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Chips salsa"I'll be nom nomming you...." This crunchy post brought to you by Cathy!

By Cathy Jameson

I laughed out loud after reading a memory on Facebook one morning. “…watching Jamie Oliver’s show on ABC about a food revolution while shoving my face with chips, salsa, and some tortillas since the chip bag was almost empty and then washing it all down with wine…mwuhahahahahaha!”

I don’t remember doing that. I do love me some chips and salsa, though, so I’m pretty sure that did happen.  Just the other day when I didn’t want to make dinner (for the 8,668th night in a row), I sat down with a bowl of chips and salsa.  This time, I added sour cream, some cheddar cheese, smashed everything up together and ate it like it was a bowl of ice cream – happily with one spoonful at a time.

Another memory also had me laughing out loud. “…is it wrong that I am eating chips and salsa and drinking wine while watching my husband workout to the P90X?”  I guess it was, because the next update I shared was, “I’m not going to eat chips and salsa but instead do the P90X workout with the hubby.”

For those who don’t know me personally, I really like chips and salsa.

But back to that first memory about the food revolution, which was from 2010… 

We’d already revamped the kids’ diet a great deal at that point.  Ronan had been casein-free and gluten-free since 2005.  That happened after I’d read about elimination diets and was eager to see if it could help.  I was overwhelmed thinking about how to remove gluten products, so we started with casein ones first.  Within days, like 2 days, we saw improvements!  I didn’t need much encouragement to remove the gluten, so we did that, too.  While not a quick ‘wow’ factor like when we removed casein, there were small and steady gains over time.  They were helpful for him so we began to change his siblings’ diets and later, ours as well.  

I owe a debt of gratitude to the parents on those old Yahoo! Message boards for sharing their children’s stories.  When they wrote about their children’s progress, parents shared that they, too, put themselves on the GF/CF diet.  Some did so in solidarity with their child.  Others realized the health benefits were worth the lifestyle change for themselves.  It wouldn’t be right away for me, but I ended up going GF years later after a health scare.  I stayed GF for quite some time, but I don’t stick to it as much anymore.  I have slacked off on reading labels lately also and haven’t been buying as clean and organic as we had been. 

Maybe its time for a personal food revolution for me once more.  Feeling sluggish, not getting solid sleep, and snacking on chips and salsa while surfing the net don’t make for a completely healthy lifestyle.  I don’t follow trends, but I will check out what Jamie Oliver is doing these days to see what he’s promoting.  What do you do to stay healthy?  Do you have a good diet and exercise routine?  We parents need to live forever, so share some tips if you’ve got any.  I’ll look forward to reading those because I know that ‘every bite you eat can potentially fight a disease or feed it’.

Cathy Jameson is a Contributing Editor for Age of Autism.


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My neck ended up swelling up and turning red;. My food allergies seem to be rather slow. As usually 3 to 4 days after my birthday bash at red lobster. My legs and arms are the first to tell me.

Eggs and milk we do not have trouble with, just the gluten.

Serious Ket has the best chaffles since sliced bread.

He has a recipe written out at the top, but if you scroll down he has a video of six different chaffles.
The one that was submitted by Bailey is the best one, I think. That is what I make all the time.

If any of you are gluten free, but can eat eggs and cheese chaffles made in those little waffle makers are just the best ever.

Serious Keto is just fantastic!

He has a recipe for egg whites chaffle but if you skip on down he has a video were he is making six different other chaffles.

He presents a chaffle submitted by Bailey, and for us that is the best one. It is the one that I make all the time.


My son and I found each other up last night at 3 in the morning.
He never said why he was up, cause he is not talking, feeling bad, irritable.
I know why I was up. My legs, my arms, and even my neck hurt pretty bad last night.

Last week for my birthday, the first time ever, my family took me out to eat at Red Lobster. I love fish, but have never really had shell fish. I did not eat their biscuits or crouton in the salad. I did have a plate of shell fish.

The last couple of days my neck, my legs, my arms hurt and I feel weak, it has been escalating.

I think I am allergic to shell fish.

That said; I have been reading and listening to pod cast about how krill oil is better than cod fish oil, or fish oil pills. So I have been ordering those for my family, for my son and husband. My husband hates fish. I have not been taking it though, cause I eat fish. My son has been worse the last few months though I feel he has been pretty much near the bottom of the barrel the last couple of years already.

