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Is Measles a Real Threat or More Fear Mongering?

Vaccine Choice CanadaWe invite (implore) you to share Ted Kuntz's "Is Measles a Real Threat or More Fear Mongering? article.  For more information, please download the New Parents Guide to Understanding Vaccination from Ted's  Vaccine Choice Canada.

By Ted Kuntz

Ted Kuntz is the parent of a vaccine injured son, now deceased, the author of Dare to Question, and President of Vaccine Choice Canada. Ted gave testimony about vaccine safety at the National Citizens Inquiry. His testimony is available at:
The website for VCC is:

Is Measles a Real Threat or More Fear Mongering?

The mainstream media and pro-vaccine advocates in public health and government would have you believe we are at serious risk of a measles epidemic as a result of “vaccine hesitancy”. There is no doubt there is a significant increase in parents questioning the vaccine narrative. Recent polls reveal that 1 in 6 parents say they are “really against” vaccinating their children, a four-fold increase from 2019. There is also a significant increase in the number of Canadians who oppose mandatory childhood vaccination and say that it should be a parents’ decision. The question is whether the risk to the health and safety of our children is “vaccine hesitancy”, or the risk is blind faith in the vaccine industry?

The vaccine industry would have you believe that all vaccines are safe and effective; vaccines are responsible for the significant decline in mortality in the last century; vaccines are necessary for our children’s health; and adverse reactions to vaccines are rare. None of these statements are supported by the evidence. These statements are marketing propaganda masquerading as science. The vaccine industry would also have you believe that measles is a serious illness that puts our children’s lives at risk, and that if everyone simply vaccinated their children, then measles would be eradicated. These statement are also not supported by the evidence.

Measles – A Childhood Rite of Passage

Prior to the introduction of the measles vaccine in 1963, measles was considered a childhood rite of passage. Virtually all children contracted measles. It was a time to stay home and to be cared for by one’s parents. They even made a Brady Bunch TV program about the benefits of getting measles. ( Those of us old enough to have experienced childhood measles are mystified by the fear mongering regarding contracting measles.

For those who have only experienced measles through pharmaceutical marketing campaigns, measles presents as a whole body rash, fever, congestion, a cough, and pinkeye, symptoms which last about a week. Measles is contagious and prior to vaccination almost all children contracted measles.

While the measles vaccine may have been effective in reducing the incidence of measles, the government and vaccine manufacturers refuse to conduct vaccinated vs unvaccinated studies to confirm that the vaccine is responsible for the decline in measles cases. As the medical industry is quick to declare when injury is reported following vaccination – correlation does not equal causation, meaning just because the incidence of measles has declined following the introduction of the vaccine does not mean that the vaccine is responsible.

The real question is whether the intense vaccination of our children has resulted in improved health. The evidence would suggest otherwise. Rather than witness an increase in the health as the number of vaccines increased from a handful in the early 1980’s to more than 100 doses before age 18 years today (if the COVID vaccines are included), we have observed a steady and dramatic deterioration in children’s health. Disease conditions such as asthma, allergies, autism, cancer, diabetes, ADHD, eczema, life-threatening anaphylaxis and other neurological and immunological conditions which were considered rare in previous generations are now disconcertingly common. It is estimated that more than 50% of children today have a chronic health condition. The dramatic decline in health mirrors the dramatic increase in childhood vaccines as a result of vaccine manufacturers being granted legal and financial immunity for injury and death caused by their products in 1986.

The fact is that vaccine manufacturers are not required to demonstrate that vaccines reduce the rate of disease contraction, contagion, complication, or mortality.  Vaccines are the only drug where evidence of improved health and the absence of harm are not required prior to approval. There is no substantive evidence that children receiving the current vaccine schedule are healthier than those who don’t.

The Measles Vaccine

When the measles vaccine was introduced in 1963 the promise was that one shot would confer life-long immunity, and that measles would be eradicated by 1967. We now know that neither of these marketing claims were true. The vaccine does not confer life-long immunity as outbreaks regularly occur in fully vaccinated populations. And measles is still with us today after more than 60 years of vaccination.

What is not considered in the rush to inject every child with every available vaccine is what is lost because of vaccination. It is rarely admitted by vaccine proponents that recovery from natural exposure most often confers life-long immunity. More critically is that mothers who have been vaccinated for measles do not transfer long-lasting maternal antibodies to their infants which protects the infant in the first few months of life. This means that infants of measles vaccinated mothers are at increased risk.

