Pfizer "Quietly" Studied Myocarditis in Children
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Bringing Back Old School Autism April Month

This April, we're going to pay homage to EVERYONE who cares for a person with autism. That means parents, siblings, teachers, therapists, Doctors, day care workers, group home workers, day program staff, grandparents and anyone who builds the caregiver community we need to love, care for and provide day to day services.

Who remembers the, "Think autism Think cure" ribbon magnet from 20 years ago? Think cure turned into Autism Awareness.  Awareness turned into Acceptance. The puzzle piece has since been vilified and dropped by neurodiversity, replaced with a rainbow infinity symbol. Many of us still IDENTIFY (see how au courant we can be?) with the puzzle piece because we still have so many pieces to put together to help our children. NEVER have I met an autism parent who does not adore his or her children. NEVER I have I known a parent who desperately wanted a cure because they did not ACCEPT their child.  The puzzle is important.  And no one has the right to take it away from us because "they" deem it offensive. It's not ethnic. It's not racial. It has no social connotation that could legitimately be deemed out of date. IT'S A PUZZLE PIECE.  And we're taking it back this April.

Stay tuned.


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The Studies the CDC Refuses to Do

This book is based on over one hundred studies in the peer-reviewed literature that consider vaccinated versus unvaccinated populations. Each study is analyzed, and health differences among infants, children, and adults who have been vaccinated and those who have not are presented and put in context.

Given the massive push to vaccinate the entire global population, this book is timely and necessary for individuals to make informed choices for themselves and their families.

Wuhan bioweapons coverThe Wuhan Cover-Up: And the Terrifying Bioweapons Arms Race (Children’s Health Defense)
By Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.

“Whenever I read, listen to, or debate Bobby, I learn something new and change my mind on at least one or two issues, while vehemently disagreeing with many others. Both the agreements and disagreements stimulate my thinking and emotions, even when they make me angry or concerned. Read him and make up your own minds." —Alan Dershowitz

“The Wuhan Cover-Up will blow out of the water the international disinformation campaign by US and Chinese government officials and their bribed scientists that COVID-19 somehow magically jumped out of the Wuhan wet market. Kennedy’s book will provide the ammunition needed for us lawyers to hold them all legally accountable for this Nuremberg Crime against Humanity.” —Professor Francis A. Boyle, author of the Biological Weapons Anti-Terrorism Act of 1989



Those are very good reference to be sure.
Those are very good points that so far neither side and nothing has panned out.

However: Mandatory vaccines are Marxist.

It is a scary moment when the most powerful man, in the entire world; the President of the United States looks into the cameras, that then makes his eyes looking straight into your home, and tells you that "Our" patience is wearing thin.

Whole new ball game when they fire soldiers, teachers, doctors, and nurses. Fine any business with only a 100 workers if they don't threaten and make their employees get a vaccine. Totally into new territory.


The real question is why would Sen. Bob Menendez, D-NJ, author such a bill?

OCTOBER 02, 2019
"The Autism CARES Act was signed into law Monday by President Donald Trump.

It provides $1.8 billion in funding for autism programs at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, National Institutes of Health and Health Resources and Services Administration.

According to, the bill was sponsored by Rep. Chris Smith, R-Mercer, and Rep. Mike Doyle, D-Pa. The bill was authored by Sen. Bob Menendez.

“The Autism CARES Act recognizes the problem of aging out and ensures that the federal government continues to help hundreds of thousands of young adults with autism and their parents by funding research and support programs,” Smith said in a statement. “Aging out of services is a hurdle every parent or caretaker of a child with autism inevitably faces.”"
The real question is how much of the $1.8 billion went to Fauci/NIAID Autism genetics research and how much went to adult support programs? Did Jill Escher's research group get any of it?
WhiteAzalea, could you find out and report back?


Why didn't Donald Trump's "Autism CARES Act" amount to anything but money?
The whole "left vs right/right vs left" circus is an illusion to create a civil war.
Both parties have blood on their hands regarding aluminum adjuvants and companies deploying them in their products.
Ronald Reagan, another "good man that got tricked" (a common MAGA statement) proclaimed ketchup as a vegetable, alongside him approving the 1986 act.
So we need "Savior politicians" to save us from the scary Marxist boogeymen?


Emma and 4 Bobby;
The puzzle piece came under attack when it was becoming rather popular to write the word vaccine on that final puzzle piece going into the whole puzzle picture. So the puzzle piece started to become a bringer of truth and information to the masses. Now they couldn't have that now could they.


