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On EVD 68:
FULL MEASURE: June 4, 2017 - Mystery Virus

Hans Litten

Dr. Naviaux and his team at UC San Diego have now completed the first clinical trial of Suramin to treat children with autism spectrum disorders. This was a double-blind, placebo-controlled, randomized clinical trial that was held to exacting scientific standards. Although the study was small (10 boys, ages 5-14 years), its results were nothing short of miraculous. Most significant were the improvements in the core symptoms of autism in the children who received Suramin. None of the children who received placebo showed any improvements. There were no toxicities. Dr. Naviaux has been doing clinical trials for over 20 years and says he has never seen anything like this before. A full scientific report of the results will be published in the first half of 2017.

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The marvellous Kent Heckenlivey !

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Dirty Filthy vaccines :

Han Litten

"Scientists under attack" documentary . GMO

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Cambridge scientists consider fake news 'vaccine'
The appearance of fake news on websites and social media has inspired scientists to develop a "vaccine" to immunise people against the problem.
A University of Cambridge study devised psychological tools to target fact distortion.

This is what we have to put up with in the UK !! And the BBC !!

Hans Litten

It is becoming clearer and clearer why the Big Pharma-owned corporations and crooks wanted so badly for Hillary Clinton to be elected president. She was and is a shill for their chemicals and President-elect Donald Trump could very well be the antithesis of such. In recent years, there has not been a single presidential candidate aside from Trump to stand up to the pharmaceutical industry, but that is exactly what he has done.

By merely speaking out against Big Pharma, President Donald J. Trump has completely changed the tide. Shortly after an interview with the Washington Post in which Trump criticized the industry, Big Pharma lost almost $25 billion in the span of twenty minutes. Should Trump continue that trend, it is very possible that the empire could crumble. Considering how obvious it is that Trump hates Big Pharma, that could happen sooner rather than later.

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Regarding EV-D68 (briefly in this post on FOIA violations):

"Among other matters, the government improperly withheld information about and the mysterious disease EV-D68, which is hitting children around the nation, leaving many paralyzed."

Something about this someone doesn't want to share with the rest of us?


Thiamine, niacin is all added to bread.
Yet, bread with the gluten - even oats cause my feet to hurt.
Is it the gluten setting up some kind of allergy/inflammation issue? Is it the absence of some kinds of microbes, or the presents of too many of microbes that don't poop out thiamine?
They also add
Vitamin D to milk too, even though just walking out in the sun is suppose to do the job. .

Yet here we are, all sick and it is looking more and more like vitamin deficiencies.
President Bush got Graves disease while in office. So did his wife, and so did their little dog too. Yes, look it up.

The Bushes believed in the whole medical complex and I am sure got their flu shots every year as did Ronald Regan.
My Dad is the same age as Bush the elder, and looks like they both are about in the same spot and shape with their Parkinson's Disease. I think my Dad is a bit better off- he is not laying down in his wheel chair like Bush the Elder is, right now. Sure not in the hospital trying to breath. Although he was coughing last night and I am afraid he has caught that head and chest cold that so many are getting his year. It will for sure cause pneumonia in him. Please Lord, don't let him catch it.

The world is just upside down, and "All" are against us.

Does anyone know if drinking a solution of Bs - better than taking a pill?
Apparently just foods with it in it - is not enough.


Thanks for the link to the article Parkinson's and thiamine.

My Dad is pretty far along in his disease. I did notice that since I added thiamine twice a day that he has improved a little. Any improvement is welcomed.

And since kids with autism seem to be getting parkinson's early -- I plan on giving my young man plenty.

On top of that; My son's seizure medicine, Keppra - does deplete B6. The neurologist says too much B6 will cause peripheral neuropathy, just like too little it causes peripheral neuropathy. AND GUESS WHAT! I am the one that found out that it causes a B6 deficiency, never a word for any doctor describing it. What is wrong with the medical profession?

I have a large article printed out about it and it says B 6 vitamin at 200- 100 mg a day is too high. They suggest 2 mg a day. Yet, they sell it in 200 to 100 mg. Do I even trust this article, or the neurologist to know. No one seems interested in taking his blood panels. Hey. is there even some kind of blood panel we could take and trust?

What amazed me was in Dr. Wakefield's "Callous Disregard" Dr. Wakefield said that at the Royal hospital they found that B12 was really high in the blood of kids with autism. They decided that it was because the kids could not absorb the B12 so they were really deficient. They suggested they take a methyl B12 supplement. Anywhere else beside the Royal hospital, and not in a group - all the doctors would have said the levels were fine, more than fine.

So can the medical labs test that cost 130- to 300 dollars, depending on the test - really able to tell us what is going on.

Sick of this, good gosh; we should have left vitamin deficiency in the dust since the big mis step with niacin deficiency in the south at the beginning of the 1900s. Instead it looks like we just wallowed deeper into this mire .

Hans Litten

Several hundred investigations a year. An unparalleled opportunity to shape the truth into propaganda. Control of information about disease. Control out in the field, where EIS agents rush to the scene of “outbreaks,” all the way back through the hallowed halls of academia, into the press, into Big Pharma, into the government.

When I say control of information, I mean disinformation. That’s what the EIS is for. They’ve never met a virus they didn’t love, and if they couldn’t find one, they pretended they did.

They front for the medical cartel. And they provide cover for the crimes of mega-corporations. There’s a town where poverty-stricken people are dying, because horrendous pesticides are running into the water supply and soil? No, it’s a virus. There’s a hotel where the plumbing is broken and human waste is getting into all the bathrooms, and they want this hotel to be the epicenter of a new epidemic? No, it isn’t the plumbing, it’s a novel virus never seen before by man. There’s a section of a city where the industrial pollution is driving people over the edge into immune-system failure? No, it’s a virus.

