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Dr. Walter Zahorodny on the unstoppable increases in autism

More sameBy Anne Dachel

"Autism prevalence has not peaked"

Jill Escher is the president of the National Council on Severe Autism and a board member of Autism Society San Francisco Bay Area. She’s also the mother of two children with autism.

Escher is one of the few voices calling for recognition of autism as an epidemic, an epidemic that threatens our future. She is adamant that all the children with autism are a new phenomenon. There is no evidence that autism has always been around like it is now. We didn’t just call it something else in previous generations.

Escher recently interviewed Walter Zahorodny, PhD from Rutgers University in New Jersey about the rise in autism numbers.

This was a podcast entitled, Autism’s Rising Rates: A Deep Dive into Autism's Increasing Prevalence and 50 Years of Data.

Escher used the first half of the podcast to present data showing the dramatic increases in autism in her home state of California, nationally and around the world.

See text in full

These are the changes she’s seen in her state.

California has the best autism data in the nation. . .  California has a whole department that has been looking at this stuff for a long time. 
Autism only made up 4.8 percent of our Department of Developmental Services System in1993. Well fast-forward 31 years, and it’s half the case load.

Anyone you talk to in our system which is called the Regional Center System because those are the agencies that actually fund and provide programs for our developmentally disabled citizens, will tell you that they’ve seen this exact trend.  . . . 

They’ve been seeing a manifest, obvious objective difference in the characteristics of the people who are now in the system compared to the people who were in the system. . .  in the 90s. . . .

The programs that were set up in California to serve these people, most of them are completely unprepared to serve at least those who are more severely disabled by autism.  . . .

 We see this dramatic increase in our Medicaid population. The autism population there more than tripled. . . . Again we see these dramatic increases but mostly in these younger age groups.

Escher talked about other countries experiencing the same thing. She cited Northern Ireland as an example.

. . . from a very recent report from last year. They found 7.3 percent of their school age males had autism, overall, 5 percent.  That’s a crazy number. . . .

 I don’t know why a number like this doesn’t raise the alarm bells.

 This is absolutely potentially catastrophic for Northern Ireland.  . . .

According to Escher, it is impossible that all this is the result of greater awareness, diagnostic substitution or that autism is merely a genetic condition.

The inaction of health officials is inexplicable

She continued.

So this is the greatest medical mystery of our time, and the people who are supposed to be solving this are acting like there is no problem to solve, which should deeply worry us.

We should be very worried about the future of our children and of this country if we don’t figure this out.

Everything Escher said about the exploding autism numbers and the economic and social disaster that they represent echo what I have been writing about for the past 20 years.

 The myths of awareness, better diagnosing, autism genes, and expanded definition do nothing but cover up the reality of autism.

 Something in the environment is changing the brains of our children, and we’re doing nothing to stop it. No one is talking about reducing autism numbers.

 Jill Escher: Denialism must stop. We need answers now.

 I agree, but the answers we have are totally different. She was quick to dismiss vaccines as a culprit.

 Of course it’s not vaccines. Vaccines really can’t explain any of this.

Instead, Escher believes that it’s not the toxins children are exposed to; it’s what has affected the parents.

Our argument is we shouldn’t be looking at our kids. It’s nothing that our kids were exposed to; it’s what we parents were exposed to. . . .

Animal studies have shown that general anesthesia “can change the way our genes act in our sperm and egg.”

If we expose the parents, their children are at higher risk for having disregulation in their brain development, autism traits in their behavior, and that is especially seen in the male offspring. . . .

Next Escher turned things over to Dr. Zahorodny

Dr. Zahorodny's interview starts at 54:45  on the YouTube.

See the text of the entire talk.

Dr. Zahorodny spoke as a top researcher who’s been working on autism numbers since 2000. Zahorodny is in total agreement with Escher, the rate is truly increasing.

There’s no doubt that autism is much more prevalent than many other childhood disorders and many more, much more common than many frequently encountered childhood diseases.

There’s no doubt as well that while New Jersey’s rate is quite high, we’re not the only region with high rates, but that these high rates are now reflected from data in California. 

Zahorodny had plenty of statistics, all of them pretty dire. He also warned that our current numbers are probably an underestimate.

…autism, in spite of better awareness, better recognition, is still widely under diagnosed.

