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82D809A0-EEEF-451B-B0B8-E5D5D697076CBy Kim Rossi

The other day, one of my daughters was watching Elmo’s World in Russian (as one does) right after I had helped her wash her face with a washcloth. That’s a screenshot of the show. OUCH. My daughter is in her twenties.

Sometimes, I see something that brings a profound jolt of reality and sadness. I’m sure you do too. That washing the face scene was mine. 

That's it. All I got today. Kim


New from Skyhorse Publishing. By Senator Rand Paul

Senator Rand Paul was on to Anthony Fauci from the start. Wielding previously unimaginable power, Fauci misled the country about the origins of the Covid pandemic and shut down scientific dissent.

One of the few leaders who dared to challenge "America’s Doctor" was Senator Rand Paul, himself a physician. Deception is his indictment of the catastrophic failures of the public health bureaucracy during the pandemic.

Senator Paul presents the evidence that:
  • The Covid virus was likely the product of gain-of-function research at the Wuhan lab in China—research funded in part by the U.S. government.
  • Taxpayer dollars for that research were deceptively funneled to Wuhan without the required regulatory review.
  • Fauci and his scientific yes-men knew from day one about Covid’s origin and tried to cover it up.
  • Fauci and his allies ruthlessly attacked everyone—including highly qualified scientists—who threatened to reveal the truth about the pandemic.
Why? Hundreds of millions of dollars of grants and unreported royalties were at stake, and heads would roll if the truth got out.

It almost worked. At Fauci’s insistence, the government imposed needlessly extreme lockdowns on Americans at the cost of immense personal and economic destruction.

Covid-19 was deadly, but the real killer was the coverup, led by America’s most durable medical bureaucrat—a man for whom the truth was too often expendable.

Senator Paul makes a powerful case that funding dangerous bioengineering in a totalitarian country is madness. If we don’t heed this warning, the next pandemic could be far worse.





I have come to believe it is a combo of bodily assaults most often introduced by vaccines.
These include aluminum, mercury, and attenuated virus induced encephalopathy. These all attack and injure the brain by causing inflammation. They can also injure the gut. This is why it is a "spectrum". Individuals can have a variety of injuries, depending on what part of the brain is affected. Thank you for giving us your first hand experiences. This is a tragedy that only the Good Lord can help us sort out.


What we are being told is "autism" (by the DSM-5 psychiatry 'bible') really looks like an aluminum toxicity syndrome. Though everyone has some 'autistic' traits, the full-blown condition of 'neurodiversity' didn't become widespread until 1986.

Therefore, the 'miracle cure' would be ongoing and nonstop aluminum detox/removing aluminum from the G.I. tract and brain.

PubMed has tons of articles if you search in its search-bar "aluminum gut", "aluminum mitochondria", and "aluminum brain" or "aluminum autism".

Aluminum damages gut flora, and aluminum also damages and impairs mitochondria function. This is what appears to be the cause for ASD 'shutdowns', autism fatigue, uncontrollable meltdowns until one cries themself to sleep, staring spells and more, all of Which I suffered greatly.

Entire workplaces and businesses must become "autism-friendly" and "autistic employment friendly" as the neurodiversity movement has banned and censored autism meltdown "exploitation" videos on YouTube.

I never went to any high 'school' outside home because of the reasons above, alongside me assaulting adults/me punching others and myself as a teen (mostly in age 10, 11, and 14). Only three years of public 'school' outside home, was homeschooled nine of my grades but still given DTAP, hepatitis/meningitis pokes, etc. Four flu pokes at age nine - completely changed my childhood and life trajectory, for the worst.

High Tea At Aunty Morag's

Are ewes ready? long overdue time for Autism World tae get some caps and cap badges advantages!
s The Cinderella Sector been left abandoned?
The Cinderella Sector -One Book -many chapters!
Autism World is one chapter.
Non -negotiable essential homework , people in amazing Japan call it Nemawashie -Doing the groundwork !

Simply Psychology
Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs
By Saul McLeod PhD-Updated
on January 24 2024

Ob-la di Obla- da- The spectacular Beatles You tube

High Tea At Aunty Morag's

Ops, forgot " The Marmalade"
Obladi Oblada-The Marmalade-Original Band -1968 YouTube

High Tea At Aunty Morag's

Yeah,Oh Yeah,!
Kim , I think this has got to be one of the most important articles I have read with Age of Autism!
Can I keep this one, and set about it , North South East and West !Always [BP] be pleasant in your interactions with others as you just do not know what might be" going on" in someone else's "Day!"
Monotonous Monday , Temperamental Tuesday, Wet face cloth Wishy-Washy Wednesday, Thunderous Thursday , and Far -Cough Forensic Friday for This-That-And -The -Next -Thing !
This is just my Cup of Tea ! Auntie Mary's Rayburn Cooker, 8 Moray Place Strathbungo.!
Real people, real places, real cookers, for Reverse Goal plan inspiration of a great reset ?
Helen Sanderson Associates
Person -Centred Thinking -Tools/
HSA/Consultancy/ Training .

Obladi Oblada- Original Band - 1968 YouTube


Hugs Kim.
It is all so messed up.


Can relate so very much.

Angus Files

Still Thomas the Tank and Scooby Doo,some things never change! :>)

Pharma For Prison


My kids grew up watching this cartoon series. Perhaps your daughters will enjoy them as well:


Kim-my adult son with autism also still watches videos of Sesame Street, Disney songs from his old tapes, Thomas the Tank Engine, and other old favorites. The fact that he is now an adult and still watching these shows also brings a feeling of sadness to me that he is not functioning on the normal path to adult hood. I am still heartbroken and pray every day that a miracle cure will be found and save our children and future generations from this devastating autism epidemic.


Yes. There is great loss, pain, and suffering.

But we still have hope:


Yeah … 😞

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