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915CEAEA-F1E3-484B-90D5-1C867743655CUpdate: DARN I missed the proper headline: TA TA TARTAR!  LOL!

Every so often, we run a post that seems banal, but strikes a chord for readers. I think this will be just such a post today. My Dad was an orthodontist, and dental care is at the top of our health priorities. Care is difficult for many (most?) kids with autism. And guess what? It’s worse for adults! If you are on a Medicaid waiver, you get 1 cleaning a year, IF you can find a dentist who will treat you. That's a big if.

One of my daughters is prone to tartar, hard calculus that builds up at her gum line, no matter how diligently I keep up with her oral care. She’s never had a cavity - and she’s approaching 30. But trips to the dentist require scraping off the tartar. She hates it. I hate it. I’m pretty sure the hygienist hates it.

Before our upcoming visit, I was determined to get rid of the tartar safely at home. And I did!!  I did my homework, and bought two products. In a matter of ten days with just brushing and flossing, the first bit of tartar fell off while Dentistbrushing! Her lower teeth are now tartar free. I think my Dad would be proud. Here’s what I’m using:

TheraSOL Tartar Dissolver and Tartar End toothpaste (gluten and fluoride free.)  My Dad did not invent these products. I have no stake in them. I just want to share a tip that's worked for us!

Share any tips you have for helping your child, whether a tot, teen or grown up!   Kim


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Kim - I will look into this. Our son needs general anesthesia to have dental work done and he doesn't get cavities but he does get tartar. But his dentist who used Kaiser for the general anesthesia wasn't getting him in and we've wanted to get his tartar taken care of. I will look into this. I've been looking for something like this. Thanks! It's an important topic.

Angus Files

My wifes been doing his recently with the water flosser.No fillings so far just two of his wisdom out as he had too many teeth aged 8 now 26.

Pharma For Prison



Kim-my adult son with autism also has the same tartar buildup on his teeth that I can't get off no matter how hard I brush. He also is in his 30s and has never had a cavity, but we go to see the hygienist every three months to scrape it all off. Thank you for this wonderful information about toothpastes that actually take off the tartar so well!

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