And here’s the capper. Their propaganda is so good most of the EIS people believe it themselves. You don’t achieve that kind of robotic servitude without intense brainwashing. The first installment of the mind-control program is called medical school.

Psy-op and propaganda begin with the virus hunters of the EIS. They control and own the chokepoint of disease research. They blow up their scanty findings into ex-cathedra pronouncements.

And of course, this strengthens the vaccine establishment because, for every virus, there must be a vaccine: the shot in the arm, loaded with toxic chemicals and a variety of germs.

The EIS. The CDC’s band of brothers. The medical CIA.

“Show me vast pig-feces lagoons, and I’ll show you a virus you’ve never heard of before. I’ll protect corporate criminals from here to the moon…”

Hans Litten

A coalition of governments and charities has committed $460m to speed up vaccine development for Mers, Lassa fever and Nipah virus.

They are asking funders at the World Economic Forum Davos for another $500m.

The Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations (Cepi) aims to have two new experimental vaccines ready for each disease within five years.

New vaccines usually take about a decade to develop and cost hundreds of millions of dollars.

The Ebola outbreak in West Africa, closely followed by the Zika epidemic in Latin America, exposed just how "tragically unprepared" the world is for new outbreaks.

Jeremy Farrar, director of the Wellcome Trust, one of the founding members of Cepi, said: "Before the 2014 outbreak we only had very small Ebola epidemics that were in isolated communities that we were able to control.

(Ever thought about "stand-up comedy" Jeremy?)

Gary Ogden

Hans Litten: There is a very interesting case control analysis for Parkinson's comparing (50,000 college students, followed from 1916-1950) those who had had measles with those who hadn't. Odds ratio: 0.53 for those who had measles. It's PMID is 4061437.

Hans Litten

Does The CDC Have Something To Hide?

You bet your rear it does.

Hans Litten

Establishment medicine considers Parkinson’s disease incurable. Treatment options vary for each person depending on his or her symptoms, but they include medications, surgery, therapy and lifestyle modifications.

Parkinson’s begins with slight trembling or shaking, usually in the fingers or one hand. Some research indicates, however, that a reduced sense of smell may precede the trembling and shaking. Over time, the tremors worsen and other symptoms such as slow movement, muscle rigidity, and difficulty walking appear. Doctors prescribe a drug called Sinemet (developed in the 1960s) or other drugs. Of course, they don’t work. Nerve damage is the problem.

Many of the Parkinson’s symptoms stem from the loss of neurons that produce a chemical messenger in the brain called dopamine. Decreased dopamine levels cause abnormal brain activity, leading to the signs of Parkinson’s. By the time symptoms manifest some 60 percent to 80 percent of dompamine-producing cells are damaged or lost.

Hans Litten


Hans Litten

All the vaccine inserts available for all you Vaccine anoraks !


interesting possible relationship of alpha gal reaction to vaccines

Iain Cook

I just read the consolidated post about Polio and Arsenic. Fantastic work. I just wondered, since high arsenic levels in groundwater are a known/acknowledged problem in some parts of India, whether anyone has looked at whether such areas are or have in the past had particularly bad rates of polio or persistence of polio in the face of mass vaccination.


Urgent message from Polly Tommey -- she wants EVERYBODY to send a letter describing their vaccine injury story in 500 words or less right now:


Vaccines killed my 6 year old son:

Hans Litten

This vaccine is only about 73 percent effective (& that is a massaged figure I bet you)

His son received his first does of Bexsero Meningitis B vaccine at eight weeks, then a follow-up dose at 16 weeks. The couple said they immediately became concerned about their son right after the 16-week injection.

They were forced to call for emergency medical service after waking up and discovering that Bobby was gasping for air, turning blue and experiencing full-body twitches. His seizures began about 10 days later, the couple said, and he experiences an average of four-to-seven of them per day.

Hans Litten

The wonderful Professor Chris Exley ****************

For many years, scientists have claimed that a link between aluminum and Alzheimer’s disease has existed. However, up until now, there has been little evidence to support their claims, which has left the scientific community confused.

However, according to scientists from Keele University in Staffordshire, recent studies have now confirmed that aluminum does play a role, in some, if not all, cases of Alzheimer’s disease.

In an article titled, Strong evidence linking Aluminum to Alzheimer’s, recently published on The Hippocratic Post website, Exley explained that:

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*****************SEEMS BIG NEWS TO ME *************************

The head of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Dr. Thomas Frieden, plans to submit his resignation on January 20th, the day of President-elect Donald Trump’s inauguration.

It will go down in history that he was running the CDC during the explosive #CDCWhistleblower scandal where a senior scientist blew the whistle on the agency for fraud, corruption, and blatant lies on the 2004 MMR Autism study (and probably many more- we are sure that’s just the tip of the iceberg).

Frieden disclosed his plans to resign in a year-end interview with Reuters. His future plans are not currently known.


6 year old still missing wandered away New Year's Eve. Has done this before. The article says nothing about autism. Wandering is the new norm?

Jeannette Bishop

Sharyl Attkisson points out yesterday that Project Censored noted a lack of coverage on the NVICP:

"Boehm’s Cronkite News report indicated that annual revenues of the Vaccine Injury Compensation Trust Fund significantly exceed the amount spent on injury claims through the compensation program. According to Government Accountability Office figures, since 2005 the vaccine court has compensated an average of 190 of the 466 claims it receives each year. During that time, the program’s annual budget has averaged $148.7 million. Some critics of the program, Boehm reported, question the program’s record of stringent compensation, given that it now maintains a $3.5 billion fund. Others contended that the large trust fund is a 'safety net,' maintained by the program in the event that the vaccine court might rule to compensate thousands of families, as could have occurred in 2007 when the court began its Omnibus Autism Proceeding to determine whether two types of vaccines triggered autism in children. In 2009 the court ruled against the families, but if it had not the settlement would have required at least that much in compensation. Vaccine-injured victims are entitled to lost wages, medical and rehabilitation expenses, and up to $250,000 in compensation for pain and suffering. For vaccine-related deaths, compensation is limited to $250,000."

