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The Defender: ‘The Level of Foolishness Here is Unprecedented’: Researchers Pitch ‘One-and-Done’ COVID-Flu Vaccine for Babies

Guinea pig doctorParents have no idea that doctors are using their precious babies and children as guinea pigs. It comes as no surprise. Parents who won't let their children answer the front door, give them an iPhone with information from the four filthiest corners of the globe. Parents who won't let their child taste a sip of wine at the dinner table willingly put them on black box medicines at an early age. So why should they question exalted vaccines? From Children's Health Defense:

‘The Level of Foolishness Here is Unprecedented’: Researchers Pitch ‘One-and-Done’ COVID-Flu Vaccine for Babies

Researchers at the University of California, Riverside, proposed a new RNA-based vaccine they said could provide durable protection for infants against COVID-19 and flu with just one dose. Experts warn the untested technology could lead to breakthrough infections, higher mortality rates and potential brain toxicity in babies.


John-Michael Dumais

Researchers are pitching a new vaccine that, according to Forbes, could give infants long-lasting protection from COVID-19 and flu with a single “one-and-done” shot — perhaps even leading to a “universal vaccine.”

The research article, published on April 17 in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS) by scientists at the University of California, Riverside (UCR), described how a single dose of a vaccine using “small interfering RNA” (siRNA) molecules demonstrated a “rapid and long-lasting protective immunity” against a lethal virus challenge in immune-deficient mice.

The researchers proposed that an siRNA-based flu vaccine could protect infants without relying on maternal antibodies, according to a UCR press release.

They are considering a nasal spray delivery method instead of the typical intramuscular shot, as “respiratory infections move through the nose, so a spray might be an easier delivery system.”

Experts who spoke with The Defender raised concerns about the lack of human trials and the novel technology’s safety and long-term effects on vulnerable populations.

“The level of foolishness here is unprecedented,” said Brian Hooker, Ph.D., chief scientific officer at Children’s Health Defense. “The immune systems of infants ​​simply cannot tolerate this type of infective agent,” he said. “It will lead to breakthrough infections and higher levels of mortality.” Read the rest of the article at THE DEFENDER from Children's Health Defense,


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Laura Hayes

To further expand upon Kim’s intro to this post, below is a past article of mine, highlighting the pains and steps parents will take to protect their children, except when it comes to vaccines.

“Here Is What I Don’t Understand”

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