Zahorodny was asked why CDC officials refuse to say that autism is really increasing, and he said it was because they can’t identify the cause of autism.

It’s uncomfortable to identify a phenomenon and not to be able to explain it. 

If I were to say, if I were to conjecture what a motive could be by some organization such as the CDC, I would be implying something in that direction.

 Without there being a well identified set of hypothetical risk factors, it’s just easier to retreat behind the concept of better awareness. . . .

 We don’t know the risk factors, so the best one can say apparently is that the increase might be due to better awareness or recognition.

 He predicted that the autism rate would continue to increase, and it would again be attributed to greater awareness of health officials.

 Autism prevalence for 2022—that is for the next surveillance cycle—will be higher than found previously. This is inevitable because autism prevalence has not peaked.

 Most likely the next report will mention better awareness and recognition as possible factors bearing on higher estimates.

This is a standard, almost magical Cohen that comes up every time the prevalence estimates are provided.

Zahorodny admitted that experts were clueless as to what is causing all the autism.

 We really don’t understand what’s driving autism prevalence

He was in agreement with Escher that it couldn’t be vaccines.

The first wave of speculation in this field was concerning vaccination and the vaccination hypothesis, though wrong, was very compelling on a number of grounds, and it was very distressing to the Centers for Disease Control to have that hypothesis out there.

Once the hypothesis was debunked or failed to gather evidence, supportive evidence, and no other hypothesis that was compelling enough come into the field, and so we’re kind of stuck repeating the same pseudo explanations. 

 This was Zahorodny’s only advice.

 Since we don’t yet understand, and I see no prospect for understanding the autism risk factors or triggers in the near future, I think it’s very important that we try to promote universal autism screening of toddlers and preschool aged children. . .

I wonder if Dr. Zahorodny remembers an interview he gave in 2012.

Back in April, 2012, Zahorodny was featured on the Brian Lehrer Show on WNYC radio. During the interview, the host brought up research on the possible causes for autism and he made this comment: 

I guess we know what they aren't, for instance, childhood vaccines, right?

This was Zahorodny's stunning response: 

Vaccines don't play a significant role in autism increasing. Some small number of children probably do have autism because of an adverse vaccine reaction, but they don't make for the overall rise.

Now, twelve year later, he’s sure there is no link.

Escher flatly said, “Of course it’s not vaccines,” but based on what evidence?

Is it the endless pharma-funded studies showing no link?\

Is it the pronouncements of vaccine developer Paul Offit?

It is interesting that Escher and Zahorodny both seem unaware of people like Hannah Poling, the girl in Georgia who, we learned in 2008, was compensated by the federal government for vaccine-induced autism, or the more than 80 cases in Vaccine Court where claimants were quietly awarded compensation for autism caused by vaccines.

What about the words of the late Dr. Bernadine Healy?

In 2008 Dr. Healy, former head of the National Institutes of Health, told CBS News 

that the science hadn’t been done on vaccines. No one had studied to see if a certain subgroup of children were susceptible to vaccine injury.

It still hasn’t been done.

Sharyl Attkisson at CBS News wrote this about Dr. Healy.

According to Healy, when she began researching autism and vaccines she found credible published, peer-reviewed scientific studies that support the idea of an association. That seemed to counter what many of her colleagues had been saying for years. She dug a little deeper and was surprised to find that the government has not embarked upon some of the most basic research that could help answer the question of a link.

The more she dug, she says, the more she came to believe the government and medical establishment were intentionally avoiding the question because they were afraid of the answer.

The science not done

Where is a simple comparison study of fully vaccinated and never-vaccinated children to compare autism rates? There certainly are enough leery parents out there who’ve exempted their kids from vaccination requirements to find a study group. It would be the proof to finally put the controversy to rest. Somehow, for some reason, officials refuse to consider such a study.

The truth is we have had decades of evidence piling up. Endless studies by well-credentialed experts from top institutions expose the disastrous side effects from our unchecked, unsafe vaccine schedule. Health officials pretend this research doesn’t exist.

No one is interested in studying children who were normally developing and suddenly lost learned skills and regressed into autism. 

NIH reports that a third of children on the autism spectrum experienced regression. This would make a huge study group. Again, no one wants to look.

Dr. Zahorody doesn’t want to consider that CDC officials have a huge motive in denying a real increase each and every time the autism rate worsens; they know countless parents have reported that their normally developing children changed after receiving routine childhood vaccines. This fact lays the blames right on their doorstep.