IMO, our government just does not keep funds for a "safety net." And since I've learned the federal government can redirect, without informing the public, funds for some types of projects, I'm concerned this program (and that ability) provides a perverse incentive to add more and more vaccines to the schedule (more taxes coming in funding something or other...) while doing everything it can to restrict actual compensation (since that seems to be what's been done so far, until, maybe, recently with adult flu vaccine injury, which I think is likely only a short-term placating trend).

Gary Ogden

Hans Litten: There is quite a bit about suramin in chapter 14 of "Inoculated." Very interesting research.

Jeannette Bishop

Is the rate of vaccine adverse events reporting actually something near 1 in 200?

Han Litten

question for AoA , or anyone else , does anyone know the latest on Suramin ?

Han Litten

Absolutely incredible article Linda - Let the freemason cull continue

"Dr Vashishtha has been a convener of the ACVIP for four to five years. He is well aware of IAP's ties with the vaccine industry and about members being on the board of vaccine manufacturers. Why is he raising these issues now? The guidelines were taken off the website because there were problems with it and we will take it up in our meeting in January," said Dr Gambhir.


Han Litten

Why are these misc comments hidden away so much ?

Merry Xmas from the cdc (and their criminal Gardakil):

Hans Litten

A new blockbuster drug : "Multiple sclerosis drug 'a landmark'"

A drug that alters the immune system has been described as "big news" and a "landmark" in treating multiple sclerosis, doctors and charities say.
Don't worry it doesn't cure MS or anything. What the headline really means is the Pharma is going to make a a lot money off of Ocrelizumab . That's all .
Chronic illness , lifelong subscription is the name of the game .


Re the mumps outbreak. It's not that the vaccine doesn't work - no - the mildness and lack of complications in this current widespread outbreak among older adolescents and young adults is evidence that the vaccine does work according to the liars.

Of course, in the prevaccine era mumps was mild for most, currently Merck is being sued by its own virologists for lying about the efficacy of the vaccine, and adolescents and adults rarely ever got mumps before the vaccine was introduced. So, NPR and their idiot criminal experts are the CDC's and Merck's accomplices in lying to the American public:

Hans Litten

Nothing surprises me about these criminals anymore .

No recall for glass found in vaccines made in Monroe County

By Sam Kennedy

Sanofi Pasteur, one the world’s leading vaccine makers, had a potentially serious and costly problem on its hands: Its Monroe County plant discovered tiny pieces of glass in batches of a vaccine intended for babies.

The glass was first detected in April 2013 in samples of a vaccine that had already been distributed to customers and which would not expire until September 2014.

Sanofi sent the samples to an outside laboratory for analysis. The lab found evidence of delamination — which occurs when vaccine vials shed flakes of glass called lamellae.

The health risks posed to any individual by vaccine vial delamination are widely believed to be minuscule. None has been documented.

Nonetheless, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration has warned that lamellae could cause serious health problems such as an adverse immune system reaction. When confronted with glass contamination, medical manufacturers have erred on the side of caution, alerting the public and issuing sweeping product recalls.

In at least one case, a manufacturer in 2013 recalled a vaccine with a glass contamination rate that was much lower than the rate Sanofi found in its Haemophilus b conjugate vaccine, or ActHIB.

Sanofi, on the other hand, allowed doctors and nurses throughout the country to continue injecting babies with the potentially problematic ActHIB for another year and a half.

Hans Litten

Celebrating our heroes : (Can AoA do an anniversary article please ?)

Adventures in Autism
News and commentary on the autism epidemic and my beautiful boy who is living with autism.

December 29, 2005

Liz Birt 1956-2005

Yesterday, Liz Birt, one of the original Mercury Moms, was killed in a car accident when the car she was traveling in was struck by a pickup truck.

Liz was a Chicago lawyer who became an autism activist after her son was diagnosed with regressive autism. She was one of the founding members of Safe Minds and founded Medical Interventions for Autism, a medical research charity and was on the board of A-CHAMP. She testified before Congress on the subject of mercury in vaccines and was one of the subjects of David Kirby’s book, Evidence of Harm. Indeed much of the information that Kirby shared in his book was uncovered by Liz.


a link to a review of Bitten by Witch Fever, (re arsenic in wallpaper in Victorian times)

Hans Litten

In the dim reaches of the past, when Americans were more
protective of their now-vanishing freedoms, there was sporadic
opposition to the threatened outrage which a dictatorial central
government sought to impose on every child in the United States. In
1909, the Senate of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts introduced
Bill No. 8; "An Act To Prohibit Compulsory Vaccine. Sec. 1. It
shall be unlawful for any board of education, board of health, or any
public board acting in this state, under political regulations or
otherwise, to compel by resolution, order or proceedings of any
kind, the vaccination of any child or person of any age, by making
vaccination a condition precedent to the attending of any public or
private school, either as pupil or teacher."
No doubt this legislation was drafted by a physician who was
well aware of the dangers of vaccination. Even in 1909, the Medical
Monopoly was strong enough to bury this bill. It was never
submitted for vote.

Jeannette Bishop

This may be the abstract:

Jeannette Bishop

Vaxxed vs. unvaxxed study published:


Excerpt from Rosie O'Donnell's November 26 post "what we see and why":

"my 3.5 yr old daughter dakota
was diagnosed in september
with HFA – high functioning autism

i have been immersed in that world/reality since
learning – reading – asking questions
it’s all autism – all the time
for the newly diagnosed...

