.

Staten Island, NY: A new Staten Island charter school opened to students for the first time this fall for the 2021-2022 academic year, offering an inclusive environment for both general education students and students with special needs, particularly those on the autism spectrum….

Ireland: Families and those working in schools would tell you that provision is still nowhere near adequate in terms of addressing [special ed] students’ needs.

UK: The shocking reports detail how vulnerable children and their families are left to fall into crisis before getting help. Youngsters are waiting more than two years for support in some areas, with delays exacerbated by the pandemic, Ofsted found….

Of the eight areas visited for the first time, seven were told to produce a written statement of action because of “significant areas of weakness in the local area’s practice”….

‘Too many children reach crisis point’…

In Richmond upon Thames in west London, another area found to be failing, children were waiting “too long” for autism assessments. Covid had led to “further delays in diagnosis”.

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The Cost of Educating the Disabled in Britain

Mayfield school

By Anne Dachel

Almost every day British news sites announce yet another new school for special needs kids who cannot be educated in mainstream schools. 

Invariably these stories contain phrases like “growing need” and “increasing demand,” that no one ever bothers to explain.

Actually it really doesn’t matter because there are always the educators and county officials who are all excited and positive sounding about multi-millions in special ed spending.

Occasionally there is a really concerning story about what more and more disabled students are costing local governments. No one has any long-term interest in pursuing this, however.

On October 7, 2021 there was an article in the Evening Standard   that actually called the situation a “funding crisis.”

The piece revealed that “more than a quarter of headteachers [are] having to make cuts to balance their budgets.”

A poll of London schools found 28 per cent have made cuts this year and 35 per cent expect they will be forced to do the same next year. The National Association of Head Teachers (NAHT), which carried out the research, said the crisis is a result of 10 years of underfunding.

One headteacher was quoted saying, “We are at crisis point. It is heartbreaking to always be talking about budgets when someone comes to you asking for a new set of picture books.”…

The cost of special ed is a big part of the picture.

Funding for children with special educational needs has been particularly badly impacted by under-investment, schools said.

Headteachers in London were questioned by the NAHT for its funding survey, which also revealed nearly one-third of school leaders predict a deficit budget in 2021-22. Almost all (95 per cent) of headteachers said funding for pupils with special educational needs in their school is insufficient.

The Department of Education responded to all this by saying they are providing billions more in funding.

“This Government is providing the biggest uplift to school funding in a decade — £14 billion in total over the three years. This is a £7.1 billion [$9.7B] increase in funding for schools compared to 2019-20.”

No matter how big the funding increases are, they are never big enough.

A brief piece from  Hertfordshire in southern England showed how this is all playing out.

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The Explosion of Special Education

Abadnonned schoolBy Anne Dachel

Almost every day British news sites announce yet another new school for special needs kids who cannot be educated in mainstream schools. 

Invariably these stories contain phrases like “growing need” and “increasing demand,” that no one ever bothers to explain. 

Actually it really doesn’t matter because there are always the educators and county officials who are all excited and positive sounding about multi-millions in special ed spending.

Occasionally there is a really concerning story about what more and more disabled students are costing local governments. No one has any long-term interest in pursuing this, however.

On October 7, 2021 there was an article in the Evening Standard  that actually called the situation a “funding crisis.”

The piece revealed that “more than a quarter of headteachers [are] having to make cuts to balance their budgets.”

A poll of London schools found 28 per cent have made cuts this year and 35 per cent expect they will be forced to do the same next year. The National Association of Head Teachers (NAHT), which carried out the research, said the crisis is a result of 10 years of underfunding.

One headteacher was quoted saying, “We are at crisis point. It is heartbreaking to always be talking about budgets when someone comes to you asking for a new set of picture books."

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Crisis. Rock Bottom. UK Faces Unprecendented Demand for Special Education Services.

Abadnonned school“We are at crisis point….”

“We are at rock bottom…”

By Anne Dachel

Here’s a recap of stories posted over the past week or so on my site, Loss of Brain Trust.

Again my main focus is on what’s happening in Britain . Two stories in the UK Times and one in the Irish Times both assured the public that the 787 percent increase in autism over the past 20 years is nothing more than “increasing recognition” and they attributed it all on more adults and females being diagnosed with autism. That is so absurd I’m  not going to bother to explain how baseless it is.

The Times went so far as to cite a scientist from the University College London  who said that the current diagnosis of autism is ‘meaningless’ and that it needs “urgent changes.” Their headline asked if autism “is overdiagnosed.”

(Didn’t we do that in 2013 when Aspergers was removed from the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders?)

None of this is relevant. No matter how unbelievable the stats are, no matter how many students have a label of autism, we’ll happily adjust.

Autism cannot be a problem, and it can only be discussed as a curiosity we have all the time in the world figure out.

Seemingly unbeknown to the folks at the Irish Times and UK Times, schools are, as the BBC tells us, hitting ‘rock bottom’ because of the draining cost of special education and that involves autism.

Increase demand

Across England there are stories about new or expanding special/autism  schools. Almost without exception we’re told that there is an increased demand for places for special education.

It’s a nice cover. “Increased demand” doesn’t have the same impact that  “more disabled students” would have. Increased damage could mean we just didn’t realize these students needed extra help.

I like to envision how the stories I’m seeing would sound if reporters actually said that there are more dysfunctional kids out there. Then the “better diagnosing” claim wouldn’t fly so easily.

Notice how educators and elected officials pepper these stories with positive sounding words like “delighted” and “excited” at the same time demand is ever-growing.

Here’s how the spin works

Kirklees:  Officials propose a new special school for 132 students.

We are putting forward exciting new proposals for special school provision in the district.

There is a growing demand for special school places in Kirklees and we must ensure this demand can be met in the future….

Following a detailed study, the Deighton site was identified as a strong location for a new school as it is central, well suited to a special school and has scope to meet the demand for places.

Derby: A new school for autistic kids has been proposed  to the Derby City Council.

Plans to convert a former nursing home into a school for children with autism in a city suburb have been submitted to Derby City Council.

Autism East Midlands (AEM) wants to convert the Manor House home in Manor Road, Littleover into a day school for up to 20 pupils and around 20 staff. …

…this supports a "clear community need" for an increase in the provision of specialist schooling for autistic children from in and around Derby and adds "this growing need is the main driver of this proposal"….

Thatcham: A nursery school is being changed into a special needs school.

The SEN school will now accommodate 60 pupils and 25 members of staff.

St. Helens Borough: New $10M special school is underway.

Anne Kyle, head teacher at Penkford School, added: “The Special Educational Needs children of St Helens deserve the best facilities to learn in, as they already have so many barriers to learning to overcome.

North Yorkshire County: Here yet another county looks into a new special school to save the enormous cost of out-of-area placement for disabled students.  What choice do they have?

A COUNCIL facing spiralling costs to educate children with special educational needs and disabilities is considering sweeping changes to enable more pupils to be educated in their local area and save up to £650,000 [$884K] a year. …

 It also follows the council highlighting how a shortage in funding for special educational needs and disabled pupils had, until the current financial year, seen funding being top sliced from the budgets of mainstream schools to cover costs….

Officers said analysis had revealed how independent and out of county residential placements cost £4.7 million [$6.3M] annually,…

The average cost per pupil for each out of county or independent provider placement is £186,958 [$254K].

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Autism: The Other Global Pandemic

Truth doesn't changeBy Anne Dachel

Long Live The Big Lie

A number of years ago I started writing about something I call The Really Big Lie about Autism.

Here’s my original 2006 article about The Really Big Lie.”

In the following years I put out additions to the “Really Big Lie” story because it’s the lie that can’t ever die.

So what is “The Really Big Lie”?

This is the rule written in stone that there has not been nor will ever be a real increase in the number of children with autism—no matter what the rate.

In my original piece in 2006 I talked about my experiences when my son, who is now 35, was first diagnosed in the 1990s. Back then autism was this rare, mysterious disorder.

It’s important to note that the U.S. autism rate back in 2006 was one in every 166 children, as announced in 2004. That, of course, was the result of “better diagnosing/no real increase.”

One in 166 is nothing compared to the statistics we’ve grown accustomed to over the years.

2007: one in 150, 2009: one in 110, 2012: one in 88, 2014: one in 68, 2018: one in 59, (also in 2018: one in 40 according to a separate study published in JAMA), 2020: one in 54.

STILL each and every increase was the same, no increase in the actual number of kids with autism.

I have to point out that there have been little additions to these inexplicable numbers, additions that were neatly and quickly swept away with no follow-up.

I’m talking about news reports on research showing that in many places the autism numbers are through the roof.  For instance, North Carolina: one in 39, South Korea: one in 38, New Jersey: one in 32, Hong Kong: one in 27, Northern Ireland: one in 22, and most recently Toms River, NJ: one in every 14 students, one in every 8 boys.

There’s a lot of disparity here. Shouldn’t someone try to make sense out of unrelenting increases and figure out why individual places have such horrific numbers? Is there no end in sight? When will things get bad enough for health officials to wake up to what’s happening?

None of that will ever happen.

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Student with Autism Charged with Felony

WorryAs the world is in a dither over Covid, the autism world continues to crash forward into Lord knows what worries and horrors.  Anne Dachel catalogs the nightmare that is facing families, schools and soon entire State systems.  How long have we had big BLUE acceptance messages about autism? Still, the penalties mount.  How long has neurodiversity preached that autism is just a difference in thinking? Still the penalties mount. How many billions have  been spent on useless genetics and other studies (puppets!)? And still the penalties mount.

Here's a case sure to sink your heart.  A 12 year old boy in trouble because he scripted from a video game. Let's talk about the video game. It's called "Red Dead Redemption."  Its rating is M for Mature, age 17+. Blood and Gore, Intense Violence, Nudity, Sexual Content, Strong Language, Use of Drugs and Alcohol  America, 1899. The end of the wild west era has begun as lawmen hunt down the last remaining outlaw gangs. Those who will not surrender or succumb are killed.

"Jadon's favorite video game is Red Dead Redemption, a game he played with his older brother to bond. Clips posted online show the main character creating what the game calls "fire bottles" with gasoline then burning everything his path. Jadon read it that way in an online description of the game too."

The boy with autism is 12 and if he is like my own children, his developmental and emotional age does not match his chronological age. My daughter is 26 and scripts Elmo's World and Blues Clues and Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer. If she played or watched Red Dead Redemption, in time she would script it.  In fact, she saw me preparing this post and said, "It's a fire. It's a fire."  She is not planning to or going to light a fire. I know this.  I don't want to "blame" Mom for this situation. I'm sure she, like us, has her hands very full - to overflowing. Who among us hasn't let the video game or YouTube babysit for a precious moment so we could use the bathroom, work from home, breathe for a moment?  The consequence for the boy is steep. And he's only 12. What happens when he is 18, 25? 35?

