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Humorica Brings Laughter & Togetherness to Online Therapeutic Videos!

Humorica LogoPlease check out Humorica - a series of episodes designed to help your child (or adult) manage stressful situations throughout the day. Behavioral therapy at home, in school and in program is often pretty grim. Carrots! Sticks! Demands! Children's TV programming has always used humor to connect. Laughter IS the best medicine, after all. 

With Humorica's comprehensive plan, rest assured that your child will receive supportive care throughout the entire day. Our tailored episodes, designed for specific daily challenges, ensure a smooth, enjoyable experience from morning till night. All you need to do is guide your child to watch the appropriate episodes from the correct categories at the right times. With a wide variety of episodes in each category, your child's journey will be endlessly engaging and far from monotonous. Humorica is here to make each day a fun, therapeutic adventure, supporting your child's development and well-being every step of the way.

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At least the above illustrations are better than those darn "PECS". PECS short for picture exchange communications system are a trademarked product which are full of illustrations of ugly middle aged bald people which are supposed to help people with autism communicate without words.
If you think these programs like Humorica will provide some benefit to your child with autism then use them but remember these programs will not replace speech therapy, ABA or occupational therapy.
Being a "parent" is not the same as a being special education teacher or speech therapist!

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