I think I will stop the krill oil pills for a while. Maybe start back with cod liver oil pills instead?
So I thought I should pass that one along. Shell fish allergies apparently is the most common allergy in the United States. I read that last night while I was up all night in pain.

If you all have not listened to Jordan Peterson's daughter in her interview with Joe Rogan it is worth a listen to. She had her knee caps replaced as a teen ager, but the mental problems she suffered is pitiful.
Jordon Peterson too describes how sick he was and even in the hospital. Now they both eat meat and nothing else. They are allergic to everything, apparently.

Here is the link to something pertaining to her.

And while I am on this subject of my post, a few years back I ran into a woman at a local meeting of a cardio doctor talking about diet. This woman had a child allergic to chicken meat, right here in my community. Then of course we all here are very aware of the lone star tick bites that they claim will make you allergic to mammal meat. But Alpha gal protein that is what is in the mammal meat that cause people to become allergic to mammal meat has been found in the vaccines. My cousin right now has a grandson eat up with pyrosis. His Dad is having his own health problems since he
had a lone star tick bite (lone star in our area, really? Oh sure plenty dog ticks and those new little tiny bird ticks but the lone star tick? ) Really? He is now allergic to beef.

Corbett reported on the alpha gal; well here it is.

And then of course there is the videos about a bunch of clever scientists saying we can make humans give up beef in the name of climate change by making them allergic to meat.


I'm old enough to remember Jack Lalanne:

“If man made it, don’t eat it.”
He was ahead of his time. He lived to be 96 following his healthy diet and exercise routine. I think we can still benefit from his wisdom today

The 7 Simple Habits Of The Jack Lalanne Diet To Be Ridiculously Healthy And Fit Over 40

I love pan roasted veggies with sweet and white potatoes and meat. Very easy and just one pan. I walk every day. All baked goods are homemade. Try using Romaine lettuce leaves instead of bread. We like apples, oranges, bananas, strawberries, blueberries, and grapes. I make muffins from scratch and can control the ingredients. I freeze them for a quick breakfast or snack.


The Fall of 2019 we ran into strep.
The type of strep that caused OCD.
My hubby and son were going to HVAC school and had just finished up. Nothing like a father that sticks around to really help out. Love that man.
My hubby said his son was disappearing every day from class. He found him out by the candy machines buying stuff. My son was on a seizure med at that time too, that further reduced the immune system. With a poor diet perhaps OCD was then inevitable?

At that time I was taking care of both of my parents, and really not even living at home. I was doing fast dashes home, still fixing the right foods, growing a garden, but I could not sit on top of some one and make their decision for them on what to put in their bodies. I was also buying lots of corn chips to replace gluten filled crackers. I love corn chips and salsa as well.

By the way; the brand of corn chips from Sams club does have gluten in them. Not like the cheaper stuff at Save a' Lot, which does not have gluten, but it does have cotton seed oil. Cotton seed oil . I found out about Sam's club corn chips having gluten, not by way of reading the labels, but by the tingling in my own feet and hands. If not for that, I would not have looked. I thought corn chips were all made the same.

Then I had a bad run in with of all things; a brand of pimento cheese. When I started feeling the tingling, I started reading the labels and sure enough the pimento cheese had the label food starch. Food starch can be arrow root - which is safe enough, or it can be gluten. In this case, I am pretty sure it was wheat based food starch.

It takes 4 days after eating bread and gluten to tell I have eaten something with gluten in it. That is a long time to forget what a person even eats.

Dr. Rhimland was a man ahead of his time. I thank him.

I react much worse to rye than wheat by the way. A chaffle recipe that called for fermented a small amount of rye for a couple of weeks, and then used a small amount of fermented rye in a chaffle. Well guess what! Nope, there was the hurting on the bottom of my feet and tingling.

Anyway, my son got over his OCD and his anxiety became manageable. Then he started work at the local grocery store. For the past two years, he has been very irritable, and growing worse as I found boxes of chips, Little Debbie Cakes, and sure enough sugared soda pops that he sneaks into his room.
He is not doing well at this time. He is very unwell right now. We are struggling to get him to mind his diet. I have prayed about it. God I think is working with him as am I. He is so irritable too, that he blames me for everything. I get on his nerves, but a young man should not lay in his bed when not working and that is all he does.

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