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Trump on RFK
By Kim Rossi
Managing Editor, Age of Autism

"His (Robert Kennedy Jr.'s) views on vaccines are FAKE, as is everything else about his candidacy."

Donald Trump on his Truth Social site on April 26, 2024, when polls began to show that RFK, Jr. was siphoning off votes from Trump, as well as President Biden.

Today is the final day of Autism Whatever Month. We're about six months away from the 2024 election. As early as 2009, Donald Trump said publicly that he realized autism was a skyrocketing problem, and that the CDC vaccine schedule was a likely culprit.

AgeofAutism.com: Trump Speaks: December 28, 2009

In an interview, Donald Trump said he thinks the rising prevalence of autism is related to vaccinations of babies and toddlers. ”’When I was growing up, autism wasn't really a factor," he said. ‘And now all of a sudden, it's an epidemic. Everybody has their theory, and my theory is the shots. They're getting these massive injections at one time. I think it's the vaccinations.’”

He took heat for it, as does anyone who speaks out against CDC, pharma and vaccination. He stood tall. Or so we thought. What did he have to lose?

Nine years ago, during the 2016 election, then candidate Trump promised he would actively investigate pediatric vaccine safety. JB Handley wrote a piece for Age of Autism:

It’s really not that hard: there is a guy running for President who has a viable chance at the Republican nomination who is telling the truth about what happened to my son and several million other children around the world. He is telling this truth despite the unbelievable influence and pressure of the pharmaceutical industry.

We reacted like having a cold glass of water after a long crawl across the desert. And whom was he going to appoint to head up a fearsome investigative vaccine safety commission if he won the 2016 election? Robert Kennedy, Jr., who was actively involved in what was then called The World Mercury Project, the pre-cursor to Children's Health Defense.

BuzzFeed Interviewed Dan Olmsted and JB Handley about Trump's vaccine safety commission with RFK Jr.  

January 2017  - Trump’s potential appointment was strongly welcomed on Wednesday by many in the activist community who believe that excessive vaccination is spurring an “epidemic” of autism and other chronic diseases among children. US autism rates have been rising since the late 1990s, and now 1 in 45 children are diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder, though the CDC has attributed this to changes in diagnoses and surveys. Thimerosal was discontinued as a preservative in children’s vaccines in 1999, though it is now widely considered safe by the medical community. Many activists feel that Kennedy could spearhead a sea change in how decisions about vaccines are made in the US.

The vaccine commission never happened. Whether Trump ignored his campaign promise, was steamrolled by pharma and CDC or some combination of the two is irrelevant today. The man who claims to be all powerful was weak. He sold out children. Our children. We won't even get into the Covid vaccine's Operation Warp Speed, for which Trump takes great pride and credit. 

Kennedy put his hard fought reputation on the line and has taken a drubbing like no other, because as a life long environmental lawyer/activist AND a Kennedy, he was smart enough to realize that a child's body IS its environment.

And now he is running against Donald Trump in 2024.

When Trump ran in 2016, many prominent autism vaccine injury community men and women threw their hat in Trump's ring.  Some made quite a show of it. We certainly wrote about it. Today? The landscape is far more than pharma and pediatric vaccines. Covid turned our rights upside down, as did the Supreme Court Roe v. Wade decision. Americans are now divided on two healthcare bodily rights fronts. It's really quite something, considering killer inflation, war in Ukraine, war in Gaza, social unrest that rivals the Summer of 1968 and the woeful state of mental and physical health in every American from infants to elderly.

President Biden has ignored autism  (all praise to God) but his soft mandates for the Covid vaccine (remember the winter of sickness and death he predicted with such grim chastising?) and the subsequent barrage of sudden death and heart problems came down hard on the nation, opening millions of eyes among those who had never once questioned vaccines.

Now, in 2024, Donald Trump is back to claim the office he believes has been his for the last four years. But he's not just competing against the 2020 victor, whom he despises. He has a second juggernaut adversary who is nipping at both his and Biden's heels.   Trump's preferred method of dealing with enemies is to launch into a narcissistic rage of tirades, shaming, disrespect, ridicule and even outright lies.