1 in 55 kids is an epidemic
donald and i agree on that
and not much else..."

Entire post at

Hans Litten

This is England for you : (adding an admitted neurotoxin to the milk of children)

British Dental Journal 220, 222 (2016)
Published online: 11 March 2016 | doi:10.1038/sj.bdj.2016.162

Fluoridated milk approved for Blackpool children
Over 8,000 children in Blackpool are set to benefit from the introduction of fluoridated milk into their breakfast routine.

A proposal to introduce fluoridated milk to help reduce the risk of dental caries was approved by Blackpool Council's Executive on 18 January. The milk, which is recommended by the World Health Organisation,1 is the latest in Blackpool Council's plans to tackle poor dental hygiene amongst children in the town. Figures show that almost half of 12-year-olds in the town have at least one decayed, missing or filled tooth – much higher than the national average of 33%.

Around 400 children in Blackpool are also admitted to hospital every year to have teeth extracted under general anaesthetic, at a cost to the NHS of thousands of pounds.
Councillor Graham Cain, Cabinet Secretary for Blackpool Council, said: 'Through a number of methods such as education in schools and children's centres, as well as giving away toothbrushes and toothpaste to children, we have managed to raise awareness of the importance of oral hygiene amongst Blackpool families.

'However, where some parts of the country can benefit from fluoride naturally appearing in their daily drinking water, in Blackpool we cannot.
'What we do have is a method through the free breakfast programme that allows us to reach all primary school children as they are growing up and make the fluoride milk available to them there. The scheme will be available to all primary school children but parents will have the option to opt out if they wish.'
A group will be formed combining Blackpool Council, Public Health England, Blackpool Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust and oral health charity the Borrow Foundation to oversee the application and implementation of the scheme.


Look what I found. I don't remember the publication announcement here so pls forgive if I missed it:

Hans Litten


Snowden also wrote, “The U.K. has just legalized the most extreme surveillance in the history of western democracy. It goes farther than many autocracies.”

Matt Burgess, a Wired UK reporter who has done extensive coverage on the bill, wrote on Twitter that the snooper’s charter has “been described as being worse than China’s, yet is passed incredibly easily. 2016.”

Hans Litten

Magda Taylor giving it to them on the BBC right now .
Good on you Magda .

Absolute miracle she has been allowed on the BBC .
I have never heard anything like it on the BBC before !

Who is the "safe & effective" mouthpiece does anyone know ?

Hans Litten

Jeremy Vine on BBC radio2 right now .
And he is allowing our point of view !!!!

"JAMs & Vaccinations"

Hans Litten

What the hell is wrong with sb277 California :

Vote by county Clinton Trump Rpt.
Los Angeles 1,760,729 578,457 100%
Orange 538,554 457,861 100%
San Diego 545,083 372,568 100%
Santa Clara 480,413 136,721 100%
Alameda 486,351 91,189 100%
Riverside 300,686 279,072 100%
San Bernardino 302,366 247,854 100%
Sacramento 251,281 151,793 100%
Contra Costa 272,085 101,395 100%
San Francisco 312,443 34,493 100%

Why wasnt Pan Punished ? And the others ?

Hans Litten

Single dose restores normal cellular signalling in mice !


Re Flumist, please see this thoroughly psychotic attempt to defend live attenuated influenza vaccine (LAIV) after these authors found in mice an increased bacterial carriage in their nasal passages post vaccination that made them contagious. After the mice study, they found the same effect in humans, but in this published response in the medical literature, the authors go round and round acknowledging their damning results followed by singing the praises of the vaccine (and all vaccines), rationalizing what was wrong with the study that it showed a negative effect and back to acknowledging their results again. This ought to be in the dictionary to help clearly define the word "crazy" - May 2014 (and notice how they insist that the vaccine is effective in preventing influenza):

"Reply to “No Clinical Association of Live Attenuated Influenza Vaccine with Nasal Carriage of Bacteria or Acute Otitis Media”: Specific Recommendations for Future Studies
Michael J. Minacorresponding authora,b,c and Keith P. Klugmanb
aMedical Scientist Training Program, Emory University School of Medicine, Atlanta, Georgia, USA
bHubert Department of Global Health, Rollins School of Public Health, Emory University, Atlanta, Georgia, USA
cDepartment of Infectious Diseases, St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, Memphis, Tennessee, USA"


Recently, we reported that vaccinating mice with a live attenuated influenza vaccine (LAIV) led to substantial increases in the dynamics of nasal colonization by important and common bacterial respiratory pathogens, including Streptococcus pneumoniae and Staphylococcus aureus (1). However, as Coelingh and Belshe point out (2) and as we emphasize both in that paper and again here, in contrast to what occurred when mice were vaccinated against seasonal influenza viruses, mice vaccinated with LAIV did not exhibit increased susceptibility to bacterial disease in the lower respiratory tract, which is of particular concern when considering what is known about interactions between influenza viruses and bacterial pathogens (3).

OUR INVESTIGATION RECEIVED CONSIDERABLE ATTENTION, BUT UNFORTUNATELY, A LARGE PORTION OF IT CAME FROM THE ANTIVACCINE MOVEMENT. This is not surprising, as our results—the first to demonstrate an increased level of one pathogen as a result of a vaccine targeted against an unrelated pathogen—can easily, perhaps intentionally, be misinterpreted to seem as though our data advocate against the use of live attenuated influenza vaccines. This is not the case, and we agree firmly with the overwhelming data demonstrating that both LAIV and inactivated influenza vaccines are beneficial in reducing influenza-related disease (4), including from bacterial infections (5, 6). What we demonstrated in our report (1) is that an LAIV induced excess replication of multiple bacterial pathogens in the upper respiratory tracts of mice without causing consequent lower respiratory tract disease....

