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Regressive Autism Gets Lost In a World of Self-Diagnosed Autism

Big lieAnne Dachel has been covering the "big lie" about autism (lies, actually) since our inception. did you just read that Tallulah Bankhead (I mean Willis, even I'm not Tallulah Bankhead old) has "come out" saying she is autistic? One of the worst lies has been the denial of biological, regressive autism. So many AofA families watched their thriving, vibrant, sharp as tacks toddlers plunge into the deep waters of autism. As April approaches, we solemnly swear that we will be up to ALL good. We will speak our truth, to use the parlance of the day. Autism sucks. Most of all, for the person with autism, who has to surmount so many challenges every minute of every day. We will NEVER allow the mainstream world to forget our kids or us, the beleaguered parents from a generation ago who were WOKE long before it was twisted into an unrecognizable mirage of denial and gaslighting.  Anne's comments are not italicized.


By Anne Dachel

Mar 13th Healthline published the article, What Is Regression in Autism?

The message was clear: REGRESSION IS NORMAL for those with autism, both in children and adults.

Autistic regression refers to a loss of previously acquired skills or a backtracking of developmental milestones. In young children, it may represent autism onset. In older children and adults, it may be a sign of autistic burnout.

There are a variety of skills that can be lost.

Regression may become evident across multiple areas, including:


social skills

emotional regulation

motor function

self-directed behavior

It’s just part of having autism.

“Regression in autism is exactly what the name implies,” Lacey Cottingham, a licensed clinical social worker from Raleigh, North Carolina, told Healthline. “You are autistic. You were able to do a set of things, and then you find you can’t do those things anymore.”

Autistic regression may occur after an established ASD diagnosis, in what’s called “late regression,” or it may be one way ASD presents during early childhood and that leads to diagnosis.

And it is common in autism.

A 2019 review indicates that for approximately one-third of children, ASD onset is signified by the loss of established skills after typical development.

We really don’t know why regression happens.

Why regression happens in ASD isn’t clear. When it comes to early onset symptoms, some experts believe developmental regression may represent a subtype of ASD.

A multicenter study from 2022, for example, suggests regressive ASD is associated with more severe core symptoms, lower neurocognitive developmental levels, and a higher need for support than nonregressive ASD.

Experiencing regression after an ASD diagnosis may develop from autistic burnout, even in children, says Myszak, though it’s more likely a factor for older children than younger ones. . . .

Learn the signs.

According to a 2023 review, language and social skills are common areas where regression in autistic children becomes evident.

Signs of regression may include:

loss of previously used words or phrases

overall decreased communication

new challenges in forming sentences

grammar mistakes

reverting to infantile sounds, like cooing or babbling

not understanding communication from others

social withdrawal

reduced eye contact

not acknowledging social cues

lack of interest in peer engagement

not wanting to share or take turns

What can a parent do?

“Speaking very broadly and generally, if you can clear up whatever led to the anxiety or stress, you’ll fix the regression,” Cottingham said.

What age is autism regression common?

 According to 2021 research, early onset autistic regression typically occurs between ages 18–24 months, while late regression has a mean onset of 13 years.

 Can regressive autism be stopped?

 Regressive autism is not a progressive condition, meaning you won’t continue to lose baseline skills until they’re all gone. While the severity of regression may vary, Myszak says many people can regain lost milestones with the proper support and stress management.

 How long does autism regression last?

 How long autism regression lasts varies by individual. Some developmental regression, such as that seen in early ASD onset, can last a lifetime, while other experiences only continue for days or weeks.

 IN CONCLUSION: Regression is part of autism. Good luck.

Developmental regression is commonly seen in children with neurodevelopmental conditions like autism spectrum disorder (ASD). It involves a loss of established skills.

 While some skills lost in early onset regression may not be recovered, the level of ASD support may help children adjust to changes in function.

So much for all those parents are there who say their normally developing child suddenly developed a fever, lost speech and potty training, developed gut issues, stopped making eye contact, all after a battery of routine childhood vaccines.

Your child was actually autistic to begin with, and all this is a normal part of being on the spectrum.

Anne Dachel is Media Editor for Age of Autism.


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Helen S.

The autism diagnosis has been hijacked by people with mental illness. Case in point, Rumor Willis, who admitted being borderline with anorexia, but then decided to steal the autism diagnosis to ease her journey. Disgusting. Then there's the ex girlfriend og Hugh Heffner who jumped on autism train to avoid accountability for her past lifestyle choices. It's beyond absurd and insults the legislative intent of providing supports and services to those who are truly autistic. Just stop the insanity already! ENOUGH!

Angus Files

Autism is uncommon about one in a few hundred and the people with significant autism need treatment like speech ,physical ,occupational , ABA therapies.

Never heard of significant autism.Is significant autism, regressive autism,in Wills World?

Pharma For Prison



Dear Will:
Are you getting out of the house much? Or are you just sitting around just watching videos and playing games?
Cause your persecution of the world seems to be really narrowed down to a laser point. Also you seem to hate every one. Are you depressed?

Let me try to help:

Clean up your diet. Stop eating at four o'clock in the evening. To eat anytime later means your blood sugar will spike in your sleep, By 4:00 o'clock in the morning that will be 12 hours of a fast and very important. By 8 o'clock in the morning when you wake up it will be a 16 hour fast. Again very important.