Also not acknowledged is that while measles was once a serious illness in past centuries, the mortality from measles declined 98.5% and measles was no longer considered a public health threat before the vaccine was introduced. To describe measles as a “killer disease”, as if that is true today, is dishonest. Measles can be life threatening in third world countries for children suffering from malnutrition and contaminated water. Measles is not a serious illness in first world countries such as Canada. Using third world data to convince parents in a first world country is fraud.

What is also not acknowledged is that the measles vaccine is given in combination with two or more other live viruses – mumps and rubella. There is substantial evidence that the measles-mumps-rubella (MMR) vaccine is causing neurological damage in some children and that administering the vaccine prior to three years can cause regressive autism.  Autism has become epidemic with more than 1 in 36 children diagnosed. [1] There is also a failure to note that vaccination with live virus vaccines can cause viral shedding, meaning the vaccinated can be a vector of measles outbreaks.

Is the Measles Vaccine Safe?

When the mainstream media and vaccine industry claim that the vaccine is “safe” without any qualifiers,  they are misleading the public. Would the public agree the measles vaccine is “safe” when as of May 31, 2023 there have been more than 109,499 reports of measles vaccine reactions made to the Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System in the United States, including 547 related deaths. [2] 

Further, a US Health and Human Services study acknowledged that less than 1% of vaccine adverse events are reported.[3] This means the number of injuries and deaths could realistically be 100 times the reported numbers. If so, does 10,949,900 reactions and 54,700 deaths sound safe? The undisputed fact is that the safety of the measles vaccine has not been proven against a true placebo.  Thus the claims that the vaccine has been proven safe is false.

The media and public health would have you believe there is consensus in the medical community that the measles vaccine is “safe and effective and necessary”. There is not consensus.

Dr. Richard Moskovitz, a family physician with more than 50 years of experience deems the measles vaccine as “an unhealthy reprogramming of the immune system that trades of the acute, vigorous responses to infection” in favor of “weaker, but ongoing, chronic responses that have rendered us a lot sicker than we would have been has we simply left well enough alone.” [4]

Rudolf Steiner states that children need to go through certain acute inflammatory illnesses in order to develop a strong immune system and a healthy body. Dr. Thomas Cowan states – “Children who are supported to work through these healing crises are invariably healthier and more resilient than children in whom these inflammatory crises have been suppressed with vaccines, antibiotics, and anti-inflammatory drugs.” [5]

The Rise of Vaccine Hesitancy

The media would have us believe that “vaccine hesitancy” is a danger to society. We see it otherwise. At Vaccine Choice Canada, we view the increase in parents asking questions about vaccine safety, efficacy and necessity as an indication that parents are doing their homework. Vaccination is a complex medical decision. The reality is that almost all modern diseases have their origin in a disturbed immune system. No other drug intervenes in the immune system as intensively as vaccines, and the effects of vaccination are irreversible. It is critical that parents understand the significance of this medical intervention and the risks involved.

The vaccine industry greatly exaggerates the risk of contracting diseases targeted by vaccines. Measles is a classic example of the hype common with vaccine proponents. The vaccine industry and the media present as if every case of measles is a life-threatening condition. This is false advertising. The reality is that permanent injury and death from measles is exceedingly rare in a developed country like Canada. Neil Rau, an infectious disease specialist, and Dr. Richard Schabas, MD, Ontario’s former Chief Medical Officer, stated in an October 2018 article – ‘Stop the Hysteria Over Measles Outbreaks’ that the media-fueled hysteria is unwarranted. [6]

“The borderline hysteria fueled by the media and public health that greets a few cases is unwarranted. . . At current rates, Canada can expect to see a death from acute measles about once every hundred years or so.”

The vaccine industry also communicates the message that our children would not experience illness if they were fully vaccinated. In 2019, the New Brunswick government introduced legislation to remove personal belief and religious exemptions because of 11 cases of measles in the province. Their argument was that all children must be vaccinated, even against their wishes, in order to prevent measles. 

It was later revealed that 9 of the 11 children that contracted measles were fully vaccinated, and 1 was partially vaccinated. Only 1 child was unvaccinated. The Chief Medical Officer refused to make this information available to legislators contemplating the legislation and it was only released through a freedom of information request.

Vaccine hesitancy is responsible parents doing their due diligence. And what parents are finding is that the claims that vaccines are safe, effective and necessary are wanting.

For more information, download our New Parents Guide to Understanding Vaccination

Vaccine Choice Canada



[3] Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System -

[4] Vaccines: A Reappraisal – Richard Moskowitz MD, 2017. P 193

[5] Vaccines, Autoimmunity, and the Changing Nature of Childhood Illness – Thomas Cowan, MD, 2018, p. 97



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Alan Cassels

Good job Ted.
I also weighed into the issue of fearmongering when it comes to measles.
This, in my opinion, is why so many of us have lost trust in public health as they cry wolf, inflame the populace and drive people crazy with doomsday scenarios.
Keep up the good work,
Alan C.

