Rockland County NY Settles Lawsuit Over Emergency Order That Discriminated Against Healthy Children During Measles Outbreal
RFK, Jr. Chronic Disease is The Greatest Crisis of Our Time."

Ginger Taylor, In Many Words

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Ginger Taylor, In Many Words

When words are many, transgression is not lacking, so please forgive my transgressions as I discuss current events, politics, corruption, health policy, and vaccines, through the lens of the Gospel.

When the Bottom Falls Out

You have an opportunity that only comes around a few times in a lifetime.

A dear friend had a horrible experience this week. One of those where the worldly supports you have always relied on are suddenly yanked out from under you and you are slammed into emotional free fall.

They happen to all of us eventually. What you believed to be true was a lie, the doctor’s call to deliver the diagnosis, the police at the door, the divorce papers show up, the judge slams the gavel, your child takes their last breath, a lifetime of work goes up in flames… no matter the form it takes, reality becomes dark, hope in what was to come is gone in a flash, and the inability to even get your bearings is replaced either numbness or a flood of barely manageable emotions.

Free Fall.

In these miserable, and fortunately rare, panic inducing occurrences in life, what we rarely recognize in the moment is that we are also entering into an opportunity that we only get a few times in a lifetime.

The chance to trust God completely.

There is a kindness in those terrible moments when we are suddenly falling and have nothing to grab onto, because our only option is to call out to Christ for salvation and rescue. To yield everything to him, body and soul. To enter into a moment when the world falls away and grows dim, and all that there is, is you and God himself.

These are moments that hold the potential for great transformation, sanctification, and even miracles themselves. Our natural inclination for self-preservation instinctually and instantly cries, “NO!” and the move from there, into “OK God, not my will, but your will,” is the antithesis of our fleshly programming and human nature. Even a baby, suddenly feeling a dropping sensation, will shoot out their arms to reflexively preserve himself. God calls us to do the opposite. To relax into the fall, and allow him to catch us and put us where HE wants us.


Two of the most powerful scenes in film for me are both of women falling from the sky. The first was one that I experienced re-watching The Incredibles when we bought the home video around 2007.

In this scene Elastigirl, a dedicated, loving and wise mother who is in the process of trying to help her husband, care for her children, and fight an emerging evil of which she has become aware, is flying to a suspect island, finding that her children have stowed away on the plane.

Missiles are launched at the plane and she begins evasive maneuvers, eventually pleading over the radio, “Disengage! There are children on board!”

The evil, of course, does not care that children will be sacrificed for the sake of it’s plan, and may even relish it, blowing the plane out of the sky. Mother is rendered unconscious and awakens falling through the sky with her screaming children. All she can do is pull her children under her wing and try to soften their landing.

I had forgotten this scene in the movie, and by the time it was over, I had to remove myself quietly to my bedroom so that my young children would not see mom ugly crying into her pillow and trying to get a hold of herself.

If there was ever a metaphor for what mothers of injured children go through fighting the pharmaceutical industry, and the personification of evil itself, for me it is this scene. We go in a bit naive, and we do not suspect that we are fighting ancient evils that enjoy devouring the most innocent among us.

This scene of a strong woman with superpowers still unable to use her special abilities to prevent the crash of her family, is contrasted with another character’s ability to turn violence into peace through faith.... Read the rest of Ginger's Substack HERE.


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Given the massive push to vaccinate the entire global population, this book is timely and necessary for individuals to make informed choices for themselves and their families.

Wuhan bioweapons coverThe Wuhan Cover-Up: And the Terrifying Bioweapons Arms Race (Children’s Health Defense)
By Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.

“Whenever I read, listen to, or debate Bobby, I learn something new and change my mind on at least one or two issues, while vehemently disagreeing with many others. Both the agreements and disagreements stimulate my thinking and emotions, even when they make me angry or concerned. Read him and make up your own minds." —Alan Dershowitz

“The Wuhan Cover-Up will blow out of the water the international disinformation campaign by US and Chinese government officials and their bribed scientists that COVID-19 somehow magically jumped out of the Wuhan wet market. Kennedy’s book will provide the ammunition needed for us lawyers to hold them all legally accountable for this Nuremberg Crime against Humanity.” —Professor Francis A. Boyle, author of the Biological Weapons Anti-Terrorism Act of 1989


High Tea At Aunty Morag's

Thank you Ginger Taylor . "The Golden Rule- Got-It-In- One!"
See -Golden Rule Wikipedia.

The message Runrig YouTube Francisco j Lopez de Ipena 27 June 2017

The Daily Sceptic UK
Article Senior Canadian Legislator Tables Bill to Jail People Who Speak Out in Favour of Fossil Fuels
By Chris Morrison 18 February 2024

United Nations Sustainable Development Goals Stated "They Need a New Narrative /Story "to support Net Zero Targets .

We can help them out with that , not because we have to ,just because we can !

Nomenclature advantages for terminology tiddly- winks !
Orknesar- Notes on Weather Words in the Orkney Dialect By Hugh Marwick


Thank you Ginger!

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