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Thoughts On Covid A New Series from Dr. Richard Moskowitz

Richard Moskowitz MDAs we approach the 4th anniversary of "Two weeks to flatten the curve," we're honored to present Dr. Richard Moskowitz's insightful thoughts on the errors of the Covid era.

Richard Moskowitz, MD, is a family physician who received his BA from Harvard, Phi Beta Kappa, his MD from New York University, and a US Steel Fellowship in Philosophy at the University of Colorado. He has been in private practice since 1967. After studying herbs, Japanese acupuncture, and other holistic modalities, he has specialized in homeopathic medicine since 1974, and has written four previous books and over a hundred articles on homeopathy, midwifery, natural healing, and the philosophy of medicine. He resides in Boston, Massachusetts.

Aside - I  was in his practice's backyard for many years, and I only wish I had known him when I was a young woman seeking healthcare. I could have learned so much. Please join us in thanking him for sharing his work here. If you would like the full file for this series to share, please email me at [email protected]. Kim

Below is part 1 of 4. You can  download the entire article in its original format here.

Some Thoughts on the COVID   

The COVID pandemic was in its early stages when I retired in 2020; so I've had no personal experience of treating patients who’ve been sick with it.  But after three years of upsetting the lives of nearly everyone on the planet, it's still very much with us, still shrouded in mystery, still being perpetuated by the same fear and uncertainty that helped launch it in the first place, and dramatizes with its own special urgency a lot of the same issues I've been writing about ever since I began practicing long ago.  Of course, my collected thoughts, feelings, and opinions about it could also be wrong, which would actually be a huge relief.  But the scientific evidence that we now possess leaves little doubt that even the most speculative of my conspiracy theories are a lot closer to the truth than any sane person would willingly tolerate.  Dr. Richard Moskowitz

The First Cases

Right from the start, the virus exhibited striking features that aroused suspicion, simply because it manifested so differently from most other acute viral infections that we know of.  In the first place, it seemed as contagious as the measles, if not more so.  Soon after the first known cases were identified in Wuhan in late December 2019, the first U. S. case was diagnosed in someone returning from China; and by the end of January, 2020, there were already 10,000 cases worldwide, enough to prompt many epidemiologists to warn the CDC, then-President Trump, and the entire world that emergency measures were necessary to forestall or at least contain the threat of a global pandemic.1  Even more unsettling was the finding that the virus had infected and perhaps been transmitted by large numbers of asymptomatic people,2  which made it imperative to locate and test exposed populations on a large scale in order to identify and isolate these carriers, especially in overcrowded, high-risk settings, and determine the true death rate.  The apparent rapidity and ease of its spread then led to further speculation that the virus had already been active in the Wuhan area months before the first case was announced in late December, as was subsequently confirmed by epidemiologists at the University of California San Diego, who calculated that the virus had most likely been circulating in Hobei Province since October 2019, if not before.3       

President Trump's offhand dismissal of the threat, combined with his outspoken disdain for science in general and the CDC in particular, gave irrefutable evidence to opponents and supporters alike of his utter incompetence and unfeigned disinclination to unite the nation and provide the kind of nonpartisan leadership that such a crisis demanded, and elevated the veteran Dr. Fauci, the designated leader of our coronavirus task force, into an unlikely hero for contradicting the Commander-in-Chief at his daily press briefings and ignoring his frequent diatribes.4 

But in their eagerness to seize on Trump's disgraceful and indeed unapologetic indifference to the public interest, his political opponents were far too quick to ignore the even more shocking and momentous failure of the CDC itself, mainly in not stockpiling adequate testing materials and safety equipment beforehand, despite having long studied and even predicted such outbreaks; not identifying and tracking those infected, once the virus made its presence known,5  as was already proving its worth in South Korea, Japan, Taiwan, China, and Hong Kong; and not acting promptly and effectively to do everything else necessary to contain the outbreak, as suggested above. 

Trump's dithering, denialism, and incompetence can hardly excuse the agencies in charge of our public health from failing to do precisely the job they were created to do, one requiring scientific expertise that the President, the Congress, and the general public don't have and aren't expected to have.

  1. "Flattening the Curve"

Even more unaccountably, both Fauci and the CDC abandoned the time-honored strategy for containing such outbreaks, even when leading epidemiologists like Dr. Knut Wittkowski of the Rockefeller University spelled it out for them when they seemed to be doing their best to ignore it:

                1) keeping the children in school, and allowing the virus to spread rapidly among this least vulnerable sector of the population;

                2) isolating the people at highest risk, such as the elderly, infirm, and chronically ill, and those living in nursing homes and extended-care facilities; and

                3) identifying asymptomatic carriers, and locating their contacts, thus enabling as many low-risk people as possible to develop and recover from the disease, leading to natural herd immunity in the shortest possible time.6 

Instead, by remaining silent and doing nothing for so many weeks, the agency actually allowed the President to have his way until the surge in new cases threatened to overwhelm the capacity of hospitals and urgent-care facilities to care for them, and thus made containing the outbreak no longer seem possible.  That was evidently the signal that prompted Dr. Fauci and the CDC to "flatten the curve," by imposing a general lockdown, shutting down the economy, and thus slowing the rate of infection, even though these measures, if successful, would necessarily prolong the outbreak and thus provide ample time for "variants" or mutant strains to develop.   Read more after the jump below.


