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Autism One & Generation Rescue Autism Redefined 2010 Conference

Chicago skyline The Hopes of a Mother . . . the Dreams of a Father . . . Are Real. Our Children Get Better.

Conference details will be posted soon at
Registration opens this week.

The Autism One & Generation Rescue - Autism Redefined 2010 Conference
Monday, May 24 – Sunday, May 30
Westin O’Hare Hotel, Chicago, Illinois

We could not be more pleased to bring you Autism Redefined 2010 and share with you the tremendous excitement we feel. The most comprehensive autism conference internationally is getting bigger and better.

For 7 days in May, everything you thought you knew and could do will be challenged and changed. You will be informed, educated, and join the legion of parents who are embracing prevention and recovery.

Conference Speakers - Partial List for 2010:

Keynote Address - Jenny McCarthy

James Adams, PhD
Timothy Adams, Esq.
Lynne Arnold, MA
Mary Lynch Barbera, RN, MSN, BCBA
Daniel Barth, PhD
Jeffrey Becker, OD
Michael Biamonte, CCN
Mark Blaxill, MBA
Kenneth Bock, MD
Tom Bohager
Jeff Bradstreet, MD

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Kickin’ the Tires of the Green Vaccine Initiative

Ferrari-dealership-11-03-09 By Kent Heckenlively, Esq.

From the years I worked in sales there was one piece of information which has always stuck with me.  It’s said that even when a person goes to a car dealership knowing he wants to get a specific car, the salesman still has to ask for the sale at least five times before the customer says yes.

I understand very few of you had ever considered a ballot proposition as a way to make progress in combating autism.  You didn't intend to walk onto that particular car lot.  I may need to “ask” for your support many times before you say yes.

But the process goes even deeper.  The person who goes onto that car lot knowing the specific car he wants isn’t trying to make the salesman’s job more difficult.  We may know what we like, but we also want to make sure the decision we make is the right one.  In the sales world the four times the interested customer says “no” are known as “objections”.  The salesman’s job is to answer those objections as completely as he can.  If he does a good job the sale is made.  If not, the interested customer walks away.

Since I’ve rolled out the Green Vaccines initiative it seems there have been three main objections raised and I want to take each one of them in turn:

A.  We should just stick to getting a Vaccinated/Unvaccinated Study funded – I will confess that the first order of business is getting a Vaccinated/Unvaccinated study done with world-class researchers and a large enough sample size to make people sit up and take notice.  However, I know that some people are very close to getting something along those lines started.  That’s the first punch.  How long will it take them to get results?  Personally, I think such a thing could be done relatively quickly.  Then what follows?  I think the Green Vaccines Initiative is something which supports that line of inquiry.  It's a good second punch.  If a Vaccinated/Unvaccinated study gets funded we should have the results by election time.  If not it creates more of an impetus to get such a study completed.

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The "Green Vaccines" Initiative

Game changer By Kent Heckenlively, Esq.

I hope you'll forgive me if I talk about this idea for the next couple weeks.  I think it's the game-changer for which everybody in our community has been hoping and praying.

The legal system is rigged against us.  The dying traditional media is begging for advertising dollars from pharmaceutical companies in this economic crisis.  And the politicians have their hands open for pharma dollars.

All these doors are closed.  We won't get them to help us by playing nice.  As somebody once said, "if all the doors are closed, find a window."

The "Green Vaccines Initiative" is our window.  Consider how we might change the course of autism and other neurological conditions with this single effort.  Here are what I think are the three most compelling reasons to support this initiative:

1.  If we make this a political fight, then the media has certain additional legal protections.  It's my opinion that a good deal of the media fears giving us too much of a voice because they'll be looking down the barrel of a lawsuit like the 100 million dollar claim made against Oprah Winfrey by the cattle industry for going after beef.  (I know she won it, but how many of the media companies have the money of Oprah Winfrey?  Come to think of it, only Oprah has that kind of money!)  If it's a political fight, the media is obligated to cover both sides, and their LEGAL protections are just about invulnerable.  They could run an entire issue on what we say and the pharmaceutical companies couldn't lay a finger on them.  Do you know how many young reporters must be itching to do this story and make a name for themselves?  This gives the press the opportunity to do the job it should have been doing for the last fifteen years.

