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No Greater Crime - the Lacey Fletcher Nightmare

Today, we're reprinting our Valentine's Day post where we saluted parents for the heartbreaking, back breaking work we do every day, out of love for our children.  Dana Kennedy of the NY Post has followed up on an horrendous death that involves a woman who may have had a form of autism. She asked me for a quote, and was able to print... some of it.  Welcome to new readers.

‘Pure evil’: Inside Lacey Fletcher’s sad life and torturous death on her parents’ couch


By Kim Rossi

Today, I'll wear my heart on my sleeve. There’s no greater love than what I have witnessed in the autism parenting community. If your child has Down Syndrome, Cancer, Cerebral Palsy, Cystic Fibrosis, Spina Bifida, Muscular Dystrophy or anything other than autism - you have a medical community ready to embrace and help you, you  have religious institutions planning potlucks and GoFundMes. Ronald McDonald House and St. Jude are there to serve you. You get gentle looks in public. Friends and family try to help - even if they fail.  Not so with autism. We do this backbreaking, heartbreaking work alone, desperately trying to make the right choices for our children. Meds? ABA? Early Intervention? Biomed? Spelling? PECS? AAC? At home? Group home? General ed? Contained classroom? And in adulthood? You start from scratch again with far fewer supports than when your child was school age. We are BEASTS for our kids.

So, on this St. Valentine's Day 2024, from all of us at Age of Autism, we SEE you. We LOVE you. We ARE you.

Here's to avoiding the red dye!




Only the good die young....thanks to Joe Biden border policy.

(Illegal alien) Killer 'Stalked' Nursing Student Laken Riley Like Prey at UGA


"has filed a $100 million lawsuit against the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) for failing to do their jobs."

This is a good start. Biden finally makes a trip to the border for selfies with future voters....
His record shows his true intent:

BREAKING: Speaker Mike Johnson releases a document of 64 instances of the Biden Administration undermining border security policy and encouraging illegal immigration.


Equally horrific is the hidden story of an autistic girl also murdered.
The grieving mother of a young autistic woman who was raped and murdered by a suspected MS-13 gang member in the U.S. illegally has filed a $100 million lawsuit against the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) for failing to do their jobs.
As BizPac Review previously reported, 20-year-old Kayla Hamilton was found raped and strangled to death with a phone cord in her Aberdeen, Maryland, home on July 27, 2022.
“Nobody at the border did their job and checked his background,” Tammy Nobles told NewsNation Prime. Yet, if you're boarding a plane, God forbid you bring in your own bottled water. And don't forget we had to show proof of Covid to buy a pizza during the global gestapo takeover. What a hot mess we've become as humans.


Those who harm the seriously disabled are rarely punished especially relatives of the disabled person who have a flimsy excuse for the fatal neglect and in some cases outright murder. These people will be out in less than 15 years sadly.
P.S. I hate the PECS system pictured above, families and special education teachers should teach a child or teenager with a language disability a signed language.
To: WhiteAzelia
What does a tofu dreg have to do with autism? Are people with autism building these dangerous buildings and bridges? Are people with autism dying from these tofu dreg buildings? These edifices could have easily been built in the US or Japan and not just China. Many children with and without disabilities died in an earthquake in China in 2008 because of tofu dreg buildings and these disasters happened in other countries including the US.
There is an obscure country called Mauritius. This country has a peculiar opt-out related to natural disasters in the UN Disability Treaty. This country has no internationally recognized obligation to protect those with autism or any disability during a natural disaster. The US never signed the UN disability treaty.


Lacey Fletcher's case is one of the most horrific and evil cases of child abuse I have ever heard of. How could parents do such a terrible thing to their own daughter and just let her rot and die on a couch? Why didn't the school investigate the situation at the home when she started missing school? If parents could commit this kind of evil act to their own child how can we parents with children and adults with autism ever be able to trust others who are caring for them? I hope that these parents rot in jail for the rest of their miserable lives. I am praying to God for researchers, medical centers, universities and small bio tech companies to find a cure for autism in my lifetime as I will not rest until it happens for all of us.


Why do millions of autistic "neurodivergent" adults suffer such horrible events on a daily basis - and almost no-one cares? Growing up homeschooled nine of my grades (three short years of public 'school' outside home - both in school AND at home, I had various head-banging episodes, violent meltdowns/earsplitting screaming episodes, echolalia/verbally repeated swear words and snippets of kids stories, I used to destroy furniture and devices too - much less violent than my 1997-born, 'mildly' autistic Asperger/HFA brother though. He lacked the various cognitive and learning delays I had, he is much more verbal and he attended much more public 'school' years than me, he was milder than me in every aspect... except for his explosive and destructive, anger-filled outbursts far worse than mine. He had intermittent explosive disorder, and because of his IED, he's been in group homes since 2017, and now his violence has faded/he is rarely destructive, if at all now since 2017. I was 15 in 2017 - I was born early 2002. Me and my y.b. have been separated since the summer of 2017.)

I don't think these horrible events (autistic adult abuse/Triple A) are for money. If you care only about money, there's minimum wage slave jobs at McDonalds and fast-food joints. This has to be a world dictatorship/world elites creating a world dictatorship, with adult autism (and autism in general, except the mildest of cases) inseparable from it. "Neurodiversity" will help you greatly through a one world government. Communism and 'tofu dreg' buildings (research "tofu dreg buildings" on YouTube). N.W/O with 'rainbows and unicorns' for everybody that's 'neurodiverse/on the spectrum' (aluminum injured) sadly including me and my y.b. too.