Vaccines Richard MoskowitzYou can purchase Dr. Moskowitz's books, including Vaccines A Reappraisal from Skyhorse Publishing at Amazon.

At the time, many people probably assumed that Fauci and the CDC simply miscalculated when they ignored their own experts, flattened the curve, and prolonged the outbreak.  But more recent evidence that Fauci's agency was already working on developing a COVID vaccine when those decisions were made public suggests that slowing down the pandemic was also necessary for their vaccine to qualify as the weapon of choice when it became available.  Although widely dismissed as yet another "conspiracy theory" undeserving of serious consideration, this truly sinister fantasy merely re-emphasizes the established fact that developing and promoting new vaccines in partnership with the drug industry had long since become Fauci's and the CDC's default strategy for dealing with acute infectious diseases of every kind.7

The rehearsal.

That possibility gained even more traction when we learned that CDC officials had actively participated in an elaborate wargame exercise in October of 2019, just 2 months before the first recorded case, uncannily simulating a coronavirus pandemic like the one we are still struggling through.8   Organized jointly by the futuristic World Economic Forum, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, and the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security, the so-called "Event 201" was staged at New York's Hotel Pierre, and invited legislators, health policy makers, representatives of print and social media, corporate executives, CIA officials, and even the head of China's CDC to attend.  It envisioned a global health crisis involving 65,000,000 deaths and a massive economic shutdown lasting 18 months, until either an effective vaccine became available, or 80-90% of the world's population had been exposed and developed natural herd immunity, whichever came first.
Of course, flattening the curve was already eliminating the second possibility, and even made it seem undesirable, as Dr. Fauci later admitted, since those who achieved natural immunity might no longer want or seem to need vaccines like the one his agency was actively developing.10   The organizers also laid particular emphasis on the indispensable role of the media in dispelling panic, by suppressing "misinformation" and "disinformation" at variance with the official narrative and the draconian measures needed to quell the outbreak.11

In late January, just 4 weeks after the first declared Wuhan case, the World Economic Forum announced its own COVID Action Platform, an international consortium for expediting vaccine development and mandating their use; and, a few days later, the World Health Organization declared a global Public Health Emergency, signing on to precisely the same 18-month scenario that the organizers of Event 201 had already mapped out,12 thus preparing the way for locking down, requiring masks, closing schools and businesses, and vaccinating as much of the whole world as soon as possible.  The presence of China's top public health official provided further fuel for suspecting that Event 201 was no mere simulation, but in fact a dress rehearsal for the momentous events that the organizers knew had already begun and were about to astonish the world.  

    3. The Illness

The broad outlines of the COVID-19 illness soon made themselves known.  In the months immediately following the lockdown, the extreme mutability of the SARS-CoV-2 virus became evident in the biphasic cycles of sharp declines in the number of reported cases in various parts of the world, followed by equally dramatic surges of new cases linked to genetic variants and subvariants of the original virus.13,14,15   These mutant strains have proved even more numerous and have appeared even more rapidly than with the influenza viruses, which likewise require much guesswork in predicting and redesigning vaccines against them on a yearly basis even before they emerge.

An even more striking pattern was the extent to which the deaths and most severe cases requiring hospitalization were occurring consistently and predominantly among the elderly and chronically ill, an affinity that had been noticed to some extent in past outbreaks, but never so predominantly as to seem almost aimed at them.  As of March, 2020, almost 2500 Italians had already died while testing positive for the virus, and over 99% of them were already suffering with various chronic diseases: 25% with one, 26% more with two, and 49% more with 3 and up, but less than 1% with none; their average age was 79.5 years.16  Right from the start, the outbreak was sending an unmistakable and dire warning to pay the most careful attention to our underlying burden of chronic disease, the terrain that was giving it life.                                                      

At least in the developed world, the illness continued targeting the elderly and chronically ill with remarkable consistency throughout 2020, and indeed has done so ever since.  In the U. S., residents of nursing homes, assisted-living, rehab, and other extended-care facilities comprised only 0.6% of the population, but accounted for fully 42% of all the deaths linked to COVD-19 in 2020, and a lot more than that in many states, e. g., 81.4% in Minnesota, 77.0 in Rhode Island, and 70.0% in Ohio.17  Along the same lines, 86.2% of Americans dying while testing positive for COVID-19 were already suffering from one or more chronic diseases;18 and a large preponderance of all COVID-related deaths worldwide likewise involved comorbidities,19 ,creating a similar confusion as to whether the virus was the immediate cause of death, or a secondary, contributing factor, or only a coincidence.20,21   

As it happens, the cause of death as recorded on U. S. death certificates was then and is still simply accepted at face value by the CDC, and included in its statistics without further review, thus adding still more reason to question their accuracy, as the agency itself admitted:

COVID-19 should not be reported on the death certificate if it did not cause or contribute to the death. [Ascertaining proper] cause of death can be challenging,  especially during emergencies [if] certifiers face heavy workloads, lack access to complete information, [or are] not well   trained in [certifying] the cause of death. Current estimates are that 20-30% of death certificates have [such] issues.22        

Is COVID-19 a chronic disease?

