Protocol 7 Director Andy Wakefield On The Autism Epidemic

Auti$m $ociety of America Receive$ Multi-Million Dollar Grant from U$Aging for Vaccine Program

Scream nowEt tu, Auti$m Society of America? Thi$ $lipped pa$t u$ la$t year, but a "friend of our$" thought it would be worth $haring. Have you EVER known a product with LE$$ NEED for promotion than vaccine$? It'$ almo$t laughable. Remember, for every action (our work), there i$ an equal and oppo$ite reaction (thi$ big, fat grant.)  If you think multi-million$ is equal to the work we and others have been doing for pennie$ for decade$.  People with auti$m ARE under$erved in a hundred different way$. Vaccination availability ain't one of them.  You want to talk about "health equity? Try finding a DENTIST or a Gyn who will see an adult with autism.


ROCKVILLE, MD, March 3, 2023 –
The Autism Society of America announced today that it has received a multi-million dollar grant from the USAging’s Aging and Disability Vaccination Collaborative (ADVC). The ADVC is an initiative funded by the U.S. Administration for Community Living to provide outreach, technical assistance, and support to promote vaccination uptake.  

“This grant will allow the Autism Society to expand our very successful and highly acclaimed Vaccine Education Initiative (VEI), a public health model that promotes vaccine confidence, education, and access to increase vaccination rates for underserved populations,” shares Christopher Banks, President and CEO of the Autism Society of America.

This grant will help the organization expand its impact with dedicated resources for the VEI, which elevates all of its health equity work, as well as helps address organizational needs across our operations and programs. It is the largest funding event in the organization’s 58-year history. The grant provides an incredible opportunity for network-wide growth as the Autism Society positions itself for the future.

Autism Society of America Board Chair Tracey Staley states, “This transformational funding will allow VEI expansion and the continuation for it to be a major national program for the Autism Society network. The program expansion positively impacts the Autism Society’s strategic initiatives and programs tied to health equity, including public policy, employment, suicide prevention, and mental health.”

The Autism Society of America has already begun work on a 15-month work plan that reflects the organization’s goal to expand impact nationwide by engaging its affiliate network and providing direct services to targeted community sites with under-vaccinated populations.

This grant will offer Autism Society subgrants to upwards of 40 affiliates and locations to execute the work at the local and state levels, further expanding the Autism Society’s highly acclaimed VEI program. The Autism Society will mobilize its tremendously powerful network of national, regional, and local collaborators to execute this initiative in major metropolitan, suburban, and rural areas across the United States.

While focusing on COVID and influenza vaccinations —a critical priority in healthcare — the Autism Society has the opportunity to create systemic change to increase health equity for the Autism community.

The grant will support the following areas of impact:

  • Increase Vaccine Confidence
  • Promote Community Vaccine Education
  • Educate Healthcare Providers
  • Increase Accessibility of Vaccination

To date, the Autism Society’s accessible vaccine model has supported new partnerships with over 60 partners, including national medical institutions and local community leaders. The initiative has also vaccinated over 550 community members, trained thousands of healthcare providers, and educated hundreds of thousands of people through digital content.

“By rewriting the vaccine experience, we are creating a path for increased vaccination rates for Autistic individuals and those with disabilities and complex support needs,” said Banks.

Learn more about the ADVC grant here. Learn more about the Autism Society’s Vaccine Education Initiative here.

For press inquiries, please contact Kristyn Roth at [email protected].



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susan welch

Age of Autism has been, and is, a website to inform and share all things related to autism. It is an invaluable resource and comfort to many, especially families with a loved one on the spectrum.

Oviously anyone who criticises (as you frequently do), must be working so hard to help alleviate suffering in some other way, so please do let us know how you are helpinng. TIA


You are showing your ignorance, nothing new here. If you are going to comment on here, then it would not hurt you to find out who Dr. Bernard Rimland was. He was all else kind. He also was a researcher, and did not mind going into the holy walls of the NIH and asking the researchers and doctors that had done this damage what the problem was, and he got answers. Then he would talk to any parent, any time for free.

Dan Olmsted, about all else he was kind. He was an investigative reporter. He wrote many things, most are here on old post He also co authored a book called
"Age of Autism" with Mark Blaxill.

Kim with three daughters with autism runs this sight.
along with John Stone, over in the UK that also has a son with autism . Parents, just parents doing their best and trying to carry on with kindness, freedom to speak the truth.

And having to put up with little punks like you.


Neither Autism Society or National Council on Severe Autism and sadly Age of Autism is doing very little to helps those with mild or severe autism despite the millions of dollars in donations. Who knows and who cares where the donations come from big pharma or anywhere? People with Autism need: affordable housing with or without a trained care giver, affordable healthcare, supportive employment among other things.