So when that Truth Social message above hit social media on Friday, ears perked up. Way up. Trump is worried. Trump says whatever he thinks voters want to hear. That's not new. It's politics. Candidates break promises six days a week and twice on Sundays. But Trump has elevated it to an art form and another eight years of time has been lost where kids could have been protected better.

We're in for a hell of a campaign season. Trump fears RFK, Jr. Biden fears RFK, Jr. The mainstream media is trying it's darnedest to squelch and vilify the campaign's efforts. Kennedy's reaction?  I  quote poet Maya Angelou, "Still I rise."

So we will watch closely as the months tick away to election day in November.  And we will remind candidates, both Elephants and Donkeys alike, we will never forget your promises to our children.

And whether you honored them or turned your back.

(PS) We aren't endorsing any of the candidates. Our readers come from all walks of life and all shades of political colors, red, blue and purple. Thank you.

Kim Rossi has been Managing Editor for Age of Autism since its launch in 2007. She is a single Mom to three beautiful adult daughters with autism.


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Ray Gallup

If Biden-Harris get re-elected in November you can expect a NUCLEAR WAR either by Joe Biden or Giggling Camilla, who will replace him when he either passes away or his Alzheimer's Disease gets worse. That is if Biden doesn't start one between now and election day. Number One.

More terrorists and criminals will cross our open borders and there will be a major terror incident like September 2001 sometime after November 2024. Lots of young Chinese males of military age invading our country through our southern open borders. Number Two.

The economy will get worse with all the Biden Federal spending and our country's reliance on foreign oil and gas. The inflation rates will climb to double digits. Number Three.


So, feel free to get Biden-Harris re-elected in November 2024 if you want these scenarios to play out.

Enough said!!!


Marianna, The last person Trump will ever blame for anything, including poor judgement, is himself. Not in his DNA.




I was not surprised at the lack of follow-through from Trump. He is deficient in character, ethics, and strength. Felt sorry for those who thought he would actually make a difference in our community. I would have been happy to have been wrong...

John Stone

What a desperate scene - Trump really flailing. Thanks, Kim, for reminding us of how we all got here.

Angus Files

Dont know who Trumps advisors are, but they arent advising him in his best interests.

Pharma For Prison



I understand that Trump DID in fact put RFK Jr on that vaccine commission, but according to RFK, that phony bureaucrat cockroach Fauci stonewalled him so much that RFK ended up finally having to sue to get the proof he had long requested from Fauci - the alleged studies proving safety. Of course we all know there are no such studies - including Fauci. As I recall, RFK didn’t get the one page letter proving there were no such studies until maybe just before the 2020 election, or it might have been just after the 2018 midterms, I think around Trump’s impeachment or COVID, I can’t recall exactly … so that by stalling until that point, by that time Trump’s hands were effectively tied.

What I want to know is, did RFK ever reach out to Trump about the truth about Fauci during that initial stonewalling time, however long it was … and if so, what was Trump’s reaction? Was there anything Trump could’ve done, but didn’t, to help RFK thwart the deep state swamp rat Fauci’s efforts?

I would LOVE to see this addressed in a live tv debate between the two candidates before Election Day. Everybody rightfully hates Fauci now and a good half of the country have woken up and become anti vaxxers, so what would Trump have to lose (besides ego) by admitting his 2016 Washington naïveté and throwing him under the bus? Why risk his supporters’ wrath? What exactly has changed? Did Big Pharma finally get to - even him - somehow? To perhaps prevent him from hiring a wiser RFK this time as a vax czar? Trump’s main point seems to have been at least that he never would’ve mandated anything. Good. But why the recent turning on the anti vax position? That was when his MAGA support first started to crack. Then he had wisely backed off. Why start that up again now?

I keep saying that if Trump loses 2024, it’ll be exactly because of the vax issue. And he’ll have no one to blame for it but himself.


Both parties need to serve the vaccine & drug industry for the millions they will provide for the campaign season, with the hope that nothing will ever change.

Trump in 2012, he seems to understand the problem.


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