As Coelingh and Belshe point out, LAIV has been proven to be safe and effective in numerous trials enrolling tens of thousands of children and even adults. However, given the strong emphasis of vaccine research on individual recipients, no trial has assessed the potential impacts of immunization on contacts of vaccine recipients with regard to a pathogen that is distinct from the vaccine target pathogen. We agree that the LAIV is safe and highly effective at the individual vaccine level, even when altered bacterial carriage densities are considered. Indeed, even within our highly controlled mouse system, increased carriage density following LAIV administration was not associated with increased lower respiratory tract disease and may have even reduced severe bacterial disease (1). However, bacterial carriage begets bacterial transmission, and even relatively small increases in bacterial carriage density may increase bacterial transmission to bystander individuals (10, 12), a finding that has been shown in numerous mouse and ferret models of pneumococcal transmission (10, 13), as well as in studies looking at transmission of other pathogens (14, 15).

In the context of LAIV, one could envision a situation whereby a vaccinated individual with elevated bacterial carriage titers may not himself or herself be susceptible to bacterial disease but instead may act as a reservoir for increased transmission. Such a scenario might be particularly important, for example, between young children and grandparents or other elder individuals already having increased susceptibility to pneumococcal disease (12). Additionally, although LAIV is not recommended for immunocompromised individuals, an unintended LAIV effect of increased bacterial transmission might have an important impact on bacterial disease in immunocompromised contacts....

We recognize that this is a new field; indeed, our study is among the very first to suggest the existence of cross-species effects of vaccination on unrelated pathogens. Nevertheless, as we progress into this new millennium, vaccine programs will increase in both size and scope in order to ensure the right to health and wellbeing of all individuals...."

Then in December 2014, the same authors published this:

J Infect Dis. 2015 Jul 15; 212(2): 195–201.
Published online 2014 Dec 11. doi: 10.1093/infdis/jiu804
PMCID: PMC4654764
Live Attenuated Influenza Virus Increases Pneumococcal Translocation and Persistence Within the Middle Ear

From the Abstract:
"Background. Infection with influenza A virus (IAV) increases susceptibility to respiratory bacterial infections, resulting in increased bacterial carriage and complications such acute otitis media, pneumonia, bacteremia, and meningitis. Recently, vaccination with live attenuated influenza virus (LAIV) was reported to enhance subclinical bacterial colonization within the nasopharynx, similar to IAV. Although LAIV does not predispose to bacterial pneumonia, whether it may alter bacterial transmigration toward the middle ear, where it could have clinically relevant implications, has not been investigated.

Results. LAIV increased bacterial transmigration to and persistence within the middle ear. When colonization followed LAIV inoculation, a minimum LAIV incubation period of 4 days was required before bacterial transmigration commenced.

Conclusions. While LAIV vaccination is safe and effective at reducing IAV and coinfection with influenza virus and bacteria, LAIV may increase bacterial transmigration to the middle ear and could thus increase the risk of clinically relevant acute otitis media. These data warrant further investigations into interactions between live attenuated viruses and naturally colonizing bacterial pathogens."

Hans Litten

Kevin Mugur Galalae 2013

Han Litten

****Warning**** FLUMIST
They are flu vaccinating children in Scotland without parental consent TODAY .
They are not forewarning parents the day they plan to vaccinate .
They are not consulting parents at all .
They are vaccinating children without any consent , and just using teacher pupil authority to railroad and pressgang all pupils aged 6-11 ino submission and coercion .

Where are you Nicola Stoogen and the SNP ?
A vaccine the cdc has admitted on it own website DOES NOT WORK .
But this concoction does have the usual laundry list of lifelong contraindications.

Hans Litten (BBC liars & thieves)

Dementia, including Alzheimer's Disease, has overtaken heart disease as the leading cause of death in England and Wales, latest figures reveal.
The Office for National Statistics says the change is largely because people are living for longer and doctors have got better at spotting dementia (try not to laugh here).
Last year, more than 61,000 people died of dementia - 11.6% of all recorded deaths.
The bulk of these dementia deaths were among women.
Dementia and Alzheimer disease accounted for 15.2% of all female deaths, up from 13.4% in 2014.
For men, however, heart disease remained the leading cause of death in 2015.
All types of cancer as a group was still the most common cause of death overall.
In the youngest age group, aged 5 to 19, suicide was the leading cause of death.
Among women aged 35 to 49, breast cancer was the biggest killer.

Han Litten

Absolutely Amazing article

Hans Litten


Hans Litten

REPEAL sb277

Senator Pan you are finished !

Hans Litten;%20The%20Story%20of%20the%20Medical%20Conspiracy%20Against%20America%20(1988).pdf

The Story of the Medical Conspiracy
Against America

Hans Litten

A Book Too Dangerous To Read

Hans Litten


An immunization program administered by the World Health Organization was suspended after reports that as many as three dozen children died after receiving vaccinations.

Relief organizations across the border in Turkey have said that the loss of young life has been extensive, rising to at least 36 children dead while leaving a dozen more in serious condition. “It’s very bad,” said Daher Zidan, who coordinates the medical charity, Uossm. “The figures of dead we are getting go into the 30s. Children are dying very quickly. We think it will get worse.”

Hans Litten

For Dan Olmsted :

Hans Litten

You want to know what Autism is all about , wade through this list :


I looked up Ed Marky- he is the second longest holding an office in the Northeast. He is very involved in energy - global warming.

Perhaps he has noting to do with knowing where the bodies are buried, just could be helpful to keep them that way?

This Elizabeth - is it - is in women's health. You say women's health now a days and I have vision of late term abortions and Dr. Kermit Gosnell and Dr. Tiller.

It all is shady though, shady how they talk - I think I just hate them all right now.

Han Litten

civil obedience is the problem . Fluoride !