2.  It means the medical community has to come out of hiding to defend themselves.  Have you noticed how lately when our community goes on television that all we get from the CDC or some other medical group is a damned written statement?  Where are the flesh-and-blood doctors willing to defend vaccines?  How do you think that's going to look in the context of a political debate?  Will they be able to defend the theft of data from the Vaccine Safety Data-link?  What about the complete absence of studies of the neurological health of vaccinated and unvaccinated children?  If they show up they lose on the facts.  If they don't show up, they lose because they public will see them as cowards.

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Jenny McCarthy Featured in Living Without Magazine

Living without Pick up a copy of the December issue of Living Without Magazine to read a terrifc interview with Generation Rescue's Jenny McCarthy about the GFCF diet.

Plus this issue has gluten and casein food charts to help you learn what ingredients to avoid. Copy the charts and share them with friends and family to make sure your (or your child's) food is allergy free.

The "Green Our Vaccines" Initiative for Autism

Mrsmith Managing Editor's Note: We'd like you to know that the parent volunteers of Generation Rescue are donating $50,000 to this ballot initiative effort. We are seeking additional donations, large and small, every dollar counts.  You can donate by clicking HERE. When you get to the donation page, click that you want to make the donation in honor of somebody, then during Step 2 you can make a personal note at the final field to enter information, please place the word "Ballot" in the personal note section so your donation can be directed to this cause.  Thank you.

By Kent Heckenlively, Esq.

I'd hoped the Special Masters of the Vaccine Court would put an end to the vaccine/autism catastrophe.  Nobody was more surprised than me by the decisions earlier this year in the cases of Cedillo, Hazlehurst, and Snyder.   

As an attorney I have great respect for the judicial system but the decisions struck me as terribly flawed.  Maybe I shouldn’t have been surprised.  The Vaccine Court isn't really part of the traditional legal system.  It was a creation of the pharmaceutical companies to shield themselves from liability.  Why else would a plaintiff be unable to force a defendant to produce a single document or witness without the permission of the Special Master? These companies and the U. S. government know they have something to hide.

The Vaccine Court also anticipated a small number of claims.  With conservative estimates of 670,000 children with autism and a rate which has gone from 1 in 10,000 to 1 in 100 over the course of about two decades it’s probably difficult for those in the medical and legal systems to comprehend the extent of the damage they've caused.

Kept out of the regular court system, ignored by the media who view our questions as “fringe” and “irresponsible”, and shunned by most medical professionals, we need a new plan.

I have one.  I hope you'll join me in making it a reality.

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Jenny McCarthy and Jim Carrey Reach Out to Disabled Redskin's Cheerleader

Click HERE to read the full story and how you can help at Fox 5.

WASHINGTON, D.C. - There are new developments in the story FOX 5 first brought you about a Redskins cheerleader left disabled by a seasonal flu shot.   Now, Desiree Jennings is adding a boost of star power to her cause.

An organization founded by actors (Generation Rescue*) Jenny McCarthy and Jim Carrey is so touched by Desiree's story that they have reached out to offer not only words of encouragement, but the organization's support.

Desiree Jennings' struggle is getting worldwide attention.

"It's been unreal," Jennings told FOX 5. "I didn't think anyone would even care about my story. People are sitting there crying and I can't understand why..."

* Our sponsor GR was co-founded by J.B. and Lisa Handley. Jenny and Jim joined forces with GR and have continued the fight for vaccine safety and vaccine injury advocacy.

Vaccine Injury Isn't Just for Babies: The Desiree Jennings Flu Shot Story

Des1 Managing Editor's Note: As part of their vaccine safety and injury outreach initiative, Generation Rescue brings us the story of Desiree Jennings. Click (HERE) to learn how you can get involved. A Dr. Vincour, from the U. of Maryland has called Ms. Jennings's symptoms, "psychogenic," which means originating in the mind, not in true physiological illness. In fact, they are going to use her case to teach students about crazy women who think a vaccine could injure them. Psychogenic is akin to the word, "hysteria" which comes from the Greek word, "hyster" for uterus. Hysteria is a female disease. Psychogenic too, in this case, according to the "experts."

My name is Desiree Jennings and I am twenty-five years old. I work full-time as a Marketing Communications Manager for a major Internet company. I am currently working to finish my bachelor's degree in Finance and Economics this fall and hope to continue on to a Masters in Economics in 2010.

