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Same Old Story Same Old Song and Dance, My Friend

It's the same old storySame old song and dance, my friendIt's the same old story, same old storySame old song and dance

Fate comes a-knockin', doors start lockin'Your old-time connection change your directionAin't gonna change it, can't rearrange itCan't stand the pain when it's all the same to you, my friend - Aerosmith

By Kim Rossi

Musings on a melting July day. My hope is that we can OPEN hearts, minds and eyes as average Americans outside our community witness the depth of the deception we're seeing today. "Oh, maybe they weren't crazy, tin foil hat wearing loons?" And who doesn't love the Bad Boys from Boston, Aerosmith? Listen at the end of the post.

2007: Age of Autism is launched to tell the world about the man-made epidemic of the vaccine injured into an autism diagnosis.

2007 - 2024: We've weathered ridicule, censorship, punishment, deplatforming, shaming, lost donors, lost sponsors and other similarly lovely insults. What we saw with our own eyes, wasn't true, so we were told.

2020: COVID hits the airwaves, and a pandemic is born. Likely also man-made.

2020 - 2022: Americans turned on each other over masks, 6 feet, the vaccine, and it was open season from friends, family,  neighbors, the United States government including POTUS and of course, the vast majority of the media. Segregation was applauded. Ill will was wished upon the unvaccinated. It became a badge of honor to watch loved ones DIE through a window 5 stories up. Tried and true treatments were called "poison" and shut down while "approved" treatments killed thousands as folks banged pots and pans like lunatics in the streets. Doctors and nurses shimmied, shucked and jived for pharma while gleefully turning away sick patients for lack of an experimental vaccine. "Let them die! They don't deserve treatment!" The miracle vaccine wasn't preventing illness, it wasn't stopping transmission. Side effects were brutal. What we saw with our own eyes, wasn't true, so we were told.

2024: During the American Presidential election, the nation watched our President falter badly during the debate. Badly. Like, "Is there a doctor in the house?"  Whether you're voting for him or not, it was painful to see his faculties so greatly diminished, if not for baseline human empathy reasons, if only for selfish reasons, our enemies saw it too.

And today? The gaslighting has exploded. What we saw with our own eyes, wasn't true, so we were told. Straight from the horse's mouth and his press team just yesterday.

However, this time it's different.  It seems "someone" has given the green light to stop the gaslight. It's interesting to see the about face. Media outlets, pundits, politicians, talk show hosts, average Americans and formerly staunch Biden supporters turning around 180o and marching away. Heck, even author Stephen King Tweeted it was time for the President to step aside. For whom? No one seems to know. How? Another blank stare.

To us, autism is the highest stakes game we've ever been in. And now, the American Presidential campaign is in its highest stakes ever. A marvel, considering we were told we faced an "existential threat to democracy" if Donald Trump won. Yet the competitor who might lose rather than beat him seems unlikely to step aside.


Get to know The Real Anthony Fauci in this #1 best seller from Skyhorse Publishing.

The real anthony fauciReal Anthony Fauci: Bill Gates, Big Pharma, and the Global War on Democracy and Public Health

Anthony Fauci seems to have not considered that his unprecedented quarantine of the healthy would kill far more people than COVID, obliterate the global economy, plunge millions into poverty and bankruptcy, and grievously wound constitutional democracy globally.


Angus Files

True Kim and Laura .I have a friend who developed a cough for the past 8 months.So much so the friend stopped phoning me up which was strange.The other week there she phoned me up and said the reason she never phoned was she had this cough and it was straight after she had a covid vaccine and a flu vaccine at the same time. She said your right Im never having a vaccine again.I said its allright you dont have to tell anybody what happened just believe it yourself nobody will believe you anyway just dont have anymore.
As for Trump v Biden somebody should have thrown the towel in for Joe after the first few minutes got him his slippers and cocoa and put him to bed.It was cruel.

And follows it up with..

He said: "By the way, I’m proud to be, as I said, the first vice-president, first black woman… to serve with a black president."

Thanks again Kim and Laura and all on here who contribute positively.

Pharma For Prison


Ray Gallup

Anthony Fauci is a HORRIBLE human being if you can call him a human being. James Oleske, MD of UMDNJ, Newark, NJ fought for years regarding the fact that children were coming down with AIDS and this JERK in Washington DC was denying it.

He denied COVID was from a lab in China for years. Fauci helped the Chinese to spread this to the USA.


Jamie Dimon is once again getting unwanted attention as a possible Democratic presidential nominee after Biden’s gaffe-filled debate performance


Selection 2024:

On the road with the Jamie D. campaign....
Dire Warning From CEO of USA's Largest Bank


@L land

Your assertions would be far more effective if you gave concrete examples, video clips, etc.
This is a fact based website.


I do not understand after years and years of Joe Biden that all at once every one is saying he does not have the mentality to rule. I mean for heaven sakes, fuzzy, hairy, pool legs, that is just a one horse pony soldier, Guiana eating Biden flesh known fact, as far back as Popcorn bad dude was young.

L Land are you talking about just this last debate? Trump not answering the questions; that was on purpose. Trump did not waste his time telling us what he was going to do for each of us to have child care. That is really beyond the scope, or the responsibility of the government, so he took that time to talk about other issues that the reporters dodge that matters. I kind of resented the effort that the reporters engaged in to direct the listener to pay attention to, "You did not answer the question". It kind of made me mad that they were trying to manipulate me.

As far as the blanket statement that Trump lies, tell me what lies? I am open.
Just as I am open to Trump's campaign promise of creating a vaccine safety committee, was not fully implemented even though he did take steps to begin it. I would love some bull dog reporter to grill him on just what old evil, makes me grind my teeth ; Gates said to him.

L land

And yet no one is talking about the lies and the deranged statements made by Trump. No one is talking about how he could not stay on topic to answer questions. No one is talking about that he is as old as Biden and therefore has all the same ability issues but no Trump is fine

Natalie Riehl

Hi Laura, Hi Kim - It's sickening, as Laura points out, that vaccine injury is ignored by medical practitioners, the legal system, and, I suppose, parents whose children were not injured. In 2020, the term "gaslighting" reemerged in our societal memory and I continue to be astounded that people don't see the lies.

Politics is a sideshow, a diversion to keep the public preoccupied while the treasury is stolen, citizens lose rights, and the controllers take more control. What an evil vision it is to mortally harm children with medical interventions like vaccines.

In June 2023, reporter Caitlin Johnstone wrote an article titled: "5 Questions That Are More Useful Than “What Presidential Candidate Should Americans Vote For?”

Her first question is: 1. Why does nothing change no matter who we vote for?

Laura Hayes

Excerpt below from point #21 in my “Why Is This Legal?” presentation, which echoes what Kim wrote about being told we didn’t see what, in fact, we did see:

“If a mother reports that her child fell from a tree and broke his arm, she is believed. If a mother reports that her child ate strawberries then developed a rash, she is believed. If a mother reports that her child accidentally consumed some toxic cleaner and then began vomiting, she is believed. But, if she reports that her child received 5 syringes full of vaccines last week and her previously healthy and typically developing child is now having non-stop seizures, or inconsolable crying, or is no longer speaking, or is no longer engaging in eye contact, or can no longer walk, or all of the above, she is not believed. She is told that the plethora of vaccines that were injected into her child have absolutely nothing to do with the symptoms she is now reporting.”

Link to full presentation:

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