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Life Is Bowl of Cherries Except For Autistic Adults

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. Reminds Listeners About the CDC Simpsonwood Vaccine Manipulation

SimpsonwoodThank you to Anne Dachel for her transcription genius. Watch the interview, if only to see for yourself why neither Trump nor Biden wanted Kennedy in the debate. His ability to remember, distill and share facts is exceptional.

By Anne Dachel

Bobby Kennedy
is an incredible speaker. Without notes he can cite statistics that show his vast command of information on so many issues vital to Americans.

This was never more evident than during a recent talk with former Navy SEAL and CIA contractor, Shawn Ryan on his podcast.

It was over two and a half hours long, and it was fascinating in its entirety. What really stood out to me was 10 minutes of the interview at 1 hour, 52 minutes.

(Transcribed below)

Here Kennedy talked about SIMPSONWOOD, which was a clandestine meeting of health officials, scientists and vaccine makers held at a secluded conference center in Norcross, GA in June 2000, 20 miles from CDC headquarters in Atlanta.

During this two day meeting, attendees talked about the evidence of a clear link between the vaccines kids were getting and the explosion in neurological disorders, most notably autism.

On the first day they talked about the evidence they were seeing, and the second was all about how to cover it up.

Shawn Ryan Show June 17, 2024

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. - CIA Propaganda & Information Manipulation

The part on Simpsonwood 1:52:20

Shawn Ryan asked Robert Kennedy, Is there anything in that is in the media about you that is completely false?

Robert Kennedy: I would say, almost everything. You can’t say everything because they get occasion facts right.

I think the portrayals of me in the media, my beliefs, whether it’s about vaccines . . . It’s all wrong. . . .

There’s no way to correct it all. . . .The only place you get an honest discussion about that stuff is on podcasts like this, where people are doing the long form. . . .

Ryan: Is there anything in particular that’s in the media about you that you want to address?

Kennedy: I think the biggest sort of constant lie. . . about me is  . . . my beliefs about vaccines.

If you ask any questions about vaccines, particularly during COVID, you were marginalized and vilified. You were gaslighted.

People were injured, who publicly said they were injured, were gaslighted. They were told, no, you weren’t. You’re lying.

Doctors, scientists who tried to explore alternative to the prevailing, received orthodoxy, their careers were destroyed. They lost their insurance policies, their hospital affiliations, their university affiliations. They were vilified.

I’ve been going through this since 2005, when I published in Rolling Stone, an article about a meeting. I published the transcriptions of a secret meeting that CDC had conducted in 2001 [sic] called Simpsonwood, when they realized that the vaccination program was linked to  the epidemic of autism. 

They had done an internal study of a data, the largest medical database called the Vaccines Safety Datalink. CDC brought in a Belgian biostatistician and epidemiologist called Thomas Verstraeten.  . . . This database is the top, it’s all the patients of the top HMOS, the top 10 HMOs. So it has millions of patients.

It has all of their vaccine records, but it also has all their subsequent medical claims. 

You can do a cluster analysis, and you can see if he got the DTP vaccine here, is he more likely to be buying insulin syringes for diabetes five years later.

So it’s a really good tool for figuring out causal links between certain exposures and later medical claims.

They looked at kids who had— At that time, the CDC suspected internally that the vaccine program—

They had gone from the three vaccines I took as a kid to 72 vaccines, and all of a sudden, you had epidemics of all these chronic diseases. So food allergies suddenly appeared around 1989, peanut allergies. I never heard of anybody who had this stuff as a kid.

All these neurological disorders, ADD, ADHD, speech delay, language delay, tics, Tourette syndrome, narcolepsy, ASD, autism. Autism went from one in 10,000, one in 2,500, depending on the studies. In my generation, 70 year old men, the amount of autism, full-blown autism in people my age, I literally have never met anybody my age with full-blown autism. . . .

With my kids, it’s one in every 22 boys, one in every 34 kids.

Something happened, and  Congress directed EPA—Congress said to EPA, tell us what year this  epidemic started, and EPA came back and said, it’s a red line, 1989. 

There are a number of things that happened in 1989, but those diseases, those autoimmune diseases suddenly appeared.

I never knew anybody with juvenile diabetes. When I was a kid, a typical pediatrician would see one case of juvenile diabetes in his career.

Today, one out of every three kids who walks through his office has it.

Something happened. Why isn’t anybody talking about this.

Rheumatoid arthritis suddenly exploded, lupus, all those autoimmune diseases, Crohn’s disease, these exotic diseases nobody ever heard of when I was a kid. Now they’re everywhere.

You have allergic diseases, neurological disease and autoimmune diseases and obesity suddenly appear around 1989.

So there’s a number of things that could be blamed for it. CDC thought, it may be the vaccine schedule. Let’s check.

So they looked at one vaccine which is the hepatitis B vaccine. They looked at kids who had gotten it in the first 30 days, and then they looked at kids who had not gotten it in 30 days. 

In other words, kids who got it later or didn’t get it at all. And they compared these two groups.

Among the kids who got it in the first thirty days, there was, I think, it was a 10,000 percent increased risk gor a later, subsequent autism diagnosis, if you got it in the first 30 days. 

