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Dr. Scott Jensen's Run for Governor of Minnesota

Dr scott jensen
By Anne Dachel

Minnesota physician Dr. Scott Jensen is a Republican candidate for governor who wants to halt giving the COVID vaccine to teens.  As expected, Dr. Jensen has come under fire for daring to challenge the official narrative that we all need to be vaccinated against the coronavirus. 

May 28, 2021, WEAU TV, Eau Claire, WI:  Minnesota candidate backs move to block COVID shots for kids

Minnesota Republican gubernatorial candidate Scott Jensen is backing a court action to stop COVID-19 vaccinations for 12- to 16-year-olds that, among other things, compares the inoculations to Nazi experimentation on imprisoned Jews.

Jensen is a family physician and former state senator from Chaska. And he’s the first named plaintiff in a petition filed in federal court in Alabama by America’s Frontline Doctors, which calls the vaccines “dangerous biological agents.”

May 27, 2021, St Paul Pioneer Press: GOP gubernatorial candidate Scott Jensen, a physician, goes to court to stop youth COVID vaccinations. He says he hasn’t read the entire petition.

Scott Jensen, a prominent Minnesota Republican candidate for governor with a track record of COVID-19 theories not shared by the medical community, has signed onto an effort to stop vaccinations for 12- to 16-year-olds.

It should be noted that Dr. Jensen was named Minnesota Family Physician of the Year in 2016.

One in Every 22 Schoolchildren in Northern Ireland Has an Autism Diagnosis

Abadnonned schoolThank goodness for Anne Dachel, who refuses to ignore the ever increasing autism numbers and the affect on schools around the world. Autism is yesterday's news everywhere it seems. It's front page news in most of our homes though. And we will not set it aside for Covid or anything else. Autism is in our DNA and our name.

By Anne Dachel


Up from one in 24 last year

Last week I posted that 4,500 kids in Northern Ireland were on waiting lists for autism assessment.

Some families were waiting for 4 or more years just to get a diagnosis for their child, and we were told that 4,500 was probably an undercount.

NOW comes the announcement from the BBC that almost 5 percent of kids in NI have autism. 

WAIT…while we're told that there are 13,000 children in the six counties with autism, imagine the real number if they added another 4,500 to that number.

STILL we’re told that nothing is really wrong. The increase is not a real increase at all.

"Increased awareness and the effect of the Autism Act NI, which was passed in 2011, have been highlighted as potential reasons for the rise in diagnoses…."

It’s mind-numbing how this can continue with no demand for an investigation into the never-ending increases. What will it take for officials in London to wake up to this disaster? One in ten children? One in five with autism?

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The Other God

Importance-of-10-commandments-4-638For those of us whose children were harmed by their pediatric vaccines, coercion to get another vaccine is a sin. To ask us to do so, is to ask us to forsake our children at the altar of Pharma.

By Anne Dachel

Back in January the Catholic bishops of Wisconsin issued a statement: The Mortality of COVID19 Vaccines

They basically reassured everyone that regardless of how closely a COVID vaccine was linked to aborted fetuses, Catholics could in good conscience get one.

This statement was further bolstered by the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith (CDF) in Rome, which is the Holy Father’s own doctrinal and moral office. Also, this same position was taken by the well-respected National Catholic Bioethics Center (NCBC). If a choice of vaccine is possible, the ones that are the least morally compromised should always be requested. However, when there is no choice, the Church teaches that it is morally permissible to receive the vaccine.

Recently Cardinal Cupich of Chicago went even further: Not only CAN Catholics get the COVID vaccine, they MUST GET THE VACCINE. It is their moral duty.

Here’s his statement:

May 5, 2021, Chicago Catholic: Pope Francis: ‘Morally everyone must take the vaccine

While the growing availability of effective COVID-19 vaccines is a sign of hope, the pandemic is still far from over. The number of cases is growing globally, with India seeing more than 400,000 in just one day. As the virus mutates, the pandemic will continue to wreak havoc with mounting death tolls, financial ruin, social isolation and great suffering for the most vulnerable.

The church is called to accompany humanity, as Pope Francis noted in his Sept. 30, 2020, weekly audience. We must bring “healing and salvation in the midst of sickness and death … tenderness in the midst of hatred … and ‘viralize’ love and ‘globalize’ hope in the light of faith.”

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Tucker Carlson Asks the Verboten Question

Do not ask
Media, Doctors, Friends, Even Family Run From Questions

Tucker: How many Americans have died after taking COVID vaccines?

Transcribed by Anne Dachel

Here’s a very simple question: How many Americans have died after taking the COVID vaccine?

It’s not Americans who’ve been killed by the virus.That’s a huge number. It’s how many Americans have died after getting the vaccines designed to prevent the virus. .

Do you know the answer to that question?

Do you know anything about the downside?

We know a lot about the upside of vaccines. We’ve been completely in favor of vulnerable people taking vaccines, but what about the potential risks?

You’d think you would know more about that than you do.

We talk a lot about vaccines constantly, not just on this show but in this this country.

Joe Biden was on TV yesterday talking about vaccines. He wants you to get one. Everyone in authority wants you to get one. …

If you haven’t had your shot you’re under enormous pressure to get your shot.

You understand that soon you may not be able to fly on commercial airlines or go to the office or send your children to school if you don’t have the shot.

Meanwhile the social pressure is enormous…So there’s a lot of pressure to comply.

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Wisconsin Priest Cautions Parish

Fr AltmanAnne Dachel transcribed this Homily. A Homily is the sermon presented by the priest during the Catholic Mass.

By Anne Dachel

Age of Autism: Covid Vaccines Are Medical Devices

Lifesite News: US bishop: Choir members, Communion ministers must be ‘fully vaccinated’ While Arkansas rescinded its mask mandate, Bishop Anthony B. Taylor of Little Rock declared masks ‘obligatory’ and vaccines required as churches have their ‘own dynamics.’

Fr. James Altman, St. James Catholic Church, LaCrosse, WI

Father Altman Homily 04.11.2021 - Divine Mercy Sunday

Fr. Altman:

17:21 So let us talk about one particularly blind Pharisee. LifesiteNews reports, and I think people send me this stuff just to get me riled up.

LifeSite News reports that the first bishop of the United States to cancel all public Masses a year ago was Bishop Anthony B. Taylor of Little Rock, Arkansas.

As reported on LifeSite News, Bishop Taylor issued letters in 2020 cancelling Masses and nonessential gatherings, including Confirmations.


Lifesite also reports that in his latest directive, Bishop Taylor wrote, “Choirs can be permitted only when all members have been vaccinated and preferably wearing masks.”

What kind of illogic—God gave him a brain. What kind of brain isn’t he using?

If this injection worked, no need for a mask.

Dear family, it is not a vaccine. It is an injection.

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Tucker Carlson on Public Health and Politics

Public health and politicsPublic health is an evidence-based profession dedicated to improving health and preventing disease. The political process is how public policy decisions—laws, regulations, tax policies, and the allocation of scarce public resources—are made by elected officials.  (Evidence based, we ask?)

By Anne Dachel

On Mar. 16, 2021 ‘Tucker Carlson’ over at Fox News devoted almost 20 minutes of his show to exposing the duplicity and control practices of Dr. Anthony Fauci.  

I’ve watched lots of news coverage at MSNBC and CNN where Fauci is always given the last word unchallenged, so it was refreshing to see Carlson examine the restrictions on American life that we’ve been forced to endure because Fauci said so.

What is the science out there that supports Fauci’s demands that we social distance at six feet and get a COVID19 vaccine? Carlson looked into it.

About 12 minutes into the show Carlson brought up the push for the COVID19 vaccine.

He asked two questions about the vaccines that everyone should be asking and noted that no one has answered them.

How effective is this corona virus vaccine?

How necessary is it to take the vaccine?

Carlson raised concerns about blood clots associated with three of the COVID vaccines.

I especially liked his comment:

It turns out there are things we don’t know about the effects of this vaccine and all vaccines by the way. It’s always a tradeoff.

It’s time someone asked why Fauci has so much power over our lives at the same time he doesn’t have to respond to the issues Carlson brings up here.

Tucker Carlson Tonight' host examines differing COVID guidance from leaders and health experts over the past year

Here Carlson asks questions about the orders for a social distance of six feet to stop the spread of COVID19.


Carlson: But where did that law come from? Who did the scientific research that determined that six feet was the safest distance apart from other people you could be?

Somebody should have asked that question last spring, but as far as we know, nobody did ask.

It turns out that the research that formed the basis of that law came from a German hygienist, Carl Flugge.

It was Flugg who determined that six foot separations were necessary to slow the spread of pathogen.

The CDC went with Flugg’s judgment.

What the CDC didn’t tell us was that Karl Flugg had been dead for a hundred years. His research on social distancing was published in the 19th century, before most Americans had electricity or indoor plumbing.

So why is that research still guiding public health policy in this country in 2021?

It’s a good question. Experts don’t seem to have a good answer.

Last year, one of the top aerosol scientists in Australia, a woman called Lidia Morawska, likened social distancing regulations to a cult ritual.

“The dogma was born. Like any dogma, it’s extremely difficult to change people’s minds and change the dogmas.”

So dogma posing as science. 

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Alex Berenson with Martha MacCallum

Secret handshakeBy Anne Dachel

On February 4, 2021, Martha MacCallum interviewed journalist and author Alex Berenson on Fox News Radio in a 17 minute segment entitled, Alex Berenson Says COVID-19 Vaccine Was “A Real Failure Of Regulation

Berenson had some really eye-opening information that made me wish he was interviewing Dr. Anthony Fauci on these same points.

Several things were happening here. MacCallum brought up the possibility that Berenson is an “anti-vaxxer” right at the start, and he had to defend himself against that charge.

Berenson asserted that he’s not anti-vaccine. He’s vaccinated and his children are vaccinated according to the CDC schedule.

When Berenson got into his reasons for being unconvinced that the COVID19 vaccines are worthwhile, it was clear people should be worried about both safety and efficacy.

This is what they’re not telling us in the mainstream media:

First of all, the mRNA COVID vaccines are a new, insufficiently tested technology.  Berenson told listeners something that I’ve never heard anyone in the news, namely that these vaccines “cause pretty severe events in a lot of people who take them” in the trial phase.

Berenson said that there have been “thousands and thousands” of adverse events reported to the government after this vaccine

Secondly, they haven’t been tested in the people most at risk from COVID19: those people who are older with preexisting conditions.

He furthermore claimed that along with the risks, there is no proof these vaccines provide immunity or prevent spread.

After raising serious concerns about side effects and what these vaccines actually do to prevent COVID, he did tell us that he’s not sure about getting it himself, although his children definitely are not going to get it.

He did however advise his elderly mother to take the vaccine because at her age, she’s more vulnerable to COVID.

This was after pointing out that it hasn’t been tested in her age group and that if it were up to him, “these vaccines would not be available right now.”

 Despite this mixed message, his points are valid. Berenson’s arguments should be a part of every discussion where people talk about mandating this vaccine for employment or school attendance.

Martha MacCallum:  Welcome everybody to this edition of the Untold Story. We’re joined today by a frequent guest and friend of ours, Alex Berenson, who has covered in a really in-depth way the reality of COVID19 and the vaccine structure and the data behind all of it.

We want to talk to him about that, but we want to start today by asking him about his new book because I always knew Alex as a former New York Times reporter. He’s also a prolific novelist, who’s written a new book called the Power Couple.

Hi Alex. How are you doing today?

Alex Berenson: Martha, great to talk to you. …


MacCallumI’m going to totally switch gears on you. … Before I let you go, I want to spend the second bit of this talking about your approach to vaccines because I’ve followed your coverage, and we’ve talked a lot on this show over the course of COVID. You’ve busted a lot of myths in your writing about COVID.

You’re coming across these days sounding sort of like an anti—vaxxer.

Are you?

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Eugenio Derbez Interview with Dr. Anthony Fauci - Transcribed

Eugenio derbezBy Anne Dachel

Below I transcribed a brilliant recent interview of Dr. Anthony Fauci by actor, director, producer, Eugenio Derbez.

I have to think that Fauci agreed to this 30 minute talk in order to give himself an opportunity to promote the COVID 19 vaccine to Hispanic Americans.

 The big surprise was that Derbez knew what to bring up about the development and safety of the COVID19 vaccines. He actually asked questions you will never hear from anyone in the mainstream media.

Derbez wanted to know why we should trust vaccines with only months of trials, not years and only Emergency Use Authorization from the FDA.

What about the lack of liability on the part of vaccine makers and side effects that don’t show up 5 to 10 years down the road?  Derbez  pressed these points repeatedly.

What about the new mRNA vaccines? Derbez wanted to know if this “technology [has] ever been injected into humans before.”

Fauci had to admit it hadn’t, but he wasn’t worried because “the results are really, really good.”

 Fauci was equally untroubled when Derbez questioned the controversial use of aborted fetal cell lines in vaccine manufacture. Derbez said it was of concern to many Hispanic Catholics. 