Here Bill:

Dividing the classes in China?
Dividing the races in America?
When the Red guard is no longer useful they get taken down too.


Hey Bill;
I finally read and listened to "Mid Western Doctor"
He shares a video of a NOW American woman from China, Mao Zedong discusses with Tucker Carlson how she grew up in the Cultural revolution. Yeah, one of them whites you mentioned.

She said they tore down all the old stuff of China, by using children and youth as the Red Guard. Mao used people and then turned on them and killed them as well. In China Mao turned people against others in the communities by dividing them in the black class or the red class.

Since you all into history maybe you better read that and just see how eventually when the Red class; the Red Guard was in Mao's way he killed them as well.

That is Marxist Bill. You are spouting off Marxist ideas. Trust me if you are really disabled, they will come for you very soon,.


I used to have the think autism think cure ribbon. And I firmly support the puzzle piece!


Do you know the history of the puzzle piece?

In 1962, a small group of parents met in north London to form the first of its kind charity to support children with autism. It was named, The Society for Psychotic Children. It was later changed to the more palatable, The Society for Autistic Children. The group's three goals were to start a school for the children (they were denied attendance to public school), open a residential service for when they left the school, and to provide ongoing support and information on autism.

A 1962 newspaper article on the new charity and the children triggered calls from other parents with autistic children asking for help. This was the beginning of their information and advice services. Also in 1962, the question of public assistance in education was raised in parliament to education minister Sir Edward Boyle. He wanted to know what steps were being taken to count the numbers of autistic children. Boyle deferred to the health service for answers since most of these children were in their care.

In 1963, the first logo for the new autism charity was designed by parent member Gerald Gasson. It was the image of a weeping child inside of a puzzle piece. According to member Helen Allison, "the puzzle piece is so effective because it tells us something about autism : our children are handicapped by a puzzling condition : this isolates them from normal human contact and therefore they do not fit in. The suggestion of a weeping child is a reminder that autistic people do indeed suffer from their handicap."

In 1964, the organization had its first professional publicity campaign. Membership rose from 63 in 1962 to several hundred in 1964. Was autism increasing that rapidly, or were more coming forward looking for answers and help? The British government was not initially keen on numbering them. In 1965, NAS opened its first school and named it The Society School for Autistic Children. It was later called Sybil Elgar school in honor of the teacher who was able to successfully educate some of the original children. It went on to achieve international recognition for its teaching standards.!panel=198923!

"In 1966, Dr. Victor Lotter screened the entire population of 8- to 10-year-old children in the County of Middlesex, located in the southeastern region of the United Kingdom (UK) [4]. He identified 35 children on the spectrum, and, based on the population in the area, he estimated the prevalence rate to be 4.5 out of 10,000 children or nearly 1 in 2,000. In 1978, Dr. Lotter screened more than 1,300 children at institutions for people with intellectual disability in six African countries and found only nine children who qualified for a diagnosis and 30 others with features of autism [5].

Since the 1960s and 1970s, the number of children diagnosed with autism has climbed rapidly. Based on data collected in 2018, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) now estimates the prevalence rate of autism to be 1 in 44 [6]."

In 1967 NAS published its first issue of Communication magazine. Articles covered "A Study of Tryptophan Metabolism in Psychotic Children"
cost of raising an autistic child, a comparison of education of the deaf with education of autistics, medical/dental care for autistic children, review of "Types of linguistic disability in psychotic children", The Edison Response Environment teaching machine (?), and "what do parents want?"!panel=195335!
Based on this history, do we want any logo at all?
Are we still ignorant of the root cause of "autism?"
Doesn't the timeline dovetail nicely with the marketing of the "new" childhood vaccines in the sixties? A continuation of the "Nazi eugenics" vaccine research programs of the 30's and 40's? (Kanner/Asperger)
Does vaccine induced encephalitis/encephalopathy have the same outcomes as so-called "autism"?


Emma philidelphia or whatever her name is no one cares. I do not care about the homeless issues nor the illegal immigrants issues anymore. Nor do most people. There are drug overdoses in Texas but Greg Abbas or whatever his name is will not tell you because the drugs there are even more dangerous. That is what happened when Europeans overpopulated the American continent. Monteczumas revenge or something.
I think Autism, ADHD butespecially Schizophrenia are so overdiagnosed it is beyond absurd. This scam of overdiagnosis s costing billions and letting white asian and latino murders and pedophiles of the hook with mental illness excuses. These mental illness related lies by these mostly white people are harming Native americans and African americans who are just struggling to survive on minimum wage and to avoid going to jail for a minium of 25 years for stealing a damn slice of pizza.


