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Note: Cathy brings a dose of high hopes today. I'm a big Frank Sinatra fan, and High Hopes was a classic he sang with a group of children. It's a song about NEVER GIVING UP. I added a YouTube clip at the end of Cathy's post.  The art above is a print you can purchase with the lyrics - not related to AofA in any way, but I wanted to give them a plug since we used the wonderful art.

By Cathy Jameson

Ronan had a follow up appointment last week to see his neurologist.  But when I got the notification that his appointment was coming up, I noticed that he would be seeing a different provider.  Did they switch us out of pediatrics to an adult doctor?  I wondered.  No, but that did come up during the appointment. 

Ronan has one more visit with his regular pediatric neurologist, who is still on staff.  After that next visit, he’ll begin seeing doctors who work with adult patients.  I’m not so much dreading that idea because of not trusting those doctors.  I’m dreading leaving the pediatric team because we’ve received such great care from every single person on that team. 

From the dentist to the gastroenterologist to the physical medicine doctors, many have guided us through several changes over the last few years.  They’ve been a lifeline for us during some dark moments.  We had no idea who these providers were when we first met each of them.  Over time, we grew to know them as they grew to know us.  We didn’t just get to work with them one-on-one.  With how complicated some medical conditions have been, we’ve all had to work together.  The GI doc consults with the neuro doc.  The dentist has been known to review the medications prescribed knowing they can affect dental health. Ronan’s specialty pharmacist chimes in, too!  I’ve shared before that I like the drive to this facility for one thing because it’s a pretty drive.  But also, I like it because we have a great team of helpers greeting us.

To have to start from scratch with a new team of specialists feels daunting.  

Once we leave the pediatric neurologist to a general neurologist, I’m sure other general docs will soon pick up Ronan’s care.  I knew that day would come, but I didn’t expect it to be right now. 

I should know that expectations change; it’s been a way of life for a long time.  My early expectations of my son’s development changed.  My early expectations of how I would mother him changed, too.  Since he got sick, every early expectation I have had has changed. 

I still remain hopeful.  Not to a fault but because that has always been my nature – to be hopeful.

Even thought the news from last week’s appointment wasn’t so great, I was hopeful that some good would come later.  In fact, I expect that.

Even though the long drive home from the doctor’s visit had me crying, I was hopeful that the future wouldn’t feel so bleak.  I expect some lows ahead but not all of the time.

Even though the frustrating moments Ronan had that day, like just simply getting him out of the car, I remained hopeful to still be able to serve him.  To serve him is expected of me. 

The expectations I have of the new medical team is simple – to provide great care to my son and to respect him.  I will do my due diligence to learn their background that will hopefully help me begin to trust them.  At the end of the day, though, where they went to school, which awards they’ve won, or how many times they’ve been published means nothing to me if I can’t do the most basic thing – trust them.  My expectations will remain high until I can do just that. 

Cathy Jameson is a Contributing Editor for Age of Autism.


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I remember roller skating to that song at a childhood birthday party. LOL!

What is the object of our hope?

Visitor IH

That was a wonderful song by Frank and this is something.

Introducing ‘Something’, Sinatra said: “It’s one of the best love songs to have been written, I believe, in 50 or 100 years, and it never says ‘I love you’ in the song, but it really is one of the finest.”


Kim, thank you so much for putting the Frank Sinatra High Hopes video on the site for us all to enjoy and be inspired by!


I'm a big Frank Sinatra fan too and I loved the song High Hopes when I was a little girl. The song is so inspiring to all of us, as Cathy so rightfully points out, and more so now than ever as we continue to raise our special children. We have setbacks and hardships, but we must always have the hope that things will somehow turn out alright in the end.

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