Fauci noted that only “some” bishops advised against the Johnson and Johnson COVID vaccine because of fetal cell use.

Derbez brought up asymptomatic spread of the virus, along with the effectiveness of the COVID19 vaccines.

Fauci danced around the possibility that these vaccines stop transmission, provide immunity or merely reduce symptoms. If you listen to the end, he seems to say they do all three. If everyone in the family is vaccinated, or if only grandma is, you can gather “in the home” without masks, hugging and kissing everyone.

I was left with the overwhelming feeling that the COVID 19 vaccines pose lots of questions with few answers.



Derbez: Let’s get straight to the point. I was telling people I was a little bit concerned, so I had a lot of doubts about this vaccine, and then I got the invitation to talk to you.

It would be very helpful for all of us to learn and to understand about the vaccine.

So, first question: which of the COVID 19 vaccines have been officially approved by the FDA?

Fauci: Three of them. One from Moderna, which is the mRNA vaccine.

One from Pfizer, which is another mRNA vaccine.

And the other one is from J and J, Johnson and Johnson, which is a little bit different.  It gives the same kind of response, but it’s a little bit different.

So there are three vaccines that have gotten emergency use authorization from the FDA so far.

There are a couple of others that are still being tested to determine if they’re safe and effective, but the three that I just mentioned, have been shown in very large clinical trials involving anywhere from 30,000 to 44,000 people per trial, were shown to be not only very efficacious, but  quite safe.


Derbez:  …What is the difference between emergency use authorization and an official approval by the FDA?

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Pfizer, Moderna et al Covid Products are Medical Devices Not "Vaccines"

Ex laxThank you to Anne Dachel for working with Dr. Ken Stoller for this most interesting piece on AofA:


Dr. Ken Stoller of San Francisco, a longtime advocate for medical freedom, recently sent me his opinion on mandating the COVID-19 vaccine.

Below is his advice as a physician. You’ll notice that his opening argument is that it’s not really a vaccine. The COVID-19 ‘injection’ does not do what we all assume a true vaccine should do.

You are not antivax if you are against the COVID-19 injections

You are not anti-vax because the COIVD injections are not vaccines.

Yes, they are being called vaccines, but this is to bypass the regulatory requirements for a medical device.

This ‘vaccine’ is actually a medical device that has never been used in humans before and rushed to market without any appreciation for what it will do either in the short term or long term.

This injection is also being called a vaccine to gain more acceptance,  because most people assume that all vaccines are safe and effective. That’s what the CDC tells us. So if it is a vaccine, it must be safe and effective for ending the pandemic.

Some sources have indicated the adverse event rate for COVID-19  injections is as high as 80 percent, and that would include all the minor adverse events.

But if the short-term adverse event rate is 80 percent, what is in store for the long term?

They honestly don’t know and really don’t care.

Politics and eugenics, not science or good public health practices, are what is driving this grand medical experiment dwarfing the Tuskegee incident by a billion-fold.

While this is an over simplification, a vaccine, as defined by the CDC & FDA, is procedure that introduces into the body a foreign protein or weakened virus or bacteria and activates the immune system to make antibodies to same. In theory, to be effective, those antibodies actually have to perform in a useful manner.

If it works as advertised, a vaccine gets in your body and programs itself to attack the infection should it cross your path. It has to stimulate both immunity and disrupt transmission by definition, but the COVID-19  injection does not encourage your body to program your immune system. Instead, it is the program.

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Ethicist Dr. Art Caplan on V-Mandates for Covid

EthicsBy Anne Dachel

Dr. Arthur Caplan is the head of the Division of Medical Ethics at NYU Grossman School of Medicine in New York. He is an ardent proponent of vaccines and strongly denies any link between vaccines and the development of autism.

Dr. Caplan has an interesting view on ethical issues and mandating the COVID vaccine, as shown in this piece, Considerations in mandating a new Covid-19 vaccine in the USA for children and adults from May 2020, co-authored with Dorit Reiss from the University of California, Hastings.

 Autonomy focuses on the right of individuals to govern their own behavior and requires both ability to comprehend the choice, the alternatives, the consequences, and freedom from outside limitations. Children generally have less autonomy than adults, because their capacity to make decisions is less. The autonomy in question here is that of parents to make medical decisions for their children and that autonomy is more limited, since the primary focus is on the child’s benefit, with the parent or guardian acting as their agent.

It is unclear what age COVID-19 vaccines will be recommended for, but if adolescents, there may be more of an argument for autonomy and in that case, it is worth considering not just a mandate, but the right of a minor to consent to a vaccine over parental opposition. …

While the risk to healthy children is less, healthy unvaccinated children who do not receive the vaccine can get—and transmit—the virus both to vulnerable classmates, for example, children with medical conditions that put them at high risk if they get COVID-19, and to high-risk teachers (such as the teacher, administrator, or janitor who is over 60 years old, those who are immunocompromised or have conditions like diabetes or heart disease). There may be additional risks not yet discovered, for example, recent findings from the UK suggest that COVID-19 may cause a severe but rare syndrome in children, though the data are yet too limited to be certain.

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Nazism, COVID-19 and the destruction of modern medicine - An interview with Vera Sharav

Vera Sharav
Vera Sharav, a medical activist, is the founder of the Alliance for Human Research Protection, and an activist against some practices of the biomedical industry, particularly in matters of patient consent and children.

Thank you to Anne Dachel for this detailed transcription.


Below is a transcription of Part Two of a video interview with health freedom advocate, Vera Sharav.

In Part One (HERE)  Vera called everyone to stand up against the growing forces bent on taking away our rights.  Here she expands on the topic with chilling examples of what’s at stake for all of us.

Vera very much echoes the words of Robert Kennedy, Jr.  when he said, recently,

These government agencies are orchestrating obedience and it is not democratic—it’s not the product of democracy. It’s the product of a pharmaceutical-driven, bio-security agenda that will enslave the entire human race and plunge us into a dystopian nightmare where the apocalyptical forces of ignorance and greed will be running our lives and ruining our children and destroying all the dreams and dignity that we hope to give to our children.

Part Two: Nazism, COVID-19 and the destruction of modern medicine - An interview with Vera Sharav

Hi, I’m Leah Wilson, executive director of Stand for Health Freedom , a nonprofit dedicated to protecting basic human rights.

Thank you for tuning in to part two of our exclusive interview with Vera Sharav, Holocaust survivor and renowned champion for human rights.

Vera is an expert on biomedical research ethics, and she has rare and valuable insight into the landscape of public health today and the government’s response to the coronavirus.

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New York Mulls Fines for Non-Compliance

Note: As if  New York does not have enough taxes, rules and penalties?  It's disingenuous to say that Covid vaccines will not be "mandatory." It's doublespeak. Gobbledygook. Sleight of hand, or mouth. LIES.  Sure, you don't have to get vaccinated, but......  then the penalties mount.

By Anne Dachel

Attention New Yorkers. Lawmakers are making plans. Notice the flat out contradiction:

Rosenthal emphasized that the bill is not the Legislature mandating that people receive the vaccine, but would give health experts the ability to make that call if necessary."It's to establish a process if there is not herd immunity," she said.
"Mandatory simply means you are going to be required to get this, and if you don't you’re going to face certain fines” or other repercussions.

Dec 24, 2020, Albany Times Union: New York ponders mandatory vaccinations if herd immunity fails
Competing bills on vaccinations emerge as health officials hope for an end to pandemic

Before there was even a campaign promise of an effective coronavirus vaccine, there were those who vowed not to get inoculated. ...

Legislation proposed earlier this month by Manhattan Assemblywoman Linda Rosenthal would give the health department the ability to require individuals or groups of individuals who are medically cleared to receive the vaccine if clinical data shows that “residents of the state are not developing sufficient immunity from COVID-19.”

Rosenthal emphasized that the bill is not the Legislature mandating that people receive the vaccine, but would give health experts the ability to make that call if necessary.

"It's to establish a process if there is not herd immunity," she said. "I'm very confident there will be."

Robert Rock, a partner at Tully Rinckey law firm in Albany, said a vaccination mandate does not mean New York is “going to go around and round people up, restrain them and give people shots.”

Much like other aspects of life — for example, it is illegal to drive a car without insurance and you can face fines and fees as a result — thwarting a vaccine requirement would have consequences, Rock said.

“Mandatory simply means you are going to be required to get this, and if you don't you’re going to face certain fines” or other repercussions, he said.

If there isn’t a sufficient percentage of the population getting vaccinated in order to keep the rest of the population safe, Rock said it would be reasonable for the health department to mandate the vaccine. The response, he said, must be measured, reasonable and proportionate to the problem. ...

It’s that concern and desire for bodily autonomy that prompted state Assemblyman John Salka, R-Brookfield, to introduce legislation that prohibits a mandatory vaccine.

“We thought it was incumbent upon us to come up with a bill that will give mature, rational adults the opportunity to do their homework and decide if they want to get the vaccine,” Salka said. “It’s a bill that allows people to make a rational decision on their health care.”

Salka emphasized the legislation is not “an anti-vaccine bill,” but rather allowing the public to make their own decisions regarding one’s health. ...

"I think every time there is discussion about a vaccine, whether it's the measles vaccine or the flu vaccine, you have to go over the facts that a vaccination does not cause Autism," she said. "The basic facts of what a vaccine is."

Dr. Peter Hotez Doom and Gloom

This article is from an interview with Dr. Peter Hotez on NPR last month. The Tweet in the photo is from yesterday. Dr Hotez jubilantly taking a CoVax. I expect his tie to spin with giddy delight.  Moderna and Pfizer vaccines are starting to be delivered and administered as of this week. Imagine any doctor stating that we need to vaccinate THE ENTIRE WORLD POPULATION. What on earth is that? The assumption is safety and efficacy for billions, which is impossible  nonsense. The reality is that the damage and danger is considered “worth it.” Vaccines are now a bona fide religion, a cult requiring compliance, no questions, no choice. MMR bows before CoVax as the new god on the block. This is a frightening road, no matter what your thoughts on vaccination, all, some, none. Never  before has the world been told to fall into step like this, so fast. In 10 months, life has been radically changed and now we need a vacccine. Why does the mainstream accept this like the second coming of Christ? The new enemy is a virus that knows no nation, has no birthplace but is meant to instill fear from pole to pole, around the equator. And the United States, once the bastion of freedom and independence is marching proudly toward... what? This is NOT about anti-vax - it's about what has happened to our nation. Today we can blame President Trump. And in a month we can blame President Biden. Two pawns in a game I simply do not understand.

By Anne Dachel

Hotez  makes  it clear that  we all need to be vaccinated against COVID. 

This is not a time to be defiant. This is not a time to be reckless. This is a time to take this virus seriously and realize now we have an end to this through vaccination.  19:00

Remember ultimately we have to vaccinate the world’s human population, billions of people. 43:27

Furthermore, Americans not wearing a mask will cause thousands to die. 

It says unless we can get to 95 percent mask wearing, we’re looking at another 150,000 who will lose their lives between now and a week or two after the inauguration. We have the stunning number in a terrible way of 400,000Americans losing their lives by a week or so after the inauguration. …

For me the tragedy is none of those people have to die if we adhere to 95 percent mask wearing, number one. 14:47

Hotez sees anyone questioning vaccine safety as a direct threat. 

In his words:

We need to … start doing something about this very aggressive anti-vaccine movement that’s now morphed into a wide scale anti-science machine or empire or confederacy that really dominates the Internet and dominates our American life right now. We’ve got to figure out a way to begin dismantling that as well. 25:10

Full transcript

Nov 24, 2020, WHYY (Philadelphia) NPR: Vaccine Expert On COVID & The Year Ahead

Dr. Peter Hotez is part of a team working to develop a low-cost COVID vaccine that could be distributed globally. "Vaccines are coming," he says. "We have to get everybody through to the other side." Hotez talks about vaccine development, the anti-vax movement, and what the year ahead might look like.

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Melinda Gates Gets an Early Christmas Gift

Nutcracker mdThe very first recipient of the Pfizer vaccine is an African American female nurse. She hopes to inspire others to get vaccinated. She believes in science. And Melinda Gates now believes firmly in super safe vaccines and in Santa Claus because months ago she said that she wanted healthcare workers and African Americans to be among the first to get vaccinated for Covid.   From our post The One In Which Melinda Gates Bestows COVID Vaccines TIME: The scale of anti-racism protests we’re seeing right now is incredible. How does this moment relate to your work in health equity? We know the way out of COVID-19 will be a vaccine, and it needs to go out equitably. Who needs it after health care workers? In the U.S., that would be black people next, quite honestly, and many other people of color. They are having disproportionate effects from COVID-19.
Mind you, Melinda Gates is not a scientist. She is not an MD. She is not a PhD (Hello, Dr. Biden!) She is not even a pharma technician....  Let's not tell Nurse Lindsay. And let's hope she stays safe and does not have too much of an adverse reaction to her vaccine.