The revelation that COVID-19 cases and deaths were occurring predominantly in people who were already chronically ill prompted me to wonder if the baseline effect of the illness might include simply making worse whatever other chronic illnesses were already present, the nonspecific, baseline effect of vaccination that I had observed repeatedly in my years of practice and often written about.23  That possibility also alerted me to other peculiar and distinctly unusual characteristics of the disease.  First of all, even though many of the most severe cases making the headlines and overcrowding Emergency Rooms and ICUs were identified as an unusual type of Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome, or ARDS, involving marked deoxygenation of the blood,24 many other serious and fatal cases spared the lungs entirely, and produced microscopic blood clots in a variety of other organs and tissues.25                                                                                                                    

Secondly, no matter which organs were involved, autopsies consistently revealed signs of "cytokine storm" or lesser degrees of autoimmune dysregulation, involving excessively high levels of interleukins and autoantibodies in the damaged cells and tissues.26   Finally, as many as 20-30% of patients with active COVID-19 develop a similarly wide variety of signs and symptoms that persist chronically for months or even longer, and often prove refractory to treatment.27  Originally assumed to be simply residues of the acute phase, these conditions have actually behaved more like chronic diseases in their own right, exhibiting lesser degrees of the same type of autoimmune dysregulation, and even developing in quite a few patients who had seemingly recovered or been only mildly ill until then.28                                                                                                                      

In all three respects, this broad array of COVID-19 illness presentations have resembled the other chronic diseases we're already much too familiar with, exhibiting a slow, persistent course punctuated by acute phases and flare-ups, and characterized by varying degrees of autoimmune dysregulation in the severe and fatal cases as well as the "long-COVID" version.  From that perspective, even those numerous cases thought to be reinfections might simply be flare-ups of the original illness in its chronic form.     A further indication of chronicity lay in the disease's other major clustering of cases, hospitalizations, and fatalities among society's least fortunate, those handicapped by poverty, discrimination, malnutrition, homelessness, overcrowding, and the like,29 in parallel with the other chronic diseases that already burden Americans more than anyone else in the  developed world.30  The added cascade of impoverishment and job loss precipitated by the lockdown undoubtedly help explain why our death rate from COVID-19 continues to outnumber everyone else's, and why the pandemic as a whole will almost certainly exacerbate these same trends still further in the future.

The Emergency.

Originally justified on the basis of the WHO's declaration of emergency, the lockdown quickly ripened into a self-fulfilling prophecy, with the economic collapse and social isolation of masking, distancing, and "sheltering in place" instigating a bona fide emergency of job loss, impoverishment, and social isolation that was much worse than anything the disease itself would have been capable of if properly managed, and continues to haunt us even now, when most of the original technical restrictions are being lifted or ignored.                                                                                                                                 

Many prominent epidemiologists whose initial advice was disregarded have continued to reject the official mythology, based on the large but unknown and indeed unknowable number of asymptomatic or only mildly symptomatic cases who never sought testing or needed treatment.  As early as March, 2020, Prof. John Ioannidis of Stanford designed a study to address that uncertainty by testing a broad cross-section of several thousand residents in Santa Clara County, California for SARS-CoV-2 antibodies, indicating previous infection with the virus.  By extrapolating from that large sample, the authors calculated that roughly 53,000 residents, an estimated 2.8% of the population, had already been infected, a number more than 44 times the less-than-1200 confirmed cases at the time,31 yielding a death rate of approximately 0.17% overall,32 roughly comparable to that of an average flu season requiring no such restrictions.  Similar discrepancies were also documented elsewhere,33 but in most places the higher case fatality rate based on clearly symptomatic cases was retained as the standard, reaffirming the emergency.

The Treatment

As we saw, the CDC and WHO made clear from the beginning that dealing with the pandemic would be focused primarily on developing new vaccines against the virus, injecting them worldwide into as many people as possible, and pressuring governments across the world to mandate them for their entire populations.  On the face of it, that strategy reflected the general view that treating viral infections with medicines wasn't very effective anyway, with symptomatic relief the best that could be hoped for.  But when the pandemic was declared, no vaccines had yet been developed against it.  Even at the breakneck pace of Operation Warp Speed that the leading manufacturers and even President Trump were pushing for, none would be available until the end of 2020 at the earliest.  In addition, all previous vaccines were designed to be given to healthy people to prevent infections from breaking out in the future; never before had they been given in the midst of an outbreak to people who were at high risk of being infected or had already fallen ill and recovered.

So we were told and indeed ordered to protect ourselves by staying home all the time, masking and social distancing when going out in public, and staying away from the hospital except when significantly ill and needing treatment, when we would qualify for remdesivir, a high-priced antiviral, developed by Fauci's own team at NIH,34,35 and ventilator therapy with oxygen at high pressure, both of which were life-threatening all by themselves.  In short, virtually the entire populations of our own and many other developed countries were offered no preventive care or treatment whatsoever for close to an entire year, even though several inexpensive, non-toxic therapies of proven effectiveness were readily available, and physicians and health professionals were actually using them on their own with notable success.                                                                                

One such was Chinese herbal medicine, with thousands of years of history and experience behind it, and many studies in accredited journals attesting to its value in treating COVID-19.36  Several American physicians likewise reported excellent success in both preventing and treating the disease with high doses of nutritional supplements, such as Dr. David Brownstein's regimen of oral Vitamins A, C, D, and iodine, plus IV infusions of the same for seriously ill patients in the hospital.37  In an early series of 520 confirmed, symptomatic cases, he reported only 9 hospitalizations and not a single death.38                               

Hydrochloroquine and ivermectin.                                                                     

