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The Defender: ‘The Level of Foolishness Here is Unprecedented’: Researchers Pitch ‘One-and-Done’ COVID-Flu Vaccine for Babies

The Autism Detective An Interview with Anne Dachel

Patricia Lemer interviewed Anne Dachel for her The Autism Detective program. You can find it on Spotify at The Autism Detective hosted by Patricia  Lemer 

Patricia is the author of Outsmarting Autism: Build Healthy Foundations for Communication, Socialization, and Behavior at All Ages. She is a licensed Professional Counselor, with over 50 years experience, and the author of the best seller, Outsmarting Autism, interviews Moms, Dads, therapists, educators, and other professionals. They share clues they follow to help individuals of all ages, on the autism spectrum become the best version of themselves. Learn how biomedical, sensory, motor, visual, auditory, perceptual, homeopathic, detoxification, language, behavioral, social-emotional, energy, vagus nerve, and other therapies can heal our kids.

Patricia introduced the show and asked me about my experience being an autism advocate. She asked me about my son, John, who has high functioning autism.

AnneWhen he was diagnosed, I was told this was a very rare condition. In my little town of 14,000, there probably wasn’t another child with autism. Now every school in this city has autistic kids.

Patricia asked about Age of Autism.

It has been a leading advocate for autism, to inform parents, and to get recognition about what’s really happening. We live in a world that’s trying to normalize this condition, to pretend that this is just part of neurodiversity.

All we need is inclusion. If we just fund enough services, everything will be fine. Numbers don’t matter.

The message is clear: autism is a natural part of childhood. We need acceptance; we need to become autism friendly. 

All these cities are becoming Certified Autism Centers.

It’s just bizarre. No one is worried about autism. We don’t care where it’s coming from.

We ignore things like regressive autism, and one out of every three children with autism actually regresses. They lose learned skills at some point and become autistic. No one cares why that’s happening.

There’s so much that’s just ignored by everyone.

Patricia said that I refer to this as the “autism cover-up.”

Anne: We’ve had IDEA, Individuals with Disabilities Education Act, for almost 50 years. If we’ve had to educate disabled children, even if we didn’t know it was autism, we would be ready to accommodate these kids.

Everywhere, especially in the U.K., they’re going broke having to educate these children who really never were here before.

Patricia explained that she was one of the authors of IDEA, back in the early ‘70s.

Patricia:  Autism was not even one of the 14 disabilities that were in the original law. It wasn’t until the ‘80s that autism was added as a disability.

We were talking about blind and deaf and physically disabled and mentally disabled. We weren’t talking about autism.

Patricia brought up my four editorials on how we’ve been lied to about autism that came out in January.

30 Years of Lies: Part One

30 Years of Autism Epidemic: Part 2

PART THREE Autism: Thirty Years of Lies and Cover-up

PART FOUR Autism: Thirty years of lies and cover-up


Patricia asked about my claim of the lies surrounding autism.

Anne: About 25 years ago, we began to notice autism as a diagnosis. Officially in 2002, the autism diagnosis was one in every 250 children.

In 2004, it became one in 166 children, one in every 102 boys. People were concerned.

There were congressional hearings on it.

Patricia: I attended those hearings. I was there. It was one of the highlights of my career listening to these parents pour their hearts out about their typical kids had regressed into autism.

Anne: After that, about every two or three years, the numbers went up.  And in 2007, it was one in one in 150, 2009, one in 136. It kept going up, and every single time, nobody was worried.

It was always referred to as better diagnosing, greater awareness.

Patricia: That’s nonsense. It didn’t exist. The whole world couldn’t have been blind to it.

The original hearings with Dan Burton, who was a congressman with a grandson with autism, were about the link between autism and the thimerosal, the mercury-containing preservative in the vaccines.

That was like your big lie number one.

Anne: I saw so many articles, they called it ‘safe mercury.’ Of course, after a while they stopped doing that because there’s no mercury that’s safe.

Patricia: In these hearings, parents were saying and testifying that their kids regressed after often the MMR vaccine, but even Barbara Loe Fisher’s son in the 80s regressed.

Barbara Loe Fisher was the founder of the National Vaccine Information Center. https://www.nvic.org/

Her son regressed in the mid 80s.  His wasn’t from the MMR. His was from the DPT, and Barbara wrote a marvelous book called, DTP, A Shot in the Dark.