In my spare time, I enjoy running and training for races from 5Ks to marathons. I also lead a local run club, training beginning runners for 5K and 10K races. I am training for the National Marathon in DC in March and recently became a member of the Washington Redskins Cheerleader Ambassador team. That was the life that I used to know.

On August 23, 2009, I received a seasonal flu vaccine at a local grocery store that drastically, and potentially irreversibly, altered my future. In a matter of a few short weeks I lost the ability to walk, talk normally, and focus on more than one stimuli at a time. Whenever I eat I know, without fail, that my body will soon go into uncontrollable convulsions coupled with periods of blacking out. 

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Generation Rescue and Autism One Kickoff The Stay At Home Moms March in NJ


Autism One  and Generation Rescue are delighted to join with you to begin a new era of autism advocacy that takes to the streets - your streets - to bring our message directly to the people who are causing - and profiting from - the epidemic.

The Stay-At-Home-Moms March is the start of the biggest autism uprising ever. The March begins with the "New Jersey Rallies for Choice" event on Friday, October 16 . . . There is no end date - we are not going away. The March is a campaign that will continue as long as necessary to end the epidemic, find justice for our children, and hold those accountable responsible for their actions.

Autism is the number one pediatric health crisis in the world today. Our community has waited and waited and waited for those in positions of power to protect the health of our children as the rates of autism and other chronic childhood diseases go up and up and up. We are not waiting any longer.

Welcome to the kickoff event of the Stay-at-Home Moms March. This Friday, October 16, starting at 4:00 pm in Wayne, New Jersey, at William Paterson University, Life Health Choices and the NJ Coalition for Vaccination Choice conjunction with Generation Rescue and AutismOne takes to the streets.

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Jenny McCarthy on the Weight Watchers Lose For Good Program

By Kim Stagliano

Did you catch this on The Today Show? Jenny McCarthy has teamed up with Weight Watchers to help feed hungry children. Did you know she weighed 200 pounds when she was pregnant with Evan? If you've seen her speaking at an autism event, you know she's petite and has a gorgeous figure. She credits Weight Watchers. Who knew? :)

The program is called "Lose for Good" and it works like this. For every pound you lose with Weight Watchers, you donate one pound of food to charity. Fabulous! Just like Jenny. You can find her books HERE and learn about her work for autism at Generation Rescue (our sponsor, also fabulous.)

Jenny McCarthy is the new Bill W.

Bill w By Kent Heckenlively, Esq.

If you had a problem with alcohol in the late 1960s or 1970s you might be quietly approached by someone who said they were "a friend of Bill W."  Bill Wilson was the co-founder of Alcoholics Anonymous and those who had been through his program identified themselves as “a friend of Bill W.”

To be a friend of Bill W. meant you understood certain principles, such as asking forgiveness of the people you’d harmed, and turning your life over to a higher power.  One of my good friends became a “friend of Bill W.” before I met him and remains one of the finest people I know.  He sometimes talks about how much AA means to him and how he has gone onto sponsor other people to become "a friend of Bill W.”  But not a lot.  Being "a friend of Bill W.” also means being humble, regardless of the number of people you may have helped.

The other day I joined a gym.  I haven’t belonged to a gym for years, but for me it’s the best way to exercise.  I know others can be diligent and throw their jogging shoes on and run out the door, but that just isn’t me.  I need a gym.

And since it had been more than a decade since I’d lifted a weight I paid for a couple sessions with a trainer.  The beefy trainer in his early twenties seemed as if he lived a life light years away from my concerns.  In the midst of setting up a work-out routine he asked me about my hobbies, and I mentioned that I wrote for a web-newspaper on autism because I have a daughter with the disorder.

“Do you know Jenny McCarthy?” he quickly asked.

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Generation Rescue Announces Rescue Family Grant Program

Help is on the way From our sponsor Generation Rescue: We are proud to announce our Rescue Family Grant program! Generation Rescue is offering a grant program for first time biomedical autism treatments that may not otherwise be covered privately or by other third-party funding sources such as school districts, county programs, insurance, and/or other grant making entities.

We are now accepting our first round of 250 applications for our Rescue Family program; applications must be received by July 15, 2009.  Applicants who meet the grant program criteria and complete the grant application will be considered for a Rescue Family grant. Rescue Family grants are based on economic need within the applicants specific geographic area.

