Happy Easter!
Autism Research from Wuhan? For Real?

It's Here. But Will Anyone Notice?

Autism Reality EIN
Does anyone really know what month it is? Does anybody really care?

It's autism awareness month. Autism action month. Autism acceptance month.


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David Foster

My annual rant which started in 2014 on AoA!


mauine Meleck

Mariana, with all due respect, you comment may refer to Covid, but I doubt half the children of this country and their parents are avoiding childhood vaccines. Would be great if they did.
Maurine. The distraction and the lies have been going on for over 30 years. Covid didn't change the distraction IMHO.
Thanks, Maurine


Unfortunately, I think the current widespread of turbo cancer, etc and the coverups will distract the public from autism for the foreseeable future. Despite the obvious common link to toxins esp jabs. But still, it IS red pilling people more and more, so there’s that.

Those who manage to survive this first culling of the masses will be much harder to fool next time. And I’m sure there will be a next time.


OUR kids (unlike theirs) aren’t necessarily dropping like flies thanks to the COVID jabs - oops, I mean due to coincidental “medical emergencies” … so yeah, it still looks like no one really cares about curing autism. However, one silver lining is that it seems half the country have become “anti vaxxers” now. Too bad that so many of them had to learn the hard way instead of listening to us. This suffering was totally preventable.

The good news is: good luck fear mongering the next “global crisis” to the public. Monkey pox for example was a brief yawn. Measles again? Meh. I heard the “powers that shouldn’t be” are behind again on their elitist depopulation Agenda 2021 - oops, I mean Agenda 2030. Or Build Back Better - whatever. So they’re going to have to really up the ante with us next time. Alien landing, perhaps? Asteroid? Hmmm. Anyone taking bets?

mauine Meleck

I get so excited this time of year
autism acceptance month is almost here
tomorrow is truly April the first
think of how many more are diverse
so now they call it “neurodiversity”
and what a celebration it’s going to be
imagine old numbers were 1 in 10,000
now 1 in 22 and we can’t see an end
let us celebrate together “neurodiversity”
whether you’re 15 in diapers or at university
turn on those blue lights, wear a blue top
shout “hooray for autism” and never stop
because the numbers will grow til it’s 1 in 2
and health officials will say, “nothing we can do”
likely genetic, maybe old moms and dads,
or freeway pollution for females and lads.
yet, none of that matters to spoil celebration
praise all those with autism, friends or relation
how they are all different and yet the same
if you believe that then you must be insane.
Maurine Meleck 3/31/24

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