"Normal jobs" are too meltdown-inducing, academically complicated/not LD-friendly, and traumatic for "neurodivergent" adults. My generation's 'kidults' with so-called 'milder ASDs' - Gen Z - makes "tiktok crying" videos about work and jobs."n

Don't worry. You and the Covid jab injured/dead are being replaced by Biden's illegal border crossers. I hope you enjoy camping.

There is NO Solution to the Homeless Problem in San Francisco, California Anymore


Emma, who else is secretly behind the DSM-5 psychiatry 'bible'?
About 10% of autistics (especially biological males/biological boys diagnosed before age three, or those who didn't regress) eventually recover with ASD therapies and biomedical interventions. But a huge majority never will - 90% don't, and many/most might not ever recover from the psych label of "autism". The "mild autism/level 1 ASD" label should be completely eliminated for various reasons - autism's impact on social services isn't "mild" at all.

Many begin as "mild/mere SPD" like I did as a toddler (aged two in 2004 - developed intense sensory issues from extra DTAP pokes), then gradually up to age 5 or 6, become "severe/profound autistics" like I did, I was dx "profoundly autistic/severe PDD-NOS with SPD/I.D." at age six in 2008. Grew up almost fully homeschooled - public 'school' gave me various regressions/loss of skills, violent meltdowns in scream rooms/resource rooms, fecal incontinence, staring spells/feeling like a 'zombie' during class and unable to learn, brain swelling/migraine episodes and more (I once banged my head and screamed/cried for an entire school day, almost eight hours, age 12 in 2014, due to a sudden and extremely painful migraine I had. I couldn't control banging my head, as that numbed the migraine pain. Was written off on my student report as "bad behavior/disobedience" and I didn't know what a migraine was).

Corporate "prevention" is not about minimizing or banning toxins, but about 'weeding out' society's so-called 'useless eaters' as in Adolf's Germany, and even worse in Manchukuo/Unit 731. Dozens of young, childless men on the internet, blame autism on 'bad parenting/raising a spoiled child'. These childless young/college-aged people have never watched Keiko Tobe's "hikari to tomoni" drama, nor have they seen Kreed's World, or Anne Dachel's book.

We NEED adult autism resources everywhere in every state, every state county, and every state region, big or small. Adult ASD will outnumber childhood ASD if it hasn't already. "Normal jobs" are too meltdown-inducing, academically complicated/not LD-friendly, and traumatic for "neurodivergent" adults. My generation's 'kidults' with so-called 'milder ASDs' - Gen Z - makes "tiktok crying" videos about work and jobs. All the "dream jobs" we wanted as kids are mostly gone/mostly lies, or require college (and endless college debt). "Dream jobs" are replaced with fast food, A.I. and Walmart jobs. Sad.


Poul Thorsen, was involved in making that brand new DSM 5 book that was for created to hide the growing numbers of autism and put most in communication problems instead? Wow! Bad pennies just get lost and show up again somewhere else. I did not know that.


"has always wanted a CURE and will never accept this diagnosis as permanent."

Are you referring to the diagnosis for autism as described in the official DSM-5 manual?
If you are, there is no cure because it is mental and not biological harm according to this designation. This is why it was listed there by HHS Most Wanted fugitive, Poul Thorsen (He fled the U.S. for his native Denmark after allegedly stealing $1 million+ from the CDC.)

"Dr. Thorsen was actively engaged with the American Psychiatric Association (APA) in the development of the fifth edition of the Diagnostic and statistical Manual (DM-5.) p.4

The HHS autism omnibus case was dismissed because parents claimed "autism". Hannah Poling's parents were in the know, father being a doctor and mother a nurse/attorney. They filed their claim as vaccine induced encephalopathy (even though their daughter was also given an autism diagnosis) because it is listed on the vaccine injury table. The court quickly settled "no contest" to keep the details of a trial off the books.

So, if you want a "cure", you will need to see what treatments were given to acknowleged vaccine encephalitis cases and start there. The injury can take many pathways. Some damage is permanent.


I agree with the idea of honoring everyone who is a caregiver to our autism children/adults, especially the parents and grandparents who care for them day after day and year after year with such great love and devotion. I also agree that everyone I have known with a child/adult with autism has always wanted a CURE and will never accept this diagnosis as permanent. We love our children too much to accept this devastating diagnosis that never should have happened and we are determined to pray and hope for a cure from medical research that will finally give us that CURE and end this nightmare of the Age of Autism for this generation and generations of the future. The time to find a CURE is NOW!

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