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Supreme Court Observations

Supreme courtBy Katie Wright

After listening to the Supreme Court Opening arguments for Murthy vs. Missouri, government censorship of Americans via social media, I started thinking about the 2022 vaccine mandate case. In 2022 the Supreme Court heard a case about the legality of Biden demanding a national workplace vaccine mandate. I was reminded of numerous emotionally driven, histrionic and just flat out really wrong arguments made by a number of Supreme Court Justices. I was shocked to hear the very same justices make similar emotionally, not factually, driven arguments in 2024. Their outsized sense righteous fear was still on display. Let’s revisit 2022!!  

Thankfully, the majority of the court decided such a law was not within the President’s powers. 

A sampling of specious but stridently delivered covid claims by Justices Breyer, Kagan and Sotomayor.

Justice Breyer: “There were 750,000 million new covid cases yesterday! Hospitals are full to the max as they have never been before! 60%, 70%, 80% of those with covid in the hospital are unvaccinated! It is in the public interest to mandate covid vaccine.”

Justice Kagan: “People are dying every day! More people will die tomorrow! This is the biggest health crisis this country has ever faced! Mandates necessary to lessen the risk!

Experts have decided this is best. OSHU has expert. The regulators constantly think of the risk benefit to this vaccine (if only!!), Clearly one risk (being unvaccinated) vastly outweighs the other (being vaccinated!)”

Justice Sotomayor: “Deaths are at an unexpected amount! 100,000 American children are very sick, on respirators in hospitals!”

Biden lawyer: “There is no reason not to think these vaccines are not safe and effective!” Sure! Because all the reports of vaccinated people getting covid be censored were censored by the White House.

In the beginning of covid hospitals were indeed full. Doctors were telling people with covid to stay home until their respiratory symptoms were severe. Terrible advice. So when people showed up at the hospital they were very sick or dying and placed on ventilators.

In May 2020, it was thought that ventilators were an appropriate treatment. The medical community was wrong. People placed on ventilators lingered for weeks and months, but over 90% of them died. 

The widespread but incorrect belief that the majority of people who were and would get sick with covid were the unvaccinated is also incorrect. The vast demonization of unvaccinated people by the White House and the medical community was cruel and wrong. 

Turns out none of our “trusted” health authorities even asked for evidence that the covid vaccine prevented transmission! Dr. Deborah Birx testified, “We didn’t know if the covid vaccine prevented transmission, but we hoped it would!” What!?! In October 2021, Pfizer admitted that their covid vaccines did not prevent transmission. 

Vaccinated and Unvaccinated people got covid.

Kagan’s erroneous statements seems to be based on personal fears, not logic. Hysterical and repeated claims that “More people are dying every day!” is neither an argument or a question.

Kagan’s claims that vaccine regulators diligently weighed the risk and benefits of the covid vaccine could not be more wrong! Pharma and the NIH developed vaccine guidelines based on the risk of covid to 80 yr olds and insisted the entire country follow their draconian recommendations. It was well know in 2022 that a young man had virtually no risk dying of covid but a real risk of myocarditis from the vaccine! The CDC knew this and suppressed this information.

Possible the worst spreader of misinformation was Justice Sotomayor. At NO time were 100,000 children hospitalized with covid and on ventilators. It was a grossly inaccurate and irresponsible claim indicative of the justice’s emotional and panicked state. Justice Sotomayor should have apologized. There should be no place on the Supreme Court for justices to make wildly incorrect fear driven claims.

Kagan and Sotomayor are older women. Sotomayor is has diabetes and is obese. Kagan looks to be obese. It is understandable that they very scared, they were at relatively high risk of a poor covid outcome. But it was unreasonable and unprofessional to them to allow personal fears overcome logic and facts. The vaccine mandate was about hundreds of millions of people not only Justice Sotomayor. It was well established by 2022, that covid had a 1% fatality rate and, 80% of those people were 75% and over. That does not justify a national workplace vaccine mandate.