From MSNBC:   ‘I believe in science’: NYC Nurse first to get vaccinated for covid-19 in United States

New York City ICU nurse Sandra Lindsay was the first person to get the covid-19 vaccine after FDA authorization in the United States. On The ReidOut, she says “As a nurse, my practice is guided by the science. I believe in science ... I hope that me taking the vaccine today is an inspiration to you."New York City ICU nurse Sandra Lindsay was the first person to get the covid-19 vaccine after FDA authorization in the United States. On The ReidOut, she says “As a nurse, my practice is guided by the science. I believe in science ... I hope that me taking the vaccine today is an inspiration to you."

Just last, week, reports of adverse reactions to the Pfizer vaccine in the UK hit the press.  Anne Dachel shared this with us:

Washington Times
reporter Cheryl Chumley is a voice of reason in a world where the media is pushing for universal, mandated COVID vaccination. She urges caution and calls for the right of an individual to choose to be vaccinated.

I wonder if Cheryl knows there is no liability for the vaccine makers for any damage they inflict.

Dec 10, 2020, WASH TIMES: COVID-19 vaccine's rocky U.K. start raises red flags on safety

It was Day One of U.K.’s rollout of the much-ballyhooed coronavirus vaccine — and already people began reporting adverse reactions.

That’s not just bad news. That’s oops, public relations’ devastation bad news.

Anyhow, now the UK. government regulators are saying that people who have a “significant history” of allergic reactions to things like, umm, cats or Christmas trees or, oh, let’s see, maybe chemicals that are injected into their bodies that haven’t undergone testing for long-term effects — that maybe these people with these significant allergy-prone histories ought not stand in line for the Pfizer-BioNTech version.

Good advice….

“As is common with new vaccines, the MHRA [Medical and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency] have advised on a precautionary basis that people with a significant history of allergic reactions do not receive this vaccination after two people with a history of significant allergic reactions responded adversely,”said Stephen Powis, the national medical director for the National Health Service in England, in a statement reported by The Associated Press.

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Vaccination Status on Your Resume

Fired doorBy Anne Dachel

Dec 7, 2020, CNBC: Yes, your boss can fire you if you refuse to get a Covid vaccine

The country’s first Covid vaccine could be authorized for emergency use as soon as Thursday. If Pfizer and BioNTech get the green light, distribution is set to begin within days.

But as difficult as the research, development and distribution stages have been, some experts argue the hardest part of fighting the virus is actually what comes next: convincing the U.S. population to take the vaccine.

Roughly four in ten Americans say they would “definitely” or “probably” not get a vaccine, according to a recent survey by the Pew Research Center. While this is higher than it was two months ago, to achieve herd immunity, experts say that about 70% of the population needs to be vaccinated or have natural antibodies. 

Employers, however, may not be taking “no” for an answer….

 “Under the law, an employer can force an employee to get vaccinated, and if they don’t take it, fire them,” said Dunn. 

Dorit Reiss, a professor at the University of California Hastings College of Law, said that private businesses have pretty extensive rights. “Requiring a vaccine is a health and safety work rule, and employers can do that,” said Reiss.

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The Problem With the COVID Vaccine Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Explains to Theo Von

Theo Von
"The Moderna vaccine was completely developed by Tony Fauci, he hands it to a private group, they put 2 billion dollars of federal money into allowing them to develop it, and then Tony Fauci’s agency keeps half the profits from the vaccine. I’ve sued EPA many times for being a captured agency, but what would it be like if EPA made half of its profits selling coal?"

By Anne Dachel

The Problem With the COVID Vaccine | Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Explains to Theo Von

Robert Kennedy, Jr.:

The problem with the COVID vaccine, here’s the problem. They have all these vaccines, and they recognize that it’s going to be really hard to get a vaccine that does what people think it’s going to do. They have been reducing the standards to make it so they can pass a vaccine no matter what. Theo Von: And what they think it’s going to do is make it so they don’t have to worry about COVID at all. Kennedy: Right. If you get a shot, you’re protected, and you’re not going to transmit it. Particularly we want to make sure that the people who are vulnerable, so people with co morbidities and fragile elderly, that it’s going to keep them from dying. What they did is—the testing protocols that they’re using do not require them to show any of those things. I’ll tell you how it works. They take 22,000 people and they give them the Pfizer vaccine. And they take 22,000 people and give them a placebo. Then they wait. It’s double blind, so the way it’s supposed to work is neither the patients, the test subjects, the volunteers or the researchers know who got what. Then you wait till a hundred people get sick from COVID. That takes a while because you had 40,000 people and it’s kind of hard nowadays to get sick from COVID. You’re not going to have the majority of those people exposed, so after a 100 people get sick, they stop the study and look at it. Then they say, how many of those people got the vaccine and how many got the placebo? And if 50 percent of them got the vaccine and 50 percent got the placebo means there’s zero efficacy, and the vaccine doesn’t work. In this case with Pfizer everybody’s excited because they stopped the study when 95 people got sick. Apparently 85 of those people were in the placebo group, which means the vaccine appears to be 90 percent effective. Here’s the problem: The way they measure whether you have COVID is you have one positive PCR test and you have one symptom. That could be a cough, it could be a fever, it could be a chill, it could be a headache. Then you have COVID. So what they’re testing the vaccine for IS NOT what we want to know: DOES IT PREVENT YOU FROM DYING? Does it prevent you from being hospitalized? We will never know because they have geared back the studies—Peter Doshi who’s the editor of the British Medical Journal, he said this in a New York Times editorial, he said, “These studies were designed to succeed. You cannot fail.” No matter how bad the vaccine is, it’s going to pass.

Von: Because we want a vaccine, right? Kennedy: Everybody wants a vaccine so we can restart the economy. The big problem with this vaccine—there’s two problems. ONE is it does not prevent transmission. That means I can get the vaccine, and then I get exposed to COVID, I still give COVID to you and everybody on the airplane.

Von: You just don’t experience it.

Kennedy: I don’t experience it, but it makes it even more dangerous—

Von: No one even knows you have it.

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Fox Business Refused to Listen to RFK Jr On Operation Warp Speed

Refuse to listen
And media....

By Anne Dachel

This is what’s coming. Fox Business aired an interview with Robert Kennedy, Jr. and U.S. Rep. Buddy Carter (GA) regarding the development of the COVID vaccine in an obvious attempt to promote the vaccine and downplay worries about side effects.

Fox anchor, fast- talking, Lisa Kennedy Montgomery refused to let Kennedy explain that the pharmaceutical industry has no liability for damage from the much-touted COVID vaccine and therefore little incentive to produce a truly safe one. She wasn’t about to allow him to raise any concerns about the vaccine. She adamantly claimed that the vaccine makers do have liability for injuries.

Montgomery’s performance clearly demonstrated that she had done absolutely no background research before this interview. She knew nothing about how the vaccine industry operates.

Rep. Carter, who’s also a pharmacist, also neatly ignored the reality that Kennedy pointed out, namely that no one is responsible for any damage or death resulting from this vaccine.

Instead Carter assured viewers that the drug industry and the FDA only produce and approve safe and effective products. (It seems he missed the damage from Vioxx, conservatively 60,000 deaths.)

Carter didn’t response to Kennedy’s charge that no one has any idea what the long term side effects of this vaccine may be.

NOTHING Kennedy brought up was addressed. He talked about the expectations of the COVID vaccine. Officials have publicly admitted that the vaccine won’t have the potential to prevent transmissibility, hospitalizations, or deaths from coronavirus.

In Kennedy’s own words: WHAT’S THE POINT?

It was appropriate that Fox Business aired this interview. The real purpose of producing millions of vaccines with little to no health benefit is BUSINESS, BIG BUSINESS, and that’s what it’s all about really.

Nov 13, 2020, Children’s Health Defense

Take Action: Tell FOX Business to Correct False Statements on Vaccine Liability Laws

In a recent FOX interview featuring RFK, Jr., host Lisa Kennedy Montgomery insisted erroneously that vaccine makers are held accountable for vaccine injuries.


Montgomery:  Pharmaceutical giant Pfizer now says it is ready and waiting on FDA approval to begin distributing  its new coronavirus vaccine. It is one of 150 vaccines simultaneously in development around the globe.

There are some major challenges. The vaccine has to be kept at 94 degrees below zero…

There’s also a lot of resistance from folks who say they are very suspicious of this and other vaccines, but is there solid reason to worry?

Joining me now to discuss, we have Children’s Health Defense president, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. and Georgia Republican Congressman Buddy Carter who received the Pfizer trial vaccine.

Welcome gentlemen.

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Education Down Under is Going Under... 50% Rise in Students with Disabilities Predicted

Kangaroos hugBy Anne Dachel

If you think anyone anywhere is ever going to address the decline in the physical and mental health of children, THE ANSWER IS: NEVER!

We’ve calmly and unquestioningly watched as autism became a normal and acceptable part of childhood over the last twenty plus years. Everywhere in the world the response has been the same.

Everyone also knows it’s not just autism plaguing more and more of our children as there is now an endless litany of disorder labels regularly assigned to kids. Add this crisis to the fact that more than half of our children are chronically ill and it’s clear we’re on an accelerating and unstoppable downward spiral.

No increase in the rate of anything has ever caused alarm or even real concern from doctors, health officials, legislators or educators. No one demands we find out what’s going on and reverse the rates. It sounds insane, but we’re routinely told that none of this is really a problem AND we can expect it to get worse.

Recently I come across an article published in Australia that proves my point: THE NUMBERS WILL BURY US AND WE WILL DO NOTHING TO STOP IT.

On  September 2, 2020 the Sydney Morning Herald published the story, Schools must prepare for 50 per cent rise in students with disabilities: report

Speaking about schools in Australia the opening warned of what’s coming.

The number of students with disabilities in the public education system is predicted to grow by 50 per cent in the decade to 2027, and they will need twice as many specialist teachers and thousands more support classrooms.

Autism diagnoses are a big factor.

The 2018 report found the overall number of students with a disability could increase from between 110,000 and 130,000 in 2017 to between 160,000 and 200,000 by 2027 if policy settings stayed the same and diagnoses — particularly of autism — continued at the same rate. General enrolments would increase by 17 per cent.

The number of students with autism in NSW state schools has been growing by almost 15 per cent per year.

Any thinking person would want to know WHY. What’s happening to our children? Why is it going to get worse? What can we do to stop it?

Incredibly reporter Jordan Baker didn’t discuss any of these questions in her story. Ms Baker wasn’t worried. She only talked about the need for more special schools, more training for teachers—all of which means lots more spending.

Six new special needs schools will also have to be built every year if diagnosis and enrolment rates continue and policy settings do not change, modelling by Boston Consulting Group (BCG) for the NSW Department of Education found.

The confidential report, obtained under freedom of information laws, prompted mental health experts to call for a major investment in disability support staff, training and resources for schools, saying teachers are not equipped to respond….

Baker sounded an alarm about the need for huge increases in services.

Under a status quo scenario, the specialist teaching workforce would need to increase from 12,000 to between 19,000 and 23,000 in 2027, the BCG report said. However, such teachers were in short supply; only 56 per cent of learning and support roles in mainstream schools were filled permanently.

Unless more students were taught in mainstream classrooms, the number of support classrooms would need to increase from 2050 to up to 5400 over the decade, while the number of classrooms in Schools for Special Purposes (SSPs) would need to grow from 870 to between 1400 and 1600….

The president of the federation, Angelo Gavrielatos, said the number of students with a disability had already increased by 500 per cent since 2002.

Teachers simply aren’t prepared for what’s coming.

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Pediatrician Larry Palevsky Discusses The Covid Pandemic

Dr PalevskyBy Anne Dachel

Dr. Larry Palevsky is a board certified Pediatrician practicing in New York and a well-advocate for medical freedom and outspoken about the health care corruption. I’ve written about him in the past: August 22, 2020, Dr. Larry Palevsky February Presentation to CT Assembly on the Nightmare in Connecticut I was on a podcast called Progressive Commentary hour with him and Brian Hooker in 2015.

Oct 26, 2020, Dr. Palevsky and the Truth about COVID 19

In the first part of the interview, Dr. Palevsky explains how viruses work, and then he explains what wrong with the COVID  scenario, and raises serious questions about what authorities are telling us is true.

Dr. Larry Palevsky on COVID 19 and the planned pandemic

At 16: 15 The subject of censorship is talked brought up.

Why are medical doctors and health professionals around the world being censored for challenging the official narrative?

At 17:35 Dr. Palevsky responds

It’s very interesting when people start raising the idea that medical information and scientific information are being censored.

I remember in early March of 2020 when a physician taking care of patients who were presenting with SARS-CoV-2 virus, and he was seeing that the description of a viral illness didn’t fit with how they were presenting and what they were needing as far as medical care, oxygen, no ventilation vs ventilation and he spoke out in a YouTube video and it went worldwide.

 There were other doctors all around the world who spoke out about it and said, “Wait a second, this doesn’t present like a real viral illness. There’s something different about this. We need to be treating it differently than the way we’re being told to treat it.”

