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WHO Changed World Autism Awareness Day to Acceptance Day and Why

Autism Research from Wuhan? For Real?

Chinese Finger Trap
Get it?

By Anne Dachel

As I was scouring the news for the latest autism developments, I ran across a number of stories about autism research.

There have been lots of things associated with autism over the past 20 years, possible triggers that could affect a susceptible child. Nothing is ever conclusive, and I like to refer to this stuff as autism busywork. 

As expected, in time for Autism Awareness/Acceptance Month in April, I’ve seen reports linking autism to household chemicals and to toxic plastic.

AND one from the U.K. Daily Mail linked autism to moms who drink too much coffee and eat a high fat diet.

The title was, Now scientists suggest women avoid coffee while pregnant because of links to AUTISM in their child.

Scientists are cautioning women against drinking too much coffee during pregnancy after finding caffeine may raise the risk of autism in their child.

Rodents given a comparable amount of caffeine to what the average pregnant woman takes in had babies that showed some hallmark signs of autism. . . .

The cdc recommends that pregnant women limit their caffeine intake to about 200 mg/day, about two cups of coffee. 

Newborn rats who were born to caffeine-consuming parents and went on to eat high fat diet had even higher risk of autism-like symptoms. . . .

 And with some women drinking more than 300 mg of caffeine per day, the report suggests that more and more babies will show signs of autism unless pregnant women cut back. . . .

Rats exposed to caffeine in the womb were more likely to show signs of autism, such as social dysfunction and poor spacial reasoning, after they were born. 

Caffeine is thought to disrupt developmental progress while a high fact diety raises inflammation and gut bacteria imbalances, both of which are believed to raise the odds of a child exhibiting signs of autism. 

To really make things official, the study was published on an NIH website in January, 2024.

Prenatal caffeine exposure induces autism-like behaviors in offspring under a high-fat diet via the gut microbiota-IL-17A-brain axis 

One more red herring

Of course this means nothing. It’s another random association that isn’t proof of anything. Parents looking answers might take notice and worry that coffee-drinking prenatal moms are damaging their children, and that’s a likely reason for the study in the first place.

What really got my attention was the part of the Daily Mail story that told us where the research was done.

The researchers behind the study came from Wuhan University in China. 

Seriously? Wuhan, China?

Was this the result of an NIH grant?

Did Anthony Fauci mastermind this too?

Anne Dachel is Media Editor for Age of Autism.


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susan welch

I do hope any prospective parents understand that women were drinking coffee when the autism rate was 1:10,000.

If the results of this research were correct, the increase in the amount of coffee needing to be drunk to correlate with the increase in autism since then is beyond my mathematical ability, but I think those parents-to-be would have to be drinking coffee all day every day.

Whatever will they come up with next....? (We know one procedure that is safe and effective and so needs no research!)

Great reporting, as always, Anne.

Benedetta f Stilwell

Out sourcing for cheaper, lower labor cost scientists as well as lower standards of morals and higher levels of corruption. Coffee - causes autism.

I am listening to Dr. Moulden's old videos that "MidWestern Doctor" sent me through emails.

They already well know those in power, just mud those waters.


I thought they always say that “correlation doesn’t equal causation”, correct?

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