By Anne Dachel

I HAVE NO WORDS FOR THIS INSANITY.... BTW.....we're told teachers in Cobb County are "experts" in dealing with disabled students.

August 4, 2021, KMOV4, St. Louis, MO: 12-year-old Georgia student with autism charged with felony

COBB COUNTY, Georgia (WGCL) -- A Cobb County 12-year-old student faces felony charges after threatening to burn people and property at his school. But, he has Autism and his family argues, the proper protocols for students with disabilities were not followed prior to charges being filed.

Jadon Ringland's family told CBS46, he was only repeating what he saw and heard in a video game, repeating phrases is a diagnosed symptom of his disorder, also known as "scripting."

Part 5: Mark Blaxill on the Autism Tsunami

By AnnMark Blaxill headshote Dachel

Every couple of years when the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention gets around to updating the autism numbers, which are always increasing and never at a plateau, I’m left wondering one thing: WHAT IF THINGS GET EVEN WORSE?

Part 5


When will autism become a crisis in America?

 (It should be noted, since I follow this news religiously, that no U.S. health official has ever called autism a crisis. The “C” word is never to be used in the same sentence with the word autism. I’m sure that’s directive sent out to all staffers when talking about autism.)

No reporter has ever inquired about worsening numbers, and officials are never worried.

Ten years ago we learned that one in 38 children in South Korea had autism. We’ve seen one in 27 in Hong Kong, one in 22  school children in Northern Ireland, and most recently, one in every 14 kids in Toms River , NJ, including one in every eight boys.

It’s clear that the people in charge of public health will never really care about autism, even as it buries us.

Question 5: How will we manage to provide for more and more children with developmental disorders in our schools at the same time huge numbers of autistic young people are aging out of school and looking for adult services?    

Mark Blaxill Autism Tsunami Part 5

Mark: One thing about our models, Anne, was that they were all arithmetic. They were programmed. … We had to make assumptions about birth cohorts in children who have not yet come into the world. So we had to assume what the rate of autism was going forward.

So we did arrange some scenarios, because we don’t know that.

And then we applied cost per individual by age. There are numbers on that. You can find that. There’s a literature.

But when you add all that up together and you project it forward, what is left out of that is the budget.

Where does the money come from?

Will there be constraints? What will happen? Will we hit some brick wall that we can’t afford?

We’ll have ghettos of autistic adults because all of a sudden state legislators won’t provide funding, or it’ll break the bank.

There’s a whole dynamic: the provision of dollars and the demand for dollars.  We basically modeled the demand for dollars, but the provision of dollars will not be infinite. It can’t rise forever. There will be pushback, and the system might just break.

You talk to Toby Rogers. Toby and I and Cindy talk about that.

It’s a model, but it’s not the flesh and blood of the real world and the interplay of markets and institutions and resources.

Resources are not endlessly available for populations that don’t earn.

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Part 4: Mark Blaxill Talks About the Autism Tsunami

NMark Blaxill headshotOTE:  This is part 4 of a 5 part series running all week. Parts 1, 2 and 3 are below. At the end of the series, we'll reorganize to run it in order. Thank you.

By Anne Dachel

What is autism going to cost?

One of the convenient results of the lie that autism is nothing new in the human population is that it seems we’ve somehow been able to handle things. If autistic people have always been around, we’ve provided for them, even if we didn’t call their disability autism.

That’s a delusion, yet it’s still going strong, no matter how bad the numbers get.

The one thing no official has ever called for is a study on the autism rate among adults. Telling us something but never having to show proof is pretty much the history of the federal government when it comes to autism.

My often repeated question has never been talked about: Why can’t young autistic adults go where autistic adults have always gone? We must have done something with them, even if we didn’t call them autistic.

The fact that we’re desperately short of services for these disabled young  adults is more proof of lie we’ve been told.

Meanwhile there are endless stories from across the country over the last two decades about training people to deal with autistic children: fire fighters, ER personnel, police, teachers, airport staff, librarians, doctors and lots of other groups.

We’ve made other adjustments like sensitive Santas in stores at Christmas, autism-friendly movie showings, sensory/calming rooms in schools, to name only a few.

And as this population of autistic children ages out of school and into the adult population, many more adjustments will have to be made, and we’ll all be paying for them. Autism awareness will be everywhere.

Incredibly all this seems to be happening with no questions being asked. Somehow it’s insensitive to talk about where all these kids are coming from.

Mark Blaxill Autism Tsunami Part 4

Question 4:  Where will we see the biggest drain on resources and funding: federal, state, or local levels?

Mark: The question of who pays is going to be a big one, and what we know is that we will see a massive shift in who pays.

Right now most of the autistic population is children, and so what that means is parents pay. Either they pay directly out of their pocket or they lose the ability to work. So there is lost parental productivity.

We’ve all felt that. Autism and fighting for your autistic child is not a good career move.

There’s lost productivity. It’s more often women than men, but there are subtle effects. People’s lives change, and they have fewer children.

There are just so many effects of autism on the parents. There’s a large burden that is borne by the parents.

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Part 3 Mark Blaxill on the Autism Tsunami

NMark Blaxill headshotOTE:  This is part 3 of a 5 part series running all week. Parts 1 and 2 are below. At the end of the series, we'll reorganize to run it in order. Thank you.

By Anne Dachel

For years I’ve written about something I call “the really big lie about autism.” That is  the continual and baseless claim that all the autism everywhere among our children is merely the result of “better diagnosing/greater awareness/expanded definition” of a disorder that’s always been around.

Each and every time an official increase in the autism has been announced, there was always some federal official assuring the public that they weren’t sure IF THIS INCREASE represented a true increase in the number of children with autism.

Their real meaning was FROM THE LAST OFFICIAL INCREASE, but they knew that the media lackeys  would spin the message to read, THERE HAS NEVER BEEN A REAL INCREASE IN AUTISM.

As long as that lie works, they can all relax. Autism only requires recognition and services. Allocate more funds and life goes on.

Back in 2006 I was in Washington with two doctors visiting congressional offices. We had an appointment with the chief of staff of my representative, Dave Obey of Wisconsin. During our meeting we laid out the evidence on the increases in autism and the cost predictions.

Obey’s chief of state’s response was this: “So what’s the solution? Congressmen don’t like problems without solutions.”

The three of responded together, “We have to stop it.”

That pretty much ended our conversation. She wasn’t interested in what that would involve.

Mark Blaxill autism tsunami Part 3

Question 3: Why aren’t health officials focused on this? Why do they continue to tell us with each new rate increase that they are still not sure if more children actually have autism?

Mark:  That’s a really interesting question. I think there are multiple answers.

At one level, most of the people in these jobs have relatively short career time horizons, so they’re looking for their next job. They’re in for not very long.

If they can defer dealing with tough questions for two, five, 10 years, they don’t have to worry about it anymore.

Autism parents have a much longer time horizon. Our time horizon is longer than our own lives. Our time horizon goes decades long

We’re worried about the lives of our children when we’re gone, so we are the ones carrying the message.

At some level it’s just short term, long term thinking.  .

It’s a tough question to answer.

Another reason they don’t answer is they don’t have a good answer that  they like.

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Part 2: The Autism Tsunami an Interview with Mark Blaxill

Mark Blaxill headshotNOTE:  This is part 2 of a 5 part series running all week. Part 1 is below. At the end of the series, we'll reorganize to run it in order. Thank you.

By Anne Dachel

A few years ago, the parent of a daughter with severe autism talked with me about the last IEP meeting he attended during her final year in high school.

The father asked the staff about what was next for his child. What adult programs would there be for her?

Her teachers had to admit that they didn’t know of any specific programs in the area at the same time they assured him that they were sure there would be something.

It was no big surprise for him to learn that no one is prepare for young adults with autism. His daughter was moved from one program for developmentally disabled adults to another, with none of them equipped to deal with her behavioral needs. Today social services pays a relative to babysit her all day.

This is but one tiny example of the future that Mark Blaxill talks about here.

Mark Blaxill Autism Tsunami Part 2

Question 2: How bad will things get if the autism rate increases continue at the rate they have in the past?

Mark: It’ll get really bad. We know that. I like to say that before 1930, the rate of autism in the world was effectively zero.

Then Leo Kanner discovered it in a handful of children who were born in the 1930s. He wrote his paper in 1943 after seeing a bunch of children who were unlike any other group he’d ever seen before.

He was the world’s leading expert in child psychiatry. For many years thereafter, in the U.S. at least, the rates were really low, one in 10,000.

Then they began to tick up a little bit in the 70s and 80s, but in the late 90s they went vertical. We haven’t seen the plateau in that curve.

The latest numbers we have are something like three percent in American children. There are numbers that are even higher than that in some places.

What that means is, if you were born in 1930, you’d be 90 today. … So there are people who are alive today who were around when there was no autism. The first cases of autism, some of them are still alive. I have met a couple of them, but they are vanishingly rare.

So we have no system for elderly adults with autism whose parents are no longer with us.

We have been struggling all over the world in special education programs to deal with the onslaught of children.

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An Interview with Mark Blaxill on the Autism Tsunami: Part 1

Mark Blaxill Chilren's MarchNOTE:  We'll have an audio file to accompany Anne's transcription.  This is part 1 of a 5 part series. Thank you.

By Anne Dachel

Mark Blaxill Autism Tsunami Part 1

Question 1: Tell us about your study,
Autism Tsunami: the Impact of Rising Prevalence on the Societal Cost of Autism in the United States.  What motivated you and the other authors to look into the future impact of autism? 

Mark: My motivation has been 20 years long. (Inaudible)…and it was pretty obvious for too long, the numbers were exploding.

California and everywhere you looked, the numbers were going up, and that invalidated the orthodox story line.

(Inaudible) Mark dismissed the official claims of better diagnosing/diagnostic substitution.

And we’ve known that for a long time, Anne.

I first started writing about that in 2001, 2003, in that area. I started writing in the Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders when they started trying to blame it on diagnostic substitution.

It was obvious that the work that they were doing …(inaudible)

I wrote to them. I got some colleagues to write. …

The authors that argued that it was diagnostic substitution had to retract their findings because it was obvious that they were arithmetically wrong.

The rate of autism was going up, and the rate of intellectual disability was not declining.

Then I wrote a paper that was published in 2004, What’s going on? The question of time trends in autism.

I argued that the rates were going up and it was real, all over the world, particularly in the United States and the UK.

I know you focus very heavily on the United States and the UK both of which have rates that are going up.

And then I kept writing about it.

I wrote a book called The Age of Autism.

I wrote another book called Denial, both with Dan Olmsted.

One in 2010 and another in 2017.

You’re kind of screaming at the universe, please pay attention. This is a crisis.

Anne, you do this every day. I do this in longer cycle projects. We’re doing much of the same work.

