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The Forbidden Scientific Study That Will Change Everything

Your rightsBy Dr. William H. Gaunt, NMD

Former New York Yankees catcher and inadvertent philosopher Yogi Berra once said: “It is difficult to make predictions, especially about the future.” Yogi was correct, but we will still try to predict the outcome of this forbidden scientific study.

What is this study that will change everything?

It is a retrospective study comparing the broad health outcomes of thousands of fully vaccinated children with that of thousands of unvaccinated children. If the big pharma vaccine agenda is correct, this study will show that vaccinated children are healthier than unvaccinated children. If our prediction is correct, it will reveal that unvaccinated children are far healthier overall than fully vaccinated children.

Where can researchers find the health records of thousands of vaccinated and unvaccinated children?                                                                    

It is called the Vaccine Safety DataLink (VSD). It contains the vaccine and health records of millions of Americans. This information has come from several large HMOs (Health Maintenance Organizations) in the U.S. beginning in 1990. The vast majority of children in the U.S. are fully or partially vaccinated. Only about 1% are totally unvaccinated. There are plenty of fully vaccinated children for such a study. The challenge is to find the health records of thousands of unvaccinated children. The VSD contains sufficient data on both vaccinated and unvaccinated children to do such a large study. The problem is that VSD data is locked up tight by the CDC. Independent researchers are not allowed to access the VSD for this type of study. The CDC is dead set on preventing this type of study from being done.

Why is the CDC guarding this data?

Big pharma controls the FDA and the CDC. This is called regulatory capture. The result of regulatory capture is that these agencies no longer focus on protecting the public from rapacious pharma companies. They are focused instead on protecting and promoting what is best for the pharma companies. This type of study may have already been done by the CDC and then buried (not published) because the results would be unfavorable to big pharma.

Here are our predictions for this forbidden study:

The vaccinated children will be much sicker in many ways. They will have far higher rates of the following: autism, sudden infant deaths, asthma, allergies, ADHD, developmental delay, learning disabilities, seizures, tics, speech delay, type 1 diabetes, autoimmune diseases, and much more.  

The predictions above are not just a wild-ass guess.

Many studies have already been done which show that unvaccinated children are healthier in many ways compared to vaccinated children. The book Vax-Unvax: Let the Science Speak by Robert F. Kennedy Jr. And Brian Hooker, PhD covers over 100 studies where unvaccinated groups did better. Buy it and read it if you haven’t already done so. Another great book is Turtles All the Way Down: Vaccine Science and Myth. This book has anonymous authors because people who publish findings or opinions which are contrary to the big pharma vaccine agenda tend to get crushed. They lose their medical license or are shutout from research funding. These authors are apparently still active and don’t want to risk this type of retribution.

How to cheat on vaccine safety studies:

The Turtles authors explain how vaccine safety science is manipulated: the control groups do not get a harmless inert placebo. This ruins the ability to determine the safety of the vaccine being tested. The control groups are deliberately given a toxic older vaccine or a toxic adjuvant so that the injuries and deaths will be similar in the trial group (which gets the new vaccine) and the control group. It is a fraudulent trick to get new vaccines approved. This is intentional and obvious cheating. Most of us know to follow the money: Getting a new vaccine approved is worth billions of dollars.

Get a solid foundation of knowledge on vaccine science:

The Turtles book is my favorite of the more than three dozen vaccine related books I have read. You don’t have to be a scientist or a doctor to understand vaccine science. The authors make it clear and interesting. The first 50 pages provide a foundation of vaccine science information. At the bottom of page 50, the book takes off like a Grisham legal thriller. You will be captivated as the story unfolds. As you read, underline and put stars by the best parts so you can revisit the highlights of the amazing facts and insights they share. Buy and read this book. You will be glad you did.

Do unvaccinated children have higher rates of infectious diseases?

Yes. The real question is whether these infectious diseases are more serious than the diseases mentioned above that we believe occur far more frequently in vaccinated children. Do vaccinated or unvaccinated children have a higher infant mortality rate?  Do unvaccinated children have a shockingly low rate of autism? This study will answer such questions.

How do infectious diseases impact Amish children?