Just imagine if the Sotomayor, Kagan and Breyer opinion became law! There would be a national vaccine mandate not based upon science but the hysterical fear of three elderly people!

The embarrassing degree in which Sotomayor & Kagan (Breyer has retired) allowed irrational personal panic to lead them to false conclusions in 2022, incredibly, repeated itself in 2024. One would think being so wrong on a public stage would create a sense of humility. But no, their arrogance is undeterred! In fact, they seemed to have doubled down in Missouri vs Murty!

Merriam Webster definition of Humility: A low focus on self, an acknowledgment of gaps in one’s knowledge. 

Definition of arrogant: Unpleasantly proud and behaving as if you are more important than, or know more than, other people. 

Murty vs Missouri is a case alleging that the White House violated the First Amendment of millions of Americans by demanding their speech be censored on social media. The White House argues that they merely made suggestions and that it is critical for the government to be able to speak to social made sites because of terrorism and issues of national security.

Absolutely no one tried to stop the White House from communicating with x, Facebook, etc.. about terrorism, Missouri argued. The problem is that the White House sought to aggressively censor people’s opinions, experiences and questions. There is no relationship to the posts the White House demanded be censored and matters of national security.

White House: “The Biden White House promoted responsible actions actions to protect public safety and security.” 

WhiteHouse: “There was no improper pressure. None of the challenged statements threatened, overtly or covertly, some form of punishment.”

I encourage the reader to be the judge. The following are direct quotes from White House representatives to social media site employees. Are they coercive or merely helpful suggestions as the government alleges?


A Meta employee regarding constant White House censorship requests: “We can extrapolate that White House would like us to remove content that provides ANY negative information or opinions about the covid vaccine.”

Meta employee: “The Surgeon General wants us to remove (covid vaccine) true information about side effects.”

Andy Slavitt, White House Aide: “Who can we talk to about the high levels of misinformation on Amazon. If you search for vaccine under books…its concerning.” Slavitt complained about Amazon selling ANY books critical of vaccine safety and wanted them removed.

Threatening Facebook with revisiting Section 230 is possibly the most powerful method to face Facebook to obey censorship commands.” 

Biden: “Look, they (Facebook) are killing people. The only pandemic we have is among unvaccinated people and that they are killing people.” This was inflammatory and patently untrue. 

White House Affairs asked You Tube executives to meet with their staff and highlight their (censorship) efforts because “we continue to have questions on their reduce (misinformation) efforts.”

“We (Biden admin.) believe that having this opportunity for you to share more background would be hugely beneficial as we seek to work closely with Biden administration on multiple policy fronts.” 

Rob Flaherty White House Director of Social Media, dispatched the following when a post wasn’t censored quickly enough for his liking: “Are you guys fucking serious? Why hasn’t this been removed?? I want an answer and I want it today! We (White House) have been speaking about possible revisiting section 230.”

White House lawyer: “White House has no real power to force social media platforms to censor or remove content, These companies are powerful, sophisticated entities that can say no.” Yes, Facebook, Instagram, X, etc…are powerful companies, but you know who is a lot MORE powerful?? The White House!! It is true that social media did say no to some censorship requests, but when requests went from a nudge to an angry expletive filled rant, they always capitulated. And who could blame them? White House threatening to possibly deregulate their companies!

Honestly, this should be a 9-0 Supreme Court ruling but our fanatically covid fearful Supreme Court Justices Sotomayor, Kagan were back in form! To make matters worse, the newest Supreme Court Justice, Jackson, made some incredibly erroneous and troubling arguments about the First Amendment.I sat in amazement that Justice Jackson has a seat on the Supreme Court  after her line of questioning. 

In response to the accusation of government censorship Justice Jackson stated, “You (White House) were trying to ensure the public has accurate inFormation in the context of a one in a lifetime pandemic.” Ok, that assumes 2 things, that the information censored harmed public safety and that the government information it was replaced with was true information. The White House censored women discussing how their periods were screwed up post covid vaccine and people who said they didn’t like wearing masks. Which one of this censored topics “endangered the public?” 