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Unspoken Ad for The Real Anthony Fauci, Bill Gates, Big Pharma Book

Bill oreilly noOn July 20, Bill O’Reilly and his No Spin News  on the First News Channel covered issues surrounding the COVID19 vaccine. (11:18) O’Reilly has been a steadfast supporter of this vaccine. He got his and his children have theirs. He has no doubt that this is an effective vaccine against COVID, with little chance of side effects. He trusts the assurances from the CDC. Everyone should get vaccinated to stop the spread, according to him.

O’Reilly is also a firm believer in personal choice when it comes to getting vaccine.

What was interesting to me were his comments on “anti-vaxxers” and how they’re censored by almost all the mainstream media. He even brought up Robert Kennedy, Jr. and his new book  (which he didn’t name, but we will: The Real Anthony Fauci: Bill Gates, Big Pharma, and the Global War on Democracy and Public Health). He said no network will cover this.

Here is the audio from the show:

O’Reilly: (20:40)  …I  believe that the data that is being reported is accurate, not a hundred percent accurate, but mostly.  That’s what you have to base life decisions on.

An offshoot of this and a very interesting offshoot is that on the Fox News Channel—remember the liberal  media will  not tolerate any media anti-vax stuff.

You won’t hear it, and if they somehow get a hold of it, they’ll demonize the person.

Robert Kennedy, Jr, a Democrat liberal, wrote a book, it’s out now, that the vaccinations are bad.

He’s an anti-vax guy; always has been.

Kennedy is a fairly big name; he can’t get on any of these shows. You can’t hear his point of view.

You can read the book, they’re carrying the book. It’s on Amazon. Saw it the other day.

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Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.—the new Andy Wakefield

RFK Jr portraitBy Anne Dachel

We all know the story about Andrew Wakefield. He’s the British doctor who, we’ve been endlessly told, falsely linked the MMR vaccine to the development of autism in children over 20 years ago.

That’s the message out there universally regarding the safety of the ever-expanding childhood vaccination schedule.

Wakefield was made the fall guy. Discredit him and the controversy is put to rest. We can all relax.

The massive worldwide push for taking the COVID19 vaccine has met with all kinds of resistance. Once again there needs to be someone to blame for the skepticism, someone whose claims can be debunked.

That person seems to be Robert Kennedy, Jr.

The prominent Kennedy name gets notice, so he can’t just be ignored. The media has to attack him for spreading “vaccine misinformation” in order to quiet growing fears over vaccine mandates.

Just like with Wakefield, experts and officials are lined up to show how wrong Kennedy is. In Kennedy’s case, even family members publicly discredit his views on vaccines.

I was amazed at how much coverage Kennedy’s been getting. I can easily predict that these same sources WILL NOT be talking about his upcoming book, The Real Anthony Fauci: Bill Gates, Big Pharma, and the Global War on Democracy and Public Health.

Attacking the messenger:

July 22, 2021, NBC Today:  How vaccine misinformation spreads on social media

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New Book Autism Essentials Features Team of Experts

Autism-Essentials-CoverBy Anne Dachel

Every once in a while it is my great pleasure to talk about a book on autism that is really well-designed to inform and help parents and other people involved with autism. Autism Essentials, as the cover tells us, is about “prevention, causes, remediation, education, vocation, and legal aspects and parental advice” regarding autism.

Autism Essentials is a collection of articles by over 30 writers, edited by Dr. Andy McCabe, a psychologist who has worked for years in special education and who has an extensive background in autism.

This book has so much good information on the real world of autism that I hardly know where to begin. A number of the writers are people I’ve known and respected for years and others who are new to me. All of them have something vital to say about autism.

Since the topics are so varied, I decided to review this book in several separate pieces. Here goes the first.

I like to say my qualifications for any of the writing I do is that I read. I have spent twenty years studying everything about autism. That’s not to say I know everything there is out there, but I’ve amassed a good deal of knowledge. I’ve been writing for Age of Autism since 2007, mostly about the controversy over vaccines and autism and the exponential increases in the rate.

I wrote a book about all this published in 2014 called, The Big Autism Cover-Up-How and Why the Media is Lying to the American Public.

As you can tell from title, it covered the lies and corruption surrounding the link between autism and vaccines.

In that book I devoted a whole chapter to the Dr. Andrew Wakefield story because of his leading role in the whole debate over a vaccine link.

I felt honored that Dr. McCabe asked me to write the preface in Autism Essentials, focusing on the Andy Wakefield story—the Andy Wakefield The Actreal story about this doctor.

The preface, entitled, Dr. Andy Wakefield: The Story You Haven’t Heard, is where I say once again what I said about Dr. Wakefield in The Big Autism Cover-Up, namely that he was made the fall guy to cover up the collusion and corruption on the part of the British government.

Don’t get the idea that Autism Essentials is just about how vaccines can cause autism, because it isn’t. The link is clearly talked about because there are just too many parents out there who watched their normally developing children lose learned skills and regress into autism following routine childhood vaccinations.

So what is the real story about Dr. Wakefield?

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What, Me Worry? Not Dr. Morrier.

Morrier ears"Not A disease. Not a defect. Not a deficit. Different."   Thanks to our Anne Dachel for calling out this dingbat in Florida, a shrink named Morrier who sure isn't a worrier when it comes to autism. He seems to have no experience with or understanding of the PLIGHT of people with autism, and their families. Not a deficit? To be unable to speak? Care for yourself? Protect yourself? Autism itself is a word - a useless word. Some of the characteristics are indeed deficits. Take the word AUTISM and tell the shrinks they can have it, love it, wrap it in 24K gold tissue paper, and continue to make their FORTUNE prescribing seriously dangerous drugs for it. I know a local Mom who has worked so darn hard for her son - and yet his rages just keep escalating and he is a HUGE young man.  The psych answer?  THORAZINE. THOR A ZINE.  Dr. Morrier, step aside, you are an impediment.  Rant over. With apologies to Alfred E. Neuman from MAD Magazine.

By Anne Dachel

I recently found a pointless piece about autism in the Fort Myers Florida Weekly. The title was a misnomer, Understanding Autism.

By the end, the reader doesn’t really understand what autism is. The real message is: There’s nothing wrong with being autistic, get used to it.

It featured Michael Morrier, a psychiatrist at Emory University in Atlanta and Diane Adreon, who has a doctorate in special education and works at Miami-Nova Southeastern University.

This is a perfect example of autism busy work: AUTISM IS STILL A MYSTERY, BUT NO ONE IS WORRIED. Educated people are looking into autism.

We were told that autism is like being left-handed, just a difference, not a defect/deficit,

Reporter Mary Wozniak had no really challenging questions for Dr. Morrier

In short, Morrier dismissed autism as a crisis. He was still unsure if more kids really have autism.  He gave us the history of autism back to the refrigerator mom theory of Bruno Bettelheim.

Morrier was not asked about regressive autism where healthy, normally developing children suddenly lose learned skills and sink into autism.

Morrier talked about a “genetic predisposition” and “some kind of environmental trigger,” but failed to cite even one of the possible triggers.

Morrier was “absolutely” sure there are just as many adults with autism out there; they’re just misdiagnosed.

Finally Morrier sang the praises of the neurodiversity movement and how we all just need to “work together to better the world for all of us.”

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The Garden State Just Keeps Growing Autism

Autism RealityThank you to our Anne Dachel who is one of the few people in media asking why no one seems alarmed by the ever increasing autism rates everywhere, and especially in New Jersey, where experts have been studying for decades. The fiddling has only grown louder over the last twenty five years, as families, school districts, services burn to the ground. It's a travesty. We matter. Our kids matter. Their futures matter. Life is more than Covid and identity politics or pitting American against American for $omeone'$ agenda. There are countless people with autism who will be LOST when their parents are gone, because no one seems to give a sh*t. Money and funding has gone to genetics and disability advocates have willfully shunned severe autism while fighting for pie in the sky methods that simply DO NOT WORK for much of the autism population. Here's a filthy secret - ABA is a nightmare come adulthood. It ends with school.  Day program staff have no training. Job coaches and employers don't know what ABA is. The grocery clerk has no training. Dentists have no training. ABA lives in a tiny exclusive school based bubble. Once you age out? 80% accuracy isn't enough.   ABA is a liability at age 22. Prompting ceases to exist. Community based living? An apartment? A condo? Ha! My daughters have no voice control. NONE. They weigh 120 pounds and walk like beautiful mastodons. They melt down. They scream. They sing Sesame Street at the top of their lungs. One says HELLOOOOOOO over and over because it is ALL she can say. They wake up every - single - day - at 4:30am and begin their raucous joy.  My kids. My 3. Multiply that by your kids, your grandkids, all the kids. We need to be less polite about all of this. Rattle cages. Maybe even pick up pitchforks.

By Anne Dachel

Twelve percent of boys in Toms River, NJ have autism and no one can figure out why

More on the 200 percent increase in autism in New Jersey. 

Listen to this 3 minute video on autism in New Jersey, featuring Dr. Walter Zahorodny, who casually cites horrific autism rates among boys and says it’s all a mystery.

June 18, 2021, NJ Spotlight News: Responding to New Jersey’s high and rising rates of autism

New Jersey, where autism has been on the rise for decades, the rate is now the highest in the nation. New research from Rutgers University pinpoints the startling increase. It climbed from roughly 1% in 2000 up to 3% and even 5% today in some parts of the state, prompting questions about whether there will be enough resources and services to keep up with demand.

In May, First Children Services opened a new center in Roselle Park to provide a continuum of services starting with diagnosis. Matt Hess, CEO of First Children Services, said the goal is to continue opening such centers as the demand in New Jersey continues to increase.

REPORTER: The goal at …First Children Services to do activities in a natural group setting while being paired with individual behavior technicians providing Applied Behavioral Analysis or ABA services. …

This center …opened in May and CEO Matt Hess says it provides a continuum of services starting with diagnosis. …

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New Jersey? Which Exit? 1 in 14

Greetings_from_New_JerseyThere's an old joke in the Northeast, when someone says he is from New Jersey, you ask, "What exit," as if New Jersey is nothing more than the Turnpike. As we used to say as kids, "It's a location joke, you had to be there." Ra ba bump. But the ever rising autism rates in the Garden State are no joke at all.

By Anne Dachel

June 15th headline in the Asbury Park Press announced an autism rate in one school district in New Jersey of one in every 14 kids. This is more bad news for the state which already leads the nation in autism numbers, one in every 32 children.

Notice that researcher and study author Walter Zahoradny once again throws up his arms in confusion, unable to explain what’s going on. Furthermore, he expects things to get even worse.

(See my story on Zahoradny from last year)

NJ’s autism rate is still climbing. In one district, one in 14 third graders is affected

New Jersey's rate of autism among children has always been high, but some of the largest school districts — including Toms River, Newark, Jersey City and Elizabeth — have rates even higher than the state average.

And in Toms River, the state's largest suburban school district, the autism rate is more than twice the state average, with one in 14 8-year-olds in the district on the autism spectrum, according to the first study to compare a cross-section of districts in the state.  