He was censored and other physicians were censored, and it made many of us in the medical community step back and say, “Why are we being forced to speak a narrative that isn’t consistent with what we’re seeing in the field, in the clinical situation.

So it raised a big question mark for a lot of people: Why would scientific information be censored? Here we have a viral illness that we’re being told is a viral illness, and yet doctors around the world have been treating thousands of patients with two medications that treat parasites.

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Nazism, COVID-19 and the destruction of modern medicine: An interview with Vera Sharav

Vera SharavBy Anne Dachel

Thank you to my Facebook friend, Dara Silverman-Berger. Dara sent me the link to this powerful interview of Vera Sharav which I transcribed below.

Vera is a passionate voice for informed consent and medical freedom based mostly on her life experiences as an actual Holocaust survivor and someone who has dealt with the duplicity of the medical community firsthand.

Vera’s words need to be heard everywhere.

Oct 12, 2020, Nazism, COVID-19 and the destruction of modern medicine: An interview with Vera Sharav


Vera Sharav: When medicine veers away from the Hippocratic Oath that promises to respect the individual right, to do no harm to the individual, then you’re going to harm the community as well, because the community is a bunch of individuals. 

There are crossroads in life where you have to make choices, and if you don’t, someone who will make the choice for you is not going to make it for your best interest.

The idea of just following authority without considering, what if they’re wrong? What if it’s not in my best interest? I wouldn’t want to live under such a regime. I know what it’s like. I know what that is. I would not do it again.

A conversation with Vera Sharav

Leah Wilson, Esq.: Vera, thank you so much for allowing me to be here today and for talking with me on camera. It’s truly an honor.

Vera is the founder of the Alliance for Human Research Protection

 and the president, and she has moved mountains to protect research subjects, primarily children, those with mental illness and minorities.

Vera’s work has resulted in the suspension of government pesticide experiments on children, federal investigations into children in foster care being used as guinea pigs, the suspension of small pox vaccine on children, the suspension of psychological experiments on young boys aged six to eleven, most of them of color, in New York City and dozens of other accomplishments that have directly saved lives.

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Developmental Language Disorder Formerly Known As Speech Delay

DLD ItelandBy Anne Dachel

I just saw this October 15th story from Ireland about Developmental Language Disorder (DLD).

I’m sorry I missed that acronym in the past. (I also missed DLD AWARENESS DAY, OCTOBER 16, 2020.)

Really it’s just one more official acronym to describe the pitiful state of childhood in the 21st century. Add it to ADD, ADHD, ASD, LD, ED, DD, OCD and lots more.

The Irish Times published a really positive story about DLD awareness entitled, Lighting up purple and yellow for Developmental language disorder. (Not to be confused with Lighting up blue for autism awareness every April.)

The Times explained what DLD is, and lots of speakers were included on a video:

Developmental language disorder (DLD) is diagnosed when a child’s language skills are persistently below the level expected. In DLD, language deficits occur in the absence of another condition, such as autism spectrum disorder, and children may have difficulty understanding instructions, finding the right words, using correct grammar and telling stories.

“In my day-to-day life, it’s hard, because it messes with your emotions and it can make you agitated,” says Robert. “And there are things that other people can do, like they can just start writing a story off the bat, but I have to take a couple of minutes to even think of my first paragraph.”

VIDEO: Raising Awareness of Development


…DLD emerges in early childhood but persists into adulthood.

People who have DLD have difficulty understanding and using language.

They may have a small vocabulary or trouble formulating a grammatical sentence.

Difficulty organizing the ideas they want to express and problems learning to read and write.

These problems with language matter. …

So DLD isn’t just a problem with language; it’s a problem with living life to its fullest.

Increasing awareness of DLD can help by motivating policymakers, funding agencies, educators and health care providers…

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Dr. Heiko Schöning on Global Covid Measures

CHD BerlinBy Anne Dachel

On August 28th, Robert Kennedy, Jr. was part of a press conference and a rally of a million people in Berlin, Germany.

Kennedy was there to launch the European chapter of Children’s Health Defense.

With him at the press conference was Dr. Heiko Schöning

On October 7th Dr. Schoning was interviewed about his international organization battling against governments of the world using coronavirus to nullify our freedoms.

In this 10 minute video Schoning explains what his group is up against and what they hope to do.

Medical doctors and lawyers allied against global malfeasance in conversation with Heiko Schöning

More and more medical professionals worldwide are questioning the countermeasures against the coronavirus. Several initiatives and collaborations are popping up and by bundling forces across borders people are hoping to break the one sided narrative that is being spread by officials.

One of the doctors fighting for this cause is Heiko Schöning of Ärzte für Aufklärung. He was one of the speakers at the recently held conference in the Netherlands and is battling the fallacious reporting and disproportional measures under which people are suffering. Sven spoke with him about what they have been working on for the past weeks to provide a broader public with an update on what is going on outside the mainstream media.


Sven Hulleman: “I have the honor to sit here with Dr. Heiko Schoning.

“Heiko, we have been working very hard in the past few weeks. What have you been doing?”

Dr. Heiko Schoning: “I just played my part. I’m a medical doctor and I just played the German part in this international great alliance that developed.”

Hulleman: “You are trying to get doctors internationally aligned. That’s why we had a conference last Friday, and now today we had a similar meeting because the French and the Belgians couldn’t really make it, but they were here today.

“What do you find in general is the common ground in every country? What is going on? Why are these doctors coming together? Why are they travelling from their patients to see you and to see me, to see international lawyers?”

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Seclusion and Handcuff Restraint for North Carolina 7 Year Old with Autism

Find The HelpersUpdate: Another nightmare story was published just today about a case in Baltimore, Maryland last year: Bodycam footage shows Baltimore school cop handcuffing autistic student, 11, for 23 minutes and leaving him with a broken wrist bone after he got into a fight with another child for bullying him

Mr. Rogers told children to "find the helpers," when they needed assistance. Below, Anne Dachel wrote up a horrendous story from North Carolina, where the "helper" in this case a police officer, brutally forced a 7 year old boy with autism into submission.  Where were the teachers? The school behaviorist? The school psychologist? The paras who know the child?  Nowhere to be found it seems, in this the Age of Autism.  Our children's needs have grown exponentially while services, supports, training have withered and died on the vine. Everywhere.  The child is SEVEN years old and already in an "alternative" school. These programs are for students who used to be called "Emotionally Disturbed." He's SEVEN. About the Pressly School and its "convenient" location. La de dah.

Pressly School is Iredell-Statesville’s alternative/non-traditional school serving students grades K-12. Pressly is centrally located at 222 Knox Street in Statesville, NC, making the location convenient for the entire district.

Pressly offers small classrooms, onsite counseling through a partnership with Children’s Hope Alliance, vocational opportunities through a partnership with CATS and other services tailored to the needs of the students.

Pressly serves students who have committed board policy violations. We also serve students that:

Have dropped out of school and wish to re-enroll
Need extra mental health support
Face extraordinary life circumstances that prevent them from attending a traditional school day
Need more intense academic and behavioral support

Pressly offers a variety of programs to meet the individual needs of each student.


By Anne Dachel

Police officer to the 7 year old boy : “…You ever been charged with a crime before? You ever been charged before? Well, you’re fixing to.  …

“Don’t make a wrong move, period. … If you my friend are not acquainted with the juvenile justice system, you will be very shortly. …”

Police officer to the mother: “I’m the arresting officer. He’s spitting a lot. …He kicked me, he’s been scratching, he’s beating his head against the floor, that’s why the pillow’s there. He’s combative.

“He is going to be charged with one count of assault, maybe two….”

Oct 12, 2020, NY Post: North Carolina mom sues after 7-year-old autistic son cuffed (video)

A North Carolina mom is suing after her autistic 7-year-old boy was handcuffed by a school resource officer and taunted for nearly 40 minutes for allegedly spitting, according to court papers and body camera video.

The incident unfolded on Sept. 11, 2018 at Pressly Alternative school in Statesville after the boy — identified in court papers as L.G. — was taken by his teacher and two aides to a “quiet room” to calm down.

The officer, Michael Fattaleh, “purported to have seen L.G. spit on the floor, as [he] walked past the ‘quiet room'” then telling the three staffers, “he’s mine now,” alleges a lawsuit filed Friday in North Carolina federal court by the boy’s mother.

The 38-year-old then forced the child onto the floor, cuffed and taunted him for the next 38 minutes, according to the suit and a body camera footage obtained by a local reporter through a court order, the Charlotte Observer reported.

“How in the world would anyone think it was appropriate to handcuff, pin down and taunt a 7-year-old boy with autism? It is incomprehensible,” the mom’s lawyer Alex Heroy told The Post. “His mother thought she was doing the right thing by sending him to a school where he could get extra help and attention, all for the system to fail in the worst way possible.”

Fattaleh — who knew the boy had special needs — allegedly asked the child, “ever been charged before?” and told him “If you, my friend, are not acquainted with the juvenile justice system, you will be shortly,” the court documents say.

The officer also said at one point as he was kneeling on the boy’s back, “have you ever heard the term babysitter? I take that term literally, my friend,” the court papers allege.

During the encounter, the 4-foot-6, 80-pound child cried for Fattaleh to let him go, saying, “Ow! My knee! My knee! It really hurts!” the suit claims.

Finally, the boy was released by a different officer when his mom, identified in court papers as A.G., arrived at the school. Fattaleh told the mother her son would be charged “with one count of assault, maybe two,” the court documents claim.

The boy — who went to the hospital with scratches and bruises — was never suspended or disciplined by the school. He returned the next day but was sent home early after becoming “extremely anxious and agitated,” the complaint says.

The mother is now homeschooling the boy, the court papers say.

The suit names Fattaleh, Statesville and the Iredell-Statesville Board of Education as defendants for negligence and other claims arguing that a special education teacher, teaching assistant and other employees “stood idly by and failed and refused to intervene, despite training and knowledge of the immense harm being done to L.G.”

The mom is suing for unspecified damages.

Fattaleh was placed on leave before eventually resigning. He did not immediately return a message left with his ex-wife.

The city and the Board of Education did not immediately return requests for comment.

New York Rabbi Begs For President Trump To Help Jewish Community

Rabbi W handlerBy Anne Dachel

Rabbi Hillel Handler from New York City is someone I first got to know in 2013 when he was speaking out against the forced vaccination of Orthodox Jewish children against measles.

Rabbi Handler had done his own research and he understood the dangers of an untested, unsafe, liability-free vaccine and how our basic liberties were being threatened.

Today in 2020 the government is again threatening our rights.

Early in October the New York Times  reported that NYC mayor, Bill DeBlasio was closing schools, restaurants and non-essential businesses in neighborhoods with large numbers of Jewish residents, all this because of reported increases in COVID positive testing. Several hundred Jewish yeshivas are affected by this.

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo

blames the Jewish residents for the increase in positive tests, saying, ‘We had the rules. It wasn’t enforced in these areas.’ Now the schools are being closed and religious services are limited to 10 people.

Rabbi Handler was interviewed about the new restrictions on October 6 in a video entitled, New York Rabbi Begs For President Trump To Help Jewish Community

“To kill a person spiritually is worse than to kill him physically.”

Rabbi Handler gave an ominous warning about the government’s mandates limiting religious services, closing schools and forcing people to wear masks.

“What is the purpose of the mask? The purpose of the mask is to get you to comply, to scare you.

“Herman Goering of the Third Reich was asked at the Nuremberg Trial, how did you get the German people to do this terrible, horrible Holocaust?

“He said, ‘It’s easy. You just scare them. You inflict terror.’

“The mask is a tool of terror. You look around you, everyone is wearing a mask. Oh God! Our lives are in danger. We have to do whatever the governor says, whatever the mayor says.

“Your mind is frozen, you can’t think straight.

“Who is this governor who cares about us?

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Families of Severely Disabled Schoolchildren in UK Set Adrift

Autism RealityBBC's look at autism....pretty scary 

By Anne Dachel

Sept 6, 2020, BBC: Special educational needs families and the fight for education

Sofia is one of more than one million young people in the UK with special educational needs and disabilities, or SEND.She’s among one fifth of young people with SEND who have the most complex needs.

During lockdown, while schools closed to the majority of children, the government said that the most vulnerable, including those with complex special educational needs could still attend.Families speaking to Panorama say they've found accessing support difficult and that it was an example of the long-term struggles they have faced getting educational support for their children during lockdown.

Of course the BBC completely misses the BIG PICTURE HERE: They are showing us the ugly side of autism, namely out-of-control children with severe behavior issues. 

This is autism.

We see several autistic children who have meltdowns and the parents who have to deal with this daily.  A girl is described as "nonverbal," --another word in the modern lexicon that we're all getting used to like "on the spectrum," and "high functioning."

The BBC's message is that these kids have not been served during the lockdown over COVID. If government had only done their job and provided something for these children, all problems would disappear. 

Wait a minute. What are these same kids like in school?  Why is it that back in 2015 the big news out of Britain was the announcement that the government would be opening 27 new special needs schools in England.