Jeannette Bishop

Lots seems to be happening in Italy:

Han Litten

the wonderful Marcella Piper Terry .
There is a revolution coming !

Han Litten

I think Ty Bollinger is a legend !!


Carmen S. Villar, MSW
Chief of Staff
Office of the Director
MS D­14
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)
1600 Clifton Road
Atlanta, Georgia 30329­4027

August 29, 2016

Dear Ms. Villar:

We are a group of scientists at CDC that are very concerned about the current state of ethics at
our agency.  It appears that our mission is being influenced and shaped by outside parties and
rogue interests. It seems that our mission and Congressional intent for our agency is being
circumvented by some of our leaders. What concerns us most, is that it is becoming the norm
and not the rare exception. Some senior management officials at CDC are clearly aware and
even condone these behaviors. Others see it and turn the other way. Some staff are
intimidated and pressed to do things they know are not right. We have representatives from
across the agency that witness this unacceptable behavior. It occurs at all levels and in all of
our respective units.  These questionable and unethical practices threaten to undermine our
credibility and reputation as a trusted leader in public health. We would like to see high ethical
standards and thoughtful, responsible management restored at CDC. We are asking that you
do your part to help clean up this house!

It is puzzling to read about transgressions in national media outlets like USA Today, The
Huffington Post and The Hill. It is equally puzzling that nothing has changed here at CDC as a
result.  It’s business as usual. The litany of issues detailed over the summer are of particular

Recently, the National Center for Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion
(NCCDPHP) has been implicated in a “cover up” of inaccurate screening data for the Wise
Woman (WW)  Program. There was a coordinated effort by that Center to “bury” the fact that
screening numbers for the WW program were misrepresented in documents sent to Congress;
screening numbers for 2014 and 2015 did not meet expectations despite a multi­million dollar
investment; and definitions were changed and data “cooked” to make the results look better
than they were.  Data were clearly manipulated in irregular ways. An “internal review” that
involved staff across CDC occurred and its findings were essentially suppressed so media
and/or Congressional staff would not become aware of the problems. Now that both the media
and Congresswoman DeLauro are aware of these issues, CDC staff have gone out of their way
to delay FOIAs and obstruct any inquiry. Shouldn’t NCCDPHP come clean and stop playing
games?  Would the ethical thing be to answer the questions fully and honestly. The public
should know the true results of what they paid for, shouldn’t they?
Another troubling issue at the NCCDPHP are the adventures of Drs. Barbara Bowman and
Michael Pratt (also detailed in national media outlets). Both seemed to have irregular (if not
questionable) relationships with Coca­Cola and ILSI representatives. Neither of these
relationships were necessary (or appropriate) to uphold our mission. Neither organization
added any value to the good work and science already underway at CDC. In fact, these ties
have now called into question and undermined CDC’s work. A cloud has been cast over the
ethical and excellent work of scientists due to this wanton behavior. Was cultivating these
relationships worth dragging CDC through the mud? Did Drs. Bowman and Pratt have
permission to pursue these relationships from their supervisor Dr. Ursula Bauer? Did they seek
and receive approval of these outside activities? CDC has a process by which such things
should be vetted and reported in an ethics review, tracking and approval system (EPATS).
Furthermore, did they disclose these conflicts of interest on their yearly OGE 450 filing. Is there
an approved HHS 520, HHS 521 or “Request for Official Duty Activities Involving an Outside
Organization” approved by Dr. Bauer or her Deputy Director Ms. Dana Shelton? An August 28,
2016 item in The Hill details these issues and others related to Dr. Pratt.

It appears to us that something very strange is going on with Dr. Pratt. He is an active duty
Commissioned Corps Officer in the USPHS, yet he was “assigned to” Emory University for a
quite some time.  How and under what authority was this done? Did Emory University pay his
salary under the terms of an IPA? Did he seek and receive an outside activity approval through
EPATS and work at Emory on Annual Leave? Formal supervisor endorsement and approval
(from Dr. Bauer or Ms. Shelton) is required whether done as an official duty or outside activity.
If deemed official, did he file a “Request for Official Duty Activities Involving an Outside
Organization” in EPATS?  Apparently Dr. Pratt’s position at Emory University has ended and he
has accepted another position at the University of California ­ San Diego? Again, how is this
possible while he is still an active duty USPHS Officer. Did he retire and leave government
service? Is UCSD paying for his time via an IPA? Does he have an outside activity approval to
do this?  Will this be done during duty hours? It is rumored that Dr. Pratt will occupy this
position while on Annual Leave? Really? Will Dr. Pratt be spending time in Atlanta when not on
Annual Leave?  Will he make an appearance at NCCDPHP (where he hasn’t been seen for
months).  Most staff do not enjoy such unique positions supported and approved by a Center
Director (Dr. Bauer). Dr. Pratt has scored a sweet deal (not available to most other scientists at
CDC).  Concerns about these two positions and others were recently described in The
Huffington Post and The Hill. His behavior and that of management surrounding this is very

Finally, most of the scientists at CDC operate with the utmost integrity and ethics. However, this
“climate of disregard” puts many of us in difficult positions. We are often directed to do things
we know are not right.  For example, Congress has made it very clear that domestic funding for
NCCDPHP (and other CIOs) should be used for domestic work and that the bulk of NCCDPHP
funding should be allocated to program (not research). If this is the case, why then is
NCCDPHP taking domestic staff resources away from domestic priorities to work on global
health issues?  Why in FY17 is NCCDPHP diverting money away from program priorities that
directly benefit the public to support an expensive research FOA that may not yield anything that
benefits the public?  These actions do not serve the public well. Why is nothing being done to
address these problems?  Why has the CDC OD turned a blind eye to these things. The lack of
respect for science and scientists that support CDC’s legacy is astonishing.
Please do the right thing. Please be an agent of change.