Toms River’s autism rate is likely a harbinger of the rate all New Jersey districts will see soon, the study’s co-author said. In nearly all the 74 districts studied, the research showed a steady increase over time in the rate of students with autism.  

“It feels like some kind of science fiction,” said Walter Zahorodny, co-author of the study and an associate professor of pediatrics at Rutgers New Jersey Medical School, of the data he presents to educational and parent groups. To say that 7% of 8-year-olds in one school district — and 5% of 8-year-old boys statewide — have autism is shocking, he added, “but in reality, this is true. And it can’t be explained.” …

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WXXI Rochester Dismisses Medical Racism: The New Apartheid


By Anne Dachel

On June 8, 2021, in a completely one-sided piece, WXXI radio in Rochester, NY once again trashed the whole idea that the mumps, measles, rubella (MMR) vaccine is especially dangerous for African Americans.

WXXI went after the latest online film on this called Medical Racism: The New Apartheid  and, as usual, experts were lined up to dismiss the claims and slam the producers while none of the opposing evidence was honestly discussed.

Most telling of all was the omission of the Dr. William Thompson story of fraud, corruption and cover-up regarding the MMR vaccine by the Centers for Disease Control as shown in the film Vaxxed

In the age of COVID, it’s important that safety concerns be dismissed as false and those who raise them be denounced. After all, they have a vaccine to sell us.

WXXI, Rochester, NY: An Anti-Vaccine Film Targeted To Black Americans Spreads False Information  Defense. (He's the son of the former U.S. Attorney General Robert "Bobby" Kennedy and nephew of President John F. Kennedy.) With this film, Kennedy and his allies in the anti-vaccine movement resurface and promote disproven claims about the dangers of vaccines, but it's aimed squarely at a specific demographic: Black Americans.

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Genes Genes the Grant Funding Machines

Hey, Baylor??????   GONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

By Anne Dachel

Baylor College School of Medicine in Houston recently announced that their researchers have identified genetic mutations ‘linked to autism.’

This research was covered by KHOU TV Houston in the story, 1 in 54 kids diagnosed with Autism, Baylor researchers studying why.

Actually they aren’t.

I’m sure the grant money for this study came with the stipulation that they stick to the script that autism is a genetic disorder lots of unfortunate children are born with. It’s important that autism busywork like this continues so the public thinks that the medical community cares about autism.

How do I know this?

Everything in the piece is meant to downplay the health and humanitarian disaster that autism represents. Reporter Lauren Talarico provides the blanket definition that understates any of the horrific symptoms children and families have to live with:

Autism is a neuro-developmental disorder. It can affect speech, social interactions and the ability to communicate.

(No mention of parents changing the diapers on their non-verbal young adult son who wears a helmet because he bangs his head on the wall endlessly.)

Likewise there are no words like crisis or epidemic used. Instead Dr. Olivier Lichtarge, professor of molecular and human genetics, uses phrases like ‘a surprisingly large number of children’ to describe two percent of U.S. kids with autism.

While we are told that one in 54 children are now diagnosed with autism, there is not one word about the unstoppable increases that have preceded it: 2004: one in 166, 2007: one in 150, 2009: one in 110, 2012: one in 88, 2014: one in 68, 2018: one in 59, (also in 2018: one in 40 according to a separate study published in JAMA), one in 54, 2020.

Somehow Lichtarge thinks that looking for mutating genes will matter when the rate eventually reaches one in 10, one in 5. 

Lichtarge shows no embarrassment over the complete failure of the scientific/medical community to figure out anything significant about autism despite billions of dollars in research funding and 20 years of trying.

This is how lost they are:

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Parents in Tiny Minnesota Town Say "No" To In School Clinic

Nevis_tiger_muskieBy Anne Dachel

Parents in the northern Minnesota town of Nevis (pop. 390) took a daring step recently demanding that a planned COVID vaccine clinic at a local school be shut down. While most of the coverage defended the safety of vaccinating against COVID, this shows the power of organized groups who call for health freedom.

May 25, 2021, Park Rapids Sentinel: Following complaints, Nevis School cancels vaccination clinic

Plans to use the Nevis School building as a site for COVID-19 vaccinations today in cooperation with CHI St. Joseph’s Health Community Health were changed after a vocal group against the idea came to Monday night’s school board meeting.

Members in the group started out by saying that schools are for education, not vaccination. They stated that the vaccine is not fully approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and these vaccines are putting the lives of children at stake, with one group member characterizing the shots as “jabbing children with poison.”

They also stated that more than 99 percent of children who contract COVID do not become seriously ill. They said the decision to vaccinate children should be made by parents with their child’s doctor and that holding a shot clinic on school property is not appropriate.

Superintendent Gregg Parks said that it was not their idea to offer vaccinations at the school, but they cooperated with CHI St. Joseph’s Community Health, an agency that has been working with the school on its Safe School Plan during the pandemic, when asked to do so. …

Marlee Morrison, the director of CHI St. Joseph’s Community Health, said the idea to offer vaccines at schools came from the state.

“We’re the public health agency for Hubbard County, so we work under the Minnesota Department of Health’s guidance,” she said. “With the recent emergency use authorization of the Pfizer vaccine for children 12 and older from the FDA, and knowing that schools are sources of outbreaks, we want to offer the vaccine to those who are eligible. It’s a strategy that’s happening statewide….

Dr. Scott Jensen's Run for Governor of Minnesota

Dr scott jensen
By Anne Dachel

Minnesota physician Dr. Scott Jensen is a Republican candidate for governor who wants to halt giving the COVID vaccine to teens.  As expected, Dr. Jensen has come under fire for daring to challenge the official narrative that we all need to be vaccinated against the coronavirus. 

May 28, 2021, WEAU TV, Eau Claire, WI:  Minnesota candidate backs move to block COVID shots for kids

Minnesota Republican gubernatorial candidate Scott Jensen is backing a court action to stop COVID-19 vaccinations for 12- to 16-year-olds that, among other things, compares the inoculations to Nazi experimentation on imprisoned Jews.

Jensen is a family physician and former state senator from Chaska. And he’s the first named plaintiff in a petition filed in federal court in Alabama by America’s Frontline Doctors, which calls the vaccines “dangerous biological agents.”

May 27, 2021, St Paul Pioneer Press: GOP gubernatorial candidate Scott Jensen, a physician, goes to court to stop youth COVID vaccinations. He says he hasn’t read the entire petition.

Scott Jensen, a prominent Minnesota Republican candidate for governor with a track record of COVID-19 theories not shared by the medical community, has signed onto an effort to stop vaccinations for 12- to 16-year-olds.

It should be noted that Dr. Jensen was named Minnesota Family Physician of the Year in 2016.

One in Every 22 Schoolchildren in Northern Ireland Has an Autism Diagnosis

Abadnonned schoolThank goodness for Anne Dachel, who refuses to ignore the ever increasing autism numbers and the affect on schools around the world. Autism is yesterday's news everywhere it seems. It's front page news in most of our homes though. And we will not set it aside for Covid or anything else. Autism is in our DNA and our name.

By Anne Dachel


Up from one in 24 last year

Last week I posted that 4,500 kids in Northern Ireland were on waiting lists for autism assessment.

Some families were waiting for 4 or more years just to get a diagnosis for their child, and we were told that 4,500 was probably an undercount.

NOW comes the announcement from the BBC that almost 5 percent of kids in NI have autism. 

WAIT…while we're told that there are 13,000 children in the six counties with autism, imagine the real number if they added another 4,500 to that number.

STILL we’re told that nothing is really wrong. The increase is not a real increase at all.

"Increased awareness and the effect of the Autism Act NI, which was passed in 2011, have been highlighted as potential reasons for the rise in diagnoses…."

It’s mind-numbing how this can continue with no demand for an investigation into the never-ending increases. What will it take for officials in London to wake up to this disaster? One in ten children? One in five with autism?

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The Other God

Importance-of-10-commandments-4-638For those of us whose children were harmed by their pediatric vaccines, coercion to get another vaccine is a sin. To ask us to do so, is to ask us to forsake our children at the altar of Pharma.

By Anne Dachel

Back in January the Catholic bishops of Wisconsin issued a statement: The Mortality of COVID19 Vaccines

They basically reassured everyone that regardless of how closely a COVID vaccine was linked to aborted fetuses, Catholics could in good conscience get one.

This statement was further bolstered by the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith (CDF) in Rome, which is the Holy Father’s own doctrinal and moral office. Also, this same position was taken by the well-respected National Catholic Bioethics Center (NCBC). If a choice of vaccine is possible, the ones that are the least morally compromised should always be requested. However, when there is no choice, the Church teaches that it is morally permissible to receive the vaccine.

Recently Cardinal Cupich of Chicago went even further: Not only CAN Catholics get the COVID vaccine, they MUST GET THE VACCINE. It is their moral duty.

Here’s his statement:

May 5, 2021, Chicago Catholic: Pope Francis: ‘Morally everyone must take the vaccine

While the growing availability of effective COVID-19 vaccines is a sign of hope, the pandemic is still far from over. The number of cases is growing globally, with India seeing more than 400,000 in just one day. As the virus mutates, the pandemic will continue to wreak havoc with mounting death tolls, financial ruin, social isolation and great suffering for the most vulnerable.

The church is called to accompany humanity, as Pope Francis noted in his Sept. 30, 2020, weekly audience. We must bring “healing and salvation in the midst of sickness and death … tenderness in the midst of hatred … and ‘viralize’ love and ‘globalize’ hope in the light of faith.”

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Tucker Carlson Asks the Verboten Question

Do not ask
Media, Doctors, Friends, Even Family Run From Questions

Tucker: How many Americans have died after taking COVID vaccines?

Transcribed by Anne Dachel

Here’s a very simple question: How many Americans have died after taking the COVID vaccine?

It’s not Americans who’ve been killed by the virus.That’s a huge number. It’s how many Americans have died after getting the vaccines designed to prevent the virus. .

Do you know the answer to that question?

Do you know anything about the downside?

We know a lot about the upside of vaccines. We’ve been completely in favor of vulnerable people taking vaccines, but what about the potential risks?

You’d think you would know more about that than you do.

We talk a lot about vaccines constantly, not just on this show but in this this country.

Joe Biden was on TV yesterday talking about vaccines. He wants you to get one. Everyone in authority wants you to get one. …

If you haven’t had your shot you’re under enormous pressure to get your shot.

You understand that soon you may not be able to fly on commercial airlines or go to the office or send your children to school if you don’t have the shot.

Meanwhile the social pressure is enormous…So there’s a lot of pressure to comply.

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Wisconsin Priest Cautions Parish

Fr AltmanAnne Dachel transcribed this Homily. A Homily is the sermon presented by the priest during the Catholic Mass.