These schools would serve 2,000 students. Of the 27 schools, 22 would be specifically for children with autism.

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Video Killed The Radio Star Fauci Killed Theatres

Closed theatreBy Anne Dachel

What if, what if we can never return to normal until there’s a COVID19 vaccine that we all have to take? What if that’s our only hope? Won’t everyone in the world be desperate to get that vaccine?

 That seems to be what Dr. Anthony Fauci is saying.

Sept 12th leading coronavirus expert, Dr. Anthony Fauci, was highlighted on

Fox Business in a story entitled, Fauci: Americans can go to theaters once a vaccine has existed for 'almost a year'.

Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, believes Americans will be able to sit in theaters again once a coronavirus vaccine has existed "for almost a year." 

"I think it’s going to be a combination of a vaccine that has been around for almost a year and good public-health measures," Fauci said. "I would think by the time we get to the end of 2021 — maybe even the middle of 2021."

So the message clearly is, life will get back to normal when we’ve all had the vaccine. 

He added that if the U.S. gets a "knock-out vaccine that's 85 [to] 90% effective," and "just about everybody gets vaccinated," society will have "a degree of immunity" that allows the general public to "walk into a theater without masks and feel like it's comfortable" that they will not be at risk of catching COVID-19.

Everyone seems to be on the same page. I’ve heard a number of news commentators toss out the aside, “Once we have a vaccine…”

No one questions the magic power of A VACCINE to end all our problems with COVID19. Liberal and conservative news outlet can’t say it enough. No one is questioning the safety of the rushed vaccine. It’s all good. We just have to get it, and it’s coming soon!

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Transhumanism In The Era of Covid

Dr Carrie MadejNote:  Anne Dachel transcribed a YouTube video below. The channel is controversial. The information? We'll let you decide.  The COVID vaccines are racing down the pike.


Dr. Carrie Madej speaks out about COVlD-19 vaccine

(Dr. Carrie Madej, DO is an Internal Medicine Specialist in McDonough, GA and has over 19 years of experience in the medical field. She graduated from Kansas City Univ Of Medicine Bioscience College Of Osteopathic Medicine medical school in 2001. She is affiliated with Southern Regional Medical Center.)

Dr. Carrie Madej, Forest Park, GA

So what do you think about going from Human 1.0 to Human 2.0? And what does that mean? 

Well going from humans as we now know ourselves to Human 2.0 has something to do with transhumanism. If you’re not familiar with that term, it’s about taking humans as we know ourselves and melding with artificial intelligence, kind of like being in The Matrix, if you’ve ever seen that movie. And that may seem kind of cool to you. We might have some  superhuman abilities. Maybe be able to think of something and it happens, maybe have some physical abilities that would be almost superhuman like. That’s the idea, that’s what you see in sci-fi movies.

For myself, thinking about this topic, I’m like well, I have some time, I think that’s many years in the future. However, this question, this idea is now right in this moment. We need to make a decision. I found out we need to make a decision about this because I investigated the proposed COVID 19 vaccine, and this is my alarm call to the world. I looked at the pros and cons and it frightens me. I want you to know about this. You need to be very well informed because this new vaccine is not like your normal flu vaccine. This is something very different. This is something brand new. This is completely experimental on the human race.

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Those Who Remember History Are Privileged to Repeat It


On Saturday, we were all Berliners.  Anne Dachel created a partial transcript from Robert Kennedy Jr.'s speech in Berlin on Friday.

By Anne Dachel 

Robert Kennedy, Jr: 'People in Authority Lie"


On Friday, August 28, Robert Kennedy, Jr. spoke at a press conference in Berlin, Germany announcing the expansion of Children's Health Defense to Europe. Kennedy's words made it clear these are truly desperate times and no one can just sit back and hope things get better on their own. Very powerful forces have an agenda and that agenda will affect the freedom of all of us. It's time to listen to Kennedy and to act.

I am Robert F. Kennedy, Jr….

Let me explain to you a little bit about the journey that brought me here.

I run the biggest water protection group in the world. It’s called Waterkeeper Alliance.

Back in the early 2000s I was suing big coal burning power plants in the United States for discharging mercury. At that time my only concern was the impact of mercury on fish and on the human health of the human beings who ate the fish.

Around that time it came to my attention that there was also large amounts of mercury in vaccines, much larger exposures to children than any child would ever get from eating fish.

I began to address that and we started an organization that was trying to have a very limited scope which was trying to remove the mercury from vaccines. Little by little I came to understand there were larger problems with vaccines.

The central one and the one we were most deeply concerned with was that vaccines in the United States were not safety tested. They have an exemption that is not available to any other medical product, and that exemption which most people cannot even believe, is an artifact of the CDC’s legacy as the public health service which was a quasi-military agency.

At the time the vaccine program was launched, the purpose was a national defense purpose, and they wanted to make sure that vaccines could be quickly formulated and deployed in order to derail attacks by foreign countries with biological substances.

So they removed the regulatory impediments including the necessity to safety test vaccines against placebos.

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Dr. Larry Palevsky February Presentation to CT Assembly on the Nightmare in Connecticut

CtNote: Thank you to Anne Dachel for transcribing Dr. Larry Palevsky's presentation to the CT Assembly last February, during which time the religious exemption was in jeopardy. Then...  COVID. 

By Anne Dachel

Nightmare in Connecticut

On February 19, 2020 there was hearing by the Connecticut Assembly on vaccine safety. There should have been a packed chamber and lots of press coverage because what one expert testified to was shocking. Sadly, most of the seats were empty, but we need to consider what was said.

Larry Palevsky, MD answered questions for 28 minutes. He described the appalling lack of studies when it comes to vaccine safety, especially involving the use of aluminum in vaccines and its damaging impact on the brain.

“We have never studied whether the aluminum we’re giving in vaccines gets into the brain, and we’ve never measured whether it stays in the brain, and what it does if it does stay in the brain.”

“What we’re seeing is a large outbreak of neurodevelopmental disabilities in adults, including Alzheimer’s, and one of the main factors that they’re finding in the brains of people with Alzheimer’s is the aluminum nanoparticle that’s directly related to the vaccines that we’re giving. “

The representatives should have been more than a little worried over the statistics Dr. Palevsky cited.

“We have more than half of our children with chronic inflamed conditions, and we’ve never allowed ourselves to ask the question: If the vaccines cause inflammation acutely, do they continue to create inflammation chronically?

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Nightmare in Connecticut

Abadnonned schoolby Anne Dachel

The representatives questioning Dr. Palevsky about vaccines should have had more than a little interest what’s causing the decline in the health of children in Connecticut.

Connecticut is the future

Back on February 10, 2014, The Connecticut Mirror published the grim story,
For CT adults with developmental disabilities, housing help unlikely until parents die.

This is piece told the public the plain truth: As long as parents were still alive, there would be no adult services for state residents with autism. Funding had not kept up with the explosion in autism.

The erosion of state funding for people with developmental disabilities has left many parents worried about what will happen to their children when they die or become unable to take care of them.

One 70 year old mother was quoted saying,

“We are told that our loved ones will stay home until we die. They’re welcome to stay home forever. We’re not trying to get rid of our beloved children, adult children included. But there is that fact of mortality.”

Six years ago the parents were already told that there were too many children with autism to automatically offer adult services for everyone who aged out of school. Of course in 2014 the autism rate was one in every 68 children compared to one in 54 children currently.  As more children are recognized with autism costs for accommodating their needs also increases.

This brings us to 2020

On August 1, 2020, The CT Journal Record published the stunning story, The system is going to explode’ — Adults with autism struggle to find support in Connecticut.

Despite the fact that for years the main stream media has conditioned us never to worry about the autism rate, here The Journal Record laid it on the line: The increases are real and we’re never going to be able to pay for this disaster.

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Technology In A World of Disabled Children

Boris Johnson at UNBy Anne Dachel

Boris Johnson, UK Prime Minister,  addressed the U.N. in Sept 2019.   He spoke about modern technology with analogies to Greek mythology and historical figures. Will our high tech world free us or enslave us?  Liberate us or control us?

In the midst of this 16 minute speech he managed to slam ‘anti-vaxxers’ as anti-science. (8:15)

“It is a deep human instinct to be wary of any kind of technical progress. …There are today people who are still actually anti-science, a whole movement called ‘the anti-vaxxers’ who refuse to acknowledge the evidence that vaccinations have eradicated smallpox and who by their prejudices are actually endangering the very children they want to protect.

“And I totally reject this anti-science pessimism. I’m profoundly about the ability of new technology to serve as a liberator and to remake the world wondrously and benignly.”

So while the computer age poses threats to our freedom, vaccines are good, vaccines save lives, according to Johnson. No one should reject them.

Actually this man needs to look at the British education system. Things are not good. In 2015 the government announced 27 new special needs schools to be built across England, schools for disabled children who couldn’t be helped in regular special education classes. In 2020 we see the additional of 37 more special schools, with plans for 49 more coming after that.

Johnson needs to look at the shocking numbers in the U.K. In Northern Ireland one in every 24 students is autistic, and 23 percent receive special education help. In Scotland 29 percent of children are considered special needs. (England itself puts the special education number at 15 percent, a low figure that can be explained by the recent scandal showing thousands of special needs students are routinely expelled from school. Thousands more simply don’t get assessments for their disabilities.)

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Injured Kids, Society Costs

Abadnonned schoolBy Anne Dachel, CHD Contributing Writer, Age of Autism Editor,

There is still a dearth of any real news on special education and autism in U.S. schools, but not so in Britain and Ireland where the press reports constantly on big time increases in special education spending.

Honestly, while it’s not being reported on as a crisis, any thinking person has to be concerned about what’s happening over there. Someone needs to explain what’s going on.

Back in 2015 the big news out of Britain was the announcement that the government would be opening 27 new special needs schools in England.

These schools would serve 2,000 students. It all sounded good. Of the 27 schools, 22 would be specifically for children with autism. Unfortunately 27 schools weren’t enough, so because of “increasing demand” more had to be done.

2020: 37 new special schools with 49 more schools in the planning stage

July stories from the U.K. were all about more funding and more provisions for students with complex special needs. The British national government has approved 37 additional special schools across England, and that’s only the beginning.

Seemingly no one can tell us when it’s going to stop. At the same time no one is alarmed. Stories include reassuring photos of teachers and officials smiling and being quoted using words like ‘delighted,’ ‘fantastic’ and ‘exciting.’

The truth is the U.K. government has to do this. They have no choice. Local county councils simply can’t pay the enormous cost of sending students with critical special needs outside their home areas to school. The government has to come up with funding and it’s adding up to be billions.

The same is true in Ireland where shocking reports tell us about hundreds of disabled students who wait 3 and 4 years for assessments and then go on waiting lists for services. Hundreds have been told there aren’t school places for them.

One might ask why everyone is so compliant. Why doesn’t anyone demand to know why all this is necessary? Read More at Children's Health Defense.

The Beatings Will Continue Until?

Puzzle piece black eye Adriana Gamondes
By Adriana Gamondes

On May 3, 2013, Anne Dachel wrote about a similar nightmare (Heartbreaking Story: Adult Son with Autism Left to State) to the story below, also in Canada. Back then it was an Ottawa couple who were unable to care for their adult son with autism who functioned on the level of a two-year-old.  Families from coast to coast, Canada, America and elsewhere, are suffering right now as many children and adult children with autism have been home without supports during COVID.  Most families hide their plight out of love and respect and even fear of making the dark side of autism public. Parents are beaten, siblings cower in fear, families face collapse. This is the side of autism you rarely see or her about. Except at Age of Autism, and we take a drubbing for it. We don't care.....

Here’s the looming pandemic conveniently ignored for the present. Will officials be holding daily updates on the number of young adult descending on the welfare system?

Jul 13, 2020, (Canada) CBC: Winnipeg woman beaten by 16-year-old son with autism says she can no longer care for him

A Winnipeg woman says she's no longer able to care for her 16-year-old son, who has autism, because of his violence toward her.

She wants to surrender guardianship to Winnipeg Child and Family Services — but the agency says he needs to stay with her. 

CBC News is not identifying the woman or her son to protect their privacy. We've given her the pseudonym of Olivia and her son the pseudonym of Noah.

Noah has been diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder and suffers from anxiety. 

"He is strong. He can throw me. That's a bad day, Bruises. Lots of bruises, and just anger.… I think I've lost consciousness one time," Olivia said….

Olivia said there have been numerous instances when she's locked him out of the house and called police after he's beaten her.

Police have been able to calm him down, she says, but in a few days, he'd act violently again. Officers have asked her to file a formal complaint, but she refused.

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June Reports From Britain on Special Education Surge

Installing british summer
While everyone has had their eyes peering over a mask in fear of  COVID-19, during a month that is the start of Summer and its carefree delights, the raw reality of pediatric health and education's decline takes no vacation, Summer or otherwise. Even by British standards. ;)

Abadnonned schoolBy Anne Dachel- published in full at Children's Health Defense.