There are about 250,000 Amish children in the U.S. Most are unvaccinated. Serious complications from infectious diseases are rare in Amish children. The rate of autism in unvaccinated Amish children is essentially zero. Big pharma could prove us wrong by finding unvaccinated Amish children with autism, but they basically don’t exist. All the other diseases mentioned above that we believe are more common in fully vaccinated children are also rare in Amish children. Big pharma wants us to ignore the health of Amish children because it doesn’t support their agenda for vaccines.

Here is another group where none of the unvaxxed children got autism:

As reported in the Turtles book on page 211, the Homefirst Clinic near Chicago served families who choose home births and to avoid vaccinating their children. The doctors there could not recall a single autism diagnosis in the thousands of unvaxxed children they had treated over three decades. The big pharma position is that the “vaccines cause autism” conspiracy theory has been totally debunked. That is a lie, but many believe it. The CDC’s own numbers now put the incidence of autism at 1 in every 36 children. Boys get autism at nearly 4 to 1 over girls so the incidence in boys is now 1 in every 22 boys. That is a major reason we need the forbidden study to be done. We believe that the results will show a huge difference in the incidence of autism between vaxxed and unvaxxed children.

Lots of evidence is coming out.

It is very encouraging to see that Vaccinated/Unvaccinated studies are being done as we see in the book by Kennedy and Hooker mentioned above. There is also an organization called IPAK (The Institute for Pure and Applied Knowledge) that is pursuing vaccine truth with Vax/Unvax studies. Check them out at Also check out (Click on “download info” on the home page then click on “Pilot Survey Data Graphs”). These beautiful graphs tell the story. They gathered the health records of 1544 unvaccinated people and compared their health data with that of the general U.S. population. The results are shocking. In their study, unvaccinated adults and children are amazingly healthier compared to those who are vaccinated.

Hope for a brighter future:

Truth cannot be suppressed forever. There is a steady increase in the number of people who realize that big pharma and the CDC are lying to us about vaccines. The percentage of unvaccinated children is already increasing. Evidence from vaxxed versus unvaxxed studies will prevail. That process would be expedited if Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is elected president or is appointed the director of the CDC or to another powerful position, He would force the CDC to open the VSD to independent researchers. This study and other honest vaccine studies could then be done. The results would be game changing. Imagine honest vaccine science instead of fraudulent bought and paid for vaccine science.

The Battle for Hearts and minds:

Most people believe that vaccines are necessary to prevent deadly infectious diseases. That is not true, but it is widely believed and promoted by big pharma. Infectious disease mortality was high in the 1800s and early 1900s but was reduced to near zero by sanitation improvements before most vaccines were introduced. Vaccines had little to do with reducing infectious disease mortality. The Turtles book explains this very well. The failure of covid vaccines has eroded trust in big pharma to some extent but it is still an uphill battle to get people to realize that vaccines are now doing far more harm than good.  

Science Is Never Settled. It is a continual search for truth.

The forbidden study we propose is somewhat unique because of the large numbers of vaccinated versus unvaccinated children that will be compared. That will make the results highly statistically significant. It will be difficult to deny or dismiss the stark reality of this study. Once this study is done, it will be crystal clear that unnvaccinated children have much better overall health compared to fully vaccinated children. Vaccine science will be permanently changed.                                      

William H. Gaunt is a retired Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine. He is a graduate of the University of South Florida in Tampa. He was also a Navy helicopter pilot and later an instructor pilot for the Iranian Navy and the Saudi Arabian Air Force before attending medical school. Dr. Gaunt graduated from medical school with honors. He has also taught chemistry, biology, and anatomy at high school and college levels and has published more than 25 articles related to vaccines.



Great article - always good to revisit things that are known, especially as there are new autism parents made every day.

Re: some of the comments

When Kennedy talks about needing more science, I believe he's talking about the federally funded comprehensive vaxxed vs unvaxxed CDC recommendation schedule or vaxxed vs true placebo trials that THIS page and others like it have been SCREAMING for for years? Really? People are trying to throw shade at him for that? Give me a break.