By Anne Dachel

Age of Autism: Covid Vaccines Are Medical Devices

Lifesite News: US bishop: Choir members, Communion ministers must be ‘fully vaccinated’ While Arkansas rescinded its mask mandate, Bishop Anthony B. Taylor of Little Rock declared masks ‘obligatory’ and vaccines required as churches have their ‘own dynamics.’

Fr. James Altman, St. James Catholic Church, LaCrosse, WI

Father Altman Homily 04.11.2021 - Divine Mercy Sunday

Fr. Altman:

17:21 So let us talk about one particularly blind Pharisee. LifesiteNews reports, and I think people send me this stuff just to get me riled up.

LifeSite News reports that the first bishop of the United States to cancel all public Masses a year ago was Bishop Anthony B. Taylor of Little Rock, Arkansas.

As reported on LifeSite News, Bishop Taylor issued letters in 2020 cancelling Masses and nonessential gatherings, including Confirmations.


Lifesite also reports that in his latest directive, Bishop Taylor wrote, “Choirs can be permitted only when all members have been vaccinated and preferably wearing masks.”

What kind of illogic—God gave him a brain. What kind of brain isn’t he using?

If this injection worked, no need for a mask.

Dear family, it is not a vaccine. It is an injection.

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Tucker Carlson on Public Health and Politics

Public health and politicsPublic health is an evidence-based profession dedicated to improving health and preventing disease. The political process is how public policy decisions—laws, regulations, tax policies, and the allocation of scarce public resources—are made by elected officials.  (Evidence based, we ask?)

By Anne Dachel

On Mar. 16, 2021 ‘Tucker Carlson’ over at Fox News devoted almost 20 minutes of his show to exposing the duplicity and control practices of Dr. Anthony Fauci.  

I’ve watched lots of news coverage at MSNBC and CNN where Fauci is always given the last word unchallenged, so it was refreshing to see Carlson examine the restrictions on American life that we’ve been forced to endure because Fauci said so.

What is the science out there that supports Fauci’s demands that we social distance at six feet and get a COVID19 vaccine? Carlson looked into it.

About 12 minutes into the show Carlson brought up the push for the COVID19 vaccine.

He asked two questions about the vaccines that everyone should be asking and noted that no one has answered them.

How effective is this corona virus vaccine?

How necessary is it to take the vaccine?

Carlson raised concerns about blood clots associated with three of the COVID vaccines.

I especially liked his comment:

It turns out there are things we don’t know about the effects of this vaccine and all vaccines by the way. It’s always a tradeoff.

It’s time someone asked why Fauci has so much power over our lives at the same time he doesn’t have to respond to the issues Carlson brings up here.

Tucker Carlson Tonight' host examines differing COVID guidance from leaders and health experts over the past year

Here Carlson asks questions about the orders for a social distance of six feet to stop the spread of COVID19.


Carlson: But where did that law come from? Who did the scientific research that determined that six feet was the safest distance apart from other people you could be?

Somebody should have asked that question last spring, but as far as we know, nobody did ask.

It turns out that the research that formed the basis of that law came from a German hygienist, Carl Flugge.

It was Flugg who determined that six foot separations were necessary to slow the spread of pathogen.

The CDC went with Flugg’s judgment.

What the CDC didn’t tell us was that Karl Flugg had been dead for a hundred years. His research on social distancing was published in the 19th century, before most Americans had electricity or indoor plumbing.

So why is that research still guiding public health policy in this country in 2021?

It’s a good question. Experts don’t seem to have a good answer.

Last year, one of the top aerosol scientists in Australia, a woman called Lidia Morawska, likened social distancing regulations to a cult ritual.

“The dogma was born. Like any dogma, it’s extremely difficult to change people’s minds and change the dogmas.”

So dogma posing as science. 

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Alex Berenson with Martha MacCallum

Secret handshakeBy Anne Dachel

On February 4, 2021, Martha MacCallum interviewed journalist and author Alex Berenson on Fox News Radio in a 17 minute segment entitled, Alex Berenson Says COVID-19 Vaccine Was “A Real Failure Of Regulation

Berenson had some really eye-opening information that made me wish he was interviewing Dr. Anthony Fauci on these same points.

Several things were happening here. MacCallum brought up the possibility that Berenson is an “anti-vaxxer” right at the start, and he had to defend himself against that charge.

Berenson asserted that he’s not anti-vaccine. He’s vaccinated and his children are vaccinated according to the CDC schedule.

When Berenson got into his reasons for being unconvinced that the COVID19 vaccines are worthwhile, it was clear people should be worried about both safety and efficacy.

This is what they’re not telling us in the mainstream media:

First of all, the mRNA COVID vaccines are a new, insufficiently tested technology.  Berenson told listeners something that I’ve never heard anyone in the news, namely that these vaccines “cause pretty severe events in a lot of people who take them” in the trial phase.

Berenson said that there have been “thousands and thousands” of adverse events reported to the government after this vaccine

Secondly, they haven’t been tested in the people most at risk from COVID19: those people who are older with preexisting conditions.

He furthermore claimed that along with the risks, there is no proof these vaccines provide immunity or prevent spread.

After raising serious concerns about side effects and what these vaccines actually do to prevent COVID, he did tell us that he’s not sure about getting it himself, although his children definitely are not going to get it.

He did however advise his elderly mother to take the vaccine because at her age, she’s more vulnerable to COVID.

This was after pointing out that it hasn’t been tested in her age group and that if it were up to him, “these vaccines would not be available right now.”

 Despite this mixed message, his points are valid. Berenson’s arguments should be a part of every discussion where people talk about mandating this vaccine for employment or school attendance.

Martha MacCallum:  Welcome everybody to this edition of the Untold Story. We’re joined today by a frequent guest and friend of ours, Alex Berenson, who has covered in a really in-depth way the reality of COVID19 and the vaccine structure and the data behind all of it.

We want to talk to him about that, but we want to start today by asking him about his new book because I always knew Alex as a former New York Times reporter. He’s also a prolific novelist, who’s written a new book called the Power Couple.

Hi Alex. How are you doing today?

Alex Berenson: Martha, great to talk to you. …


MacCallumI’m going to totally switch gears on you. … Before I let you go, I want to spend the second bit of this talking about your approach to vaccines because I’ve followed your coverage, and we’ve talked a lot on this show over the course of COVID. You’ve busted a lot of myths in your writing about COVID.

You’re coming across these days sounding sort of like an anti—vaxxer.

Are you?

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Eugenio Derbez Interview with Dr. Anthony Fauci - Transcribed

Eugenio derbezBy Anne Dachel

Below I transcribed a brilliant recent interview of Dr. Anthony Fauci by actor, director, producer, Eugenio Derbez.

I have to think that Fauci agreed to this 30 minute talk in order to give himself an opportunity to promote the COVID 19 vaccine to Hispanic Americans.

 The big surprise was that Derbez knew what to bring up about the development and safety of the COVID19 vaccines. He actually asked questions you will never hear from anyone in the mainstream media.

Derbez wanted to know why we should trust vaccines with only months of trials, not years and only Emergency Use Authorization from the FDA.

What about the lack of liability on the part of vaccine makers and side effects that don’t show up 5 to 10 years down the road?  Derbez  pressed these points repeatedly.

What about the new mRNA vaccines? Derbez wanted to know if this “technology [has] ever been injected into humans before.”

Fauci had to admit it hadn’t, but he wasn’t worried because “the results are really, really good.”

 Fauci was equally untroubled when Derbez questioned the controversial use of aborted fetal cell lines in vaccine manufacture. Derbez said it was of concern to many Hispanic Catholics. 

Fauci noted that only “some” bishops advised against the Johnson and Johnson COVID vaccine because of fetal cell use.

Derbez brought up asymptomatic spread of the virus, along with the effectiveness of the COVID19 vaccines.

Fauci danced around the possibility that these vaccines stop transmission, provide immunity or merely reduce symptoms. If you listen to the end, he seems to say they do all three. If everyone in the family is vaccinated, or if only grandma is, you can gather “in the home” without masks, hugging and kissing everyone.

I was left with the overwhelming feeling that the COVID 19 vaccines pose lots of questions with few answers.



Derbez: Let’s get straight to the point. I was telling people I was a little bit concerned, so I had a lot of doubts about this vaccine, and then I got the invitation to talk to you.

It would be very helpful for all of us to learn and to understand about the vaccine.

So, first question: which of the COVID 19 vaccines have been officially approved by the FDA?

Fauci: Three of them. One from Moderna, which is the mRNA vaccine.

One from Pfizer, which is another mRNA vaccine.

And the other one is from J and J, Johnson and Johnson, which is a little bit different.  It gives the same kind of response, but it’s a little bit different.

So there are three vaccines that have gotten emergency use authorization from the FDA so far.

There are a couple of others that are still being tested to determine if they’re safe and effective, but the three that I just mentioned, have been shown in very large clinical trials involving anywhere from 30,000 to 44,000 people per trial, were shown to be not only very efficacious, but  quite safe.


Derbez:  …What is the difference between emergency use authorization and an official approval by the FDA?

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Pfizer, Moderna et al Covid Products are Medical Devices Not "Vaccines"

Ex laxThank you to Anne Dachel for working with Dr. Ken Stoller for this most interesting piece on AofA:


Dr. Ken Stoller of San Francisco, a longtime advocate for medical freedom, recently sent me his opinion on mandating the COVID-19 vaccine.

Below is his advice as a physician. You’ll notice that his opening argument is that it’s not really a vaccine. The COVID-19 ‘injection’ does not do what we all assume a true vaccine should do.

You are not antivax if you are against the COVID-19 injections

You are not anti-vax because the COIVD injections are not vaccines.

Yes, they are being called vaccines, but this is to bypass the regulatory requirements for a medical device.

This ‘vaccine’ is actually a medical device that has never been used in humans before and rushed to market without any appreciation for what it will do either in the short term or long term.

This injection is also being called a vaccine to gain more acceptance,  because most people assume that all vaccines are safe and effective. That’s what the CDC tells us. So if it is a vaccine, it must be safe and effective for ending the pandemic.

Some sources have indicated the adverse event rate for COVID-19  injections is as high as 80 percent, and that would include all the minor adverse events.

But if the short-term adverse event rate is 80 percent, what is in store for the long term?

They honestly don’t know and really don’t care.

Politics and eugenics, not science or good public health practices, are what is driving this grand medical experiment dwarfing the Tuskegee incident by a billion-fold.

While this is an over simplification, a vaccine, as defined by the CDC & FDA, is procedure that introduces into the body a foreign protein or weakened virus or bacteria and activates the immune system to make antibodies to same. In theory, to be effective, those antibodies actually have to perform in a useful manner.

If it works as advertised, a vaccine gets in your body and programs itself to attack the infection should it cross your path. It has to stimulate both immunity and disrupt transmission by definition, but the COVID-19  injection does not encourage your body to program your immune system. Instead, it is the program.