Hydroxychloroquine or Plaquenil, an inexpensive, widely-used antimalarial and anti-inflammatory drug with an excellent safety record, was also proving extremely beneficial to many patients in the early stages of the pandemic, and backed by several peer-reviewed studies recommending its use.  Prof. Harvey Risch, an epidemiologist at Yale, concluded a meta-analysis of five different outpatient trials with an urgent plea for widespread use of the drug in combination with zinc and azithromycin at the onset of symptoms, as a safe, inexpensive, and extremely effective method for ending the pandemic.39                                                                                                                                                     

Ivermectin, a similarly inexpensive and widely available anti-parasitic drug with a notable record of safety and efficacy against hookworm, roundworms, and filariasis, had already earned a Nobel Prize for its developers.  When the Peruvian government began distributing it to various subpopulations at high risk, the death rate from COVID dropped precipitously in those regions.40   Testifying before a Senate Committee, Pierre Kory, M. D., a lung and critical-care-specialist, cited RCTs involving thousands of hospitalized patients that demonstrated remarkably higher rates of recovery and proportionately lower death rates after treatment with Ivermectin.41


Although widely ignored and even ridiculed by many physicians, homeopathic medicine, my own subspecialty for 46 years, has been in continuous use for more than two centuries, with an impressive track record in both preventing and treating outbreaks of scarlet fever, cholera, typhoid, yellow fever, influenza, and other epidemic diseases in the past.42  In Kerala, a populous state in south India with only 23 confirmed deaths from COVID-19 in that terrible first wave, its phenomenal success in minimizing the impact of the disease was widely ascribed to the provincial government's policy of distributing homeopathic medicines prophylactically to all residents.43   Some months later, when vaccines became available and were administered on a large scale, the number of cases and deaths rose sharply to levels more nearly comparable to those in neighboring states.44                                                                                                                                                                       

Similarly in Cuba, the government's initial response to the pandemic was to provide the homeopathic medicine Arsenicum album to all residents both preventively and as needed for treatment, with the result that in all of 2020 they recorded only 14,600 cases and 150 deaths out of a population of 11,000,000.45  But their own massive vaccination rollout in 2021 saw their numbers skyrocket to 540,000 cases, 120,000 in August alone, and 4200 deaths, figures much more in keeping with those among their neighbors.46

In Italy, 50 acutely-ill patients recovered under homeopathic treatment without a single death or hospitalization.47  Using the classical method of selecting just one medicine at a time for the whole patient, Dr. André Saine, a celebrated Canadian homeopath, treated a number of critically-ill COVID patients in a French nursing home, almost all of whom recovered and remained in stable condition.48  Compiled by the American Institute of Homeopathy, a database of several hundred cases treated classically and ranging from mild to severe demonstrated a high rate of cure using many of the same medicines most commonly employed during the usual flu season, as well as others found effective in severe cases with more severe or unusual symptoms.49

Eliminating the competition.                                                                                                              

The CDC, WHO, and the drug industry spared no effort or expense in discouraging such alternatives, no matter how promising, presumably to ensure once again that people everywhere would need and long for the vaccines as their only hope of rescue.  Inasmuch as herbal medicine, nutritional therapy, and homeopathy were outliers on the fringes of the system, the medical establishment seemed content to simply ignore them as usual.  Hydrochloroquine and ivermectin, on the other hand, were popular, inexpensive, off-patent drugs known to be safe and effective and widely available without prescription; they represented precisely the kind of immediate and practical threat to the political and commercial success of their plans that moved Fauci, the agencies, and the industry to do everything possible to discredit them and minimize their use.

In the case of hydroxychloroquine, or HCQ, Fauci mounted pilot studies at his agency to show that it was ineffective against COVID-19 by the simple expedient of delaying treatment with it until day 14 of symptoms, disregarding Prof. Risch's repeated insistence that it be given at the onset or as early as possible.50  He then set about convincing the world that it was also dangerous, by administering doses he knew to be excessive to elderly COVID patients in the hospital, 2400 mg. on the first day, six times the dose stipulated by Dr. Risch, followed by a double dose of 800 mg. daily thereafter, with the predictable result that several of them died.51  Fauci not only escaped censure and punishment for these misdeeds, but succeeded in convincing a credulous public and adoring media that HCQ was indeed a dangerous drug, overriding its unblemished safety record of 65 years. The sheer improbability of that achievement provides eloquent testimony to the ruthless, machine-like efficiency of the bureaucratic empire that he had built and run for the last 35 years. We taxpayers who fund his agency surely deserve to know how he managed to enlist reputable, accomplished scientists and government officials to carry out studies that they knew or should have known were fraudulent and life-threatening, not to mention overawing the world's most prestigious medical journals into signing off on their results.52                                                                                 

