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Some Thoughts on The Covid By Dr. Richard Moskowitz

Richard Moskowitz MDLast week, we ran the first installment of Dr. Richard Moskowitz's article on the Covid era. This week, rather than continue to excerpt and run the body copy here, we'll link the full article in one document for you to download and read. This preserves Dr. Moskowitz's accurate and careful formatting and citations. As we approach the 4th anniversary of "Two weeks to flatten the curve," we're honored to present Dr. Richard Moskowitz's insightful thoughts on the errors of the Covid era.The article has eight parts:

Dr Moskowitz Some Thoughts on The Covid


The COVID pandemic was in its early stages when I retired in 2020; so I've had no personal experience of treating patients who’ve been sick with it.  But after three years of upsetting the lives of nearly everyone on the planet, it's still very much with us, still shrouded in mystery, still being perpetuated by the same fear and uncertainty that helped launch it in the first place, and dramatizes with its own special urgency a lot of the same issues I've been writing about ever since I began practicing long ago.  Of course, my collected thoughts, feelings, and opinions about it could also be wrong, which would actually be a huge relief.  But the scientific evidence that we now possess leaves little doubt that even the most speculative of my conspiracy theories are a lot closer to the truth than any sane person would willingly tolerate.              

1. The First Cases
2. "Flattening the Curve"
3. The Illness
4. The Treatment
5. The Vaccines
6. Vaccine Injuries and Deaths
7. The Virus
8. The Politics

Vaccines Richard MoskowitzYou can purchase Dr. Moskowitz's books, including Vaccines A Reappraisal from Skyhorse Publishing at Amazon.



Another "died suddenly"....low information can be deadly.

"The report said, "Vandaelle advocated for vaccine passports and mandates and called for the firing of anyone who refused the injections. He also suggested that unvaccinated people should be arrested and taken away to concentration camps by their governments."
Journalist who pushed concentration camps for unvaccinated dies suddenly


Dr. Richard Moskowitz wrote. "Luc Montagnier, who won the Nobel Prize for discovering the virus known as HIV, detected intact nucleic-acid sequences of it in the genome of SARS-CoV-2.142
That still leaves unaddressed the ultimate question, whether its release was
accidental, as almost everyone has been assuming, or intentional---"

I am sure it was intentional. I am just wondering if it can be proved?

My gosh we have "Lock Step" meetings they held a few months before ,and ran the sceneries to the exact type of virus that later escaped. Even it was a lab leak. What are the odds!

It came right during election, which gave cover for mail ins, and censorship. The timing, and the forced results. It was more than "Never let a good crisis go to waste" kind of thinking.

I am reading Rand Paul's book right now. I was hoping for some insights of what is going on in our two Houses. Rand Paul so far has not touched the intentional part at all. Instead it has been a struggle to just understand it is a man made virus. Apparently all Democrats and some Rhinos are in it to make as much money and the heck with anything else. LOL. They had better take Fauci as a lesson. Fauci ended up being a patsy for the CCP. I am pretty sure he thought Ralph Baric took of the signature that it was man made, was going to do biz as usual, in selling a bad drug and a bad vaccine, make lots of money, be adored on TV. Then he got the call from some scientists that says it is man made. The CCP used him and now discards him. I am so pained over his betrayal--- Not!

David Martin says it is intentional, and his reasoning - well he says it can be proved. I think?

Canada is still addressing the fact that their high security biolab actually hired scientists that were linked to the CCP of China and feeding the CCP information. As was our scientists here in the states.

Interestingly Trump says it is a China virus. Trump would know, he is in the position to know.

Perhaps that in spite of our little sniveling, traitor scientists, doing all the research and gaining the knowledge that behind it all is the Chinese that bought and paid for that knowledge?

It also seems that behind the globalists are also the CCP that have used their vast number of people for cheap labor to buy the globalists, and make them rich.

Intentional. The games they play, they feed us just information to blame another party or drive public opinion to what they want it drove toward. It is hard to know what is real.

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