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Behind the Scenes at “The Doctors” with Jenny McCarthy

The doctors logo By J.B. Handley
I’m grateful to the producers of The Doctors for running their show on Jenny McCarthy’s new book Healing and Preventing Autism and the debate over vaccines and autism(Details HERE). It takes courage in today’s media environment to put a show on national TV like that – hats off to them.
About two weeks before the show, I had an interview with one of the producers over the phone. This is a pretty normal part of preparation for any TV appearance where you discuss your plans for how to approach the show and the producers share some guidelines with you on their goals for the show, etc.
I did my best to explain to the producer that we would be bringing some serious energy and knowledge to the show. Specifically, I told her:
“You need to tell your doctors that they better be prepared and know their stuff. If we show up and they start making sweeping statement like ‘the science has shown that vaccines don’t cause autism’ we will kneecap them on their own stage.”
To further my point, I encouraged her to pass along a newly created website, Fourteen Studies, where the doctors could review all the science on vaccines and autism in one place and get a better understanding of our arguments. She took notes, wrote down the name of the new website, thanked me for all the background, and our call was done.

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Twitter with Jenny McCarthy! JennyFromMTV is Live!

Connabon By Kim Stagliano

Jenny McCarthy is now Twittering at JennyFromMTV. Go check out the glamour and glitz of a Hollywood star!  (Last I checked, Jenny was watching a guy eat a Cinnabon on an airplane.)  Cinnabons are so not GFCF...  I'm not even sure they're food. More like diabetes in a box.

Kim Stagliano is Managing Editor of Age of Autism. Follow the A of A Tweets at FromAgeofAutism.

Jenny McCarthy Inks Deal with Oprah's Harpo Productions

Jenny oprah Managing Editor's Note: From The Hollywood Reporter by Nellie Andreeva. Congratulations, Jenny.

May 3, 2009, 11:00 PM ET

Jenny McCarthy is poised to become the next star in Oprah Winfrey's media empire.

McCarthy has inked a multi-year overall deal with Winfrey's Harpo Prods. to develop projects on different platforms, including a syndicated talk show that the actress/author would host.

The first collaboration under the pact is a blog by McCarthy on, which launched on Friday. Like other Winfrey proteges-turned-TV moguls, including Rachael Ray and Dr. Phil, McCarthy has been a frequent guest on "The Oprah Winfrey Show."

McCarthy talked to the chat queen about her struggles with her son's autism in conjunction with the releases of her best-selling books "Louder Than Words: A Mother's Journey in Healing Autism" and

"Mother Warriors: A Nation of Parents Healing Autism Against All Odds." McCarthy also was part of Winfrey's Friday Live panels twice, including this past Friday.

Read more HERE.

New HuffPost: Jenny McCarthy's Autism Crusade

Healing and preventing jennys book Click HERE to read and comment on a new HuffPost by Dr. Patricia Fitzgerald.  Dr. Fitzgerald is referring to Jenny McCarthy and Dr. Kartzinels' NYT best selling book, Healing and Preventing Autism

Dr. Snyderman, what was that you were saying to Matt Lauer, "There is no controversy?" Why do so many doctors, skeptics and even autism parents think healing or preventing autism is a BAD thing?  

Yes, Man! Jim Carrey on HuffPo "The Judgement on Vaccines is In?"

Jim carrey shor hair Read and comment on Jim Carrey's HuffPo piece, "The Judgement on Vaccines is In?" HERE.

Recently, I was amazed to hear a commentary by CNN's Campbell Brown on the controversial vaccine issue. After a ruling by the 'special vaccine court' saying the Measles, Mumps, Rubella shot wasn't found to be responsible for the plaintiffs' autism, she and others in the media began making assertions that the judgment was in, and vaccines had been proven safe. No one would be more relieved than Jenny and I if that were true. But with all due respect to Ms. Brown, a ruling against causation in three cases out of more than 5000 hardly proves that other children won't be adversely affected by the MMR, let alone that all vaccines are safe. This is a huge leap of logic by anyone's standards. Not everyone gets cancer from smoking, but cigarettes do cause cancer. After 100 years and many rulings in favor of the tobacco companies, we finally figured that out.

The truth is that no one without a vested interest in the profitability of vaccines has studied all 36 of them in depth...