CDC Spider
(CDC Scientists Preserving Integrity, Diligence and Ethics in Research)

above link from:

Hans Litten

************NEWSFLASH ***************

Andrew W is in Italy at the moment , he got invited into the senate to discuss Vaxxed.
The film is all over Italian main stream media.


Look at these two PSAs - just published:

Hans Litten

Fantastic news indeed :

Ireland asked to attend WHO meeting over low uptake of HPV vaccine

Uptake in vaccine to prevent cervical cancer low ‘due to huge impact of lobby groups’

Jeannette Bishop


Sorry, forgot to post the link to the Jill Stein interview:


Jill Stein - So lucid on GMOs, so stupid on vaccines:

"...on the anti-vax, that is the birther issue of 2016. I'm a medical doctor, I am Harvard trained, I support vaccines. I did support taking mercury out of vaccines. It was a big public health movement back 2 decades ago. I think that's what they were picking up on to try to distract from my watchdogging of the FDA. The FDA needs to be watchdogged. Not only because there was mercury in vaccines, but because of Vioxx. "

And it goes downhill from there. That's her statement on vaccines. Then she goes on to talk about mercury in fish and then on to GMOs.



Some one give me just a little back ground of who this person is; that they are wanting for the job, and why she might know where the bodies are buried?

Jeannette Bishop

More from wikileaks (re mercury in vaccines, autism):

Hans Litten

From the Hillary Rotten Clinton Campaign & in their own words “conspire to produce an unaware and compliant citizenry” - Presumably ready for their vaxxtermination .

Wikileaks is doing all this :

Hans Litten

Arkansas State Trooper L.D Brown claims Clinto often flew to Central America on the planes flying weapons to the contras and returned to Mena with Cocaine . (search You Tube)

Wikileaks might yet play a part in this .

Chelsea Clinton apparently doesn’t trust her own mother. According to a new Wikileaks release, she launched an internal investigation into the finances of the Clinton Foundation and the ClintonGlobal Initiative.

The Hillary campaign is about to take a deep dive down a never-ending dark tunnel when her supports discover the level of corruption that surrounds the woman and her naughty husband. The most recent email leaks from Wikileaks comes from Hillary Clinton’s campaign chairman, John Podesta, a long-term associate of the Clintons, who was also President Bill Clintons Chief of Staff from 1998-2001. These emails reveal not only cheating habits, but also their belief that the public is uneducated and unaware, and that they intend to keep it that way. But these aren’t the only findings.

Hans Litten

So I have some good news for anyone out there listening .
I do hope the cdc monitor these ever increasing rebellious comments here

Polly Tommey are you there ?
Laura Hayes hear this ? Brett Wilcox ?
Del , Andrew , RobertDN ?
Even the scumsters , Boyle , DeStefano, Gerberding ? Are you listening

I spoke to a very upset man in Mumbai India , father of an autistic boy whose life is coming apart at the seams . He cried watching a film recently ? Guess which film Scumsters ?

VAXXED - you better believe it baby . The most banned film in history has gone global .
Love it so much .

The backlash will be fierce swift and merciless .The revolution is coming .

Jeannette Bishop

Three days left to comment:

Can we have Congress halt CDC funding? I think that may communicate more effectively.

Jeannette Bishop

Since she's not being recommended particularly for the DHHS Cemetery Management Division...yikes, I know nuttin... except that it generally sounds like it means she knows where not to dig (or how to not accidentally do too good of a job) assuming that the current level of transparency indicates no intention of uncovering any coverups by people on said team.

In case this is useful to anyone (I'm not sure these are the actual people in the email):

Han Litten

brett wilcox / a wonderful man & a wonderful 10 minutes

Jeannette Bishop

Pres. Obama just privatized control over internet:

Jeannette Bishop

According to Polly Tommey, upcoming video from the VaxXed team of Suzanne Humphries discusses Gardasil 9 data manipulation (11m40s):

Grace Green

Hans Litten, this sounds to me like another way of saying they are going to force people to be vaccinated who don't consent to "the schedule", because vaccinating as well as quarantining is illogical. Someone who is quarantined because they have a disease will not be made non-infectious by a vaccination. Do you see what they did there?

Hans Litten

The CDC has even coined a new absurd category: “precommunicable” illness. It means that with few or no symptoms—but merely the probability of having contacted someone who had or could have had an illness—a traveler in America can be picked up and held against his will.
The CDC asserts it has police powers to do this.
During the quarantine period, the person has no right to refuse medical treatment—which can include (toxic) vaccinations. After release, the person will be tracked electronically, and this surveillance can extend to an ankle bracelet.

OP TWO: The CDC and its state allies are expanding the promotion of mandatory vaccines. The state of California now has such a law (SB277) for all public and private school children. There is a move to extend the mandate to adults.
So…suppose you are spotted and detained as a person who may have a precommunicable disease. One of the first questions you’ll be asked is: “Are you up to date on your vaccinations?”

If not, you’ll get them. Forcibly.

Hans Litten

New Order of Barbarians - transcript of tapes I-III

Listen to this recording and you tell me .
New diseases (that have never been seen before) will appear .

Hans Litten

In 2010, the Trump Foundation gave $10,000 to Jenny McCarthy’s Generation Rescue, a nonprofit group whose primary goal is to provide hope, information and immediate treatment assistance to families affected by autism spectrum disorders.

Jeannette Bishop

CDC's newest social media campaign #vaxwithme :

Han Litten

The 2016 Nobel Prize in physiology or medicine goes to Yoshinori Ohsumi of Japan for discoveries about the secrets of how cells can remain healthy by recycling waste.