June Reports from Britain on Special Education Toll

Once again, we turn our attention to what was happening to schools in Britain during June.  The U.S. is forty times bigger than the U.K., but the stories from there dwarf anything from America.

Schools in that country are in crisis because of the mounting cost of special education, and no one points out the real tragedy unfolding before our eyes: Over and over news stories from around the world tell us that, increasingly, students have disabilities.

Everywhere in Britain they’re building new special schools and expanding special education programs, but we’re not told why there are these escalating numbers. Loss of Brain Trust catalogues it all:

Villages and cities across Britain all report the same situation, more special education plans and a lack of places. To show how widespread all of this is I noted where in the U.K. these reports came from.

BBC: (Northern Ireland) Progress expected’ on special needs places

The Education Minister has said it is “unacceptable” that 285 children with statements of Special Educational Needs have no school place. Peter Weir’s comments came after BBC News NI revealed those children did not have a place for September….

156 of the 285 statemented children without a place are seeking to be admitted to special schools.

…But the Education Authority (EA) has said that there is particular pressure on special school places in areas including Belfast and Newry….

Mr Weir also said the number of children with statements, and without a place, was much greater than in previous years.

Kent News Shopper: (Southeast London) Consultation on plans for new Riverside school site opened

 Plans to form a new satellite school site to keep up with swelling demand for specialist education in Bromley have been published, with locals’ opinions on the potential move wanted. …

The council saying it would provide an additional 60 places for local students with special educational needs.

According to the council, ballooning numbers of children with Education, Health and Care Plans have far outweighed projected increases in recent years.

“Since 2018 there has been a 28.5 per cent increase in the number of Education, Health and Care Plans issued in Bromley against a projected increase of 7 per cent across the four years from 2018 to 2022,” council documents state.

The authority states there is a particular shortage of places for children with profound and multiple learning difficulties (PMLD) or severe learning difficulty (SLD)….

“The expansion of Riverside School will help Bromley Council meet this need through increasing the capacity of the school from 259 to 319 places.”…

Bradford Telegraph and Argus: (North central England) New SEN school, Millcourt, in Shelf, is preparing to open in September

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How Flattening the Autism Curve Fell.... Flat

Flattening the curveBy Anne Dachel

On June 19 Age of Autism published the piece, We Flattened The Covid Curve Why Not the Autism Curve featuring an interview in which Safeminds' Rebecca Estepp had a candid conversation with New Jersey autism researcher, Dr. Walter Zahorodny.

“The most startling aspect of the report was that in New Jersey, I see the New Jersey rates as being the leading indicator and I saw surprised to see that even though our rate overall didn’t go up very dramatically between 2014 and 2016, our rate of autism in boys was at the 5 percent level.

“One out of 20 boys [has] autism.

"That’s hard to get your head around. Sometimes I find myself checking myself and questioning, why am I saying that? I’m saying that because the data are clear that that’s the case. I certainly never thought I would be identifying such a high rate of autism among children in our state. That’s certainly the case. I think that would be, from my perspective, the two big findings of this report are that Hispanic children are significantly under-detected in most states and that autism as the leading indicator shows that one out of 20 boys has autism.”...

"...the CDC, I think, has been just understating the issue. But really it’s behavior of the press that seems unconscionable to me, and that they take for granted that a claim or the assertion of better awareness explains the problem is sufficient. It’s really not a sufficient explanation.”

 Since I've been writing about "the really lie about autism" (that there's no real increase in the number of children affected, just greater awareness) since 2006, it immediately had my attention.

I've also written about Dr. Zahorodny before. He's been adamant that the ever-growing autism rate represents a real increase in the number of affected children that has to be addressed.

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Fagan Says Autism Numbers Are Fakin'

Abigal Fagan
Source: Psychology Today

By Anne Dachel

Psychology Today just announced that having more kids with autism around doesn’t really mean there is more autism in the world. 

Abigail Fagan, an associate editor at P.T., asked the question in the headline of her June 3rd story: Do Environmental Changes Explain the Rise in Autism Diagnoses?


Sure the numbers are up.

The rise in autism diagnoses has been steady and striking. In the 1960s, roughly 1 in 10,000 people was diagnosed with autism. Today, 1 in 54 children has the condition, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. And the rise in the U.S. is mirrored in countries around the world.

Don’t worry, nothing is really wrong.

Anyone out there, like me, who’s been hanging around this issue for the last two decades knows exactly how Fagan proves her claim: More kids have an autism label because of better diagnosing, greater awareness, expanded spectrum.

That fact that there is no end in sight to the exponential autism increases doesn’t bother Fagan. More and more and more kids landing on the autism spectrum just means doctors continue to get better and better at recognizing the disorder, teachers and parents are more aware than previous teachers and parents were and changes in the official diagnosis which was expanded to include Aspergers Syndrome in 1994 and then narrowed in 2013 insures that everyone will be confused as to what exactly autism is.

What isn’t happening, according to Fagan:

There is no environmental factor contributing to kids developing autism. Mostly autism is genetic and it’s always been here and it always will be.

I won’t bother you with long quotations for her piece. Here are highlights.

“…some estimates place the heritability at 80 percent.” ,

“… genetic and environmental contributions did not significantly shift over time.”

“[Specific environmental factors] are not responsible for the surge in diagnoses.”

“…there was no significant difference in autism prevalence between children and adults.”

‘We’re diagnosing autism 10 to 50 times more now than we were 25 years ago.’

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Autism up 82% in Northern Ireland Schools in 5 Years

Abadnonned schoolBy Anne Dachel

It seems we're doomed when it comes to autism. We're helpless, it's hopeless, and we're just going to let it destroy us.

While health officials seem narrowly focused on the pandemic, autism hasn't gone away. It's the pandemic that will NEVER STOP AFFECTING US. Its victims will live long lives causing society billions.

Northern Ireland is awash in autism and disabled children. Their schools are struggling to survive. (See my LONG HISTORY of stories on ) What we see happening there is a stunning example of our total failure to do anything to address autism.

The Belfast story below is yet another incomprehensible report on just how bad things are--what officials are telling us we just have to learn to live with. There can be no other explanation.

I reported on this news from Northern Ireland in Derry. Now on

Keep in mind these often-repeated statistics from the British Isles:

Northern Ireland: 23 percent of students receive special ed services.

Ireland: 25 percent of students receive special ed services.

Scotland: 29 percent of students receive special ed services.

It's easy to see why autism numbers are also skyrocketing amid horrific statistics, ominous projections, and ludicrous explanations.

Can anyone possibly believe that this is the result of “an increase in awareness and understanding” as we are told here?

May 22, 2020, (UK) Belfast Telegraph: Schoolchildren diagnosed with autism in NI increases 82% over last five years

Cases of autism in school-age children have increased by 82% in the last five years, a report has found.

One in 24 children of school age here has been diagnosed, according to figures from the Department of Health.

Its report said 12,544 school-aged children are autistic - a prevalence rate of 4.2%. The figures were described as "alarming" by the charity Autism NI.

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Robert Kennedy Jr "The government has been trying for almost thirty years to develop a Coronavirus vaccine..."

Dead ferretTranscribed by Anne Dachel. Robert Kennedy Jr tells about the horrible death of Ferrets used to test previous versions of a

(VIDEO) May 22, 2020, Joni Table Talk:

 The Coronavirus Vaccine Uncensored | Robert F. Kennedy Jr. & Del Bigtree

Robert Kennedy, Jr.:  “The government has been trying for almost thirty years to develop a coronavirus vaccine, and it’s been unsuccessful.

“Beginning in 2002 there were three outbreaks of coronavirus. We called them SARS at that point and MERS.

“The first SARS was a natural illness. It jumped from a bat to human beings. The second two were lab created that escaped and infected human beings. So the governments of China and a consortium of western governments all got together and put millions and millions of dollars into an effort to develop a coronavirus vaccine.

“Between 2002 and 2012, 2014, they worked very hard to do that, and what happened is they developed about 35 vaccines. Four of them were really promising. They chose the four most promising, and they gave them to ferrets, which is the animal that is most analogous when it comes to upper lung respiratory infections.

“The ferrets had a brilliant, robust and durable antibody response. Then something horrible happened. When those ferrets were challenged, when they were exposed to the wild virus they got horribly sick. They got inflammation throughout their bodies, and they died.  (See Pubmed NIH: Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Vaccine Efficacy in Ferrets: Whole Killed Virus and Adenovirus-Vectored Vaccines )

“The scientists remembered that something very similar had happened in the 1960s where they had developed a virus for RSV, which is very similar to coronavirus. It’s an upper respiratory infection, ailment.

“They had skipped the animals and given them directly to 35 children, and the children again had developed a very robust antibody response. But when those children were exposed to the wild virus, they got very, very sick, much sicker than the unvaccinated children. And two of those kids had died. It was a scandal.

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Tucker Carlson Interviews Alan Dershowitz About His Stance on Mandatory Vaccination

ForcedBy Anne Dachel

Professor Alan Dershowitz was on Tucker Carlson Tonight on May 20th to discuss his controversial opinion on a mandatory COVID 19 vaccine.

Here Dershowitz qualified his views about the circumstances that would allow forced vaccination of the entire population. Notice how many times he talked about the need for the vaccine to be proven safe.

Tucker Carlson:In some rare cases, sometimes not that rare, [vaccines] can hurt people.

Does the government still have a right to endanger you be forcing you to take it?

Professor Deshowitz made these comments in response:

The Supreme Court has said yes. It is not a debatable issue constitutionally….

Then Deshowitz explained his views of the “moral issue” involved in forced vaccination.

I think one can make a plausible argument that nobody should be required to be subjected to a dangerous vaccination to help other people. That’s a plausible argument.  

I think we should continue to debate that….

…I wouldn’t require people to take a vaccine unless it was proved very, very safe…

I general, if the vaccine was proved extremely safe, then the state has a right to compel you to take it….

What you don’t have the right to do is to circulate in society without being vaccinated, if the vaccine is proved to be very safe.

Carlson: There is so much lying about vaccines…

Deshowitz:  You have to have rule of reason.  If the vaccine is very effective and very safe…

Professor Dershowitz went on to use his 10 year old great-grandson as someone who might not need the vaccine as children are not generally affected.

Actually I highly doubt that the powerful forces pushing a fast-tracked COVID vaccine will let anyone opt out.

Anne Dachel is Media Editor for Age of Autism.

Rabbi William Handler Responds to Alan Dershowitz's Proclamation of Forced Vaccination

Rabbie Handler
Rabbie Handler

By Anne Dachel

In my recent piece on Age of Autism Alan Dershowitz Says You Have No Right to Refuse A COVID Vaccine, I reported on the stunning comments by Harvard Law professor Alan Dershowitz that endorsed forced vaccination. One of the sources on Dershowitz that I cited was a New York Daily News piece he wrote on June 14, 2019. He was adamant that there is no religious right not to be vaccinated.

Dershowitz said this specifically about the Jewish faith:

 I challenge any rabbi to debate me on the Jewish religious law regarding vaccination and communicable diseases. He will lose the debate because there is simply no basis in Jewish law for any such argument. Religion is being used as a cover for a misguided political, ideological, conspiratorial and personal opposition to vaccination. Don’t believe any rabbi who tells you otherwise.

New York Rabbi William Handler has been a courageous voice challenging mandated vaccination despite being attacked by the Washington Post and other media sources. I have interviewed Rabbi Handler a number of times and he was happy to answer the challenge.

This is his response to Alan Dershowitz:

Among Orthodox Rabbis who take Jewish Religious Law seriously, there is a spirited debate over the issue of vaccination.

There are two aspects to this issue:

  1. Are Jews religiously obligated to vaccinate themselves against all common diseases?

On this question, there is a vigorous debate among our Rabbinical authorities, and many leading Rabbis have stated that, if someone is fearful that vaccines may cause his family harm, we have no right to compel him to subject his family to the clearly-documented risks of vaccination.

  1. Does Jewish law obligate us to “quarantine” healthy people simply because they refuse to subject themselves to the clearly-documented hazards of vaccination?

On this question, it is clear that we cannot quarantine a healthy person simply because he refuses to undergo a medical procedure.

The question arises only when there is a large outbreak of a serious disease. And, even then, many Rabbis state that you can quarantine only when there is a widespread Pandemic, where people are literally dropping dead in the streets, like the “Black Plague,” which wiped-out one third of Europe.

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Harvard Law Prof Alan Dershowitz: You Have No Right NOT To Be Vaccinated

Tattered flagListen to this one minute clip in which Harvard Law Professor Alan Dershowitz tells you in no uncertain terms that forced vaccination is legal and necessary. Beyond the obvious disgust of his statement, here's where I think he stumbles: he says that if a disease will only kill YOU, you can refuse the vaccine. But vaccines are only created for contagious diseases and disease rather by its very definition, can kill. ERGO (hey, check out that fancy Latin. I'm just a Boston College gal, but it's NEAR HAH-vud) you can't refuse any vaccine. What's the difference between a flu shot and a COVID-19 shot? Flu can kill if you spread it. COVID-19 can kill if you spread it. We've lost all sense of American liberty. Rip July 4 out of the calendar. It's gone. 

