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Mass Poisoning

2402933F-B20F-4364-A440-BBAA2009C125By Anne Dachel

I was surprised to read Toby Rogers’ piece on Substack, What does a society in the midst of a mass poisoning look like? on March 28th.  Surprised, because he mentioned my website, Loss of Brain Trust in the introduction.

 I’ve been wanting to write this article for a while. It’s really the whole point of my Substack — to describe a society in the midst of a mass poisoning. Anne Dachel at Loss of Brain Trust does the best-in-class job of tracking the costs of vaccine injury throughout the developed world (with more than 7,000 articles posted to date). But my goal is to describe the sociology and political economy of it all — the ways in which vaccine injury shapes and indeed warps all aspects of society and culture today.

(This also woke me up to the fact that I hadn’t changed the number of stories posted for several years, and now it’s 9,000!)

The focus of Toby’s article was the fact that everywhere we look, we see the explosion in chronic illnesses  and neurological disorders, especially in children. These are the result of vaccine injury, or what autism activist Louis Conte calls, The Great Poisoning.

Toby wrote:

If you regularly read my Substack you already know the basics — autism, ADHD, autoimmune disorders including arthritis, life-threatening allergies, asthma, Alzheimer’s, childhood cancers, diabetes, eczema, seizure disorders, sex dysphoria, sudden infant death syndrome, and sudden adolescent/adult death syndrome are all vaccine injuries. . . .

In our society chronic illness is normalized and celebrated while iatrogenic deaths and mass shootings are greeted with “Oh gee golly shucks whatever could be causing this!?”

So that’s a “Level 1” understanding of what a society in the midst of a mass poisoning looks like. But the impact of vaccine injury goes well beyond that to shape all facets of culture.

Toby continued, linking vaccine injury to lower fertility rates around the world. He pointed out changes in our everyday lives clearly the result of people who cannot function normally. This includes things like sensory friendly accommodations now common in retail businesses like movie theaters and restaurants.

On the one hand, I think it’s great that retail businesses are recognizing the needs of people with autism and other sensory processing issues. On the other hand, the fact that sensory hours are everywhere is further evidence of a society in the midst of a mass poisoning.

The prominence of service dogs for people with all types of chronic illnesses and disabilities and the promotion and celebration of autism/neurodiversity are all signs we can’t help but notice. April is a whole month dedicated to autism acceptance.

The human race is being dramatically changed by toxins, especially the ones directly injected into the most vulnerable among us.

Any thinking person has to be afraid for the future. Things are only getting worse, due in most part to the total blackout of any recognition by the media, the medical community, health officials and those we elect to office.

Another of Toby’s recent comments sums up where we are:

In all of my years of study, I just never expected to witness the complete moral and intellectual collapse of mainstream society, yet here we are.

Toby Rogers, PhD


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Robin that is a good link Weinstein says a reliable study out of Romania put covid vaccine deaths at 17 million.

Anne; that last article you wrote about the study out of Wuhan China that claims two cups of coffee equivalent in rats cause autism. Not tea that is a China drink though, could not have been a better timed article.

Also just out of China was a study that linked heart disease deaths to intermittent fasting.

Here is Dr. Berg; Really short and really to the point on that one. And some what funny.


My daughter is getting her masters in nursing right now. The whole program seems to be geared toward how to do good research, and more importantly; how to discern good research. Perhaps there is still hope for our institutions? Maybe they going to figure out they are going to outsourced like steel, coal, shoes, textiles and everything else? I look forward to the future when nursing programs are not part of poisoning their new little nurses, or the masses.

By the way; The Great poisoning is a wonderful term from who ever coined it. IT is the only thing that is getting through to my son that is now working at a grocery store. He has for the last couple of years been like a kid in a candy shop. Our relationship has really turned sour as well. I have tried to reduce the arm length list of ingredients in these processed foods to basically three things, aluminum dyes, corn syrup, and seed oils. He is still mad at me most of the time; as I read just these three things back to him. Oh, yeah, and wheat products. He eats wheat, he is mad at me no matter what, for simply hearing my voice. So, that term "the great Poisoning" has helped me get through to him.


Forward 24 minutes in before it’s taken down again-

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