But nobody paid any attention yet because he was one in a million. He was rare, like your son.

So the rates kept going up.

Patricia brought up the ‘autism-vaccine lie.’

Anne: In1986, they passed the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act because pharmaceutical companies were getting sued right and left because of these injured kids. They went to Congress and said, we’re not going to make vaccines unless you give us protection.

That’s why this act came about, in which they no longer had any liability. . . .

Within several years, the vaccine schedule tripled because you couldn’t sue the manufacturers, you couldn’t sue the doctor. Everybody was benefitting from this.

Supposedly there was a compensation program that if your child was one of those rare one in a million that got injured, you had a federal program, paid for by a tax on each vaccine, that would compensate you. 

Patricia: That compensation program was called VAERS, and it was flooded with cases.

People were compensated. I’ve had people on my show who were compensated because they were able to prove. This was around the time that parents were getting video cameras.

They could show and prove that their child, on his first birthday, was waving at the camera and laughing and smiling. 

And on his second or third birthday, he was gone.

Anne: I was part of the team of people that investigated compensation cases.

We had to really dig to find these families because of the creation of this thing called Vaccine Court.

If your child was injured, you appealed to this court. [A special master] heard your case, and then decided.

There were over 80 cases of vaccine induced autism that were compensated by the federal government.

Nothing made the news; this was all done in secret. . . .  We spent several years looking for these families of injured children.

When we found a family that had been compensated, we contacted them to find out [by] phone, ‘Is your child autistic?’

For 83 of those cases, we found out the government had compensated autism.  . . .

Patricia: But the government didn’t call it autism.  They called it brain dysfunction or inflammation. . . .

Anne: I actually did find parents who told me their child’s diagnosis was autism, and the special master who heard it, said that autism was caused by vaccines. . . .

Patricia: So the first really, really big lie was that there was no link between vaccines and autism.

Anne: And they have the population studies, most of them funded by the pharmaceutical industry or they’re done by people working for the pharmaceutical industry.

The ties are immense. . . .

Our federal health officials, there’s a revolving door between them and the pharmaceutical industry.

Patricia: First you work for the pharmaceutical company, and you become an expert. Then you go work for the federal government so you can lie. It’s pretty scary.

…For every study that shows there’s no link between vaccines and autism, we can find a flaw in that study.

Anne: Most of them are population studies, just looking at numbers of kids. Those are the most easily manipulated research. You pick and choose your study group.

Bernadine Healy, who was the head of [NIH], . . .Shesaid you have to study kids who regressed. She said population studies won’t work.

She was a leading expert in the United States, and she was ignored.

. . . There were several things, meetings that happened that were done in secret. . . .

Patricia: The late David Kirby wrote about these in several books.  . . .

Anne: I got to know him at the time his book, Evidence of Harm, came out, and he was just a regular journalist. He was an investigative journalist, something we don’t have anymore.

He just started looking into thimerosal, and he found out the shoddy history. It had never been studied, but it was allowed in vaccines.

The pharmaceutical industry was too powerful. No one would ever admit anything was wrong with it.

He really uncovered the truth, and he was on a number of mainstream shows, he got a lot of attention. But as I said, the media just let it all fade, and nothing further happened.


. . . He discovered this mercury that was in the vaccines, thimerosal, the mercury-containing preservative, was implicated in causing neurological and behavioral and biological issues.

He also was the one who uncovered these secret meetings. This meeting in a place called Simpsonwood, and he wrote in Evidence of Harm about this in depth. . . .

There are other sources of mercury in many of these families like mercury in the amalgams of many of those moms.

We did a study when I had Developmental Delay Resources, and found that the moms had at least five amalgams containing mercury in their mouths. . . . This was just anecdotal evidence, but it was like, you had them too?  You had them too? Every mom, almost every mom that gave birth to these kids had too many amalgams in her mouth.

We also found there was mercury in Rhogam, which if you’re RH negative and carrying an RH positive baby, then you had to have this Rhogam shot which also contained this preservative.

They lied about all that.

Patricia: Thomas Insel, I want to go back to him. He was the head of this Interagency Autism Coordinating Committee.

Anne: It came out of the Combating Autism Act. . . .

Their goal was to collaborate and come up with the best research on autism and understanding what autism was doing to families.