Good work, Kim. I’m glad they published at least some of your quote.
This story is just heartbreaking.


There is no way, that I would let someone lay in their own poop, and not move heaven and hell, to at least get them a special bed, and some diapers. . The parents had , years to figure it out that it was all beyond Lacey's control. So there must be something bad wrong with their brains as well. The state needs to take their care over, be it a nursing home, or prison. Prison and other people doing their thinking for them is what they need.

That said:

I wonder if not moving off that couch was caused by the Mitochondrial not producing enough energy?
For my own family I also wonder why after years and years a human body cannot get over a vaccine injury, and those millions, upon millions of mitochondria that can reproduce inside our cells, just won't start working again?

In mitochondrial injuries; they cannot take statins, and not just statins, but anything that reduces cholesterol. Cholesterol is suppose to make vitamin D and Co Q 10. Co Q 10 is essential for energy production in the mitochondria, and for us it is low, always low. We do better in a high fat diet than sugar. So where is all the cholesterol going, if most of it is not being shuttled into Co Q 10 production, and why?

The only thing I can figure out, it must be a permanent brain injury in the pituitary, hypothalamus thyroid axis region. The soul, the personality, the thinking part is still there, but enough energy is just not there.. It must not be producing some hormone?

My Mother in law getting a flu shot every year, took to her recliner and could sit all day, if we would let her.
Which I think my soul mate could easily do as well. Except I got his farm chores all lined out, along with vitamins.
Dr. Mercola regularly features things to do to improve mitochondrial health, and we do them. There is research that shows what is put in the stomach, can effect the hypothalamus in good ways, and then the improved hypothalamus reacts in turn on the stomach. So we keep plugging along.

My own father had a vaccine injury, a week after a vaccine he started to drag his feet. He still did not want to give up his cows.. He had a slow descent into parkinson. They always say, parkinson is so slow, to not worry about it cause you will die from something else. The way he was going, a bull was gong to run him over, as he tried to get them up, but they didn't, cause of my son, our blue heeler, and myself.. What if you don't die from something else though? Well, I know that answer as well. I am just not sure it was parkinson, my Dad had. My Dad's hands never shook, nor anything else. He just slowly lost his ability to move.
The last 6 years of his life was a descent into a wheelchair, finally a sling and a lift. It got to the point that he could not turn over in the bed on his own. Lift, slings, hospital beds, wheel chairs, adult diapers and bed pads do exist. They all, also cost money.

Lacey's parents did reach out for help, but after being told she needed to be hospitalized, they never followed through. Why was that? Did they get this doctor's bill?

I have been there with a 6,000 dollar bill for a one night stay for epilepsy when my son was in his 30s. He did have insurance that I was paying every month. After that, I just cancelled, and saved that money for 6,000 one night stays in a hospital. At this time my son was unemployed, had worthless insurance, no state help, not really into church at that time cause it had been a transition period from high school, through college, and then various short periods of employment. Caring for elderly parents, We were pretty isolated.

Since Lacey was almost normal and living in her parents home; the social security system is pretty hard core. Bet they all were pretty isolated as well. How much money did they have? Enough to barely cover the bills.

Which makes me think about Alex Spourdalakis. His Mother and God Mother, had a limited amount of money. The hospital kept him with out giving him any help with pain till all that money ran out and then just kicked him out on his own.

Dr. Andrew Wakefield, opened his book, with a murder/suicide. And this is where the human race finds themselves, all nine million of us, with homicidal leaders that are really want it to happen.


Without hearing details of the parents' testimony, I can only speculate.
They must have had their daughter at around 30 years of age. The mom was probably influenced into being a women's libber and going for a career first and having children later in life. Baby boomer females were targeted with this thinking in high school. They were not prepared for child rearing and home making. According to the article, the daughter would have been born in 1987- the beginning of the Age of Autism. Many in this first wave were not quite as severely vaccine injured. Most injuries were labeled ADD/ADHD or Asperger's. These injuries are lifelong and can be life-threatening for the psychological/emotional isolation they cause. There is an increased risk of self-harm. The so-called milder forms of autism can be temporarily masked in a school setting, and then violent meltdowns can erupt when the student is safe at home. Outsiders cannot have full knowledge of what truly goes on with the child.

From 1987-1995, very few had heard of autism or knew the symptoms, including doctors. This mother most likely did not know what was wrong with the child and professional help was not available. The injured child population had not yet flooded the schools, forcing them to diagnose "autism" and pay for special ed therapy. She would have been on her own. The odd behaviors and anti-social behavior would have been a source of shame in a small town Southern culture. Even later, with knowledge of a possible "autism" diagnosis, we were told nothing could be done about it. There is no cure. By the time the parents might have started figuring things out, the early intervention window was closed. What to do? Did the stress of the seemingly hopeless situation cause the parents to have a mental break down as well? It's possible. Nevertheless, a horrific end that only the Good Lord can sort out.

Meanwhile, why aren't Fauci and Wolenski being locked up?

How many people died from the COVID shot? Do vaccines actually cause autism? Steve Kirsch has looked at the data.

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