So they immediately knew what was causing it. It was 11.35, so it’s 1,135 percent increased risk.

So they knew immediately— It’s called a relative risk of 11.35. If you have a relative risk of two, causation is assumed. This was 11.35.

The link between smoking a pack of cigarettes a day for 20 years and getting lung cancer is a relative risk of 10. This was 11.35.

So they knew what it was. Then they had an emergency meeting that they called. They didn’t want to do it on CDC campus because they thought it would be susceptible to Freedom of Information requests, so they did it in a very, this remote retreat center called Simpsonwood, which is a Methodist retreat center on the wooded banks of the Chattahoochee River, in a remote part of Georgia.

. . . They had all the vaccine industry, the pharmaceutical industry, from the universities, the ones who test the vaccines, from NIH, CDC, FDA, the World Health Organization, the European Medical Agency. They all got together for two days to talk about his study.

And somebody made a transcript of it, and that transcript was given to me, and I published excerpts from it.

The first day they’re all talking about, oh my God, you know, the lawyers are going to come after us, nobody can deny this, this is bulletproof. There’s no way to argue with this. This is real science,… What are we going to do?

They second day they spent talking about how to hide it from the American public.

I published these things. Then I took a lot of heat at that point.

I’m not against vaccines. I vaccinated all my kids. I was fully vaccinated.

I just think they ought to be tested and we ought to know what the risks are and what the outcomes are.

There are people who are injured by vaccines, there’s no question of that.

There’s a vaccine court that pays them off. It’s paid off billions of dollars to people who have died or [are] severely injured.

What I think we should do is not tell those people they don’t exist, but we ought to acknowledge it, and we ought to be doing the studies to reduce the number of people.

I  don’t want to take away people’s— If somebody wants to get vaccinated, they should be able to get it, but they also ought to know everything there is, what the risks are and what the benefits are.

But if you say that, something that is completely reasonable, you’re called an anit-vaxxer. You’re marginalized and silenced and vilified, and made to look like you’ve committed this heresy that  is dangerous for the whole society.

That’s what they did .. . .

I also think people shouldn’t be forced to get a vaccine, and if you really think about it, most Americans don’t think that either.

Right now, CDC is recommending a ninth booster. . . .  There’s fewer than 10 percent of Americans who are getting it, so 90 percent of Americans have lost faith in CDC. . . .

Kennedy went on to talk about the restrictions people faced because they didn’t want to get the COVID vaccine.

Kennedy continued talking about the failure of federal health care oversight.


 I’m hard on all of the agencies because they’re captive of the industries, they’ve become sock puppets for the industries they’re supposed to regulate.

I mean, FDA gets 50 percent of its budget from pharmaceutical companies. . . .

 I totally agree with Kennedy on the fact that we need to talk about all the poor health outcomes of Americans. He constantly refers to the “chronic disease crisis” in this country.

Autism has been successfully transformed into “neurodiversity”—something to celebrate every April, no matter how much the rate increases. But it’s really hard to pretend that all the kids with the conditions Kennedy listed are good for this country.

Kennedy’s is the only voice talking about this. It’s time this country woke up to the serious decline in our health. It’s our food, our water, our medicine and OUR VACCINES. This is the most important issue out there, especially when it comes to our children.


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Good News!

Woman of faith fired for refusing COVID jab wins massive payday
Her refusal 'was based upon a sincerely held religious belief'


Good News!

Woman of faith fired for refusing COVID jab wins massive payday
Her refusal 'was based upon a sincerely held religious belief'

Gerardo Martinez

Thank you Ms. Anne for this important reminder of this corrupt incident. So shocking that more people and media are not aware of this meeting. So tragic.


Kathy; It is the circle of life.

Well an arch, more like it.

We start off believing all of the lives our government told us; except Del Bigtree's mother, but she is beyond wise.

So after my travels through the arch and have arrived at the pot of gold (anti-vax) all are bad, none are good, won't take another, just try to make me, just come and threatened what is left of my family with their little jobs

Meanwhile: I see those still traveling up the arch.

---- and it is a chuckle.

They are not anti vaccine, why they are pro vaccine, it is just they need to some what questioned.

Soon to their surprise they will find that by merely saying there might be a problem, being all reasonable, it gets them no where and they still bear the label anti vaxer.

Now exactly where is RFKennedy Jr on this Arch? Where is Trump? For sure we know where Biden is. He is the only one I am 100 percent sure of.


Let's not forget the tragic story of Dr Jeff Bradstreet:

Doctor, who claimed vaccines caused autism, dead of apparent suicide after federal agents searched his office

Dr. Bradstreet's office just happened to also be in Gwinnett County, Georgia- just miles from the CDC Yerkes Primate field lab.

Kathy Sincere

Really??!! All these NEW autoimmune and neurological diseases since 1989 (and much earlier). Bobby so concerned about this.

How can you be "fiercely pro-vaccine" and yet acknowledge the great harm they have caused.
A politician for sure.


Thanks Anne for drawing attention to this important bit of vaccine history.

Here are the Simpsonwood transcripts:

Once again, Dr. Orenstein's claim that there were no hotel rooms or car rentals available in Atlanta during the dates of the meeting is laughable.

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