It was supposed to be, we’re the federal government; we care about these kids. . . .

I knew people who actually went to the meetings, and it was all for show. Nothing ever came out of it.  It wasn’t that IACC ever did anything.  .

Patricia talked about the online autism news source, Age of Autism. https://www.ageofautism.com/

Anne: Our managing editor is Kim Rossi, and she does a fantastic job. She’s the mother of three daughters, all with autism. 

Patricia: She’s quite remarkable.

Anne: She is. It’s easy to access online. Just go to Age of Autism. Every day we post stories there. I write a lot for Age of Autism.

I also have a website called, Loss of Brain Trust. https://www.lossofbraintrust.com/

It focuses on how schools are being affected by all these disabled children, the huge numbers and what it’s doing to the school system.

As a teacher, I started this because it is really personal.

I also have a Substack, https://annedachel.substack.com/  where I post editorials on stories that I find.   . . .

Every day, what I spend my time doing is looking at the news because it’s showing, even though our health officials don’t recognize something is terribly wrong with our children, believe me, the schools know it because these kids are overwhelming education.

Patricia: The next big lie I found when I was reading your material is this whole lie about what causes autism. Is it genetic, is it environmental? The liars, the government and the funders are all going down the wrong hole.

Anne: [They’ve] spent 20 years doing research on autism genetics and ignoring these increases because there can’t be such a thing as a genetic epidemic. Genes don’t change that fast.

Their pretense is that there has not been an increase in autism. There has never been. It’s always been like this, we did not recognize what it was.  . . .

Patricia asked about a genetic predisposition to develop autism.

Anne: Not everyone that smokes gets lung cancer. Not everyone that’s vaccinated with things like the live virus vaccine, MMR, or mercury in vaccines, not everybody is going to be affected.

There are genetic susceptibilities out there, especially depending on the condition of your child, how many vaccines they get at the same time.  . . .

Patricia: And it’s also what condition their immune system is in when they get these vaccines. Are they healthy? Are they allergic? Have they come off of antibiotics?

There are so many factors.

These genes, a lot of them are in the detoxification pathways. They’re from a specific group, some of them called the MTHFR, which are genes that allow us to detoxify. . . .

 Anne:  . . .We line every child up. We don’t look into their medical history; we don’t look into their families. We just line everybody up and they all get the same vaccine schedule. . . .

These vaccines are studied, when they are studied, individually, but they’re given—you’ll get six, seven vaccines at a time.. . .

So many studies coming out ten years ago, fifteen years ago, . . .they connected it to fat moms, smoking moms, drinking moms, kind of went back to the old blame the refrigerator mom. It was all the habits the mother had.

Patricia: . . . We know that it really is an environmental disaster.

Your friend, Ken Stoller, a doctor in the field, he called it a “neuro-environmental disaster.”

Anne: I often consult him because he is so up on everything.

I mean, this simply can’t continue. First of all, we’ve had 20 years of cover-up where each and every time the autism rate went up, there was an official denying that it was a real increase.

And we are seeing numbers here now—

In Ireland, it’s one in every 21 children has autism, one in every 13 boys.

In Northern Ireland, it’s one in every 20.

In Australia, it’s one in every 25 kids has autism.

Florida, one in every 20 kids.

There should be flares going off with that.

Patricia: People should be screaming in the streets.

Anne: You will never find where a federal health official ever described autism as a crisis.

“Serious public health concern” is the strongest language officials have ever used, and I can speak from 20 years of experience reading everything that they put out. 

Patricia: It’s really, really sad.

Why do you think it’s more in these U.K. countries?

Anne: I don’t know. I think it’s because they’re seeing it in the schools and it’s having such a dramatic effect.

If you look at my Substack, https://annedachel.substack.com/ I’m putting out alarming stories.

If you go to Loss of Brain Trust, https://www.lossofbraintrust.com/ I’m writing more on the U.K. than I do on the U.S. . . .

It is actually bankrupting things over there. Schools are paid for by their county councils, local councils.

I have a story today where the county is facing bankruptcy right now because they can’t pay for all the special ed.

And if you look into the story, the special ed is autism. . . .

Patricia: When we wrote the law on IDEA, the learning disabled kids used 80 percent of the funding that was meant for the blind, the deaf and what we used to call mentally retarded, we now call cognitively impaired, and the physically disabled, the kids in wheelchairs.