I have reported on a number of Zahorodny’s interviews over the past five years and his comments are always the same: 

The increase in autism is a real increase.

No one knows why this is happening.

The increases will continue.

The best we can do is to promote early detection and early intervention.

As Zahorodny predicts, when we finally wake up from this nightmare, it will be to a world where no normally functioning children are left.

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First, to WhiteAzalea my heart breaks for all you have gone through. To understand and be so eloquent about all you have suffered through and having to worry about the future makes my heart hurt. And it makes me even sadder for my son who has not been able to type or say such complex emotions and ideas. You all have been robbed of so much by the pharmaceutical companies and their pimps. As for Zahorodny and Escher, I hope there is a special place in hell for "experts" who refuse to acknowledge the damage their beloved vaccines cause so many children. I hate them all so much and pray these medical experts would suffer as much as our kids. I can only hope and pray their next flu shot or covid booster is the one that does it for them, they all deserve to get to see V injury for themselves.


Why is Escher and others so devoted to Denial Syndrome. She reminds me of an MC Escher "Relativity Poster" where the staircases begin to lead you up only to climb down again. Let's compare the staggering increase to the auto industry. Some drivers find that their brakes suddenly give out and they crash into other cars or even wander off road. A kind of car "Elopement." It's a tragedy. It isn't til tens of thousands of cars crash because of brake failure that a recall is made and replacement parts are ordered yet so many had to become seriously injured or die before the recall.

Autism is when Neurotoxic Aluminum, Cancer causing Formaldehyde, Tumorgenic FETAL CELL DNA from live Fetuses removed from the womb and diced & sliced into a myriad of pieces, cells from Pigs Cocker Spaniel Dogs, cows monkeys , horseshoe crab blood , polysorbate 80, peanut oils, and types of antifreeze are Shot into infants and children that cause the brains to swell When you put the baby to bed with a swollen brain, the baby dies from SIDS which is Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. 79.4% of babies that died from SIDS had a vaccine that day. If the swelling goes down then different parts of the brain loose communication with each other thus you can see some erratic and bizarre behaviors. Now that I have saved you time and money regarding your "Research," Let's Do Something About it.


Thank you WhiteAzalea


THE most imminent and exigent threat to real people with autism is the coRRUPT and disgraceful alleged "autism professionals" etc...................People posers who have never spent more than ONE month with a person with autism. FUbarbies, you all don't mean shite for us. Instead fight for parents to have the most in home supports for their children! USA gave all these people from other countries a leg in, but ohyeathbabydoll you feel me, you lookingfor the Serg and the brin and the chinny cagrin chin. oh yeah. OUT dumbo intelliegeniciaasfouso


Thank you Kathy Sincare for the link.


Walter Zahorodny; Darn it, if fell asleep listening to him. What a soothing voice with such a long way around a sentence.


Thanks Anne for finding this and bringing it here for us to watch.

They have held this back for a long time.
I have never understood the mechanisms of when they decide to relent a bit. Perhaps a whole lot of scientists are now seeing it, and they can't hide it.

Soooo, all along it has probably been an anesthesia they used, like when I got my wisdom teeth out.

That checks all of the six boxes but vaccines do not. (?) I don't think so.

The boxes to check:
It all started in the late 80s, and continued to increase, has a strong heritability, dysregulation of GABAergic ,High M:F ratio, and higher rates in those rich countries.

Yet, vaccines don't check all those boxes? What ever.
She goes on to say it is, it has been given to generation f1 and showing up in the second generation f2 .

Not vaccines, though.

Oh, but servothrane an anesthesia is probably the cause. That is when you get those wisdom teeth out?

Mice studies as far as I can find,says that servothrane takes prolong exposure, to cause an increase in tau and a development of Alzheimer in elderly mice. I can't find f1 and f2 studies on mice. However: I know they have them. There is nothing that gets by that type of study.

Now we can learn to hate the name of Traolach Brugha for a lie on rates of autism have always been the same. In the end, they will eat their own, cause looks like they are going to lay that blame at his feet. If money is all there is, I am sure he will be just fine, as long as his name and picture is not out there too much.


"No one knows why this is happening."

Zahorodny's full time job is promoting this lie.
He is a creature of the SWAMP.


