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Happy Easter!

Autism Action Month Caregiver Car Magnets!

5" wide, durable magnet

Monday starts Autism Action month. In an effort to acknowledge the army needed to help families, I made these 5” car magnets. From paras to parents, autism caregivers are the key to success. I decided a key was a respectful yet powerful symbol to unlock potential, provide safety and open doors to a bright future. Surely we can all agree on that! I hope you like them. They're free!

If you’d like one, leave your name & full address in the comments. We won’t publish the comment. Or email us [email protected].


Patricia Moore

On its way, Pat! Address deleted. Kim

I would like one as my life is 24/7 autism caregiver


"What the heck does that article have to do with "autism"

I answered that in a follow up that has not been posted.
Biden has promised $60 million of tax payer money to fix the bridge when the shipping company has insurance that will pay out. Just another reason they will claim there is no money for adult housing for the "autistic". That $60 million is borrowed money plus interest. If you look to the government for help, it's always about money. It doesn't grow on trees.
It appears to me that Biden will use the money to buy minority votes and perhaps 10% for the Big Guy.


What the heck does that article have to do with "autism". You are glad I did not use another words or words. When it comes to "discrimination in the construction industry" people would not serve a lawsuit against their employers or potential employer if systemic discrimination in the construction industry and other industries were not true. Those litigants include people with disabilities such as autism whether they are "black" or "white" or "immigrant".
Autism caregiving need to be more medical treatment not vague "care" People with autism need better quality speech, occupational, physical and if needed behavioral therapy. Those same people with autism also need better neurologist and gastroenterologist to treat their medical issues such as ulcerative colitis and epilepsy like conditions.



"President Joe Biden is being pressed to use the reconstruction of the Francis Scott Key Bridge in Baltimore as an opportunity to remedy alleged racial discrimination against blacks in the construction industry.

Biden said this week that he had told his administration officials to “move heaven and earth” to reopen the port of Baltimore and rebuild the bridge. The reconstruction efforts, however, may be complicated by demands that the project further left wing ideas about racial justice, the treatment of immigrants, climate change, and wealth redistribution."
Disaster capitalism + get out the vote = Build Back Better

Laura Hayes

A couple more ideas, stimulated by Kim’s great one above:

Caregiver for the vaccine injured.

Caregiver for the vaccine disabled.


Great Idea !!!
It would be nice to see a few million of those on cars and trucks in a few weeks.
I am sure a proper donation could also be made.
God bless our children.

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