There weren’t that many of them. There were so many that we learning disabled.

Now you’re saying the majority of kids in special edare on the autism spectrum.

Anne: It’s autism or it’s social emotional, which is so related to autism, it’s just a different kind of damage. I always say, we don’t have special ed anymore, we have behavioral ed. . . .

You’re right. It isn’t the child with Down Syndrome, it isn’t the deaf kid, . . .

In the U.K., all over they’re going bankrupt because of the rise of autism.

Patricia: Some of it is also because of the changes in the schools. . . .

They’re demanding academics earlier. They’re taking away movement opportunity.

The schools have changed too. The demands are inappropriate.

Anne:  Even where I teach, we have interventionists and behavioral specialists now, which, when I started teaching, I never heard of people like that.  . . .

Patricia: What kinds of treatments and services should our families be getting?  We can’t depend on the schools to do everything.

Anne: First of all, autism is a biomedical problem. They can have really severe gut issues. They need to have their physical needs met.

All we do is champion ABA, Applied Behavioral Analysis . . . .

They define autism as a lack of communication skills, inability at social interaction.  . . .

We downplay what autism is, what so many parents are living with.

They have adult children still I diapers, nonverbal. They wear helmets because they hit their heads. They can be very violent.

This is not the side of autism we’ll be seeing in April.

Patricia: And this is 30 percent of the autism community. When I read that in your editorial, I was amazed that 30 percent are profoundly autistic.

Anne: And that’s from the CDC’s own statistic. It’s not that I’m saying something that they contradict. This is what they acknowledge. They just don’t focus on it..

Patricia: So parents are forced to go outside their school system to look for help and then they have to go to their insurance companies, which are also part of the lies because they don’t want to pay for any of the things that the kids need.

Anne: What I’m seeing, especially from stories from the U.K., they’re seeing much “more complex needs.”

We’re seeing actually, things getting worse and they’re planning for things to be worse in the schools there. 

Patricia: . . .These lies, lies and more lies from our medical community, the federal government, and the insurance companies. This huge autism cover-up, denying that our kids are biologically sick.

What’s going to happen? What’s this world going to look like in 25 years, 50 years, when you and I aren’t here?

Anne: When you look at the numbers, like I said, one in every 25 kids in Australia, one in every 20 in Northern Ireland. I think it’s one in 22 in California.

We’re going to have to pay for these kids, and they’re going to live long lives.

We’ve never had an epidemic in the world—usually if there’d be an epidemic, either people died or they recovered. They didn’t become dependent for the rest of their lives.

If you want to see some figures on it, I interviewed a political economist who’s done a lot of writing; he’s just an incredible man, Toby Rogers. I’ve interviewed him several times. . . .

He is really forecasting collapse of government over this. . .

The story from the U.K. I found just this morning where the county council is saying they’re going to be destroyed by the cost of special ed. They cannot pay for it.

He writes on that. You can’t have this number of dependent people living long lives and everybody having to support them.

Patricia: And when you say, they know, they all know the truth. That’s the scary part.

Anne:  I’ve been to Washington several times and been to congressional offices. They all know.

You can’t have hundreds and hundreds of parents showing up on Capitol Hill, writing to congressmen, visiting Congress and telling them what’s happening without them knowing.

No one wants to face it.

First of all, there are more pharmaceutical lobbyists on Capitol Hill than there are members of Congress.

Secondly, no one wants to consider the implications, what if it comes out that an unsafe, unchecked vaccine schedule has damaged millions of children around the world.

Patricia: It’s getting worse now that we’re had COVID vaccines and boosters.

Anne: We’re not seeing an end to this, and the scary stories I see, and again, I’ve very focused on the U.K., is  that their predictions for the coming years, they see more and more of these younger kids coming into the schools who are more disabled and there are more of them. 

And every time I see that in the story—why isn’t someone alarmed over this?

Same thing with our health officials, our elected officials. Nobody’s in a panic over this. 

Patricia:  This should be an issue, a political issue. We want to elect officials who are alarmed.

Are there any out there?

Anne: We lost Dan Burton. He retired. He was really the biggest advocate.

You’d think something affecting this number of children would be an issue for political candidates to be talking about, no. . . .

