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The Defender Reports That Dr. Offit Is Back in The Saddle

Offit_blogThe Real Dr. Paul Offit Is Back!

Mary Holland JD, President of Children's Health Defense and autism Mother warrior herself  wrote this piece in Children's Health Defense's "The Defender." We know Dr. Offit all too well. Understatement of the millenium. In fact, the first time many AofA'ers met RFK, Jr. was at Autism One, when he spoke about Dr. Offit and presented a challenge to debate, if memory recollects.


During COVID-19, Dr. Paul Offit momentarily became something of a skeptic, telling media outlets he wouldn’t get a COVID-19 booster and wouldn’t recommend it. Now, he’s back to recommending the vaccines for infants as young as 6 months old.

Dr. Paul Offit is a familiar figure to most Defender readers — he’s been pushing vaccines for decades, especially to children.

Vaccine inventor, pharma spokesperson, adviser to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention — and vociferous denier of vaccine harms — that’s Paul Offit in a nutshell.

During COVID-19, Dr. Offit surprised me. He momentarily became something of a skeptic. In June 2022, he stated he wasn’t going to take a COVID-19 booster and wouldn’t recommend it.

He told the press that the boosters were “grossly oversold” and voted against them in an FDA vaccine advisory panel. In July 2022, he gave an interview to ZDoggMD during which he speculated that the Biden administration had pressured the panel and that “the fix was in,” suggesting there might be corruption at work.

Whatever Dr. Offit’s misgivings, he’s now back to his old self, promoting a new book, out Feb. 13: “Tell Me When it’s Over: An Insider’s Guide to Deciphering COVID Myths and Navigating Our Post-Pandemic World.”

In this Substack post to promote the book, he hyped COVID-19 shots to infants as young as 6 months.

Dr. Offit rues that only 4% of parents with children younger than age 4 have given them COVID-19 shots. He then recommends the vaccines by suggesting that children are suffering from severe COVID-19 disease, that the vaccines are effective in young children and that they are safe.

His post offers no scientific references whatsoever. It’s just, “trust me, I’m Dr. Offit.”

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Angus Files

Love this ..the VAXXED Bus crew.

Paul Offit comes unhinged


Pharma For Prison



Offit probably just thought giving working adults vaccines are dangerous to the genocide agenda cause the claim it is genetic and just born with it just don't wash. He fears this policy will; well you always have to keep the cattle calm as they are lead to slaughter.

I will never forget the meeting that was videoed and put right here on Age of Autism. During a break in the meeting as Offit chatted with friends, what he decided to discuss" people wants to keep reproducing till the sun burns out.

Simple statement, but tells us a lot. He is a depopulation, eugenics guy.

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