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Ethicist Dr. Art Caplan on V-Mandates for Covid

EthicsBy Anne Dachel

Dr. Arthur Caplan is the head of the Division of Medical Ethics at NYU Grossman School of Medicine in New York. He is an ardent proponent of vaccines and strongly denies any link between vaccines and the development of autism.

Dr. Caplan has an interesting view on ethical issues and mandating the COVID vaccine, as shown in this piece, Considerations in mandating a new Covid-19 vaccine in the USA for children and adults from May 2020, co-authored with Dorit Reiss from the University of California, Hastings.

 Autonomy focuses on the right of individuals to govern their own behavior and requires both ability to comprehend the choice, the alternatives, the consequences, and freedom from outside limitations. Children generally have less autonomy than adults, because their capacity to make decisions is less. The autonomy in question here is that of parents to make medical decisions for their children and that autonomy is more limited, since the primary focus is on the child’s benefit, with the parent or guardian acting as their agent.

It is unclear what age COVID-19 vaccines will be recommended for, but if adolescents, there may be more of an argument for autonomy and in that case, it is worth considering not just a mandate, but the right of a minor to consent to a vaccine over parental opposition. …

While the risk to healthy children is less, healthy unvaccinated children who do not receive the vaccine can get—and transmit—the virus both to vulnerable classmates, for example, children with medical conditions that put them at high risk if they get COVID-19, and to high-risk teachers (such as the teacher, administrator, or janitor who is over 60 years old, those who are immunocompromised or have conditions like diabetes or heart disease). There may be additional risks not yet discovered, for example, recent findings from the UK suggest that COVID-19 may cause a severe but rare syndrome in children, though the data are yet too limited to be certain.

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Nazism, COVID-19 and the destruction of modern medicine - An interview with Vera Sharav

Vera Sharav
Vera Sharav, a medical activist, is the founder of the Alliance for Human Research Protection, and an activist against some practices of the biomedical industry, particularly in matters of patient consent and children.

Thank you to Anne Dachel for this detailed transcription.


Below is a transcription of Part Two of a video interview with health freedom advocate, Vera Sharav.

In Part One (HERE)  Vera called everyone to stand up against the growing forces bent on taking away our rights.  Here she expands on the topic with chilling examples of what’s at stake for all of us.

Vera very much echoes the words of Robert Kennedy, Jr.  when he said, recently,

These government agencies are orchestrating obedience and it is not democratic—it’s not the product of democracy. It’s the product of a pharmaceutical-driven, bio-security agenda that will enslave the entire human race and plunge us into a dystopian nightmare where the apocalyptical forces of ignorance and greed will be running our lives and ruining our children and destroying all the dreams and dignity that we hope to give to our children.

Part Two: Nazism, COVID-19 and the destruction of modern medicine - An interview with Vera Sharav

Hi, I’m Leah Wilson, executive director of Stand for Health Freedom , a nonprofit dedicated to protecting basic human rights.

Thank you for tuning in to part two of our exclusive interview with Vera Sharav, Holocaust survivor and renowned champion for human rights.

Vera is an expert on biomedical research ethics, and she has rare and valuable insight into the landscape of public health today and the government’s response to the coronavirus.

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New York Mulls Fines for Non-Compliance

Note: As if  New York does not have enough taxes, rules and penalties?  It's disingenuous to say that Covid vaccines will not be "mandatory." It's doublespeak. Gobbledygook. Sleight of hand, or mouth. LIES.  Sure, you don't have to get vaccinated, but......  then the penalties mount.

By Anne Dachel

Attention New Yorkers. Lawmakers are making plans. Notice the flat out contradiction:

Rosenthal emphasized that the bill is not the Legislature mandating that people receive the vaccine, but would give health experts the ability to make that call if necessary."It's to establish a process if there is not herd immunity," she said.
"Mandatory simply means you are going to be required to get this, and if you don't you’re going to face certain fines” or other repercussions.

Dec 24, 2020, Albany Times Union: New York ponders mandatory vaccinations if herd immunity fails
Competing bills on vaccinations emerge as health officials hope for an end to pandemic

Before there was even a campaign promise of an effective coronavirus vaccine, there were those who vowed not to get inoculated. ...

Legislation proposed earlier this month by Manhattan Assemblywoman Linda Rosenthal would give the health department the ability to require individuals or groups of individuals who are medically cleared to receive the vaccine if clinical data shows that “residents of the state are not developing sufficient immunity from COVID-19.”

Rosenthal emphasized that the bill is not the Legislature mandating that people receive the vaccine, but would give health experts the ability to make that call if necessary.

"It's to establish a process if there is not herd immunity," she said. "I'm very confident there will be."

Robert Rock, a partner at Tully Rinckey law firm in Albany, said a vaccination mandate does not mean New York is “going to go around and round people up, restrain them and give people shots.”

Much like other aspects of life — for example, it is illegal to drive a car without insurance and you can face fines and fees as a result — thwarting a vaccine requirement would have consequences, Rock said.

“Mandatory simply means you are going to be required to get this, and if you don't you’re going to face certain fines” or other repercussions, he said.

If there isn’t a sufficient percentage of the population getting vaccinated in order to keep the rest of the population safe, Rock said it would be reasonable for the health department to mandate the vaccine. The response, he said, must be measured, reasonable and proportionate to the problem. ...

It’s that concern and desire for bodily autonomy that prompted state Assemblyman John Salka, R-Brookfield, to introduce legislation that prohibits a mandatory vaccine.

“We thought it was incumbent upon us to come up with a bill that will give mature, rational adults the opportunity to do their homework and decide if they want to get the vaccine,” Salka said. “It’s a bill that allows people to make a rational decision on their health care.”

Salka emphasized the legislation is not “an anti-vaccine bill,” but rather allowing the public to make their own decisions regarding one’s health. ...

"I think every time there is discussion about a vaccine, whether it's the measles vaccine or the flu vaccine, you have to go over the facts that a vaccination does not cause Autism," she said. "The basic facts of what a vaccine is."

Dr. Peter Hotez Doom and Gloom

This article is from an interview with Dr. Peter Hotez on NPR last month. The Tweet in the photo is from yesterday. Dr Hotez jubilantly taking a CoVax. I expect his tie to spin with giddy delight.  Moderna and Pfizer vaccines are starting to be delivered and administered as of this week. Imagine any doctor stating that we need to vaccinate THE ENTIRE WORLD POPULATION. What on earth is that? The assumption is safety and efficacy for billions, which is impossible  nonsense. The reality is that the damage and danger is considered “worth it.” Vaccines are now a bona fide religion, a cult requiring compliance, no questions, no choice. MMR bows before CoVax as the new god on the block. This is a frightening road, no matter what your thoughts on vaccination, all, some, none. Never  before has the world been told to fall into step like this, so fast. In 10 months, life has been radically changed and now we need a vacccine. Why does the mainstream accept this like the second coming of Christ? The new enemy is a virus that knows no nation, has no birthplace but is meant to instill fear from pole to pole, around the equator. And the United States, once the bastion of freedom and independence is marching proudly toward... what? This is NOT about anti-vax - it's about what has happened to our nation. Today we can blame President Trump. And in a month we can blame President Biden. Two pawns in a game I simply do not understand.

By Anne Dachel

Hotez  makes  it clear that  we all need to be vaccinated against COVID. 

This is not a time to be defiant. This is not a time to be reckless. This is a time to take this virus seriously and realize now we have an end to this through vaccination.  19:00

Remember ultimately we have to vaccinate the world’s human population, billions of people. 43:27

Furthermore, Americans not wearing a mask will cause thousands to die. 

It says unless we can get to 95 percent mask wearing, we’re looking at another 150,000 who will lose their lives between now and a week or two after the inauguration. We have the stunning number in a terrible way of 400,000Americans losing their lives by a week or so after the inauguration. …

For me the tragedy is none of those people have to die if we adhere to 95 percent mask wearing, number one. 14:47

Hotez sees anyone questioning vaccine safety as a direct threat. 

In his words:

We need to … start doing something about this very aggressive anti-vaccine movement that’s now morphed into a wide scale anti-science machine or empire or confederacy that really dominates the Internet and dominates our American life right now. We’ve got to figure out a way to begin dismantling that as well. 25:10

Full transcript

Nov 24, 2020, WHYY (Philadelphia) NPR: Vaccine Expert On COVID & The Year Ahead

Dr. Peter Hotez is part of a team working to develop a low-cost COVID vaccine that could be distributed globally. "Vaccines are coming," he says. "We have to get everybody through to the other side." Hotez talks about vaccine development, the anti-vax movement, and what the year ahead might look like.

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Melinda Gates Gets an Early Christmas Gift

Nutcracker mdThe very first recipient of the Pfizer vaccine is an African American female nurse. She hopes to inspire others to get vaccinated. She believes in science. And Melinda Gates now believes firmly in super safe vaccines and in Santa Claus because months ago she said that she wanted healthcare workers and African Americans to be among the first to get vaccinated for Covid.   From our post The One In Which Melinda Gates Bestows COVID Vaccines TIME: The scale of anti-racism protests we’re seeing right now is incredible. How does this moment relate to your work in health equity? We know the way out of COVID-19 will be a vaccine, and it needs to go out equitably. Who needs it after health care workers? In the U.S., that would be black people next, quite honestly, and many other people of color. They are having disproportionate effects from COVID-19.
Mind you, Melinda Gates is not a scientist. She is not an MD. She is not a PhD (Hello, Dr. Biden!) She is not even a pharma technician....  Let's not tell Nurse Lindsay. And let's hope she stays safe and does not have too much of an adverse reaction to her vaccine.

From MSNBC:   ‘I believe in science’: NYC Nurse first to get vaccinated for covid-19 in United States

New York City ICU nurse Sandra Lindsay was the first person to get the covid-19 vaccine after FDA authorization in the United States. On The ReidOut, she says “As a nurse, my practice is guided by the science. I believe in science ... I hope that me taking the vaccine today is an inspiration to you."New York City ICU nurse Sandra Lindsay was the first person to get the covid-19 vaccine after FDA authorization in the United States. On The ReidOut, she says “As a nurse, my practice is guided by the science. I believe in science ... I hope that me taking the vaccine today is an inspiration to you."

Just last, week, reports of adverse reactions to the Pfizer vaccine in the UK hit the press.  Anne Dachel shared this with us:

Washington Times
reporter Cheryl Chumley is a voice of reason in a world where the media is pushing for universal, mandated COVID vaccination. She urges caution and calls for the right of an individual to choose to be vaccinated.

I wonder if Cheryl knows there is no liability for the vaccine makers for any damage they inflict.

Dec 10, 2020, WASH TIMES: COVID-19 vaccine's rocky U.K. start raises red flags on safety

It was Day One of U.K.’s rollout of the much-ballyhooed coronavirus vaccine — and already people began reporting adverse reactions.

That’s not just bad news. That’s oops, public relations’ devastation bad news.

