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It’s Time to End Medical Tyranny

Vaccine Choice CanadaA common sense conversation from Ted Kuntz of Vaccine Choice Canada.

It's Time to End Medical Tyranny

By Ted Kuntz

The use of mandates for any medical intervention is abhorrent. Forcing a medical treatment upon an unwilling patient is deplorable in a society that purportedly honours individual rights and bodily sovereignty. Whether to accept or reject a medical treatment should always be a choice.

Vaccinations are no exception. Except they are.

For some reason we have been convinced that vaccines are an exception to the rule of bodily sovereignty and medical choice. That informed consent, which requires the choice be voluntary and without coercion or intimidation, is not applicable to the injection of foreign substances into our body.

And while every health professional agrees to a ‘Code of Conduct’ that recognizes a patient’s right to informed consent and bodily sovereignty, these Codes of Conduct seem to be of no effect when the medical product is labelled a “vaccine”.

How did this happen?

How is it that that the medical profession says one thing and does another when it comes to vaccination? How is it that doctors, nurses, public health officers, and regulatory agencies tasked with the responsibility to hold medical practitioners to account when they violate their professional code of conduct systematically ignore this responsibility with vaccination?

How is it that cognitive dissonance, the holding of two contradictory beliefs at the same time, is so prevalent in the medical profession?

To add insult to injury, quite literally, vaccine manufacturers have been granted immunity from liability for injury and death caused by their products. The medical industry is able to maim and kill without consequence.

And medical professionals, in spite of knowing all this, are complicit with enforcing vaccine mandates and violating a patient’s right to informed consent and medical choice.

When one stands back and observes this incongruous behaviour it becomes rather disconcerting how virtually an entire profession, with shockingly few opponents, actively participates in this coercion with nary a moment of hesitation or caution.

In a recent email discussion, independent researcher Elizabeth Hart states: 

“There should never have been protection for the vaccine manufacturers. There should never have been vaccine mandates.

There should always have been voluntary informed consent for vaccination, as with all medical interventions. And no need whatsoever for exemptions.

That's it. Simple.

Exemptions and mandates should not exist, because they preclude voluntary informed consent.

What is it about this that medical practitioners don't understand?

A simple  ‘no thank you’ should suffice.

A more egregious example of this medical tyranny is Australia. In 2016 the government instituted the No Jab, No Pay Law to incentivise/coerce the vaccination of children. Those parents who exercised their right and responsibility to medical choice were denied government benefits for making what government and the vaccine cartel deemed the wrong decision. Families with limited financial resources were forced to choose between food and rent or their right to refuse a liability-free product . And the medical profession went along with this legalized extortion.

The damage that has been done by imposing mandates and providing vaccine manufacturers with protection from liability is evidenced by an ever increasing vaccine schedule and a rapidly diminishing state of health of our children. Immunological and neurological conditions which were once rare are now common place.

And the fact that medical practitioners have gone along with this massive violation for more than a century, largely without question, speaks volumes about whether our medical system is about health or profit. One readily reaches the conclusion that it’s all about the money.

It’s time to have the professional Code of Conduct and actions aligned.

It’s time to hold vaccine manufacturers accountable for vaccine injury and death.

It’s time to end all vaccine coercion.

It’s time that those who participate in medical assault and battery are held to account.

It’s time to stop harming our children and adults under the guise of health.

It’s time the medical profession upheld the moral foundation of individual rights, bodily sovereignty and medical choice.

It’s time to end medical tyranny.

Ted Kuntz is the parent of a vaccine injured son, now deceased, the author of Dare to Question, and President of Vaccine Choice Canada. Ted gave testimony about vaccine safety at the National Citizens Inquiry. His testimony is available at: For more vaccination information, please download the New Parents Guide to Understanding Vaccination from  Vaccine Choice Canada.


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Angus Files

nothing to see move on?I read it whats your beef?

Pharma For Prison



So called "Frederic Chopin", are you seriously trying to "convince" a bunch of parents of autistic children WHO WATCHED WITH THEIR OWN EYES their children to fall into the depth of autism DIRECTLY AFTER THEIR CHILDHOOD VACCINES that you are right, and they are wrong?
Are you actually THAT STUPID?
No, you are not a healthcare provider as you try to present yourself, you are a complete idiot that you are picking fight with people WHO KNOW BETTER THAN YOU!
No, no "vaccines" eradicated smallpox, polio, or anything else!
Please read the book "Turtles all the way down" that you haven't read yet.
I am the mother of a son who is absolutely deaf and autistic as a result of his childhood "vaccines", and I am thanking God every day that he is at least alive! If I took him to a "pediatrician" he would die immediately after f* baby "vaccines"!
So shut the f* and listen to the people much smarter than you!

Frederic Chopin

Read the article not just the headline. There's nothing there.


Chop is a cancer doctor don't you know.
His biz is so slow, and he is so bored that he comes on here to Age of Autism and lets us know how wrong we are to blame vaccines injuries on brain injuries that resulted in cancer.
Opps I meant autism.

Well he is an expert in all things that he never experiences.

Angus Files

"I don't see "turbo cancer" anywhere."