Jenny McCarthy, Jim Carrey, Dr. Kartzinel, JB Handley on Larry King Live Tonight

Remotes JB Handley is on the Larry King Blog right now. Please click HERE to read "Autism Is Preventable and Reversible" and leave a comment.  We've posted the piece below the jump here too.

Tune in to Larry King Live on CNN tonight to watch Jenny and company speak about autism, debate a doctor from mainstream medicine and introduce you to a family with a recovered child.

To hear more from Jenny, check her tour schedule at Generation Rescue. Her new book, Autism Healing and Prevention (written with Dr. Jerry Kartzinel) is available now.  Stayed tuned for a signed copy contest later in the month.

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Autism is Preventable and Reversible. Watch Autism Yesterday Here.

Age of Autism is pleased to host the web-based premiere of Autism Yesterday, a 26-minute documentary exploring autism recovery through the stories of 5 families. 

By J.B. Handley

"AUTISM YESTERDAY" Autism is Reversible from JB Handley on Vimeo.

J.B. Handley is co-founder of Generation Rescue and a contributor to Age of Autism. 

Lee Silsby logo 09 The treatment category is sponsored by Lee Silsby, the leader in quality compounded medications for autism.

Time Magazine Interviews Jenny McCarthy

Jenny and Jerry The Early Show Click HERE to read an interview with Jenny McCarthy in Time Magazine.  The book referred to in the article is Healing and Preventing Autism, written with Dr. Jerry Kartzinel (available at Amazon HERE.) Don't forget to Buzz up the article and post it to your fb pages. In the photo, Jenny is seated with Dr. Kartzinel and has a new methylB12 ReVitaPop in her mouth on the set of The Early Show - which airs tomorrow.

From the Time article:

You write in your book that when your son began to emerge from the worst of his autism he said that having the condition felt like being buried alive. What's the most important thing a parent can do to help draw a child out?

Just remember that there is a very alert, bright, loving sweet child in there who simply looks like he doesn't care and can't hear you. They very much know what's going on. Evan has repeated things to me that I said to him when he was three and in his worst state.

Healing and Preventing Autism By Jenny McCarthy and Dr. Jerry Kartzinel

Healing and preventing jennys book Jenny McCarthy has teamed up with Dr. Jerry Kartzinel, the doctor who recovered her son, to write Healing and Preventing Autism.  Their new book provides all the necessary information about biomedical treatment from diagnosis, dietary interventions and environmental changes for the home, to advanced therapies that doctors use today.

Tune into The Early Show on CBS tomorrow morning (Thursday) to see Jenny. The rest of her media tour follows below.Go to Generation Rescue for updates. And set your TIVO to Larry King on Friday night. Jenny will be on with Jim Carrey, Dr. Kartzinel, JB Handley, Stan Kurtz and a family with a recovered child.

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Generation Rescue Ad in USA Today: Court Again Concedes Vaccines Cause Autism

GR adThis ad from our sponsor Generation Rescue is running in USA Today, today, February 25, 2009.  Click the photo to see a larger size.  Click HERE for a .pdf of the ad.

Thank you to Generation Rescue, Jenny McCarthy, Jim Carrey, Stan Kurtz and GR co-founder J.B. Handley for always putting our children first. Always.

Vaccine Court Awards MMR Victim Millions. Conceals Diagnosis with Word Games.

Spade Managing Editor's Note: If you're joining us after having read the Generation Rescue ad in USA Today, welcome. The Banks v. HHS file link is below.

By Dan Olmsted

Just two weeks after the U.S. Vaccine Court haughtily dismissed claims that vaccines can trigger autism, David Kirby and Robert F. Kennedy Jr. report another quietly settled case that shows the same court ruling exactly the opposite HERE. Clearly, there's something wrong with this picture when the same court can't get its story straight while the fate of thousands of children and their families hang in the balance.

The truth is vaccines can and do cause autism, and even the federal government seems to know it, except when it comes to actually uttering the "A word."

And congrats to our friends and colleagues David and RFK Jr. for relentless pursuit of this important and still-unfolding story.

To read the .pdf file of the 2007 Banks v. HHS Vaccine Court ruling, click HERE.  Or you can read the transcribed copy that follows:

In the United States Court of Federal Claims
No. 02-0738V
Filed: 20 July 2007

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
BAILEY BANKS, by his father




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Government Again Concedes Vaccines Cause Autism

Vaccine silouuette Mysterious Vaccine Court created in 1986 by Congress and the pharmaceutical industry rules in favor of Bailey Banks against HHS.