Precisely how he pulled that off is impressively detailed in Robert F. Kennedy Jr.'s 2021 chilling, thoroughly-documented exposé, The Real Anthony Fauci: Bill Gates, Big Pharma, and the Global War on Democracy and Public Health.53  As director of the NIAID, he eventually gained control of the entire Federal health bureaucracy and its all-important role of overseeing all medical research, simply by partnering with the drug industry, co-sponsoring and co-funding its scientists, and prioritizing its values, chiefly developing new, expensive, and patentable drugs and vaccines.  In so doing, he won huge increases in his agency's budget as well as significant royalties and emoluments for himself and his research team. The inevitable result was luring NIAID, its scientists, and other affiliated agencies away from their original mission of protecting the public health into simply promoting the commercial interests of the industry they were intended to regulate, a metamorphosis entirely comparable to the corrupting of many other government agencies that now happily serve the corporations they were meant to supervise.                                                                                                                                                                                                 
In the 2000s, after several decades of directing NIAID, Fauci sought to extend his influence internationally by entering into a similarly momentous and lucrative partnership with WHO and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.  With their help, the giant multi-nationals of the drug industry were already prevailing on governments around the world to stop using HCQ as early as January 2020, even before the WHO had declared the COVID to be a pandemic and full-blown emergency. The U.S. and many other governments complied by first reclassifying the drug "for prescription only," then ordering doctors not to prescribe it, and, for good measure, even suspending their licenses if they disobeyed.54,55  Finally, the agencies and manufacturers pressured social and mainstream media, many of which were indebted to the same wealthy donors, to censor any information that contradicted or even questioned the approved narrative, and to keep the airwaves, print media, and internet flooded with more suitable texts provided by government agencies controlled by Fauci and funded by Gates.56 Thus RFK Jr.’s well-researched book, a runaway best-seller online, has been boycotted as disinformation everywhere else, without even being reviewed by mainstream print or broadcast media, or displayed on bookstore shelves. Yet reputable RCTs attesting to HCQ's effectiveness have continued to appear,57 and the poorer countries that made it freely available to their populations have experienced consistently lower death rates than wealthier countries like Holland, Belgium, France, Spain, the U.S., and Canada, where it was banned,58,59


Ivermectin's track record was even more impressive, but didn’t spare it from meeting the same fate. Ten years earlier, its extraordinary success in treating several parasitic diseases had convinced the FDA to recommend it as safe and effective, while the WHO listed it as an "essential medicine," one suitable to be given prophylactically to entire populations.60   When animal studies confirmed that the drug also got rid of SARS-CoV-2, lab experiments demonstrated that it actually bound to the virus' spike protein,61 and thereby blocked the pathogen from entering and attacking host cells. This remarkable affinity promised to make it effective for prophylaxis and treatment against not only the original SARS-CoV-2, but also its rapidly-growing list of variants, as well as other coronaviruses both past and future, all of which depend on the spike protein for entering cells and inflicting whatever mischief they're capable of.62  Reports of ivermectin given prophylactically to health-care workers regularly exposed to the virus showed that the drug prevented COVID-19 infection in close to 100% of those who volunteered to take it, in contrast to those choosing not to take it, a high percentage of whom contracted the disease.63  A study in The Lancet added that the drug impressively reduced viral loads and the intensity and duration of symptoms in those who were already ill.64

As early as the spring of 2020, with hospitals and ICU's already overloaded with the dead and dying, Dr. Paul Marik, a prominent Professor of Critical Care Medicine, invited hundreds of colleagues from around the world to conduct research and develop treatment guidelines for treating COVID-19 patients and founded the Front Line COVID-19 Critical Care or FLCCC Alliance to publicize their findings.  In November, the pulmonologist Dr. Pierre Kory, their President and Chief Medical Officer, testified before a Senate Committee that they had accumulated sufficient data to recommend giving out ivermectin routinely to prevent serious complications in those with early or mild symptoms and help those already critically ill to recover:

Six studies with over 2400 patients showed near-perfect prevention of transmission of this virus in people exposed to [it]. Three Randomized Controlled [Trials] and multiple large case series involving over 3000 patients [showed] stunning recovery among hospitalized patients. Four large Randomized Controlled Trials involving 3000 patients all [showed] large and statistically significant reductions in mortality when treated with ivermectin.65                                     

Based on these data and the common experience of other FLCCC physicians, notably Dr. Marik, Dr. Peter McCullough, an experienced cardiologist, and Dr. Robert Malone, an influential research scientist, Dr. Kory concluded his presentation with an impassioned plea for using the drug as widely as possible for both prevention and treatment, based on their conviction that early treatment with ivermectin could have saved $1 trillion in healthcare costs and prevented millions of hospitalizations and hundreds of thousands of deaths if it had been officially approved and promoted from the beginning.66 Just 10 days after this explosive testimony, the NIH's COVID-19 Treatment Guidelines Panel, which had previously issued stern warnings against the drug, retreated ever so slightly, citing "insufficient evidence to recommend either for or against ivermectin for the treatment of COVID-19,"67 and implying at least a willingness to reconsider if more compelling evidence came to light, but still opposing it for the moment, a seemingly more judicious and even-handed position that became the official government mantra ever after.  Fauci then commissioned a new multimillion-dollar study by one of the panel members that roundly debunked Dr. Kory's claims, but again hid behind the more neutral façade of simply declining to recommend it.68                                        

In short, Fauci and his allies succeeded in keeping ivermectin away from most patients in the United States, several developed countries, and many others where his influence held sway, blithely ignoring the fact that COVID cases, hospitalizations, and deaths have consistently plummeted and remained at much lower levels wherever and whenever the drug was made freely available.69                  

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        Karnataka                        "            61,000,000        "      3,000,000         "         37,000

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Emma, I've never used ChatGPT, but Greg Wyatt mentioned it in this interview you can listen to here: https://gregwyatt.net/giovanni-cirucci-interview-with-greg-wyatt-wakefield-kennedy-bigtree-et-al-are-monetizing-misery/

I've written to my mom numerous times about making the kitchen less noisy, but she's very slow at it, sadly. Writing does not help much, and the problem never goes away anyways. She takes weeks, if not months, to give away or get rid of excessive silverware/ceramics, we have dozens more dishes than a small family of three needs.