2015 - Three scientists - William C Campbell, Satoshi Ōmura and Youyou Tu - for anti-parasite drug discoveries.
2014 - Three scientists - John O'Keefe, May-Britt Moser and Edvard Moser - for discovering the brain's navigating system.
2013 - James Rothman, Randy Schekman, and Thomas Sudhof for their discovery of how cells precisely transport material.
2012 - Two pioneers of stem cell research - John Gurdon and Shinya Yamanaka - were awarded the Nobel after changing adult cells into stem cells.
2011 - Bruce Beutler, Jules Hoffmann and Ralph Steinman shared the prize after revolutionising the understanding of how the body fights infection.
2010 - Robert Edwards for devising the fertility treatment IVF which led to the first "test tube baby" in July 1978.
2009 - Elizabeth Blackburn, Carol Greider and Jack Szostak for finding the telomeres at the ends of chromosomes.

That science for you , they still have no clue about the cause of all these pandemics :

And I think I know the cause of all this , but am unlikely to ever get nominated

Dan Olmsted

Gary I didn't know that and it's really interesting ...ill check more into it and let me know if you have other thoughts. Sam

Gary Ogden

Dan: For some reason as I awoke this morning I had the urge to pull Leaves of Grass from the shelf, and I did so; as the cats waited patiently to be let out, sitting on the bed, I read. Whitman speaks to me as no other writer of prose or poetry. I rediscovered something I’d forgotten: in 1873, at the age of 54, he was struck with paralysis; he lived nineteen years thus, but it makes me wonder. He had tended to the wounded in the Washington, D. C. area during the Civil War.

Hans Litten

This is very interesting indeed :

Finally someone has stepped up to the plate and hit a homerun regarding constitutional rights and the current vaccine police state we live in. But, the most interesting aspect about all this is: Who is the actor hitting the homerun? It’s none other than the federal government’s Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, the EEOC. Wow!

What’s the basis for the legal action in federal court in Erie, Pennsylvania? Alleged discrimination of religious rights for the firing of six hospital employees who refused flu vaccine shots!

Ironically, the suit was filed against Saint Vincent Hospital founded by the Sisters of Saint Joseph of Northwestern Pennsylvania who, in my humble opinion, should have known better than discharge their employees. (Source)

Not knowing all the facts in each respective employee’s case, I’d venture to say that the hospital also could be charged with violation of the American with Disabilities Act Amendments Act, depending upon which of the “prongs” in that act was/were involved and can apply. If there were added health issues involved, such as allergies to vaccine toxins that also can impact religious rights violations or being a cancer survivor, or another “prong(s)” per the ADAAA, then the feds have an even more ‘potent’ case against the employer, I believe.

I would encourage all employees being mandated to take flu vaccines against their rights to Informed Consent and depriving them of their philosophical or religious exemptions to take note of this court case and bring it to the attention of your legal team and your employer too.

Birgit Calhoun

Do we know why all the wealthy are jumping on the same health band-wagon? Giving back among the wealthy is a form of confession and absolution maybe? It is in reality more likely what is called in anthropology "display of wealth". Furthermore with the Gates I have for a long time suspected that the motive lies in where their money is invested. I don't know where they put their money. However, when I heard that Warren Buffet joined Bill Gates in his charity, I kind of connected some of the dots. The Gates foundation mostly invests in 3rd World Countries. So, in order to be able to market to more people, meaning those who didn't die, it would be to the investors' benefit to promote future expanded computer-use etc. Same goes for facebook's owners who exist by the good graces of the Winkelvoss'. There is little actual charity in advertising a path to greater success via much media-coverage and fame-gaining while at the same time also increasing the number of viable facebook users.

Grace Green

Thanks Cait, got them! (I'm useless with this modern technology.)

Jeannette Bishop

Maybe it's fitting that these seemingly entreprenurial electronic tech guys go into "disease" prevention (ok, it's actually terrifying).

Some say that Facebook has been an ingenious was to get people to maintain by their own effort surveillance files on themselves. For marketing? And/or control?

"Disease prevention" programs have been a pretty good way to get people to voluntarily inject potentially health destroying substances into themselves. For pHarma marketing? And/or control?

And when I tried to delete my Facebook account, they posted a message without providing information on how to respond (complain) that they would keep my account data/postings on file in case I ever decided to re-open it. I assume that if I didn't bother to find a way to contact them in writing, they took that as permission to keep the file, or maybe writing wouldn't have done any good anyway...I didn't try.

And when you decide you've had enough of the "recommended" "disease prevention" tactics, you get sanctions and then it may seem more "easy" for many with concerns to also not even try to act on them.

My favorite messages I've received from Microsoft are those messages that tell me my Windows computer (that recently crashed and hung) was not shut down properly and how to (supposedly) avoid shutting it down inappropriately in the future.

It's like so many "healthcare" providers tellings parents of vaccine injured that the way they thought they saw things happen didn't happen because said providers didn't get programming to expect such happenings.

Robots delivering vaccines and expecting patients to act like robots taking that where we're headed, or where we already are?

John Stone

Spot on Dan - the great top down philanthropic act. A brilliant piece of observation.

Betty Bona

My mother (the wisest person I have ever known - possibly because she was such a history lover) never had any respect for Mighty Mouse. She said that because of all his powers, there was nothing heroic about his actions. Furthermore, she thought he was simply a bully. I loved the theme song and did find some examples where I thought he might be heroic, but I had to admit that he was generally a bully if you looked at it politically and historically the way she did. I don't know if it was meant as a political statement, but my mother read it that way. I was pretty young when I watched the show, but I think I get what you're saying about the Zuckerbergs and all that money. Maybe they are just being a bully with their donations to achieve their own agenda just like the Gates and just the way my mother perceived Mighty Mouse and his extraordinary powers. Money is power.

Jeannette Bishop

Francis Weibel

Scientific American has published an article called "How the FDA Manipulates the Media" at

Cait from Canada

Grace Green, the Don't Be Cruel article and comments are here:


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