I was given multiple DTAP vaccines as an infant and toddler, alongside many other vaccine types. I was developing normally until about age two or three, with strong sensory issues/extreme sensitivities to various stimuli, severe eczema breakouts of my hands and feet, extreme and worsening picky eating, extreme vomiting/projectile vomiting with lots of acid and bile, staring spells, MRELD, acting deaf, being chronically cognitively delayed, etc.

Was diagnosed as severely/profoundly autistic at age six, in 2008, shortly before first grade, in Long Island NY. PDD-NOS and atypical Kanner Autism. My youngest brother (his b.d. 1997) had severe HFA/Aspergers, lacking the various cognitive delays and I.D. I had growing up.

I've never attended a day of high school in my life (except for being homeschooled nine of my grades, more than half my childhood) due to my outbursts, regressions, PANDAS flares, speech and motor skill problems, obesity and strong obsessions with foods (to the point of outbursts/tantrums over food items), severe math delays (dyscalculia?), clumsiness etc. Won't be attending college either. Both my parents in their 60's can be very mean/angry at me at times, I worry they'll no longer want me to live with them. Thankfully, I have various healthy, neurotypical, married siblings that could foster me, but they all live outside Florida.

God cannot forcibly cure autistics of being autistic, and does cure some ASD cases (only about 10% - 90% are lifelong) so even if he never 'cures' me, he can at least ease my suffering and let me utilize my autistic savant talents in art/writing to get some income and a somewhat 'normal' life, and not be trapped in a group 'home' filled with rape and restraints.

Donna Dee

Sounds to me like Jill has a guilty conscience. She vaccinated her two autistic kids didnt she?

Kathy Sincere

Zahorodny and Escher - I have no kind words for these outrageous, ignorant, arrogant and most probably bought off asses.

Rather than dwell on THEM, refresh your mind and spirit by watching Dr. Ted Kuntz, father of a deceased severely vaccine-injured child. Ted gives his presentation on ALL vaccines to the National Citizens Inquiry (Canada), May 2023. Ted is the President of Vaccine Choice Canada.


The unstoppable increases in the autism diagnosis is a true reality. The rates for autism have been rising exponentially for many years now with no end in sight. The old lie that it's just better diagnosis is just a false cover up for the tremendous increase in autism numbers. When I was growing up in the 50s and 60s no one ever even heard the word autism and certainly I never saw or heard about anyone with such a disability that could not have been missed. It just didn't exist back then and now we have a huge number of children/adults with autism that no one can explain or identify the true reason for the phenomenal increase. Meanwhile we, the families, are left to struggle, suffer and persevere to get necessary services and medications, such as epilepsy drugs that my son takes with no hope of any future change. We need medical research, biomedical pharmaceutical research and finally the CDC and NIH to conduct clinical trials on possible new medications that can reverse and cure this devastating autism diagnosis for our children/adults and the generations of the future. Society will not be able to support such huge numbers of people with autism and the services are already under strain now with high staff turnover, closing programs and below minimum wage pay. The answers must be found NOW!

Laura Hayes

Newsflash for Escher and Zahorodny: the vast majority of mothers and fathers of those who comprise the “autism” (misnomer for catastrophic, often permanent, vaccine-induced decimation to many/all bodily systems) epidemic were vaccinated, and no doubt pass on some/much of their vaccine damage to their children, which is then compounded and exacerbated by the scores of vaccines their children receive, now beginning in utero.

I find it deplorable that these two people emphatically state that vaccines are not driving the “autism” epidemic, despite what are now millions of first-hand accounts by parents worldwide who personally witnessed what vaccines did to their children, despite an ever-growing number of studies comparing the health and development of the vaccinated with the unvaccinated (with the health and development of the unvaccinated being far superior to that of the vaccinated, including that the unvaccinated have exponentially lower/nearly non-existent rates of autism), and despite copious evidence of the many harmful ingredients in vaccines, including poisons, toxins, and heavy metals, that have no business inside the human body, and which will do nothing other than wreak havoc.

How ignorant, or worse, does one have to be to make such a wildly inaccurate claim, that “it’s not the vaccines” causing “autism”?

These two would benefit from reading or watching my 2 comprehensive, and complementary, vaccine-related presentations, although it seems unlikely the truths I present will have an impact on them. None so blind as those who refuse to see.

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