My childhood history is so painful and true (ask the people at Southwest Middle School with the horse mascot, in Lakeland Florida, about people like me) I wish I was faking it, but I'm not. IF it was fake I wouldn't have piles of 'autism papers' from the few short years I went to public 'school' outside home (ages 9-14).

Here is the disgusting, puke-floored middle school I attended less than a year of here:
Yelp: https://www.yelp.com/biz/southwest-middle-school-lakeland-2
SW: http://www.southwest.brevard.k12.fl.us/


Sen. Ron Johnson on Covid jab "hot lots"
Video starts at 8:07

This is pivotal in understanding how it was done.
Lots can be tracked and sent to specific places....


Watch Now:




Do you use ChatGPT?
Some of your data and dates seem off.
Did you ever write that letter to your mother? How did she respond?
You might find this podcast to be helpful:

David Martin presents hard evidence showing COVID-19 is a man-made bioweapon.


Well Trump has been called the disruptor.
He came at a time that we have free access to information on the internet.

Rand Paul's book - Chapter # 2

Rand Paul says that he believed the Magazine "Nature" article written by the five scientists that right in the beginning in emails told Fauci that there was no way that virus was from nature. Fauci paid them off with huge grants.

Rand Paul said, he did not give it a second thought. Not a second thought!

Except for a former "New York TImes" Science writer Nicholas Wade wrote an article that no main stream news would publish it. He self published it on Medium.com. That is the internet. It is a wonder it was even picked up probably by some bookish clerk of Rand Paul's.

In addition; two scientists of the Pentagon tore apart the lie of Fauci's sponsored article in Nature. No one knew though. The two scientists were Chertien and Cutlip, both from two different departments of Defense Intelligence. Their papers were hidden, by powerful people.

Only through the internet was it published by a group called DRASTIC.
That stands for Decentrailized Radical Au --ah, some long name that ends in covid. A group publishing all they can find on covid. It was the internet.

If not for the internet!

And now they, Democrats with more money than is normal? Along with RHINOs that also have more money than normal ---what ever they want, I think the public needs to go the opposite way.


How can something leak if it does not exist? "Viruses" are deceased DNA/Cell exosomes. Even ChatGPT says viruses aren't living beings.
Something that's deceased cannot infect something that's alive.
Don't believe the virus pushers/virus fearmongering on either mainstream or corporate "alternative" media, nor the "safer smaller spaced-out" vaccine lies.
Greg Wyatt warns that Andrew Wakefield was the father of the "safer vaxx" movement.


We were one of the first homeschooling families in the U.S. (after my oldest brother, born in summer 1980 after being conceived in 1979, had many autism-like symptoms - he was nonverbal, couldn't read/was dyslexic, low muscle tone, sensory issues, etc, causing our parents to provide him with various therapies, sensory integration, homeschooling - with some periods of public schooling in SPED classrooms - almost the same with all my older siblings and me too). My mom had degrees in speech language pathology (SLP) and special education, alongside similar degrees and studies. She was no stranger to autism and autism-like disorders by any means, but since my older siblings/pre-1997 siblings all lived 'normal' and relatively healthy childhoods - despite their dyslexia and delays, some even joined the military - she thought me and my 1997-born youngest brother's ASD regression and childhood sicknesses were just small, unpleasant phases to be overcome without major consequences and PANDAS/developmental delays persisting into adulthood. My y.b. became violent as hell with intermittent explosive disorder, poop smearing and such (even though he's an Aspie or HFA - much 'higher functioning' than me, and his rages stopped or became rare in 2017) etc. He lives in group homes now. My 'neurodiversity' became so bad at ages 9-14 I never attended a single day of high 'school' outside home, and didn't know what algebra was/how it worked until age 18 (my parents also failed algebra and cried from it, they were teens in the 70's) as I had severe deficits in learning (they lessened with bentonite clay baths, I literally felt aluminum being pulled out of my brain and spinal cord with each bath I chose to take). I received numerous DTAP shots and flu shots growing up, regressing into multiple and severe disabilities, all professionally diagnosed on my 10th birthday near April 1st 2012.


Saying the quiet part out loud:

"The cover-ups involving both the origins of COVID-19 in China and adverse effects of the vaccines likely are linked to protecting the bioweapons industry, contended Dr. Harvey Risch, professor emeritus of epidemiology at the Yale School of Public Health and Yale School of Medicine.

After arguing otherwise for years, federal agencies today mostly contend that the COVID-19 pandemic emerged in a lab leak from the Wuhan Institute of Virology in Wuhan, China. Risch went further, saying that he believes that the new coronavirus that caused COVID-19 resulted from research on a bioweapon—funded in part through National Institutes of Health grants to the nonprofit EcoHealth Alliance.

“This work is what I consider to be the fruit of our bioweapons industry,” Risch said during the roundtable discussion.

He explained that a 1975 bioweapons treaty included a loophole allowing small quantities of bioweapons to be developed in order to research the effectiveness of vaccines. This loophole was likely exploited, he said."

