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The Kennedy Beacon on Biden & Trump’s Endorsement of Covid Cancer Vaccines

Read with care. Side effects may include laughter and mirth.


While Biden and Trump Promote COVID Vaccines as a Cure for Cancer, Kennedy Calls for Debate about Vaccine Harm

By Louis Conte, The Kennedy Beacon

Mar 11

During his State of the Union speech, President Biden made the misleading claim, “the vaccines that saved us from COVID are now being used to beat cancer.” President Trump immediately echoed the claim on Truth Social. 

Those who heard this false information might be encouraged to get more boosters, in the hope that the COVID-19 vaccine can prevent or treat cancer, but the opposite appears to be true. As Dr. Peter McCullough reported to Dr. Drew, a new kind of “turbo cancer” has appeared since the time the vaccines were rolled out. DNA contaminants that are known carcinogens have been identified in the shots, which led Joseph Ladapo, Florida’s surgeon general, to call for a halt to the vaccine.

As fact checkers were quick to point out, what neither Biden nor Trump appears to understand is that it is the vaccine’s delivery system that is being considered for other kinds of treatments, not the vaccine itself. 

In fact, that system was first invented to deliver synthetic mRNA to cancer cells, but after a number of decades, it failed to prove effective for that purpose – as Robert Malone, one of the inventors of the technology, has explained at length – and it was repurposed for vaccines. 

While it is true that the potentially lucrative patented mRNA delivery system is being reconsidered for use against cancers, despite past failures, Biden’s and Trump’s comments appear to be attempts to reframe the failed vaccines in the minds of consumers. 

However, many Americans seem to be aware of vaccine adverse reactions, despite censorship sponsored by the Biden administration, described by Michael Shellenberger as Orwellian. As the CDC dashboard shows, people are walking away from these products. 

Both President Biden and former president Trump are trying to take credit for a vaccine that has caused a public health disaster and cost an estimated 17 million excess deaths worldwide, according to Correlation, a nonprofit research organization. Big Pharma, as OpenSecrets informs us, has donated substantially to both establishment parties.  Read MORE at The Kennedy Beacon HERE.


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"Biden’s and Trump’s comments appear to be attempts to reframe the failed vaccines in the minds of consumers. "

Well, Biden initiated it, putting Trump in a defensive position since he was the one saddled with the start of the plandemic and the planned DOD roll out of the Operation Warpspeed "countermeasure." Once an emergency is declared, the HHS Director is in the driver's seat. How much Trump knew or whether he could stop it without being thrown out of office is unknown. He certainly defends his decision as a cya.

"In fact, that system was first invented to deliver synthetic mRNA to cancer cells, but after a number of decades, it failed to prove effective for that purpose – as Robert Malone, one of the inventors of the technology, has explained at length – and it was repurposed for vaccines. "

I don't necessarily agree with that. I have been researching the Internet for years. Long ago, I noticed a pattern in "cancer" research. It is a cash cow and the newer gene based research was targeted at cancer patients. If one wanted to hide "other" kinds of research it was the perfect place. Mega funding and an unlimited source of terminal human guinea pigs for clinical trials. Just my opinion.


Emma, I'm sorry I have to post this, but Trump is not on our side at all. He was NOT "tricked/deceived" in any way when he unleashed the MOTB vaccines upon the world.

Who matches all ten characteristics of the antichrist? Find out here via a comparison:
https://odysee.com/@antichrist45:6/trump-vs-kushner-vs-obama-who-matches:b (Trump vs Kushner vs Obama: Who Matches the Biblical Descriptions for the Antichrist?)

https://odysee.com/@antichrist45:6/is-a-replica-of-the-ark-of-the-covenant:1 (Is a Replica of The Ark of the Covenant at Mar-a-Lago? | Antichrist 45)

(Trump Promises Peace on Earth | Antichrist 45)

The strong delusion does not subside, but only grows stronger each day.
I used to watch "Full Spectrum Survival" each day on YouTube, but he drank the MAGA/Dominionism Kool-Aid. Brad's completely sold out to "patriotism" and belittling other countries' peoples. Those who are blinded by the "MAGA" belief system, think that Trump is a blameless and sinless "lamb of God" and that NOTHING can be his fault. The Japanese adored - and believed the same with -Asahara Shoko/Aum Shinrikyo.
The MOTB is Trump's snakebites, and the beast is Donald "Jesus" Trump.


"During his State of the Union speech, President Biden made the misleading claim, “the vaccines that saved us from COVID are now being used to beat cancer.”"

Trump fat fingered that "truth."

But let's continue. All three top candidates have stated publicly that they are pro-vaccine and support Federal distribution of them to the entire population. Only Trump has demonstrated that he opposes and did not allow MANDATORY vaccination on his watch. RFK jr. has not yet had the chance to demonstrate his stand on this. The real question is why have none come out in saying they support the END of the Federal vaccine program by supporting the overturning of the 1996 National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act. Would they even modify it? Rely on EO's to change it, if any?

Until any of this is done, it is the law of the land and as head of the Executive branch, their job is to uphold it and to promote it. They obviously understand this. Next is the question of compensation for vaccine injury. This too is enshrined in the 1986 vaccine law. It establishes a special court run by the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program – the trust fund that’s financed by a 75-cent tax on each dose of vaccines that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends for children. How many vaccine injured have benefitted from this program? See this very informative article from 2015:

National vaccine injury fund tops $3.5 billion, as patients fight for payment

Evidently, someone requested the HHS GAO investigate in 2014:
Vaccine Injury Compensation:
Most Claims Took Multiple Years and Many Were Settled through Negotiation
Published: Nov 21, 2014. Publicly Released: Nov 21, 2014.
"Since fiscal year 1999, HHS has added six vaccines to the vaccine injury table, but it has not added covered injuries associated with these vaccines to the table. This means that while individuals may file VICP claims for these vaccines, each petitioner must demonstrate that the vaccine that was administered caused the alleged injury. HHS is considering adding covered injuries associated with these vaccines; but as of September 2014, it had not published any final rules to do so.

The balance of the Vaccine Injury Compensation Trust Fund, managed by the Department of the Treasury (Treasury) increased from $2.9 billion in fiscal year 2009 to nearly $3.3 billion at the end of fiscal year 2013 as the trust fund's income (from net revenues from vaccine excise taxes and interest on investments) outpaced its disbursements to HHS, USCFC, and the Department of Justice (DOJ), which represents HHS in VICP proceedings. VICP compensation, funded by the trust fund, increased from less than $126 million in each of fiscal years 1999 to 2009 to over $254 million in fiscal year 2013."

We know that there are relatively few payouts to the vaccine injured. The next question is how much money is currently in the Vaccine Injury Compensation Trust Fund? It was nearly $3.3 billion at the end of fiscal year 2013. I found this:

Vaccine Injury Trust Fund FY22
It looks like the money is invested in U.S. Treasury Securities. Could one of the three main candidates explain to me what the current balance is according to pp. 4 and 5?

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