If anyone here is happy with the status quo, and thinks the (profound) autism services have greatly improved under Trump or Biden, go ahead and vote to keep things the same. Both Biden and Trump have both shown where they stand. They've been given a chance. Years of chance. If you elect them and they don't perform, what is the point of re-electing them? They are both stock market corporatists. This last minute scramble of Biden's to use the EPA to FINALLY make a move against PFOS in water is just an attempt to recapture the attention of the environmentalists who have all but given up on the toothless EPA who continue to register synthetic chemicals without protest while downplaying scandalous decision after scandalous decision, decades wasted just trying to get fluoride out of drinking water for example.
With Trump all we got was a rule that doctors who wanted to practice within their religious convictions were able to report transgressions to a federal reporting agency (yes, helpful for doctors and their groups of patients) and a HUGELY expedited new vaccine development platform that appears to be way worse then the protein-based platforms. What was he, some sort of patsy? Hey, is that religious reporting mechanism even still active under Biden?
With Biden all we see is effort to reign in (admittedly important) diabetes medication pricing, no talk about diabetes actually being a side effect of certain vaccines. But controlling pharmaceutical pricing on a product by product basis ensures decades more of the financial resources needed for lobbying and control, and the Dems seem to think that if only medications are more affordable everything will be great, as if as long as they are affordable, what could possibly be wrong with taking lots of medicine every day.
Under both political groups, the definition of preventative health remains the same: vaccines.

If you ignore Kennedy, you throw out the baby with the bath water. He may not be perfect, but no president can be perfect. Is he better? Yesssss! Do we need someone better in that office? Yesss!
And yes, he will need to represent both the people who don't want vaccines and people who want vaccines. But hey, maybe he is the person who will drive research that develops non-toxic oral and nasal vaccines that provide a more natural immunity by following the natural exposure routes (whether provided by God or evolved by nature, your choice) WITHOUT shedding. Who knows! What he won't do is act as if vaccines are the exclusive way to good health. And what we ALREADY know is he possesses a huge, educated base of knowledge, including about what good trials are vs bad trials, NOW, TODAY. He's ALREADY got a track record of fighting the bad ones and shining the light on the good ones! Can Biden or Trump say that? (hint: no)
Kennedy knows the problems in the world of scientific literature and publishing. He knows what epi-genetic expression is. He is aware of the environmental contributors to chronic disease. He understands the role of the microbiome in health. How many more years of advocacy should be wasted trying to get close enough to a non-Kennedy candidate to educate them to a conversational point so that they can tell the difference between medical bullshit and actual science? How many children will regress into autism while you are educating that uneducated candidate? How many years do parents spend just educating themselves on the issue? It's not a one conversation thing. It is not a quarterly conversation thing. It is a hundreds of hours of reading and educating thing. And he is ALREADY there! He is way beyond there! He knows the questions to ask. Trump and Biden don't even know what they don't know.

There will likely NEVER be another candidate as educated on the issues surrounding autism and chronic health problems as Kennedy. If anyone can come up with the name of someone with the knowledge AND who is willing to put themselves on the line and run for the office, lay it out for me. Tell me what other presidential candidate might base parental rights on religion and science, both? (and shouldn't all exemptions be lumped under philosophical, since religion and allopathic medicine are based on philosophical ideas?) Who is willing to navigate in the gray areas, not just the divisive extreme positions? Kennedy. Where do the majority of Americans fall on the political scale? In the gray area?
One thing I can say with confidence is that at this very moment, pharmaceutical manufacturers are grooming multiple politicians on their goals so that whatever non-Kennedy candidate comes up to bat in this election will be well informed of industry expectations. And they've got soon-to-be-graduating folks in training who don't know they are being groomed for the election after that, too. Pharmaceutical companies know that for every dollar they spend on lobbying congress they will get at least 6 dollars back in profit. Every single person concerned with the autism epidemic should, right now, be advocating in some way for Kennedy. The return on that advocacy will be truth, and tangible progress for YOUR health, YOUR CHILDREN'S health, and YOUR PARENTS' health. The human body IS the primary environment and it doesn't care if you vote liberal or conservative, physics is physics. Trump couldn't care less about that, and Biden and his managers seem to prefer deliberate ignorance.

I posit that the biggest unorganized challenge to Kennedy right now are the naysayers pushing the idea that he can't win. That kind of attitude won't land a man on the moon, will it? Actually, that kind of talk creates apathy. It feels ironic to me that those found behind the podium trying to pull people together on these autism issues for these past many years choose now to sow doubt and divisiveness about the single presidential candidate already knowledgeable and almost totally in line with the issues at hand. Every supporter counts, because going forward, the issues that Kennedy is supporting, ought to be on the other two parties' platforms, because wellness is non partisan. Are they on those platforms right now? Doubtful. Should they be? Yes. Well, how is that going to happen unless Kennedy garners every little bid of support from the very people who believe in those issues. Numbers = power, which is why both parties are trying desperately to minimize him.

