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May Day


Happy May Day. Did you dance around a May pole as a child? The children in that retro photo surely never heard of autism. Perhaps you attended Catholic school as I did, and placed a crown of flowers on the statue of Mary that was in front of your school? Spring means new life and is about family. Mothers especially. And our babies and children.

April, now called Autism Acceptance Month by many, is taxing. I resent the implication that we do not accept our children. I reject the idea that the world will ever fully accept our children, especially as adults, as much as I wish it were so.

May-day, the international distress signal, is also appropriate today. I looked up the meaning. It is a phonetic version of the French "m'aidez" which means "help me" coined in 1923.

Help all of us.


High Tea At Aunty Morag's

Thank you Kim , "Good God in Govan ,and Holy Arbroath Smokies !" This May is going to be a belts and braces busy one !
Polly Tommy spoke recently about a "Compact Community called 40 Acres " Sounds Great as well and has been achieved before for people living with Cerebral Palsy " Not to be confused with A Cult Commune!" Goals House in the place where The Hills are alive with the sound of music?
Check out their menu!
Anita Baxas MD Substack

Once Upon A Time ? Everything was planned a long time ago?
Goals House Canteen - Nicht alle Tassen im Shrank haben = They duffle coat Divas with Davos are not working with a full set of tea cups and saucers in their own kitchen cups and saucers kitchen cupboards 1
Unter Nact und Navel -under darkness and fog 1
States "These technolwill updatewithin our own biology and change how we interface with the world 2
Klaus Shawb .Altering the Human Being .
Corona Vaccines from a Spiritual Perspective ISBN 978-39100465008
Fergie MacDonald left us tis week but what wonderful stuff he has left us with.
Fergie MacDonald Shinty Referee YouTube
Lovat Scouts Half Skye Terrier Half Scottish Wildcat personality Types are frequently encountered in the Highlands and Islands !Americans call it Half Wolf Half Jack Rabbit personality Types

Visitor IH

Home Free - Mayday


Kim, I went to Catholic School and we went to the grotto near our school every day and placed a wreath of flowers on Mary's statue. I send prayers to the Association of the Miraculous Medal whenever there is a feast day for Mary with a special petition, asking for a miracle cure for my son and others for their autism diagnosis. I will never give up hope that researchers will find the answer and a true cure for our children and adult children with the autism condition. Hope is the only thing we have and the thing that we must never lose sight of for our very loved and blessed children. God Bless them all.

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