Laura Hayes:
Mark 8:36 comes to my mind everyday. Our nation has become nothing but a green paper nation. I heard that in song just last night, how fitting. I never seen so much cash being funded into everything. It is like they just are printing it out of thin air or something. Kim they might be offered something pretty soon that will set you and your daughter's up for life, so be prepared. Apparently, they sure have bought 100s of acres of all of my neighbors' family farms, along with their way of life! They told them all to keep it hush, hushed for months, and they did! People in my community that I thought loved freedom. What are all those verses in the bible about evil hiding in secret and darkness?

Jeanne; Wow that scripture fits so perfect as well, with the passing of Bernard Rimland and his organization turning into the very evil that he was fighting. Ravished by wolves, exactly! Exactly. All eating green paper.

Daivd Foster I too am amazed what I once knew and have forgotten. You coached his son, and I spoke to Dr. Rimland on the phone, not to mention the connection between Rimland and "Age of Autism". Years have gone by, and no one was able to stop the brain injuring vaccine program, instead it has continued to expand and grow. To the point that it is now encouraging vaccines to be given to the already vaccine injured.

In a world of changing definitions to suit the moment, as in what is a vaccine, to using language to twist understanding instead of clarifying understanding; Ah the book "1984"

I suggest for us the acronym VIBING.

VIBING with Beast
VIBING with pharma
VIBING with fascist government intertwined with big pharma.

vaccine iatrogenic brain inflammation neurological with guile.
Some of you can probably think of better acronyms. Have at it, hoping something will catch all that green paper on fire.

Angus Files

Just shows who the puppeteer,is puling the strings of .Govs around the world.Adding insult to assault to injury caused by big Pharma its vaccines and revolving door cures.Total evil.

Sorry to read Mr Rimlands name and work being embroiled in this,but its what the Pharma dark arts do discredit etc.

Pharma For Prison



The autism epidemic we are seeing is one of the greatest tragedies in human history. Millions of people worldwide have had their lives and their futures totally destroyed by this tragic catastrophe. We, the families are left with the great responsibility of caring for, supporting and providing for the needs of our affected family members and there is no end in sight to the increasing numbers with an autism diagnosis, and society can not even provide for the huge number of 1 in 36 now. We are left to worry endlessly about what will happen to our innocent, damaged children-adults who had the misfortune of receiving this devastating diagnosis. What we need is scientific research and studies of how to medically reverse this ongoing neuroimmune dysfunction, and we need it NOW!

Jeanne J

"I know that, after my departure, ravening wolves will enter in among you, not sparing the flock. " Acts 20:29 niv

I know this scripture is Paul speaker to the Church, but it certainly applies to what happened to the Autism Society of America and to some degree to the Autism Research Institute once Bernard Rimland passed away. The ASA was laser focused on getting Lovaas training for individuals with autism, particularly within the school system. And the Autism Research Institute started the DAN doctors, who feverishly looked into all biomedical treatment protocols to heal those with autism. NOTHING is really being done about treatments now by these organizations - not with the same sense of urgency as when Rimland was alive. It is a very sad day when their focus is now on the very thing that is largely (not solely), but largely responsible for this tragedy in the first place!!!

David Foster

This truly breaks my heart.

I had forgotten that ASA was founded by Bernie Rimland. I knew him as I coached his son in multiple sports in Special Olympics, an extraordinary man with compassion and vision. He shattered the Refrigerator Mom hypothesis, and to my knowledge was one of the first researchers to be outspoken about the link between vaccines and autism. I am so saddened to see how his group was twisted into such an evil monstrosity that it would become a cock holster for our public health agencies looking to reach "under-served" (translation "under-vaccinated") populations.

The Autism Society of America (ASA) was founded in 1965[5] by Bernard Rimland[1] together with Ruth C. Sullivan and a small group of other parents of children with autism. Its original name was the National Society for Autistic Children;[4] the name was changed to emphasize that autistic children grow up. The ASA's stated goal is to increase public awareness about autism and the day-to-day issues faced by autistic people as well as their families and the professionals with whom they interact.[6] Although the group has promoted the pseudoscientific belief that vaccines cause autism in the past, it now affirms that there is no link between vaccination and autism.[7] In 2021, the ASA launched a new brand including a logo consisting of multicolor lines forming a fabric with a new slogan, "The Connection Is You".[8]

Laura Hayes

“For what does it profit a man to gain the whole world and forfeit his soul?” Mark 8:36

That is what came to my mind as I read this article. Of all the things in the world those with “autism” need, it most certainly is not more vaccines. Just evil.

Maybe if we stopped calling it what the perpetrators and profiteers want us to call it, autism, and instead call it what it is, catastrophic vaccine injury, we would educate more people as to what is causing this worldwide tragedy.

A sentence from Adriana Gamondes’ excellent Bystanders article, which ran on AoA last week, continues to stick with me: “Most autism is a crime.” Indeed it is, as are the funding, promoting, providing, and pay-offs for continuing to vaccinate those already so catastrophically vaccine injured.

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