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Protocol 7 Director Andy Wakefield On The Autism Epidemic

Andy wakefield supportAnne Dachel interviewed Dr. Andy Wakefield about his new feature film Protocol 7 - a story of a vaccine whistleblower starring Rachel Whittle, Matthew Marsden and Eric Roberts (I haven't looked yet, but I'm guessing he plays "the bad guy!")  You can learn more and even sign up to host a screening here. We'll be sharing Anne's interview in the coming days. 

But who could talk to Dr. Wakefield and not ask him about the huge increase Protocol 7 posterin autism and its impact on families? We have an AofA category with posts we've written about Dr. Wakefield's journey from boy wonder British pediatric gastroenterologist to worldwide whipping boy for the protection of vaccine programs, governments and the pharmaceutical industry. Few men could have withstood the lashing in the court of public opinion and the British GMC (see photo) and yet stood by our children. We will always be grateful of his support and in awe of his continued work.  Note, the videos are on Rumble. I'm hoping they embed properly. Here are the two links with this interview, in case. Part 1 Anne Dachel Interviews Andy Wakefield About Autism in 2024 and Part 2 Anne Dachel Interviews Andy Wakefield About Autism in 2024  KIM


Dr. Wakefield on the ever-increasing rates of autism around the world

Click HERE if the Rumble video does not embed.

During our talk, I asked Dr. Wakefield about the current situation with autism and the universal acceptance of these disabled children as simply part of human neurodiversity. Those in charge preach that autism has always existed, with no recognition that the stunning rates are real increases. 

Am I surprised that the rates of autism that are now being reported, for example, Scotland, Northern Ireland, England and indeed in the U.S.?

The answer is, sadly, no. 

I mean the graph, if one looks at the trend in autism numbers, incidence and prevalence; you see that they’re a dramatic and sustained increase. 

It’s been predicted to reach one in two by 2032. Whether that holds up or not, I don’t know. Whatever, there is a huge epidemic of these neurodevelopmental disorders. 

The notion that this is due to better diagnosis is utter nonsense. 

This has been shown in the New Jersey numbers. We have the same people using the same diagnostic criteria over time. So using the same diagnostic instrument showing that there is a dramatic increase and saying this is nothing to do with better diagnosis.

That may account for a tiny percentage of it, but we’re having to meet the market demand, the sheer volume of these children coming through.  

So originally, it was a reasonable hypothesis to say among the things that may account for this rise is better diagnosis. But it’s a testable hypothesis. It’s been tested, and it’s been found wanting. It does not explain what’s going on. 

When I was first confronted with autism at the Royal Free Hospital in 1995, I didn’t even know what autism was. We weren’t taught about it as medical students because it was so rare. 

Now the other thing, and this is something that’s rarely pointed out, is that medicine now does not encourage in the same way that medicine did historically, the diagnostic skills that are necessary to be a doctor.  

We’ve got tests, we’ve got scans, blood tests, this, that and the other. 

Back in the day, the best diagnostician, those who were the best observers and describers of human disease, they weren’t of this century, they weren’t even of the last century. They were of the century before. 

They were people like Jean-Martin Charcot from the Salpêtrièrein, Paris.

People like Babinski who worked with him.  

People like Freud who attended his lectures. 

People like Gilles de la Tourette who described Tourette syndrome. 

These physicians were outstanding at eliciting physical signs and symptoms, describing human disease, many of them they couldn’t do anything about.

They didn’t have antibiotics or other things at the time, but they were outstanding at describing diseases. 

So if autism, if something as fascinating, dare I say it and idiosyncratic as autism had existed, it would have been described by these people.  

It did not exist in anything like, anything like the numbers it does now.

If they had seen a case, they would have jumped, and they would have described it meticulously. 

It didn’t happen. Why? Because it wasn’t there.

These are new. These are new kids on the block, terrifying in their frequency and their severity and the consequences for society as a whole, let alone the poor families who have to deal with it.  

Dr. Wakefield had this to say about the future.

RUMBLE VIDEO link in case embed fails

What does the future hold in terms of developmental disorders, autism?

It’s fairly dark at the moment, isn’t it?

It’s going to go on increasing until people more broadly in government, in the regulatory authorities, academia acknowledge that vaccines are a major part, a major part of causing this problem.

They cannot bring themselves to terms with that possibility at the moment. They can’t do it. It’s beyond their wildest imagination to admit that there is something that they believed in so firmly, so wholeheartedly for so long, that actually, they’re wrong.