Meanwhile, the White House was boldly lying to the public by claiming that the covid vaccine prevented transmission. There was NEVER evidence of this! Americans were belittled, hectored and harangued for refusing the covid vaccine. The unvaccinated were labeled killers, castigated by the president, and fired from their jobs based wholly upon a lie. People’s careers were destroyed, some went bankrupt.

Isn’t the fact that the Biden administration lied in stating the covid vaccine prevented transmission was tremendously harmful public safety? Given the fact that trust in these institutions is now at an all time low, I would say yes, government lies, not free speech, harmed public safety.

Justice Jackson claimed “it is impossible to define coercion.” No, it isn’t! According to Cambridge University Dictionary, “coercion is the use of force to persuade someone to do something they are unwilling to do.” When X demurred about removing some posts they are threatened with the White House saying “they may have to revisit Section 230.” And guess what happened?? The posts were removed! Perfect example of coercion!

The Biden administration lawyer tells Justice Jackson that “the government stayed on the persuasive side and never coerced!” Interesting claim. It is true that the government never explicitly said, “If you do not censor x you will be punished and this is how.” Come on, did they really need to?

Jennifer Jones of First Amendment Institute at Columbia University: “The First Amendment forbids the government from coercing an entity, including a social media platform, into censoring someone’s speech and that’s true if coercion is direct or subtle.

Finally, Supreme Court Justices are human beings. They panic, get scared and exaggerate risk, as many people do. However, in a professional setting and in a position of tremendous power, the justices need to pull themselves together and not make covid cases about their outsize and illogical fears. Kagan, Sotomayor and Breyer’s claims that the “covid is the worst pandemic this country has ever faced,” is, once again, hyperbole. The 1983 Cholera epidemic and 1906 Typhoid epidemic were far worse. I hope Supreme Court judges calm down and think clearly before they justify egregious government censorship based upon false government information. 

Katie Wright is a Contributing Editor for Age of Autism.


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Katie Wright

Thank u so much! Your feedback means a lot to me.

Jill in MI

Thank you Katie. Well written (as usual). I really do enjoy reading your posts.

The whole Covid X*#@ (insert word of choice) still makes my blood boil. It is a non-topic in my family. We agreed early on not to discuss it (as me and one of my siblings completely agreed and my other family members got the shots and probably the boosters).

I really want someone to take a hit for all the "misinformation" from government officials who are supposed to have our backs -- for the gaslighting and outright shaming of those of us who were talking common sense. All the government investigations are nothing but blah, blah, blah. "I don't remember" seems to be the new catchphrase. Who else but the government could get away with not remembering knowingly giving false information that affected millions and millions of Americans. It is all hot air and "let's just move along and "we were doing the best we could with the information we had". I call bullcrap. The e-mails and texts are out showing they absolutely knew what they were doing. The coercion of the media and the 24-7 brainwashing of censored narrative was unbelievable. I pray that the Justices do the right thing.

I hope that many people (hopefully millions) now can recognize the political garbage of the Covid science and when the next pandemic is announced - they will actually use their brains, turn off mainstream media and think for themselves.

I need that hope.


Thank you Katie. Very well written.


Did Justices Breyer, Kagan and Sotomayor pull these ideas out of a hat?! It was not based on fact! But little the media, big pharma and government health officials proclaimed was based on fact. My husband's co-worker got covid and had trouble breathing. He got organ failure and was put on a respirator while in the hospital and a few weeks later, passed away. Hmm! Remdesivir causes multi-organ failure. And the FDA gave an EUA to use Remdesivir as ONE person got better while on it despite an Ebola study showing it caused multi-organ failure. If he had called the Frontline Doctors from home, he would have gotten prescribed oxygen, drugs that actually help, and stayed with his loved ones. He'd be alive today. It makes me sad and angry. He was a sweet person.

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