CHOP wake up and read outside the pharma bubble and you will see some celebrity, doped to the gills with heinous poison, courageously battling for his/ her life.Also when you have .GUV admitting cancers are up you can times 4 it and a lot are turbo cancers no time for treatment.

Study points to big surge in under-50 cancer cases

Pharma For Prison


susan welch

Fred, just because 'you don't see turbo cancer anywhere', that does not mean it doesn't exist.

A good friend of min, a very healthy yoga teacher, was diagnosed with cancer last summer and died within 7 months from that diagnosis.

You may not call that turbo cancer, but from being fit and healthy, to being dead in 7 months, is extremely quick.

Frederic Chopin

I COULD answer your previous questions but that would just encourage your constant deflection.


As an oncologist (not a Canadian radiologist who lost his license to practice) I don't see "turbo cancer" anywhere. It's just another AV myth. Sorry.


Fixed it fore you Fred.

"Smallpox was eradicated through vaccination, which is why we don’t vaccinate for it anymore.
Why do you think wild polio is eradicated when there are still cases in Pakistan and Afghanistan? Where do you get your misinformation?"

Big Book of Pharma Lies for Trolls
Simone and Scheister New Jersey, 2020 p.666

You can't even answer my previous basic questions:

"Please state the legal definition of "vaccine" from the U.S. code. What is the date that it was last amended?"

"Was the .75 cent tax paid on each of those millions of Covid vaccines sold to the U.S. government, before it was added to the CDC childhood vaccine recommended list?"

"The Department of Treasury vaccine injury payout fund is currently at $4.5 billion. Will that be enough?"

After answering those, check out the true history of disease and early attemps at inoculation (includes Jenner p. 206-207) in Colonial America in this book:

Slavery, Disease, and Suffering in the Southern Lowcountry
Peter Mc Candless, Cambridge University Press, 32 Avenue of the Americas, New York
Copyright 2011

You also need to watch this week's High Wire. Jeffrey Jackson's segment features vintage childhood vaccine government documents. Educate yourself:


Fredrick: who is "they"?

Princess Kate and King Charels both have cancer.
Turbo cancers.
Something to think about, and that is sad.

Frederic Chopin

Smallpox was eradicated through vaccination, which is why we don’t vaccinate for it anymore.
Why do you think wild polio is eradicated when there are still cases in Pakistan and Afghanistan? Where do you get your misinformation?


You forgot to footnote your sentence:

Big Book of Pharma Lies for Trolls
Simone and Scheister New Jersey, 2020 p.666

Frederic Chopin

Had they been vaccinated against COVID they'd have had a 90% lower risk of dying of COVID. It's sad.



Was the .75 cent tax paid on each of those millions of Covid vaccines sold to the U.S. government, before it was added to the CDC childhood vaccine recommended list?

The Department of Treasury vaccine injury payout fund is currently at $4.5 billion. Will that be enough?

"What if no one got polio or smallpox vaccines?"
We don't need them. The wild viruses have been wiped out. Only vaccine strain polio is now transmitted in poor countries with limited public sanitation.

Why doesn't Bill Gates Foundation fund sanitation systems, clean water and toilets for poor countries. That's one of the reasons Haiti is now a failed state. I guess "vaccines" bring in more $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$. And if you do a really good job with vaccines, they help with population control- according to Gates.


Frederic Chopin

Please state the legal definition of "vaccine" from the U.S. code. What is the date that it was last amended?

Here's a poster for your wall behind your computer screen....


"Remdesivir isn't a vaccine"

It's not confusing to all who died in the hospital with Covid diagnoses.

Frederic Chopin

Remdesivir isn't a vaccine - it's an antiviral. I know it's confusing.


"What if we had Ebola outbreaks here but had an effective vaccine?"

Do you mean the Ebola strains kept at the CDC L4 lab in Atlanta?
Wasn't Remdesivir originally developed for Ebola?
How did that go....


"What if no one got polio or smallpox vaccines?"

Is this a trick question? Pharma's stock would go down.

Kathy Sincere

Thank you, Ted, for another brilliant article on medical freedom for our AoA family and the population at large who so need to hear and heed your message. We appreciate all you do to educate others in an attempt to free this world from medical coercion. God bless you and your work for Vaccine Choice Canada.

Frederic Chopin

What if no one got polio or smallpox vaccines? What if we had Ebola outbreaks here but had an effective vaccine?
When spreading diseases to other people unnecessarily is involved the rules are different.


I read somewhere that if you go into a hospital for surgery and you sign the medical intake forms-you will be given vaccines while under anesthesia. You are agreeing to the Standard of Care and Biologics which are Vaccines. Cross BIOLOGICS out and write No Vaccines as it gives the hospital more money.

Laura Hayes

Brilliantly written and urgently needed message…thank you, Ted!

Praying that Ted’s essay will be read by tens of millions, and that it will open people’s eyes to why you cannot have medical mandates, which include vaccine mandates, in a free and ethical society. When one wants to decline or refuse any medical treatment or procedure for oneself or one’s children, a simple “no thank you” should always suffice, without any government interference, coercion, cost, or penalty. Exemptions are not an acceptable “solution”. No medical mandates, ever, period.

A few years ago, I wrote a printable 2-pager that goes hand in hand with what Ted so eloquently says above:

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