Laura Hayes

My husband and I recently had the pleasure of meeting Ted Kuntz in person, and having dinner with him and his lovely wife. Ted has done amazing work, as evidenced by what was shared on AoA today. I have also read his book, “Peace Begins with Me”, an excellent and worthwhile read.

Thank you, Kim, for sharing the impressive work of Ted and VCC with AoA readers!

Angus Files

Thanks for sharing Katie two unvaccinated here as well and a low functioning non verbal Autistic who is loved immensely by all.After G becoming autistic because of his vaccines and finally the MMR tipping him, it took us 4 years to discover what had happened before having the final two unvaccinated we couldnt have coped with another autistic as severe as himself(sorry our fault we listened to the quacks).

Its an up hill battle all the way, not vaccinating , good on you well done.

Pharma For Prison



Well; my grandparents had measles when they were adults with children back in the mid 30s or so. 1930s. that is getting close to 90 years ago.

If my grandparents can survive considering they living on a farm, with a cow to milk, eggs to gather, chickens, horses, cows, hogs, five little children to feed. No electricity, and no central heating, so fire wood to gather or be cold, and any hot meal they had; they had to build a fire. Still because of their age tey were sick, my mother said. But no pneumonia that can be a rare problem.


Nothing like suddenly getting mumps as a young man just as you are ready to start a family.

I suppose my children grown and approaching their 40s now has to get measles at an older age as well.


All three of my children are unvaccinated and have had measles and chicken pox. I have to say measles was a lot easier than chicken pox.

Vitamin A cures measles. My daughter who loves meat's only symptom was diagnostic Koplik's spots. My meat-eating toddler got a very mild rash and Koplik's spots. My meat-resisting kid had a fever that was going up every day, until my genius husband remembered Triple X Vitamin Water is loaded with A. We started plying our very ill son with as much Vitamin Water as he would drink. Within 24 hours, he was right as rain and bouncing off the walls again. (Of course, that was a lot of sugar.)

When my middle child was about a year old, he would get a little rash everytime I gave him peanut butter. When my friends' vaccinated kids had the same reaction, they were given epi pens for what was likely to turn into a potentially fatal allergy.

At my son's next pediatrician appointment, I told both doctors - we saw a student, so every appointment was two appointments, first with the student, then her teacher who basically repeated everything and asked if that was what the student did- about the rash. I expected to be given a prescription for an epi-pen just in case. Instead, each independently said in a half whisper, "But he's unvaccinated." They said it so identically I felt it must have been part of their consultation as we waited between doctors.

They decided it wasn't a "real allergy" because "real peanut allergies don't happen in unvaccinated kids." They assured me, "It's just a little sensitivity that he'll outgrow. Keep giving him peanut butter if you want. It will never be fatal for him." They were absolutely right. He did outgrow his "sensitivity." I have always wondered if parents are told that vaccination is the only possible route to a life-threatening peanut allergy before they vaccinate.

Because of the hours we spent together with our double pediatrician appointments for two kids, these doctors knew me well enough to know I couldn't be talked into vaccination; so they had less reason to fear bad-mouthing them to me.

It shows you, the doctors know what is happening.

Previously, I had a pediatrician who had treated many of my peers growing up, tell me of my non-eye-contact making oldest, who was two at the time, "She will only continue to grow and develop perfectly if you continue to do EXACTLY what you have been doing. I need you to focus, look at me, and hear me: DO NOT CHANGE A THING ABOUT WHAT YOU ARE DOING! That is the only way her perfect development will continue." This was after I said I still wasn't sure, so we would continue to hold off on all vaccines until I was confident. I did hear what the old pediatrician was afraid to say more clearly. My daughter is now a young teen who scores at advanced college level on every subject, has a sweet even temperament, is adored by all her peers, and an absolute help and treasure to her parents and brothers. When I see her vaccinated, autistic cousin, who showed less symptoms than my daughter at birth, I am so grateful that we listened to what that pediatrician almost said.

I would take my children and myself getting measles once a month over the ravages of vaccines in a heartbeat. You get to get over measles.

Angus Files

Yes remember my mother appearing with two girls and their mother for us to play with that we never met before,so they could get measels from my sister.As the song went,Those were the days.

Pharma For Prison


This is an excellent summary!
Print and save.

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