Los Angeles - February 23, 2009 - Generation Rescue, Jenny McCarthy and Jim Carrey’s Los Angeles-based non-profit autism organization, today announced that the United States Government has once again conceded that vaccines cause autism.  The announcement comes on the heels of the recently discovered court case of Bailey Banks vs. HHS, reported on the Huffington Post.  The ruling states, “The Court found that Bailey would not have suffered this delay but for the administration of the MMR vaccine…a proximate sequence of cause and effect leading inexorably from vaccination to PDD [Autism].”

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Age of Autism Awards 2008 Couple of the Year: Jenny McCarthy and Jim Carrey

Jj2 By Kim Stagliano

It's my great pleasure to honor Jenny McCarthy and Jim Carrey as our Age of Autism 2008 Couple of the Year.

Jenny was smart enough to disbelieve the doctors who told her that Evan's lot in life was cast when he was diagnosed with autism. She roared into action, saying what so many of us have said over the years, "F you, I'm taking care of my son. Get out of my way." (I figure in a post about Jenny I can kind of drop the F bomb.)  Then she got busy recovering him.  But she didn't stop there. She started a crusade to educate parents, doctors, teachers everywhere that autism is treatable. That kids are making great progress and even recovering.

Warrior mothers Somehow she found the time to write two amazing, best selling books to empower other parents; Louder Than Words and Mother Warriors, produce a line of DVD's called Teach2Talk, speak at several autism events and appear on national television and in the press.

Meanwhile, Jim Carrey was busy starring in Horton Hears a Who and his new movie Yes Man. (Have you seen it yet? Go already. You deserve a break.) 

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Larry King Live Postponed for Rerun

Rerun By Kim Stagliano

We regret to inform our readers that Larry King Live's program featuring Jenny McCarthy, Stan Kurtz and J.B. Handley of Generation Rescue has been postponed.  Enjoy the rerun of Brad Pitt talking about married life. 

In the meantime, please feel free to let the producers of the show that you would like to see Jenny McCarthy, JB Handley and Stan Kurtz on with Larry King Live.

Please email Larry's team now at Larry King Guests and let them know.

Watch Larry King Live on 12/20 Jenny McCarthy and Special Guests!

Jenny larryWatch (or TIVO) Larry King Live on CNN on Saturday, December 20th to see Jenny McCarthy and some very special guests. All I'm saying is Just Be sure to watch! Check your local listings for time.

Well, since the lovely Michelle I. guessed it, we can spill the beans.  Send this to all of your friends, family, parent groups, playgroups, lists, Mommy sites and anywhere else you can think of, even your pediatrician.

Jenny McCarthy, JB Handley and Stan Kurtz will appear on Larry King Live Saturday at 9pm eastern, 6pm pacific. The show is focused on autism with very direct discussions about vaccines, how to lower your risks of having a child with autism and how to effectively treat children with autism for their medical issues.

Jenny McCarthy on Sesame Street!

Jenny_on_sesame_streetBy Kim Stagliano

Well imagine my surprise! It's 6:37am. There's no school today so my kids slept in until 5:00am. I'm working on my computer, and I have yesterday's Sesame Street playing in the background. I record it every day. For the girls, that's right. (I adore Sesame Street, I confess. I watch it more than they do.)

Well whose voice do I hear but Miss Jenny McCarthy! She's talking about insects (not parasites....)  Check her out HERE! There's a 30 second intro before she comes on screen.  She does a fine impression of a butterfly!

Don't forget to buy a copy of Jenny's best selling book Mother Warriors for someone on your holiday list!  Give hope for the holidays!

Jenny McCarthy in US Weekly

Warrior_mothers_2NOTE: I've noticed that the usual naysayers are crowding the comments over at US Weekly.  Please click into their site and add your own comment. Parents need to know that our kids are treatable and not trashable... Thanks. K

By Kim Stagliano

Phew! I just got back in from the rally in Trenton. (Amtrak is a great way to travel, by the way.)  I checked my email and we have a wonderful surprise to share with our readers, compliments of Jenny McCarthy, author of the best selling Mother Warriors and US Weekly!