By Anne Dachel

Alan Dershowitz, Professor of Law, emeritus, at Harvard Law School, seems to have exceptions in his libertarian outlook on people’s constitutional rights when we’re talking about vaccinations.

When it comes to being vaccinated, there is no liberty. Overreaching powers go on forever. You have no right to refuse a vaccine.

Below are several examples of his opinion on the subject of forced vaccines.

Actually what Dershowitz is preaching here is totalitarian rule. We are to live in a society where vaccines are acknowledged to cause injury and even death, where doctors and pharmaceutical companies are indemnified and where the powerless masses have no choice but to comply and suffer the consequences for the common good. The only ones taking any risk here of course are the American people. 

Dershowitz’s real view of individual vaccine rights boils down to SHUT UP AND GET IN LINE. Is that in the curriculum at Harvard?

**Notice Dershowitz never acknowledges any risk from being vaccinated. In his simplistic worldview vaccines don’t have harmful side effects, they only prevent disease. Therefore there’s no legitimate reason for anyone to refuse a vaccine.

June 14, 2019, New York Daily News: There is no religious right to refuse vaccination (OPINION) 

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WHO Preaches that the Vaxssiah Will Save Us All

Red white blue vaccineNote: Hi, readers. What do you think of the word, vaxssiah? It occurred to me the other day when I listened to A/NBCBS News (all the news reports blend into one voice) saying over and over that when we have a vaccine, all will be OK. "Wait until there's a vaccine" is now a mantra, a Rosary prayer, the Amidah fervently lulling many to get through another day of quarantine.  Yes. Yes. The Vaxssiah will come down from heaven and rescue us. And those who refuse to accept the Vaxssiah will be heretics destined for hell. On earth....   Hush little Americans, hush now. Mamma will tuck us into a soft, feather bed with a glass of warm milk fresh from Bessie the cow.  Or maybe Kool-aid. Kim


By Anne Dachel

The World Health Organization is out to scare everyone. The shutdown may never end and our only hope is for a vaccine for everyone.

Here is news coverage over the last several days that should have everyone concerned.

WHO's chief scientist, Soumya Swaminathan, warned that it “could take four to five years to get COVID-19 under control.” 

We have ‘one great hope’ for mankind to fight a virus that ‘may never go away,’ accord to the executive director of WHO Dr. Michael Ryan and that is ‘A HIGHLY EFFECTIVE VACCINE’ for every person on the planet. (Notice that the word SAFE wasn’t included in his dire warning.)

Dr. Ryan: It’s going to be “a long, long time” before we can return to normal. The risks are “still high” everywhere. It’s “public health disaster followed by economic disaster followed by public health disaster.”

COVID 19 could become “just another endemic virus.”

Ryan: “We do have one great hope. If we do find a highly effective vaccine that we can distribute to everyone that needs it in the world we may have a shot at eliminating this virus.

“That vaccine will have to be highly effective, it will have to be made available to everyone and we will have to use it.

Look at how U.S. News and Business Insider cover Dr. Ryan’s remarks. Notice that Business Insider makes “anti-vaxxers” into villains.

May 13, 2020, U.S. News: 'This Virus May Never Go Away,' WHO Says

The coronavirus that causes COVID-19 could become endemic like HIV, the World Health Organization said on Wednesday, warning against any attempt to predict how long it would keep circulating and calling for a "massive effort" to counter it.

"It is important to put this on the table: this virus may become just another endemic virus in our communities, and this virus may never go away," WHO emergencies expert Mike Ryan told an online briefing.

"I think it is important we are realistic and I don't think anyone can predict when this disease will disappear," he added. "I think there are no promises in this and there are no dates. This disease may settle into a long problem, or it may not be."

However, he said the world had some control over how it coped with the disease, although this would take a "massive effort" even if a vaccine was found -- a prospect he described as a "massive moonshot". …

WHO Director General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus added: "The trajectory is in our hands, and it's everybody's business, and we should all contribute to stop this pandemic."

Ryan said "very significant control" of the virus was required in order to lower the assessment of risk, which he said remained high at the "national, regional and global levels". …

"We need to get into the mindset that it is going to take some time to come out of this pandemic," WHO epidemiologist Maria van Kerkhove told the briefing.

May 13, 2020, Business Insider: WHO: The coronavirus 'may never go away' if clusters of anti-vaxxers oppose a vaccine

  • The World Health Organization on Wednesday said no one "can predict when or if this disease will disappear," but said that a vaccine against the coronavirus is the "one great hope" at eliminating the virus.
  • The WHO's Executive Director of Health Emergencies said that he's "cynical" that the world will muster the "will" to vaccinate against COVID-19, even if and when a vaccine is available.
  • "We have some perfectly effective vaccines on this planet that we have not used effectively for diseases we could eliminate and eradicate, and we haven't done it," the WHO's Mike Ryan said. 
  • In the absence of a vaccine, the WHO's chief scientist, Soumya Swaminathan, estimated it could take four to five years to get COVID-19 under control. 

…"I don't think anyone can predict when or if this disease will disappear," the WHO's Executive Director of Health Emergencies Mike Ryan said during a press conference on Wednesday.

"We do have one great hope, if we do find a highly effective vaccine that we can distribute to everyone who needs it in the world. We may have a shot at eliminating this virus. But that vaccine will have to be available. It'll have to be highly effective. It will have to be made available to everyone, and we will have to use it."

Ryan's curmudgeonly assessment came just hours after the WHO's chief scientist Soumya Swaminathan told the Financial Times that it may take "four to five" years to "control" the coronavirus, adding there is "no crystal ball" to know if things will get better or worse in this outbreak, or whether we'll be able to develop an effective vaccine at all.

Even getting a vaccine on the market, Ryan agreed, is still a "massive moonshot."

"This virus may never go away," he said.

Without a vaccine, it could take four to five years to control the COVID-19 outbreak

Most people in the world have not yet been exposed to COVID-19, which means the world is still in a very vulnerable spot. …

In the US, Dr. Anthony Fauci, who directs the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, where scientists are at work developing a COVID-19 vaccine, told members of the US Senate on Tuesday that a vaccine will certainly not be ready by the time university students head back to class this fall.

"Even at the top speed we're going, we don't see a vaccine playing in the ability of individuals to get back to school this term," Fauci said. 

"Forgive me if I'm cynical, but we have some perfectly effective vaccines on this planet that we have not used effectively"…

Only about half (53%) of US adults aged 35-44 said definitively that "Yes, I would get vaccinated" against COVID-19, if a vaccine were to become available, according to a Morning Consult poll taken earlier this month.

Likewise, the percentage of US adults who feel "very comfortable" with vaccinations is declining, and the share of people who say they're "not at all comfortable" with vaccines is on the rise, even since January, in the midst of this devastating pandemic, according to a CivicScience survey.

Anne Dachel is Media Editor for Age of Autism.

CDC Claims Adult Autism Rate Same as Pediatric

Numbers puzzleBy Anne Dachel

Adults have just as much autism as children, the CDC says so

Those who promote the idea that today’s kids with autism are nothing new, are now making the claim again. We’re to believe that there have always been lots of  people on the spectrum, we just called them something else.

As I’ve said for years, show us the adults with autism. Of course they can’t. They’ve pretended to. In 2009 a British study claimed to have found the same rate among adults by means of a phone survey.

The results were immediately used to support the denial of a link between vaccines and autism: Sept 22, 2009, UK Guardian: Autism just as common in adults, so MMR jab is off the hook

Autism is as common among adults as it is in children, according to the world's first big study of its prevalence, undermining the theories of those who claim the MMR jab is responsible for the rising toll in recent years.

The survey, carried out by the National Centre for Social Research in collaboration with the University of Leicester, shows that one in 100 adults in England have an autism spectrum disorder, which can range from a serious disability to difficulties in socialising, and includes some people with extraordinary artistic talents.

It is important to establish the NO REAL INCREASE claim right now, just like it was used in 2009.

If autism has always been here, then the dramatic increase in the vaccine schedule isn’t related to the explosion in the autism rate. It’s all just better diagnosing.

IF we’re headed to a massive push for COVID 19 vaccine for everyone, the whole vaccine debate is likely to surface. It’s time to once again guarantee that there is no evidence of serious side effects especially in children.

So if anyone wonders why there’s suddenly a new autism/adults study in the midst of the pandemic, that’s why.

CNN put out the original story on May 11, 2020, and local TV news outlets around the country republished it.

The first US study of autism in adults estimates that 2.2% of Americans adults have an autism spectrum condition.

That adds up to 5.4 million people age 18 and older, or about 1 in 45 people, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said Monday.

"This is the first CDC study to provide estimates of the number of U.S. adults with autism and fills a gap in data on adults living with autism spectrum disorder in the United States because there is no existing surveillance system to collect this information," the CDC's National Center on Birth Defects and Developmental Disabilities said in a statement. …

Because it's an estimate, true numbers may be above or below 2.2%, the team said.

"The findings from this study can help states determine the need for diagnosing and providing services to adults in the United States who remain unidentified with ASD," the CDC said.Stations like CBS Pittsburgh, ABC/CBS Idaho Falls, ID, CBS Baltimore and others put out the same piece giving the public no details on how the findings were reached.

Disability Scoop however gave readers details and the whole thing is just projection. The CDC looked at the statistics for children with autism in the various states used to come up with the rate for autism among eight year olds and then extrapolated the rate to include adults, coming up with total number in the millions.

May 13, 2020, Disability Scoop: CDC Researchers: Over 5 Million US Adults Have Autism

CDC researchers looked at autism prevalence rates for kids reported through the National Survey of Children’s Health — an annual government survey that asks parents across the nation if they’ve ever been told by a health care provider that their child has autism — between 2016 and 2018. Then, they estimated adult prevalence by adjusting the children’s numbers to account for mortality as people age and cross-referenced the figures with Census data on the population of each state.

How is this science?

So we are to believe that children and adults are equally affected by autism because the CDC says they are. If one in 45 children have autism, then one in 45 adults must too. Applying a little math to the total adult population, they come up with 5 million. There you have it.

This is the dictatorial power of public health officials who are answerable to no one, and of course no one among their faithful puppets in the media would ever  challenge anything.

Anne Dachel is Media Editor for Age of Autism.

Sanjay Gupta, Alisyn Camerota and the Really Big Lies about Autism.

Big lieBy Anne Dachel

Video: Recently CNN anchor Alisyn Camerota interviewed Dr. Sanjay Gupta about earlier diagnosing for autism in this three minute video. Now experts can see the signs at 14 months.

The subject of the interview was hardly news. Over the years there have been continuous calls for finding autism as early as possible so all those ABA therapies can be started. It is standard stuff every April during Autism Awareness Month.

In her opening statement Camerota incorrectly stated, “One in 59 children has autism.” She told viewers that finding the disorder sooner could be “a game changer.”

Gupta replied, “It could be.”

The real message on CNN was EARLY DIAGNOSING IS ALL WE CAN DO. We are totally helpless when it comes to autism. One in 54 (the actual rate) children may be on the spectrum but there’s no way to stop it from happening to your child. Furthermore we can only expect that statistic to keep going up and up until everyone has at least one child with autism.

Camerota and Gupta and their tedious chat about labeling toddlers with autism sooner isn’t a big story, but what is frustrating is that both of them know so much more that they aren’t talking about.

Alisyn Camerota used to be at Fox News where she did outstanding job reporting on the vaccine autism link. She interviewed people like Dr. Bob Sears, Mary Holland and Dr. Sarah Bridges on the link between vaccines and autism.

Ten years ago I named her Journalist of the Year for Age of Autism.

Dec 30, 2010, Age of Autism Awards 2010: Fox News' Alisyn Camerota Journalist of The Year

Dr. Gupta now seemingly has forgotten his interview with Dr. Jon Poling back in 2008 about the reality that YES, vaccines are recognized to cause autism.

Back then he did not challenge the link between vaccines and autism in Hannah Poling’s case. Gupta told Dr. Poling that he was worried about vaccinating his own two daughters with the standard one-size-fits-every-child vaccine schedule.

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April 4 Expert Panel on COVID-19 & The Vaccines To Follow

Thank you to our Anne Dachel for transcribing excerpts for our readers.  Anne says:

"This was one of the most informative and empowering talks I’ve ever listened to in all the years I’ve been working as an autism advocate. Every person concerned about what the COVID 19 pandemic will do to our medical freedom needs to hear these speakers and learn the truth about what’s coming. There is no walking away from this threat to our liberties."

April 4, 2020, Panel discussion the COVID 19 crisis and what a vaccine could mean to the American people.


Dr. Andrew Wakefield, Dr. Judy Mikovits, Del Bigtree, Ty and Charlene Bollinger, Robert Kennedy, Jr., Dr. Sherri Tenpenny, Dr. Rashid Buttar.

Here are excerpts from the discussion.

