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Cj paper crane
A paper crane, made for me by my daughter on the day of Dan’s memorial service.

By Cathy Jameson

I headed into the D.C. area last week for a meeting.  As I crept closer toward my destination, I saw a sign for Falls Church.  I’d always imagined it to be an idyllic place.  I’m sure at one point it was, but now it looks like every other busy city streetscape in Northern Virginia.  The first time I’d heard of the place was from Dan Olmsted.  I found it a treat to be able to meet up with him whenever I was near Falls Church.  It wouldn’t be too many times, but each time was cherished.

We are heartbroken to announce… 

I miss his voice.  I miss his wisdom.  I especially miss his encouraging private comments to me and my husband when I became more public with my son’s issues.  To have Dan Olmsted in my corner, well, it meant the world to all of us Jamesons.  

a celebration of life…

We’re creeping up on the date of his memorial service.  That’s a day I’ll never forget.  To see his closest friends and family gather to honor him, it’ll be a forever memory.  There were tears.  There was laughter.  Many heartfelt memories were shared.  My favorite personal memories of Dan are of when he got to meet up with me and my kids.  I'd find a diner for us to meet that wasn’t too fancy of a restaurant in case my kids were too loud.  Oftentimes, they were!  He didn't mind how silly and loud they were though.  He didn't mind how distracted and needy they'd get during the meal either.  He was patient, kind, attentive, and happy.  Dan smiled at their silliness and showed them only love.  The kids smiled at Dan and loved him right back. 

I was not privy to Dan’s personal life nor to events that led up to his death, and part of me doesn’t want to ever know them.  What I do know is that Dan was always a light.  He was a voice for the voiceless.  He was upbeat without ever being over-the-top.  I knew that he could be a busy man, but for me, he was always an email away.  Responding quickly and concisely, I loved that he led off the AofA weekend with his Saturday’s Weekly Wrap column. To follow him on Sundays with my posts?  It was humbling. 

When my meeting ended last week, I knew I’d pass those signs I saw as I headed into the District.  I slowed down just a bit.  I remembered everything all over again.  Falls Church.  It’s where my friend and mentor lived.  I pray that those he loved are doing okay.  I pray that Dan’s work is never forgotten.  I know it won’t be forgotten here.  I just wish he had more time to share all that he knew, all that he learned, and all that he wanted the rest of the world to know.

…a compelling symbol for hope, love, honor, and peace.

Dan Olmsted.  He was a journalist like no other.  May his memory be eternal. 

Cathy Jameson is a Contributing Editor for Age of Autism.


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Jill Escher is still puzzled by Autism...

She gets the DumDum award!

‘Denial’: Serving Up Devastating Autism Truth With a Side of Dumdum
July 9, 2019 (Written on the eve of the Covid plandemic, two years after the book was published and Dan had passed. What could Jill be thinking? Did someone up the NIAID grant food chain ask for it?)

"A fruitful gutting of epidemic denialism falls victim to the non-sequitur that vaccines cause autism"

"Why is “epidemic” enduringly coupled with “vaccines”? Why can’t we simply acknowledge the truth of our autism epidemic while equally acknowledging that we still don’t know the causes, since that combination is—based on overwhelming evidence—the real state of things?"

"But for now let’s focus on the good. Blaxill and Olmsted wallop what they term the “Denier” narrative that today’s autism rates can be explained by shifting diagnostics and better awareness by fine-tooth combing through historical accounts of disabling mental conditions of early childhood. The trove of detail they convey—from Heller-Weygandt syndrome to childhood schizophrenia to Leo Kanner’s early descriptions of autistic children and more—show that it is not only unlikely that much autism existed before births in the 1930s, but that such existence is virtually impossible. "
(Way to go Dan!)
"Enough. Done. Kaput. Let’s spend our time, energy and money on concepts that have some hope of explaining this dreadful epidemic, and pull our dumdum selves out of this Dark Age of Autism. To borrow Denial’s own argument, “something new and terrible is happening to a generation of children” and “it’s our moral responsibility to figure that out.” Note to Blaxill, Robert Kennedy, Jr, et al.—this moral responsibility includes… ditching the vaccine hypothesis. Rather, many other biologically promising paths deserve our urgent attention."

And what "biologically promising paths " could she be referring to?

Fauci's NIAID and her own, The Escher Fund for Autism funded genetic research?

"Funding for this research came, in part, from SFARI (grant SFARI 606768), the National Institutes of Health (grants MH113715, MH119746, 1MH109501, MH106595, GM008666), the Escher Fund for Autism (grant 20171603) and the Dutch Research Council (grant NWO 45219212)."

We grow cobwebs anxiously awaiting the direct benefit of this research on our injured children. Meanwhile, THANK YOU DAN for being a Truth teller, even unto death.


I never met him.
He impacted my life greatly.

Ain't that something!

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