Senator Cotton suspected this in February 2020, but was quickly silenced:
"US Senator Tom Cotton repeated a fringe theory suggesting that the ongoing spread of a coronavirus is connected to research in the disease-ravaged epicenter of Wuhan, China.

Mr Cotton referenced a laboratory in the city, the Wuhan National Biosafety Laboratory, in an interview on Fox News’ “Sunday Morning Futures.” He said the lab was near a market some scientists initially thought was a starting point for the virus’s spread.

“We don’t know where it originated, and we have to get to the bottom of that,” Senator Cotton said. “We also know that just a few miles away from that food market is China’s only biosafety level 4 super laboratory that researches human infectious diseases.”

Dr. M.
I do hope your wife got one from the "safe lots". It has been documented that specific lots were associated with severe outcomes according to the VAERS data. Other lots had no adverse effects at all- almost as if they were a placebo. No pain or swelling at the injection site. Unfortunately, two of my relatives were not so lucky. The wife had a same day bad reaction. She thought she was going to die. She still has not fully recovered. Her husband took the jab at the same time. He did not have a reaction at the time, but about four months ago he went to the doctor for pain and ill health. Prior to the jab, he was in good health and 60 years old. He was diagnosed with stage 4 terminal cancer! I don't know the specifics, but it involves tumor growth. It is usually a slow growing cancer. He is self insured, so they told him he would need to pay $100,000 up front and they could give him treatment that would stop further tumor growth and might give him another 10 years. So tragic!


Richard Moskowitz, MD:

I don't agree with your politics, but I recognize brilliance in your questioning of vaccines are not as safe as what we are being told. But more than that I also recognize something, I will always admire more than anything else, and that is also bravery. A lot of bravery. As far as I am concerned should get you automatic entrance into the Kingdom of Heaven.

Sorry about the strife that your non-compliance stance has taken with in your family. People don't realize that is a major thing for we all need to have support in our thoughts, discoveries and ideas of those closest to us.

I have been there as well, so I know..

This last time I told all of mine, that I will be the care giver when-no if you get sick, as always. You can come home injured, and be my burden, or I prefer you come home with no job, but I can support you financially as you help on the farm and the house.

Richard Moskowitz, MD

I planned to retire in July of 2020, and by March and April, in the midst of the lockdown, it was happening all by itself, without having to lift a finger. I sent a letter to about 100 of my current patients and suggested they see a homeopathic MD colleague and friend in the area.
As for the COVID vaccines, I was in solo private practice, and would not have been required to get them. I never took them, but my wife did, and we quarreled over it, since we love to travel, and could no longer fly because of my refusal. But we worked it out. Many of my friends also thought I was daft, and told me so. But I've had major scientific concerns about all vaccines under most circumstances, have written and lectured about them, and haven't had one for more than 60 years.

Dr. Moskowitz


"The COVID pandemic was in its early stages when I retired in 2020; so I've had no personal experience of treating patients who’ve been sick with it."

Dr. M., had you already planned your retirement or did you retire because of COVID? If you had not retired, would you have been mandated to take the Covid jab to stay in business? Did you willingly take the Covid jab?

What happened to all of your patients? Did you have a like-minded doctor take over your practice? It would have been easy to get general pandemic/Covid jab updates from them.

Unfortunately, when my doctor retired (who I knew socially and was the father of 3 children on the spectrum, one of which I gave private art lessons to until my mother succumbed to Alzeimer's after years of flu shots) his replacement was not like-minded and his nurse declared that it was a Covid pandemic of the unvaccinated! I told her in no uncertain terms I would not be using their practice and still do not use a doctor. I haven't been sick in years. No jabs for me of any kind. My family and I weathered Omicron just fine without the jab. I just take an immune boosting multivitamin if I feel anything coming on, and it nips it in the bud.


Trump, if I remember right, and I do; did come out right away with Hydroxychloroquine. Trump spoke up early that it might be a treatment..

Just as Dr. Moskowitz mentions in his article.

I still have a cough after having covid last month, our second time. Not having antibiotics with this immune damping virus is not endearing me an closer to the health industry.

Allison: I think we all caught after my son brought it home---in a DAY!

But back to Trump and him sticking his nose in Fauci's biz with the horse medicine. The CDC, NIH, Home Land Security, FBI, CIA, NAID, the military industrial complex, DARPA and on and on were all like this hornet's nest. They even did a study on Hydroxychloroquine, were they over dosed, murdered the people in the study to get the scare porn they wanted.

Trump had already had his nose bloodied by fake Russian report, Mueller Report, Poloski ripping up his speech in front on National news.

Maybe a lot of people that fell for the Democratic propaganda to hate Trump might have plugged their ears cause to hear ideas, infect and contaminate us.

Thank goodness they got rid of Mike Adams the Health Ranger, and Alex Jones cause their speech has profound effects on the weak minded among us. Thank goodness, they put the justice department on to 26 of Trumps more famous associates and proceeded to bankrupt them with legal fees.

My, my, my .

And then the kicker was; they are really after us, the scummy middle class that shop at Walmart and go to church. I had no idea that I was a terrorist.

Kathy Sincere

I meant to include this in the last comment I posted. Important thoughts on Medical Freedom and our two political parties.