Charlene: “…the year 2020 was a big deal. … This is the year, if we don’t help people understand this critical issue we may loss our freedoms, and they may be able to come in and try …to force us into these vaccines. But we did not know what we were getting into….

“I was watching Tucker Carlson  [Fox, Tucker Carlson Tonight]. He’s actually had Bobby Kennedy on…  We couldn’t believe that mainstream media outlet was covering that. We felt like Tucker’s our friend…

“Last night…on Tucker Carlson Tonight … He had a guest and they talked about Operation Wrap Speed, the COVID vaccination where they’re literally going to pass through the trials that they should be doing. They’re going to skip all that safety measures to get to this vaccine. They’re going to have a hundred million ready to go. …

“The guest talked about this as if it’s a good thing, and Tucker Carlson who has interviewed our good friend Bobby Kennedy, ….  I was really letdown by the fact that Tucker Carlson allowed that guest to say that and didn’t dig in. …”

5:42 Kennedy: “There’s now eighty separate vaccine projects. Bill Gates has eight of them. Bill Gates is now the biggest vaccine producer in the world, bigger than any other company.

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Taking Cover Behind COVID

Abadnonned schoolBy Anne Dachel

The COVID 19 crisis is a blessing in a very ugly disguise for those who want us all to believe that ever-increasing numbers of children with autism are merely the result of never-ending better diagnosing by doctors and greater awareness by everyone else.

Coronavirus coverage dominates the news currently. The only stories about disabled/autistic children involve how they’re dealing with the pandemic.

Lost in the current crisis was the seemingly unnoticed update of the autism numbers at the end of March from one in every 59 children to one in every 54, (one in every 32 from up one in 34 in New Jersey) which was, as expected, attributed to spot-on recognition and maybe, possibly to an as yet unknown environmental factor, most likely older parents.

There were several disturbing reports that should have warranted at least a fraction of the coverage that the current virus does because the long term effect of what’s happening to children will have an immense economic impact as well.

Instead, when it comes to autism, we continue to be lulled into believing that autism is something that only requires awareness and acceptance.

Leading autism researcher Dr. Walter Zahorodny received the most minimal coverage (only the Rutgers University student newspaper) warning everyone that autism is indeed a crisis with looming consequences.

Rutgers Daily Targum: Rutgers expert discusses prevalence of autism spectrum disorder in NJ

Rutgers researchers said in a federal report on March 26 that autism spectrum disorder (ASD) continues to be more prevalent in New Jersey among 8-year-old children than in other states, according to a Rutgers Today article.

Researchers monitored ASD prevalence of 11 states participating in the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) Autism and Developmental Monitoring (ADDM) Network in 2016, the report said. The autism prevalence rate for New Jersey was approximately 1 in 32, or 3.1 percent, compared to the ADDM average, approximately 1 in 54, or 1.85 percent. ASD prevalence across states increased 10 percent since 2014, the report said.

“Since 2000, when the ADDM Network was started, overall autism estimates increased 175 percent,” said Walter Zahorodny, an associate professor in the Department of Pediatrics at Rutgers New Jersey Medical School who directed the New Jersey autism-monitoring site. “Since 2000, New Jersey ASD estimates have been consistently higher than in all other participating states. From 2000 to 2016, autism prevalence in New Jersey increased from 1 percent to 3 percent, a 200 percent increase.” …

He said it is ultimately not known why autism prevalence has increased, but better awareness and an increase in underlying environmental risk factors are likely at play.

“Autism is a significant lifelong developmental disability, and so a large and broad increase that is not understood represents an urgent public health phenomenon,” Zahorodny said.

Meanwhile the mainstream press called for celebration, awareness and services when it comes to what to do about autism.

Lewes, DE, Cape Gazette: Continued services needed for families affected by autism

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Anne Dachel Interviews Brett Wilcox

Radio micBy Anne Dachel

I recently talked with Brett Wilcox, a long time advocate for personal choice when it comes to mandatory vaccination. He has written and spoken extensively on the subject. For taking the position he has, he has paid a personal price, the loss of his job.


A couple of weeks ago I put out a blog about COVID19 and the COVID19 PSYOPS, and I made it very clear that I don’t even anything about COVID19. I’m not a medical professional, I’m not a scientist.

I have no idea where this was caused, who brought it out, whether it was natural or whether it was manmade, or what country it started from, or how dangerous it was or anything like that. I don’t anything about that, but I do that there’s a history of bad people, criminal people, that take these things, these events and they turn them into something else. There’s an agenda involved,

And so the purpose of the blog was to talk about what looked like an unfolding agenda and how this thing was being blown way out of proportion.

I quoted Paul Offit, who is not necessarily our friend in the vaccine informed community, but he had come out and said we’re really not very good at evaluating risk. We’re blowing this way out of proportion.

I looked at the numbers—I can use a calculator. I looked at the numbers and I thought, yeah we’re blowing this way out of proportion. Paul and others have said it too. I put that out there as a blog, and I said this looks like something else is going on. I shared that on a local Sitka, Alaska, Facebook forum, and I received a whole lot of negative comments about it.

I got a feeling for how people were being affected by the news. People were very much taken in by the fear, by the hysteria, and by that date Sitka had zero confirmed cases, and now, even as of this date [April 4th], it’s still zero confirmed cases. But people were terrified and are terrified.

Some people read my blog and my comments and made a report to the hospital where I work and said I was sharing these things. Some even said they were afraid of me. Maybe I wasn’t taking this seriously, therefore I would infect other people and make them sick with my presence.

I learned about these things on Thursday [April 2nd] when I was called down to the basement and I stepped into the room and I saw who was there. I knew immediately that I was there to be fired, and I was. It took about fifteen minutes, and they explained that these things had gone on, and that I was expressing personal opinions that went against the policy of the organization. Therefore I was being let go.

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Rutgers' Walter Zahorodny on Autism Rise in New Jersey

House of cardsBy Anne Dachel

April 9, 2020, New Brunswick, NJ, The Daily Targum: By Joanne Chung  Rutgers expert discusses prevalence of autism spectrum disorder in NJ

I found this stunning piece from a New Jersey paper on the recent expansion of the autism rate in America.

Despite the latest findings, especially for New Jersey, the reporter was indifferent to what was being discussed: the ever-increasing numbers.  

Researchers monitored ASD prevalence of 11 states participating in the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) Autism and Developmental Monitoring (ADDM) Network in 2016, the report said. The autism prevalence rate for New Jersey was approximately 1 in 32, or 3.1 percent, compared to the ADDM average, approximately 1 in 54, or 1.85 percent.”

Top Rutgers autism researcher Walter Zahorodny gave us the overall explosion in the disorder in New Jersey.

From 2000 to 2016, autism prevalence in New Jersey increased from 1 percent to 3 percent, a 200 percent increase.’

No need to worry New Jerseyans. Your state is on top in the autism numbers for a good reason.

Reporter Joanne Chung wrote, “New Jersey’s higher autism prevalence estimates are related to more complete case-finding in New Jersey and availability of high-quality educational and developmental health services in the region.”

In a piece that should have been had the headline, Rutgers expert raises alarm over stunning new autism numbers, Chung quoted Zahorodny saying that there’s “greater awareness” behind the increase but also some “underlying environmental risk factors are likely at play.”

That comment was at the end of the story with no follow-up. Reporter Chung had no interest in what those “environmental risk factors” might be, so the subject was dropped.

In the final sentence Zahorodny described autism as ‘an urgent public health phenomenon’

Seriously?  A ‘phenomenon’

Check out the definition for phenomenon.

A fact or situation that is observed to exist or happen, especially one whose cause or explanation is in question.

A remarkable person, thing, or event.

Synonyms include: occurrence, event, happening, marvel, sensation, wonder.

Tell that to the parents changing the diapers on their twenty year old nonverbal son or the parents of the growing number of autistic children who wander away and drown or the thousands of parents with autistic children in Britain on waiting lists just for a place in school there because they can’t keep up with rising demand.

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Government Has Never Even Tried to Flatten the Autism Curve

Abadnonned schoolNote: Anne has been compiling thousands upon thousands of stories about the catastrophic rise in pediatric illnesses that have both hobbled and stymied schools around the world. It's clear that we CAN respond to emergencies on a dime. The world has come to a crashing halt because of COVID. Not so for autism. The rates have increased like the red line on a thermometer, up, up, up and then what?

Distance learning for students with special needs is a huge challenge. My daughter's team is doing a great job of Zoom calls and work to complete here at home.  I really appreciate their efforts. Still, it doesn't come to close to what she needs. I've wondered if the shut downs will be beneficial for budgets? Surely there are savings for districts if only in building operating costs.

By Anne Dachel

Loss of Brain Trust: March stories

The COVID19 pandemic has been the sole focus of news outlets over the past couple weeks, yet previous to this happening media coverage of the dire situation in our schools was nonstop throughout March both here in the U.S. and in other places.

A pandemic of sick and disabled children continues with no significant interest on the part of national leaders or public health officials. “Increasing demand” is something repeated over and over in so many of these stories.

More and more children who cannot learn or behave without massive and costly accommodations are the subject of endless news reports. Sadly, the public is being schooled to accept the decline of education and children’s health, no questions asked.


Palmdale, CA, Breathmobile can rescue students “Los Angeles County Supervisor Kathryn Barger unveiled the Breathmobile — a new mobile clinic that will visit Antelope Valley schools to treat youngsters with asthma and allergies — at a Friday afternoon ceremony at Dos Caminos Dual Immersion School. …

“‘This truly is a very exciting day for this community. This is something that we have been working on for quite a while,’ Barger said at the ceremony, attended by children, parents, Palmdale School District trustees, administrators, county officials and other community leaders.

“There is a huge need in the Antelope Valley for the Breathmobile, the supervisor said.

“‘The statistics prove it,’ Barger said. ‘Our Los Angeles County Department of Health Services confirmed that 14.2% of children have asthma in the Antelope Valley and don’t have access to services. That is far too many of our youth — from infants to teenagers — who are suffering.’ …

Palmdale School District trustee Nancy Smith toured the Breathmobile prior to the ceremony.

“‘I think it’s wonderful that we’re going to have access for this for our kids,’ Smith said.”

WLKY-TV, Louisville, KY: JCPS opening health clinics in 2 of its high schools “Two Jefferson County Public Schools schools are getting their very own health clinics.

“They're still under construction, but in just a few weeks, students at Central High and Pleasure Ridge Park will be able to see a doctor while they're at school.

"‘We're wanting to make sure that these students are ready to learn, that they're in the classrooms, they're here, they're healthy. So, this is a great resource for us to have,’ said Blaire Adams, JCPS nurse practitioner….

"‘We have nurse practitioners and nurses in the school building to treat those and be able to do the school physicals, immunizations, sports physicals to make sure that they can have access to all that health care,’ said Adams….

"‘Our partnerships with Shawnee Christian Care with Park Duvalle and with Norton, it's really to expand and access the services that the students have. So if their asthma is poorly controlled or diabetes is not well managed, those all impact their ability to attend school and learn well,’ said Eva Stone, manager of district health services.

“According to Stone, about 10% of students at Central suffer from a chronic illness such as diabetes or asthma. School leaders say they are excited about the addition, describing it as critical.”


Chicago Daily Herald: Constable: Teachers say ban on 'timeout rooms' one reason injuries increased

“A special-education teacher for 24 years, Kerry Doctor knows there can be dangerous moments working in a classroom with adult-size people who have behavioral issues.

But Doctor says a change in the school's enrollment and the state's recent crackdown on use of locked timeout rooms designed to alleviate tense situations have increased the risk for injury this year.

"‘I'm not so naive to believe that I won't get some bumps and bruises working with my kids," Doctor says. "I've gotten bit. I've gotten kicked. I've gotten scratched.’

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Anne Dachel Interviews Marcia Hinds on Autism Recovery

Ryan today doing what he loves most

 By Anne Dachel

I recently got to know a tremendous activist in the autism community, Marcia Hinds. She’s the author of the book, I Know You're in There: Winning Our War Against Autism,  published in January, 2020.

Ryan’s mom just wants all kids to have what her son now that’s why all profits from the book go to autism treatments/research and Marcia never charges for helping families. Once it becomes common knowledge that autism is the result of a dysfunctional immune system and is TREATABLE more answers and research will come.

Preview Ryan’s recovery story on Amazon or Marcia’s website.  Check out this 90 sec clip from the documentary Restoring Balance: Autism Recovery that shows Marcia’s son before and after interventions. (watch here)

I talked to Marcia on Skype so everyone can hear her story and know we should never give up on our kids. This is her account of successfully recovering her son Ryan from autism.

I asked Marcia about her son Ryan and how she became involved in autism advocacy 

Marcia: “Hearing that your child has autism is kind of terrifying. I don’t want any other parent to feel as terrified as I did. Ryan, he was very serious. In the beginning all he wanted to do—he had this little portable radio, and he would take it to every outlet and plug it in and out, over and over and over again.

“And when he wasn’t doing that, he was turning off and on all the faucets.

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