Anyhow, now the UK. government regulators are saying that people who have a “significant history” of allergic reactions to things like, umm, cats or Christmas trees or, oh, let’s see, maybe chemicals that are injected into their bodies that haven’t undergone testing for long-term effects — that maybe these people with these significant allergy-prone histories ought not stand in line for the Pfizer-BioNTech version.

Good advice….

“As is common with new vaccines, the MHRA [Medical and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency] have advised on a precautionary basis that people with a significant history of allergic reactions do not receive this vaccination after two people with a history of significant allergic reactions responded adversely,”said Stephen Powis, the national medical director for the National Health Service in England, in a statement reported by The Associated Press.

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Vaccination Status on Your Resume

Fired doorBy Anne Dachel

Dec 7, 2020, CNBC: Yes, your boss can fire you if you refuse to get a Covid vaccine

The country’s first Covid vaccine could be authorized for emergency use as soon as Thursday. If Pfizer and BioNTech get the green light, distribution is set to begin within days.

But as difficult as the research, development and distribution stages have been, some experts argue the hardest part of fighting the virus is actually what comes next: convincing the U.S. population to take the vaccine.

Roughly four in ten Americans say they would “definitely” or “probably” not get a vaccine, according to a recent survey by the Pew Research Center. While this is higher than it was two months ago, to achieve herd immunity, experts say that about 70% of the population needs to be vaccinated or have natural antibodies. 

Employers, however, may not be taking “no” for an answer….

 “Under the law, an employer can force an employee to get vaccinated, and if they don’t take it, fire them,” said Dunn. 

Dorit Reiss, a professor at the University of California Hastings College of Law, said that private businesses have pretty extensive rights. “Requiring a vaccine is a health and safety work rule, and employers can do that,” said Reiss.

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The Problem With the COVID Vaccine Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Explains to Theo Von

Theo Von
"The Moderna vaccine was completely developed by Tony Fauci, he hands it to a private group, they put 2 billion dollars of federal money into allowing them to develop it, and then Tony Fauci’s agency keeps half the profits from the vaccine. I’ve sued EPA many times for being a captured agency, but what would it be like if EPA made half of its profits selling coal?"

By Anne Dachel

The Problem With the COVID Vaccine | Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Explains to Theo Von

Robert Kennedy, Jr.:

The problem with the COVID vaccine, here’s the problem. They have all these vaccines, and they recognize that it’s going to be really hard to get a vaccine that does what people think it’s going to do. They have been reducing the standards to make it so they can pass a vaccine no matter what. Theo Von: And what they think it’s going to do is make it so they don’t have to worry about COVID at all. Kennedy: Right. If you get a shot, you’re protected, and you’re not going to transmit it. Particularly we want to make sure that the people who are vulnerable, so people with co morbidities and fragile elderly, that it’s going to keep them from dying. What they did is—the testing protocols that they’re using do not require them to show any of those things. I’ll tell you how it works. They take 22,000 people and they give them the Pfizer vaccine. And they take 22,000 people and give them a placebo. Then they wait. It’s double blind, so the way it’s supposed to work is neither the patients, the test subjects, the volunteers or the researchers know who got what. Then you wait till a hundred people get sick from COVID. That takes a while because you had 40,000 people and it’s kind of hard nowadays to get sick from COVID. You’re not going to have the majority of those people exposed, so after a 100 people get sick, they stop the study and look at it. Then they say, how many of those people got the vaccine and how many got the placebo? And if 50 percent of them got the vaccine and 50 percent got the placebo means there’s zero efficacy, and the vaccine doesn’t work. In this case with Pfizer everybody’s excited because they stopped the study when 95 people got sick. Apparently 85 of those people were in the placebo group, which means the vaccine appears to be 90 percent effective. Here’s the problem: The way they measure whether you have COVID is you have one positive PCR test and you have one symptom. That could be a cough, it could be a fever, it could be a chill, it could be a headache. Then you have COVID. So what they’re testing the vaccine for IS NOT what we want to know: DOES IT PREVENT YOU FROM DYING? Does it prevent you from being hospitalized? We will never know because they have geared back the studies—Peter Doshi who’s the editor of the British Medical Journal, he said this in a New York Times editorial, he said, “These studies were designed to succeed. You cannot fail.” No matter how bad the vaccine is, it’s going to pass.

Von: Because we want a vaccine, right? Kennedy: Everybody wants a vaccine so we can restart the economy. The big problem with this vaccine—there’s two problems. ONE is it does not prevent transmission. That means I can get the vaccine, and then I get exposed to COVID, I still give COVID to you and everybody on the airplane.

Von: You just don’t experience it.

Kennedy: I don’t experience it, but it makes it even more dangerous—

Von: No one even knows you have it.

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Fox Business Refused to Listen to RFK Jr On Operation Warp Speed

Refuse to listen
And media....

By Anne Dachel

This is what’s coming. Fox Business aired an interview with Robert Kennedy, Jr. and U.S. Rep. Buddy Carter (GA) regarding the development of the COVID vaccine in an obvious attempt to promote the vaccine and downplay worries about side effects.

Fox anchor, fast- talking, Lisa Kennedy Montgomery refused to let Kennedy explain that the pharmaceutical industry has no liability for damage from the much-touted COVID vaccine and therefore little incentive to produce a truly safe one. She wasn’t about to allow him to raise any concerns about the vaccine. She adamantly claimed that the vaccine makers do have liability for injuries.

Montgomery’s performance clearly demonstrated that she had done absolutely no background research before this interview. She knew nothing about how the vaccine industry operates.

Rep. Carter, who’s also a pharmacist, also neatly ignored the reality that Kennedy pointed out, namely that no one is responsible for any damage or death resulting from this vaccine.

Instead Carter assured viewers that the drug industry and the FDA only produce and approve safe and effective products. (It seems he missed the damage from Vioxx, conservatively 60,000 deaths.)

Carter didn’t response to Kennedy’s charge that no one has any idea what the long term side effects of this vaccine may be.

NOTHING Kennedy brought up was addressed. He talked about the expectations of the COVID vaccine. Officials have publicly admitted that the vaccine won’t have the potential to prevent transmissibility, hospitalizations, or deaths from coronavirus.

In Kennedy’s own words: WHAT’S THE POINT?

It was appropriate that Fox Business aired this interview. The real purpose of producing millions of vaccines with little to no health benefit is BUSINESS, BIG BUSINESS, and that’s what it’s all about really.

Nov 13, 2020, Children’s Health Defense

Take Action: Tell FOX Business to Correct False Statements on Vaccine Liability Laws

In a recent FOX interview featuring RFK, Jr., host Lisa Kennedy Montgomery insisted erroneously that vaccine makers are held accountable for vaccine injuries.


Montgomery:  Pharmaceutical giant Pfizer now says it is ready and waiting on FDA approval to begin distributing  its new coronavirus vaccine. It is one of 150 vaccines simultaneously in development around the globe.

There are some major challenges. The vaccine has to be kept at 94 degrees below zero…

There’s also a lot of resistance from folks who say they are very suspicious of this and other vaccines, but is there solid reason to worry?

Joining me now to discuss, we have Children’s Health Defense president, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. and Georgia Republican Congressman Buddy Carter who received the Pfizer trial vaccine.

Welcome gentlemen.

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Education Down Under is Going Under... 50% Rise in Students with Disabilities Predicted

Kangaroos hugBy Anne Dachel

If you think anyone anywhere is ever going to address the decline in the physical and mental health of children, THE ANSWER IS: NEVER!

We’ve calmly and unquestioningly watched as autism became a normal and acceptable part of childhood over the last twenty plus years. Everywhere in the world the response has been the same.

Everyone also knows it’s not just autism plaguing more and more of our children as there is now an endless litany of disorder labels regularly assigned to kids. Add this crisis to the fact that more than half of our children are chronically ill and it’s clear we’re on an accelerating and unstoppable downward spiral.

No increase in the rate of anything has ever caused alarm or even real concern from doctors, health officials, legislators or educators. No one demands we find out what’s going on and reverse the rates. It sounds insane, but we’re routinely told that none of this is really a problem AND we can expect it to get worse.

Recently I come across an article published in Australia that proves my point: THE NUMBERS WILL BURY US AND WE WILL DO NOTHING TO STOP IT.

On  September 2, 2020 the Sydney Morning Herald published the story, Schools must prepare for 50 per cent rise in students with disabilities: report

Speaking about schools in Australia the opening warned of what’s coming.

The number of students with disabilities in the public education system is predicted to grow by 50 per cent in the decade to 2027, and they will need twice as many specialist teachers and thousands more support classrooms.

Autism diagnoses are a big factor.

The 2018 report found the overall number of students with a disability could increase from between 110,000 and 130,000 in 2017 to between 160,000 and 200,000 by 2027 if policy settings stayed the same and diagnoses — particularly of autism — continued at the same rate. General enrolments would increase by 17 per cent.

The number of students with autism in NSW state schools has been growing by almost 15 per cent per year.

Any thinking person would want to know WHY. What’s happening to our children? Why is it going to get worse? What can we do to stop it?

Incredibly reporter Jordan Baker didn’t discuss any of these questions in her story. Ms Baker wasn’t worried. She only talked about the need for more special schools, more training for teachers—all of which means lots more spending.

Six new special needs schools will also have to be built every year if diagnosis and enrolment rates continue and policy settings do not change, modelling by Boston Consulting Group (BCG) for the NSW Department of Education found.

The confidential report, obtained under freedom of information laws, prompted mental health experts to call for a major investment in disability support staff, training and resources for schools, saying teachers are not equipped to respond….

Baker sounded an alarm about the need for huge increases in services.

Under a status quo scenario, the specialist teaching workforce would need to increase from 12,000 to between 19,000 and 23,000 in 2027, the BCG report said. However, such teachers were in short supply; only 56 per cent of learning and support roles in mainstream schools were filled permanently.

Unless more students were taught in mainstream classrooms, the number of support classrooms would need to increase from 2050 to up to 5400 over the decade, while the number of classrooms in Schools for Special Purposes (SSPs) would need to grow from 870 to between 1400 and 1600….

The president of the federation, Angelo Gavrielatos, said the number of students with a disability had already increased by 500 per cent since 2002.

Teachers simply aren’t prepared for what’s coming.

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Pediatrician Larry Palevsky Discusses The Covid Pandemic

Dr PalevskyBy Anne Dachel

Dr. Larry Palevsky is a board certified Pediatrician practicing in New York and a well-advocate for medical freedom and outspoken about the health care corruption. I’ve written about him in the past: August 22, 2020, Dr. Larry Palevsky February Presentation to CT Assembly on the Nightmare in Connecticut I was on a podcast called Progressive Commentary hour with him and Brian Hooker in 2015.

Oct 26, 2020, Dr. Palevsky and the Truth about COVID 19

In the first part of the interview, Dr. Palevsky explains how viruses work, and then he explains what wrong with the COVID  scenario, and raises serious questions about what authorities are telling us is true.