Some people have invested their entire careers in being wrong. They just have yet to realize it. 

And so we have a while to go. 

However, there are two things in my experience, my recent experience as well, that have changed the dynamic, changed the perception of the public, and this is where, I think, the biggest change will come, is coming. 

That is film. Film has had a profound effect.

Films like VAXXED and Plandemic and others have really woken a lot of people up, and the other is COVID itself.

So the silver lining to the very dark cloud of COVID, this manmade disaster, is that people realized that their trust in big government, their trust in the CDC and others, their trust in the experts, has been misplaced. They have no confidence in them anymore. 

It doesn’t matter what they say. Once you’ve lie to people, once you’ve deceived people, once you have taken away people’s livelihood in order to force your agenda and push your message down their throats, then they will never trust you again. And that’s where we are. 

This is a disaster of their making in every single way.

Let me give you an example. Way back in the early 1990s, when I got involved, there were a handful of people worldwide, physicians, scientists, prepared to talk about this thorny issue of vaccine safety. Now it’s more than half the adult population of the world who simply refuse to comply with this ridiculous regiment of fifth, sixth, seventh boosters, boosters forever. 

People are getting very, very sick. People are getting sick who should never have gotten sick, and who never historically have ever gotten sick, young people, healthy people, sportsmen. 

Everybody’s aware of it now. 

The populous has come in waves to our side of the equation. And people will trust those who’ve brought them the truth for many, many years, or attempted to bring them the truth as they understand it. So it will change, it will change.

Sadly, we will have lost and continue to lose a lot of precious souls along the way.

Anne Dachel is Media Editor for Age of Autism.


High Tea At Aunty Morag's

This is a fantastic chunk of teamwork ,thank you. Dear Benedetta please do not be so harsh and hard with yourself, it is not our fault we have been deceived and betrayed yet again is it ?
The Malthusian Maniacs On A Mission are Terrified of "The Backdraught" from it .! we will not stay uninformed ,History is our good friend and guide !
"As long as grass grows and water runs" John Prebble
.Book Read Free
The Highland Clearances Page 33 By John Prebble.
When the strife begins -the poor man will be needed-The gentry will be calling for him - Over the face of the hills
Echo will answer - Do not be afraid of this day of stress -when you have an abundance of hornless sheep .
Runrig The Stamping Ground YouTube

NULLIS IN VERBA 2Take nobody's word for it "

see Door To Freedom founded by Dr Meryl Nass
Watch >click on video selection
Video --UN Leaders Pact For The Future - A Planetary Emergency -Part 2 By Jacob Nordland November 21 2023
UN LEADERS Pact for the future part 1 By Jacob Nordland November 1 2023
We need to take our time and hurry up with getting fully informed with our surroundings !


Jenny; a mumps vaccine, and it failed, they knew it failed at the worse time (young adulthood) .

Another nail in the coffin for humanity? Another death by a thousands cuts toward population control.

It might be time to always think the worse.

Jenny Allan

Twenty-six years after that fateful Lancet article, we appear to be going 'full circle' in the UK. At the time, Dr Wakefield merely suggested returning to single child vaccines for measles and rubella, in use in the UK for twenty years prior to the introduction of the MMR vaccine in 1988.

The BBC has reported on research in The Gambia where single patch vaccines apparently provided excellent protection against both measles and rubella. Mumps patch vaccine was not part of this research. The measles and rubella vaccines were delivered on separate patches.

From the BBC report:-
"But now, scientists hope microneedle-patch technology can put vaccinations back on track with 95% of children immunised.
The microarray patch sticks to the arm and lots of microscopic needles deliver the vaccine through the skin, with no pain.
"These are extremely promising results which have generated a lot of excitement," said paediatrician Prof Ed Clarke, vaccine and immunity lead at the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine Medical Research Council Unit The Gambia.
"They demonstrate for the first time that vaccines can be safely and effectively given to babies and young children using microarray-patch technology.",there%20were%20no%20safety%20concerns.


When Neurotoxic Aluminum, cancer causing Formaldehyde, Aborted fetal cell DNA from the opposite sex gets shot into infants, babies & toddlers, along with other toxic chemicals to supposedly promote health- the opposite reaction takes place. Sections of the brain stop working properly and the different parts of the brain stop being able to communicate with each other. That my friends is AUTISM! It's now 1 in 22 kids n a bunch of states. Pharma-are you happy now?


Lose a lot of precious souls along the way.
I admit it took me a long time to figure it out.
When I list it down here, just how dumb can a person get.
Still I never thought it would go this far.

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