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Literacy in Nonspeaking Autistic People

Rare, Small, Slight Until It Happens To You or Your Loved One

291BAB59-9368-4632-A3BD-27E96A49CBE620 years ago, "you know," was sprinkled into language like salt on French fries. Today, everyone from children to mainstream TV experts, hosts and journalists are using, "sort of" and "kind of." This softening of declarative language diminishes the impact of the statement. And that's exactly what we see when we read about ANY sort of vaccine problems. We get euphemisms. Slight. Rare. Small. Possible. All meant to dissuade fear, the most useful tool of the lockdown. Rare is rare. So is winning the lottery, but loads of people play because they know "rare" can happen. Until it happens to you or loved one. And it's a lottery you didn't know existed. And you can wonder out loud whether the data has been massaged to show as little impact as “allowable” while still appearing to be scientific.


New York Post - COVID vaccines linked to slight increases in heart, brain, blood disorders: study

COVID vaccines from companies like Pfizer, Moderna and AstraZeneca have been linked to rare occurrences of heart, brain and blood disorders, according to the largest vaccine study to date.

Researchers from the Global Vaccine Data Network analyzed 99 million people who received jabs in eight countries and monitored for increases in 13 medical conditions, Bloomberg News reported.

The study, which was published in the journal Vaccine last week, found the vaccines were linked to a slight spike in neurological, blood and heart-related medical conditions....

DataEconomy: Largest COVID vaccine study identifies small risks

New Nation: New study links COVID-19 vaccine to possible health issues


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Reminds me of how trainwreck TV shows such as "The Big Bang", "Attorney Woo", "The Good Doctor", and the entertainment industry romanticizes autism and ignores/only slightly mentions its negative symptoms and comorbidities. A TV show adaption (such as and English adaption of "Hikari To Tomoni/Keiko Tobe's with the light") would be extremely depressing for most to watch (me too, growing up almost fully homeschooled - and NO high 'school' outside home, due to my extreme SPD and autism/math delays - with severe-moderate autism) and "neurodiversity" advocates would shut it down for being "ableist/too negative".

I don't believe the "1 in 36" statistic at all - more like one in five (1 in 5) because 40K Florida police are being taught how to carry out Baker Acts on autistics with explosive meltdowns/sensory rages and property destruction (I also suffered all these events, and I used to destroy furniture/mobile devices too uncontrollably, to a much lesser extent than my older, now-living-apart Aspergers sibling). If autism was still 1 in 36 (like it was back in the 90's, before I was born in early 2002) we wouldn't be seeing a nationwide shortage of ASD services and group 'homes' - real life houses of horrors, with rapes, feces/poop on the walls (one of my's group home bathrooms had this nasty issue, we visited it too), being assaulted by other autistics, bright lights and strong smells/kitchenware noises, etc. If the "prepared homestead"/Travis advocates "MAGs/Tribes" and getting out of the cities, we should also advocate non-public-school, non-governmental ASD adult therapy and tribe groups, and create OT therapies/occupational and sensory therapies for ASD adults in rural and off-grid communities. I never went to any high 'school' at all outside home, nor completed hellish middle 'school' due to my PANDAS rages/strep rages, meltdowns, academic regression and math delays, etc, but most people (outside my three short years of public 'school') think I'm "mildly" autistic or have "HFA/Aspergers" because I type and write very well (due to occupational therapies I received ages 10-11 mostly about typing and writing, and me hiding in my bedroom with an IPad during my aspie brother's outbursts).


This is all you need to know about the study:

"Declaration of competing interest
The authors declare the following financial interests/personal relationships which may be considered as potential competing interests: Jeffrey C. Kwong reports financial support was provided by Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Naveed Z. Janjua reports financial support was provided by Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Anders Hviid reports financial support was provided by Global Vaccine Data Network. Helen Petousis-Harris reports financial support was provided by New Zealand Ministry of Health. Steven Black reports a relationship with GSK that includes: consulting or advisory. Jeffrey C. Kwong reports a relationship with Canadian Institutes of Health Research that includes: funding grants. Jeffrey C. Kwong reports a relationship with Public Health Agency of Canada that includes: funding grants. Naveed Z. Janjua reports a relationship with AbbVie Inc that includes: consulting or advisory and speaking and lecture fees. Naveed Z. Janjua reports a relationship with Gilead Sciences Inc that includes: speaking and lecture fees. Anders Hviid reports a relationship with Independent Research Fund Denmark that includes: funding grants. Anders Hviid reports a relationship with Lundbeck Foundation that includes: funding grants. Anders Hviid reports a relationship with Novo Nordisk Foundation that includes: funding grants. Anders Hviid reports a relationship with VAC4EU that includes: consulting or advisory. Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare (THL) conducts Public-Private Partnership with vaccine manufacturers and has received research funding from Sanofi Inc. Petteri Hovi has been an investigator in these studies, but has received no personal remuneration. Helen Petousis-Harris has served on expert advisory boards and had speaking engagements for Pfizer and GSK. She has also received research funding from GSK. She has not received any personal honoraria. If there are other authors, they declare that they have no known competing financial interests or personal relationships that could have appeared to influence the work reported in this paper."

With the heavy involvement of New Zealand and Australia in this paper, it appears to be a cover up of the devastating Covid19 jab data released by the New Zealand whistle blower. Is he now in jail?
"Helen Petousis-Harris reports financial support was provided by New Zealand Ministry of Health."

Laura Hayes

I appreciated the excellent Jeff Childers’ take on this:

If you are not familiar with Jeff and his daily Coffee & Covid blog, treat yourself and subscribe today!

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