I don't know about you, but I don't have much time to read magazines outside of the Goofus and Gallant column with my kids once a month (good old Highlights magazine!)  And when I do get a chance to indulge in a magazine, I'm either wearing a paper gown with no back or about to have my teeth cleaned.  But tomorrow I'm running to my grocery store to buy US Weekly. Here's why! 


There's more!

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Live from Leather Meets Lace for Generation Rescue

Jenny_and_gene_simmonsBy Kim Stagliano

I just got this photo from Stan Kurtz of Generation Rescue from the 2nd Annual Leather Meets Lace event at the Playboy Mansion.

Recognize that man with Jenny McCarthy, author of the NYT best seller Mother Warriors? Here's a hint.  He used to wear more makeup than she does.  He got to do something most of us autism parents can only dream of (if we actually get to sleep.) "Rock and roll all night and party every day." A certain author and friend of mine with Asperger's syndrome created the exploding guitars this man's band used (see You Tube story below from John Robison's site.

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Leather Meets Lace Fundraiser for Generation Rescue at Playboy Mansion

Leather_meets_laceOn October 4th members of the Motorcycle Charity Associates will host the 2nd Annual Hollywood Leather Meets Lace Ride.  The event begins at 9:00 am PT on Hollywood Boulevard's Walk of Fame.  Motorcycle enthusiasts and celebrities will join together to ride for Generation Rescue to support families and children with autism. 

Later that evening, the event will move to the famed Playboy Mansion where Jenny McCarthy, board member, spokesperson and mother warrior for Generation Rescue will host the 2nd Annual Leather Meets Lace event. Full details on the event are at the Generation Rescue events page.

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Jenny McCarthy and Generation Rescue on FOX LA

Gen_rescue_gifManaging Editor's Note: We're encouraged to see our sponor Generation Rescue featured in the mainstream media. The average person is starting to understand that autism is treatable. From Rodeo Drive to Main Street, we're all making a difference. This is from Fox LA:

Los Angeles  --  Jenny McCarthy's first book was called "Louder Than Words" and it was about her efforts to save her son Evan from Autism. Her new book, called "Mother Warriors" shows how many other parents have fought to find their own child's remedy of interventions, and it teaches parents how to safely navigate through many Autism therapies. She also talks about her work with GENERATION RESCUE. 

Click HERE to watch the video. No embed links from Fox, sorry! 

Vote For Jenny. Now.

VotebabyAnother site has pitted Jenny against Amanda. VOTE HERE.   The folks at Science Blogs have mobbed the site - to the point where the site actually calls them out on it:  [Update: Welcome Scienceblogs readers! Your poll mobbing is indeed impressive.] Bump her book up Amazon's chart HERE.

(PS) Ecorazzi is a combo of Eco for Green and Razzi for Paparazzi.  "News and gossip on celebrities and notables in support of the environment and humanitarian causes." Think Perez Hilton wearing Birkenstocks.  Everything that rhymes with Nazi doesn't deserve the name.  There's no reason to go after their site when they say they were "polled mobbed" which means a group comes in and stuffs the ballot box. All's fair in love and autism, friends. Michael, I'm sorry.  KS

Jenny McCarthy on Access Hollywood

GuiltAccess Hollywood talks to Jenny McCarthy about her heated dressing down by Barbara Walters after she was on The View during her promotion for Louder Than Words. Jenny explains that she didn't understand where Barbara's anger and refusal to believe Evan was in recovery, was coming from, until she learned that Ms. Walters had a sister with special needs. Was there a lingering guilt that more wasn't done for that sister?  Guilt is like kerosene for anger, isn't it? Is that behind much of the anger within certain factions of the autism community today? Guilt that not enough was done for children who are now adults? Guilt or fear of trying to help one's own children? Who has the time for guilt? We have children to help. You can buy Jenny's newest book, Mother Warriors and Louder Than Words HERE.

There's no embed code, but you can click to the Access Hollywood on the OMG! site HERE.

