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Med Schools Not Preparing Doctors for Autism

DuhNote: I beg to differ with the MedPage article Anne presents. Medical schools are educating their students perfectly, 100% about autism. "It's not caused by vaccines."  Ta da! That's all they need to know. The actual CARE of individuals, aw, just leave that to the parents, the schools, the non-medical therapist.

By Anne Dachel

I recently found an absolutely bizarre story that proves how little the  medical establishment cares about autism and what it’s doing to children.

On February 7th Med Page Today published a piece entitled, Medical Schools Are Not Preparing Us to Care for Autistic Individuals— It's time for that to change

The gist of the article, written by two people in the medical profession, is that doctors AREN’T BEING TRAINED TO DEAL WITH AUTISTIC PATIENTS; REFORM IS NEEDED.

The authors were Reeda Iqbal, a medical student at Georgetown School of Medicine and Sherab Tsheringla, MD, MBBS, a child and adolescent psychiatry resident at the Yale School of Medicine.

Those are some pretty impressive places, and one would expect that top notch schools like Georgetown and Yale would have cutting edge training in something affecting one in every 36 U.S. children, one in every 22 boys.

Sadly, that is not the case.

One of the authors has a severely autistic sibling and for her, it’s a personal issue.

When I entered medical school, I quickly learned that there are important gaps in autism medical education. A 2019 study demonstrated that medical students report low knowledge of ASD, and more than 90% of students cite inadequate preparation for caring for individuals with autism. Medical students also report a greater need for increased education and training in ASD care. …

It does not help that 77% of primary care physicians rate their ability to care for an autistic adult as poor or fair. It is clear that our current medical system is not equipped to care for autistic individuals and their families.

The authors call for more training for doctors-to-be on all aspects of autism.

First, it is important for medical students to understand the heterogeneous symptom presentation of autism, including the different communication styles and sensory sensitivities that exist….

Second, for patients with profound autism, medical students can receive training on behavioral strategies that can be used to address behaviors that are challenging. …

Third, medical students should learn about the different co-occurring conditions associated with autism. …

Clearly Iqbal and Tsheringla accept autism as just part of the human condition. The rate of one in 36 children doesn’t set off alarm bells for them.

Their only concern is that doctors need to be better schooled in autism.

Utterly absurd

Several comments in the article show that they are not interested in doing anything to address autism as the epidemic is clearly is.

As autism prevalence continues to rise, it is increasingly likely that medical students will encounter and care for a patient with ASD.

Those are the code words for NO REAL INCREASE that officials have chanted nonstop for two decades.

The prevalence of autism is increasing, but never the incidence.

Iqbal and Tsheringla are part of the medical community that has unabashedly taken credit for each and every leap higher in the official autism rate.

How is it possible that doctors could have done that if they currently know nothing about autism? Neither of them address this.

Iqbal and Tsheringla write: “…one in three people with autism have profound autism…”

Doesn’t that seem to be an incredible statistic? IF a third of the one in 36 children with autism have severe autism, shouldn’t doctors have figured out what autism is years ago?

The truth is, doctors, along with health officials, have remained clueless about autism on purpose.

IF autism is affecting more and more children, something is causing it. Something has to be done to stop it. The possibility that this is an iatrogenic condition resulting from their childhood vaccine schedule never goes away.

No, the medical playbook will never recognize autism as a crisis. It’s a permanent puzzle, a curiosity we have all the time in the world to figure out.

Iqbal and Tsheringla are fine with the autism rate as it is, and they’ll probably be just as accepting when it’s one in 25 and then one in 20.

The ending of the piece proves my point.

As a first-year medical student, I am often told I am the future of medicine. As a sibling of an autistic individual, I believe it is critical that we enhance the training of future physicians to become competent providers for autistic patients.

Patients with autism deserve to be treated with the highest quality of care. Promoting greater inclusivity and neurodiversity means greater input from the neurodivergent community about how they want their care needs to be met, and building a healthcare system that can respond with humility and adroitness. This begins with the implementation of autism medical education at all medical schools, including my own. Next time I go to the doctor with my sister, I hope that her doctor will be knowledgeable, accepting, and prepared to provide the best care.

That’s the goal: “greater inclusivity and neurodiversity.”

Anne Dachel is Media Editor for Age of Autism.



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Medical Schools Are Not Preparing Doctors for Encephalitis .....

This 2016 paper is key. Encephalitis is a listed bad outcome for MMR vaccine. Remember, Hannah Poling received a vaccine court payout with an encephalitis claim even though she also had an autism diagnosis. Her doctor/lawyer mother and her Dr. father knew how the system worked.

Look at how they diagnose and treat encephalitis in young children. If we had insisted on this diagnosis, would our children have been saved? Notice the concern for the treatment COST. Notice the reluctance to do a spinal tap or MRI to get a confirmed case. Notice the biggest culprit is virus, but they aren't interesting in investigating which ones:

Shelley Tzorfas

The simplest definition of Autism. It is when the Brain swells from chemicals. If you put the baby to bed with a swollen brain (That you don't know about and cannot see) the baby is dead by morning and its called "SIDS," Sudden Infant Death syndrome. If the baby is still alive because the swelling went down we call it AUTISM. Parts of the brain die while other parts get bigger. This is why we see some strange behaviors. Different parts of the brain can no longer communicate with each other. This is NOT a Psychiatric issue. It is a MEDICAL issue. My guess is that medical schools want to leave it in Psychiatric hands. They want to keep it as a Niche. By 2032 it is estimated that 1 in every 2 children will be Autistic-Then what will the Medical schools do???



Oh nooo. The point is not “missed” at all. This is all by design from those at the top. There is no other logical explanation. No one can be that stupid on purpose, much less the so called men of science. Just follow the money, I always say. It’ll all make perfect sense then. There are a lot of people profiting off of the current status quo, who want to keep it going that way for as long as they can get away with it. But karma is coming for them - big time.

The pandemic lockdowns continue to awaken more and more Sheeple to the tyranny. People were forced to watch their loved ones die alone on FaceTime … while nurses danced on TicToc … for the flu … and a DNA altering shot that’s neither safe nor effective. People are seething right now. Karma’s on its way soon, mark my words …


Way past time to fully understand they decided to do this on purpose. That they are still doing it on purpose.

We fell into the trap by calling it autism.

Who came up with that name?
That and PDD/NOS. Aspergers is the only one that we know! It turned out to be a eugenics Nazi.

mauine Meleck

and they've had ONLY 30 years to do it.I can only imagine the med student's syllabus;
Chapter 1-Autism numbers are increasing.
Chapter 2-Vaccines don't cause autism.
Chapter 3-We need another century to figure what does. Maybe it's old mothers and fathers or perhaps it's too much Sesame Street or living on top of a freeway.
Chapter 4-No matter the reason for increased numbers, we need to treat them like all neurotypical children. Just love them and accept them as they are. Differences make no difference.. The same strokes for all folks.

Cecilia Rowe

I've read your blog for 20 years, and I don't think anything you've written has made me want to throw my phone across the room more. I'm just sick to my stomach at the hands in the air "who knows/cares why this is happening, and we don't seem to care to find out, so let's just brace ourselves to deal with it" from this article and the newbie doctors. How is it that the point is SO missed by the medical community? We NEED to SOLVE the problem, not just learn how to wear kid gloves.

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