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Free to Be You And Me on Independence Day

Autism July 4Everything old is new again. Free to Be You and Me was an album and TV special from 50 years ago that sought to bring people together and educate about "women's lib" and social roles. Celebrities teamed up with Marlo Thomas to create a classic. On this Independence Day 2024, we invite you to listen or watch. At AofA we desperately want our children to be free. We want to be free to publish and read books of our choosing. We want to be free to go to school, work, get a donut and cup of Joe. For many of our loved ones, they will never have full freedom because of their autism. But we will never stop hoping and loving and working for a better life for ALL.



Joe's Presidential candidate replacement?


Bill; you poor, poor victim.

Meanwhile those that live in rural America are faced with prejudice as well.
What is rural?
Anyone that is middle class or below that lives in the middle of the country, and shops at Wally World.
That makes us all in the same boat.


Garden party fireworks!
The Patriot: Fireworks......Filmed at Emma Philadelphia's Middleton Place home. Cornwallace actually occupied their property during the Revolutionary war.

No Retreat!


Happy Freedom Day!

Happy Fourth of July to Arthur Middleton, signer of the Declaration of Independence and father of Emma Philadelphia and ancestor of a currently autistic adult:


On this Independence day, what is the US government doing to help disabled veterans or the veteran's children who have disabilities? Very little!
If the veteran and/or their children are of African or Indigenous descent then the government does even less!

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