Regressive Autism Gets Lost In a World of Self-Diagnosed Autism

Tired of Waiting

MitochondriaThis article from SafeMinds reminded me of my 9th grade biology class.  "The Mitochondria - the powerhouse of the cell." It also reminded me that I was on the mitochondrial trail TWENTY ONE YEARS AGO for my 3 daughters. We saw Dr. Marvin Natowicz (he was wonderful) at The Cleveland Clinic in 2003. I'm looking at my pediatric log as I type.  All three of my daughters tested with abnormalities that couldn't be defined or correlated to any syndrome at the time. Anyone remember the Autism Treatment Network of major teaching hospitals that were going to investigate gut, sleep and mito issues in autism, to come up with treatments?  It fell flatter than cat under a Mack truck. The website still exists - gathering cobwebs since 2005. And get a load of who sponsored it - CAN - ha!  Gobbled up and spit (or pooped) out by Autism Speaks. We can NOT even use the CURE word any longer.  What the hell happened  in 20 years?   And here were all are.... still Cantired of waiting for treatment.

March 18, 2024

Identifying Vulnerable Children Early to Safeguard Mitochondrial Function Could Reduce the Risk of Regression

A team of researchers, including Dr. Richard Frye, has investigated mitochondrial physiology in children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and neurodevelopmental regression (NDR), comparing them to those with ASD but without NDR (ASD-NoNDR) and typically developing (TD) siblings. By utilizing peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMCs), mitochondrial respiration was measured under physiological stress conditions by exposing participants to 2,3-dimethoxy-1,4-napthoquinone (DMNQ), which can have the same effects on the body as suffering from an illness or seizure. Results indicate that ASD-NDR children exhibit higher respiratory rates and increased sensitivity to stress compared to TD and ASD-NoNDR children, consistent with a cellular model of NDR. Notably, parents of ASD-NDR children show similar mitochondrial patterns to their offspring, suggesting a potential heritable or environmental influence. The authors believe their findings underscore the importance of early identification of ASD-NDR children and targeted interventions to protect mitochondrial function, potentially mitigating the risk of NDR. Moreover, their study highlights the need for clinical screening of ASD-NDR patients for mitochondrial dysfunction.

Original Study


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Is Chronic Fatigue Syndrome common in "autism"? But almost never diagnosed (except in adulthood, just like dyscalculia in "autism"). No genetic causes behind ASD-related mitochondria fatigue and mitochondria dysfunction in most cases... seems to be caused by aluminum toxicity.

(Search "aluminum mitochondria" in the PubMed searchbar)

Most ASD people with mitochondria diseases, don't have any genetic disorders causing either one. But remember the aluminum-ASD studies? How those got covered up by hardcore "neurodiversity" supporters? Where's the "'autism' gene"?

'Independent' living isn't only a challenge for "neurodivergent" adults (except the mildest of cases), it's also extremely dangerous and too risky for most autistics. So many potential horrors and vile acts (such as rape/kidnapping/jail for crimes autistics aren't aware are crimes/aren't warned about properly, such as creating pornography) that could happen to "neurodiverse" adults without proper support, but nobody talks about them. Can you?

L Land

❤️ Mauine.

Pretty sure it is always the mom’s fault


So called "autism" has always been caused by brain encephalitis triggered by natural viral infection or now predominantly by early childhood vaccination. The brain infection triggers innate immune dysfunction and neuroinflammation resulting in brain injury.

Innate immune dysfunction and neuroinflammation in autism spectrum disorder (ASD)
Of course, this paper would never call out the PRIMARY source of the inflammation. Instead it focuses on the pregnant mother. Now that many pregnant women are getting vaccinated, this could be a growing source of primary cause.


Dr. Mercola has a lot of articles involving mitochondrial and how to improve the functions of these little things in our cells.

He says take two drops of Methylene blue a day, a nip that is 1/64th of a tsp of nicotinamide that is niacin (B3) several times a day, and no seed oils that are high in linoleic acid. Krill oil or fish should be taken or eaten daily.

I found a long list of oils and their linoleic acid content.
I have it on my refrig.
vegetable oils are very high in linoleic acid
Butter, coconut oil, tallow, olive oils are low in it.

Dr. Mercola never speaks of vaccines as the cause. Yet, he has been a moral support and financial support for The National Vaccine Informational Center for decades.


Thank you for sharing this.
Fast forward to what Dr. Poling said. Dr. Zimmerman after years testifying against injured children then turns around and testifies for his friend and colleague.

So I guess neither of these guys knew? Interesting that NAID includes both allergies and infectious diseases together all under Fauci starting in the 80s.

Heritable or environmental?
But you "can't have a "genetic pandemic"

My husband was told he had acquired his mitochondria disfunction down at the famous Emory Clinic. Since he was a chemist and worked in plastics they wanted so bad to get into his environmental history. It did involve his place of work. It was the Health department stationing themselves in the cafeteria giving free tetanus (DPT) shot to the employees as they got off from work

I can name all the tetanus shots (DPT vaccines) that he had in teens and 20s. Including a tick shot so he could work for the forest department.

A new word for me, but not a new concept was given to the whole sorry mess by I am not sure? Dr. Peter McCullough? Kory? Del Bigtree?

Hyper vaccination. It is a matter of time that one will react to a vaccine, and that number of times grows shorter with each generation.

mauine Meleck

I'm still waiting for that new study on old mothers and old fathers causing autim. Or was that cold mothers?

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