Dr. Larry Palevsky on COVID 19 and the planned pandemic

At 16: 15 The subject of censorship is talked brought up.

Why are medical doctors and health professionals around the world being censored for challenging the official narrative?

At 17:35 Dr. Palevsky responds

It’s very interesting when people start raising the idea that medical information and scientific information are being censored.

I remember in early March of 2020 when a physician taking care of patients who were presenting with SARS-CoV-2 virus, and he was seeing that the description of a viral illness didn’t fit with how they were presenting and what they were needing as far as medical care, oxygen, no ventilation vs ventilation and he spoke out in a YouTube video and it went worldwide.

 There were other doctors all around the world who spoke out about it and said, “Wait a second, this doesn’t present like a real viral illness. There’s something different about this. We need to be treating it differently than the way we’re being told to treat it.”

He was censored and other physicians were censored, and it made many of us in the medical community step back and say, “Why are we being forced to speak a narrative that isn’t consistent with what we’re seeing in the field, in the clinical situation.

So it raised a big question mark for a lot of people: Why would scientific information be censored? Here we have a viral illness that we’re being told is a viral illness, and yet doctors around the world have been treating thousands of patients with two medications that treat parasites.

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Nazism, COVID-19 and the destruction of modern medicine: An interview with Vera Sharav

Vera SharavBy Anne Dachel

Thank you to my Facebook friend, Dara Silverman-Berger. Dara sent me the link to this powerful interview of Vera Sharav which I transcribed below.

Vera is a passionate voice for informed consent and medical freedom based mostly on her life experiences as an actual Holocaust survivor and someone who has dealt with the duplicity of the medical community firsthand.

Vera’s words need to be heard everywhere.

Oct 12, 2020, Nazism, COVID-19 and the destruction of modern medicine: An interview with Vera Sharav


Vera Sharav: When medicine veers away from the Hippocratic Oath that promises to respect the individual right, to do no harm to the individual, then you’re going to harm the community as well, because the community is a bunch of individuals. 

There are crossroads in life where you have to make choices, and if you don’t, someone who will make the choice for you is not going to make it for your best interest.

The idea of just following authority without considering, what if they’re wrong? What if it’s not in my best interest? I wouldn’t want to live under such a regime. I know what it’s like. I know what that is. I would not do it again.

A conversation with Vera Sharav

Leah Wilson, Esq.: Vera, thank you so much for allowing me to be here today and for talking with me on camera. It’s truly an honor.

Vera is the founder of the Alliance for Human Research Protection

 and the president, and she has moved mountains to protect research subjects, primarily children, those with mental illness and minorities.

Vera’s work has resulted in the suspension of government pesticide experiments on children, federal investigations into children in foster care being used as guinea pigs, the suspension of small pox vaccine on children, the suspension of psychological experiments on young boys aged six to eleven, most of them of color, in New York City and dozens of other accomplishments that have directly saved lives.

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Developmental Language Disorder Formerly Known As Speech Delay

DLD ItelandBy Anne Dachel

I just saw this October 15th story from Ireland about Developmental Language Disorder (DLD).

I’m sorry I missed that acronym in the past. (I also missed DLD AWARENESS DAY, OCTOBER 16, 2020.)

Really it’s just one more official acronym to describe the pitiful state of childhood in the 21st century. Add it to ADD, ADHD, ASD, LD, ED, DD, OCD and lots more.

The Irish Times published a really positive story about DLD awareness entitled, Lighting up purple and yellow for Developmental language disorder. (Not to be confused with Lighting up blue for autism awareness every April.)

The Times explained what DLD is, and lots of speakers were included on a video:

Developmental language disorder (DLD) is diagnosed when a child’s language skills are persistently below the level expected. In DLD, language deficits occur in the absence of another condition, such as autism spectrum disorder, and children may have difficulty understanding instructions, finding the right words, using correct grammar and telling stories.

“In my day-to-day life, it’s hard, because it messes with your emotions and it can make you agitated,” says Robert. “And there are things that other people can do, like they can just start writing a story off the bat, but I have to take a couple of minutes to even think of my first paragraph.”

VIDEO: Raising Awareness of Development


…DLD emerges in early childhood but persists into adulthood.

People who have DLD have difficulty understanding and using language.

They may have a small vocabulary or trouble formulating a grammatical sentence.

Difficulty organizing the ideas they want to express and problems learning to read and write.

These problems with language matter. …

So DLD isn’t just a problem with language; it’s a problem with living life to its fullest.

Increasing awareness of DLD can help by motivating policymakers, funding agencies, educators and health care providers…

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Dr. Heiko Schöning on Global Covid Measures

CHD BerlinBy Anne Dachel

On August 28th, Robert Kennedy, Jr. was part of a press conference and a rally of a million people in Berlin, Germany.

Kennedy was there to launch the European chapter of Children’s Health Defense.

With him at the press conference was Dr. Heiko Schöning

On October 7th Dr. Schoning was interviewed about his international organization battling against governments of the world using coronavirus to nullify our freedoms.

In this 10 minute video Schoning explains what his group is up against and what they hope to do.

Medical doctors and lawyers allied against global malfeasance in conversation with Heiko Schöning

More and more medical professionals worldwide are questioning the countermeasures against the coronavirus. Several initiatives and collaborations are popping up and by bundling forces across borders people are hoping to break the one sided narrative that is being spread by officials.

One of the doctors fighting for this cause is Heiko Schöning of Ärzte für Aufklärung. He was one of the speakers at the recently held conference in the Netherlands and is battling the fallacious reporting and disproportional measures under which people are suffering. Sven spoke with him about what they have been working on for the past weeks to provide a broader public with an update on what is going on outside the mainstream media.


Sven Hulleman: “I have the honor to sit here with Dr. Heiko Schoning.

“Heiko, we have been working very hard in the past few weeks. What have you been doing?”

Dr. Heiko Schoning: “I just played my part. I’m a medical doctor and I just played the German part in this international great alliance that developed.”

Hulleman: “You are trying to get doctors internationally aligned. That’s why we had a conference last Friday, and now today we had a similar meeting because the French and the Belgians couldn’t really make it, but they were here today.

“What do you find in general is the common ground in every country? What is going on? Why are these doctors coming together? Why are they travelling from their patients to see you and to see me, to see international lawyers?”

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Seclusion and Handcuff Restraint for North Carolina 7 Year Old with Autism

Find The HelpersUpdate: Another nightmare story was published just today about a case in Baltimore, Maryland last year: Bodycam footage shows Baltimore school cop handcuffing autistic student, 11, for 23 minutes and leaving him with a broken wrist bone after he got into a fight with another child for bullying him

Mr. Rogers told children to "find the helpers," when they needed assistance. Below, Anne Dachel wrote up a horrendous story from North Carolina, where the "helper" in this case a police officer, brutally forced a 7 year old boy with autism into submission.  Where were the teachers? The school behaviorist? The school psychologist? The paras who know the child?  Nowhere to be found it seems, in this the Age of Autism.  Our children's needs have grown exponentially while services, supports, training have withered and died on the vine. Everywhere.  The child is SEVEN years old and already in an "alternative" school. These programs are for students who used to be called "Emotionally Disturbed." He's SEVEN. About the Pressly School and its "convenient" location. La de dah.

Pressly School is Iredell-Statesville’s alternative/non-traditional school serving students grades K-12. Pressly is centrally located at 222 Knox Street in Statesville, NC, making the location convenient for the entire district.

Pressly offers small classrooms, onsite counseling through a partnership with Children’s Hope Alliance, vocational opportunities through a partnership with CATS and other services tailored to the needs of the students.

Pressly serves students who have committed board policy violations. We also serve students that:

Have dropped out of school and wish to re-enroll
Need extra mental health support
Face extraordinary life circumstances that prevent them from attending a traditional school day
Need more intense academic and behavioral support

Pressly offers a variety of programs to meet the individual needs of each student.


By Anne Dachel

Police officer to the 7 year old boy : “…You ever been charged with a crime before? You ever been charged before? Well, you’re fixing to.  …

“Don’t make a wrong move, period. … If you my friend are not acquainted with the juvenile justice system, you will be very shortly. …”

Police officer to the mother: “I’m the arresting officer. He’s spitting a lot. …He kicked me, he’s been scratching, he’s beating his head against the floor, that’s why the pillow’s there. He’s combative.

“He is going to be charged with one count of assault, maybe two….”

Oct 12, 2020, NY Post: North Carolina mom sues after 7-year-old autistic son cuffed (video)

A North Carolina mom is suing after her autistic 7-year-old boy was handcuffed by a school resource officer and taunted for nearly 40 minutes for allegedly spitting, according to court papers and body camera video.

The incident unfolded on Sept. 11, 2018 at Pressly Alternative school in Statesville after the boy — identified in court papers as L.G. — was taken by his teacher and two aides to a “quiet room” to calm down.

The officer, Michael Fattaleh, “purported to have seen L.G. spit on the floor, as [he] walked past the ‘quiet room'” then telling the three staffers, “he’s mine now,” alleges a lawsuit filed Friday in North Carolina federal court by the boy’s mother.

The 38-year-old then forced the child onto the floor, cuffed and taunted him for the next 38 minutes, according to the suit and a body camera footage obtained by a local reporter through a court order, the Charlotte Observer reported.

“How in the world would anyone think it was appropriate to handcuff, pin down and taunt a 7-year-old boy with autism? It is incomprehensible,” the mom’s lawyer Alex Heroy told The Post. “His mother thought she was doing the right thing by sending him to a school where he could get extra help and attention, all for the system to fail in the worst way possible.”

Fattaleh — who knew the boy had special needs — allegedly asked the child, “ever been charged before?” and told him “If you, my friend, are not acquainted with the juvenile justice system, you will be shortly,” the court documents say.

The officer also said at one point as he was kneeling on the boy’s back, “have you ever heard the term babysitter? I take that term literally, my friend,” the court papers allege.

During the encounter, the 4-foot-6, 80-pound child cried for Fattaleh to let him go, saying, “Ow! My knee! My knee! It really hurts!” the suit claims.

Finally, the boy was released by a different officer when his mom, identified in court papers as A.G., arrived at the school. Fattaleh told the mother her son would be charged “with one count of assault, maybe two,” the court documents claim.

The boy — who went to the hospital with scratches and bruises — was never suspended or disciplined by the school. He returned the next day but was sent home early after becoming “extremely anxious and agitated,” the complaint says.

The mother is now homeschooling the boy, the court papers say.

The suit names Fattaleh, Statesville and the Iredell-Statesville Board of Education as defendants for negligence and other claims arguing that a special education teacher, teaching assistant and other employees “stood idly by and failed and refused to intervene, despite training and knowledge of the immense harm being done to L.G.”

The mom is suing for unspecified damages.

Fattaleh was placed on leave before eventually resigning. He did not immediately return a message left with his ex-wife.

The city and the Board of Education did not immediately return requests for comment.