I remember when support started shifting to conservative reps when dems were woefully non-responsive. But if anyone thinks that having a Republican run state legislature means protection on this issue simply because a few of them have passed a few protections, look at the cost. And if you are ok with the cost and still believe your rights are safe in a republican controlled state, then look at what happened in the NC courts recently regarding a situation of involuntary vaccination of a highschooler without parental consent, in which the court sided with the vaccine administrators, not the parents, due to the federal level Prep Act. Neither party will get you where you want to be, because both are heavily influenced by armies of people with time, money and easy talking points. They will throw you an occasional strategic scrap as you turn to skin and bones in front of them and make you feel grateful for it.

We need someone at the Federal level, NOW, not 4 years from now. And it needs to be Kennedy.

Laura Hayes

Kathy Sincere,

Thank you for your kind words. You keep writing, too! Great comment you posted on C&C, thanks for posting it here on AoA, too.

Dr. Gaunt,

I agree with all that you wrote in your comment. It is going to be interesting to see how 2024 plays out!


My unvaccinated kids get everything! And then they quickly recover. They've sailed through measles, mumps, rubella, chicken pox, scarlet fever, 5th disease, norovirus, covid, cold, and flu with not a single complication.

They never get ear infections or strep throat, not one case in 13 years.

They've never used inhalers and currently have no chronic disease. (One had a few allergies as an infant he outgrew.)

They are ahead academically with zero behavior issues.

Being fully vaccinated with childhood vaccines, including an extra MMR booster, I got temporary blindness from measles and acute pancreatitis from mumps.

Dr. William H. Gaunt

Thanks Laura Hayes. Good point about RFK Jr. Very small chance that he will be elected or get appointed to a powerful position. He could effectively help Trump get elected if he pulls more votes from Biden than from Trump. I'm not convinced that Biden will ultimately be the nominee for the dems. Lots can happen in the next 7 months. Looks like danger ahead in many areas.


Is this the data base that Geiger and Geiger tried to get into after Congress told them to go look?

Something was wrong with the computers- too old to interface with new, some woman that worked there and had a child with autism got them to work, but they could not do anything with the data but look and write some of it down with pencil and paper. Oh and the CDC heated up the room to a very uncomfortable temperature as they worked. Is this the same?

Didn't the CDC outsource it to be stored by some company which means it can not be accessed since it is out of the hands of the government and the government has no authority (so they say) to get the data from them?

Is this the same system?

Kathy Sincere

Thank you Laura for everything you do. Keep on writing! Agree with you 100%, especially on Kennedy's vaccine stance.

I wrote this comment for this morning. They had a clip of Joe Rogan discussing possible vaccine injury I posted "This has been the business model for the medical community for at least the last 70 years - Womb to Tomb. Jab the babies with mercury, aluminum and toxins, shovel antibiotics and other meds in them, keep it going as long as you can, then suck off the last few dollars they own with end-of-life "care". The Great Poisoning. Hopefully people are waking up!"

Laura Hayes

Dr. Gaunt,

Thank you for this well written article. Seems like we need to keep writing such articles over and over again, frustrating and tiresome as it is, hoping to wake up a few more people each time.

For those who are not inclined to read lengthy books, below are 2 comprehensive vaccine-related presentations I have given, which are different, and complementary. Each link contains both a transcript and video link.

For 2 brief and relevant articles, both printable, here are those links:

With regard to Kennedy, I would recommend caution, as he continues to state that we need “more research” and “safer vaccines”. We need neither. What we need is no more vaccines, destroying people and their futures, from womb to grave. One should ask him whose children he is suggesting for this research, whose pregnant wife, whose pre-teen, whose college student, and whose elderly parents? And on what evidence is he basing his stance that humans need vaccines? Note that he always inserts a caveat when making his vaccine statements, always leaving the door open for the continued use of vaccines, mandates, and government’s involvement in our personal healthcare decisions, for both ourselves and our children. And don’t forget the mantra he repeated for years, whenever he spoke publicly about vaccines: “I am fiercely pro-vaccine. I vaccinated all 6 of my children. Vaccines have saved millions of lives.” Yikes.

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