You will be hungry for breakfast. Make sure it is a breakfast low in carbs. Eating broccoli for breakfast is very good for you. You can sprinkle on mustard powder so it will supply an enzyme to break up stuff that is good for you that is in broccoli; that should make you healthy. Eat eggs; fried, boiled, scrambled, how ever way you like. Have some bacon and sausage too. Eat it with butter, or coconut oil, or olive oil. Do not every eat veggie oils again. With your breakfast take a good vitamin B complex, Krill oil, and vitamin D3 with a K2.

Around 3 in the afternoon eat again. Make it healthy. Make sure you have veggies, carbs all you want, Rice is fine, . Rice boiled with coconut oil will keep your blood sugar down and keep it from spiking. Some type of meat. Hamburger?beef, turkey, chicken, pork, fish. Actually you should eat a couple of spoonful of fish like salmon or Mackerel a day with your other food choices. Eliminate pops and exchange it for lemonade, or bottled spring water. Good luck Will -a-Bill. Hopefully you can become more mellow, and much less racists, judgmental , grumpy little old man.


"Autism is uncommon about one in a few hundred"
Please cite your references for this assertion.


Finally Age of Autism admits that "autism" is over diagnosed. What is even more over diagnosed than "autism" is Schizophrenia and ADHD. white privilege and psychiatric/developmental diagnosis is a thing supposedly. Why are so many mass murders said to have "schizophrenia". I hate that excuse. I also hate rude, lazy, ugly, sometimes fat teenage/young adult jerks claiming "ADHD "and now "Autism" as a excuse for being jackasses.
Autism is uncommon about one in a few hundred and the people with significant autism need treatment like speech ,physical ,occupational , ABA therapies. Those with autism are required these therapies by education and health laws


Emily Wyatt is a "mildly" autistic, learning impaired, intellectually impaired 24-year-old girl in a woman's body, the precious, adopted daughter of Greg Wyatt:

A miracle Greg's page isn't deleted despite his YouTube channel being terminated for "hate" and "misinformation about autism":

And Greg's testimonies about what happened to his children, "mildly affected" childlike Emily and severely affected Weston:

Weston and Emily as young children (now adults) and severe concerns over what happens to "neurodiverse" adult children after the parents are gone, since there are various horror stories of restraint, rapes, beatings, sedative injections (and more) in mental hospitals and group homes nationwide (and worldwide, Japan too):

What happens to "neurodiverse" women in group homes that still dress up as Disney characters and sing kids' songs at adult ages/are assaulted, threatened and raped/injected for "acting like a two-year-old" by hospital staff and group 'home' staff? How does society treat "neurodivergent" children in adult bodies? Not kindly nor nicely, sadly. Blamed on "bad choices", "being 'sheltered'/coddled", "wokeism/infantilism" by the extreme political "right", and unsurprisingly, "bad parenting/trauma from home". Anything BUT aluminum toxicity syndrome, of course. Anne Dachel, please write about all these things I mentioned (and pray for Emily and the Weston family).

Andrew Foss

Why does this article feel like . . . well . . . the mainstream trying to explain away the potential causes of the situation rather than confront it from multiple fronts (rather than from the POV of Social Workers and Psychologists)?

Something is happening to these children coming into the ages 24 months and 13 years? WHAT possibly could this be? Did we hear from Neurologists about it? Geneticists? Pharmaceutical Scientists?

It is easy to describe the symptoms. The symptoms. as they describe them, do not suggest a cause. They seem desperate to shove it off as a "normal" psychological disorder. Normal given ASD if course.

I must go for now. My psychological disorder just threatened my life because we wanted him to keep his backpack downstairs rather than up in his room with the rest of his "items".

Angus Files

Theres also the diet issue with regression where your baby is eating everything and by themselves,meat,fish,veg etc and after vaccines its regressed to just dairy.Thats when knew we were in deep trouble despite the non talking and all the immediate horrendous vaccine reactions,red flaking skin,green puss coming from ears,temp of 103 etc.The diet just puts the final nail in it all.

Pharma For Prison



Autism gets lost in a world of "Self Diagnosed Autism" says a whole lot. The mainstream has hooked onto many people claiming to be autistic and have been highlighting them with applause. I have been recently performing stand -up comedy and it seems like every 4th person gets up on stage to announce that they have autism.I watch their presentations and connection with the audience. I watch their facial expression and body language and there is not a shred of evidence that they are autistic. You see this in the show "The Voice," ou see this in tv shows and lately in TV commercials who perform dance. The Mainstream will not allow anyone to forget autism because it's shoved down our throats. Aroundd 20 years ago a psychiatrist could diagnose a kid with Autism., They could also diagnose a kid with ADHD. Today however all the kids seem to get a diagnosis of ADHD/ASD. and that allows these performers to stand up and say "I have Autism," boldly when they might really have ADHD-a far cry from Autism, not to mention the ones who simply self diagnose.


We are among the unfortunate families who watched their thriving, vibrant, sharp as tacks toddler who was progressing normally suddenly descend into the tragedy of the autism condition. We never even heard of autism when he exhibited the typical symptoms of autism regression. We were in shock and denial that he could have a diagnosis that was once so rare that we never saw anyone with it growing up in the 50s and 60s. We are heartbroken as he is now an adult and still has an autism diagnosis and are praying and hoping that medical researchers, small biopharmaceuticals will somehow by some miracle find the answer to what went wrong and the solution of how to actually CURE this devastating tragedy that has affected thousands of children and adults with the numbers escalating and no end in sight. We must never give up hope for our special children/adults.

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