My husband and I became politically active in Colorado in 2013 when we were alerted by NVIC about bad bills coming through the legislature; bills that were designed to restrict/eliminate parental rights and medical freedom. It was an eye-opening experience. 100% of the Democrats in the legislature supported these bad bills. 100% of the Republicans in the CO House and Senate opposed them. The R's supported citizen efforts to defeat/modify them.

Of course the old blue/red divisions that formerly existed are so different now. There are so many RINOS. Some Republicans even bought the lie that "vaccines save lives" during covid.

Colorado is so very Blue now. One of the few states where live-birth abortion is legal, and much more - see below.

Kathy Sincere

Thank you Kim.

I would just love for Dr. Moskowitz to post ANYTHING positive that Biden or the Dems have done in the past 4 years to help us through covid. He won't because there is NOTHING. I don't think Dan would be impressed with the Democrat Party 2016-2024.

My husband and I won a prize of sorts for knocking on the most doors for Obama in Jefferson County, Colorado in 2008 (1600+). Yes, we saw the light and are now solidly right. I have done my mea culpas to God for naively ignoring the abortion issue.
Rev. James Altman, my personal hero on this topic. Pastor in LaCrosse, Wisconsin who lost his church because of this sermon.
You Can't Be a Democrat and a Catholic. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3-7eoTN2vNM

Kim Rossi

Hi, Kathy. Thanks for commenting. Dr M is consistently transparent in his thoughts on ex-President Trump. And to be honest, Dan would have been delighted to have the article. He always said AofA was Switzerland. Many folks think we’re too far right. Mostly bc the vaccine topic tends to push us there. Again, I appreciate your comment. And value your support. Kim

Kathy Sincere

Dr. Moskowitz,

Really? More Trump-bashing sprinkled in your Covid research. Your latest statements:

"Trump's dithering, denialism, and incompetence"

"President Trump's offhand dismissal of the threat, combined with his outspoken disdain for science in general and the CDC in particular, gave irrefutable evidence to opponents and supporters alike of his utter incompetence and unfeigned disinclination to unite the nation and provide the kind of nonpartisan leadership that such a crisis demanded"

"in their eagerness to seize on Trump's disgraceful and indeed unapologetic indifference to the public interest"

It reminds me of the article you wrote for AoA in October, 2021, "A COVID Politics" https://www.ageofautism.com/2021/10/covid-politics.html

The last comment under this articles mirrors my thoughts exactly: "You seem to always want to not see the flaws in Democrats. For the last few years democrats have been actively forcing children out of school, clearly based on contributions from lobbyists. They have made my hometown, New York, inaccessible to me based on not having received Covid vaccines which say in their authorization documents that they do not stop transmission. This is backed up by a recent study out of Harvard examining 68 countries and almost 3,000 US counties. This is NOW. I don’t care about what happened decades ago. Asking for “papers” to access my home town! Brought to you by current Democrats. In New Jersey, the senior centers—all Democrat-leaning—won’t let my friend in who has leukemia and low platelets. Can’t be vaccinated. Doesn’t matter. He will not get in the way of Pharma profits with his little problem of leukemia. This is mega bullshit. I am a lifelong Democrat but have had enough. Stop being “balanced” about people being fired, denied organ transplants etc. This is very nasty stuff."

It amazes me that AoA, which states it is not political, keeps running your politically biased articles. IMO your Trump-bashing, Democrat Party-loving mantras negate the value of your presentations. I personally cannot read what you write anymore.


Please take a closer look at the claims of asymptomatic transmission. The Chinese study cited in footnote 2 seems to be basing its claims on an incubation period of 28 days. I don't think that has ever been substantiated, or even claimed anywhere else. Indeed, for January-February 2020, the incubation period was shown to be 5.5-11.5 days.[1]. , By the time Omicron emerged, incubation was 3-5 days. [2]

The report of [supposed] asymptomatic transmission that essentially shut down the world was published as a research letter to the editor in the New England Journal of Medicine. [3] What is rarely mentioned is that this is entirely refuted by the news that the index patient in that case was not, in fact, asymptomatic. [4] She did have symptoms; she took paracetamol to mask them and went to work, infecting her colleagues.

The researchers who claimed asymptomatic transmission never bothered to interview her.

Yet, somehow, that letter to the editor was never retracted or even corrected. On the contrary, the Science.org article showing the massive error now has 2 disturbing updates:

"Update, 2 June, 7:20 p.m.: This story has been cited widely on social media to argue against the use of face masks and shelter-in-place policies. This is based on a misreading of the article. The fact that the New England Journal of Medicine paper had a flaw does not mean asymptomatic transmission (by people who have absolutely no symptoms) does not exist; this is still under discussion. But it is now well-established that people with very mild symptoms—so mild they are unlikely to recognize them as COVID-19—can infect others and even spark large outbreaks of disease.

*Update, 14 July, 5:05 p.m.: This story originally said the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) wrote a letter about the error to the New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM). The information was provided by an RKI spokesperson. On 3 July, however, another spokesperson informed Science that the letter to NEJM had never been sent. The information provided in February was 'wrong,' and the result of 'an RKI internal misunderstanding,' they wrote."

Think about it.

Doesn't that put everything that followed into an entirely different perspective?

[1] https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/32150748/

[2] https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/hcp/clinical-care/clinical-considerations-presentation.html

[3] https://www.nejm.org/doi/full/10.1056/nejmc2001468

[4] https://www.science.org/content/article/paper-non-symptomatic-patient-transmitting-coronavirus-wrong

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