Patricia brought up the candidacy of Robert Kennedy, Jr.

Anne: On my Facebook, every time I see something from him— because he talks about, we have the sickest kids in history.

He is the strong advocate. Of course, the tendency is to label him a conspiracy theorist and dismiss what he’s saying. But parents have gotten a look around and see how unhealthy their children are.

If it isn’t autism or a learning disability, they have asthma, they have allergies.

Patricia:  Eczema, seizures, everything.

And his organization, Children’s Health Defense https://childrenshealthdefense.org/ headed by my good friend, Mary Holland, is extraordinary.

They’re fighting for our kids. And I’ve had Mary on twice. People can go back and listen to her. She’s brilliant. She’s an attorney. 

Anne: I’ve known Mary for years, and she is an incredible person.

And we’re going to get to the point that we can’t be ignored because things are going to get so bad.

When autism starts to bankrupt our schools like it’s doing [in the U.K.]—  

There are clues about that coming out. I do find individual stories from around the country where they’re talking about this is really going to cost us a lot. The numbers are so big.

We will become desperate to find out what’s really happening. It’s going to take things really falling apart.

Patricia: People don’t want to know this truth.

Anne: Oh, it’s much nicer to put up a puzzle piece and pretend we have all the time in the world to figure out autism. . . .

Patricia: We should just celebrate it and celebrate our neurodiverse population. Now we are embracing autism.

Anne: Autism awareness has become autism acceptance. . . . And people talk about neurodiversity. This is just the way I am. And the thing is, the people saying that are actually able to talk and function.

They’re not talking about how severely affected so many children are.

Patricia: The profoundly affected ones who are not toilet trained, who will never go to college, who don’t talk, who will be a burden to society for their entire lives.

Anne talked about her personal success with her adult son with autism.

Patricia: We are so grateful to you for continuing to educate the public and to be out there with this marvelous resource, the Age of Autism https://www.ageofautism.com/ newsletter, and we hope everybody listening will subscribe and read your editorials and Kim Rossi’s


Kathy Sincere

Thank you Anne and Patricia! As Peggy Hall from The Healthy American often states, read between the LIES.

I found this interesting email from Colorado Familes for Vaccines. It states that one of their "supporters" (co-conspirators) is the Autism Society of Colorado! Follow the $$$$. Why would you want to help or cure the tsunami of autistic spectrum disorder (aka vaccine injury) when your whole existence/bread and butter depends upon it! Here's the post - I especially love the last paragraph:

"Colorado Families for Vaccines, in coordination with Immunize Colorado, Latinos Unidos for Vaccines and the Autism Society of Colorado hosted over 40 advocates at the Colorado State House. We served an appreciation breakfast to lawmakers and their staff, and delivered district specific immunization data to all 100 members of the legislature.

The members of the legislature and their staff were grateful to meet with the folks advocating for vaccinated communities, and they shared our concerns about declining immunization rates. Our organizations look forward to supporting the legislature in their future efforts to increase immunization rates.

On Moday April 22nd, there will be a vaccine realted bill heard in committee. This bill is a "parent's bill of rights" that includes opting out of vaccines. Medical and non-medical exemptions are already available to parents in Colorado; non-medical exemptions can be claimed for any reason related to personal belief.
While most parents choose to immunize their children to protect them from serious diseases, the families that choose non-medical exemptions can cause serious harm. It only takes a small percentage of people opting out of vaccine requirements for our state to go from safe vaccine coverage rates to being at risk of outbreaks of preventable diseases."

Laura Hayes

Anne and Patricia,

FANTASTIC interview! Thank you for transcribing it. So much important information shared. Brava!

It was mentioned that there haven’t been any studies on thimerosal. Actually, there was a safety study on thimerosal back in 1929, one that should have put the permanent brakes on using thimerosal on or in humans. More continued to be learned about the sobering dangers of thimerosal, and I covered this in depth, along with the 1929 study, in my “Why Is This Legal?” presentation, point #3. Here is the link for that:


Secondly, I loved that you used the phrase “lies, lies, and more lies”. That was the theme of my 12-minute rally speech opposing the tyrannical SB277 in CA in 2015. You can have a listen at the link below. Sadly, what I said then is still all too relevant today:


Keep up your excellent work and truth speaking, Ladies!

With deep appreciation,

Laura Hayes

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