Jenny McCarthy Takes on Amanda Peet

Wrong_wayManaging Editor's Note:  Jenny McCarthy spoke out about Amanda Peet's calling parents who alter the vaccination schedule to protect their children "parasites."  Jenny has walked the autism walk. Amanda Peet has a neurotypical child (God bless her) and knows nothing about what we've gone through with our kids.  Jenny is an advocate and an insider. Amanda is a spokesperson who spouts the words on the page in front of her. There's a big difference. One teaches. The other proselytizes. May Amanda never need our help. But we'll be here if she does.  The LA Times is asking you to "vote" on which Mom you believe HERE. That's utterly disgusting in my mind, to vote on whether you believe Jenny, whose child was on death's door, is the "winner" or not. People think autism is a lark????  KS

"She (Peet) has a lot of [nerve] to come forward and be on that side, because there is an angry mob on my side, and I like the fact that I can say she's completely wrong,'' McCarthy (whose 6-year-old son has autism) tells the upcoming issue of Spectrum magazine, which hits stands Wednesday.

“I look at (Peet) now and say to myself, 'That was me before I had autism in my life,’ and until she walks in our shoes, she really has no idea," McCarthy added.

Read the full Fox story HERE.

Mother Warriors: You've Got to be Carefully Untaught

Jenny_cnn_4By Kim Stagliano

Here are some photos of Jenny McCarthy's appearance on CNN today. Thanks to Stan Kurtz of Generation Rescue for making us all feel like we're part of the tour!  Have you purchased your copy of Mother Warriors yet? Click HERE to go to 

Do you have any idea how many people believe that autism is NOT treatable? Including much of the medical establishment?  For God's sake, we need to teach them otherwise.  Jenny is leading the charge because of her skyhigh platform.  But we can do plenty at the grassroots level too.

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Mother Warriors: A Nation Of Families Healing Autism Against all Odds

Warrior_mothersHi Everyone,

Jenny McCarthy's latest book Mother Warriors is on sale now. This is a critical week.  In order for Mother Warriors to rach New York Times Best Selling status (and for Jenny to have another major media tour to spread the word of recovery) we need to get as many people as possible to purchase her book from Amazon (HERE) or Barnes and Noble (HERE) this week!

Mother Warriors is on sale this week for only $15.00.  Jenny needs to reach #15 on both sites this week and she needs your help.  Please help spread the word.  Now is the time to support Jenny.  From the book:

Rachel, Nikos Mommy writes: I am one of the thousands of Mother Warriors who Ms. McCarthy spoke with during her tour.  She gave us hope and the information we needed to start the healing process for my son. Because of her, we have our son back. We are forever grateful! Please read this book with an open mind and spread the wordso one more child does not have to suffer the way mine did.

Rhonda, mom of Tyler says: "..the most intense book I can say I ever really hits home..."

Bridget, Registered Nurse says, "You'll meet many parents...all with unique [detailed]
stories that end the same way...a recovered child. No thanks to conventional medicine or
it's doctors."

Jenny's Media Tour - This Week!

• Tues., Sept. 30th
Canada AM - LIVE
CNN American Morning -LIVE

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Jenny McCarthy's Media Schedule: Mother Warriors

Jenny_on_tvTune in to Jenny McCarthy this week as she promotes her wonderful new book, Mother Warriors.  You can buy a copy for just $13.50 at our sponsor OurKidsASD.  Keep up with Jenny HERE at the Generation Rescue "Jenny" page.

•  Mon., Sept. 29th
Good Morning America - LIVE
•  Tues., Sept. 30th
Canada AM - LIVE
CNN American Morning -LIVE
•  Mon., & Tues., Sept 29th & 30th
Access Hollywood
•  Thurs., Oct. 2nd
KTTV/Good Day LA
•  Fri., Oct. 3rd
Ellen Degeneres

Katie Wright: One of Jenny McCarthy's "Mother Warriors"

Warrior_mothersBy Katie Wright

Like millions of moms and dads of autistic kids I absolutely adore Jenny McCarthy. Jenny had the courage to share her own devastating experience with autism with the world and inspire and empower parents in the process. No one in the public eye was talking about hope for our kids beyond early intervention until Jenny. Jenny McCarthy traveled around the country listening to parents and shared their struggles with the mainstream autism world that had been dismissing our stories, minimizing children's pain and ignoring successful biomedical interventions. We watched on "Larry King" as the president of AAP claimed he had never had seen one bad vaccine reaction in his practice and that injecting anti-freeze or aluminum into babies was as safe as "breathing air." The president of the AAP was so soundly out-debated by Jenny in their last "Larry King" appearance it was almost embarrassing to watch.

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